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Cordy: 'Hi, Diego, - Laura.'
Diego: 'Let the consumption of cold things begin.'
Cordy: 'Excellent. Now, are you going to behave yourself?'
Diego: 'Have you ever seen me at a party?'

Cordy: 'Hi! Are you having fun?'
Angel: 'Sure. - This is, ah...'
Cordy: 'Your idea of hell?'
Angel: 'Actually in hell you tend to know a lot of the people. - No, I-I'm having a great time.'

Cordy: 'Yeah? Can I get you some blood or anything?'
Angel: 'I'm good.'
Cordy: 'Okay. - Steve Paymer came, can you believe it? - David Paymer's brother, - Steve? Steve!'
Wesley: Sorry. Pardon me I need to cool off. Cordelia certainly knows how to throw a do. These Mini-Reubens - with a little sauerkraut and a little swiss inside, - what mad genius brought these into the world?
Mmm. What say a couple of brooding demon hunters start chatting up some of the fillies?'

Girls: 'Hey. Nice sweater. Hand knit?'

Wesley: 'Certainly not by me.'
Girl: 'I didn't mean - I mean it's a great sweater.'
Wesley: 'Oh, well, I-I'll pass that on then - to the person who knit it. - I-I mean, I would, if I knew who did - but I don't. - So I won't pass it on to anyone, will I?'

Girl: 'Oh.'
Cordy: 'Diego, pants on!'
Laura: 'So with my Masters degree in Fine Arts, I was able to launch my very own business - selling sandwiches downtown from a little cart.'

Angel: 'Huh.'
Laura: 'Yeah. I-I do see a lot of stuff on the job. - So I tell myself that I'm honing my eye.'

Angel: 'Makes sense.'
Laura: 'Oh, I *love* this. Would you - like to dance?'
Angel: 'I don't dance.'
Laura: 'Oh.
Angel: 'Hi Dennis. - How are you doing? Hmm, still dead? I know the feeling.'

Guy: 'Holy God.'


Cordy: 'Hi.'
Angel: 'Good morning. Is there coffee?'
Cordy: 'They're still in bean form. I - thought I ordered the ground. Maybe you could crush the beans with your vampire strength? Just mush the bag. Mush it.'
Angel: 'Really, ah, fun party last night.

Cordy: 'I'm so glad you came. You know how parties are. You're always worried that no one is going to suck the energy out of the room like a giant black hole of boring despair. But there you where - in the clinch!'

Angel: 'I didn't... - Boring?'
Cordy: 'You used to be a person! Did you never party? Did people not gather in olden times?'
Angel: 'I talked to people. - Laura.'
Cordy: 'Laura thought you hated her. I had to tell her you were challenged.'

Angel: 'I don't hate her. I-I got to modes with people: bite and avoid.
Hard to shift. Plus, I can't get to close. I mean, with women...'

Cordy: 'You can be nice. I mean, it's not like Laura is going to throw you down on the living room floor and tear off all of your... - Well, actually, Laura...'
Angel: 'I'll try harder. - Still, I mean, the quiet, reserved - thing, don't you think it makes me kind of - I don't know, cool?'

Cordy: 'He was cooler.'
Wesley: 'Good morning.'
Angel: 'Now I'm depressed.'
Wesley: 'I feel rather chipper myself. *That* was quite a soiree last night.'
Cordy: 'Glad someone enjoyed it.'

Angel: 'I enjoyed it!'
Wesley: 'A gala event. In particular the tiny Reubens and the shrimp puffs. Don't supposed there is any leftovers laying about? Any - abandoned shrimp puffs?'

Angel: 'You're broke, aren't you?'
Wesley: 'Angel, - a man's finances are his own business.'
Angel: 'You want a job?'
Wesley: 'Oh, yes, please!'
Angel: 'Look, I don't have much, but as long as you make yourself useful around here, you're entitled to a cut.'
Wesley: 'I-I don't know what to say.'
Cordy: 'Well, this is great! Now we're really... Do I have to take a pay-cut?
a team!'
Wesley: 'You won't be disappointed. There is, ah, something in my eye.'
Cordy: 'Oh, don't go getting all sappy. Hold me.'
Angel: 'Look, why don't we just...'
Cordy: 'No! Hold me!'
'Gross! Oh, - *eww* is all. Ugh!'
Wesley: 'What did you see?'
Cordy: 'I don't just see, I feel, okay? Thank you Doyle.'
Angel: 'Is someone in trouble?'
Wesley: 'I'm, ah, I'm at the ready.'
Cordy: 'You're going to the ice factory - on Fifth, downtown.'
Angel: 'What are we looking for?'
Cordy: 'A corpse.'
Wesley: 'I don't think there is access through the tunnels.'
Angel: 'I'm driving then.'
Wesley: 'I'm coming with you. I intend to earn my keep. Oh, and in terms of this keep, by the by...'
Angel: 'There is no dental.'
Wesley: 'Right, well, I'll floss.'

Angel: 'Lets go.'
Cordy: 'Hey, be careful. The guy was burnt to death in an ice factory. The thing that did that could still be there.'

Angel: 'You didn't get a look at it?'
Cordy: 'All I felt was his fear - then the exploding eyeballs. Did I mention that I hate this gig?'
Angel: 'We'll be in touch.'
Wesley: 'After you, sir.'
'Here we are. Jerico Ice Factory. Boss, why don't I...'
Angel: 'Stay put.'
Wesley: 'Uhm, stay here and wait for you.'

Angel: 'Captain Inferno I presume? Close enough. I don't do well near an open flame. Only - you didn't burn him, did you?
Who are you? - - I'm not a big talker.
I usually let others carry the conversation. I am pretty good at putting *these* through heads though.'

Guy: 'I am called Tay. I'm not from your dimension.'
Angel: 'Sort of guessing that.'
Tay: 'I was sent by my people to stop it. That is my cause here.'
Angel: 'Stop what?'
Tay: 'The bringer of chaos.'
Angel: 'What is it? Demon?'
Tay: 'More than a mere demon. It is a vessel of pure rage. It has almost destroyed my world and now it is lose in yours.'
Angel: 'How can I kill it?'
Tay: 'You won't be able to. It's stronger than one man. If you and your people wish to live - stay away.'
Angel: 'He said his name was Tay. Seemed pretty shook up. Said this thing brings chaos and destruction to his world.'

Wesley: 'Tay. Hmm. Could be a Kovitch demon from the Caucasus.'
Angel: 'He's not from our dimension.'
Wesley: 'Ah, they must come to ours via portals.'
Cordy: 'Portals? There are portals now? When did they put in portals? - Don't we have enough on our hands without burning monster fiends coming here?'

Wesley: 'We'll figure out who he is, where he comes from, - boss, - you can count on it.'

Cordy: 'Wesley, stop kissing butt. It's not like we get overtime. Oh, but I'll get right on it.'

Angel: 'I also want to know if there have been any other...'
Cordy: 'Killings by incineration lately? - See? On it.'

Wesley: 'Uh, where are you headed?'
Angel: 'Victim's office. He's in private security. I'd like to know who hired him.'

Cordy: 'Okay.'
Jhiera: 'What are you doing here?'
Angel: 'I could ask you the same question.'
Jhiera: 'Working for *them*, is that it? How much do they pay you to hunt us?'

Angel: 'I work for myself and I'm here because I'm looking for his killer. Hard to forget, huh? Burnt alive. Know anyone who does that kind of thing?'
Jhiera: 'Yes. Where? How soon?'
Сell phone: 'We're sorry, your call did not go through as dialed, please hang up and dial again.'
Cordy: 'Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless.'
Angel: 'I hate the cell phone that you gave me. Any luck?'
Cordy: 'We're stymied on the demon guy, *but* we did find four similar killings in the last 11 months. All guys, all burned from the inside out. Did you find it?'
Angel: 'Yeah. It's not an 'it' it's a 'she.''
Cordy: 'A chick that burns? Are you okay? Did sh- car- '
Angel: 'Did she care about me?'
Cordy: 'Did she 'Carrie' you! Carrie, the movie, you know?'
Angel: 'I can't hear you. Hello? Cord- '
Cordy: 'You must be going through a canyon.'
Angel: 'Cordelia, can you hear me?'
Cordy: 'I can hear you now. Are you back?'

Angel: 'Yeah, I can hear you. You know, these things were definitely cooked up by a bored warlock. I want you two to keep trying to find that demon Tay.
He knows a lot more than he is telling. I think she is here on some kind of mission. I think he may be the key to all this.'

Cordy: 'What - what does she look like?'
Angel: 'Ah, two raised ridges running down either cheek, violet eyes, uhm, she seemed intelligent. She was very - attractive, - for a demon.'
Cordy: 'A hottie, huh? I guess she's that all right. What with the sizzle.'
Angel: 'Sizzler?'
Cordy: 'The sizzle factor? - Angel?'
Angel: 'I can't hear you. Cordelia?'
Cordy: Angel?
Angel: Cordelia?'
Jhiera: 'Excuse me sir, I need your help.'

Officer: 'What is it?'
Jhiera: 'There is a man following me. I'm afraid he may want to hurt me.'

Officer: 'What man, where is he?'
Jhiera: 'There in the black coat.'
Officer: 'We have a code three in the front gallery.'
Com-link: 'Roger. Сode three.

Officer: He's in the black coat. Excuse ma'am.'
Angel: 'And this brings us to Monet's incomparable 'La Music Aux Tuileries.' First exhibited in 1863...'
'On the left one spies the painter himself. In the middle distance is the French poet and critic Baudelaire, a friend of the artist. Now, Baudelaire - interesting fellow. In his poem 'Le Vampire' he wrote: 'Thou who abruptly as a knife didst come into my heart.' - He, ah, strongly believed that evil forces surrounded mankind. And some even speculated that the poem was about a real vampire.
Oh and, ah, Baudelaire was actually a little taller and a lot drunker than he is depicted here."
Wesley: 'Aha!'
Cordy: 'That better be an 'Aha!' of triumph. I was dreaming there was a going out of business sale at Neimans!'
Wesley: 'I think I've located them. The Vigories of Oden Tal.'
Cordy: 'The what of whatee?'
Wesley: 'Of Oden Tal. The men are called Vigories. They have four distinct ridges on their foreheads, are said to be fierce warriors, and their women live enslaved to them.'
Cordy: 'Way to go, Wes! Angel said this Tay guy could be the key. Any way to find them here in town?'
Wesley: 'Ah, it says that the men are herbivores. They eat a thick stew made from rotting plants and flowers, and they need to consume half their body weight a day.'

Cordy: 'Whoa. - So, we're looking like - for the biggest compost heap in LA?'
Jhiera: 'You. How? A human would have been unconscious for hours.'
Angel: 'I'll answer your questions if you'll answer mine.'
Jhiera: 'You're a - vampire.'
Angel: 'Among other things. Who's Tay? What does he want?'
Jhiera: 'I don't have time for this.'
Angel: 'If you didn't kill the guy in the ice company, who did? Somebody like you?'

Jhiera: 'Why do you think I would speak to you and not hurt you?'

Angel: 'Gotta risk it. Call me old-fashioned, but I can't allow tourists to go around torching locals.'

Jhiera: 'Leave - now! I'm warning you.'

Angel: 'Why? What's going to happen?'
Jhiera: 'Stay back! We must go.'
Angel: 'What are you running from?'
Jhiera: 'It is not your concern. You're not one of us.'
Angel: 'No, but I think I'll stick around anyway.'
Tay: 'It's right. This is not your concern. The traitor it and the other are ours. If you know what's good for you, you won't...'

Angel: 'Do that?'
'They got her. What'll happen to her?'
Jhiera: 'She will be unmade.'
Gi: 'No! - Please, please! - You don't have to do this to me!'
Tay: 'Watch its hands.'
Gi: 'No! No! I'll be good. I'll be good, I'll promise! You don't have to do this to me.'

Tay: 'Why does it speak when no one listens.'

'It has been recovered.'
Gi: 'No. No. Please. Please! No. Let me go!'
Tay: 'It will now be restored.'
Gi: 'You bastards. No!'
Tay: 'You'll feel *so* much better after this.'

Angel: 'You should dress that. Your wound.'

Jhiera: 'Why are you doing this. I thought vampires were killers.'
Angel: 'They are. I was cursed by gypsies.'
Jhiera: 'Cursed to help people?'
Angel: 'Yeah. - Gypsies they have a strange sense of - humor. Want to tell me what's going on?'
Jhiera: 'The girl is a runaway. I was trying to help her escape from our homeland. If you hadn't distract...'
Angel: 'If I hadn't helped you, you'd both be with them right now.'
Jhiera: 'Perhaps.'
Angel: 'Why was the girl running away?
Jhiera: 'She was going to be unmade.'
Angel: 'They were going to kill her?'
Jhiera: 'In a fashion. You wouldn't understand.'
Angel: 'Try me.'
Jhiera: 'In Oden Tal - what you call personality - our passions - those impulses - sit in an area of the body we call the Ko.'

Angel: 'And your pursuers they want to take this from you?'
Jhiera: 'From the women, yes. When the females come of age, Ko controls our physical and sexual power.
It even signals when we are aroused and have met desirable mates.
But when it's removed...'
Angel: 'You're more easily controlled.'
Jhiera: 'We marry who they command, - serve without questioning. - We leave behind dreaming.'
Angel: 'But you escaped.'
Jhiera: 'I was the first. I am Jhiera. - Jhiera of Oden Tal. My family rules the dimension.'

Angel: 'I'm guessing the royal family isn't loving the - portal-jumping, refugee-saving duties you've assigned yourself.'

Jhiera: 'They tell people I'm dead. But the women know. - Here we have a name.
We have a chance to become, but it is difficult. When the Ko first matures the girls can't manage it - our physical energy. We come to your world in a fever.'

Angel: 'That's why - the ice.'
Jhiera: 'Yes. When I first arrived - alone - I thought I would die from the heat - under my skin. And your people - the men?
Some respond to the Ko involuntarily. They tried to force themselves - it wasn't safe for me - until I found the frozen water. As long as I could stay cool...
The worst of it passed in a few months time. then I started to learn to control my power.'

Angel: 'Like last night, when you burned me.'

Jhiera: 'I *intended* to hurt you. I thought you were my enemy.'
Angel: 'What about the guard? Who burned him?'
Jhiera: 'He tried to touch one of my girls. It was his own fault.'

Angel: 'From what you're saying he probably didn't mean to hurt her.'
Jhiera: 'And the girl couldn't help killing him! It was an accident.'
Angel: 'What about the other four guys who died the same way in the last year? Your girls kill them, too?'

Jhiera: 'How do you know about this? Have you been...'
Angel: 'No, I haven't been following you. But you incinerate a few guys someone is going to start asking questions. I understand what you're trying to do; and I'll help you if I can. But you can't go around hurting men in my world.'
Jhiera: 'I am the daughter to a King, sir. A king who promised happiness and a better life for everyone. I didn't denounce him and escape for my good alone. I did it to see his promise come true for all the women of Oden Tal. If a few have to die to protect my people...'

Angel: 'They are *my* people who are dying; and it's *my* promise to protect them.'
Jhiera: 'Then tell them to stay out of my way.'

Angel: 'Wait.'
Jhiera: 'And you, too. I don't need your help.'

Cordy: 'I'm not sure about coming out here all by ourselves. Maybe we should have waited for Angel.'
Wesley: 'Cordelia, now that I am officially in Angel's employ, I feel it's doubly important to show initiative and drive. We can't just dally about...
Look! Nancy's Petticoat. Oh. They're quite rare. They were named for Nancy Mitford, the author. Because of her love for... Right. Shoving off.'
Cordy: 'I wonder how we find were they keep the compost.'
Wesley: 'I'd say we follow our noses.'

Cordy: 'Wait!'
'Wait. Okay, now I'm sure we shouldn't have come here.
It smells like flower poop!'
Tay: 'The portal will open soon, and only for a short while. When the proper coordinates align we must move to the entry point immediately. You will escort it there, ensure its quick return and rejoin us. We have a lot of work to do in this dimension. It can go home now. Would it like that? Would it like to go home?'

Gi: 'It is *happy* to go - as soon as you say.'

Tay: 'And don't you feel better now?'

Vigory: 'We've recovered two this month. We should...'
Tay: 'It means nothing! This won't stop until we find Jhiera.'
Guy: 'Jhiera. Excellent. Just when I need the artistic eye of a goddess.'

Jhiera: 'Where are the girls?'
Guy: 'And na maz de to you too. They are right were you left them. Are you okay? You look spun.'
Jhiera: 'How are they doing?'
Guy: 'They're chilling. - The little sisters are fine. Rem-ing. - Tell me what's up.'

Jhiera: 'They took the girl I went to meet.'

Guy: 'Man, that's lame!'
Jhiera: 'They will find us before too long. We have to go from here, as soon as possible.'
Guy: 'The girls aren't ready. They need serious isolation and temperature adjustment before they mellow out enough to deal with the world.'
Jhiera: 'Then I'll move them some place else.'

Guy: 'My shaman has a place in the dessert. He never could turn away scantily clad women in distress - from any dimension. - You know, I wish you would let me work on your mirth chakra.'

Jhiera: 'If he's as trustworthy as you are, we'll go to him.'
Guy: 'He's good people.'
Jhiera: 'Then call him. If he accepts us we'll leave first thing in the morning.'
Vigory: 'This food source will only keep us supplied for a few more days. At that point we must relocate.'
Wesley: 'Still no answer.'
Cordy: 'I bet he forgot to turn that thing on again! You'd think a guy that knows how to use an ancient Scythian short bow could figure out how to use a cell phone! So, what now?'

Wesley: 'I suppose we head back and try to find Angel.'
Cordy: 'Okay. Lead the way - *low* and *slow*.'
Cordy: 'No, hide. Hide. Hide.'
Vigory: 'Sir! I believe we've found them.'
Tay: 'Where?'
Vigory: 'A worker at an ice plant tells me he recently started shipping two tons of ice a week to this address.'

Tay: 'Gather the men. They need to be prepared to capture the princess and cut them all quickly.'
Cordy: 'What are you doing? We nearly got burned from the inside out and you're here getting all April fresh?'
Angel: 'Hello?'
Wesley: 'I believe she is especially agitated because we *tried* to call you in the midst of a situation.'
Angel: 'I had to take a shower. What's up?'

Cordy: 'What's up is that those creepy demons said that they found what they were looking for, and they seemed *very* interested in cutting someone they called the princess, which I can only imagine is not a happy thing!'

Angel: 'Well, you'd be right on that one. We gotta find her first.'
Cordy: 'The demon guy said something about a lot of ice being delivered somewhere. No one said where.'
Angel: 'Ice.'
Cordy: 'Yeah.'
Angel: 'Shipping order. We've got an address. We're heading out.'
Wesley: 'That's it? They seemed... There were quite a few of them. Perhaps we need a plan.'
Angel: 'Here is the plan: we go in, I start hitting people hard in the face - see where it takes us.'
Ah, you wait here. I want a warning when the demons show.'
Wesley: 'All right.'
Cordy: 'Wesley!'
Guy: 'Welcome, bro.'
Angel: 'I need to see Jhiera. Now!'

Guy: 'I'm sorry, no Jhiera here, but I already see I can help *you*. First lets talk about the clothes vibe.'

Angel: 'She's in trouble. There are men coming for her.'
Guy: 'And which dimension are you from, brother?'
Angel: 'You don't want to know.'
Jhiera: 'What are you doing here? I thought I made it clear...'
Angel: 'They're coming.'
Jhiera: 'I know all about it. We're leaving in the morning.'
Angel: 'Not soon enough.'
Jhiera: 'What are you talking about?'
Angel: 'They're on their way. They'll be here...'
Cordy: 'Now. That would be now.'
Angel: 'Help get the girls out. You go back out front. Stall them as long as you can. I'm gonna help you whether you like it or not.'

Wesley: 'Oh my. You are a... Allow me to introduce myself.'
Cordy: 'Wesley...'
Guy: 'How about a red clay massage. We have hands that heal, brother.'

Wesley: 'That outfit - it quite becomes you, you know.'
Cordy: 'Wesley, get a grip! They're not going to be able to hold them off all day.'
Wesley: 'My, what a grip. Very - healthy. Surprisingly firm myself under the jacket. Have a feel.'
Cordy: 'You are pathetic! And about to get your eyeballs fried!'
Wesley: 'I know, but - ah -just one kiss good-bye?'
Tay: 'Jhiera and the runaways are ours.'
Angel: 'No they're not.'
Tay: 'Give them back or the humans die.'
Jhiera: 'Then they die.' .
Tay: 'Hold it. - Hold it still. - Time to go home.'
Angel: 'Unless you want to see your leader dead, you let her go. Go. GO!'
I don't want you bringing your war here again.

Tay: 'I have no choice! If this enemy persists our whole society crumbles.'

Angel: 'And if it persists on *my* turf you're going to have another enemy!'

Tay: 'You don't understand our ways, human.'
Angel: 'No, I don't. And I'm not human.
Now, if I were you, I'd grab the next portal out of here. Got it?'
'Watch out...'
Wesley: 'Angel...'
Angel: 'Sorry. I-I had a little...'
Cordy: 'Mushing didn't work out so great, huh?'
Wesley: 'Not to worry. My fault I'm sure, really. Cagey little brutes, aren't they? I'll wash them if you'd like. Individually.
They'll be just as good as new. Better.'

Angel: 'Wesley. Stop.'
Cordy: 'Wow. Groveling isn't just a way of life for you, it's an art.'
Wesley: 'I do not grovel. Please don't fire me. What happened yesterday was an anomaly. I'm very *rarely* taken hostage.'

Angel: 'That's good to know. And you're not fired.'
Wesley: 'I'm not?'
Angel: 'No. It wasn't your fault. And you know what? You handled yourself *very* well.'
Wesley: 'Well, that's... I can't tell you... I am your faithful servant, Angel.'
Cordy: 'Like I said, an art.
Oh! Look who's here. Can I get you something? Knife to our throat so you can run away?'
Angel: 'Come on in.'
Jhiera: 'The girls are safe - outside the city.'

Angel: 'I'm glad. But you nearly got Cordelia and Wesley killed.'
Jhiera: 'I had no choice.'
Angel: 'Yes, you did. If you vowed to protect the innocent it shouldn't matter which dimension they're from.'
Jhiera: 'An easy sentiment when your people are free.'
Angel: 'I'm not saying you shouldn't fight. Just know that I will be there to stop you - if you cross the line.'

Jhiera: 'I don't need an extra conscience. I'll do what I think is right.'

Angel: 'And I'll do the same.'
Jhiera: 'Fine. I think we understand each other then. I have to go.'

The end
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