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Radio: There"s a 503 on the corner
of Wilshire and Vermont,
Owner says he spotted his auto
two blocks around location,

One Mary 20, do you have a name?
Kate: 'Where?'
Officer: 'Over there detective.'
Kate: 'It's the same guy. This makes three. He's just getting started.'


Cordy: 'I believe in Los Angeles. It's the city of dreams, a mystical oasis, built from a dessert. But even sunny blond LA has its trashy dark roots, and you've learned that the hard way, haven't you? You've taken your problem to the police, they can't help you, so you've come to us.'

Wesley: 'I think it's about to speak.'

Сordy: 'Nobody likes a smart-ass, rogue demon hunter. What do you want, Wesley?'

Wesley: 'Just thought I'd pop round so we might compare battle plans from our respective fronts.'
Cordy: 'Oh, I thought you worked alone?'

Wesley: 'Well, even a solitary soldier, such as myself, recognizes that a free exchange of intelligence benefits the common struggle. - Also, I brought in your mail and newspaper.'

Cordy: 'Oh, thanks. So what have you got?'
Wesley: 'Got?'
Cordy: 'You wanted to compare skinnies on the current 'evil happenings'.'
Wesley: 'Yes. Skinnies. Precisely. - Uh, right, well... Everything *seems* quiet.'
Cordy: 'Okay. Well, - thanks for stopping by.'
Wesley: 'And you? - How go things on your end of the good fight?'
Cordy: 'I've been giving the hard sell to an empty chair. What do you think?'
Wesley: 'Quiet all around then. Well, I'll keep myself available. The situation can only escalate. We made a most effective team, I felt. Vanquishing that empathy demon in such short order.'

Cordy: 'Yeah, well, nobody gauged out my eyes, so I'm happy.'
Wesley: 'Yes, most effective. Your cryptic visions, Angel's brawn, my *highly* developed powers of deduction rounding out...'

Cordy: 'This isn't our mail.'
Wesley: 'Sorry?'
Cordy: 'See here? The dentist office - next door.'
Wesley: 'Oh, I see. I didn't... realize...'
Cordy: 'Something wrong? You stopped yammering.'
Wesley: 'I, ah, I suppose I should return these items to their proper owner.'
Angel: 'Who were you talking to?'
Cordy: 'Nobody. And Wesley. Uhm, so, you remember that license plate we got on that runaway case?'
Angel: 'I remember *you* were going to follow up on it.'
Cordy: 'No go. The BMV is totally stalker-phobic.
And wow! You look half-dead. Which for someone, who's completely dead, would be - kind of neat?'
Angel: 'License plate, Cordelia.'
Cordy: 'Uh, right. I thought maybe you could have police woman run it for us on the Q.T.?'

Angel: 'Kate.'
Cordy: 'Are you sure you're okay? I mean for a guy who's 200 plus, you're not usually with the bags.'

Angel: 'I'll do this now.'
Cordy: 'Hey...'
Angel: 'Look, I'm fine Cordelia. All right?'

Cordy: 'All right.'
Angel: 'I'll take the tunnels.'
Kate: 'You know I'm not supposed to release that kind of information to a civilian, Angel.'

Angel: 'I know.'
Kate: 'If it were anyone else...'
Angel: 'I appreciate it, Kate.'
Kate: 'I know you do. So I don't mind. I'll run it myself, have it for you by morning.'
Angel: 'No rush. Late afternoon, evening will be fine, actually.'
Kate: 'To be honest, I won't mind getting my head out of this case. Even for a minute.'
Angel: 'Tough one?'
Kate: 'The first victim, Reggie Sparks, volunteered as a crossing-guard.
Jinny Markem, she just started the tenth grade, and Jessica Halpren, 25,
worked as a waitress. And do you know what they all have in common? - What he did to them. That's all.'

Angel: 'That's not all. They have you.'
Officer: 'Here are the crime scene photos you wanted.'
Kate: 'Thanks. Look, why don't you stop by tomorrow? By then I'll have invaded a citizen's right to privacy for you, and you can...

Yeah, it's pretty grim, isn't it? I've spent the last 48 hours putting together a suspect profile, and believe me, being inside this guy's head hasn't been a whole lot of fun. -
The tabloids are calling him 'the pope'. Probably thinks he's doing God's work.'

Angel: 'No. Just the opposite. This is about mocking God. That's my guess.'
Officer: 'Detective? They're ready for you now.'
Kate: 'Yeah, okay. Looks like it's show... ...time.'
'Our suspect will be a white male. To the observer he will not seem a monster. His victims put up little or no struggle, so it's likely that he is charming, attractive,

but at his core he is a loner.
Possibly a dual personality, who once the crime has been committed, retains no memory of the act.
He will not view his victims as subhuman, rather it's himself that he views as something other than human, more than human, a superior species. Stalking his prey, getting to know them. It's unlikely that he'll be married though he may have recently come off a long-term relationship that ended badly.
We look for a precipitating event in cases such as this, and a painful breakup is always at the top of the list.

Prior to failing this relationship may have marked an inactive period in our suspects life.

He would have regarded it as a lifeline, his salvation, but once ended, it resulted in his recidivism. - What is not in question is his experience. He's been doing this for a very long time, and he will do it again.'

Cordy: 'Jeez, Wesley! Hover much?'
Wesley: 'Where is he? Where is Angel?'
Cordy: 'Not here. What is that?'
Wesley: 'Just what it looks like.'
Cordy: 'Kind of rude coming into a vampire's place of business with one of those things, don't you think? Could be misinterpreted?'

Wesley: 'You recall earlier this morning that mix-up with the dentists mail and newspaper? That's when I saw this.'
Cordy: 'Oh, my God! You cut up Dr. Folger's newspaper? You're going to get us kicked out of this building.'
Wesley: 'What? No, Cordelia, the clipping!'
Cordy: 'Third body found in alley. So? Not exactly front-page news.'
Wesley: 'Actually that is the front-page, but still, note the modus operandi? The mutilation of the corpse with a religious icon?'

Cordy: 'I'm against it?'
Wesley: 'I think you better sit down. While executing my duties as Watcher in Sunnydale, I did extensive research. Specifically on Angel, given his uncomfortable proximity to the Slayer.'

Cordy: 'He looked pretty comfortable to me.'

Wesley: 'When I saw this story today it rang chillingly familiar. So I reacquainted myself with certain facts,
confirming, I'm sorry to say, my grim suspicions. In the late 1700s it was Angelus' custom to 'sign' his victims by carving a Christian cross into their left cheek.
He liked to let people know he'd been there.'

Cordy: 'Okay, you get to leave now. - You're not gonna come in here and accuse Angel like this.'
Wesley: 'Cordelia.'
Cordy: 'No! I don't care how many files you have on all the horrible things he did back in the powdered wig days! -
He is good now. And he's my friend. And nothing you or anyone else can say will make me turn on a friend!'

Angel: 'Cordelia. He's right.'
Cordy: 'You'll stake him and I'll cut his head off.'
Wesley: 'Come no closer!'
Angel: 'I'm not going to hurt you.'
Cordy: 'Oh, is that what you told Miss 'third body found in alley'?'
Wesley: 'Why should we believe a word you say?'
Angel: 'Because this is how fast I could take you if I wanted to.'
Wesley: 'All right. We're listening.'
Angel: 'I have no memory of doing any of these things.'
Cordy: 'Not exactly the confidence inspiring denial I was looking for.'

Angel: 'I've been having dreams.'
Wesley: 'Dreams?'
Angel: 'Killing dreams. Always the same.
I-I stalk them, toy with them, mark them while they are still alive. And before they can die from their fear, I feed on them.'

Cordy: 'Okay. So you've been having nightmares, it doesn't mean you...'
Angel: 'They're not nightmares. I've enjoyed them.'
Cordy: 'Oh.'
Wesley: 'And you fear that these may be more than just dreams, that you are acting them out in some sort of hypnogogic state.'

Cordy: 'Hypnowhatic?'
Wesley: 'Sleepwalking.'
Cordy: 'Vampires can't sleepwalk. He'd take one step out of the front door and his pyjamas would burst into flame!'
Wesley: 'Unless it were happening in the pre-dawn hours. - Which is when all these murders took place.'
Angel: 'There is only one way to be sure.'
Wesley: 'You've got to make it tight.'
Cordy: 'Like I need instructions from you. - My glamorous LA life, I get to make the coffee and chain the boss to the bed. I've got to join a union.'

Angel: 'Cordelia, I think that's tight enough.'

Cordy: 'And if it turns out that we're back on the liquid lunch, better safe than cocktails!'

Wesley: 'Well, all we can do now is wait.'

Cordy: 'Yeah. And no offense Angel, but maybe you are committing those horrible crimes just in your dreams, but even so, I don't want to stick around for your nocturnal commissions.'
Angel: 'I understand.'
Cordy: 'Okay. Well, pleasant... ah, I mean, sleep tight.'
Angel: 'That's pretty much a given.'

Angel: 'There now, isn't that better?'
Cordelia: 'Wakie, wakie!'
Wesley: 'We made it.'
Cordy: 'Great news, sport's fans, there has been another killing. Well, maybe not so great news for the - you know, dead person, but at least now we know that Mr. 'I'm so tortured' didn't do it.'

Angel: 'Yes, I did.'
Angelus: 'There now, isn't that better?'
Blond vampire: 'Better.'
Angelus: 'First kill. Aptly done.'

Penn: 'It's strange. She was my sister.'
Angelus: 'And yet you feel nothing.'

Penn: 'No, I feel hungry.'
Angelus: 'Ah, you do learn very quickly.'

Penn: 'My father would disagree.'
Angelus: 'Ah, then perhaps it's time you shared with him just what a fine student you've become.'
Penn: 'My father, yes. - They'll all be sitting down to dinner now.'
Angelus: 'A feast. Excellent. When they invite you in, savor it, Penn. You'll not recapture the moment. Family blood is always the sweetest.'
Angel: 'I taught him well.'
Cordy: 'A real psycho-wan-kenobi.'
Wesley: '200 years practice. I imagine he has it down by now.'

Cordy: 'No lie. Gallagher's changed his act more often than this dude has in the last two centuries.
Why do you think he's still doing the same old schtick?'
Wesley: 'Well, I mean, it's a classic, isn't it? Every time he smashes that watermelon with a sledgehammer I just...'
Angel: 'I don't know why.'
Wesley: 'You don't suppose it's his way of trying to draw you out? That he knows you're here. That might explain the dreams.'
Angel: 'No. I used to have a connection with those I sired. It just means he's close, that's all.'
Cordy: 'Neat. We can't find him and the cops stand absolutely zero chance of stopping him.'

Angel: 'Kate.'
Wesley: 'What are you doing?'
Angel: 'She doesn't know what she's dealing with, what she's up against.'
Wesley: 'And you're not going to tell her. - Think about it. You can't walk into a police precinct with intimate knowledge about these murders and claim a 200 year-old Puritan is responsible. - You'd be locked up faster than Lady Hamilton's virtue! My apologies.'

Cordy: 'That's okay. I-I don't know what that meant.'

Angel: 'She's a good cop. She has resources we don't. Eventually she *will* find him.'

Cordy: 'Bad for her then.'
Angel: 'Or good for us.'
Kate: 'Hey. I have the info on your license plate. Angel, are you okay? Not that the 'brooding man of mystery' thing isn't working for you. I mean it is. A lot.'

Angel: 'Can we talk somewhere in private?'

Kate: 'Sure, of course.'
'What is it?'
Angel: 'Ah... How's the investigation?'
Kate: 'It's nowhere. Some of your more inconsiderate serial killers often fail to leave us any clues. Angel?'

Angel: 'He's reliving it.'
Kate: 'What's going on?'
Angel: 'It's complicated.'
Kate: 'So make it simple.'
Angel: 'Kate, do you trust me?'
Kate: 'You know I do.'
Angel: 'Trust me when I tell you - this is the man you're looking for.'
Kate: 'Where did you get that? How could you possibly...'
Angel: 'Do you trust me?'
Kate: 'I don't understand. Are you protecting a source? Yes, I trust you.'
Angel: 'His next victim will be a white male, adolescent. He'll take him off the streets in a low rent neighborhood. Probably near a bar or liquor store and he'll kill him just like he did these others. Unless you use every resource this department has to make sure he is not successful this time.'

Wesley: 'So, I take it you told her everything.'

Angel: 'Just enough to get her killed.'
Wesley: 'Well, we'll just have to see that doesn't happen.'
Angel: 'Exactly. Once you hook this up, she finds something, we'll know about it.'

Wesley: 'Where did you get the police radio?'

Angel: 'Police car.'
Wesley: 'Oh dear!'
Kate: ' So lets set up patrols here and here. Anything matching the profile gets reported.'

Cop: Okay. Mitchell, you"ll ride with me.

Kid: 'Excuse me, Sir, could you buy me some beer.
Маn: Take a hike.
Kid: I left my I.D at home and I can't...
'Ma'am, ma'am, could you possibly pick me up some beer? It's for my mother, she needs...'
'Hey dude, are you old enough to buy beer?'

'Are you sure about this man? I don't think there is any discount liquor store over here.'

Penn: 'You know you remind me of a brother I once had.'
Kid: 'Yeah, whatever. I think we're going nowhere here.'
Penn: 'Good point.'
Officer: 'You! Right there, hold it!'
Police scanner: 'All units. Backup requested at 3336 Channel Avenue. Use caution. Multiple homicide suspect believed to be on the location.'

Officer: 'Search teams are on their way now. He went in through there. We've sealed the exits. The place is big, but we'll find him.'
Kate: 'I'm going in.'
Angel: 'Meet you back here.'
Kate: 'Don't move! - Do not move, I will fire!'

Penn: 'Ouch.'
Angelus? Angelus! My God! It's been a life time!'
Angel: 'At least.'
Penn: 'We were to meet in Italy, remember?'

Angel: 'I remember.'
Penn: 'Well, I waited. Hell, I waited until the 19th century. What happened?'
Angel: 'Got held up in Romania.'
Penn: 'Romania. What's in Romania?'

Angel: 'Gypsies.'
Kate: 'Request assistance. Full tactical units. Second floor, southwest corner.'

Penn: 'Hmm. Join me for a drink.'
Angel: 'That's not why I'm here.'
Kate: 'Request assistance, suspect sighted...'

Penn: 'Yeah, why are you here?'
Angel: 'To kill you.'
Radio: Detective Lockley..
Angel: 'Go, Kate! Get out of here! - Kate, go!'

Penn: 'You know its name? Angelus, what happened to you?'
Angel: 'People change.'
Penn: 'We're not people!'
Radio: 'Lockley. Lockley, where are you?'
Kate: 'I shot him three times. I know I did. And he got up. If I pull this trigger, are you going to get up, too? What are you?'

Angel: 'You already know the answer, Kate. Details have been left out of the press reports. Something you held back. Isn't that right?'
Kate: 'What do you know about it?'
Angel: 'Puncture wounds. The victims have all been drained of their blood, haven't they?'
Kate: 'And should I trust you more, or less because you happen to know that?'

Angel: 'You're not going to stop him, Kate, not like this.'
Kate: 'What do you mean?'
Angel: 'It's going to take direct sunlight, decapitation, - or a stake through the heart.'
Kate: 'You're telling me children's stories.'

Angel: 'I'm telling you the truth.'
Kate: 'No. I don't believe you.'
Angel: 'I know you don't. Even after what you saw you won't let yourself, which is why you'll lose.'
Kate: 'I've heard enough.'
Angel: 'No, you haven't heard a word, and you won't. Not now, not yet. Because there are some things in this world you're just not ready to face.'
Officer: 'Here is everything with that MO dating back as far as I could find.

Kate: Thanks, Chris.
Officer: So, you think this guy is a copy-cat and a history buff?'
Kate: 'Something like that.'

Vampire killer strikes in garment district. City mourns to loss of prominent civic leader

Cordy: 'So, you've discovered the seamy underbelly of the candy coated America, have you? Well, you've come to the right place! Here at Angel Investigations we won't judge, but we will charge.
Now, if you only tell me how you heard of us.'

Penn: 'From the police actually.'
Cordy: 'Really?'
Penn: 'Yeah. The Detective I spoke with was very enthusiastic. For the truly human touch, she said, I should come to you.'

Cordy: 'Oh good. Is it cold out there?'

Penn: 'I'm trying to remember her name. What - what was it? She is about yea tall, attractive, natural blonde?'
Cordy: 'Oh yeah, Kate! Detective Lockley.'
Penn: 'Lockley. - Yes, that's it.'
Cordy: 'Yeah, she and Angel are totally tight.'
Penn: 'So, she is more than just a professional relationship then. He cares for her.'
Cordy: 'Oh, yeah. More than he knows. But that's our Angel, dour, sure, but not afraid to get personally involved in his work. And you're totally pumping me for information, aren't you?'

Penn: 'Yeah.'
Cordy: 'Oh crap. You're him. He. The guy. Apt pupil boy.'
Penn: 'You realize you'll never make it to the exit before I...'
Cordy: 'Go up like a match?'
Penn: 'Well. Look who's back from his 'up with people' meeting.'
Angel: 'Give me a stake.'
Cordy: 'It's like 8 in the morning. - Oh, you mean like, okay.'
Penn: 'What? You don't drink, so now no one gets to?'
Angel: 'I don't expect you to understand.'
Penn: 'Oh, I - I understand. I was a Puritan, remember?'
Angel: 'It's gotta end.'
Penn: 'Why? - Because you say so?
And how does that work exactly? You just wake up one morning and decide 'Okay, now I'm good!' No, Angelus, it doesn't end.
It never, ever ends.
It just goes on and on.'

Cordy: 'That's not the only thing that goes on and on. Here, dust him.'

Angel: 'I'm sorry for what I did to you, Penn, for what I turned you into.'

Penn: 'First class killer? An Artist? A bold re-interpreter of the form?'

Angel: 'Try cheesy hack. Look at you. You've been getting back at your father for over 200 years. It's pathetic and cliched. Probably got a killer shrine on your wall, huh? News clippings, magazine articles, maybe a few candles? Oh, you are so prosaic.'

Wesley: 'Nothing on the streets about a new vampire in town. Which is maybe because he's here - and has me by the throat.'
Angel: 'Let him go!'
Penn: 'You're right Angelus, my work was getting stale. I appreciate the critique. So look for something new, innovative, something shockingly original. Just think of the worst possible thing you can imagine, and I'll see you there.'

Angel: 'Hi. Can I come in?'
Kate: 'Oh, that's right. You have to be invited in, don't you?'
Angel: 'You've been doing your homework.'

Kate: 'Want to quiz me? I'm just full of fun facts. For instance, I learned that your friend has been in LA before, did you know that? Yeah, at least twice.
Once in 1929 and again in 1963. Oh and there is something in Boston in 1908. I think he was there, too.'

Angel: 'So you believe me?'
Kate: 'Yes, I believe you.'
Angel: 'Good, because he is planning something...'
Kate: 'Angelus. Isn't that what he called you? Angelus? I looked it up. It's all right there. The demon with the face of an angel.
A particularly brutal bastard by all accounts. Oh, and no, you can't come in.'
Angel: 'I can't make up for the past, Kate, I know that.'
Kate: 'No you can't. In fact all of this what's happening now, is really because of you. You made him, didn't you?'
Angel: 'Let me help end it, please?'

Kate: 'Please. Now there is a word I imagine you heard quite a lot in your time.
Please... no... don't?
Thanks for the offer, but I don't *need* your help. I know what to do. Drive a stake right through the son of a bitch's heart.
And when that happens I suggest you don't be there. Because the next time we meet I'll do the same to you.'

Cordy: 'Ha, here it is! Los Angeles Globe, 1929. 'The Regent Gardens Hotel manager said, that the suspect seemed like a quiet, normal type. The search is ongoing.'
No kidding. What are we looking for exactly?'

Angel: 'I don't know yet.'
Wesley: 'In 1963 the police tracked the killer to a residential hotel called the Clover Wood Apartments. By the time they made their move, he'd already fled. They never caught him.'
Cordy: 'It's the same place. New name and a face lift. Not the first time that's happened in this town.'
Angel: 'Huh, good old predictable Penn.'

Wesley: 'Oh, I invite you in.'
Angel: 'Relax. That's only for humans. Breaking and entering another vampire's lair isn't a problem.'
Wesley: 'Oh. Right.'
Angel: 'He's not here.'
Wesley: 'So what then, we wait? Raid the icebox and try to think of the worst possible thing we can imagine?'

Angel: 'Stop imagining.'
Wesley: 'Good Lord. All those school children.'
Angel: 'He's finally changing his act.'

Kate: 'All right, listen up. You've all received one of these in your briefing packets.
This is the man that we're looking for. And this man is how we're going to find him. He's the way to our killer.
His name is Angel and he's a local private detective. We have reason to believe that our suspect will make an attempt to contact Angel, possibly as his next target.'

Detective: 'So we are going to stake out Angel's place? How many men do you want?'

Kate: 'Lots. We'll be working in rotating teams...'
Penn: 'This is a terrible likeness of me. Uh, the mouth, it's all wrong!'
Kate: 'No!'.
Radio: Attention, all units....
Wesley: 'We're in.' 'I don't understand. What about the school children? Shouldn't we be...'

A cop: Stop! Stop! Hold it right there!'

Angel: 'He's here.'
Police scanner: 'Dragnet in progress. Suspect is believed to be in the vicinity of the 12th street station. Secure area. Use caution.'
Kate: 'What are you going to do?'
Penn: 'Well, first I thought I'd stop everything and tell you my plan. Or better yet why don't I just show you?
Ah, smell that fear. Makes the blood sweeter. You know who taught me that?'

Kate: 'I'm not afraid to die.'
Penn: 'Oh, I'm not going to kill you. But when I'm finished, Angel will.'

Angel: 'Bus full of school children, Penn? You really thought I was gonna fall for that?'

Penn: 'Well, you could have.'
Angel: 'Nah, - too original.'
Penn: 'Well, you were right about one thing, Angelus. The last 200 years has been about me sticking it to my father. But I've come to realize something - it's you! You made me! You taught me! You approved of me in ways my mortal father never did! You are my real father, Angelus.'
Angel: 'Fine! You're grounded.'

Penn: 'You forget your own lessons, old teacher: Never give up the advantage, remember?'
'Living among them has made you *weak*! It sickens me to think that there was a time where you would have done whatever was necessary.'
Angel: 'You missed.'
Kate: 'No I didn't.'
Cordy: 'If you wondering why this vein on my temple is doing the cha-cha, it's because I just had one of those bone-crunching, mind-splitting vision headaches.
New job.'

Angel: 'I was just thinking about how much this place is like where I grew up.'
Cordy: 'Right. - Yeah. I could see that, except for the cars, and the buildings and the, you know, everything else.'
Angel: 'It's not so different. People moving through their lives. I wonder if anything ever really changes.'

Cordy: 'Sure it does. - They do. You have. - They were just dreams, Angel. They weren't even your dreams. They didn't mean anything.'
Angel: 'But I enjoyed it.'
Cordy: 'It'd probably be okay if you never mentioned that part ever again.'

Angel: 'It's still in me, Cordelia.'
Cordy: 'Sure it's in you. We all have *something*. But it's not the only thing that's in you. You're not him, Angel. Not anymore. The name I got in my vision, the message didn't come for Angelus, it came for you. Angel. And you have to trust that whoever that The Powers That Be be, - are, - is.. anyway, - they know the difference.'

Angel: 'Yeah.'
Cordy: 'People really *do* change.'
Angel: 'Yes they do. And sometimes they change back. If the day ever comes that I...'

Cordy: 'Oh, I'll kill you dead!'
Angel: 'Thanks.'
Cordy: 'What are friends for?'

The end
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