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Cordy: Demons, Demons, Demons. Wow! They put a lot of thought into *that* title.'
Wesley: 'It's a demon database. What would you call it?'
Cordy: 'I don't know. How about - Demon Database?'
Wesley: 'Ahh! A name rife with single entendre.'
Cordy: 'Why isn't Wolfram&Hart in here?'

Wesley: 'Because they are lawyers, not demons?'
Cordy: 'Fine line, if you ask me. Yeesh. They have a lot of entries! Did you know that there is a dozen species indigenous to LA County alone?'

Wesley: 'Do they have the Vigories of Oden Tal?'
Cordy: 'Nope.'
Wesley: 'Hmm. So - there is still a place in this world for traditional research.'

Cordy: There are some ugly critters in here. Someone ought to create an intra-demon dating base. You know, like archfiend.org, where the lonely and the slimy connect. I was just joking Mr. Grouchy Pants. When was the last time you had a dating base?'

Wesley: 'For your information - I lead a rich and varied social life.'

Cordy: 'Oh, I know. Every night it's Jeopardy, followed by Wheel of Fortune and a cup of hot cocoa. Look out girls, this one can't be tamed!'

Wesley: 'I'll admit it may not be as intoxicating as a life erected on high fashion pumps and a push-up bra.'

Cordy: 'Hey, if anyone is wearing a push-up bra around here it's
- Angel.'
Angel: Did you two need to see a counselor?

Cordy: No, I'm way too single entendre - to benefit from therapy!'

Wesley: 'I don't know why you take everything so personally.'
Cordy: 'Me? Oh this is rich coming from Mr. 'Don't talk to me until I've had my *flagon* of oat-bran' in the morning.'
Angel: 'Children, we have company.'
Darin: 'Is one of you Angel?'
Angel: 'I'm Angel.'
Darin: 'I'm Darin Macnamara, I uh, - checked around. You have a reputation for handling unusual problems.'
Wesley: 'A richly deserved reputation.'

Angel: 'Hey, are you all right?'
Darin: 'Yeah, I think I'm going to pass out. I'm-I'm sorry it's just that - my brother - Jack. He-he was kidnapped last night.
I found this in my mailbox today.'

Angel: 'Do you know the people who did this?'
Darin: 'Well, that's why I came to you. - They weren't people.'


Darin: I"m a few years older than Jack.
My brother and I haven't been exactly - close - since we grew up. I made something of my life and Jack - didn't. Thanks.
I don't know what they want. There was no calls, no note, just...'
Angel: 'But you were there when he was taken.'
Darin: 'Jack called me last night, asked me to come over. - He's got a gambling problem. He said he was in over his head with one of his bookies.'

Cordy: 'Do you know which one?'
Darin: 'Ernie Nellins. He works at a Sports Bar in Silverlake called Shots.
I paid this Nellins before.
I told Jack this time to go to hell. I wanted him to suffer the consequences of his actions. -
I didn't know something like this was gonna happen.'

Wesley: 'You couldn't. It's not your fault.'
Darin: 'I felt guilty. So I went over there and there were these - I don't know - creatures. They were dragging him away. I-I tried to stop them, but...'
Angel: 'And you haven't heard from anyone?'

Darin: 'No. I'll pay anything to get him back. He's family. He's my little brother.'

Angel: 'Look, my colleagues will - start looking into whoever or whatever kidnapped your brother and uhm, in the meantime write down everything you saw.'
Darin: 'Okay. Thank you! What about the bookie?'
Angel: 'I thought we could have a little chat.'

Bookie: 'This is wheat-grass. I ordered the kiwi cooler.'
Guy: 'Give me that.'
Bookie: 'How do you drink this swill! Give me two.'
Angel: 'Mind if I play, Ernie?'

Bookie: 'Game's invitation only, pal.'

Angel: 'Then invite me. It's been a while since I've played so I might be a little rusty on the rules but I think my Jacks - beat your pair.

No, I'm not looking for a fight - just for him.'
Angel: 'You should try that wheat-grass. It's good for the digestion.'
Bookie: 'Who the hell are you?'
Angel: 'Friend of Jack's.'
Bookie: 'Jack doesn't have any friends - just people he doesn't owe.'
Angel: 'His brother will make good on all his debts.'
Bookie: 'Ooh, out of my hands hot-shot. It's not about the money anymore. It's about making Jack an example.'
Angel: 'Piece by piece?'
Bookie: 'Makes an impression on the newcomers.'
Angel: 'Where is he, Ernie?'
Bookie: 'He didn't tell me. I didn't ask.'
Angel: 'Which doesn't mean you don't know.'
Bookie: 'Yep.'
'There is a place - in Beechwood Canyon. - Well, not exactly in Beechwood Canyon - under it actually.'
Cordy: 'Okay, I'm in. What did Darin write down about the demon that took his brother?'
Wesley: 'Bald - ultra white skin - slime.'
Cordy: 'There is always slime. This is why I don't gamble. You make a small wager one day, a bigger one the next, and before you know it - Beetlejuicy albino comes a knocking!

Claws or hands?'
Wesley: 'He wrote claw-like hands.'
Cordy: 'Could be a mixed breed. Smell?'
Wesley: 'Sulfuric.'
Cordy: 'Add a Porsche and hair-plugs and I've dated this guy - a lot. Other distinguishing characteristics?'

Wesley: 'An eerie high-pitched howl or wail. I'm assuming that's when it's preparing to fight or mate.'
Cordy: 'Okay, first I say 'yuck' and then I hit search.'
Wesley: 'You know, by the time you get done entering all this in your fancy-shmancy database I could have located it just...'

Cordy: 'Got it.'
Wesley: 'A Howler demon.'
Cordy: Yikes,
Angel: 'Where is Jack Macnamara?'
Howler: 'Not here.'
Angel: 'Where is he?!'
Howler: 'We sold him.'
Angel: 'Okay. Who did we sell him to?'
The security: Okay, go ahead.
Man: Thank you.
Woman: Thank you.
Bouncer: 'Next please?
Tickets? Name?
Lady: 'You're quick.'

Ticket: Amount $5000 to win Cribb XXI 255459.

Lady: 'Thank you.'
Angel: 'No problem.'
Crowd: 'Killing blow. Killing blow.'

Announcer: 'Winner, Ladies and Gentlemen, Tom Cribb, official time 6 minutes 22 seconds.

If you are keeping track that was Cribb's seventh career kill.
Our next contest features one of the more popular fighter's we've had the pleasure of presenting, a rare find. Hailing from the barren wastelands of Treshok. A true champion that has it all: skill, speed and strength!
Let"s give it up for the "Menace of Venice"...
...the "Titan of Terror"... ...the "Umpire of Agony"...the one, the only...Val Trepkos!

Darin: 'You made it.
Jack: Most don't.'
Darin: 'Careful with this one, Jack. You should have seen what he did to the Howlers. Ouch!'
Angel: 'You set me up.'
Darin: 'It was a group effort.
Jack: 'Open up. Let's get a look at those teeth. Teeth tell a lot about the bones.'

Darin: 'I told you to be careful, Jack.'
Jack: 'So, this one's got some attitude. That's good. He'll be a crowd pleaser.
Angel: 'I asked for a room with a view. I'm guessing English is not your native tongue. Hablas en español? Ты из Беларусия?
Do you speak Italian?
Yeah, we'll have so much to talk about during those long winter nights.'
Jack: 'Listen up, slaves. There is only one rule here and it's real simple, so you demons can remember it. Tsk, tsk.
Stay inside the red.
That wristband will make sure you do. I know what you're thinking. You want to tear my throat out. - But you won't.
Because there is only one way out of here: When that band comes off. And the only way that band comes off, is after your 21st kill.'

Angel: 'I'm not killing anyone.'
Jack: 'Then you'll be killed. Either way, fan's will get their money's worth.'

Wesley: 'Well, please let us know if you hear from him. Thank you.'
Cordy: 'Cop-lady hasn't talked to him?'

Wesley: 'No, and she seemed like she didn't much *care* either.'
Cordy: 'We should put out a missing persons.'
Wesley: 'He's only been gone one night.'
Cordy: 'One *long* night, during which he was supposed to check in with us and didn't. And - he's not someone who tans well.'

Wesley: 'He's probably just holed up in a tunnel somewhere, waiting for nightfall.'
Cordy: 'Maybe. - Still something is *very* wrong. Our client, who should be waiting by the phone, is nowhere to be found!'

Wesley: 'Right. Keep trying to track him down.'
Cordy: 'What are you going to do?'
Wesley: 'Follow in Angel's footsteps.'
Cordy: 'You're going to the bookie?'
Wesley: 'That's the last place we know Angel went.'
Cordy: 'The bookie who may get his jollies cutting off people's extremities?'

Wesley: 'That's why I'm taking this. Along with a few other things.'
Angel: 'Looks like good gruel.'
Lizard demon: 'Who the hell are you?'
Angel: 'I'm Angel.'
Lizard: 'What you are, is a soon to be dead slave. - Shut up!'
Malish: 'Cribb, that's mine.'
Cribb: 'And now it's mine.'
Angel: 'Give it back to him.'
Cribb: 'You open your mouth again, I'll close it for good.'
Angel: 'I wouldn't do that if I were you.'

Cribb: 'Angel, guess how many vampires I've killed.'
Catch you later.'
Malish: 'Why did you do that?'
Angel: 'You're welcome.'
Malish: 'I can fight my own battles. I got two wins already.'
Angel: 'So all you need is what? Another 19 and you're out of here?'
Malish: 'Yeah, that's right. You think I can't cut it? You want a piece of me?'

Angel: 'No. Not really.'
Malish: 'What's wrong with you? Don't be rocking the boat. This is life and death in here.'
Jack: 'Alright, girls, listen up. Here is tonight's card. Vlasovik, you're fighting Baker.'

Darin: 'Trepkos, you're the main event. It'll go against Malish.'
Cribb: 'That's not a match-up, that's an execution.'
Jack: 'Shut your trap, slave. No one's talking to you.'
Darin: 'After he kills Malish we'll put him up against Kafka for Saturday's fight.'

Malish: I'm walking out of there tonight. You better know that.'
Angel: No! Don't!
Jack: 'Damn it! We paid good money for that one.'
Darin: 'It's alright. It's an object lesson for the others. We'll have to find a replacement for his bout.'
Jack: 'How about Captain America here?'

Bookie: 'Ice. Helps keep the swelling down. You got a hard head there, boy.'
Wesley: 'Stop that.'
Ernie: 'Who's this?'
Wesley: 'I'm Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. And I'm looking for my employer. He came here to question you about Jack Macnamara.'
Ernie: 'Maybe you didn't notice. I'm kind of busy here.'
Wesley: 'Where is he?'
Ernie: 'Your boss - gave me 200 Dollars to answer his questions. I'm a businessman. Make an offer.'
Wesley: 'You should understand, the man I work for means a great deal to me. And I will not give you a single red cent. What I will do, Sir, is beat it out of you if I have to.'

Ernie: 'You're from another country, right? What are you, Robin Hood?'
Wesley: 'Please drop those.'
'You can go now.'
Now where is my employer?
Тhe announcer: 'Ladies and Gentlemen the Macnamara brothers welcome you to another night of high stakes, high voltage entertainment.'
Lady: 'I heard something interesting.'
Darin: 'What's that?'
Lady: 'I heard the vampire has a soul.'

Darin: 'Well, I wouldn't know about that.'
Lady: 'When he's fighting, do you think that would be a plus - or a minus?'
Darin: 'Probably depends on what he's fighting for.'
Lady: 'Does that mean you'll give me odds on him to win?'
Darin: 'It means I'll give you even money.'

Lady: 'I'll take that bet.'
Malish: 'You shouldn't go out there cold. Look, you did me one.
Baker's fast, but his left eye got messed up two fights ago. Stay on his left. Tie him up, you can drive his head right into the wall. You can get the kill.'

Angel: 'I'm not going to kill anyone.'
Malish: 'You on drugs? It's not like you have a choice.'
Jack: 'Alright, girls, show time!'
Announcer: 'Baker's challenger makes his ring debut tonight. He's a highly skilled fighter with a taste for blood.
Let's welcome - Angel!'
Cribb: 'That vampire is not even fighting!'
Cordy: 'Those two are perfect.'
Wesley: 'Did you bring the badge?'
Cordy: 'No.'
Wesley: 'You said you had...'
Cordy: 'Sir, madam, I'm detective Andrews and this is detective Yelsew. - Show them your badge. and write down their license plate number four three nine, Peter, Charley, Edward.'
Man: 'What are you doing? Why are you writing down...'
Cordy: 'Sir, if you could just calm down and give us your name?'
Man: 'My name is Mathew Winslow, as in Winslow Multimedia? And I happen to be a personal friend of your boss - Chief Tyler?'

Cordy: 'We'll give him your best.
Could I see your tickets please?'

Winslow: 'You'll be hearing from my lawyer tonight.'
Cordy: 'Are you aware that you've purchased tickets to an unlicensed sporting event?'
Wesley: 'Answer the detective.'
Winslow: 'Well, if it's illegal, what are all these people doing here?'
Cordy: 'We're trying to do you a favor, Mr. Winslow.'
Wesley: 'Something is going down tonight. Something with the man.'

Winslow: 'A raid?'
Cordy: 'We're not at liberty to say.'

Winslow: 'But we could just - go on home?'

Cordy: 'I think that would be a wise thing to do, Sir.'
Wesley: 'What?'
Cordy: 'You almost blew it!'
Wesley: 'I save it!'
Cordy: 'Urgh! Something is going down with the man? You idiot!'
Cribb: 'Idiot! He thinks he can get out of this by pulling a Ghandi!'

Cordy: 'I think we found our missing client.'

'Oh my God! What is this?'
Wesley: 'These Octavian matches date back to the Roman Empire. I'd heard rumors of a revival.'
Cordy: 'Couldn't they have just done Westside Story?
What's with the bracelets?'
Wesley: 'If they cross the red line while wearing one - they disintegrate.'
Cordy: 'Oh. Oh, my God.
The Crowd: 'Killing blow. Killing blow.'
Angel! Angel!'
Announcer: 'Official time: 7 minutes 33 seconds.
This marks the first of what promises to be many more killed by the vampire! Angel!'

The Crowd: Angel! Angel!'
Jack: 'Trepkos and Malish, show time!'
Angel: 'Wait. No one fights, no one dies.'

Cribb: 'Oh, quit moping! You're alive.'
Angel: 'But Baker isn't.'
Cribb: 'One lucky kill don't make you an expert.'
Angel: 'That wasn't the first life I've taken - or the 21st.'
Jack: 'Trepkos, Malish. Lets go!'
Angel: 'Look, we can fight them, but only if we stop fighting each other.'

Jack: 'Now!'
Angel: 'I'm giving you another way out.'

Trepkos: 'I'll kill him quick.'
Announcer: 'And now Ladies and Gentlemen, let's give it up for one of our favorite fighters: Val Trepkos!'
Cordy: 'We've got to call the police.'
Wesley: 'Ah, I don't think that's a good idea.'
Cordy: 'Why?'
Wesley: 'If by some miracle they're not already in on this, the Macnamara would destroy the evidence the moment they showed.'
Cordy: 'He'd kill the fighters. We've got to get Angel out of there!'
Wesley: 'I know. And to do that we have to get him out of those wrist-cuffs. No mean feat. They were forged by ancient sorcerers.'

Cordy: 'So get an ancient key!'
Wesley: 'I might be able to make one myself - if I could get my hands on one of those cuffs. Which isn't going to be easy unless you happened to procure one while I wasn't looking. Well done!'

Cordy: 'Thank you.'
Jack: 'Well, that was the most exciting match I've ever seen. My favorite part was when you stuck Baker with the knife. Kind of put a damper on the brotherhood spiel. What did you expect? You're a demon, just like the rest of them. Difference is they know their place.'

Angel: 'Someone needs to put you in yours. You - and your brother.'
Jack: 'Someone may - some day. But not you - and not today.'
Angel: 'Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?'
Any closer and you're working for a dead man. I'll give you enough air to tell me how to get this off. How does it open? Is there some kind of a key?
Where is the key, Jack? Check his pockets. Cribb, Trepkos, any of you.
A little help would be nice. Or I can just do it myself.'
Jack: 'What did I tell you , huh? Now you're really alone.'
Angel: 'I got you. Get his brother!
Look at him, huh? Is this who you are all so afraid of going up against?
How does it feel, Jack? Tell them how it feels to be in here. Come on!
How does it feel to be a slave? Tell them!'
Darin: 'Let him go.'
Angel: 'As soon as you let us go.'
Darin: 'Who do you think you are? Moses?'
Angel: 'Someone you'll listen to if you want your brother back alive.'

Darin: 'Last chance.'
Angel: 'Come on Darin! We both know there is only one way to let this play out. So let's just get it done. He's your brother.'

Darin: 'Now he's my dead brother.'
Lady: 'How do you feel?'
Angel: 'Like I was hit by lightning after the truck ran me over.
I remember you.'
Lady: 'We didn't get a chance to meet. I'm Lilah Morgan.'
Angel: 'You're a fight fan. And a lawyer. Let me guess - Wolfram and Hart.'
Lilah: 'I'm an associate here.
It took some arm-twisting, but I convinced the Macnamara to sell your contract to the partners. - I told them that keeping you around would be more trouble than it was worth.

Congratulations. You're free.'
Angel: 'As long as I pretend it never happened - that Macnamara and his circus don't exist.
That is the deal, isn't it?'
Lilah: 'It's a big city, Angel. A lot of people need your help.'
Angel: 'So you're really a good Samaritan and this whole pact-with-the-devil business is just an act.'
Lilah: 'Sometimes you have to - compromise.'
Angel: Look the other way, you mean - when Wolfram and Hart are involved?'

Lilah: 'I prefer to think of it - as picking the battles you can win. There is not one reason why we can't work together.'

Angel: 'You're right.
There are about a thousand.'
Lilah: 'I saw what you did to Baker - so I know you want to survive. This is your only chance. Take it.'

Angel: 'Thanks for the champagne.'
Relax. Take me back.
Cordy: 'You'd think people get enough gratuitous violence watching Jerry Springer.'

Wesley: 'Cordelia, do you mind? - I'm trying to concentrate.'
Cordy: 'You've been concentrating all night.'
Wesley: 'Yes! It's taken this long to translate the text. I need something that conducts electricity, but not too much of it.
This cuff is half magic, half - medieval technology.
If I read the alchemist correctly - all I need is..'

Cordy: 'Ouch! Are you okay?'
Wesley: 'Perhaps - something that conducts a little less electricity.'
Trepkos: 'He was free.'
Cribb: 'Bloodsucker is crazier than I thought.'

Darin: 'You think you're proving something special by coming back here? They didn't help you before, they're not going to help you now. Every one of them knows the only way out of here is by himself.
But you find that out soon enough yourself because tonight - you're going to fight Trepkos. Smart money says he's walking out the front door. You're his 21st kill.'

Wesley: 'Too thick.'
Cordy: 'Oh. Tick-tick, Wesley!'
Wesley: 'I don't know what else to try. We need something supple enough to thread the locking mechanism, but strong enough to spring the release.'

Cordy: 'Horsehair.'
Wesley: 'Horsehair?'
Cordy: 'From Keanu, my palomino, before the IRS took him away.'

Wesley: 'Horsehair.'
Cordy: 'Well, we tried just about everything else.'
Man: 'Next please.'
Lilah: '10 000 on Trepkos.'
Announcer: 'Tonight's match features a new favorite in the ring - a vampire.
Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome for the second night in a row, and still fresh from his first kill - Angel!'

'His opponent is a fan favorite who needs no introduction This marks his 21st and final fight. Let's give a special welcome to a true champion: Val Trepkos!'

Angel: 'Is this how you want to pay for your freedom? With 21 bodies? You'll always be their slave - even if they take that off your wrist.'
Trepkos: 'I'll kill you quick.'
Angel: 'I won't let you.'
Cribb: 'Vampire is going to get his head ripped off - maybe his heart torn out. - What a loser.'
Cordy: 'Can you help me? I'm a little lost. I'm looking for the Ladies room. They said it was this way - or is - is that back up one level?'

Wesley: 'Excuse me. Psst. Come here. Yes, you. I need to see Angel.
Tall fellow - prominent brow.'
Cribb: 'Yeah, he's dead.'
Wesley: 'Dead.'
Cribb: 'In about 20 seconds he will be.
He's fighting Trepkos. And who the hell are you?'
Wesley: 'Uh, I'm a friend. Perhaps we can help each other. I have a key.'
Cribb: 'A key?'
Wesley: 'This unlocks the cuffs. Help me save Angel and I'll get you out. All of you. If we band together..'
'What are you - give that back! - Hey!'
Darin: 'Alright. Let's make it more interesting.'
Cordy: 'Wesley, what happened?'
Wesley: 'One of them took my key.'
Cordy: 'Angel can't last much longer. We have to do something now.'
Wesley: 'We will.'
The crowd: 'Killing blow. Killing blow. Angel! Angel!
Darin: 'Both of them.'
Wesley: 'Call them off.'
Darin: 'Screw you.'
Cribb: 'Give me your wrist. Loser.'
Darin: 'You stupid slave. You had your 21! But you had to go and ruin it for everybody else.'

Cribb: 'Trepkos, - catch.'
Trepkos: 'Easy.'
Angel: 'Thanks. Thanks.'
Trepkos: 'It was a good fight.'
Angel: 'Yeah. I could have taken you.'
Cordy: 'Angel you don't look so - well, it's a good thing that you heal fast.'

Angel: 'Yeah. It's also a good thing you found me in time.'
Cordy: 'We weren't going to let anything happen to you.'
Wesley: 'No.'
Cordy: 'Well, I mean, beyond the slavery and the severe beatings and stuff. Wesley came up with the key!'
Wesley: 'But Cordelia came up with the key to the key! In a clinch moment.'
Angel: 'You both did great. And - I think we did a - good thing here tonight.'

Wesley: 'Yes. We set the captives free.'
Cordy: 'Well, actually, didn't we set - a bunch of - demons free?'
Wesley: 'Oh. Well. Technically - yes.'

The end
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