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Liam: 'Anna.'
Anna: 'Master Liam?'
Liaml: 'Anna, come closer.'
Anna: 'Master Liam, your father...'
Liam: 'Will be off to church by now, repenting of his sins, and well he should. Closer, Anna.'

Anna: 'Why do you keep to the shadows, sir? Are you not well?'
Liam: 'The light. It bothers my eyes just now.'

Liam's dad: 'And I know the reason why. Up again all night, is it? Drinking and whoring. I smell the stink of it on you.'
Liam: 'And a good morning to you, father.'
Dad: 'You're a disgrace.'
Liam: 'If you say so, father.'
Dad: 'Oh, I do. I do say so. Have you not had enough debauchery for one night? Must you corrupt the servants as well?'
Liam: 'Servant, father. We have *one* servant. Anyway, - everyone gets corrupted, - but I find some forms of corruption - are more pleasant...'
Dad: 'I am ashamed to call you my son. You're a lay-about and a scoundrel and you'll never amount to anything more than that.'
Officer: 'Crazy homeless guy got on at Central Street Station. Went nuts. Started tearing up the car, threatened some passengers. It was one of them that pulled the emergency brake. They're all still pretty shook up.'
Kate: 'What about the suspect?'
Officer: 'Gone.'
Kate: 'The call said it was a hostage situation.'
Officer: 'It was.'
Kate: 'The suspect escaped?'
Officer: 'Well, we're still trying to get the story, but it's a little unclear.'

Kate: 'Unclear? You have two dozen witnesses!'
Officer: 'I know, and they are all saying the same thing.'
Kate: 'Which is?'
Officer: 'That the suspect went out through the top vent while the train was still moving.'

Kate: 'He climbed out of the moving train.'
Officer: 'They're saying he was pulled out.'
Kate: 'Pulled out by what? Get statements.'
'Well, I guess I can forget about reading him his rights.'


Kate: 'It's uhm - it's not a person, is it?'
Angel: 'No. Demon.'
Kate: 'Is it...'
Angel: 'Dead? Yeah, Kate, it-it's dead.'

Kate: 'So they - so they die then.'
Angel: 'Yeah.'
Kate: 'Sorry, I guess I'm still having a little trouble with this otherworldly stuff.'

Angel: 'Right. - Although demons aren't technically otherworldly. I mean, in fact they were here - first.'
Kate: 'So, do I call the coroner or hazardous materials?'
Angel: 'My advice? Don't call anyone. I'll see it gets taken care of.'
Kate: 'And what do I put in my report?'

Angel: 'Just do what you would normally do in a case like this.'
Kate: 'There is no normal in a case like this.'
Angel: 'Los Angeles, Kate, you've seen this kind of thing before, probably a lot. You just didn't have a name for it, that's all.'

Kate: 'No, I think I'd remember.'
Angel: 'Yeah, well, people have a way of seeing what they need to.'
Delivery guy: 'No, nothing really stood out, -except maybe the smell. Just your average Joe stink homeless guy.'
Officer: 'That's what we got.'
Kate: 'Average height, average weight, average build. That's the best you can do? You're the one that pulled the emergency brake?'
Delivery guy: 'Yeah. The guy came right at me.'
Kate: 'Why?'
Delivery guy: 'He didn't say.'
Kate: 'No. Why did you pull the emergency brake?'
Delivery guy: 'It was an emergency?'
Kate: 'Well, lets get this description circulated. We want to find this guy, right?'

Officer: 'Right. We'll do our best.'

Delivery guy: 'Can I go?'
Kate: 'Yeah, you can go.'
Angel: 'What's your father doing here?'
Officer: 'Nah, not much to go on.'

Kate: 'Daddy, what are you doing down here?'
Trevor: 'In the neighborhood.'
Kate: 'You've been sitting in your apartment listening to the police scanner again, haven't you.'
Trevor: 'Nothing on cable anyway.
I heard you had a hostage situation. Looks like I missed all the action.'

Kate: '35 years on the force, don't you think you've seen enough action? - Did you also happen to hear I was the lead officer on scene?'
Trevor: 'You look like you're doing okay. Let you get back to it.'
Angel: 'What's he up to?'
Kate: 'I think he's actually checking up on me.'
Angel: 'You sound surprised.'
Kate: 'No, you don't get to do that.'
Angel: 'What?'
Kate: 'Kill a demon in front of me and then act like we're going to have a cappuccino together. It doesn't work that way.'

Angel: 'How's it work?'
Kate: 'I'm not convinced it does. - Look, no offence. I think you're probably a pretty decent guy for a - You know, what you are, but lets keep this strictly business, all right? We don't get personal. I'm not your girlfriend.'

Darla: 'Who is he?'
Maid: 'Who, that one?'
Darla: 'Yes. - He's magnificent.'
Maid: 'Oh, yeah, God's gift, alright.'
Darla: 'Really? I've never known God to be so generous.'
Maid: 'Oh, his lies sound pretty when the stars are out. - But he forgets every promise he's made when the sun comes up again.'

Darla: 'That wouldn't really be a problem for me actually.'
Cordy: 'Pay attention! All we have to do is decide what the code will be.'
Angel: 'Code.'
Cordy: 'For the security system we just had installed. Hello? What have we been talking about anyway?'
Angel: 'I don't...'
Cordy: 'Come on. The installation guy said it should be something easy to remember, like - my birthday.'

Angel: 'I don't know your birthday.'
Cordy: 'Yeah, tell me something that you don't know that I *don't* know. But after 11 and ? months of punching it into this, you won't have any excuses.'

Angel: 'Did you identify it?'
Wesley: 'I-I believe so. Uh, would *that* be the demon you encountered this morning?'

Angel: 'Yeah, that's him.'
Wesley: 'Her, actually. It's a Kwaini. They're always female.'
Angel: 'Okay, what's it say about disposal methods?'
Wesley: 'Well, it should be relatively standard. Burial on virgin soil, simple Latinate incantation
Angel: 'What?'
Wesley: 'Well, it's curious. According to everything I could find a Kwaini is a peaceful, balancing demon. Non-violent.'

Angel: 'Non-violent. No. Ha. This thing was a fighter.'
Wesley: 'Not if it's a Kwaini is wasn't, at least not a fighter by nature. They're incredibly articulate, gentle creatures not even capable of the kind of power and strength you described.'
Cordy: 'Maybe it was just having a bad skanky-rag day.'
Angel: 'Oh, something set it off. That's for sure.'
Wesley: 'Clearly.'
Angel: 'Alright. So forgetting for the moment whether this thing should have been able to fight as well as it did, what would make a peaceful, balancing demon attack a train-full of LA commuters in the first place?'

Wesley: 'Something on the train, perhaps?'
Angel: 'Or someone.'
Kate: 'Angel.'
Angel: 'Hi. Can we talk?'
Kate: 'What's up?'
Angel: 'It's about that demon from this morning.'
Kate: 'Look if you insist on... talking about this stuff, could you please don't say that word? It makes me it makes me, I don't know, just - uncomfortable.
Just say - 'evil thing', okay?'

Angel: 'Sure. Yeah. I understand.'
Kate: 'Thanks. Anyway, I thought you were going to take care of it.'
Angel: 'It's being taken care of. It's just that the ah, evil thing - turns out it wasn't an *evil* thing.'
Kate: 'The evil thing wasn't an evil thing?'

Angel: 'Well, it was an evil thing in terms of that word. It just wasn't an evil evil thing.'

Kate: 'There are not evil evil things?'

Angel: 'Well - yeah.'
Kate: 'Right. Sorry. Hey, anyway, how did you get in here? It's like the middle of the day. Don't you have to...'
Angel: 'Sewer system leads up to the parking garage.'
Kate: 'Ah, right. Of course. I remember.'
Angel: 'Listen, Kate, I need the names of the passengers on that train.'
Kate: 'Why?'
Angel: 'I think that the demon uh, - I think that the *train* may have been targeted for a reason.'
Kate: 'An evil thing needs a reason?'
Angel: 'I think it's after something or someone.'
Kate: 'There was nothing on that train. We searched it.'
Angel: 'Passengers.'
Kate: 'All checked out.'
Angel: 'I want to look into them anyway. And I think we should start with that delivery guy, uh, the man who pulled the emergency brake. He said that that thing was coming right...'

Kate: 'It's still dead, right?'
Angel: 'Yeah.'
Kate: 'Good. You told me to forget about it. I'd like to.'
Angel: 'I think the...'
Kate: 'Angel. There is nothing here. Your not evil evil thing was just evil. Okay? Now can't we just leave it at that?'

Wesley: 'I suppose one can hardly blame her for being skittish on the topic.'

Angel: 'I guess so. I don't know. Ever since she ran me through with a 2x4 things have been different.'
Wesley: 'Well, she'll come around. I think you'll find that most people require some period of adjustment after being confronted with the dark forces, which surround us. Women in particular...'
Cordy: 'Found it!'
Wesley: 'Struggle with it.'
Angel: 'Maybe. I'm just afraid if she keeps struggling with the bigger picture - she'll lose the details.'
Wesley: 'Details?'
Angel: 'Yeah, like why a guy who drives a delivery van would be on a commuter train during his shift.'
Wesley: 'Good question. Anyway, it appears we've located the Kwaini's body.'
Angel: 'Okay. You'll run the tests?'
Wesley: 'Yes.'
Angel: 'Good. I'll see you back at the office.'
'Mr. Lockley?'
Trevor: 'Yeah?'
Angel: 'I'm Angel. We met at your retirement party? - I'm a friend of your daughter's.'

Trevor: 'Katie? Did something...'
Angel: 'She's fine.'
Trevor: 'She with you?'
Angel: 'No. She doesn't know I'm here either. Though you can bet she'd be interested to know who else was just here visiting you. - You know she actually thought that you were at the crime scene today because you were worried about her?'
Trevor: 'What do you want?'
Angel: 'I want to know what was in that package. The one you gave that delivery guy.'
Trevor: 'I don't know what you're talking about.'
Angel: 'You removed something from the crime scene today. Something somebody didn't want the police to find. Who do you work for, Mr. Lockley?'
Trevor: 'I don't work for anybody. I'm retired. You were at the party, remember?'

Angel: 'I will find out what's going on, sir. I'm just telling you that now out of respect for Kate.'
Trevor: 'Are you threatening me, son?'
Angel: 'No. I'm trying to protect your daughter.'
Trevor: 'Protect my daughter. From what?'
Angel: 'From finding out the reason you were there today wasn't because you cared about her.'
Trevor: 'You got any kids, Angel?'
Angel: 'No.'
Trevor: 'Right. Then don't think you know how a father feels, or why he does the things he does.'
His father: 'Liam! You'll do as I say.'

Liam: 'Sweet Kathy. No tears. We'll meet again.'
Dad: 'Defy me now, you won't. - Not as long as I live.'

Liam: 'You'll want to move away from the door now, father.'
Dad: 'Go through it, but don't ever expect to come back.'
Liam: 'As you wish, father. Always, *just* as you wish.'
Dad: 'It's a son I wished for - a man - instead God gave me you!
A terrible disappointment.'
Liam: 'Disappointment? A more dutiful son you couldn't have asked for. My whole life you've told me in word, in glance, what it is you required of me, and I've lived down to your every expectations, now haven't I?'
Dad: 'That's madness!'
Liam: 'No. The madness is that I couldn't fail enough for you. But we'll fix that now, won't we?'
Dad: 'I fear for you, lad.'
Liam: 'And is that the only thing you can find in your heart for me now, father?'
Dad: 'Who'll take you in, huh? No one!'
Liam: 'I'll not lack for a place to sleep, I can tell you that. Out of my way.'

Dad: 'I was never in your way, boy.'
'If you'll go courting trouble, you're sure to find it!'
Darla: 'You know what to do. Darling boy.'

'I could show you - things you've never seen.'

Kate: 'So why the sudden urge to have lunch?'
Trevor: 'Lunchtime, isn't it?'
Kate: 'Right. So you drive all the way out here for a hotdog?'
Trevor: 'Not just a hotdog. One of Manny's. Best there is.'
Kate: 'Alright. I'll let you and Manny catch up then.'
Trevor: 'And I thought I could spend a little time with my daughter.'
'So, you've been good?'
Kate: 'Yeah. Yeah, good.'
Trevor: 'And, uh, - how's Angel?'
Kate: 'Pardon me?'
Trevor: 'Tall, good-looking fellow you brought to my retirement party.'

Kate: 'Yeah, I know who you mean.'
Trevor: 'That ain't a Mexican name, is it? Angel?'
Kate: 'I don't think so.'
Trevor: 'You two still seeing each other?'
Kate: 'We were never - seeing each other, dad.'
Trevor: 'What's wrong with him?'
Kate: 'Nothing!'
Trevor: 'Must be something wrong with him. He married?'
Kate: 'No.'
Trevor: 'West Hollywood?'

Kate: 'Daddy, no! - Angel's just - not my type. Or I'm not his type. There is definitely a type involved and it's the wrong one.'

Trevor: 'He's got a job.'
Kate: 'Yeah, he's a P.I.'
Trevor: 'Private Investigator. He any good?'
Kate: 'Yeah, he's good. - Very good. - He doesn't mind working nights.'
Trevor: 'That's good. - That's good that he's good.'
Kate: 'You came all the way down here to talk about a guy you saw me out with once?'

Trevor: 'Well, - he made an impression.'
Kate: 'You like him?'
Trevor: 'No, not really.'
Kate: 'Oh. Then what's this all about?'
Trevor: 'Nothing, just - just, uh, It's not good to be alone, Katie.'
Wesley: 'Well, the vivisection confirms it. This is most certainly a Kwaini.'
Angel: 'So the species has evolved. It's become violent.'
Wesley: 'No, I don't think so. My tests detected something else.'
Angel: 'What is it?'
Wesley: 'Think of it as the creatures adrenal gland. Normally it would be the size of a walnut.'
Angel: 'What happened to it?'
Wesley: 'I believe the inflammation was caused by this substance. I found traces of it through out the Kwaini's system.'
Angel: 'Any idea what it is?'
Wesley: 'Well, it's difficult to say under these primitive conditions, - but what I *can* tell you is it's synthetic.
It seems to contain properties not unlike street PCP, though more metaphysical in nature of course. I did identify Eye of Newt as one of the ingredients, but one suspects added chiefly for taste, rather than kick.'

Angel: 'So, you're saying that the thing was on drugs.'
Wesley: 'Yes.'
Angel: 'That's why it attacked the subway train. The delivery guy was probably carrying it.'
Wesley: 'I think that it would be a fair intuitive leap to assume that the Kwaini was jonesing to get well. Yes.'

Angel: 'So not only did this stuff turn the Kwaini violent - it enhances innate strength.'

Wesley: 'Times 20, I would say.'
Angel: 'Hmm. What would happen if this drug were given to an already powerful battle-demon?'
Wesley: 'I shudder to think.'
Cordy: 'Hey guys? Security system, remember? What is the point of having it, if you never turn it on? I could have been anyone or anything!
Move your - entrails.'
Angel: 'So, you're back.'
Cordy: 'Very good Mr. I-can't-trail-the-suspect-during-the-day-because-I'll-burst-into-flames Private Eye.'

Angel: 'What did you find out?'
Cordy: 'First off, I hate following detail.'

Wesley: 'The voyeuristic aspect is rather unseemly.'
Cordy: 'Uh, can I mention traffic? And parking or the complete lack of it?'

Angel: 'Not like in the movies, is it?'
Cordy: 'No! But fortunately I am. So it turns out delivery guy really is a delivery guy.'

Angel: 'None of this looks like the package I saw him pick up from Kate's father.'

Cordy: 'But this is where he spent his lunch and he was in there for like ever. I don't know what they were serving, but sure are a lot of leftovers in there, huh?'
Angel: 'That's it. That's the source. That's where it's all coming from.'
Trevor: 'The guy's name is Angel. He's a Private Investigator. From what I hear he's good.'
Suit guy: 'Any idea on why he's looking into our operation?'
Trevor: 'I don't know. He's got his reasons I guess. - What was in the package?'

Suit guy: 'Mr. Lockley, we agreed...'

Trevor: 'We agreed that I'd use my department connections to facilitate movement of your untariffed auto-parts.
We didn't agree that I'd be removing evidence form crime scenes, or - pumping my own daughter for information.'

Suit guy: 'We understand the extra lengths to which you've gone. Don't think that we are not appreciative.'
Trevor: 'My advice to you guys? Whatever it is you're moving in your little brown packages, dial it down for a while.'

Suit guy: 'Sound advice, Mr. Lockley, thank you very much.'
'Any instructions on how we should deal with this Angel person, sir?'
Demon: 'Kill him.'
Suit guy: 'Sure that would be wise, Sir? Lockley appears to be growing uncomfortable with our arrangement as it is. Sudden death of this private investigator could turn him...'

Demon: 'Kill Lockley, too. God, do I have to think of everything around here? Someone give me an adrenal gland!'
Priest: 'Taken too soon from the bosom of his family, a man of just 20 years and 6, Liam was well-loved by everyone he met. Receive this your humble servant. We pray that you may take his eternal soul into your care, Father.'

Inscription on a tomb: 1727 - 1753 Beloved Son.

Darla: 'Welcome to my world. It hurts, I know, but not for long.
Birth is always painful.'
Angelus: 'I could feel them - above me - as I slept in the earth. - Their heartbeats - their blood - coursing - through their veins.'
Darla: 'Yes.'
Angelus: 'Was it a dream?'
Darla: 'A dream for you. Soon - their nightmare.'
Groundskeeper: 'You there! What have you done? - Grave robbers!'
Darla: 'You know what to do.'
Groundskeeper: 'Our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, give us this day our daily...'
Darla: 'It all makes sense now, doesn't it?'

Angelus: 'Perfect sense.'
Darla: 'You can do anything, have anyone in the village. Who will it be?'

Angel: 'Any one? I thought I'd take the village.'
Cordy: '0-5-2-2 -there, see?'
Wesley: 'Right. So now we should be protected by state of the art home and workplace security designed to attractively complement any room, home or office, tm.'

Cordy: 'Exactly! Which means no lurky minions form hell get in here without us knowing about it first.'
Angel: 'Sun'll be down soon. I'm going to head out to this exotic car warehouse. See what I can find out.'
Wesley: 'You'll want backup.'
Angel: 'No, not this time. This is strictly recon. I need to know exactly what we're dealing with before we make any moves.'

Wesley: 'Right you are. A deliberate cautious approach would be the most sensible plan. Fools rush in...'
Cordy: 'No, he wants you to stay here.'

Kate: 'Hi.'
Cordy: 'Give me that!'
Kate: 'Am I interrupting anything?'
Angel: 'No. It's alright. Come on in.'
Kate: 'Here.'
Angel: 'What's this?'
Kate: 'The list of those names you asked for - passengers on the train?'
Angel: 'Right. - Thank you. What made you change your mind?'
Kate: 'Something my father said, actually.'

Angel: 'Your father?'
Kate: 'Yeah, he asked if you were good.'
Angel: 'Good?'
Kate: 'At what you do. I said you were.'

Angel: 'Thanks.'
Kate: 'No matter how uncomfortable I am with certain - circumstances - I can't let myself ignore your instincts. If you think there is something more going on here then there probably is.'

Angel: 'I appreciate that.'
Kate: 'And I'd like to be involved.'
Angel: 'What?'
Kate: 'With the case. You find something, you bring me in, okay?'
Angel: 'Are you - are you sure about that?'
Kate: 'Got to face those demons sometime, right?'
Angel: 'Right.'
Wesley: 'Isn't this going above and beyond the call of duty - and friendship for that matter?'

Angel: 'I have to at least try, Wesley.'

Wesley: 'Angel, I understand, you want to protect detective Lockley from learning about her fathers questionable associations, but you've already warned him once, and frankly even that may have been too much!'
Angel: 'Look I already warned him about me, Wesley. But now he needs to understand the real nature of what he's working for.'

Wesley: 'If he doesn't already know.'
Angel : 'He doesn't know. He can't!'
Wesley: 'Perhaps. Still. At the very least he must realize that he is in league with someone who if not criminal is most certainly unethical. It's his choice!'
Angel: 'Yeah, I know all about it, Wesley, believe me. But sometimes the price we end up paying for one bad choice isn't commensurate with the offence.'
Cordy: 'You go talk some sense into him then.'
Angel: 'Thank you.'
Wesley: 'I hope he knows what he's doing.'
Cordy: 'Have a little Faith, Wesley.' .
Security system: 'Door is open.'
Cordy: 'Yeah. Thanks.'
Alarm: 'Bathroom window is ajar.'
Angel: 'Hey! Bet you would like some of this.'

Alarm: 'Window is open.'
Cordy: 'I'm unplugging it!'
Angel: 'All right. I know you can, so talk!'

'Kate, it's Angel. Pick up if you're there. If you get this message, get your father. Get him out of his house. He's in danger.'

Suit guy: 'Mr. Lockley. May we come in?'

Trevor: 'What do you want?'
Suit guy: 'It'd be better if we discussed it inside. It concerns your daughter.'
Angel: 'He doesn't know what they are, Kate. He won't understand. I'm on my way there now.'
Angelus: 'You're no different from the rest of them, - are you, father? Cowering in their houses - boarding up the windows - smearing that foul herb in the doorways.
You'd think something evil - and vile - and monstrous - had taken to terrorizing this village -and everyone in it.'

Dad: 'Be gone, unclean thing! A demon can not enter a home where it's not welcome. He must be invited!'
Angelus: 'That's true. - But I was invited.'
Dad: 'Och!'
Angelus: 'She thought I returned to her - an angel.'
Dad: 'Murderer!'
Angelus: 'Strange. - Somehow you seemed taller when I was alive.'
Dad: 'Lord, bind this demon now.'
Angelus: 'To think I ever let such a tiny, trembling thing make me feel the way you did.'

Dad: 'I pray ye, give me your protection, Father.'
Angelus: 'You told me I wasn't a man. You told me I was nothing. - and I believed you. You said I'd never amount to anything. Well, you were wrong. You see, father? - I have made something out of myself after all.'
Trevor: 'You boys like a drink?'
Suit guy: 'We'll wait.'
Trevor: 'Okay. So. You said this was about Katie.'
Suit guy: 'Yes. Just a question, actually. You haven't by any chance mentioned to her, even casually, your association with us, have you?'

Trevor: 'She doesn't know a thing. - Why?'

Suit guy: 'Well, we were concerned, had you confided in her that she might not share your - pragmatism - given her position and youth.'

Trevor: 'You mean you were afraid she wasn't crooked like her old man. She's not! And she'll never have to be, I've seen to it!'

Suit guy: 'Ahh, providing for her future of course, very noble. Glad we could help with that.'
Trevor: 'Yeah. - I'll be sure and thank you when I pick up my father of the year award. Anything else?'
Suit guy: 'Just one more thing.'
Angel: 'Mr. Lockley, I need you to invite me in.'
Trevor: 'What? Get out of here.'
Angel: 'Invite me in. Do it now.'
Trevor: 'Son, you really need to go.'

Angel: 'Invite me in. Invite me in! No. No!'

Suit: 'Looks like you're not welcome here, bro.'
Angel: 'He dies, the very instant his soul leaves his body, I'm through this door and I'll kill you both!'
Kate: 'Oh! Daddy! No, dad.'
Angel: 'Kate - he invited them in. He didn't know.'
Kate: 'But you did. You knew!'
Angel: 'I wanted to save him. He - he wouldn't' let me. - Look, he was involved in something, Kate, in something he couldn't have understood.'
Kate: 'Get out. Get out! Get out! Get out. Get out. Get out. Please, get out. Please, get out.'
Wesley: 'What happened to calmly, cautiously, and deliberately investigating before rushing in?'
Angel: 'That was plan A. We've since moved on to plan B.'
Wesley: 'And plan B is?'
Angel: 'Do I really have to explain it to you, Wesley?'
Wesley: 'No.'
Kate: 'My father may not have known what you are, but I do. I know.'
Suit guy: 'Do you?'
Kate: 'Oh, yeah.'
Suit guy: 'I see.'
Kate: 'I know it won't kill you. But this will. I told you I knew.'
Head demon: 'What do you think you know? Do you know what walks this city?'
You have no comprehension! You do not understand what stand before you!'
Angel: 'A big, ugly drug-running demon, who thinks he is a lot scarier than he is, maybe? Yeah. She knows.'

'We walk out of here now, you don't lose your head.'
'Lets go.'
Demon: 'You're dead!'
Angel: 'I'm already dead. Welcome to the club.'
'You okay? - Never trust and evil evil thing. - Kate, I know that what happened with your father..'
Kate: 'My father was human and you don't know anything about that.'
Darla: 'This contest is ended, is it?'
Angelus: 'Now I've won.'
Darla: 'You're sure?'
Angelus: 'Of course. I proved who had the power here.'
Darla: 'You think?'
Angelus: 'What?'
Darla: 'You're victory over him took but moments.'
Angelus: 'Yes?'
Darla: 'But his defeat of you will last life times.'
Angelus: 'What are you talking about? He can't defeat me now.'
Darla: 'Nor can he ever approve of you - in this world or any other.
What we once were informs all that we have become. The same love will infect our hearts - even if they no longer beat. Simple death won't change that.'

Angelus: 'Love? - Is this the work of love?'
Darla: 'Darling boy. - So young. Still so very young.'

Inscription on a tomb: Trevor Lockley born 1938 at rest 2000 Beloved Father.

The end
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