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Wes: "No, Gunn, you misunderstand. - I mean - I"m not saying that we act differently. I just think we should be gentle in our inter... Evening, Cordy."

Gunn: "Hey, Cordelia."
"How was that?"
Wesley: "I felt quite genuine."

Fred: "B plus. C minus."
"A girl can tell."
Wesley: "Fred - if you feel comfortable enough grading our sincerity how about joining us for the rest of the meal? - Isn"t that the point of coming downstairs?"
Fred: "I guess that"d be okay."
Gunn: "Ah, I-I don"t mean to rush you back into the twenty first century, but how about using some chopsticks. Or a fork, maybe. You remember forks, don"t you?"
Fred: "Sure. Who could forget? Fork, pitch fork, fork it over, fork in the road - one I"m not ready to take yet."

Wesley: "Hello again."
Gunn: "Nice day."
Cordy: "I know what you"re doing."
Gunn: "You do?"
Fred: "Told you."
Cordy: "You"re being all fake nice and super-sensitive like "poor Cordelia, she"s on edge, because she hasn"t had a vision in while." Well, I have information for you. I look forward to my next vision."

Wesley: "You do?"
Cordy: "Well, why shouldn"t I? I mean, the Powers That Be have seen fit to choose me - who am I to refuse?"

Fred: "Great. How about if you use that vision thing to find out where Angel"s at right now."

Cordy: "Cause I don"t care?"
Gunn: "Ah, what Cordelia means is that she doesn"t choose to have a vision. The Powers send them to her when they got info to share."

Wesley: "Think of them as gifts."
Cordy: "Yes, having-my-head torn-open-and-hot-lava-poured-into-my-skull gifts."

Park: "Excuse me."
Cordy: "Oh. Hi. I"m sorry I didn"t hear you sneak up on us. Must be those tastefully expensive Gucci Loafers. Totally our fault."

Wesley: "He"s not a client. He"s Gavin Park, attorney with Wolfram and Hart."
Park: "Pleased to meet you. New player?"

Wesley: "Well, now that we"ve had this lovely reintroduction - I suggest you piss off."

Angel: "Is there a problem?"
Wesley: "No, no problem. Mr. Park was just leaving."
Park: "No. Actually, I just arrived. This is a list of fifty-seven city code violations for your hotel, including earthquake proofing, asbestos and termites.
Be advised I filed a copy of this with the city planning office."

Angel: "Gee, fifty-seven - is that a lot?"

Park: "I"ll be in touch."

Cordy: "Yeah, okay - minion of darkness - Satan"s toady - but that is a *nice* suit. Did you see that suit?"
Angel: "Fred! Good to see you out and about."

Fred: "It is, isn"t it? Out and about. I"ve been forking with Gunn."

Angel: "Are you alright. -Talk to me."

Cordy: "There is a coin and, uhm, two clawed things, it"s in China town I think. An herbalist"s shop."
Angel: "Come on."
Cordy: "I"m okay. I"m fine. It just caught me off guard a little. Ah, go find the coin. It has a hole in it."

Wesley: "Cordelia, that beast you saw - did it have four or five claws?"
Cordy: "Five."
Wesley: "You"re certain?"
Cordy: "Pretty certain."


Wesley: "Anything of interest yet, Fred?"
Fred: "Oh, sure. Lots. "H" is a fascinating letter. Helicopters, helium, helmets, hernias..."

Wesley: "Did you happen to notice "herbs" in your wanderings?"
Fred: "I did. Oh, right. There are, ah, lets see... five herbalist shops in Chinatown."

Angel: "We got a name or face for these things yet?"
Wesley: "Circling. I think we might be looking either at a Wan Shan Dhole or a Cantonese Fook-beast."
Gunn: "I say we figure out what these things are after we find that coin. We"re burning moonlight."
Wesley: "Sounds like a plan."
Angel: "Hey, Fred? I need you to do something for me."
Cordy: "I told you, it"s about finding the coin."

Angel: "It"s me."
Cordy: "I"m fine!"
Angel: "I"m not leaving until you open the door. I mean it, Cordelia, open up."
Cordy: "See? Fine!"
Angel: "They"re getting worse, aren"t they?"
Cordy: "I"m feeling better. Once I get a little protein in me, I"ll be good as new. Honest. Now, go declaw those things!"

Angel: "I"ve asked Fred to take you home."

Cordy: "I don"t need to go home."
Angel: "There is nothing else you can do here. Just - get some rest, okay?"
Cordy: "No..."
Angel: "O-kay?"
Cordy: "Okay."
Gunn: "Five herb shops in Chinatown and we"ve been to four. How come whatever we"re searching for is always in the last place we look?"

Wesley: "I supposed it is one of the unwritten laws of being a "dick." Ah, a sleuth, a gumshoe, Sherlock."
Gunn: "All I know is you use the word "dick" again and we"re gonna have a problem. - So what is the name of this place anyway?"

Wesley: "Van Hoa Dong. - It should be up there on the left. How was Cordelia when you spoke to her."
Angel: "She said she was fine."
Wesley: "You don"t believe her?"
Gunn: "Alright, here we go. Next time we"re hitting the last place first."

Woman: "Your kind not welcome here!"

Gunn: "Since when can"t a brother buy some ginseng tea?"
Man: "Not you. Him! Vampire not welcome!"

Wesley: "This is a public facility and any being may enter. We"re looking for an ancient coin."

Gunn: "Ah, so you think some fancy flipping and a little hollering can intimidate guys like us? Okay, that creeps me out."

Angel: "You two take grandma. I"ll take the old man."
Gunn: "Damn. Grandma and grandpa got game."
Wesley: "Yeah, I know. Now if we could just find that coin before they come to."

Angel: "Guys. Over here."
Lilah: "Asbestos disposal? What?"
Park: "I think that"s mine. Yeah, my printer is down so I had the I.T. guy network me into yours."

Lilah: "Thanks for asking."
Park: "This hasn"t been announced yet - but I"ve been moved into Special Projects."
Lilah: "From Real Estate?"
Park: "With so much karmicly damaged property in LA, not to mention the demon infestation, the Partners felt that I would be more useful here."

Lilah: "Hmm..."
Park: "I"m working on a little something aimed at Angel Investigations. If you"re interested, I"d love to have you on my team."

Lilah: "Your team?"
"I"ll be right in."
"Let me tell you a little something about your team. - You don"t have one."
Park: "Look, just because they gave you Lindsey"s old office doesn"t mean..."

Lilah: "I have this office because I earned it. As did Lindsey. He sacrificed his flesh and blood for this company, literally had his hand cut off - fighting against Angel.
What are you doing? Building code violations."

Park: "I"m fighting Angel in my *own* way."
Lilah: "Yeah. I bet he"s really terrified."

Cordy: "Okay! All ready for bed. Face washed, teeth brushed, tired, tired! You can go now!"

"Fred? - Okay, you can go now Fred."
Fred: "Sorry. It"s been so long."
Cordy: "Not a problem. Here. Take it with you. Enjoy that peanutty goodness in the comfort of your *own* home."

Fred: "Hey. Wait. Angel said...."
Cordy: "I know. He said that you should wait until he calls but as you can see, I"m fine. In fact I"m better than fine. I"m - right as rain."

Fred: "I-I never understood that saying "right as rain." How is rain right? Or wrong, for that matter. Okay, I suppose if there"s a flood it"s wrong. And speaking of floods, or maybe just being overwhelmed - what"s it like to have a vision?"

Cordy: "Wow. You know, next to you, I am downright linear."
Fred: "Do you see things or smell them or just know - "in your stomach" know. Like in fifth grade when I saw Grayson Wells and I just knew we"d go steady and even though we never did, looking back on it, it feels like we did. Is it like that?"

Cordy: "Okay. Time to go."
Fred: "Has - has anyone ever told you you"re exactly like Lassie? Yeah. You"re like Angel"s Lassie. Sure, he does most of the saving but it"s your visions that tell him that Timmy is trapped in the well, or the robbers are hiding in the barn. He really needs and depends on you."

Cordy: "Well, thanks. I"d be flattered except for the Lassie being a *dog* part. Dennis, a little help here?"
"See? I"m not alone, I have a ghost. Bye. We"ll have to - to..."
Fred: "Are you alright?"
Cordy: "A demon. An icky, boil-covered demon."
"A storefront downtown on the corner of fifth and something. And there was a key. I should probably draw you a picture of the key."
Angel: "Cordy."
Wesley: "Oh, god."
Angel: "Cordy, we should talk about this. You can"t ignore what"s happening."

Cordy: "I don"t wanna talk. What"s there to say? Except "gross" "yuck" and "unclean."
Like you"re not thinking it."

Angel: "Has this ever happened before?"
Cordy: "Earlier tonight."
Wes: "Oh, whoah! Are you saying your vision had a physical manifestation?"
Cordy: "Yeah."
Wesley: "And did this new one have anything to do with..."
Cordy: "The yuck monster Yeah."
"This must be a mistake. The Powers wouldn"t do this to me on purpose, I mean, I"m a part of their team. Why would anybody do this on purpose?"
Angel: "We have to figure this out and now. Anybody? Gunn?"
Gunn: "I had this auntie who used to get this nasty crusty stuff on the back of her neck every summer - turns out she was allergic to shellfish."

Angel: "That was helpful."
Wesley: "Why would the Powers choose to communicate with Cordy in this way?"
Fred: "Maybe we could ask them. Y-you used the word "communicate" which got me thinking - everything"s made of energy, right?

Light waves, radio waves, x-rays, even brain waves are all electric energy.

If Cordelia is receiving visions from the Powers That Be they"re being communicated somehow. Maybe we could figure out the frequency and trace the calls."

Wesley: "Yes. Of course. Well done, Fred. - Gunn, I need you and Fred to go to the hotel and get me some books. I"ll make a list. We need to research that Chinese coin. Angel, you find that demon and get the key."

Angel: "I"m not going anywhere."
Wesley: "Cordy"s had two visions in the same night. You see what it"s doing to her. If the Powers That Be are taking such extreme measures we have to assume that the coin and the key are of great significance."

Angel: "And so is Cordelia. If I go out and find that key, how can I help her?"
Wesley: "By trusting me. I have an idea."
Angel: "I want the key and I want it now."
Man: "Oh, w-which key might that be?"
"Did you lose the original?"
Angel: "Ah, it looks like this."
Man: "Ah. Yes, of course. This should only take a moment."
Fred: "I know that you"re probably disappointed that you couldn"t go fight that thing with Angel."
Gunn: "Right. Because why would I wanna walk with a cute, young woman on a beautiful night when I could be out hacking and slaying an ugly, boil-covered demon monster and getting myself killed."
Fred: "I can"t apologize enough."

Gunn: "Hey, I just follow orders. No matter how tough the job."
Fred: "It"s just that I"m still so jumpy, and I hate being jumpy, but I guess that"s why you"re here. Because you don"t..."

Gunn: "Whoa."
"Who the hell are you?"
The guy: "Surekill Exterminators. You can"t come in. We"re fumigating."

Gunn: "In the middle of the night? I don"t think so. I need you to get some of them books out of Wes" offices, okay? You"ll be okay. I just need to talk to this nice man."

Alright. You got thirty seconds to show me your work order before I start doing some exterminating my damn self."

Angel: "How is she?"
Wesley: "Ah. We"re finding out right now. Did you get the... Great."
Lorne: "Ah. His royal badness. Just in time. Would you talk to this young lady? She"s resisting the process."
Angel: "Process?"
Wesley: "Oh, my idea. The host reads people"s auras to set them on their path. In some shape or form that connects him to the Powers That Be. I"m thinking...."

Angel: "Sure. He might be able to reverse the process. That he might be able to use Cordelia in order to trace the call back to the Powers."

Lorne: "Way outside of my area of expertise, I should caution. But hey? Who knew William Shatner could sing? - Okay, bad example."

Cordy: "Was it there? Because I"m gonna be really ticked off if I"m all Phantom of the Opera and there wasn"t a key."

Angel: "It was right where you said."
Cordy: "Oh, good."
Angel: "Why don"t you want Lorne to try and trace the visions?"
Cordy: "It"s not like I"m morally against letting a demon into my subconscious for a quick lookee-loo.
Hey, might be fun. But with the Powers That Be doing this whole "book of Job" thing, the last thing I want is more noise in my head."

Angel: "Maybe he can make the noise stop."

Cordy: "Yeah."
Angel: "Isn"t that what you want?"
Cordy: "Yes! No. Well, no. Sure I hate looking and feeling like this, but - if I lose the visions, I wouldn"t be able to help you anymore. You wouldn"t need me."

Angel: "That"s not why I need you. *You"re* important. - And the visions are just after market extras like Hurst shift or Krager wheels."
Cordy: "Did you just compare me to a car?"

Angel: "It was a very nice car."
Cordy: "I guess that"s better than a dog."

Angel: "Cordy, let us try and help. Okay?"

Cordy: "Okay."
Lorne: "Alright, princess, like I told you earlier. You shouldn"t even feel a thing. You ready?"

"Now, I want you to relax. Picture yourself outdoors, in a field, or on a mountain."
Cordy: "I like the mountains."
Lorne: "Beautiful. Say you"re on a mountaintop, and it"s warm. The sky is blue, full of big, fluffy clouds. You"re Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music." And you"re relaxed and you"re spinning and the camera is swirling and - ouch! Careful, honey, you"ve got some power of your own!"

Cordy: "Sorry. All the spinning and swirling was freaking me out."
Lorne: "My fault, my fault. I just love that movie so much!- Okay. Ready to try again?
Okay. Now let"s go looking for the Powers That Be. See if we can reach out and touch someone."

Lilah: "How many times did I tell you that if we don"t have your ten-ninety-nine on file that payroll can"t cut you a check."

Fez: "I know, I know! - Hey, you know a good tax-guy?"
Lilah: "Let"s just finish the job, then we"ll talk about taxes."
Fez: "You"re the boss. John Hancock and - done!"
Lilah: "You remember what we talked about?"
Fez: "All that fire? How could I forget?"
Angel: "Cordy? Cordy!"
Lilah: "Well?"
Fez: "I think she got the message."

Cordy: "Is Lorne gonna be okay?"
Angel: "He"s fine. He"s unconscious, but he"s fine. You"re the one I"m worried about."
Cordy: "Am I a bad person? Am I just a horrible person? Because I know I can be snippy sometimes."
Angel: "This isn"t happening because you"re bad. - If anything it"s because you"re strong. Stronger than you realize."

Cordy: "I"m not. - I know what I said earlier. - But I don"t want the visions anymore. I tried to be brave. I did. But I"m just scared now. I"m scared all the time.
I mean look at me! What could be *so* important that the Powers would do this? I don"t understand."

Angel: "I don"t either. Hey..."
Wesley: "Angel. I really think you should hear this."
Angel: "This better be important."
"What? Did you make contact?"
Fred: "The visions aren"t from the Powers!"
Lorne: "Oh, sure, sweetheart. Steal my thunder. Next time *you* can be the one that gets thrown across the room."
Angel: "Who"s sending the visions?"
Lorne: "I don"t know. But it"s local. Earthbound, and pretty authentic. I can see how a layperson might mistake it for the real deal."

Gunn: "Are you saying someone"s hacked into Cordy"s head?"
Lorne: "Transmitting false data through the celestial pipeline. I know it"s probably a mile long list, but I"d start looking at enemies. Who wants to get to you, who has the sizable resources, and who"d be willing to mess up a pretty face like Cordelia"s?"

Lilah: "Concentrate!"
"Ah, damn it."
Angel: "Gosh. Jeez, I hate traps. Don't" you? I was gonna knock, but you seemed to focused, I hated to interrupt."

Lilah: "How-how did you get in here?"
Angel: "Oh, you mean, why didn"t the vampire alarms go off? Your college, Gavin, he - helped me out. College, mortal enemy, however you guys play it around here. So, can we get down to business? I think you might be looking for these."

"What do you think?"
Lilah: "I think - you might be right."
Angel: "Good. Then we"re done here. You got what you wanted. Now it"s over."
Lilah: "Actually - it"s not over. And you"ll be needing these to complete your mission."
Angel: "There is no mission. You and me - we"re through."
Lilah: "That"s where you"re wrong. We"re just getting started. There"s a young man who"s been unfairly imprisoned and - you"re gonna save him. Isn"t that what you do? Save people? You"ll need those to complete your mission."
Angel: "I see. I do this for you and you stop sending Cordy the killer visions."

Lilah: "No. You"ll do this for me because I tell you to."
"I know what you"re thinking. Yes. You could kill me now, but then you"ll never be able to stop the visions. Just for the record, those little skin problems on what"s-her-name weren"t intended. Just an unfortunate little side effect."

Angel: "Her name is Cordelia, and you *will* help her."
"So, where is this jail?"
Lilah: "This is exactly why I chose you for the mission, Angel. I needed a man of character, a champion of good, a warrior, and I needed someone who could travel in and out of a fortressed demon dimension."

Wesley: "How is Cordelia?"
Angel: "Fred and Gunn are looking after her. You figured it out?"
Wesley: "I think so. Something you probably won"t like to hear is that both artifacts are considered objects of good."

Angel: "Oh. So the Chinese guy and the boil guy..."
Wesley: "Were also aligned with the forces of good."
Angel: "Damn! *So* hard to tell these days. You know, they should wear lapel pins or something."
Wesley: "Well. In the meantime: the inscriptions on the key and the coin match. They actually work together to transport you in and out of the other dimension."
Angel: "I don"t suppose we know what this other dimension is like - I mean, besides fortress-y and demon-y."

Wesley: "Well, based on the burn scars Cordy received from the last vision, I"d imagine fire is not out of the question."
Angel: "Fire."
Wesley: "And if the young man is imprisoned, I"d imagine there may be guards."

Angel: "Guards."
Wesley: "I don"t need to explain to you that if Wolfram and Hart are behind this mission it can"t be good."
"Just because Lilah tells you that this man is wrongly imprisoned doesn"t make it so."

Angel: "You"re right."
Wesley: "Nor do I have to explain to you that helping them violates everything you stand for."
Angel: "Right again."
Wesley: "Good. Then I don"t need to convince you to let me go with you."

Angel: "Right. No! Wesley, I need you to stay here in case anything goes wrong. - Now show me how it works."

Wesley: "I believe it"s fairly simple. Ready?"

"This should take you there and bring you back."
"You sure I can"t come with you?"
Angel: "Take care of Cordy."
"Sure. Because it would be too easy if I could actually defend myself."

"At least I got the key."
Demon: "Hi. - You know you"re not supposed to be here, right?"
Angel: "Yeah. What about him?"
Demon: "Oh, him? Oh, he"s supposed to be here. Do you have any idea how monstrous a guy has to be before he gets sent to us? We"re a *very* high-end institution."

Angel: "And it"s your job to keep him here."

Demon: "Yeah. I"m Skip."
Angel: "Angel. - So, ah, you live in here, Skip?"
Skip: "No. I commute. It"s not too bad - about twenty minutes."

Angel: "Uh, what keeps him in the fire?"
Skip: "My will."
Angel: "How come he"s not screaming in pain?"
Skip: "Oh, he is. My will prevents him from being heard. I mean there is only so many "oh my god! The pain! Please make it stop!" that you can listen to before it starts to bug the crap out of you."

Angel: "I see your point."
Skip: "You"re a vampire, right? How come it smells like you work for the Powers That Be?"

Angel: "Cause I do."
Skip: "And you"re here to try to - rescue this guy? But we"re on the same side. Shouldn"t you be helping to keep him in here?"

Angel: "I know. I know. Long story. Involves a girl. I don"t like it any better than you do."

Skip: "So I really can"t talk you out of this."

Angel: "Sorry. I wish you could. I guess we just have to agree to..."

Angel: "...disagree."
"Skip, are you okay? Good. Sorry about this."
"You know what to do if anything goes wrong?"
Gunn: "Pop goes the weasel."
Lilah: "To be honest, nobody at the firm thought that you could do it - except me. You"re a remarkable man, Angel."
Angel: "Yeah, and you"re an evil bitch. Let"s finish this. Take care of Cordelia - you get your guy."
Lilah: "This should only take a moment."
Fred: "Hello?"
"Wesley, it worked. She"s okay."
Lilah: "It"s just business."
Angel: "Right. Just business."
"Don"t you came at me through Cordelia ever again. You play that card a second time and I"ll kill you."
"Cordy, I"m glad you"re feeling better and all but..."
Cordy: "...you"re not really a foodie. I know. But - I saw this great, big industrial kitchen that we have, and never use and I thought that one of these days we should get someone in here that can cook."

"Here we are."
Angel: "Heh. Here we are."
Cordy: "Angel - what you did for me was unbelievably selfless - and brave, and amazing. And it"s so great to know that the next vision I have will just be blindingly painful and not turn me into Elephant-man or anything."

Angel: "I hear a big "but" coming."

Cordy: "What if that guy you freed is someone or something that"s truly terrible? Wolfram and Hart won this time and it"s all *my* fault."

Angel: "It"s not about winning, Cordelia, it"s about what"s at stake. And in this particular scenario you were way more important than winning. - I can"t worry about that guy I set free. I did what I had to do. I"ll just deal with the consequences when they happen."

Darla: "You"re a difficult man to find, Senor. Do you know why I"m here? You are my last hope. I"ve been told you"re very powerful, very wise. I tried everything and I can"t get rid of it, so I ask you: what is this thing - growing inside of me? And how"s it possible?"

Shaman: "The father is also a..."
Darla: "Vampire? Yes! Though - not a very good one."
Shaman: "I will need some blood."
Darla: "Well, I"ll show you mine if - you show me yours."
Darla: "Men are such babies."
Shaman: "This has never failed me."
"I can not help you. No man can. This is not meant to be known."
Darla: "Yeah, yeah. Like I haven"t heard *that* before. I guess there is only one thing left to do. Time to go visit daddy.

The end
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