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WESLEY You"ve reached Wesley Wyndam-Price. Please, leave the message after the tone.
FRED: Wesley. Wesley, it"s Fred. Please if
you"re there, pick up. Please...
Wesley. Wesley, it"s Fred. Please if
you"re there, pick up. Please...
GUNN: Uh, Fred...?
FRED: It doesn"t make sense... he wouldn"t
take Angel"s child.
GUNN: He did.
FRED: It"s Wesley. Why would he do it?

GUNN: We find him, we can ask him.
FRED: If Angel finds him before we do...
GUNN: He"ll kill him. And we won"t be able
to ask him.
FRED: I should stay here, in case he comes
back. And you better get to Angel
before he...
GUNN: Wesley"s not coming back.
No toothbrush, no razor, no Mossberg
twelve gauge he kept in the closet.
FRED: He wouldn"t betray us... he
And he wouldn"t leave without saying
something to me... not unless he had
a hell of a big urgent reason.
GUNN: I don"t think you"re gonna find it in
FRED: Where are his diaries? He kept a lot
of diaries.
GUNN: Well they"re not here and they
weren"t at the office -- where we
should be gettin" back to -- get a
heads up on Angel.
FRED: We gotta find his diaries.
GUNN: We gotta find him.
I think if he was answerin" his cell
phone, he woulda" the first forty
times you called.
FRED: You tellin" me to quit tryin"?
GUNN: Don"t be. And keep tryin".

FRED: C"mon Wesley, give us something.
JUSTINE: What are they doing here?
HOLTZIAN: So we can continue training.

JUSTINE: No more training. No more practice.
From here out, everything"s real.

HOLTZIAN: Where"s Captain Holtz?
JUSTINE: He escaped with the vampire"s child.
As he and I had planned. The Captain
asked me to pass on his praise; he
wanted me to say that you fought
valiantly and with honor.
HOLTZIAN: Where are they?
The Captain and the --
JUSTINE: Gone. For good.
HOLTZIAN: What are we supposed to --
JUSTINE: And he"s charged us to finish the
work he started.
We"re going to kill Angelus.


FRED: I don"t believe it...
LORNE: It"s true.
FRED: No. It can"t be. The baby"s not
LORNE: I"m sorry, sweetie. But he is.

FRED: Not like that. Not a portal.
GUNN: Fred...
FRED: There"s pulling and there"s noise and
there"s nothing to hold on to...
nothing at all...
GUNN: Baby...
FRED: He must"ve been so scared.
GUNN: I know.
This is making less and less sense --
you expect us to believe that
Wesley -- -- our Wesley -- just walked right
up to Holtz and handed over Connor?
LORNE: They"d been meeting secretly. I read
that much before Wesley attacked me.

GUNN: Then you read him wrong.
LORNE: He was not taking Connor for a
stroll, Charles. When he left here
with that child -- he wasn"t planning
on coming back. Ever.
FRED: God. Why?
ANGEL: I don"t care why.
All I care about now is getting my
son back. Then I"ll deal with those
responsible. They"ll all pay. Including Wesley.
The Quor-toth dimension. Ever hear
of it?
ANGEL: That"s where the portal led. That"s
where my son is now. Quor-toth.
Find out everything you can about it.
GUNN: We"re goin" there, aren"t we?
ANGEL: I am.
FRED: You"re not going alone.
GUNN: Right. We"re with you all the way.
ANGEL: Good.
GUNN: It"s just...
ANGEL: What?
GUNN: Well... Don"t we need to open one of
those portals first?
GUNN: Right. But the last time we had to
do that... I mean... well it wasn"t
any of us that knew how. The guy who
figured it out...
Angel, how are we gonna do this without...

ANGEL: We don"t need him.
FRED: We don"t?
ANGEL: No. We"re going to find the
sonofabitch who opened this portal in
the first place.
His name"s SahJhan. He"s some kind
of interdimensional demon. And he"s
been behind all this since the beginning....
LINWOOD: So -- SahJhan.
LILAH: Linwood.
LINWOOD: Granok demon. Not much of a
handshake, what with being incorporeal and all. You didn"t mention that you"d met. And with
Angel, apparently. All behind my
LILAH: It wasn"t behind your back.
Everything"s right here in my report.
Which I was making sure would be on
your desk first thing in the morning.
LINWOOD: Very considerate of you. That Angel, sure keeps us hopping, doesn"t he?

We"re in a war
you can never win, Lilah, full of
sticky moral quandaries.
The side you choose should always be mine.

LILAH: And if it"s any
consolation, sir, I did have a gun to
my head tonight.
LINWOOD: I know. I"m very sorry that
happened. So Sahjhan opened a door
to the Quor-toth and in went Holtz and baby?
LILAH: That"s the long and short of it.
LINWOOD: And I know you made every effort to preserve that baby for us.

LILAH: Gun at my head.
LINWOOD: Still, big win for Holtz.

LILAH: If you call jumping into a cesspool
hell dimension a win.
LINWOOD: Well certainly not for us. Drink?

FRED: I"m not finding anything on the name
"SahJhan." Are you sure that"s what
you heard?
ANGEL: I"m sure. Maybe you"re not spelling
it right.
FRED: I"ve tried every permutation. In
English, anyway. Could be it"s a
nick-name. Which would probably be cross-
referenced in "Phisto"s Dictionary Of
Demons and Dimensional Spirits" --
ANGEL: Okay --
FRED: But it"s in Ga-shundi. And I don"t
read Ga-shundi.
ANGEL: What about the files?
GUNN: They"re in English... Cordelia"s
filing system isn"t.
ANGEL: I know she was keeping some kind of
list of time/space shifting entities.

GUNN: Okay. So"s that under "time" "space"
"shifting" or "entities?"

ANGEL: Let"s check all of it.
FRED: It"s Monday. What time is it in
ANGEL: What are you doing?
FRED: Calling Cordelia?
FRED: Why?
ANGEL: We"re not going to ruin Cordelia"s
FRED: Angel... Don"t you think she"d want
us to call? Shouldn"t we tell her
what happened? Maybe she could

FRED: Angel...
ANGEL: She"ll be back soon... and when she
does she"ll... she"ll have presents. For Connor.
And he"s gonna be here so she can
give them to him. Okay?
FRED: Okay.
ANGEL: I"m sorry...
ANGEL: This isn"t working. Look, just...
forget all this. I gotta go.
FRED: Did he just tell us to forget all
GUNN: Yeah. He did.
FRED: You don"t suppose he"s decided to
skip right to the "dealing with those
responsible part," do you?
GUNN: I think we need to find Wesley.
FRED: Yeah...
BUM: Bro", you alive?
You need help. Can you talk?
Muggers, bastards. They leave you
any I.D.?
Wasn"t no muggin".
Ah, you... You...
LORNE: I talked to a couple different
sources, like you asked -- Angel, the news isn"t good. This Quor-toth dimension is...
Everyone I spoke to is afraid of it -- and these are not easily-rattled people. But that"s... that"s
not all.
The portal you saw opened -- it
wasn"t a portal. Because there are
no portals to Quor-toth. The only
way in is to rip right through the
fabric of reality.
This isn"t a matter of finding an
interdimensional hotspot, or
conjuring an opening with a simple
To punch through to Quor-toth would require dark, dark magicks, the kinda power it takes
centuries to build.
Angel. I know this isn"t easy for
you, but you have to hear it.
Even if you somehow managed to get
in, finding Connor would be like looking for a needle in a haystack the size of China. ANGEL: Needles. I shoulda thought of that.

LORNE: We just don"t have the --
-- resources to conjure up that much
dark power --
ANGEL: Oh, I think we do.
LORNE: Angel... who is that?
LINWOOD: Linwood Murrow. Division president of Special Projects for Wolfram and
Hart. And you are?
LORNE: Deeply troubled.
LINWOOD: You and Angel have a lot in common. Abducting an employee of Wolfram and Hart... then again, he might be too
troubled to consider the consequences.
Once the firm finds out what you"ve
done --
ANGEL: They"d kill you before they"d kill me.

LORNE: Angel, this isn"t some slimy demon
you"ve got trussed up here -- he"s a
human. Marginally, but still... this isn"t
gonna bring Connor back.
ANGEL: He"d better hope it does.
LORNE: Do you even know what you"re doing?
LINWOOD: At last count the charges were
kidnapping, assault and battery,
attempted murder --
-- none of which I intend to press.
In fact, don"t let"s "press"
anything, shall we? You want to find
your son? I can guarantee you the
full force and faith of Wolfram and
Hart will be at your disposal.
ANGEL: Who is SahJhan, and how do I get my hands on him?
LINWOOD: If you"ll just hit "3" on my speed
dial --
My cell phone in my jacket pocket.
Hello, Lilah? Linwood. I"m sending over a
client, and I want you to listen very
carefully, because I have explicit
instructions on how to deal with him.
Give him anything he wants.
GUNN: You should get a yard dog or
something "cause anybody could just
walk in here off the street.
JUSTINE: Getting in isn"t the hard part.

GUNN: Really? That what happened to
Wes? -- You and Holtz lured him in,
then made sure he couldn"t get out?

JUSTINE: He"s a big boy. He knew what he was doing.
FRED: So where is he now?
JUSTINE: Why should I care?

GUNN: "Cause I"m tellin" you to.
FRED: Great, let"s have more violence, it"s
such a help! We lost a child, you
lost Holtz, isn"t that enough already?

FRED: So kill everybody, that"ll make you
Oh. There is no happy for you.
Y"all livin" here together, sharin"
everything -- except takin" out the
trash, I guess -- I imagine losin"
Holtz was like losin" a father... or worse.
The trash!
I"ll explain that later.
JUSTINE: I think it"s time for you to go.
GUNN: We"re not going anywhere until you
tell us what happened to Wes.
JUSTINE: Well... you"re half right.
About the not goin" part.
Just get the hell out of here.
LILAH: Kidnapping Linwood, you"re really
steppin" up to it. And the white
room... I mean, they don"t just talk
about it.
I was here three years before I even
heard of it.
Did he tell you what was in it?
ANGEL: Answers.
Up or down?
He tell you how to... get there?
There was this guy in litigation went
to the white room in September. He"s
in an asylum now...
I should probably hold onto --
GIRL: Hello... Angel. Lilah.
Your fingernails are pretty. I love
You have a taste for red too. And
revenge. I know, it"s so much more
fun than forgiveness. So, what"s up?
ANGEL: A demon named SahJhan has taken my son.
GIRL: Ahhhh, does he want his little baby
LILAH: Oh god, don"t.
GIRL: Baby"s gone. You want SahJhan. He"s
a Granok, nowadays you can walk right
through "em, but in the past they
were something else...
They were all about torture and death.
You can relate. Well, they caused a
lot of trouble. Don"t get me wrong,
I like trouble -- but I hate chaos.
So we changed "em.
ANGEL: You made them immaterial.
GIRL: Smart boy.
Now they watch. And they can no
longer touch.
ANGEL: How do you capture them?
GIRL: Well, there"s your special urn...
They"re expensive and hard to come by.
But you don"t want his essence in a
jar. You want someone you can sink
your teeth into.
You know these things always come
with a price. Kill her.
That"s good for now. I can see why
they respect you.
Now, your demon made flesh. Big
ritual, it"s all here.
Can"t wait to see how it turns out.

FRED: Okay, throw me away.
GUNN: You want me to put you in the trash.

FRED: Either he took the diaries with him
or he tossed "em. We"re lucky we got
here while it"s still full.
GUNN: Yeah.
FRED: Ugh... aw god, somebody ate that...?
GUNN: Any luck?
FRED: Yes.
GUNN: You gettin" anywhere?
FRED: He was meticulous,
he kept separate diaries for all the
major players, Darla, Connor,
Angel... and he"s frightened.
GUNN: What"s he frightened of?
FRED: Not sure yet, pending doom sort of
thing in the later entries, some big
prophecy he"s trying to repudiate...
he says here, "it can"t be coming, it
can"t be true"...

GUNN: That"s doomy.
FRED: So I guess we"re looking for that
prophecy, I don"t know where it"s gonna...
GUNN: I do.
FRED: "The father will kill the son..."
GUNN: Wes thought Angel...
FRED: Was going to kill Connor --
-- YES, that"s the prophecy. Wesley
couldn"t accept it, he kept trying to
disprove it... but the texts and
commentaries, everywhere he turned,
kept bringing him back to the same
This is great. I told you he had a
reason for taking Connor.
GUNN: Yeah.
FRED: Wesley did the right thing, the only
thing he could under the
circumstances. We gotta find Angel
and tell him right away.
GUNN: And he"ll forgive Wesley for taking
his son and giving him to his mortal enemy.
FRED: Well... maybe begin to forgive --
LORNE: Angel, please -- do not do this
thing. We"ll find some other way.
LILAH: There is no other way.
LORNE: I think not speaking would be a
really good look for you.

ANGEL: How"s that?
LILAH: Looks about right.
ANGEL: What"s next?
LORNE: What"s next is we stop and reconsider this. Angel, you"re messing with
primordial powers of darkness here.

ANGEL: Next?
LORNE: Buddy: Is this really how you wanna get Connor back?

ANGEL: What"s. Next.
LILAH: Human blood.
ANGEL: Corpus Granok SahJhan Demonicus.
Where is he? Where is he?
SAHJHAN: What the...?
Now that"s more like it.
LINWOOD: Lilah. Do something.
LORNE: Angel, killing this creep isn"t gonna
solve anything. Please, trust me: you don"t wanna do this.
ANGEL: That"s where you"re wrong.
LINWOOD: We had a deal, Angel. I gave you
everything you asked -- what more do
you want from me?
ANGEL: I want my son back.
LILAH: Hey! Whoa! Flag on the play!
The firm"s tech team just registered a sever bio-plasmic disturbance on Taber and National, same time as the spell.

ANGEL: SahJhan?
LILAH: Whatever it was flipped a two-ton
truck like a Tonka toy.

FRED: We need to talk.
ANGEL: Not now. Fred --
FRED: There"s something you need to know
before you--
"The father will kill the son"!
There was a prophecy in the Nyazian
scrolls. Wesley checked the translations, the commentaries, he even went to mystic oracles but he couldn"t disprove it.
GUNN: They"d already fed you Connor"s
blood, bro. You said it yourself, he
smelled like food.
FRED: Wesley was trying to protect Connor.
GUNN: He was trying to protect you.
Same as we"re doin" right now.
FRED: Angel, the prophecy --
ANGEL: It"s a lie. I"d never hurt Connor.

FRED: How can you know that for sure?
ANGEL: I"d never hurt someone I care about.
Now move.
FRED: We have to go after him.
GUNN: We can"t.
He lays a finger on you, I"ll have to
kill him myself.
Whatta they doin" here?
LORNE: Wolfram & Hart. There was
kidnapping and a spell, dark
magick -- it"s bad, kids.
LINWOOD: He"s gonna pay for this.
LORNE: Really bad.
JUSTINE: Don"t run off now. The fun"s just
ANGEL: I"m not your boyfriend. Find
somebody else to smack you around.
FRED: It does matter. It has to matter.

GUNN: Fred, he"s not thinkin" about--
What the hell?
FRED: Justine. She"s leaving her people --

GUNN: -- in Wesley"s car.
ANGEL: Are you all right?
TRUCK DRIVER: It"s all my fault. I tried to stop

ANGEL: Hey, hey. What"s your name?
TRUCK DRIVER: Al Stokely. It"s not even my truck...
ANGEL: Al? Why don"t you tell me what
happened here?
TRUCK DRIVER: I hit... oh God, I hit a guy, a
ANGEL: The man you hit -- where is he?
TRUCK DRIVER: I don"t know. There"s no way he coulda gotten up. Oh, God, those poor people.
ANGEL: You didn"t do anything wrong.
TRUCK DRIVER: It"s all my fault.
ANGEL: No. No it isn"t.
HOLTZ: I knew you were meant for this.

GUNN: Where"s Wes?
JUSTINE: He"s not comin" back.
GUNN: What?
JUSTINE: It was all lies. Every bit of it.
All he wanted was that kid. To
punish Angel. He never cared about
anything else.

GUNN: I"m talkin" about Wesley. His car"s
parked up top here, you obviously
took it from him, where is he?
FRED: We just wanna hear his side.

JUSTINE: His side?
His side"s kinda funny: he sacrificed
everything he believed in to save
that kid.
GUNN: By helping Holtz take him to hell?
I"d like to hear it from the horse"s mouth.
JUSTINE: Your friend"s innocent.
FRED: Is he alive? Where is he? Will you please just tell us.
JUSTINE: Heaven... Hell...
I slit his throat.
GUNN: Stay down.
JUSTINE: Um, no.
I trusted the wrong man.
GUNN: You"re takin" us to him. And he
better be alive.
VOICE: You call that a fight?
SAHJHAN: Let me show you how we used to do it...
So, my home, uninvited guests, this can"t end well.
GUNN: This is the guy, right?
SAHJHAN: Hi Justine, I remember you. One of
Holtz"s groupies. -- You tried to cut
off my head.
Can"t tell you how much I missed doing that.
I also missed gravity, friction and
smashing things to pieces.
Let"s start with your skulls.
ANGEL: Or yours.
SAHJHAN: Angel. I"m guessing I have you to
thank for the whole mortal coil thing.

ANGEL: Yeah. Tell you what, take me to the
Quor-toth world, help me find my
son -- we"ll call it even.
SAHJHAN: Really? You and me, buddy cop summer release? We iron out our wacky
differences and bond? Don"t think so.

ANGEL: You"re takin" me there.
SAHJHAN: Couldn"t even if I wanted to.
ANGEL: You"re lying.
SAHJHAN: No, that I"m telling the truth about.
Your kid"s gone for good.
I can open the Quor-toth one time.
That"s why I chose it. Try again, the whole universe could go kablooie.
Bad for me, bad for America.
FRED: So what are you lyin" about?
SAHJHAN: Oh, well. I don"t like to brag but...
read any good prophecies lately?

GUNN: You wrote the prophecies.
SAHJHAN: More a re-write.
FRED: "The father will kill the son."
SAHJHAN: Yeah. I flitted back and forth in
time, changed the one that threatened
me, polished some others.
Flitted in a manly way. Just so we"re clear.
You"re not really my enemy. You"re in
my home and I"m gonna kick your ass
but you were never really the point.

ANGEL: It was Connor.
SAHJHAN: Boy, can"t put one over on you, can you? Oh wait, already did. It"s
pretty freaky the first time you see
your name in a true prophecy, all
carved in blood on an official scroll.
"The one sired by the vampire with a
soul shall grow to manhood and kill
SahJhan." Me.
FRED: So you planted false prophecies.
That Angel would kill his son... and
Wesley believed them.
SAHJHAN: Thank God he had some spine. Holtz was useless.
Wanted to raise your kid as his own.
I"m living" with a knife over my heart
for eleven hundred years and he"s
into petty revenge. If he"d just
killed the damn thing while it was still
in its mother we coulda avoided all
of this --
Do I look like I need more skin
ANGEL: Fred!
FRED: He"s gonna...
SAHJHAN: I hadda put your boy down. Pity, kid had a big future. I mean big. Well
we all gotta go sometime.
No, no... don"t do that!...
No --
JUSTINE: Holtz left it.
FRED: What about Wesley?
JUSTINE: The park next to his place... that"s
where I... left him.
FRED: Maybe she was lying.
ANGEL: No. He was here.
FRED: How can you--right, the blood.
GUNN: We should get going. Sun"s coming up.
ANGEL: ...he can"t be dead.
FRED: We"ll keep looking. Lorne"s been
calling hospitals all night.
GUNN: Need to get your indoors, man.
We"ll find him.
LORNE: I, uh, cleaned the Pentagram as best
I could. The dried blood... well,
it"s starting to be a look out there.
ANGEL: Thanks.
LORNE: You know me, like to keep busy.

ANGEL: It"s not right.
All I could think of was getting my
hands on SahJhan; Fred and Gunn tried
to keep me from...
LORNE: Going too far?
ANGEL: I nearly got them killed.
LORNE: Yeah you did. Glad it didn"t work
out that way.
ANGEL: You think Wes is...?
LORNE: I don"t know. I hope for the best.
Angel, there"s a bigger picture here.
And in that bigger picture there"s a glass.
ANGEL: If the words "glass is half full" are
about to come out of your mouth, don"t.
LORNE: No, this is more a "glass half full
of spiked blood." If SahJhan and
that lady lawyer had pulled off their
feeding plan you"d have Connor"s
blood on your hands.
ANGEL: Don"t I anyway?
LORNE: No. You think there was something
more you could have done? You did
everything you could with the
knowledge you had...just like Wesley.
Maybe the way to start forgiving
yourself is by starting to forgive him.
Angel Investiga-- hey, Fred.
They did. And --? Okay, where?
He"s right here. I"ll tell him. Thanks.
ANGEL: They found Wesley...
GUNN: It"s good you came, man.
ANGEL: He ask for me?
GUNN: Naw, he can"t speak yet. Trachea"s
all messed up. Lost a lot of blood.
It"s just good you came.
FRED: He"s not completely out of the woods
yet. You being here can only help.
ANGEL: Can I see him?
FRED: I"m sure he"d like that.
ANGEL: Hey, Wes...
I just... I want you to know I understand why you did it. I know about the prophecies and I know how hard it must have been for you to...
do what you did.

You thought I was going to turn evil
and kill my son. I didn"t turn into
Angelus. It"s important to me that
you know that. This isn"t Angelus
talking to you, it"s me, Angel. You
know that, right?
Son of a bitch! You"re gonna pay!
You took my son! You son of a bitch! Bastard!
RADIO: Code blue, 319,
- Code blue, 319,
ANGEL: You think I forgive you?!
Never! You"re gonna die!
You"re gonna pay!
MEDIC: Hey! Hey!
ANGEL: You took my son!! You took my son!!

MEDICS: Stop it!
ANGEL: You took my son!
FRED: Angel!
ANGEL: You took my son. YOU TOOK MY SON!
I"ll never forgive you, never... I"LL
KILL YOU!! You"re a dead man, Pryce! YOU HEAR ME!! DEAD! DEAD!


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