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Gunn: "You got to admire the loyalty. All night here, hitting the books. Logging serious alone-time, delving into the secret mysteries of... - Man, Wesley needs a life."

Fred: "I wonder if he found anything new about Connor."
Wes: "Don"t touch that."
"They"re just in a specific order. I"ll be lost... What time is it?"
Angel: "Time for Wesley to wakey-wakey! Isn"t that right Connor?"
Wes: "I must have lost track of the time. I meant to, ah - go home."
Angel: "Road to hell, right?"
Gunn: "So, Wes, you find any answers in all these stuffy books of yours?"
Angel: "He already knows the answer. He"s just looking for the question."
Wes: "So, have we heard anything from Cordelia recently?"
Angel: "Do you wanna see Connor do something cool? I"m teaching him how to die!"

Wes: "Don"t!"
Gunn: "Tick-tock, Wes. Running out of time. Running out of time."
Angel: "Morning, Wes. You been here all night?"


1.Woman: "You"d think something was killing him."
"All night long, the screaming and crying."
2.Woman: "Colic is the worst."
1.Woman: "I hold him. I walk him. Nothing seems to work."
Angel: "Have you tried the vacuum?"
"Sometimes the white noise from a motor will put a colicky baby right to sleep."
1.Woman: "You know, I"ve read about that. The problem is my older one - I can"t run the vacuum while he"s sleeping."
Angel: "You could try taping it. The sound. Just leaving playing by the crib kind of low."

1.Woman: "I should have thought of that! Mr. Dad to the rescue!"

Nurse: "Misses Ferguson?"
1.Woman: "Oh, excuse me."
Angel: "Mr. Dad! Check me out! I"m Mr. Dad. You okay, Wes?"
Wes: "Well, just a bit tired, is all."
Angel: "Probably good you got out of the office. We haven"t seen you for the last couple of days. You"ve been all holed up with all those prophecies and books."
Wes: "Yes, I"ve been working on a - particularly difficult translation."
Angel: "Is it about Connor? Anything we have to worry about?"
Nurse: "Mr. Angel?"
Angel: "We"re up, kiddo. You"re coming in?"
Wes: "Just in case you forget to ask anything. Always better to have an extra pair of ears, right?"
Angel: "It"s like a - like a soft gurgle or a wheeze. It might be a wheeze. I heard it last night when I was feeding him. You hear it?"

Doctor: "All I hear is a normal, healthy little heart."
Angel: "You-you don"t understand. I-I got like really good hearing. I mean *really* good hearing."

Doctor: "Well, most first time parents do. You said this wheeze or gurgle happened while you were feeding him?"

Angel: "Is that bad? What is it?"
Doctor: "In my professional opinion - it"s called digestion."
Angel: "Oh."
Wes: "Doctor. During your exam you didn"t notice anything - abnormal about him, did you?"
Angel: "Wes! What kind of question is that? Did you?"
Doctor: "No. Your son is just fine."
Angel: "So - when will we get the results form the blood test?"
Doctor: "In about a week. It"s just precaution, really."
Angel: "But he"s okay. Connor"s healthy?"
Doctor: "As healthy as a human being can possibly be."
Angel to Connor: "Did you hear that? Thank you."
Doctor: "No problem."
Angel: "Thanks."
Wes: "Angel? You can let go of the doctor now."
Angel: "Oh. Right."
"Come on, kiddo. Thanks."
Doctor: "Take care."
"And they bitch about *my* cold hands."

Nurse: "There you are! Did you get turned around? You"re supposed to be over in exam three."
2.Woman: "Oh. My mistake."
Gunn: "I wanna know how he does it. No last name, no bank account. How are you ordering stuff off the web?"

Fred: "It"s not that hard, really. All you have to do is hack into the shipping database, find someone who is ordering what you want, then substitute your information. Except that would just be high-tech robbery."

Angel: "I memorized Cordelia"s credit card numbers."
Fred: "Oh. Low-tech robbery."
Gunn: "Some kind of boomerang vamp stake?"
Angel: "No! They"re itty-bitty hockey sticks!"

"Check this out! How *cute* is this? Huh? Seriously."
Gunn: "Seriously, I think you got way too much time on your hands."
Fred: "Come on. You think it"s adorable."

Gunn: "Well, yeah, but at least I"m manly enough to deny it."

Angel: "Okay, okay. I admit things have been a little slow since Cordelia and the Groosalug went on vacation."
Gunn: А little slow? I can"t believe I"m saying this, but I"m actually jonesing for a throw-down with something mean and nasty."
Fred: "Cordelia hasn"t called once with a vision. Do they even have phones there?"

Angel: "Maybe they"re not near a phone. Come on, it"s a vacation! They"re not gonna waste it all on a dark hotel room - you know, together, where the food"s delivered and there is no reason to go outside. You know, hockey is a great sport."

Gunn: "You realize this is the whitest sport known to man?"
Angel: "True. But the games are indoors, and they usually play at night.

Gunn: "Got you."
Angel: "I know it"s a little bit too early to be thinking about stuff like this, but I -I can"t wait to watch him, you know, grow up. For him to lose his first tooth. Learn how to ride a bike. Ha."
"I want to help him pick out a tux for his senior prom. I just can"t wait to see who he"s gonna to be. I know it"s mushy, but it"s just... He makes me so happy."

Gunn: "He shoots, he scores! Ha!"
Angel: "Well, sure. Of course, with no defender."
Gunn: "Ha. Bring it on."
Angel: "I think Connor? He"s gonna be center, you know?"
Gunn: "What you got?"
Angel: "Control of the puck."
"Yeah. Ditching the left wing."
Gunn: "Come on."
Angel: "Taking it all the way to the crease..."
"Yeah, you know, these - this isn"t regulation size."
Aubrey: "Excuse me. Is this Angel Investigations?"
"I need your help."
"Last Monday night, my son Timothy snuck out of the house. He loved to go to the pier. He loved the lights of the Ferris wheel there. So I went after him. I searched the pier, the arcade - nothing. So - I sat up all night and waited for him to come home."

Angel: "When did he return home? Right before dawn?"
Aubrey: "Yeah. But his face was... There was something wrong with his face - and - he was so angry. He was calling me names, and pounding on the door, and screaming at me to let him in. - It scared me. I was afraid of my own son. - Then he just - went up in flames."

Wes: "If you"d let him in - he would have killed you."
Aubrey: "At least he"d still be alive."

Gunn: "No. What came to your door that wasn"t your son. It looked like your son, but it wasn"t him."
Aubrey: "Maybe I could have found a way to turn him back."
Angel: "When somebody becomes a vampire there is no turning back. No matter how much you want to believe there is some part of him you can save, all that"s left is an evil thing."

Wes: "You say your son went to the pier that night? Gunn, why don"t you do a little recon while it"s still light out."

Gunn: "I can just gear up and take care of it."

Wes: "No. If there is a nest at the pier, we go as a group. Strictly reconnaissance."
Gunn: "Okay. Fred and I will check it out."
Aubrey: "If I could have found that thing myself, I would have killed it with my bare hands. - It made me afraid of my own little boy. I don"t understand any of this. I don"t know what to do."

Aubrey: "Wesley Wyndham-Pryce heads the staff at Angel Investigations. Doles out assignments, specializes in reference and research."
"This woman nicknamed Fred appears to be the resident science expert. It"s unclear whether she is a fighter. Finally, Charles Gunn: big, very strong, could be a formidable opponent. Though he seems to be a bit impulsive. We may be able to use that in the future."
Holtz: "Good work, Aubrey."
Aubrey: "Thanks, boss."
Justine: "I don"t understand. How can these people work for a vampire."
Holtz: "I once made a pact with a demon."

Justine: "So you could get to Angelus. So you could kill a vampire."
Holtz: "I"m sure they believe their reasons are good, how ever misguided. Things aren"t always black and white, Justine, good and evil."

Justine: "What about Angelus?"
Holtz: "He is evil."
Justine: "Chains would be good now."
Holtz: "I knew you were meant for this. We need to get moving. Events are happening even quicker than I could have hoped."
Sahjhan: "Thank god. I was starting to get bored."
"You know, my barber has the same problem with his scissors - hence the bad haircut.
Love the whole chained, un-dead look you got going on. Really sets off your fern."

Holtz: "You can stand down, Justine. It"s only Sahjhan."
Sahjhan: "*Only* Sahjhan? See that"s the trouble with you, Holtz. If you"d only done what you... Can we have a little privacy here?"

Holtz: "No."
Sahjhan: "Fine. You owe me a dead vampire."

Holtz: "Yes. Well, how shall I put this? What are you going to do about it? - Nothing. That"s what you"ll do. That"s all you *can* do - or else you wouldn"t have brought me here in the first place. You"ve done your part, Sahjhan. Now let me do mine."

Sahjhan: "What *is* your part? Recruiting a bunch of paramilitary moonie freaks, who run around playing Candid Camera with Angel"s buddies? That"s crap. Admit it. You"re a coward - and I bet Caroline would agree. You remember her, don"t you? Your dead wife? Mother of your dead kids? How"d they die? Who swore revenge? - Any of this ringing a bell?"

Holtz: "Get out."
Sahjhan: "Or what? You can"t kill me."
Holtz: "But I *can* trap your dimensional essence in a Resikhian Urn. Wonderful devices the urns. They last a lifetime. That is, if you live forever."

Sahjhan: "This isn"t over, Holtz"
Wes: "I know it"s dangerous. I don"t care. - You"re a wizard."
"Because it"s the right thing to do. - Then because I"m paying you an obscene amount of money. Just do it, and call me back."

Fred: "Hey. Wes?"
Wes: "What is it?"
Fred: "I"m sorry. You"re busy. I"ll come back."
Wes: "What can I do for you?"
Fred: "Nothing. Uhm, - I just wanted to compliment you, that"s all. You were really there for that woman, Aubrey, who lost her kid at the pier."
Wes: "Thank you."
Fred: "And working so hard, staring at all those books. And as a book-starer myself I know how crazy making that can be. You should get out of here for a while. Go for a walk. You deserve it."

"I was thinking: maybe you could call Aubrey. She is real attractive and her paperwork says she"s single. She probably needs a friend."

Wes: "Fred - we"re not here to date. - We"re here to do a job. Now why don"t you go to the pier and do your job."

Lilah: "Is everything alright? Are they taking care of you? - No, mom, this *is* Lilah. You called Lilah. Do you need anything? Do you need money? - No - mom, I can"t come over. I"m in Los Angeles. You know that. - Don"t cry. Mom, please, stop it."

"I"m gonna have to call you back."
"You don"t have an appointment."
Sahjhan: "That"s it? No "wow, how did he do that?" No screaming in terror? You twenty first century types are so jaded."
Lilah: "You"re Sahjhan, aren"t you? I may be jaded, but I do my homework. And there"s a girl downstairs, she"s got records on everything that ever happened. My company rocks."
Sahjhan: "Yes. I"m familiar with your firm - in this and other dimensions."
Lilah: "Great. Let"s shorthand. You"re a time-shifter. You recruited Holtz in the eighteenth"s century, put him on ice for a couple hundred years, so he could pop up and stake Angel when he"s least expecting it.

And considering that I have yet to put on my boogie-shoes and dance on Angel"s pile of dust, I"m imagining that Holtz isn"t working fast enough for you. Which leads me to believe, you think my firm can expedite the process."

Sahjhan: "More or less."
Lilah: "I hate to disappoint you, but Wolfram and Hart"s official policy is to let Angel live until he becomes useful. I"m sworn to obey that policy."

Тhe notepad "count me in".
Lilah: "Is there some other way I can help you?"
Sahjhan: "I have a plan. But for it to work, I require a very rare and valuable ingredient. Getting it will be difficult, if not impossible. - I need the blood of Angel"s son."

Lilah: "Got it."
Sahjhan: "Got it? What do you mean "got it?" How"d you get it?"
Lilah: "I swiped it from his doctor"s office. I don"t know what good it"ll do you though. Boys in the lab looked it over, said it was utterly run-of-the-mill. Completely normal."

Sahjhan: "That"s because they"re looking for the wrong thing."
Fred: "So I"m looking for anything suspicious. Like small dark places where somebody could get grabbed, or any blacked out cars or vans, or pale, bumpy people with sharp teeth."

Gunn: "I don"t think we got to worry about seeing any actual vamps, Fred. The sun"s still kinda up in the sky."

Fred: "Even so, as professionals shouldn"t we always be aware of our surroundings?"

Gunn: "Hey, ring toss! You want me be all macho and win you a prize?"

Fred: "Charles..."
Gunn: "Alright. You can be the macho one."
"Oh! Look at that stuffed little bunny up there! Think you could win it for me?"

Fred: "This is so wrong."
Gunn: "You"re right. I don"t want the bunny."
Fred: "We"re supposed to be working."

Gunn: "No, we"re supposed to be doing some bogus, half-assed recon. That"s different then working."
Fred: "Still. It"s our job."
Gunn: "Actually, this was my job. Wes never said to bring you along. Probably wanted me out and about so he could chat up my girl."

Fred: "Wesley wouldn"t do that. - I"m your girl?"

"Wes knows about us and you knew he knew and you didn"t let me know?"
Gunn: "Come on. You know he was interested in you. And now he knows we"re seeing each other, so what?"
Fred: "So, he"s our boss, and I don"t think he likes the idea of us dating while we"re working together."
Gunn: "He said something to you, didn"t he?"
"Well, you-you-you got my back, right? You stood up to him and said we"re two adults and what we do with our personal lives is none of his business, right?"

Fred: "You bet I, uh - didn"t. Charles, I like you and I wanna keep liking you."

Gunn: "Then do!"
Fred: "Maybe when we"re out like this we should - we should just work."

Gunn: "No. Can"t do it that way. Maybe I"m greedy, but I want it all: the great girl *and* the great job. I don"t care what Wesley says, but I"m not giving up either without a fight. How about you?"
"Good. Now, how about we go looking for some vampires?"
Angel: "Look at what"s coming at you. Woosh!"

Wes: "I have to leave the office for a moment."

Angel: "Wes, what"s going on?"
"You"ve been on edge for days. Talk to me."

Wes: "I just wanna make sure everything"s okay."
Angel: "You mean with Connor."
"You didn"t mean to give Uncle Wesley such a headache now, did you?"
Wes: "I won"t be long."
Angel: "Give us a smile. Yeah!"
"Hey, Wes."
"Thanks. You"re a good friend."
"Here"s the monkey. Yay-yay-yay!"
Fred: "We should be getting back."
Gunn: "Hang on. - I"m getting a tingle."
Fred: "Ah - I thought we were gonna try to keep that out of the workplace."
Gunn: "Not that kinda tingle."
Fred: "Oh. - I don"t see anything suspicious - except for that guy trying to break into that building over there."
Gunn: "Carousel closed hours ago."

Fred: "Is that a vampire?"
Gunn: "One way to find out."
Fred: "Charles, what are you doing?"
Gunn: "My job. I didn"t spend all day walking the pier just to go home and file a report with Wesley. Let"s finish this now."

Fred: "We"re not supposed be doing this."
Gunn: "When I say go, run!"
"Get out of here!"
Fred: "But..."
Gunn: "Go!"
Man: "They"re gonna kill him."
Justine: "Maybe."
Man: "Shouldn"t we do some..."

Justine: "No. That"s no why we"re here."
Fred: "Behind you!"
Justine: "Well, what do you know?"
Gunn: "Fred - why are you still here?"
Fred: "I got your back! - Well, actually I got his back."
Gunn: "Thanks."
Wes: "Thirty four degrees twelve minutes north. One eighteen, twenty one, West."

"This - must be it."
"You"re supposed to be a statue. I guess you are sort of."
"If this doesn"t work, I"m gonna kill that wizard."

"Mange sec Loa, alegba, accept this offering - and open the gates of truth."
Loa: "How dare you call on the Loa?!"
Wes: "I-I - I come in supplication, oh great one, begging for answers to questions only your power can reveal."
Loa: "You have answers, human. You search now, only for the question."
Wes: "Is it true? Will Angel really kill his son as it says in the prophecies?"

Loa: "That the vampire will devour his child is certain. The dark question *you* harbor is only "when.""
Wes: "No. - The dark question I harbor is "how do I stop it?""
Loa: "It can not *be* stopped."
Wes: "It has to be stopped! There must be a way..."
Loa: "Your insolence is displeasing."
Wes: "You try chatting with a cranky hamburger."
Loa: "You risk your life, human, calling on the Loa. Perhaps what you really seek is death. The pain in your heart begs for it."

Wes: "Then do it and be done. Nothing else will stop me."
Loa: "Simple mortal, your pain is just beginning. Betrayal and agony lie in wait, and time - is running out, yet still you ignore the question."
Wes: "Alright then, when? When will this happen?"
Loa: "The first portent will shake the earth. The second will burn the air. The last will turn the sky to blood."
Wes: "An earthquake? That"s the first portent? We live California!"
Loa: "Earthquake, fire, blood. Be heedful of the signs, human, and trouble the Loa no more."

Lilah: "I need a drink. Scotch, thirty-year-old, two ice cubes."

Bartender: "Certainly."
Lilah: "Not on your best day. Bye."
Sahjhan: "Sorry I"m late. Kind of ironic, my being a time-shifter and all."

Lilah: "It"s on."
Sahjhan: "It"s on?"
Lilah: "Our plan? The *Angel* plan? On. I outsourced the labor, buried the cost. We shouldn"t have any problems with the firm. Good seeing you."

Sahjhan: "Okay, but lets skip the small talk and get right down to business. I just time skipped a hundred thirty-three years for this meeting. Would a little conversation kill you?"

Lilah: "Right. Because we"re on a date? The only reason I met you here was so we could talk freely."

Sahjhan: "So, lets talk freely. Would it impress you if I told you I invented daylight savings time?"

Lilah: "Why do you want Angel dead? That"s the only thing I couldn"t find in the archives."

Sahjhan: "Boy. All work and no play. I have my reasons."
Lilah: "Hmm."
Sahjhan: "How about you? Died in the wool company gal? Why risk it all to kill Angel?"

Lilah: "We have our history."

Sahjhan: "Well - same here."
Lilah: "Are you afraid of him?"
Sahjhan: "Nah!"
Lilah: "Then what are you afraid of? - You may be insubstantial but - I can still smell the fear."

Sahjhan: "Wow. Where does the time go? So, when does this plan go into effect?"
Lilah: "It"s already started."
Aubrey: "Hi. Sorry to interrupt your staring. You looked really into it."

Wes: "Aubrey. I didn"t hear you come in. - Please."
Aubrey: "I got your message that everything was taken care of. I - can"t tell you how grateful I am to you. It might have been to late for Timothy, but - at least those monsters will never get a chance to take someone else"s son."
Wes: "Monsters. - I don"t recall mentioning that there were more than one."
Aubrey: "Well, you did say before that there could be a nest."
Wes: "Oh. Well, thanks for the check. We"ll mail you the receipt."
Aubrey: "Look, I know it"s none of my business, but - are you okay? I mean, no offense, but you look a little rough around the edges."
Wes: "I"m not sleeping very well."
Aubrey: "Would you like to go out? Maybe get a cup of coffee or something?"

Wes: "You mean - with you?"
Aubrey: "To be perfectly honest with you - I could use a friend right now. Ever since my son was... - It gets lonely."

Wes: "You"re good. - I like the - "lonely" thing."

Aubrey: "Wh-what?"
Angel: "Yeah, lonely. That was a nice touch."

Moves more like a fighter than a victim, wouldn"t you say?"
Wes: "Yes, I would."
Angel: "You set up my friends. Let them walk right into an ambush. They could have been killed."
Aubrey: "But they weren"t. Your friends are still alive. My little boy isn"t."
Angel: "I"m sorry about your son."
Wes: "Is that how Holtz found you? Because of what happened to your son?"
Angel: "You"re right to protect him. Holtz is one of the good guys. He has every right to hate me. And if he ever - comes close to one of my people ever again, or tries to touch a hair on my son"s head - I"ll kill him - and anyone who gets in the way. You might wanna mention that."

Hey. Good boy. That"s my little guy. Your first earthquake, huh?"

Fred: "Behind you!"
Holtz: "This tiny girl, outsized, outmatched, outnumbered - and she survived. Why? - Because she was willing not to. She was prepared to die for the cause rather than abandon her comrade. We, too, must be willing to die - but more so. Study this carefully. You"ll be fighting these two very soon. Perhaps sooner than I expected."

"They found you out."
Aubrey: "I am sorry."
Holtz: "It"s not important. Of course I am rather annoyed you allowed yourself to be followed."
Wes: "Don"t blame her."
"I would have found you eventually."
Follower: "Maybe we should cut out his tongue - send a message to Angelus."

Wes: "Maybe.
"Or perhaps you could lie on the floor and gag for a while. I didn"t come here to fight.
I"m not your enemy. - But then I"ve noticed you do have trouble making that distinction. You"re fighting the wrong man."
Holtz: "Angelus."
Wes: "No. Angel. He"s not Angelus anymore. He"s a good man."
Holtz: "He"s not even a man."
Wes: "Nevertheless - he has a soul now."
Holtz: "Yes. That he might know the pain that he has inflicted on his countless victims. A brilliant curse, I must admit. Gypsies *do* have a knack for creative vengeance. Where they fail, however is in the execution of justice. And that I will have."
Wes: "If it"s a sacrifice you require, take me. Angel"s no more responsible for the crimes of Angelus than I am."

Holtz: "Really?"
Wes: "Yes."
Holtz: "And was it your hands that held down my beloved Caroline as she was violated and murdered? That wrapped themselves around my son"s neck and snapped it like kindling? Where yours hands that clutched at my daughter as she was turned into a creature damned for all eternity? - Angelus is in his nature. The beast will re-emerge. You"ve seen it. You know it. And that is why you are here. - You"re afraid he"s going to kill the child. And you"re right."
Wes: "Your infiltration was more successful than I"d realized."
Holtz: "I don"t need prophecies to tell me what is plain. So long as the child remains with the demon, it"s not safe."

Wes: "Well, I must have misunderstood. - Here I thought it was a simple blood vendetta, when - what you *really* want is to protect Angel"s son."
Holtz: "You don"t believe me."
Wes: "Hmm. Not sure really. Could be the low scary voice that"s giving me trouble.
It"s time to make:
Holtz: : a decision, Mr. Wyndham-Pryce. My army is strong and will only increase in number. Fight against us - and this war will become a bloodbath."

Wes: "This isn"t war. It"s revenge."
Justine: "What"s wrong with revenge? It"s all some of us have left."
Wes: "Look. I can"t know what it"s been like for any of you."
Holtz: "You might soon enough."
"When I put my son"s body into the ground, I had to open the coffin, just to know that he really was in there. You also may discover - that a child"s coffin, Mr. Wyndham-Pryce - it weighs nothing."

Fred: "You barely touched your food. You feeling okay?"
Gunn: "Yeah. Yeah. Look. I"ve been thinking a lot about yesterday. I"m not really mad at Wes."
Fred: "You were right though, right? I should have stood up to him."
Gunn: "But I understand his position. He"s the boss and we got to respect that. His job is to keep things tight and - that"s a lot of pressure."

Fred: "You aren"t changing your mind, are you? - I mean, about - the wanting it all? - As long as we"re not smooching on the job, or, you know, being sucked underground by a plant demon. I say, why not go for it?"

Gunn: "What if we can"t manage it all? The job, the romance... Emotions are tricky. They can cloud our judgement, you know, like at the carousel last night. What if it doesn"t work?"

Fred: "So we"re back to that? - What if Wesley makes us choose?"
Gunn: "I"ve been fighting vamps and demons since I was a kid. That sense of doing good - of waking up in the morning and making the world safer - better... I"ve always had that."

"But I never had a Fred before."
"If we have to - I choose you. - I came on too strong, didn"t I?"
Fred: "No. - You came on just right."

Gunn: "Look. Lets try not to worry too much. Wesley is a good man."

"He"ll do the right thing. He always does."

Angel: "Come on in."
"It"s okay. Shh. I"ll get you some food. You"re hungry, aren"t you? Have a nice walk? How"re you doing? - Really?"
Wes: "I"ve had better days."
Angel: "I know the feeling. I figured it out."

"How I really knew about Aubrey. - All that pain, that rage... the only way she could deal was to join Holtz, take her revenge. - You know how I knew that?"
Wes: "Because you would have done the same."
Angel: "It scares me. - You know? - If anything like that ever happened to Connor, I don"t know what I"d... I love my son."
Wes: "Love can be a terrible thing."
Angel: "I used to think that. I thought love was - something that swallowed you whole, ripped you up inside, but, you know, what I feel for Connor, even that fear... - Wes, it"s - it"s not terrible. It"s beautiful."
"What"s so funny?"
Wes: "Life. Life is funny. Listening to stupid people talking to hamburgers is funny. Worrying about things that will never... - It"s all so incredibly funny and - and beautiful."

Angel: "Come on, kid."
"Wesley, get out!"
"It"s okay. It"s okay. It"s alright."
Wes: "Earthquake. Fire. Blood."
Angel: "I thought we were gonna be trapped in there, huh? At least I would have had something to snack on."

The end
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