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Angel: "That night still haunts me. I"m ashamed of how I treated you. The way I used you. I took - what I needed, then I cast you aside and that - that was wrong of me. Was very wrong."
Merl: "He"s reading!"
Angel: "I made some notes."
Merl: "I don"t feel the sincerity here."
Angel: "I told you this was a waste of time."

Merl: "Real friends don"t need notes."

Angel: "We"re not *friends* Merl! We barely even know each other."
Merl: "Not like you made the effort either, is it?!"
Angel: "No, you know what? No, no, no. Let him go if he wants to."
Cordy: "Merl, you said you"d listen to what Angel had to say."
Wesley: "You promised you"d make an attempt."
Merl: "You get a load of that insincere tripe he was reading?"
Angel: "I apologized..."
Cordy: "I hardly think it"s fair to blame it on the writing."
Angel: "What does he *want* from me?!"
Merl: "What do I want? Huh? I tell you what I want. I want back the three months I spent in therapy after being hung upside down in a sewer. That"s what *I* want."

Cordy: "Angel, read the cards."
Angel: "No. He"s - he"s right. He"s right. Every time I went to Merl for information he came through. So, I"ll tell you what, Merl. - Take a shot. Take a shot, Merl."

Cordy: "Oh, knock it off, guys."
Angel: "Come on, take your best shot."
Wesley: "Angel, please..."
Angel: "Come on, Merl."
Merl: "You see this? He"s goading. He"s goading me."
Angel: "Take a shot, Merl. Come on, this one"s free."
Merl: "No. No. Shameless with the goading. You see?!"
Angel: "Come on, Merl-la-la. Merl-la-la-la."
Merl: "Okay!"
"Whoa! Man. You did that on purpose!
Angel: He knew that was gonna happen.
Merl: You tricked me! Huh?"
Lorne: "Why, now, I"m sure Angel just forgot for the moment that *any* demon violence is impossible in Caritas."

Angel: "Yeah. I-I - I forgot."
Merl: "Yeah, yeah. Whatever! Okay? "cause I"m done listening to this bloodsucker! And the same goes for the rest of you, alright? I never want to see any of you ever again!"

"Uh, so, who"s gonna give me a ride home?"

Thanks. I hope I, ah, didn"t take you, ah, too far out of your way!"
"What the... Hey, hey, hey! No, no, no. No! Noooo!"


Alonna: "Hey, big brother."
Gunn: "I was never gonna let anything happen to you. I was supposed to protect you. You were my sister."

Alonna: "I still am."
Gunn: "Good-bye."
Gunn: "Alonna!"
Angel: "You made it."
Gunn: "Yeah. I called the hotel. They said you were down at Merl"s. What is that?"
Angel: "That"s Merl."
Gunn: "Where is the rest of him?"
"Nasty. What happened?"
Angel: "I don"t know. Stopped by this morning. Thought I"d give "sincere" one more shot. Even brought donuts. This is what I found. So far, we"ve ruled out suicide."

Wesley: "I found some of his personal papers, an address book. Gunn. You"re here. Good. Ah, you didn"t notice anything odd last night when you dropped Merl off, did you?"

Gunn: "Not really."
Wesley: "Well, we"ll - box these up, catalogue them when we get back to the hotel."
Gunn: "Hey, guys - what are we doing?"
Wesley: "Examining the crime scene."
Gunn: "Yeah, I see that. But what"s our interest?"
Wesley: "Someone killed Merl."
Gunn: "No, right, I get *that*. Look, I didn"t have a beef with Merl, all right? I"m even sorry he got dead, but come on! Is this really the kind of thing we should be spending our time on? I mean he was what he was, right?"

Angel: "What"s that supposed to mean?"
Gunn: "Nothing. It means what it means. Somebody killed a demon. Hello! We do that every day."
Wesley: "*Merl* was harmless."
Gunn: "Okay."
Angel: "Sure you"re not just bent because maybe we interrupted something you"d rather be doing?"
Gunn: "No."
Angel: "Okay. Usually doesn"t take you two hours to answer a page is all."

Gunn: "Excuse me, but did somebody put you back in charge? Because if they did they forgot to tell me about it."
Wesley: "All right. - Gunn, if this isn"t something you can get behind, we"ll understand. For now why don"t you just go on home."
"Go home."
Gunn: "You know what? That"s probably a *real* good idea."
Angel: "Little creep."
Wesley: "Angel!"
Angel: "Merl. - He"s right you know. I never did bother to get to know who he was. Now I guess I"ll have to."

Gio: "This is a situation you might wanna rethink."
Gunn: "Nice rig."
Gio: "I"m glad you like it."
Rondell: "He should. He built it. - Gio, you wanna get that thing out of my boy"s face?"

Gunn: "I see you"re still passing along a little something of what *I* taught you."
Rondell: "Word"s out, brother. Vamps know better than to *even* cross Venice Boulevard these days. Crew"s as tight as it"s ever been - even back in your day."

Gio: "Charles Gunn?"
Gunn: "That"s right."
Gio: "I know all about *you.* *That* name is part of the reason why I came out here."
Rondell: "Gio"s from Miami."
Gunn: "Ah, coast to coast, huh?"
Gio: "Little something like that. - Hey, you might be able to help me out. Why is it - that places like LA and Miami bring out the teeth you suppose? I mean, you would think that the vamps would wanna hang in less sunny climes, you know what I"m sayin"?"

Gunn: "Yeah, I think I do."
Gio: "Well, maybe we could ask your *boss* why that is."
Rondell: "Yo, Gio."
Gio: "You can"t beat "em, right, Chuck?"
Gunn: "It ain"t even like that."
Gio: "Nuh? - Okay. If you say so. See, "cause *I* heard - that you was like this - big time, alpha vamp killer - and now you working with one? What"s up with that?"

Rondell: "Gio - who"s supposed to be on point out back?"
Gio: "That be me."
Rondell: "So why aren"t you back there?"
Gio: "Yeah. A"right. It"s cool. Y"all can have your nice little visit. You might wanna do that outside - in the *sunshine* - just to be on the safe side, you know?"

Cordy: "Some people just need a little time alone. I wouldn"t worry."

Angel: "She"s *had* time alone. Five years. I think that"s the problem."
"She"s been back in this world for three months and she still hasn"t gone out into it."

Cordy: "Right. And it"s not like the last time she went out into it she got sucked into an interdimensional portal and ended up living like a hunted animal in a hostile demon alterna-world or anything. Oh, wait. Kinda is, isn"t it?"

Angel: "Which is why I"m asking you to, you know, talk to her."
Cordy: "I"m not so sure that"s a great idea."

Angel: "You don"t like her?"
Cordy: "Sure I like her. What"s not to like? She"s sweet and adorable and - seems to be laughing at something that shrub just said. Look, it"s not that I don"t like her. It"s just - I don"t get her."

Angel: "I"m not asking you to "get" her. I"m just asking you to - talk to her."
Cordy: "Fine, we"ll chat."
Angel: "Thanks."
"What"s this?"
Cordy: "Enemies of Merl list."
Angel: "Hey. - Why is my *name* at the top of this list?"
Cordy: "Ah - "a"?"

Angel: "Merl and I where not enemies."
Cordy: "Oh, okay, my mistake."
Angel: "I"m the one that found the body, remember?"
Cordy: "Oh. And *that"s* not suspicious. The one time you pay Merl a social visit and he ends up - dead?"

Wesley: "I recognize quite a few of these names, actually."
Cordy: "You should. Half of them weren"t "enemies of Merl" until we made him snitch on them."
Angel: "Oh, sure. I went *dark* and I killed Merl."
Wesley: "We"ll work backwards, end with the "a" s. How"s that? We should start tracking these names.
Angel: "You know, ask yourself this: if I"d killed Merl would I"ve - brought donuts?"

Gunn: "I guess that"s the word on me around here nowadays, huh? Traitor? Vamp lover?"

Rondell: "Hell, don"t go listening to Gio, man. He don"t know you."
Gunn: "No, but you do. So what you got to say, Rondell. You think I turned my back on you all to hook up with one of them?"

Rondell: "Hell, I don"t know. I haven"t even seen your back in months, bro. I don"t know which way it"s facing."
Gunn: "That"s no answer."
Rondell: "Truth? I ain"t heard word one from you - not since we spread what was left of George in the river. Some of us were even starting to wonder if you were still *in* this world."
Gunn: "I didn"t mean to disappear on y"all. I didn"t plan it. - Guess after George..."

Rondell: "You were gone way before George. - It was Alonna, man. Things - they were never the same after Alonna."

Gunn: "Couldn"t keep my own sister safe. What can I do for the rest of you?"

Rondell: "A lot, man. You done a lot. There"s people alive today because of something you started."
Gunn: "No, man. Something *we* started."
Rondell: "You got that right."
Angel: "What"s this one?"
Wes: "Ah, Samuel Larch, a bookie. Merl owed him quite a lot of money."
Angel: "Demon or human?"
Wesley: "I"m not sure."
Angel: "Care to find out?"
Wesley: "Demon then."
Angel: "I think when we find whatever is doing this - we"re gonna need Gunn."
Wesley: "I agree. From the looks of this, whatever we"re up against is - quite big. Extremely powerful..."
Angel: "...and really pissed off."
Monster: "Hello? - Who"s there, please?"
Guy: "Smoke him Gio!"
Wesley: "Gunn."
Gunn: "Hey. Got your page. Where"s Angel?"

Wesley: "He"s checking on something else. Come in. The victim"s name was Samuel Larch. We found him last night."
Gunn: "The guy was a demon."
Wesley: "Yeah."
Gunn: "Wesley? - What are we doing, man? Who we"re supposed to be working for, anyway? Did the Powers send us here? Did Cordy get a vision?"
Wesley: "No."
Gunn: "Then what?"
Wesley: "Charles, things aren"t always so simple as - going out and slaying the big, bad ugly. There are in this world shades of gray..."

Gunn: "Yeah. And shades of green, and a kind of sickly looking yellow with pink eyes and sometimes puce with horns, too. I get it. What I don"t get is *why* we"re suddenly playing cleanup crew to a bunch of lowlife demons! - I mean, okay, so we - we bust our butts day and night until we find whatever it was that did Merl and this Larch guy..."

Wesley: "And six other victims we believe we"ve linked to it."
Gunn: "So we find this demon killing machine. What then? We gonna stop it? Or thank it?"

Wesley: "I don"t know."
Gunn: "You don"t know."
Wesley: "From everything I can determine, this victim was fully assimilated. No history of violence, no threat to anyone. Of the other six, at least two of those *would* have to be classified as irredeemably evil."

Gunn: "So what are you saying then?"
Wesley: "I"m saying that whatever is responsible for these attacks *isn"*t making any distinctions. It"s just killing. Randomly."

Angel: "You were right. It happened again."
Wesley: "When."
Angel: "Last night. A Yarbnie was eviscerated in the sewer near Century City."

Gunn: "Yarbie, what"s that?"
Wesley: "Yarbnie. It"s a - balancing entity. They tend to nest in urban areas under roadways - utterly non-violent."
Gunn: You know what? Uhm, maybe I should hit the streets. You know, see if I can shake anything lose. I mean, if you want."

Wesley: "Yeah. That"s probably a good idea."
Gunn: "Hey."
Angel: "Hey."
Gunn: "So, you wanna explain this?"
"It was dug out of the wall of an apartment over on the Miracle Mile."
Rondell: "Yeah, so?"
Gunn: "So, I recognize it, Rondell. It"s out of *my* old rig. The one Gio"s been using."

Rondell: "Okay."
Gunn: "Look, I just came by here to give you a heads up, alright? I think you got a rogue on your crew. Your boy Gio"s been out there killing anything that moves.
Now somebody, meaning you, has got to have a sit-down with him, man.
Let him know that this ain"t the way we do things down here."

Rondell: "You say you dug this out of an apartment up on the Mile?"
Gunn: "Yes."
Rondell: "Tall white towers. This is funny. Gio ain"t no rogue. Yeah, he found the place, but we was all there. The whole crew."

Gunn: "You?"
Rondell: "Bro, the thing living in that apartment? It *wasn"t* human. We took care of it."
Gunn: "But - did it attack anybody?"
Rondell: "No. We got away clean."
Gunn: "No, I mean before you broke in."

Rondell: "No, man, we didn"t give it a chance to. - What"s the matter?"
Gunn: "Nothing."
Gang member: "Yo, Rondell! Everyone"s here, man."
Gunn: "What, you guys packing heat now?"

Rondell: "You can never be too careful. I got to go. Hey, you wanna come out with us tonight? Gio says he found a nest or something. Primo hunting."

Gunn: "No, man. I got something."
Rondell: "Be good."
Gio: "Hey. You know something? - He still thinks you"re some kind of hero. - But me and you, we know better, right? Yeah. Yeah, we know better."
Wesley: "I haven"t the slightest idea what this might be. It doesn"t fit any of the data I have available to me. Something"s missing."
Angel: "Maybe it"s something that"s never been recorded here before."
Cordy: "Just, please, don"t tell me another portal has opened up. We have enough monsters in Los Angeles already!"
Wesley: "No. Something"s *missing*. We"re missing one of the evidence bags."
"Seven, eight, nine, yes, here"s ten - here is twelve, but - where is eleven?"
"What was eleven?"
Cordy: "Hi."
Fred: "Ah, oh, you-you startled me!"
Cordy: "I"m sorry."
Fred: "No. No, it"s my fault. I"m sorry, okay?"

Cordy: "Yeah."
Fred: "Well, I"ll get out of your way."
Cordy: "No, Fred I want you to stay! Stay."

"Actually I - I was hoping we could - you know, talk?"
Fred: "Well, yeah, of course.
"Did you mean now?"
Cordy: "Yes! Yes. I"m sorry. It"s just I feel a little awkward. Angel wants you to get out."

Fred: "Oh, I see. - Okay. No, I understand. I only have a few things to pack. It won"t take long."
Cordy: "No, Fred! That"s not what I meant. Out, into the real world, you know, just for an evening or something."

Fred: "Oh! Oh? Oh..."
Cordy: "Well, not by yourself or anything. What if I... - What if *we* went out together?"

Fred: "Well - I suppose I would be okay if I was with you, right?"
Cordy: "Sure!"
Fred: "I mean, that"d be safe, right?"

Cordy: "Of course it would."
Fred: "No one would even bother to look at me twice with you around!"
Cordy: "Exactly. - Ah. No. - Now, that"s just not true! People *will* notice you!"
Fred: "They will?"
Cordy: "Yes! And you know why? - Because you"ll be standing on a stage in the white-hot spotlight."
Fred: "I will?"
Angel: "Hey."
Gunn: "Hey. - You the only one here?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Gunn: "You, ah, making any progress?"
Angel: "I don"t know. Maybe. I... Wesley thinks these crimes have been random. I"m starting to think otherwise."
Gunn: "Oh?"
Angel: "Yeah. It"s just the way it"s happening. It - reminds me of - things I"ve seen before."

Gunn: "How so?"
Angel: "I know the pattern. The seeming randomness of it, the chaos. There is a larger purpose behind every move."
Gunn: "What?"
Angel: "To have fun."
"Something wrong?"
Gunn: "Nah. - I just need to see the boss. Know where he"s at?"
Fred: "Crazy. I"m crazy for feeling so lonely. I"m crazy..."

Cordy: "I swear to god she picked out the song herself."
Fred: "...for feeling so blue. I knew you"d love me as long as you wanted..."

...and then some day, you"d leave me for somebody new."
Gunn: "I know what your doing and don"t!"
"Stop it! Do - not! Hey! Don"t go reading me!"

Fred: "Worry. Why should I let myself worry?"

Lorne: "I wouldn"t. But, sweetie, you"re a billboard. Yeah. He came in tonight with some questions. Looks to me like you got the answers."
Fred: "I"m crazy for thinking that my love could hold you..."
Gunn: "I really don"t feel like going over there."

Lorne: "Yeah, I know. So - you wanna talk about it?"
Fred: "I"m crazy for trying, and crazy for..."

Gunn: "Do I got to sing?"
"Go. Down! Come on!"
Gio: "Party! Yoo-hoo!"
Lorne: "Oh, my club!"
Cordy: "What"s happening? I thought demon violence was impossible in here."
Wesley: "Those aren"t demons."
Rondell: "It"s time! Lets truck!"
Gio: "Woah, don"t be in such a rush, man! You"re always in such a hurry. You"re liable to miss out on some of the more interesting things in life. - Yo! Charlie Gunn! Come on, now. I know you"re in here. Where you at?"
Gunn: "I"m right here."
Rondell: "G-man. What"re you doing here?"

Gio: "Come on. Tell him! Tell him how you been rolling up in here for *months* tossing back drinks with your demon buddies."
Rondell: "What he"s saying - that ain"t true."
Gio: "Why not? His best friend"s a *vampire*. What you expect?"
Gunn: "Rondell, go. Just take your crew and leave."
Rondell: "No. Not until I get some answers."

Gio: "That"s right. Answers. The man wants some answers."
Wesley: "Yes, I think we all would."
Cordy: "Wesley!"
Gunn: "Wes, stay out of this."
Wesley: "As much as I would like to, am afraid I"m in it. We all are."
Gunn: "Hey. Hey! That"s enough!"
A gray faced demon: "Oh god, oh god, oh god."
Rondell: "I don"t believe this."
Gunn: "He"s okay, man."
Gio: "Uh, nice!"
Rondell: "He ain"t okay. Look at him!"
Gunn: "You don"t know what you"re doing, Rondell."
Wesley: "It was them. They killed Merl and the others. You knew."
Gunn: "I should have said something. I was going to. I was just... - I was trying to work it out, man. Figure how to deal."

Lorne: "So, have you worked it out yet?"
Gunn: "I"m sorry."
Rondell: "You"re gonna apologize to this thing? Move."
Gio: "You might wanna."

Gunn: "You can"t do that, man. I can"t let you. - You lost the mission, bro."

Rondell: "What?!"
Gunn: "What you been doing, man, this ain"t right. None of this is right! This is not what we"re about."
Rondell: "The hell you say. I don"t know what you"re about, but we"ve been doing what we"ve always done! Protecting our own."
Wesley: "And is it "protecting your own" to break into other people"s homes?"
Rondell: "They ain"t people. Are you?"
Cordy: "Stop! - Stop it."
Wesley: "If you don"t mind I"d prefer a clean kill. The last time I was merely wounded. It took months to heal. Wounded, if I recall, in an attempt to help you."

Gunn: "Look at me. Look at me! That"s got nothing to do with them. This is between us. *Us*. Let "em go, man."
Gio: "Yeah, why not? We can do that. After all - we ain"t *monsters*."

Gunn: "Take my truck. The south side. They won"t stop you."
Rondell: "How can you be sitting up in here with these things and tell me I"m the one that lost the mission?"
Gunn: "Because it"s true. - We used to face death because we had to. Now you"re chasing it down, man, for the fun of it. That ain"t right."

Rondell: "One! Just one. Her. The others stay."
Gunn: "Rondell, come on, man!"
Cordy: "I"m not leaving here without her. No way."
"No! No!"
Rondell: "The rest"ll be able to leave *after* she brings back the vampire. Then we"ll see who lost the mission."
Gray demon: "Oh god, oh god, oh god..."
Ugly demon: "Shut up! - He ain"t listening."
Cordy: "We have to think of a better plan. This is a bad plan. And I tell you why: it"s their plan! They want you to go in there where you *can"t* fight, so they can kill you!"

Angel: "I don"t have a choice."
Cordy: "It"ll be suicide."
Angel: "It"ll be okay."
Cordy: "It won"t! Angel, you didn"t see these guys."
Angel: "Here. I want you to go this address."

Cordy: "What is it?"
Angel: "Transuding furies."
Cordy: "Gesundheit."
Angel: "Three sisters. Lorne hires them monthly to cast the sanctorium spell on Caritas. Tell them to lift the spell, then I"ll be able to fight back."

Cordy: "They lift the spell then you can fight - all twenty of them and still get killed. Great idea."
Angel: "Cordy, please, just do it."

Cordy: "What if they won"t lift the spell?"
Angel: "They"ll lift the spell. Just tell them that it"s for - me."
Cordy: "For you? You know them?"
Angel: "I did."
Cordy: "And they"re gonna remember you?"
Angel: "They should."
Cordy: "They better! Angel - I told her she was safe with me."

Angel: "I know."
Gio: "Did you ever know that you"re my - hero? You"re everything I wish I could be. I could fly higher than..."
Wes: "We have to do something. Angel walks in here they"ll kill him."
Gunn: "No. They won"t. They"re gonna make *me* do it."
Gio: "...you are the wind beneath my wings. Hey, Chuck! Did I ever tell you you"re... Hey!"

"Ah! - You know I"m starting to think this good vamp ain"t never gonna show."
Lorne: "Miami."
Gio: "Did you say something to me, green boy?"
Lorne: "Was three thousand miles really far enough, I wonder? I *know* why you left."

"Why you ran. - You couldn"t stay there, could you? - After what you did. - She trusted you."

Gio: "Shut up."
Lorne: "Right up until the end she trusted you. Did you know that?"
Guy: "Yo! That one"s trying to run!"
Gray demon: "Oh god, oh god. They"ll kill us all."
Gio: "Now, I *told* you to *watch* the door!"
"See that? You see that?! He"s trying to save that lowlife! - You know what that kind of thing does? It"s a baby killer is what that is. I"ve seen plenty of them in Florida."

"You like to eat babies, don"t you?"
Ugly: "Yeah, go ahead. I don"t care. You think I care? Go ahead and do it. Cowards. Cowards."
Gio: "So who does *he* go after? Who does he draw down on? The baby-killing monster? No, me, that"s who. What does that tell you?"

Gunn: "Tells me there"s a whole lot of monsters in this room to choose from."

Gio: "Yeah, maybe you one of them. You one of them, Chuck? Have they turned you already, huh? You one of "em?"
Gunn: "Come at me and find out."
Gio: "Yeah, I think he"s one of them. Or - maybe you just wanna be. Yeah. That"s more like it. I bet they won"t even let you in their little club. Huh, Chuck? Damn. You ain"t even good enough for the vamps, the demons and the baby-eatin" monsters. Huh.
Yeah, that"s what I"m guessing. Wine "em and dine "em, stick up for them "Oh, yeah. That one"s okay" and they still won"t put you on! Ain"t that a blip?"

Gunn: "Shut up."
Gio: "And all that what we heard about his sister might not be quite right. He was the only one there to see it. You know what I"m sayin"?"

Ugly: "I"ll taste your children..."
Gio: "You"re the one that let her get vamped in the first place, right Chuck?"
Ugly: "Listen to them scream. Tear of a piece. Have me a meal..."
Gio: "Because I know I wouldn"t let no bloodsucker get that close to *my* sister. And why?"
Ugly: "I live in the playgrounds..."
Gio: "Were you thinking that finally she was gonna give it up to you? Was that the plan? And that"s why you let her get bit."
Ugly: "Tear up their tiny, tiny bodies. Leave them for husks..."

Gio: "And then when she was there, all vamped out and hungry, you thought you might get that eternal kiss finally and when she said "no" that"s when you stuck it to her! That"s what I"m thinkin"."

Gunn: "Shut up!"
Lorne: "No. Not in here. No. No."
Gio: "Is that why you start in here? Is that why you up in here, truckin" with vamps and demons, thinking you"re gonna get your little piece of the action?!"
Gunn: "I said shut up!!"
Lorne: "This is a sanctuary."
Gio: "Not anymore it ain"t."
Angel: "Nice shot. Am I next?"
Rondell: "Prove to everyone here - this *thing* - ain"t no friend to you."
Wesley: "This is madness. Angel has a soul."

Gio: "He"s a vampire."
Wesley: "With a soul!"
Gio: "Whatever. - You think that makes him the same as us?"
Wesley: "No. Better. Better than you, anyway. When he did his pleasure killing he had no soul. You can make no such claim."

Rondell: "What"s it gonna be?"
Angel: "Here, Charles - let me make it simple for you. Take a look. This is what I am. Deal with it or don"t. But make a damn choice."

Cordy: "So, ah, Angel says you and he go -way back?"
Furies: "Mmm, Angel."
Cordy: "Uh, yeah. So, uhm, about that sanctorium mojo you got on at Caritas. Any chance you can pull the plug on that like now - for instance? Kind of an emergency."
Furies: "You would have us lift what has been put in place by mutual consent and contract?"

Cordy: "If you don"t, Angel will die."

Furies together: "Mmm, Angel."
Gunn: "That"s not gonna happen."
Gio: "I knew it!"
Gunn: "You don"t know anything. You think I won"t kill him because he"s my friend? That ain"t why. Truth is, he can never be my friend. It"s on account of what he is. Not his fault, really. Just the way it worked out."

Rondell: "He ain"t your friend. *I* am. And you gonna chose that over me?"
Gunn: "Looks like. It"s about the mission, bro. He"s got it. You don"t."
Gio: "Oh - so - you think, just because you"re letting that monster live you got the mission, huh? Well, as far as I can see, a monster lover ain"t no better than a monster, and I kill monsters.
That"s what I do. - So - anybody wanna walk out of here tonight, they gonna have to show me. Come on! Step on up and do what your friend here wouldn"t: kill the vampire - and you can leave this place.

Otherwise - stay and burn with the rest of them. Who wants to live."
Fred: "I"m sorry. I just - I don"t wanna die."

Cordy: "Look, this is *really* urgent. I know Lorne pays you to cast this spell. What will it take for you to lift it."

Furies: "This is not a debt you can pay."

Cordy: "You don"t know that. My credit has been *very* good this last year."
Furies: "Only Angel is equipped to make good on this debt."

Cordy: "Angel. I don"t know. For a guy, who"s a couple of centuries old - not very big with the wise investing. And when you say "equipped" that isn"t what you mean, is it?"

Furies: "Mmm, Angel."
Cordy: "Got it. And "eww!""
Fred: "I"m sorry. - I just can"t die in here."

Angel: "It"s okay. I understand."
Gio: "Alright, now you wanna get it in the heart or it"s no good."
Fred: "Although I thought I might just shoot you in the throat instead. Now, if I pierce one of your carotid arteries, considering the temperature in here, "cause I think somebody shot the thermostat, the blood loss is gonna be heavy. And there"s a chance I"ll puncture a vocal cord and you won"t even be able to scream. But you"ll want to when the blood loss to your brain results in a cerebral vascular event. - That"s a stroke. I wasn"t trying to sound snooty."

Angel: "Fred. Fred, it"s okay. - Just - point it at me. At *me,* Fred."
Fed: "I can"t."
Angel: "Yes, you can. It"s okay. Really."

"Thank you, ladies. I owe you one."
Gio: "Come on guys! Fight back! It"s ten against three! This is pathetic! Hey, I"m done with you people. I don"t even know why I came out to this coast! LA sucks. I"m going back to Florida, alright? You"re lucky I don"t have my old crew. I"d drag you out on the beach for a little sunshine and toast your..."

Gunn: "I guess we just have to go our own separate ways, man."
Rondell: All right."
Gunn: "Be well."
"Don"t guess Rondell and his crew are gonna be crossing Venice boulevard again any time soon."
Wesley: "It"s never easy - the pull of divided loyalties. Whatever choice we do end up making we feel as though we"ve betrayed someone."
Gunn: "Yeah."
Wesley: "If you ever withhold information or attempt to subvert me again, I will fire you. - I can"t have any one member of the team compromising the safety of the group, no matter who it is. If you do it again you will be dismissed, bag and baggage, out of a job onto the streets."

Gunn: "So, now you"re gonna get on me about all those things I said to you in there."

Angel: "No."
Gunn: "You understand I had to stall. Just had to keep it going."

Angel: "Yeah. I get that."
Gunn: "Doesn"t mean I *meant* any of it."

Angel: "No, you meant all of it, but that"s okay."

Gunn: "I can"t help the way I feel, man. That"s just the way it is. - Doesn"t mean I don"t wanna work with you. Doesn"t even mean that I don"t like you. - Maybe some day, I don"t know."

Angel: "I don"t know either. - But I got time."

Gunn: "Hey!"
"No matter what else, I think I proved that you can trust me when I could have killed you and I didn"t."

Angel: "No. - You"ll prove that I can trust you when day comes that you *have* to kill me - and you do."

The end
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