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Cordy: "When did he get back?"
Doyle: "Late last night."
Cordy: "And?"
Doyle: "Ah, he seemed fine."
Cordy: "He saw Buffy. He was in Sunnydale for three days, tracking her and that thingy-magiggy you saw in your vision.
Where is the crabby scowl, the morbid gloom? This just means that it cut deeper then usual. Batten down the hatches, here comes Hurricane Buffy."

Doyle: "You think? Maybe he"s over her."

Cordy: "You have so much to learn little Irish man."
"Oh, my God!"
Cordy: "Don"t do it, Angel!"
Doyle: "Listen to me, man, it"s not worth it."

Angel: "It"s not?"
Cordy: "No! You can"t let her get to you like this. You"ll meet someone else. Just give it some time."

Doyle: "Why don"t you let me have that?"
Angel: "Because I need it to level my desk. The floor is uneven. You two thought.."

Cordy: "Doyle did. You know how he jumps to conclusions, - "cause you saw Buffy."

Angel: "It wasn"t a social call. I was there to protect her. I stayed out of sight. She didn"t even know I was there."
Cordy: "Really? So you avoided her."
Angel: "Look, Buffy will always going to be a part of me, and that"s never going to change. But she"s human and I"m - not. And that"s also never going to change. We said our good-byes, no need to stir any of this up again."

Cordy: "You don"t want to "stir", but if my ex came to town and was all stalking me in the shadows and then left and then didn"t even say "hello" I"d be.."
Buffy: "A little upset. Wouldn't you?"


Cordy: "Buffy! - Buffy"s here - in town. - What brings you to.."
Buffy: "I came to see my father. Thought I"d stop by."
Cordy: "What a surprise!"
Buffy: "Cordelia how are you?"
Cordy: "Good. I"m good. You?"
Buffy: "I"ve been better."
Cordy: "Uh-huh. - Well, this is Doyle. And he gets visions of people in trouble."
Doyle: "Nice to make your.."
Cordy: "And this is us leaving you two alone."
Angel: "Well, umm, it"s good to.. Can I get you anything?"
Buffy: "How about - an explanation? - Who do you think you are coming to my town and following me around behind my back?"
Angel: "I"m sorry."
Buffy: "What is this? Some new torment you cooked up just for me?"
Angel: "No, I don"t want to torment.."
Buffy: "What is it? You can see me, but I can"t see you? What are we playing here?"

Angel: "We"re not. I"m not playing anything. I wrestled with this decision.."
Buffy: "Which you made without me."
Angel: "I tried to do what I thought was right. It"s complicated how this all happened, Buffy, you know? It"s kind of a long story."

Buffy: "You"re new sidekick had a vision, I was in it, you came to Sunnydale?"

Angel: "Okay, maybe not that long."
Buffy: "You didn"t feel that I was important enough to even tell me that you were there."

Angel: "I"m trying to explain. It"s because I felt that you"re important that I didn"t tell you."

Buffy: "I"m a big girl now, Angel. I"m not in High School anymore. A lot has happened in my life since you left."

Angel: "I know. I respect that."
Buffy: "And I don"t need you skulking around, trying to protect me. Unless, of course, I"m in some gigantic fight to the death, which - I was last night. That was you, helping me, wasn"t it?"
Angel: "I was in the neighborhood - skulking."
Doyle: "So that"s the Slayer."
Cordy: "That"s our little Buffy."
Doyle: "Well, she seemed a little.."
Cordy: "Bulgarian in that outfit?"
Doyle: "No, I was going to say hurt."
Cordy: "Yeah, there"s a lot of that when they"re together. Come on."
Doyle: "Where are we going?"
Cordy: "Oh, they"ll be into this for a while. We still have time for a cappuccino and probably the director"s cut of "Titanic"."
Angel: "I"m sorry if I handled this wrong. I mean, what else was I supposed to do?"

Buffy: "I don"t know. - I just know that when you"re around, whether I see you or not, - I feel you - inside - and it throws me."

Angel: "Throws me, too."
Buffy: "So let"s just stick to the plan. We keep our distance until a lot of time has passed. Given enough time we should be able to.."

Angel: "Forget?"
Buffy: "Yeah. - So, I"m gonna go - start forgetting."
Doyle: "Did you hear that?"
Cordy: "Yeah, the Angel and Buffy show. First they talk out their differences, then they punch them out."
Doyle: "Shouldn"t we.."
Cordy: "Stick our noses where they don"t belong and get them flattened? No thank you."
Buffy: "Friend of yours?"
Angel: "Never saw it before."
Buffy: "It was rude. We should go kill it."

Angel: "I"m free."
Buffy: "Got somewhere I can change?"
Angel: "It"s heading towards the ocean."
Buffy: "Are you sure?"
Angel: "It"s wounded. I can smell its blood."

Buffy: "Oh. Great. - Handy skill.
Maybe if your crack staff hadn"t run off at the first sign of trouble they could have helped us with some research. Find out what this thing is and why it wants to kill us."

Angel: "It"s just a rat. - So, you can put that down. It"s not a vampire. I don"t know why you brought that anyway."
Buffy: "Because I know how to use it. Besides it"s a lot handier then your fighting ax."

Angel: "Unless he chops it in two and maybe takes some of your hand with it."

Buffy: "Look can we just get on with the hunting? I"d like to get this over with before dark."
Angel: "I can handle this myself."
Buffy: "You bailed me out last night. I"d like us to be even."
Angel: "We"re keeping score now."
Buffy: "Are you getting anything? Because I sure smell sewer.
Tunnel number one it is."
Buffy: "Angel? You okay?"
Angel: "I feel weird."
Buffy: "I know. I do, too. I mean, I only came to see you so I could tell you face-to-face not to see me - face-to-face anymore, - and I know there is a fly in the logic ointment here somewhere, but..

The next thing I knew we"re being attacked by this mutant ninja demon thing, and then we"re on the floor on top of each other, and it"s just really confusing being around you."

Angel: "No, I meant I felt weird from the demons blood. It"s powerful."

Buffy: "Oh. Okay. Let"s just rewind Buffy"s little outburst and pretend it never happened."

Angel: "No. I-It is confusing. And I.. When we"re apart - it's easier. It hurts - every day. But I live with it.
And now you"re - you"re right here - and I can actually reach out.. and - it"s more then confusing - it"s unbearable."

Buffy: "But we have to bear, right? I mean, what else can we do? It doesn"t work with us. It can"t."

Angel: "No, I-I can"t give you a life, or a future or anything a real girl would want."

Buffy: "No matter how much we miss each other."
Angel: "Or what we feel in the moment."
Buffy: "If we let something happen here - we"d want more. -
And nothing"s changed. We"d only end up having to leave each other again."

Angel: "And that"s the best case scenario."
Buffy: "Oh, boy. I was really jonesing for another heartbreaking sewer talk."

Angel: "I'm sorry."
Buffy: "You know, I"m actually on the brink of something back home. I"m actually heading towards a pretty good life now that.."
Angel: "I"m out of the picture. - That"s why I left. I want you to have it."

Buffy: "Could we just - find this thing and get this finished? What if it went up?"

Angel: "Into the day, where it knows I can"t follow."
Buffy: "But I can."
Angel: "Uh, I I don"t want you going after it alone."
Buffy: "Look, it"s best all around if we just split up. I can handle it."
Angel: "There"s a dive on Second near Beach, The Lone Bar. Demons go there sometimes when they need to get patched up."
Buffy: "Got it."
Angel: "Be careful."
"I"m alive."
Doyle: "Woah, when they fight.."
Cordy: "Oh, my God!"
Doyle: "What?"
Cordy : "She killed him! Oops! My bad. It"s just dust I forgot to sweep under the rug."

Doyle: "What, are you trying to give me a heart attack?"
Cordy: "Hey, don"t blame me if he"s too cheap to hire a Cleaning Lady!"

"What"s wrong? What happened? - Did you do it with Buffy? Watch it, Doyle, don"t get too close. - Hey, you walked in the front door - from the street! You got.."
Angel: "Yeah."
Cordy: "An umbrella!"
Doyle: "He"s alive, Cordelia."
Cordy: "Alive?"
Angel: "Buffy and I were attacked by some kind of demon. I- I tracked it - and killed it A-and some of its blood mixed with mine."
Doyle: "And you wound up with a pulse?"
Angel: "I want to find out what kind of a demon that was. Ow, my back. It hurts. Everything's.."
Doyle: "More real, now that you"re real?"

Angel: "Yeah. I"m mortal now. I have a mortal body. And I"m so - hungry!"
Cordy: "Look out, he"s gonna eat: everything in sight!"
Angel: "Oh my God. Food. This is unbelievable. This is so.. You know, I forgot how good it all tastes when you"re alive!"
Cordy: "Yeah, and they didn"t even have Cookie-dough-fudge-mint-chip when you were alive."
Angel: "Mmm, I want some! Can you get that?"
Cordy: "It"ll go straight to your thighs."
Angel: "Uhm, chocolate! Oh, chocolate!"
Doyle: "All right, all right, we need to focus here. We need to try and find out.."

Angel: "I love chocolate! Uh, but not, as it turns out, yogurt. Urgh!"
Doyle: "Orsоn! We"re in a situation here."
Angel: "Right I know. You"re right. Let me think - and now my stomach"s killing me. - Cordelia, find Buffy. She" in Santa Monica near the Lone Star. Tell her I killed the demon."
Cordy: "Okay."
Angel: "Oh, wait! Don"t tell her what"s happened to me. Not until I know what it means."
Cordy: "All right."
Angel: "That"s it."
Doyle: "It"s called a Mohra demon. They"re pretty powerful assassins, soldiers of darkness kind of thing. They take out warriors for our side, like you and Buffy. "Needs vast amounts of salt to live"."

Angel: "It was heading towards salt water."
Doyle: ""Veins run with the blood of eternity." There it is. Its blood has regenerative properties."
Angel: "Which explains what happened to me. But it doesn"t explain why."
Doyle: "Hey, what difference does it make, man? The demon"s dead, you"re alive! It"s happy fun time."
Angel: "What"s going on here, Doyle?"
Doyle: "I don"t know. I thought the only way for you to be made mortal was if the Powers-That-Be stepped in."

Angel: "What, they could have done this? How come I keep getting the feeling that you"re not telling me everything."
Doyle: "Because I"m not. We"re both on a need to know basis here."
Angel: "I need to know about this. Is this permanent? Am I - am I normal Joe now? Can I have a normal life? I want to speak to the Powers-That-Be."

Doyle: "Woah, woah, woah! That"s easier said then done, bud. The Powers-That-Be don"t live in our reality. You have to approach them through channels. Dangerous channels."
Angel: "Yeah, you know what? Start approaching!"
Doyle: "All right. All right. Maybe we can try the Oracles. But hey, if they turn you into a toad - don"t say I didn"t warn you."

Angel: ""The Gateway for Lost Souls" is under the post office?"
Doyle: "It makes sense if you think about it. Now listen, the Oracles are finicky and unpredictable. You do get in, don"t dilly-dally. Ask your questions, get out."

Angel: "Aren"t you coming?"
Doyle: "Not allowed. I"m just a lowly messenger, you"re a warrior.. if your heart is pure - and I do this right.. "We beseech access to the knowing ones.." We may just survive. You"re in."
Man: "Come before us, lower being."

Woman: "What have you brought us?"
Angel: "Was I supposed to.."

Man: "You call us forth and bring us no offering?"
Angel: "I brought you this."
Woman: "I like Time. There is so little and so much of it."
Man: "Well?"
Angel: "What"s happened to me?"
Woman: "It"s true then, brother."
Man: "He is no longer a warrior."
Angel: "It was the demon"s blood. It wasn"t the Powers-That-Be that did this?"
Man: "The Powers-That-Be? Did you save humanity? Avert the Apocalypse?"

Woman: "You faced a Mohra demon. Life goes on."
Angel: "My life as a human. I"m not poisoned or under some spell?"
Woman: "The Auguries say no. If it has happened it was meant to be."

Man: "From this day, you will live and die as any mortal man."
Woman: "Privy to all the attendant pains - and pleasures."
Man: "That which we serve is no longer that which you serve. You are released from your fealty."
Angel: "That"s it? I"m free?"
Doyle: "Angel, it didn"t work?"
Angel: "Yes, it did."
Doyle: "You just went in this instant."
Angel: "What?"
Doyle: "Look at your watch."
Angel: "I can"t do that, Doyle. Next time remind me to bring a gift?"

Doyle: "I knew I forgot something. So, what happened? What did they say?"
Angel: "They"re a little confusing, but.. - the gist of it is - it"s real. - I"m free."

Doyle: "I can"t believe this."
Angel: "Me either. I mean, what do I do now? - I have this whole new life spread before me. I don"t know where to begin."

Doyle: "Right. It"s overwhelming. You can pretty much do what ever you want now. The question is, what do you want?"

Cordy: "This plant was thriving just this morning. Now look at it. I"m telling you where she leads, dark forces follow."

Doyle: "Buffy gave it mites?"
Cordy: "How else do you explain it?"
Doyle: "Jealousy?"
Cordy: "I"m jealous of her? Oh, please!"
Doyle: "It"s just a theory."
Cordy: "Jealous or not, our lives are about to kaleidoscope."
Doyle: "How do you figure. Angel"s only been human a day."
Cordy: "The last 2 1/2 hours of which they"ve spent down there in his apartment - together."

Doyle: "So? Don"t they deserve a little happiness after all they"ve been through?"

Cordy: "Let me explain the lore here, okay? They suffer, they fight. That"s business as usual. They get groiny with each other, the world as we know it falls apart."

Doyle: "Well, he"s not cursed anymore. And anyway, you can"t be sure that they"re.."

Cordy: "Oh, please! They"ve got the forbidden love of all time. They have been apart for months. Now he"s suddenly human? I"m sure they are down there just having tea and crackers."
Angel: "Would you like some more?"
Buffy: "No, thank you."
Angel: "I"m really sorry I kissed you like that."

Buffy: "You are?"
Angel: "Well, not for the kiss itself.."
Buffy: "Good. I mean, "cause - as far as kisses go I thought it was well above average."

Angel: "It was incredible. I just - I-I think, maybe we"d be asking for trouble rushing back into things. Not that I don"t want to - rush. Believe me, I do."

Buffy: "Right. You spoke to the Oracles and they said you were cured for good. But how do we know that they really speak for the Powers? I mean they could be - pranksters."

Angel: "Or there could be another loophole."
Buffy: "Exactly. And then the two of us would be in even deeper and it's "grr" all over again."

Angel: "It would be smart to wait a while. See if this mortal thing takes."

Buffy: "Exactly. And even if it does, it"s still complicated."
Angel: "You"re still the Slayer. And I"m not sure what I am now. I don"t know what my purpose is. I can"t just wedge myself into your life back in Sunnydale. It wouldn"t be good for either of us.
Not to mention the fact that you just started college.
And what about slaying. I mean, if you had me to worry about, you might not be as focused."

Buffy: "Are you going to pull out a pie chart on me now? Because I get it, it"s not necessary."

Angel: "I"m not saying I don"t want you. You know how much.. I"m just saying it"s worth the wait to be sure this is right. I need to be sure you won"t get hurt again."

Buffy: "You know it"s a good thing I didn"t fantasize about you turning human only about 10 zillion times, because today would have been a real let down. - So how does the mature plan go? You call me? I call you? What?"

Angel: "We stay in touch - just not.."

Buffy: "Literally. - Funny. Okay, I"d better.."

Angel: "Right. Remove the temptation."

Buffy: "So, we"ll - talk soon."
"Peanut butter, preferably crunchy!"
Angel: "I got it."
Buffy: "The perfect yum. Mmm, this is a dream. You"re human for like a minute and already there is Cookie-dough-fudge-mint-chip in the fridge."
Angel: "God, I love food."
Buffy: "Food is good."
Angel: "Why didn"t you ever tell me about chocolate and peanut butter?"
Buffy: "Well, I figured if your vamp taste buds couldn"t really savor it, then it would only hurt you, you know?
By the way, I"m over the whole needing to be mature thing.
That time you just spent in the kitchen? That was enough time apart."

Angel: "Too much."
"Okay, mortal coordination leaving something to be desired."
Buffy: "Wrong. It"s just right."
Cordy: "Well, this is working out nicely! I"m out of a job."
Doyle: "Hey! It"s not just you, you know?"
Cordy: "Oh, please. Who are *you* kidding? You"re glad it happened."
Doyle: "Hey, I"m glad for Angel, but if that means I"m off the hook with the Powers-That-Be as well, all the better. I"m finally free to go out in the world and make me own mark in the world."
Cordy: "We had a cat that used to do that. Oh god, what am I going to do? I"m good for exactly two things: International Superstardom, or helping a vampire with a soul to rid the world of evil. That makes for a short but - colorful resume."
Doyle: "Well, what ever happens form here on out, at least I will be able to say good-bye to them bone-crushing, head-wrenching, mind-numbing visions."
Cordy: "What do you see?"
Doyle: "We got trouble."
Buffy: "It"s a good sound. Thump-thump. Thump-thump."
Angel: "It feels pretty amazing."

Buffy: "I"m so glad we didn"t logic ourselves out of this. We"ll make it work, right?"

Angel: "We will."
Buffy: "Oh, I"m so sleepy, - but I still want.."

Angel: "What? You couldn"t possibly.. Not that I wouldn"t.."
Buffy: "No, no. I"m spent. Pleasantly numb even. You?"
Angel: "For now."
Buffy: "No, I - want to stay awake - so this day can keep happening."
Angel: "Sleep. We"ll make another one like it tomorrow."
Buffy: "Angel? This is the first time I ever really felt this way."
Angel: "What way?"
Buffy: "Just like I"ve always wanted to. Like a normal girl, falling asleep in the arms of her normal boyfriend. It"s perfect."

Doyle: "Hey, that Mohra demon regenerated more then just you."
Angel: "What?"
Doyle: "I had a vision. It regenerated itself."

Angel: "Where?"
Doyle: "In the tunnel where you fought it. Then it was in some sort of factory. I thought I tasted salt. Could have been the margarita."

Angel: "No, it needs a lot of salt to live."

Doyle: "Well, it was very much alive in this vision, and angry if I might mention."

Angel: "I"ll have to kill it again."
Doyle: "Yeah, but you"re human now. They released you."
Angel: "You want to let that thing roam free? You saw it in a factory. There is a saline plant in Redondo, We"ll start there."

Doyle: "Yeah, but if it can regenerate itself, how can you kill it?"
Angel: "We"ll figure it out. Just grab the book of Kelsor. You'll read, I"ll drive.
Doyle: "I think we should bring someone a little - supernatural?"
"Don"t you want to wake the girl?"
Angel: "Not for the world."
Doyle: "Okay. This is not good. It doesn"t just come back - it comes back bigger and stronger. I think we should go back and get Buffy."
Angel: "I know what I"m doing."
Doyle: "This isn"t your average demon we"re fighting here. It nearly licked you before and now your mortal."
Angel: "If this thing with me and Buffy is going to work, I need to be able do this on my own. I can"t keep risking her life every time some minion of hell.. Just tell me how to kill it."

Doyle: "Uh, "It regenerates until the dark future it envisions is upon us."
Oh, "to kill the beast one must bring darkness to 1000 eyes"."
Angel: "Funny, I only saw two."
Doyle: "Keep up the glib. It makes me feel like we have a chance Take it easy, mate."

Ange: "The blood."
Doyle: "It"s never an easy sight. It"s part of being human now."
Angel: "I"m going to kill that thing."
Doyle: "Just remember that it"s brutal, deadly, and here!"
Buffy: "Angel? - Cordelia."
Cordy: "Is this antique?"
Buffy: "Byzantine. Where is Angel?"
Cordy: "I"ve decided not to feel sorry for myself. I"m taking matters into my own hands, organizing a little "going out of business" sale to subsidize the severance package Angel never bothered setting up for me."

Buffy: "Did he leave a message about where he went?"
Cordy: "You know I"m in real pain here and all you can do is talk about Angel.
Has it even occurred to you how this whole turning human thing might affect me?"

Buffy: "Regrettably - no. Look, if you know where he is, just tell me?"

Cordy: "He told me not to tell you."
Buffy: "Is he in trouble? Cordelia, what are we, in second grade here? Tell me!"
Cordy: "Oh, you want to talk about being mature? Maybe it"s time that *you* grew up and realized that you can"t have everything. You can"t have Angel and save the world.
And anyway, it"s your fault that he went to fight that thing by himself without.."

Buffy: "What thing?"
Mohra: "The end of days has begun and can't be stopped. For anyone of us that falls, *ten* shall rise."
Buffy: "You hurt my boyfriend."
Mohra: "A great darkness is coming."
Buffy: "You got that right."
"Come on, this is the great warrior of darkness?"
Mohra: "Together you were powerful. Alone, you are dead. What do you think of the great warrior now?"
Angel: "Little bland. Needs salt."
"The light of a thousand eyes.. The jewel in its forehead! You have to smash the jewel."

Mohra: "No!"
Angel: "Buffy, are you all.."
Buffy: "Shh, you"re all right. That"s all that matters. Shh, you"re all right. And it"s over. And we"re together."
Man: "You again."
Woman: "What have you brought me?"
Angel: "Famille Rose vase. Ching dynasty. Circa 1811."
Woman: "Lovely."
Man: "Why are you here, lower being?"

Angel: "The Mohra demon said the end of days had begun. That others were coming, soldiers of darkness. I need to know if he was telling the truth."
Man: "As far as such things can be told."

Angel: "What happens to the Slayer when these soldiers come?"
Woman: "What happens to all mortal beings. Albeit sooner in her case."

Angel: "She"ll die? - Then I"m here to beg for her life."
The Oracles: "It is not our place to grant life or death."
Angel: "And I ask you to take mine back. Look I can"t protect her or anyone this way, not as a man."
Woman: "You"re asking to be what you were, a demon with a soul, because of the Slayer?"
Man: "Oh, this is a matter of love. It does not concern us."
Angel: "Yes, it does. The Mohra demon came to take a warrior from your cause - and it succeeded. I"m no good to you like this. I know you have it in your power to make this right. Please."
Man: "What is done can not be undone."

Woman: "What is not yet done can be avoided."
Man: "Temporal folds are not to indulge at - the whims of lower beings."

Woman: "You are wrong. This one is willing to sacrifice every drop of human happiness and love he has ever known for another. He is not a lower being."
Man: "There is one way. But it is not to be undertaken lightly."
Woman: "We swallow this day, as though it had never happened. Twenty-four hours from the moment the demon first attacked you, we take it back."
Angel: "Then none of this happened and Buffy and I.. What - what"ll stop us from doing the exact same thing again?"
Woman: "You. You alone will carry the memory of this day. - Can you carry that burden?"
Buffy: "I"m guessing that expression isn"t because they were all out of fresh OJ at the deli. - What happened?"

Angel: "Nothing happened. - I just.."
Buffy: "Where have you been?"
Angel: "I went to see the Oracles. I asked them to turn me back."
Buffy: "What? - Why?"
Angel: "Because more then ever I know how much I love you."
Buffy: "No. No, you didn"t."
Angel: "And if I stayed mortal one of us would wind up dead, maybe both of us. You heard what Mohra said."
Buffy: "Mohra is dead. We killed him."
Angel: "He said others would come."
Buffy: "They always come. And they always will. But that"s my problem now, not yours, remember?"
Angel: "No, I won"t just stand by and let you fight, maybe die, alone."

Buffy: "Then we fight together."
Angel: Buffy:You saw what happened last night. If anything I"m a liability to you.

You take chances to protect me, and that"s not just bad for you, it"s bad for the people we were meant to help."
Buffy: "So what? You just took a whole 24 hours to weigh the ups and downs of being a regular Joe and decided it was more fun being a superhero?"

Angel: "You know that"s not it. How can we be together if the cost is your life, or the lives of others?
I know. I couldn"t tell you. I wasn"t sure - if I could do it if I woke up with you one more morning."
Buffy: "I understand. - So, what happens now?"
Angel: "The Oracles are giving us back the day, turning back time, so I can kill Mohra before his blood makes me mortal."

Buffy: "When?"
Angel: "Another minute."
Buffy: "A minute? No. No, it"s not enough time!"
Angel: "We don"t have a choice. It"s done."
Buffy: "How am I supposed to go on with my life knowing what we had? What we could have had?"
Angel: "You won"t. No one will know but me."

Buffy: "Everything we did."
Angel: "It never happened."
Buffy: "It did. It did. I know it did! I felt your heart beat."

Angel: "Buffy.."
Buffy: "No! Oh God. It"s not enough time."
Angel: "Shh, please. Please."
"Please, please."
Buffy: "No. I"ll never forget. I"ll never forget. I"ll never forget. I"ll never forget."

"So, then let"s just stick to the plan. Keep our distance until a lot of time has passed, and given enough time - we should be able to.."

Angel: "Forget."
Buffy: "Yeah. - So - I"m gonna go - start forgetting."
"That was unreal. - How did you know how to kill it?"
Angel: "It"s a Mohra demon. I - I had a lot of time to catch up on my reading."
Buffy: "Yeah. Okay. - So I guess we"ve covered it, right?"
Angel: "I guess we did."
Buffy: "And that"s all there really is to say."

Angel: "Yeah. - That"s it."

The end
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