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Kate: "Gosh, Spivey, sorry. - I guess I just have trouble expressing myself verbally.
I"ve been struggling with that.
You stood me up. You were going to come to the station and answer a few questions for me remember?"
Spivey: "I forgot?"
Kate: "Not something a girl likes to hear. I think we"ll just skip the informal invitation and do the more formal thing. You have the right to remain silent - but I wouldn"t recommend it."

"Look at the pictures."

Spivey: "I looked at the pictures."
Kate: "What"s in the pictures."
Spivey: "Me and Little Tony Papazian. I don"t know where he is. Look how long are we going to do this?"
Kate: "So you haven"t seen him since the day this picture was taken? They day County Supervisor Caffrey - was found murdered?"

Spivey: "I heard it was a suicide."

Kate: "Supervisor Caffrey shot himself.."
Spivey: "It happens."
Kate: "In the back of his head? He wrapped himself in plastic and he locked himself into the back of his car?"
Spivey: "He"d been depressed."
Kate: "Where is Little Tony?"
Spivey: "Burbank, Stockholm, the Planet Mongo! - I have no idea where he is! I"m losing patience with this crap."
Kate: "I"m not. I"m just getting started. I had a big breakfast. I could do this all day."

Harlan: "Doesn"t she ever have to pee?"

Spivey: "Fine, you want to play all day? Play with yourself! You charge me or get me gone, because I"m telling you - nothing."

Kate: "Look at the pictures."
Spivey: "Bite me."
Kate: "Where is he?"
Detective Harlan: Kate, Kate!.
Kate: "Sorry."
Detective: "Yeah, well, we should have gotten you out of there hours ago."

Kate: "He"s not gonna talk."
Harlan: "Then Little Tony is good as gone. We can"t find him, and I don"t know anyone who can."
Angel: "It"s about time."
Doyle: "Not a lot of enchanted sword smiths open on Sunday."
Angel: "Make sure you cut up all the limbs and both of its heads this time. Remember to bury the parts separately. I don"t want this thing coming back to life again."
Cordy: "That"s it?"
Angel: "I"m gonna go clean out the nest. I"ll see you back at the office."
Cordy: "OK, am I wrong in thinking that a "Please" and "Thank you" is generally considered good form when requesting a dismemberment?"
Doyle: "I think he appreciates us - in his own - unappreciative way."
Cordy: "You want to know what I think? I think he *uses* his tortured creature of the night status as a license to be rude and insensitive!
Sure, he is polite to the helpless and the downtrodden, but he ignores the people that are the closest to him. The people that matter the most, you know? Can you say clueless?"


Cordy: "Do you think that tentacle spew comes out with dry cleaning?"
Angel: "Ah, good, you"re back. Cordelia, you need to.."
Cordy: "No! I don"t care what horrible thing is about to happen.
Asteroids are hurtling towards earth. *Unspeakable* evil is rising the San Fernando Valley. Jar-Jar is getting his *own* talk show. Whatever - I don"t want to hear about it. Not until you ask us how it went."

Angel: "Call your mother back. She phoned saying she"d like to speak with you. - And what are you talking about?"
Cordy: "You do remember leaving us in the sewer with a giant calamari?"
Angel: "Yeah, and you"re both here. So I assume it went okay, right?"
Cordy: "Yeah, it went okay. Of course it went okay, okay? That"s not the point.
Angel: "So there is a point."
Cordy: "*Being* that it is possible to brood *and* show a little interest in the feeling of others."
Doyle: "Well, she thinks that you"re insensitive, and not to bring up the irony, but consider the source."
Angel: "So I"m a little reserved, that doesn"t mean I don"t care."
Cordy: "It"s like you don"t have a pulse."
Angel: "I don"t."
Cordy: "Well, spend a little time listening to how the living interact."
Angel: "Kate."
Kate: "Angel. - Got a minute?"
Angel: "Sure. Coffee?"
Kate: "I"m fine."
Cordy: "Mr. and Mrs. Spock need to mind meld now.
Kate: "His name is Tony Papazian - street name Little Tony - he"s a bad guy. We already got an indictment against him for the murder of a County Supervisor, just one problem - we don"t know where to send the supoena."

Angel: "You can"t find him."
Kate: "He"s still in the city, we"re pretty sure. But all my sources are dry."

Angel: "Want me to look into it?"
Kate: "I"ll pay you for whatever you can get."

Angel: "I already owe you favors you don"t need to.."
Kate: "This isn"t a favor. It"s a job. That"s how we do it. This number is my direct line."

Angel: "All right."
Kate: "Time is a factor. Tony is looking to skip town."
Angel: "Got it.'
Kate: "Find him, you call me. Nothing above nor beyond. You can not be involved in this."

Angel: "You don"t want to get a reputation for going outside the department."

Kate: "I don"t want to get a reputation for getting you killed."
Angel: "Anything?"
Doyle: "Plenty on Papazian - known acquaintances, hangouts - but you"ve got to figure the cops"ve already been over all of this."
Angel: "Yeah, but we haven"t."
"Cordelia, I wanted to, - you know, - thank you so much for - going through those coroner reports. Because I can imagine how not fun it is to read about, - you know- coroner stuff."

Cordy: "Lame."
Angel: "What"ve you got?"
Cordy: "The Weebies. This guy clearly has anger management issues. You"ve got victims and victim parts washing up all over the southern California coast."

Angel: "Long Beach, San Pedro, Carlsbad. Pull up the tidal flow charts for the last 10 months. Match them to the dates of these murders."
Doyle: "Tides? What, you think this guy has some primary dumping ground? Maybe all these victims originate from the same spot?"

Angel: "Somewhere Little Tony feels safe."

Kate: "Dad."
Lockley: "Katie."
Kate: "I saw you. Where you planning on saying hi?"
Lockley: "I figured you"re working. I"m not here very long anyway just dropping off some pension forms up in records.
If you think you got a lot of red tape on the job, wait 'til you retire."

Kate: "Harlan says their throwing you a send-off at the Blue Bar."

Lockley: "Just some guys trying to give me a hard time.
Not a big deal."
Kate: "Well, he said I should say something, you know - just a few words to mark the occasion, -
seeing as you're my father."
Lockley: "That"ll be fine. Don"t got to any trouble."
Kate: "It"s no trouble really."
Officer: "Detective, you got a call on 329."
Kate to: "Thanks. - I guess I better.."
Lockley: "Yeah."
Kate: "Lockley."
Angel: "8843 Hyperion Way right off Pier 39. San Pedro."
Kate: "You found him, you"re sure?"
Angel: "Max Salvage Depot. Northwest side. He"s got some muscle on hand."

Kate: "I"m on my way, just get out of there."
Angel: "Damn it."
Tony: "And don"t forget to water my plants."
Muscle: "Sure thing."
Tony: "Talk to them. They like that."
Angle: "Hi. - This is exciting, isn"t it? I just love boat trips."
Tony: "Who"s the mook?"
Angel: "Herb Saunders, Baltimore."
Benny: "It"s Herb Saunders."
Angel: "Cripes, the freeways you people have in this town. I"ve been driving around in circles all day. But the brochure did say the boat"s leaving every two hours."
Benny: "I think you"re still lost."

Angel: "That"s not the boat to Catalina?"
Benny: "No."
Angel: "Are you sure? I could have sworn the ticket said Pier 39 It"s here somewhere. I just had it."
Benny: "Come on, get out of here."
Tony: "Benny, I don"t like that guy."
Angel: "It"s the hat, isn"t it? I knew the hat was too much."
Tony: "Hi, Tony."
"Which part of "Just get out of there" gave you the trouble?"
Angel: "I had to do something. I mean, he was getting away."
Kate: "So you decided to dress like a road flare and put my ass and yours on the line. Look, just go. I"ll figure out something to say to my Lieutenant."
Tony: "I want my phone call."

Kate: "You"ve got to cancel your suit in Yerevan? You think you can still get your deposit back?"
Tony: "You"ve - you've been running after me for a long time, haven"t you sweetheart? If I"d know how bad you wanted me, I might have let you catch me a little sooner."

Kate: "If I"d know how badly you needed the exercise, I might have let you run a little longer."
Receptionist: "Wolfram&Hart"
Little Tony: "Give me Lee Mercer."
Mercer: "Yes Mr. Papazian, we are all ready well aware of the situation."
Tony: "Are you aware that I got a certain thorn in my side?"
Mercer: "Oh, yes, we understand the factors very clearly.
And I think I can say with some confidence that this thorn is about to be removed. Permanently."
Mercer: "And here is your copy of the court documents requesting the transfer of our client out of this precinct."
Lieutenant: "What for?"
Mercer: "For his own safety, Lieutenant."

Kate: "Aww, is he afraid to stay with us? You need a night light?"
Tony: "You got a pretty mouth, Katie. Hate to see it get broken."

Mercer: "I want this stricken from the record. Mr. Papazian is under tremendous stress ,due to the abuse suffered at the hands of *your* officers and an as yet un-named assailant we believe was in league with Detective Lockley at the time of the arrest."

Kate: "I wouldn"t know about that, Sir."
Tony: "I saw you talking to him."
Kate: "Yeah, was that before or after you murdered supervisor Caffrey, you fat piece of.."
Lieutenant: "That"s enough."
Mercer: "I want her verbal abuse entered into the record."
Kate: "Thh.."
Mercer: "That "thh.." , too."
Lieutenant: "All of Mr. Papazian"s rights will be duly respected.."
Mercer: "Mr. Papazian is a very important client at Wolfram&Hart. Any further violations of his rights and there *will* be serious repercussions."
Kate: "And what exactly the hell does that mean?"
Mercer: "It means that we will open this case to the court of public opinion. It means that we"ll shine *light* into the darkest corners of this precinct and give the people a clear view of the brutality and callousness of this police force that will make Mark Fuhrman look like Gentle Ben."

Tony: "Everybody should have a lawyer like this one."
Cordy: "so how nice is it to finally have a simple "find the Crime-Lord" case? Over and done with."

Angel: "Yeah."
Cordy: "Wait you"ve got pensive face."
Angel: "I"ve always got pensive face."
Cordy: "Well, pensive-r face."
Angel: "I"m not so sure this thing is so over and done with, that"s all. There is something about Little Tony."
Cordy: "What something?"
Angel: "Hmm, I don't know, just a feeling I got."
Cordy: "Ah-hmm!"
Angel: "What?"
Cordy: "Nothing. I just find it *endlessly* fascinating how your feelings are *so* attuned when it comes to boring old evil, but you have *yet* to make any mention about these new shoes."

Angel: "Look, Cordelia. Women"s shoes.. Men. they just don"t.."
Doyle: "Great shoes! New? So, you were right, Papazian is planning something."
Angel: "What did you hear?"
Doyle: "That Papazian is planning something."
Angel: "That"s it?"
Doyle: "Johnny Red says, quote: Papazian is planing something."
Angel: "I thought he might be planning something."
Doyle: "See, you were right."
Cops: 'Homerun, Lockley.' - "Way to go!" - "Nice work, Lockley." .
Bartender: "No, no, your dad paid for the drink."
Lockley: "Tony Papazian, huh?"
Kate: "Yeah."
Lockley: "Well, congratulations."
Kate: "Thanks."
Lockley: "Here is hoping the bust doesn"t fall apart before you finish filing the paperwork. Damn lawyers, huh?"
Kate: "Yeah."
Lockley: "Harlan."
Harlan: "You see this?"
Kate: "Sensitivity training?"
Harlan: "Everyone"s got to take it. Word is, it"s because of what you did to Papazian."
Kate: "What I did? - Oh, somebody is going to answer for this."
Harlan: "Think they"ll make us hug?"

Kate: "I"m not hugging you, sweat-boy."
Lockley: "Glad I"m getting out. In my day we didn"t need any damn sensitivity."

Allen: "I"m guessing not too many of you want to be here right now. Quick show of hands, who actually *wants* to be here?"

"Well, I"m not gonna waste your time.
What I"m going to do is give you some tools to help you experience the whole range of human emotions.
Learning that won"t just make you better people, it will help you defuse volatile situations in the field; it"ll allow you to manage some of your aggression,
so you won"t feel so tired all the time. -

In short, it"ll make you better cops. -
One of the tools - we use is this.
It"s called a talking stick

I know, it sounds silly.
But it works - if you give it a chance. -
It"s our contract with each other. Who ever holds this has the right to express himself or herself completely, without judgment, within the confines of this room. Heath?"
Heath: "I don"t think so."
Allen: "Go ahead, give it a try. Now why don"t you start by telling us something about your family. How you grew up.
Any siblings?"
Heath: "6 brothers."
Allen: "And what was that like?"
Heath: "I learned to hit back pretty quick."

Allen: "You"re brothers went kind of hard on you, huh? - Where were your parents?"
Heath: "It was just my mom. She did the best she could."
Allen: "So you had to get tough, right out of the gate.
Shut down your emotions? - It"s okay! You have our permission to be honest. - Is there something that you always wanted to say to your mother, - but never could?"
Kate: "Will you marry me?"
Allen: "Kate, you'd like to share something? We"d like to hear it."
Kate: "No, I don"t, really."
Allen: "Afraid? Genuine emotion makes you uncomfortable. That"s okay.
Your inappropriate sarcasm masks anger.
And you know what anger is, Kate?
- It"s just fear. Fear of being hurt.
Fear of loss. You"ve been hurt, haven"t you, Kate? And you"re afraid of being hurt again. Who"re you afraid is gonna hurt you?"

Johnny: "Hell, if I know."
Doyle: "Yeah, but you told me you heard something, right?"
Johnny: "Planning something, that"s all I heard."
Angel: "Who"d you hear it from?"
Johnny: "Guys that work for Little Tony. They"re in my Thursday night spinning class."

Angel: "Well, what did they say exactly?"
Johnny: "Oh, they weren"t actually talking to me. They were talking to a couple of guys in Izzy Broncato"s crew. I overheard on account they had to shout over the bikes."
Doyle: "What and all those guys were in your gym?"
Johnny: "Yeah."
Doyle: "Why, you got some kind of thug rate special there?"
Johnny: "No, but if you want to sign up, I get a discount for bringing you in."

Angel: "Guys, what was said?"
Johnny: "Right. Izzy"s boys, they said to Little Tony"s crew, you know, now that LT is in the clink you get to look for new employment. But LT"s guys say no, because no stupid bitch is going to get the best of LT."

Angel: "You know what that means?"
Doyle: "LT stands for Little Tony, yeah?"
Angel: "It means he"s going after Kate."

Kate: "Angel."
Angel: "We need to talk."
Kate: "I know. I want to apologize for the other night."
Angel: "You don"t need to do that."
Kate: "That"s not what my sensitivity trainer says. Well, that"s pretty goof ball, right? Still, thanks for what you did."

Angel: "You"re welcome."
Kate: "Listen what are you doing tomorrow night, around eightish? My father is having this retirement party thing, with a bunch of his old cop buddies. I'm supposed to say a few words. It would be nice if there was at least one person there who wasn"t, you know, armed. It"d be a favor."

Angel: "Sure."
Kate: "Okay, that was easy. I"m relieved. - Something wrong?"
Angel: "Kate, I think you may be in real danger."
Kate: "Okay, the relief part is done."

Angel: "I"ve heard some things. I don"t know the specifics yet, but I think that Papazian"s taking a contract out on you."
Kate: "Wow."
Angel: "I"m going to stay on this.."

Kate: "He"s really acting out, isn"t he?"

Angel: "Well, yeah! He wants you dead."
Kate: "Oh, I get that. I"m just saying that he must be in some kind of pain to strike out at other"s in that way."
Angel: "Are you okay?"
Kate: "Oh god, listen to me.
Suddenly I"m Dr. Laura.
Next thing you know I"ll be talking about processing and my inner child.
I"m sure I"ll be back to my usual level of cynicism in no time."

Allen: "I"m sensing some tension. I think you should tell me - what are you feeling?"

Mercer: "Concerned. We went to great effort and expense to get you into that precinct. Is it working?"

Allen: "Of course it"s working. After tomorrow"s session you"ll see results. Incredible results."
Mercer: "That makes me feel all warm inside."

Kate: "Boy, I"m scared - and excited. - And consumed with dread. - And glad you"re here."
Angel: "I doubt even one of Little Tony"s hired guns would try something in a room full of cops."
Kate: "What? Oh, that, death threat hanging overhead. No I meant speaking in public."

Angel: "Well, what"s that old saw, about picturing your public in their underwear?"

Kate: "Way ahead of you."
"Happy retirement, Daddy."
Lockley: "Who"s this?"
Kate: "Oh, this is Angel. He"s a friend. Angel, this is my father."
Angel: "Hello, Mr. Lockley. Congratulations."

Lockley: "For what? All I did was live this long and not get shot."

Kate: "Why do you do that?"
Lockley: "Do what?"
Kate: "Pretend important things don"t matter?"

Lockley: "So, - Angel, - how long you been seeing Katie?"
Angel: "We"re, uhm, we"re pretty new friends."

Lockley: "Well, good to see her out with a man. I was starting to wonder if she didn"t lean into another direction altogether."

Lieutenant: "All right everyone, before we cut the cake the other officer Lockley, the good-looking one, would like to say a few words. Kate?"
Kate: "Hello everybody. Welcome to the end of an era. Now the old man would *like* us to believe that he couldn"t care less about all this attention and free booze. But I know him better than that. He put a lot of years in on the job, and he made a difference in a lot of lives. And now it"s over.
That"s a huge deal, no matter what he says. In fact I"m not really sure if he knows what he"s going to do with himself.
He forgot how to be anything but a cop a long time ago. And maybe, - maybe that"s why I became a cop too. -
After mom died, you stopped , you know?
It was like you couldn"t stand the sight of me. Her face, her eyes looking up at you.
But big girls don"t cry, right?
You said, gone"s gone, and there is no use wallowing. -
Worms and dirt and nothing, forever.
Not one word about a better place. You couldn"t even tell a scared little girl a beautiful lie.
God, I wanted to drink with you. I wanted you to laugh with me just once, the way you laughed with Jimmy here, or Frank."
Lockley: "What the hell did they do to her in that class?"
Kate: "My best friend Joanne, her mom was soft, and she smelled like macaroni and cheese, and she"d pick me up on her lap and she would rock me. She said that she wanted to keep to herself. -
She said that I was good and sweet. Everybody said I was. - Do you realize that you've never told me that I"m pretty? Not once in my life?"
Harlan: "Keep going, Katie."
Kate: "Well, I can"t anymore, dad. I can"t campaign for the office of your beloved daughter. You closed your heart after mom left us and that"s it."

Harlan: "That was so damn brave."
Lieutenant: "Are you kidding me? Her old man"s party wasn"t the forum."
Harlan: "She can"t worry about protecting him"

Cops: "Let it out, Dale. I always knew your mother was controlling." - "I"m passive- aggressive?" - "I"m hearing a lot of denial."

Lieutenant: "She abused the process.
I"m going to tell her."
Harlan: "With that breakthrough? You"re completely blocked."
Lieutenant: "Your need for catharsis is not the issue here."
Harlan: "I"ll give you catharsis!"
Lockley: "Keep it together, will you Jimmy? Take him down to his precinct, let him sleep it off with the drunks. You should do likewise."

Angel: Come on. Let's go
Cordy: "All right, I"m here. What"s the big emergency? These middle of the night hours are really eating into my potential social life. Why I ever thought it was a nifty idea to work for a vam: triloquist. - Hi!"

Kate: "Hi."
Angel: "Here drink this."
Kate: "You have the most intense eyes. I see such an old soul."
Doyle: "He gets that a lot, you know."
Kate: "I thought that enigmatic thing was just an act to get women.
The truth is, you don"t have an insincere bone in your body, do you?"
Angel: "Kate, I need you to tell me about the sensitivity training. Who"s running it?"

Kate: "You wanna go? It"s pretty wonderful. It gets you where you live."

Angel: "I need to know his name."
Kate: "We all need - so much."
Cordy: "What"s her deal? Too much:
Doyle: "Thumb sucking?"
Cordy: "Alcohol! Dummy."
Doyle: "Don"t look at me like that. I"m not the one that needs to brush up on their finger pantomime. It"s something to do with the training she had at work."
Kate: "Some one"s got a crush."
Doyle: "What?"
Kate: "It"s right there, how he feels about you. And you don"t know what to do about it."
Cordy: "Please! We just joke around."
Kate: "Where is the truth? Where is the truth? He is hiding behind Mr. Humor. I mean, look at - look at Doyle.. really look at him, what do you see?"

Cordy: "A bad double-poly blend?"

Kate: "That"s defense, Cordelia. Maybe you should open your heart to a new possibility!"

Doyle: "Hey, you know, she"s starting to make some sense.."
Cordy: "Angel!"
Angel: "I"ve got his address. 322 Fletcher."
Kate: "What are your secrets, Angel. What aren"t you telling me?"
Cordy: "I"m so glad I came down to watch "Latenight" with creepy cop lady."

Angel: "You came down here to stay with her while I find this guy. Don"t let her out of your sight."
Allen: "What"s going on here?"
Angel: "That"s a good question, Allen."
Cordy: "Can we get you some coffee or Valium, or both?"
Kate: "He walked out on me. He just walked out."
Cordy: "Oh, - he"ll be back."
Kate: "Not Angel, my father."
Cordy: "Oh."
Kate: "I have to find him."
Doyle: "Maybe you should just hold off on that for the time being. Angel said to wait right here."
Kate: "I hear what you"re saying, but I have to go find my Daddy now."

Doyle: "Detective Lockley, you"re not exactly yourself at the moment. Why don"t we all just.."
Kate: "Help each other!"
Doyle: "Right, by staying here together!"
Kate: "Yeah, we could do that, but you see I have this.."
Cordy: "Personal problem that you"re going to share until dawn?"
Kate: "..gun, and I don"t want to come off as insensitive, but if either of you tries to stop me I"m gonna have to blow you the crap away, because I got to go find my Daddy."

Angel: "Which demon do you worship, huh? Which one *gives* you your power?"
Allen: "A whole bunch actually. I"m a polytheist."
Angel: "I"m not here to play games."

Allen: "You have rage. I get that."
Angel: "What did you do to Kate Lockley?"
Allen: "Do you know what anger is? It is nothing but fear."
Angel: "Yeah, well, I know what fear is. I can smell it right now."
Allen: "That"s good. Give yourself permission to open up. What were your parents like?"
Angel: "My parents were great. Tasted a lot like chicken. Why don"t you talk, huh?"

Cops: "Sorry I was insensitive, George!" - "Listen, I"m having an epiphany!"
Heath: "It"s not right. All trapped together like this. The bigger ones picking on the weaker ones." "It"s not right Makes them more brutal then they were when they came in."

"Remember this, brothers. An act of kindness is just as manly as.."
Kate: "Dad? - Daddy!"
Cop: "You want to talk about whiplash? I"ll tell you about whiplash.
I"ve got emotional whiplash from having to deal with people like you day in and day out. If any one"s the victim here, it"s me.
I"ve alienated my friends, my family, - my own children are afraid of me.
I can"t even make love to my wife."

Cop: "I hear what you"re saying, but I don"t think that you are listening to your mugger"s feelings at all."

Cordy: "Oh, boy.."
Angel: "What are you two doing..."
Doyle: "It"s Kate we followed her here."
Cordy: "She"s totally lost it. She looked like she is ready to do some damage."

Doyle: "And it"s not just her by the looks of things."
Cordy: "The whole place is going nuts! This is so not good."
Angel: "Okay, I think someone needs a hug."

Doyle: "Huh?"
Cordy: "Ack, eww? Eww!"
"Hey! What"s your damage?"
Doyle: "I think he"s just found Mr. Sensitivity."

Angel: "He was right in here all the time, just waiting to come out. - Gosh, what our folks do to us, huh?"

Kate: "Please daddy if you"re there pick up. We need to talk."
Cordy: "He put the whammy on you! You stink with whammy!"
Doyle: "She"s right."
Angel: "Talking stick, it"s cursed all right."

Cordy: "There"s a stick that talks?"
Angel: "Cordelia, do you have *any* idea just how *precious* you are?"
Doyle: "All right, let"s talk just about this stick."

Angel: "He uses it as a talisman. Anyone that touches the stick becomes infected.
He admitted it to me after I - threatened him with violence."

Cordy: "What"s his trip?"
Angel: "Wolfram&Hart, the firm, hired this guy to neutralize the police, so Little Tony could make his escape. It"ll wear off."

Cordy: "Soon?"
Doyle: "So there was never any contract on detective Lockley?"
Angel: "No, Little Tony was planning all along just to kill her himself. *Poor* guy."
Cordy: "Poor guy?"
Angel: "Well, he"s got issues."
Doyle: "Angel, man, you"ve got to snap out of this!"
Cordy: "Right now. It"s time for you to get all vampy - grr! - Kate needs you."

Angel: "I don"t want to. You both withdraw when I go vamp. I feel you judge me."

Cordy: "We won"t judge you, will we? give it a try."
Angel: "Closeness is too important to me right now."
Doyle: "Angel, man, Kate is in there."
Cordy: "Along with killer guy."
Cop: "We"re closed."
Doyle: "You"re the police! You can"t close."

Cop: "Why not? Haven"t we done enough? It"s always "find this, rescue that" with you people. Well, see how you like it!"

Cop: "I'd to apologize for having treated you so shabbily, so I wrote a poem about it. "I saw a leaf and I did cry..."

Harlan: "It hurts, doesn"t it? When people don"t listen to you? When they reject you?"

Kate: "You know?"
Harlan: "I ought to. For two years I"ve been saying to you with everything I have: love me, Kate. Need me the way I need you.
But you never notice - never return my desire. You just sit at that desk, next to mine.. smelling the way you do.. taunting me."

Tony: "You guys - you're working for Little Tony now. You"ll find I"m stern but fair. - Now come on, lets kill us a Lady cop."

Cordy: "We need a rock."
Angel: "I can"t say that I"m comfortable with all this."
Cordy: "Don"t argue, this is the only way in."

Doyle: "Here this one should do it."
Cordy: "Aim for the window!"
Doyle: "I was."
Cordy: "Give me that
Doyle: "Nice arm!"
Cordy: "Angel, now it"s your turn, come on!"
"Come on! Lets go!"
Angel: "Wow. That"s vandalism."
Doyle: "Ah, we"ll take care of it later."
Angel: "We should leave a note."
Cordy: "Would you come on?"
Angel: "What"s the magic word?"
Cordy: "Urgh!"
Angel: "No, I don"t think "urgh" is the magic word, if one would *call* it a word. And even then it"s certainly not a magic one."

Cordy: "We don"t have time for this!"
Angel: "There is always time to be considerate of others, Cordelia."
Cordy: "Oh, please!"
Angel: "See? That wasn"t so hard now, was it?"
Tony: "Thought you finally it over on me, huh? Thought you were smarter than Little Tony. Well, nobody beats me baby. Not even a stone bitch like you."

Kate: "I am not a bitch! I"m just protected."
Tony: "No one protecting you now."
Angel: "Hey! I"m feeling some serious negative energy in this room."

Cordy: "Go on. Take care of him!"
Tony: "Oh, I"ve been wanting to see you again."
Kate: "I"m sure he"d say the same thing, but that gun really makes you come off as hostile."

Angel: "That and the body language. It"s so closed."
Kate: "Yeah."
Doyle: "Angel, man, *fight*, don"t talk."
Cordy: "We are so dead."
Angel: "Now, why don"t we all sit down together and process this?"
Tony: "Seems that sensitivity training I paid for really took, huh, Nancy Boy?"
Kate: "How do you think that makes me feel?"

Angel: "Okay, now I"m feeling unheard."

"You know, Anthony you could be a rainbow and not a painbow. I mean, it really is all up to you."

Kate: "You."
Angel: "No, you."
Kate: "Come here."
Cordy: "Ugh, - anyone for vomit?"
Angel: "It"s so sad, isn"t it?"
Kate: "Some people just really need to live in the problem."
Tony: "What the hell am I paying you for? Where the hell are you? I want my limo here now."
Mercer: "I"m afraid that"s not possible Mr. Papazian."
Tony: "What? What are you telling me?"
Mercer: "You shot up a precinct and attempted to murder a police officer in full view of witnesses. We can"t risk that kind of exposure."
Tony: "You"re the ones that set this thing up!"
Mercer: "We opened the door for you. The point was for you to walk through it, not blast your way out. The senior partners feel that you have become a liability. We can"t waste energy on you when there are more pressing issues at hand."

Tony: "Pressing issues? What pressing issues?"
Mercer: "Our relationship is terminated, as is this phone call."
Cop: "Morning."
Other cop: "Yeah right."
Angel: "How do you feel?"
Kate: "Pretty foolish, you?"
Angel: "I"m all right."
Kate: "Internal affairs is investigating the Blue Bar. They think someone there spiked the punch. Seems like everybody there went a little crazy. I know I did with my Dad."

Angel: "Well, maybe it helped."
Kate: "Did I - did I say anything to you?"
Angel: "I"m a little fuzzy myself."
Kate: "Good. - Well, I should get back to work."
Angel: "Yeah, me too."
Kate: "Hi."
Lockley: "Katie. Got your messages on my machine."
Kate: "Yeah, that was kind of a bizarre night. I.."
Lockley: "Katie.. - Don"t - don"t say anything. You make an idiot out of yourself, embarrass me in front of the guys. You don"t bring that up ever again. As far as I"m concerned - it didn"t happen."

The end
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