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Wes: "Honestly, have you ever seen anything lovelier? So - graceful, so full of life. And those eyes... make you feel like you're the only man in the room."

Cordy: "Plus, six breast. Any man is gonna love that."
Wes: "Fred doesn"t have six breasts! - Right?"
Cordy: "Sorialus the Ravager. And, yeah, she"s the one from my vision."
Wes: "Coming to destroy the humans that killed her mate."
Cordy: "But not for another month or so. I"ll file her under "pending." - You"re gonna ask her out?"

Wes: "The Ravager?"
Cordy: "Fred."
Wes: "Oh. - Yes - but, you know - timing. I"ll make my move when I feel the iron is hot."

Cordy: "Well, get it done, Johnny Reb. So I can hear about something else, and you can do something else besides feeling your hot iron."
Wes: "Am I very boring on the subject?"
Cordy: "You know, there was a time when you thought I was the loveliest thing in the world."

Wes: "Well, I... You"re an extraordinary woman) I..."
Cordy: "At ease, soldier. Just like to hear it every now and then. I was the ditziest bitch in Sunnydale, could have had any man I wanted. Now I"m all superhero-y and the best action I can get is an invisible ghost who"s good with the Loohfah."

Wes: "I"m sorry. I missed that last part."

Cordy: "You *are* a gentleman."
Angel: "Who"s doing what with the Loofah?"
Wes: "Not Loofah, Looh-fah. Nooctm... Skumth. It"s a demon."
Cordy: "So, you went with the dark clothes today."
Angel: "Ask me why I"m smiling."
Cordy: "I will, because it"s scaring me."

Angel: "We - are stepping out."
Gunn: "You are a remarkable woman. Particularly the way you can shovel a mountain range of food into your mouth. That is some Olympian feat, that much eatin"."
Fred: "Oh, was I a pig? It"s just that that first breakfast seems to go so quick, and I"m always still..."

Gunn: "Nah, I was wondering where it all goes in that little stick-figure body you got."

Fred: "Stick? You"re a beast."
Gunn: "Ah, come on. You know you"re gorgeous."
"Morning friends and neighbors. Ooh, are those the tickets? You got "em?"
Angel: "Well, I got to the ticket place and..."

Gunn: "I"m paying you back. This one"s on me."
Wes: "Good morning, Fred."
Fred: Hey!
Gunn: "Mahta Hari is the tightest band in LA. You guys are gonna be trippin" out."
Angel: "The only thing is..."
Gunn: "Look, I said I"m good for it, man. Don"t have to worry about dippin" in the Connor college fund. The time I saw the Mahta Hari at the Troubadour they where the 'Blinnikov World Ballet Tour.' What"s going on?

Angel: "I was trying to tell you. I got to the ticket place and boom! Tonight only!"

Gunn: "But - you got ballet on my Mahta Hari tickets."
Angel: "This is the Blinnikov World Ballet Corps."
Cordy: "He"s been saying that like it has meaning."
Angel: "This is one of the premier companies in the world. And they"re going Giselle! It"s their signature piece."
Gunn: "This is all like some horrible dream."

Wes: "I think I"ve heard of them. Very ahead of their time."
Angel: "Oh, yeah. Yeah. I saw their production of Giselle in eighteen-ninety. I cried like a baby. And I was evil!"
Fred: "I-I think it sounds exciting!"

Wes: "Yes."
Gunn: "No. No! This is not Mahta Hari. This is tutus, and guys with their big-ass packages jumping up and down. This is just... I will never trust you again. The trust is gone."

Cordy: "Oh, get over it. Do we get dressed up?"
Angel: "Of course."
Cordy: "I"m in."
Angel: "Guys, seeing real ballet live it"s... it"s like another world. Gunn, these guys are tight, and you"re gonna be trippin" out."
Gunn: "Don"t be usin" my own phrases when we lost the trust."
Cordy: "Come on, guys. Working day, cases to solve."
Gunn: "Okay. But I"m not still paying, right. Because this is... this is... It"s like a nightmare."

Man: "It"s such an honor to have the company here, I have to say. All of LA is buzzing. To have the Blinnikov performing Giselle... I can"t imagine what"s tonight"s going to be like."

Director: "It will be the performance of a lifetime."
"I guarantee it."


Fred: "Are you certain this is the place for us?"
Cordy: "Well, we could always get our outfits at "Cave-girl"s House of Burlap," but that"s just so last season. The guys are all renting tuxes. We gotta step up."

Fred: "But aren"t we - you know - poor?"
Cordy: "There is a custom amongst my people. It"s called "buying a dress, wearing it once, and returning it the next day." It"s all about hiding the tags while it"s on."

Fred: "Oh. Okay. I"m very excited about tonight. I love the ballet! I mean, I haven"t seen that much, but my family used to go to the Nutcracker every Christmas, and I had my first sexual dream about the Mouseking."

Cordy: "Face me."
Fred: "Can I ask you something?"
Cordy: "I think you guys are perfect for each other. I have magic powers, remember?"

Fred: "It -it"s not like we"ve said anything or... but he"s so sweet... and commanding, and I feel so comfortable around him... I mean, I don"t even know if he feels..."

Cordy: "He feels."
Fred: "Feelings?"
Cordy: "Oh, there is definite feelings. We find the right outfit for tonight, there may be actual feeling."

Fred: "And then we have to find a dress for you. Something that will make Angel crazy."

Cordy: "Fred, sweetie. Angel *is* crazy."

Fred: "Well, I know he"s gonna wanna look his best for you."
Cordy: "That"s right. The world"s champion is gonna spend all day worrying about his outfit!"

Angel: "Is it gonna to be alright? Is there a stain?"
Lorne: "Oh, relax, crumb cake. I"ve got the soda water working overtime. Man, little Connor burps like a champ."
Angel: "At least he"s sleeping."
Lorne: "Who wouldn"t? With that sweet Irish lullaby you crooned. Just a hair flat on the bridge, but - more to the point - Cordelia?"

Angel: "What about her?"
Lorne: "I read you while you were singing, you big corn muffin, and uh, can"t say as I blame. I mean, what a woman she"s become."

Angel: "You"re not supposed to be reading me. Anyway, you read me wrong."

Lorne: "Sorry, strudel. It"s not just when you"re singing. We got a little term back in Pylea. Kyrumption?"
Angel: "I know it."
Lorne: "Okay. When two great heroes come together..."
Angel: "There will be no coming together, okay? Everything we"ve been through together and all anybody wants to talk about is..."

Lorne: "Can"t fight Kyrumption, cinnamon buns. It"s fate. It"s the stars. Kyrumption is..."

Angel: "Stop saying that. And stop calling me pastries."
Lorne: "You"re a man of many limitations, Angel. But you"re a man. You got a heart. And Cordelia is a hell of a lady. I mean, if I thought she"d like to wear green, I"d be elbowing you out of the way. But she"s out of my league. She"s a champion, Angel, old school. And besides, we all know you got a thing for ex-cheerleaders."

Angel: "What have I got to offer her?"
Lorne: "Do I even have to answer that? You just have to act, Angel. You gotta let her know what"s brewing inside. "cause, man, it"s real and - and you don"t wanna miss that shot!"

Angel: "Lorne, Cordelia, she"s..."
Cordy: "She"s what?"
Angel: "I-I was just saying that you"re not much of an ballet fan."
Lorne: "You - you know, disregard everything I said. I forgot how homely she was."
Angel: "You - you look like..."
Cordy: "Like a ballet fan? An aficionado? A devotee, in fact?
Tonight I"ve decided that we don"t have to be our incredibly dreary selves. Tonight we"re just a couple of young sophisticates enjoying an evening of classical dance. How does that sound?"

Angel: "Sounds just right."
Gunn: "You got to promise not to laugh."
Fred: "I promise."
Gunn: "It"s gotta come from the heart."

Fred: "Will you stop being such a little girl? I said, I promise."
Gunn: "This is what your promises are worth? I"m having a lot of trust issues at this time in my life."
Fred: "It"s just - my god, you"re so pretty."

Gunn: "You know there"s not a lot of people could say that to me and live. But - the way you look - there is no way I can fight you."

Fred: "Tonight feels... I don"t know - kind of magical. Is that stupid?"
Wes: "Not at all. Finally came out of hiding."

Gunn: "And look at my reward."
Wes: "Yes. Isn"t she a vision."

Gunn: "A lot of that going around."
Cordy: "Thank you, but no thank you. There will be no visions tonight."

Angel: "How can you be sure?"
Cordy: "I had a vision."
Cordy: "Thank you. The iron is hot."
Angel: "Sorry they"re not closer. Getting five seats together..."
Wes: "Don"t be silly. Best place. We get the whole panorama from here."
Cordy: "Besides, back here we stand less chance of setting off the "under seventy" alarm."
Angel: "Back in the day I"d always get box seats. Or I"d just eat the people who had "em."

Cordy: "Don"t lets reminisce. We"re here. Enjoy."
Gunn: ""Bravo! Bravo!"
Cordy: "I loved it."
Angel: "It"s just intermission."
Cordy: "Oh."
Gunn: "Bravo! Bravo!"
Cordy: "That isn"t drool, is it?"
Angel: "It"s okay. Matches the back."

Gunn: "I say it once, and gloat all you want: these guys are tight, and I am trippin" out."

Wes: "They certainly live up to their reputation. Has the choreography changed much since..."

Angel: "No. Nothing"s changed."
Wes: "Well, it"s wonderful they"re able to..."

Angel: "No. I mean, nothings changed. These are the same dancers I saw before."

Fred: "That"s impossible. We"re watching the exact same troupe you saw in nineteen-ninety?"
Gunn: "I think he said eighteen-ninety."
Fred: "Oh. Okay, that"s much more impossible."
Angel: "So, somebody wanna tell me how we"re watching a show starring people who should have died sixty years ago?"

Cordy: "Well, it"s a puzzler. Are there snacks?"

Wes: "So what are we thinking? Vampires?"
Cordy: "Well, they"re not a deeply tanned bunch."
Gunn: "That would explain the precision and the athleticism. I mean, some of those jumps were... You know, I was cool before I met you all."

Cordy: "Dancing vampires. Who"s not scared?"

Angel: "Not it. I"d know. I"d sense it."

Wes: "Even all the way back there... ...with the - panoramic view?"
Angel: "We should check it out."
Fred: "Maybe after the show we should head backstage?"
Angel: "I was thinking now. You guys should go back. I"ll snoop."
Cordy: "I"m with snoopy. The magic of the ballet - not really getting to me."
Wes: "How will the dancers keep time without your rhythmic snoring?"
Cordy: "Don"t think that"s not coming back to haunt you."
Angel: "Go."
Gunn: "Hurry."
Cordy: "Check out the zeppelin."
Angel: "Awful lot of muscle for a ballet company."
Cordy: "You want I should distract him? Make with the nice, nice while you slip by?"

Angel: "Don"t be stupid. I"m that guy and the most beautiful girl I"ve ever seen is making eyes at me? It"s either bachelor party or a scam."

Cordy: "What did you just call me?"
Angel: "I"m sorry. You"re not stupid."
Cordy: "No. After that."
Angel: "I think I"ll just have to go with my patented sudden burst of violence."

Cordy: "Hey, hold on. I think I might have an approach that is a little more subtle."

Cordy: "Hey! Do you like bribes?"
Guard: "Do I ever."
Cordy: "Well, we *really* wanna go backstage."
Guard: "Yeah, okay, but this isn"t so much a bribe as it is a tip. And since I"m not parking your car, there"s really no way that..."

Angel: "Okay. That"s how we do it."
Cordy: "Okay. You saw the building as we drove by. Do you remember it going on forever?"
Angel: "It"s clearly a spell, or a time flux, or something. I don"t think we wanna be rushing in here."
Cordy: "Well, lets get the others and talk options."
Angel: "Works in theory."
Angel: "This is her dressing room."
Cordy: "The prima ballerina."
Angel: "It"s unchanged."
Cordy: "She would wait for him here."
Angel: "It"s warm. It"s very warm."
Cordy: "I feel it."
Angel: "Something happened here."
Cordy: "Angel?"
Angel: "Yeah?"
Cordy: "I want you - to undress me."
Angel: "You what?"
Cordy: "It"s just another costume. I want you to see who I really am. You"re the only one who can."
Angel: "I... - This isn"t us. Cordelia we"re acting this out. Someone is..."
Cordy: "Whoa! - Did - did I actually just ask you to undress me?"
Angel: "Is that what you want?"
Cordy: "Please... I..."
Angel: "You want me to make love to you right here?"
Cordy: "You know I do."
Angel: "But you"re afraid."
Cordy: "What if he finds us?"
Angel: "I"m not afraid. I"m not afraid of anything."
Cordy: "I"m only alive when you"re inside me."

Angel: "Ah! Cordelia."
Cordy: "Yes."
Angel: "I"m sorry."
Cordy: "No. We so need to be out of here."

Angel: "Yes."
Cordy: "This isn"t out of here."
Angel: "I know. - Right."
Cordy: "Open the damn door."
Angel: "Kinda hard."
Cordy: "Kinda noticed."
Angel: "That"s a fair assessment."
Cordy: "What the hell is that place?"
Angel: "There"s spirits in there. Energy trapped in time. It took us over."

Cordy: "Yee. Scary. - Well, it"s a good thing it wears off right away."
Angel: "Yeah. Good thing."
Lorne: "Go to sleep, lullaby, you"ve been fed and you"re sleepy. You"ll be with uncle Lorne, who in no way resents not being asked to go to the ballet."
"And is certainly, not thinking, of selling you to the first vampire cult that makes him a decent offer..."

"Hey, you just sleep on, little nipper. Uncle Lorne is gonna make sure we"re alone."

"Won"t be gone a moment."
"Oh my god."
Cordy: "Are you sure this is the way?"
Angel: "I"m sure it"s *a* way. Place is a maze. I"m just hoping there"s another room. We can just go..."
Cordy: "Damn it!"
Angel: "What?"
Cordy: "I said something. Back in that room. Something important. Do you remember?"
Angel: "Uhm - you-you"re only alive when I-I"m..."
Cordy: "Not that."
Angel: "No. Of course. I-I was just... Oh. Hey! I said you were afraid."
Cordy: "And I said - what if he finds us?"

Angel: "She had a secret lover."
Cordy: "They were afraid of someone. And I"ll bet you anything that someone is the reason why we"re stuck here! We left too soon."

Angel: "We... who? The room?"
Cordy: "It"s a clue! Those spirits or - or energy or - or whatever are still in there. So we can figure out what happened. We have to go back in!"
Angel: "I"m marveling at the wrongness of that idea."
Cordy: "You wanna wander around backstage like Spinal Tap for the next - ever?"

Angel: "I"m sure there are other rooms that..."

Cordy: "All we have to do is play the scene. Get in, get out. No one gets happy."

Angel: "What if there is - no more talking in that scene? - Look, I"ve been possessed by the spirits of old lovers before. Never goes well."
Cordy: "Well, I"ve got my little cross if things get out of hand. Hey - it"s awkward, but it"s not *us.* So long as nothing is removed or - inserted it"s all forgotten."

Angel: "It is us - Cordelia. It"s you and me. - Kissing you, it"s... - It"s not something I can just..."
Cordy: "Oh, come on. It"s not *that* horrible. Up to his ass in demon gore - fine! But ask him to mack on a hottie and he wigs. My champion, ladies and gentlemen."

Fred: "Angel!"
Gunn: "Huh?"
Fred: "And Cordy. They"ve been gone way too long."
Wes: "You"re right. Come on."
Gunn: "We"re gonna miss the end!"
Wes: "I"m sorry."
Angel: "Anything coming?"
Cordy: "Uhm..."
"Okay. Let"s take it from the middle. - I want you to undress me."
Angel: "You want me to have sex now with you here."
Cordy: "Yes, but I"m scared."
Angel: "But you"re afraid."
Cordy: "And afraid. What if we-he! - finds us?"

Angel: "Well, I"m not afraid of anything."
Cordy: "Only good inside, blah, blah, blah..."

Angel: "Maybe it only works the one time. You know, when the energy..."
Gunn: "At least Angel left us a trail."

Director: "Deal with them. I can"t be bothered right now."
Cordy: "This is wrong."
Angel: "Hush."
Cordy: "You don"t know him. - He has power."
Angel: "The power to do this?"
Cordy: "Stephan, his power is unnatural. He could..."
Angel: "What? Kill us?"
Cordy: "Worse."
Angel: "Kurskov owns the company. He doesn"t own you."
Cordy: "He doesn"t know that. He thinks I"m his. That I dance for him. He is nothing but a deluded fan. He thinks I love him."

Angel: "Come away with me. Now. Tonight. We"ll disappear. Even *he* won"t find us."

Cordy: "I... - Stephan, everything I worked for is here."
Angel: "You can still dance."
Cordy: "Can I? I don"t... Not yet. - Maybe when we"re..."
Angel: "Don"t. Don"t make promises."
Cordy: "Help me. - Help me be not afraid."
Gunn: "This is very not right."
Fred: "Do you hear it?"
Wes: "There is something."
"Someone"s in pain."
Fred: "Either that, or someone"s in fun."
Cordy: "Oh, no. Oh, no!"
"Oh, thank god!"
Cordy: "Okay. So. Good. They were probably interrupted by this Count Kurskov, or his lackeys, right? So we"re done with the..."
Gunn: "Now that sounds less like fun."

Fred: "Charles!"
Wes: "Fred, stay between us."
Gunn: "I need to..."
Fred: "Wesley!"
Wes: "Can you handle the other?"
"Well, then. Just us."
Cordy: "A little help!"
Angel: "You alright?"
Cordy: "Yeah. We gotta move."
Angel: "You think they"re not dead?"
Cordy: "You just looked *really* hot doing that."
Angel: "Oh."
Cordy: "Yeah."
Angel: "Run."
Wes: "Who is laughing now?"
Wes: "Well, you. But I still win."
Gunn: "That"s good. That should hold. You okay? You hurt?"
Fred: "I"m fine. I just thought... I"m sorry. I shouldn"t fall apart like this."

Gunn: "You scared I"m gonna die on you?"

Fred: "Charles, don"t even..."
Gunn: "And all I ask - is one last kiss - as the light is dimming."
Fred: "You think that"s funny?"
Gunn: "It"s just a scratch!"
Fred: "I thought it was... - I..."
Gunn: "Hey. Hey. You really that worried about me?"
Fred: "You probably think I"m an idiot."
Gunn: "I think if you care that much - the wound is definitely deep."

Fred: "The light is dimming?"
Gunn: "And all I ask is one last..."

Angel: "You guys alright?"
Fred: "Charles got stabbed."
Gunn: "Yeah. A couple stitches worth."
Angel: "The same guys that attacked us."

Fred: "Cordy - your tag"s showing."
Gunn: "Any idea where we are or what the hell?"
Angel: "Yeah. Cordy and I hit kind of a mystical hotspot back in one of the dressing rooms."
Cordy: "Well, it seems the prima ballerina had a lover back in the day. And there was this Count Kurskov, who owned the company, and I guess he had a thing for the girl and - they were mightily afraid of him."
Angel: "He had powers of some kind."
Wes: "He was a wizard."
"He was obsessed with the girl. - When he found her with the other man, he went insane with jealous rage - pulled her out of time out of any reality beyond *his* theater, his company. He swore she would dance for him forever."

Fred: "How did you..."
Wes: "I - ah, - I hit a hotspot, too."

Gunn: "And now we"re stuck here?"
Wes: "Well, ah, this kind of temporal shift can"t just exist. It has to be maintained. That requires power and concentration. If we can overload him somehow, we might be able to slip back to the real world."

Gunn: "The man with the plan!"
Angel: "Great. So, how do we overload him?"

Wes: "Well, I"d imagine *that* requires some energy."
Fred: "The more we kill, the more he makes."

Cordy: "Look!"
Wes: "And that is draining his energy. Angel, try and find a way to the stage. The count will be watching."
Angel: "I bet *he* has a box."
Wes: "Find his power center and destroy it. We"ll try and loosen his hold."
Gunn: "By making more monsters? Man with the frightening plan!"
Cordy: "Back here. They can"t surround us."

Wes: "You two - stay close together. I"ll take point."
Cordy: "I hope you"re in a killing mood."

Wes: "I should do alright."
Angel: "Hello?"
Ballerina: "Who are you? - There"s no one... - You"re new."
Angel: "I"m pretty old, actually. I"ve seen you dance."
Ballerina: "Everyone sees me."
Angel: "It was Giselle then, as well."
Ballerina: "Always."
Angel: "I know what"s happening. Count Kurskov - he"s punishing you."
Ballerina: "He made me. He owns me. And when I dance it is only for him."

Angel: "Do you believe that?"
Ballerina: "It really doesn"t matter. I"ll dance. I"ll wait here. And then I"ll dance again. That"s all."

Angel: "A hundred years - doing the same piece - every night. Is that enough? What about Stephan?"
Ballerina: "I waited too long. I should have gone when he asked me, should have disappeared, but...
I wanted this. This dance, this...
I hesitated and... - I lost everything that mattered. Now all I do is wait."
Angel: "You dance."
Ballerina: "There is a section in the first act, during the courtship dance, where - my foot slips. My ankle"s turned and - and I don"t quite hold - every time.
He doesn"t notice. He doesn"t even know ballet that well. But always, at that same moment, I slip. - It isn"t just the same ballet. It"s the same performance. I don"t dance. I echo. Please - can you make it stop?"

Wes: "It"s working!"
Gunn: "Yeah, there are dozens of them. Yay us!"
Wes: "It has to be weakening his hold."
Angel: "I can help you. But you have to do something."
Ballerina: "What?"
Angel: "Change the ending. Dance something new."
Ballerina: "I can"t."
Angel: "He doesn"t control all this. He"s losing it. But you have to take the stage. - It"s not too late. You can change things."

Kurskov: "No!"
Angel: "Hey, where is your power center?"
Kurskov: "How dare you?"
Angel: "I"ll guess."
Kurskov: "You have no right."
Angel: "Save it."
Kurskov: "She - was my love. She danced only for *me!*"
Angel: "Yeah. You love her that much? Start a website."
Wes: "We"ll have to clean the wound. Do you want something for the pain?"
Gunn: "What pain?"
Cordy: "Do you think I can still return it? Because otherwise we"re gonna have to take on a lot more cases."
Angel: "Cordy."
Cordy: "You know, we should probably just not talk about - our little adventure. Anything that might have been seen, anything that might have been, oh perky."

Angel: "I just wanna pretend it never happened."
Cordy: "Exactly."
Angel: "Wipe it from my memory."
Cordy: "What? - Was it, like, disgusting?"
Angel: "No! I, ah... I would, I would just want... If we were to... - I would just want it to be... - new. Start at the beginning."

Cordy: "Lost me in the middle."
Angel: "Cordy - you and I, we"ve been working together for - a long time. What I mean is, you"ve become a truly extraordinary woman. I know we haven"t always gotten along, but - I think that we, you know, we..."

Cordy: "Groo?"
Angel: "Yes! We - we-we grew - closer together, I think..."
Cordy: "Groo!"
Groo: "Princess!"
Cordy: "Oh god! I can"t believe it!"
Groo: "I feared you"d forget who I was."
Cordy: "Remind me."
Lorne: "He just showed up. Apparently once everyone in Pylea got their freedom, the political situation got a little sketchy.
The Groosalug here got deposed and they set up some kind of people"s republic. So, he came looking for his - true love."

Angel: "Huh. That"s good-good for her."
Lorne: "Yeah."
Angel: "I"m gonna check on Connor."
Lorne: "Ah, he"s sleeping."
Fred: "Well, that"s a surprise. I thought for sure she was meant to be with Angel. I guess you never can predict those things. You know?"

Wes: "No. I guess you never can."

The end
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