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Angel: 'The mark of Kekfadlorem. I've heard of it, but I've never seen it.'
Wesley: 'A knife with that mark is the only thing that will kill a Kek demon. Could be very useful.'
Angel: 'Especially if Kek demons weren't extinct.'
Wesley: 'They are? Oh dear. Well, - perhaps there is one out there hibernating, eh? - Ready to wake at any moment and embark on a grisly rampage.'
Angel: 'I'll keep my fingers crossed.'
Cordelia: 'They're done! Nobody touch.'
Angel: 'She's making brownies.'
Wesley: 'Oh, is that what I smell? I thought I tracked something in.'
Cordy: 'The recipe was handed down to me by my mother, who got it from her housekeeper. Plus, I improvised a little. You're gonna love them.'
Wesley: 'Me? Doesn't Angel - have to - get to try any?'
Cordy: 'They are brownies full of nutty goodness, not red blood cells.'
Wesley: 'Oh, I wasn't thinking. More of a drinker than an eater, I suppose.'
Cordy: 'Maybe if he'd branch out into the solids, he'd keep a decent knife around.'

Wesley: 'That is not appropriate! It's for killing extinct demons!
Angel, make her stop.'
Angel: 'Cordelia...'
Wesley: 'That blade is very old. Who knows what kind of corrosive effect your cooking may have on it!'
Cordy: 'Corrosive effect?'
Angel: 'Cordelia, just put down the very sharp knife.'
Wesley: 'Well, they don't smell right.'
Cordy: 'I think Mr. Too-much-cologne is the pot calling the kettle stinky.'

Angel: 'Cordelia, Doyle! I mean, uhm - Wesley. Wesley. Let's just, uhm no more fighting, alright?'
Ryan: 'Where is it, Stephanie?'
Stephanie: 'What are you talking about? I didn't take anything! Give me that. Stop it!'
Ryan: 'You took one of my cards.'
Stephanie: 'I didn't touch your stupid cards.'
Ryan: 'What did you do with it?'
Stephanie: 'Stop it! MOM!'
Mom: ' Okay, that's it.'
Ryan: 'She took one of my cards.'
Stephanie: 'I did not!'
Ryan: 'You did too! I had five of this one and now I only have four.'
Mom: 'Well, there are children in India who only have three. Come on. It's time for bed anyway.'
Both kids: 'Oh, mom, no!'
Father: 'You heard your mother. It's time for bed.
Paige: 'Do we have to?'


Cordy: 'Pretend to read any good books lately?'

Angel: 'Cordelia. I thought you went home.'

Cordy: 'You called him Doyle.'
Angel: 'It just - happened. - I hope Wesley is okay with it.'
Cordy: 'Oh, who cares about him! This is about Doyle. You-you never say his name!'

Angel: 'I say it.'
Cordy: 'No, you don't. - Look you don't have to be Joe Stoic about his dying.
I mean, I know that you have this unflappable vibe working for you, but... you don't have to do that for me.'

Angel: 'I'm not unflappable.'
Cordy: 'Great. So - flap.'
Angel: 'I miss him.'
Cordy: 'Me, too.'
Angel: 'I've been around death before - a lot! - I've lost people. I've killed people.'
Cordy: 'And you *are* dead. Sorry.'
Angel: 'It shouldn't have happened. I shouldn't have let it happen!'
Cordy: 'Angel, it wasn't your fault. - It hurts.'

Angel: 'Yeah.'
Cordy: 'No it-it really - really
Angel: 'Easy, easy. - What did you see?'
'1256 - that's the house.'
Wesley: 'Angel?'
Angel: 'You're all right?'
Ryan: 'Yeah. You're bleeding. Are you going to cry?'
Angel: 'I don't think so. I don't know. - Huh, - let me think. Ah, no - yeah - uh, no not gonna cry. What's your name?'
Ryan: 'Ryan.'
Angel: 'Ryan, you want to tell me what you were doing outside?'
Dad: 'Ryan! Son, you know better than this! Say 'thank you' to the nice man. You come inside!'
Paige: 'Ryan! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. What happened?'
Dad: 'He was in the street. He almost got hit. Paige - he's fine.'
Paige: 'God, my baby.'
Dad: 'It's cold. Let's just
get him inside.'
Paige: 'You saved him. Thank God you were here.'
Dad: 'Yeah. - Thank you.'
Angel: 'It's okay. Ha, scamp, isn't he?'
Paige: 'Oh, you're hurt. Your shoulder. You come inside.'
You scared me.
'Are you sure you don't want to drive you to the emergency room? I think you may need some stitches.'
Angel: 'I'll be fine, really. - I'm not a big bleeder.'

Paige: 'We just moved in. Still a little bit jumbled. It doesn't get any easier, you know. Every new place you have to start over. Finding friends - people to talk to.'

Dad: 'Ryan's asleep. He's - out like a light.'

Angel: 'Hmm, he seems like a nice boy.'
Paige: 'He is. Thank you so much! That must have been about the millionth time I said that! Really, thank you. If there is anything we can do for you. Money? Or Seth's an investment advisor. Do you need some advice?'
Angel: 'No, nothing. But thank you.'
Seth: 'Paige, honey, he probably just wants to go home and get cleaned up.'

Angel: 'So how do you think Ryan got out into the street?'
Seth: 'Climbed out the window.'
Paige: 'We have burglar bars - but he must be able to fit between.
We didn't think of that, didn't even bother checking.'
Angel: 'So where do you think he was going?'
Seth: 'Going? He wasn't going anywhere.'
Angel: 'So you think he was trying to get away from something.'
Seth: 'What would he have to get away from in his own house?'
Wesley: 'Oh dear.'
Seth: 'This bother you?'
Angel: 'No.'
Seth: 'A lot of health nuts these days, you know? Like anyone needs to live forever.'

Angel: 'No one needs that.'
Seth: 'She'll be right back with the bandages and - then you can go.'
Angel: 'Right. - Uhm - Paige was telling me that you were new in town. Where did you - ah...'
Paige: 'What? This was *much* worse.'

Angel: 'Uh, it's just a scratch. Uh, Seth was telling me where you lived before.'
Paige: 'Akron, uh - one winter there was enough.'
Seth: 'You know what? It strikes me, you never told us your name.'
Angel: 'Angel. - Jones. Angel Jones.'
Paige: 'Angel.'
Seth: 'Honey.'
Paige: 'See?'
Angel: 'Angels?'
Paige: 'I collect them! I think the angels are around us all the time, don't you?'
Angel: 'I-I think, uhm - there are - beings.'
Paige: 'It's a nice thought. Like someone's looking out for us, keeping us out of danger. And tonight you really were our angel, weren't you?'
Angel: 'I think I was just in the right place.'

Seth: 'It's getting late.'
Paige: 'Come to dinner.'
Seth: 'Paige.'
Paige: 'Tomorrow night. Say you will. Let us pay you back for looking after us.'

Seth: 'We've taken up too much of Angel's time already.'
Angel: 'Can I bring something?'
Something is wrong in that house. - The wife wants to talk, but the husband keeps getting in her way. - I'm going to come back tomorrow night.'
Wesley: 'Be careful.'
Angel: 'I always am.'
Wesley: 'Be *especially* careful.'
Angel: 'Plakticine.'
Wesley: 'I found it all around the foundation of the house.'
Angel: 'So now we know.'
Wesley: 'Someone in that house is possessed by a demon.'
Cordy: 'Thanks for your help. Well, mama is telling the truth about Akron, and before *that* Miami and Baton Rouge, all within the last three years.'
Angel: 'Let me guess - couldn't lose the black cloud.'
Cordy: 'Like it was fitted with chin straps. Everywhere they go, there've been reports of disturbances and - yuck! -animal death?
In Akron, a friend of the family - went missing. - He's still missing! What is this stuff anyway? Kind of pretty!'

Wesley: 'Uh, it's the bodily excretion of an Ethros demon.'
Cordy: 'No one could have said - demon poo - *before* I touched it.'

Wesley: 'Oh, it can't hurt you. Only the demon itself is dangerous.'
Cordy: 'How dangerous?'
Wesley: 'Tends to go in for mass murder. - You've heard of Lizzie Borden? She killed her parents with an axe?'
Cordy: 'I remember the children's rhyme. And how come they're all full of death
and cradles falling,
and mice getting tails cut off?
Anyway, the whole thing needs a ratings system, don't you think?'

Wesley: 'Yes, well - what the rhyme doesn't say is that she was possessed by an Ethros.'

Angel: 'An adolescent Ethros. With this amount of Plakticine, we've got ourselves a grown-up demon.'
Cordy: 'So someone in that family has got a squatter in their head. What do *we* do about it?'

Angel: 'Evict him.'
Wesley: 'Exorcism. I'll look into finding someone who can perform one. Not too many priest go in for it much these days.'
Cordy: 'But who do we exorcise? Which one is the demon?'
Angel: 'The father seemed kind of off. They were afraid of him.'
Wesley: 'A father doesn't have to be possessed to terrorize his children. He just has to... We'll find out soon enough.
The first step in confronting the demon is getting him to show himself.
A little psylis eucalipsis powder ingested by the host...'
Cordy: 'And what? Dad goes 'grrr.' Head spins around?'
Wesley: 'Essentially.'
Angel: 'Okay, so how do I get someone to eat - eucalipsis powder?'
'I made brownies.'
Paige: 'More Brussels sprouts, Angel?'
Angel: 'No! Thank you, I'm - full. Everything was - very good.'
Seth: 'The roast was a little dry.'
Angel: 'No. It was full of - roasty goodness.'

Paige: 'I think we're ready to try your brownies, Angel.'
Seth: 'I'll get the coffee.'
Ryan: 'I didn't like the Brussels sprouts. They're gross.'
Angel: 'You seemed to like yours.'
I buried one in my mashed potatoes, too.'

Seth: 'What are you laughing at?'
Stephanie: 'Angel's funny.'
Seth: 'Yeah? He hides it well.'
Paige: 'Look kids. See what Angel made for us?'
Hmm, it's uhm - what's your secret, Angel?'

Angel: 'I use - uhm, chocolate. That's why they're brown - which gives them their name - brownies.'

Seth: 'No hot chocolate for you kids tonight. *This* is your treat tonight.'

Ryan: 'Dad.'
Stephanie: 'That's not fair.'
Paige: 'Kids. Shh. Company.'
Oh God, Ryan, what's wrong?
Angel: 'You're son is possessed by a demon.
Stephanie: 'Ryan's bad. Ryan's always been bad.'
Seth: 'Stephanie.'
Paige: 'Baby, - can you hear me?'
Angel: 'Paige, listen to me - he's okay.'

Paige: 'What do you mean, he's okay?'

Angel: I had to get the demon to show itself first.
Paige: 'You did this to him?
Angel: 'The demon was already there, I just used the brownies to...
Paige: 'You put something in our food. You poisoned him? What were you thinking? I thought you were here to help us. You are *not* an angel.'
Seth: 'Paige, it's okay.
Paige: 'Seth, he did this to Ryan.'
Seth: 'We both know that that is not true. What was wrong with Ryan has been wrong for a long time. Now you say you know how to help my son? Alright. What do you need?'
Angel: 'A phone.'
Angel: 'I found our demon. It's in the boy.'
Wesley: 'We're not ready. I found the name of a priest, but we're having a spot of trouble running him to ground.'
Angel: I need for you to put together a binding powder. Everything you need is in the pantry. We can contain him until we get the priest. We're coming to you.'

'How is she?'
Seth: 'She's just - It's been so long.'

Angel: 'This isn't gonna be easy.'
Seth: 'For the last three years - it's been *all* I can do to hold this family together. - Now you come here and tell me there may be a *reason* for all the terror and confusion, and a way to end it? - Maybe you are an angel.'

Angel: 'Can you get someone to come and stay with your daughter?'
Seth: 'Yes. Why?'
Angel: 'The rest of you are coming with me.'
These are my assistants.'
Cordy: 'Hi, I'm Cordelia. Sorry about the possession and everything.'
Seth: 'Ah - Hello.'
Cordy: 'Oh, I wonder if I should put plastic down. Angel, are you expecting any big vomiting here? Because - I saw the movie.'

Wesley: 'The binding powder will keep the demon under control - while Angel and I go to find the priest.'
Paige: 'He doesn't need a priest.'
Angel: 'Paige - listen to me. - The only way through this is to let us help. -
Look, your son is possessed. -
Deep down you know this is true. - You know it.'
Wesley: 'Cordelia will stay with you. We'll be back as soon as we can.'
Angel: 'Do not break the circle. It's important. He'll try and get you to come to him.
Don't do it. Don't touch him. - He's been exposed, and he's angry. - He'll kill you if he gets a chance, you got that?'

Cordy: 'Jeez, we got it! Circle, angry, kill, kill, kill. Go to church already.'

The nun: Hail Mary, full of grace....

Wesley: 'Ah, sister? Good evening. Sorry to disturb your prayers. I hope we didn't make you lose your place.'

Nun: 'Not at all. How can I... You would come in to a place of worship?'
Angel: 'I'm not what you think.'
Nun: 'No?'
Angel: 'Okay. Yeah, I am. - But I'm trying to help someone. A child. He's possessed by an Ethros demon.'
Wesley: 'Which is why we need to find father Fredricks. I'm afraid it's rather urgent.'

Nun: 'He's out behind the church.'
Wesley: 'Thank you! Progress at last.'

Nun: 'The last grave on the left.'
Angel: 'He's - the father's dead.'
Nun: 'Six months ago a family came to father Fredricks. Their daughter was possessed with a demon. A very powerful demon. - Father Fredricks saved the young woman - but he couldn't save himself.'
Wesley: 'It, uhm, it was an Ethros demon?'
Nun: 'If the child you are trying to save really is possessed with an Ethros my prayers are with you: both of you.
Because what you are dealing with is - very, very smart - and very dangerous. Even more dangerous than you.'
Ryan: 'Mommy? Where are you? Mommy, I'm scared. - I need you. - Are you there?'
Paige: 'Couldn't I just take him his toys, please?'
Seth: 'You heard what Angel said, Paige. We have to wait.'
Paige: 'But why do we have to wait? Things were going really well this time, weren't they? - Couldn't we just keep on like it was?'

Seth: 'Paige, no. Not after Ohio.'
Cordy: 'Ohio?'
Seth: 'A friend of ours - the kids used to call him Uncle Frank, died in a fire.'
Paige: 'That was an accident. It wasn't Ryan!'
Ryan: 'Mommy, I'm scared. It's so cold in here. Mommy?'
Paige: 'And *that* isn't Ryan either. - Paige?'
Paige: 'I'm not going to him, okay? I'm playing by the stupid rules.'
Cordy: 'Good! We can watch TV or play cards. You'll get caught up, you won't even hear your son's pain.'

Ryan: 'Mommy, I need you. I'm so scared. Come here.'
Paige: 'This is just too cruel.'
Cordy: 'It's almost over. And Angel is good at this kind of thing, and Wesley... - Well, I'm sure they'll be right back with the priest.

Angel: 'You can't do it.'
Wesley: 'I know the ritual and we have the supplies.'
Angel: 'You've never done this before. Look, it takes tremendous strength - mental strength.'
Wesley: 'Resistance to suggestion. Yes, I understand that. - I like to think of myself as possessing a certain...'
Angel: 'Wesley, you don't even have sales resistance. How many thighmasters do you own?'
Wesley: 'The second one was a free gift with my 'Buns of Steel.''
Angel: 'Father Fredricks was an expert. A demon just like this killed him.'
Wesley: 'You're saying I can't do it.'

Angel: 'That's right.'
Wesley: 'So our only option is you do it.'

Angel: 'That was vulgar.'
Wesley: 'But I believe I made my point.'

Angel: 'All right. You'll do it. But I'm going to be right there with you.'
Paige: 'See, honey? Mommy's right here. I'm not going anywhere. Nobody is going to hurt you, sweetie. It's going to be okay.'
Cordy: 'Paige, come away.'
Seth: 'You wanted to see him, there he is - and he's gonna be fine.'
Paige: 'He's not fine! Look at him, Seth. Look at him. He needs me.'
Ryan: 'Mamma? I can't see. Something is wrong with my eyes and it hurts. Why won't you help me?'
Paige: 'I'm here, baby. I'm right here.'
Wesley: 'The standard Latin seems to be the ritual of choice for an Ethros.'
Angel: 'Good. Come on. What?'
Wesley: 'I believe I know how the priest was killed. - When an Ethros is cast out it immediately seeks another body to inhabit. The Demon is expelled with such force that the newly inhabited rarely survives.'
Angel: 'That's a problem.'
Wesley: 'I dare say.'
Paige: Ryan!
Cordy: 'They're here. They're coming.'
Ryan: 'Mommy!'
Angel: 'No!'
Seth: 'Paige!'
Cordy: 'Angel!'
Ryan: 'Mommy. I'm so glad you're here. So glad.'
Seth: 'Ryan, no! Ryan, stop it!'
Cordy: 'Angel! Hurry!'
Seth: 'Ryan, no. Let her go. Ryan, stop it! Stop it! Let her go!'
Wesley: 'Omnis spiritus in munde. In nomine dei!'
'It's retreated back into the boy.'
Angel: 'It's gone deeper.'
Wesley: 'That's likely.'
Angel: 'Look, from now on you do exactly as I'm telling you, understood?'
Cordy: 'Ethros demon - Ethros box.'
Angel: 'Hmm, this is what's used to trap it.'

Cordy: 'It says right here the demon goes all dingy when it's forced out. Bad sense of direction or something. If you have one of these boxes, it'll go right into it.'

Angel: 'There to be confined for a thousand years.'
Cordy: 'Which ought to do it, right? Of course without one of these...'
Angel: 'The demon will try to make the jump to the nearest warm body.'
Cordy: 'Right. - So you're safe anyway. Maybe we can build one of these.'

Angel: 'Ah, an authentic Ethros box is made of 600 species of virgin woods and handcrafted by blind Tibetan monks.'

Cordy: 'Nope. Don't know any.'
Angel: 'Melrose and Robertson, between the yogurt shop and the Doggy Dunk.'

Cordy: 'Blind virgin monks?'
Angel: 'No, Rick's Magic 'n' Stuff. If anyone in LA will have an Ethros box, it'll be Rick. Better hurry.'
Cordy: 'Okay.'
Paige: 'What's happening?'
Wesley: 'Omnis spiritus in munde. In nomine dei. Omnis spiritus in...'
Ryan: 'Your Latin sucks.'
Wesley: 'I know your tricks. - You'll not deter *me* from what must be done.'

Ryan: '*You* do something? What makes you think you can do anything?'

Wesley: 'In odorem suavitatis. Tu autem effugare, diabole. Appropinquabit enim judicium dei.'
Ryan: 'You couldn't even 'watch!'
Everyone knows you got fired because you couldn't do anything right.
Nothing is going to make him proud of you.'
Wesley: 'Skimming the surface of my mind - *very* good. But a mere parlor trick. Here's one for you. How many crosses am I holding up?
Omnis spiritus immunde. In nomine dei.'
Ryan: 'All those hours locked up under the stairs and you still weren't good enough. Not good enough for Daddy, not good enough for the Council.'

Wesley: 'Omnis spiritus - Uh, that is to say.'

Ryan: 'Lose your place? What makes you think these people want you around any more than the others did?'

Angel: 'Because I invited him here.'
Ryan: 'Then you're stupider than he is.'
Wesley: 'Tu autem..'
Ryan: 'Go ahead, Wesley, tell him why he's a fool to trust you.'
Wesley: 'Effugare, diabole.'
Ryan: 'Tell him how you plan to kill him.'

Wesley: 'That's not true.'
Ryan: 'Oh, no? He's more afraid of you than he is of me.'
Wesley: 'I'll show you fear!'
Rick: 'Blessed be.'
Cordy: 'Uh-huh. I need an Ethros box.'
Rick: 'A lady who knows what she wants. Commendable.'
Cordy: 'Yes, I'm great. Just pop it in a bag and I'm out of here.'
Rick: 'I don't have one.'
Cordy: 'You don't have one. Well, what's that?'
Rick: 'Good eye. That's a Shorshack box.'

Cordy: 'What's the diff?'
Rick: 'About 20 Dollars, and it's not available in a mahogany finish.'
Cordy: 'Looks the same. Handcrafted by blind Tibetan monks?'
Rick: 'Pieced together by mute Chinese nuns. Now that's craftsmanship.'

Cordy: 'Look, I have an Ethros demon and I need a place to put it. Will this work?'

Rick: 'Hmm, probably. Shorshack demon is a little smaller than your average Ethros, might be tight across the shoulders.'
Cordy: 'Well, how big could the demon be? I mean, it's in a little bitty boy! - I'll take it.'

Rick: 'A wise choice. I think you are going to enjoy this item. It's a quality item. Shall I have it gift-wrapped?'

Angel: 'That was too close.'
Wesley: 'I let my guard down. It won't happen again.'
Angel: 'You're not going back in there.'
Wesley: 'Angel!'
Angel: 'It's too dangerous. He could've killed you, Wesley.'
Seth: 'And my son? What about him?'
Тhe marbles roll spell out: 'Save Me.'
Wesley: 'Angel, we don't have a choice.'
Doyle's: 'The good fight, yeah?'
Ryan: 'Guess who's here, Angel. He's talking to me right now. Doyle wants to ask why you couldn't protect him.'
Seth: 'What are you doing?'
Angel: 'Ending this.'
Cordy: 'They only had...'
Angel: 'Get it ready.'
Ryan: 'You let him die. Just like he's gonna let me die. Aren't you, Daddy? Two great protectors.'
Angel: 'Get back.'
Angel: 'Abrenuntias satanae?'
Wesley: 'Do you renounce Satan?'
Angel: 'Et omnibus operibus eus?'
Wesley: 'And all of his works?'
Angel: 'Omnibus pompis eus?'
Wesley: 'And all his pomps?'
Angel: 'Exorcie te. Omnis spiritus immunde. Adaperiae! Now get the hell out!'
Paige: 'Ryan?'
Cordy: 'Oh-oh.'
Wesley: 'Plakticine! Clearly it came up the elevator shaft.'
Cordy: 'So it's up here somewhere?'
Angel: 'No. Long gone by now.'
Cordy: 'And good riddance to it.'
Angel: 'No, not good riddance. It'll possess again.'
Wesley: 'Maybe we shouldn't have been so quick to send the Andersons back home. It might attempt to repossess the boy.'

Angel: 'I don't think so. Not right away.'
Wesley: 'What are you thinking?'
Angel: 'Well, it had to expel a lot of energy to escape like this. It'll need time to recharge.'

Wesley: 'You're thinking the demon has taken on corporeal form.'
Angel: 'That's my guess. It can only absorb the elements it needs if it manifests itself physically. Which means, if we can find it in time we can kill it.
He'll be looking for a hostile environment - somewhere damp. Probably returning to primordial volcanic basalt for his regeneration.'

Cordy: 'Huh?'
Wesley: 'Sea caves!'
Cordy: 'Why didn't he just say that?'
Angel: 'We're close. Come on.'
Wesley: 'Angel - before we go any further - I just wanted to reassure you - in as much as we will be fighting side by side - what that demons said before..'
Angel: I know you're not planning to kill me, Wesley. - But you're willing to - and that's good. Now come on.'
Ethros: 'You.'
Angel: 'Didn't think this was over, did you?'

Ethros: 'You are a fool. You think to destroy me? You're dealing with forces beyond your comprehension.'
Angel: 'Yeah? Well, it's a hobby of mine.
Wesley: 'You great - putrescent - bully! Pick on an innocent child! You think you're impressive?'
Ethros: 'I am Ethros. I corrupted the spirits of men before they had speech to name me. - The child was but the last among tens of thousands, one more pure heart to corrupt, one more soul to suck dry.'

Wesley: 'Well, chalk up one exciting failure. You didn't get that boy's soul.'

Ethros: 'Hmpf, what soul?'
Ryan: 'She has nine marshmallows, and I only have seven.'
Paige: 'Well, we'll just have to write the Nestle bunny about that. Drink up. It's way past bedtime.'
Ethros: 'Do you know what the most frightening thing in the world is? Nothing! That's what I found in the boy no conscience, no fear, no humanity, just a black void. I couldn't control him. I couldn't get out. I never even manifested until you brought me forth.
I just sat there and watched as he destroyed everything around him. Not from a belief in evil, not for any reason at all.'

Paige: 'He doesn't seem to remember any of it.'
Seth: 'Good.'
Ethros: 'That boy's mind was the blackest hell I've ever known.'
Angel: 'The marbles, that was you.'
Ethros: 'When he slept, I could whisper in him. I tried to get him to end his life, even if it meant ending mine.'

Angel: 'You sleepwalked him in front of the car.'
Ethros: 'I had given up - hope. - I know you bring death. I do not fear it.
The only thing I have ever feared is in that house.'
Wesley: 'Angel, he's with his family. We have to hurry.'
Ethros: 'Yes, you do.'
Paige: 'Good night, sweetheart.'
Seth: 'Ryan?'
Paige: 'What is going on?'
Seth: 'I don't know.'
Seth: 'Ryan, open the door!'
Paige: 'Ryan - Stephanie?'
Seth: 'Stephanie!'
Stephanie: 'Mom, dad! Help!'
Wesley: 'Everybody out! Lets go! Go! Go!'

Kate: 'Social services will take over from here. They'll want to speak to your son alone first.'
Seth: 'When will we get to see him?'
Kate: 'Not until tomorrow.'
Seth: 'Well, what's gonna happen to him?'
Kate: 'We won't know until after the evaluation.'
Angel: 'Thanks for coming by, Kate.
Seth: 'I won't be able to cover for him anymore. They're gonna want to know about Ohio - and everything. - I wanted to protect him.'
Angel: 'I know.'
Seth: 'I was just trying to hold my family together.'
Angel: 'I think you did.'
Seth: 'I love you.'

The end
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