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GROOSALUGG: Angel... You and I have fought side by side on more than one occasion - Fellow warriors, shoulder to shoulder. By
now, my counsel must assuredly hold
weight, so I beseech you to heed my
ANGEL: Mm: o-kay.
GROOSALUGG: "Pomegranate Mist" is the wrong color for this room.
ANGEL: What?
FRED: We were just thinking... Well, I was
thinking and Groo agreed... That, well, since we have to repaint your room anyway, maybe you"d like a change. Y"know, for a change.

ANGEL: Groo agreed?
CORDELIA: Don"t mock. He"s actually got a
surprisingly good color sense.
GROOSALUGG: "Sunburst splendor" is a hue more worthy of a champion. Or perhaps
this unique one called..."Purr-Pleh."

ANGEL: Purple.
And yet you had no problem
pronouncing "Pomegranate."
GROOSALUGG: It was my mother"s name.
ANGEL: What are the odds.
Hang on. Where you going with that?
GUNN: I"m tossing it.
ANGEL: It"s an antique.
GUNN: It"s a charcoal briquette.
ANGEL: We"re not throwing it out.
And the wall color stays, too. Look,
guys, I appreciate everybody"s
help... Really. But I just want
everything back the way it was, okay?
Or... close to it.
CORDELIA: Not gonna be, y"know?
Unless we pay for real, dishonest-to-
goodness, overpriced, contractors,
those cracks are always gonna show.
ANGEL: Let "em.
Maybe we can even dump our trash here.

CORDELIA: Ah, the old "gives the place
character" philosophy. Guess that
served you pretty well living in
rotted out mansions and--
ANGEL: Don"t know why I bought this for him. A whim, I guess... Thought he"d like
to look at it. The snow. Doesn"t
ever snow in Southern California.

CORDELIA: Did, once.
ANGEL: Hey, y"know... we shouldn"t be
wasting our time fixing up my place
when we"ve got work to do.
GUNN: What work?
ANGEL: Our jobs. The business. We"re
neglecting our cases.
FRED: Um, Angel? We don"t have any cases.
We haven"t had a call in over a week.
ANGEL: Really?
Well, somebody ought to be downstairs. In case a walk-in should... walk in.
"Cause we get those. Sometimes.
CORDELIA: Never on Sundays.
SPIVEY: Um... Hello? Angel Investigations?
Hey! Is anybody here?
Hey! Hellо--
Uh, look... Unless you want me to
take my business someplace else...
Probably couldn"t find my dog anyw--

ANGEL: Yyyes...
Hi! Sorry. Hope you weren"t, uh...
Can I help you?
SPIVEY: What-- what was that?
ANGEL: I was just saying... If you"re
looking for Angel Investigations, I"m
he. Him. Angel. And you are...?
SPIVEY: I... I need...
ANGEL: Don"t be embarrassed. Whatever your problems are, I"m here to listen.
And help, of course.
SPIVEY: We have to go.
ANGEL: What-- Something wrong?
Oh! The pentagram? Don"t-- It"s
just a... Don"t worry about it. Old
case. I"m totally available to give
you my full...


CORDELIA: When did we get the statue for the lobby? О! It"s just you.
ANGEL: Can we do something about this stain? It scared off a client.
I think he was a client.
He barely said two words then ran out.
CORDELIA: Well, you know, some people
can be pretty close-mouthed.
We"ve never talked about everything
that happened while I was away.
ANGEL: You know the gist of it.
CORDELIA: I got loads of gist.
What I don"t got is the specifics.
Specifically, that five-pointed
doodad decorating our lobby...
...and the voodoo that you dood-- Did over it.
ANGEL: Cordy--
CORDELIA: I know you don"t wanna talk...
...but don"t mess with dark magics
like it doesn"t matter.
ANGEL: It doesn"t matter it was a waste of time.
CORDELIA: StilI should know what spell it was.
There"s a cosmic price for using primordial powers.
There could be repercussions.
And the one person who could help us
with that isn"t around anymore.
Not going there. Just saying....
Run away, avoid talking about this,
but you know...
...stuff we do in the past the usually comes back
to bite us in our respective ass-.
What you did-
ANGEL: Okay, so may be I wasn"t thinking too clearly.
I mean I was drunk for a while I was drunk on my own son"s blood...
...slipped into my food
by good folks Wolfram & Hart.
And my head was clouded with rage over
a trusted friend stealing my child from me.
Damn it, Cordelia, you got me talking about this.
CORDELIA: You probably just needed to vent.
Why didn"t you call me?

ANGEL: I didn"t want to mess up your vacation. I just thought one of us
should be happy.
CORDELIA: But I could"ve helped.
I could"ve done something.
ANGEL: There was nothing you could--
CORDELIA: How do you know that?
What makes you so sure? I"ve got
a hotline to The fricking Powers, buster.
I could"ve gotten a vision or something to warn us.
Plus, I"ve got demon in me now. So
maybe there is some untapped power...
...that could"ve help find Connor
before, you know, before....
ANGEL: Who needed to vent?

CORDELIA: I should"ve been here for you.
ANGEL: You were. I mean, you are.
You"re always--
Look, I"m just trying to move on
like you told me to.
I"m just trying not to just be so
into my problems, into my head.
Just focus on something else
for a while, you know?
CORDELIA: Sure. Yeah, I get that.
But next time, you call me.
ANGEL: All right.
There is something you can do for me.

Find me a case to work on. Please.

SPIVEY: More. Like the last ones.
MANAGER: I don"t wanna be rude, sir, but
you"ve been here for almost six hours...
KID: And, like, a hundred peach smoothies.

MANAGER: And I think... I think you"re not
well. Sir.
KID: Dude, you haven"t taken a whiz since
you got here.
SPIVEY: Please.
MANAGER: We don"t take credit cards.
SPIVEY: Water. Water, then.
MANAGER: Sir, if you don"t leave, I"m gonna
call the pol--
SPIVEY: We"re thirsty.
KID: Okay.
GAVIN: I hear congratulations are in order.

LILAH: Gavin. What a pleasant surprise.
GAVIN: People are saying you"ve made
great strides forward with Angel.
LILAH: What are you talking about?
GAVIN: You mean you don"t know?
He tried to kill one of his people
at a hospital.
LILAH: Wow, Gav, you"re quick.
Maybe your next news flash...
...will involve that newfangled
invention called fire.
GAVIN: You know, despite our differences, when a coworker tries to pat you on the back--

LILAH: I check for the knife.
GAVIN: But on this case Angel tried to kill a human...
...bringing him one step closer
to his dark side - one step closer to us.
Dark side, shmark side.
Remember a year ago?
- Wine cellar? Slaughter?
GAVIN: They were lawyers.
LILAH: And you are...?
GAVIN: A realist.
Angel tried to smother one of the closest friends with a pillow.
We"re making progress.
LILAH: We could make more. Get those two wacky kids together again and see what happens.
GAVIN: Might even make up
for you losing that baby.
LILAH: Nice try. But unlike you, Gavin,
I"m ahead of the game.
Angel tried to kill his friend,
kidnapped and tortured Linwood...
...and performed dark forbidden magics.
All on my watch.
GAVIN: Congratulations, Lilah.
LILAH: Thanks, Gavin.
- Can we stop feigning now?
GAVIN: Sure.
FRED: It"s funny. Well, sad, actually...
I keep expecting to find... I mean,
it"s weird seeing Angel sitting at
that desk.
GUNN: It was his when I got here. Seems
right that it"s his again.

FRED: Yeah. But, thing"s have cooled down
a little since... I"m just saying maybe it"s time to... Look, he doesn"t have to forgive
GUNN: Glad you think so, "cuz not happenin".

FRED: No. Right. He shouldn"t.
But... isn"t there some way to, I
don"t know... come back from this?
GUNN: No unless Wes comes back with that
baby under his arm. And even then,
Angel"d probably kill him on principle.
FRED: Y--You don"t really think that.

GUNN: He took the man"s son.
Probably best we never mention the
guy"s name again.
CORDELIA: Well, I give up... Tried soaking it out, tried scrubbing it out... No question, we got ring around the lobby.
I say we toss in the towel and buy a
big ass throw rug. Who"s with me?

GROOSALUGG: That honor is mine, Princess.
CORDELIA: Aww. Groo, honey... Do me a favor and dump out the bucket.
FRED: Cordelia...
CORDELIA: He is such a sweetie. So loyal. And loving. Like a puppy-dog.
FRED: Cordy...?
CORDELIA: I know. That didn"t sound very good. But he is. A puppy-dog. A sexy,
well-built, go-all-night, puppy-dog.
Okay, that sounded worse.
FRED: Cor...?
CORDELIA: No. You want me to say something to Angel about Wesley. Sorry. Can"t. Won"t.
FRED: Why? Why can"t you? You"ve
known them both longer than anybody.
Angel would listen to you...
CORDELIA: Probably. But he doesn"t want to
hear it. Which is why I"m not going
to burden him--
FRED: Look, whatever he did... It"s Wesley.
You care about it. I know you do.
Can you imagine the pain he"s in, how
horrible he must be feeling--

CORDELIA: Angel"s feelings are the only ones I care about. He"s my priority.
I got dosed with demon DNA for that
man. I"m semi-demon!
And I still
don"t know what that means... Apart from the random floatyness and seizure-less visions, which is keen except sometimes it"s hard to tell
when I"m--
ANGEL: What"s going on?
LORNE: I"ll tell you what"s going on...
Big brouhaha at the juice bar across the street.
Only light on the "ha-ha."
Some guy"s out there cracking up.
KID: Here. Key to the safe. Take it.
just don"t hurt me, dude. Don"t-
CORDELIA: ...one minutes you"re standing there, all shocked looking, then --
whammo -- you"re knocked across the--
ANGEL: Cordy, can we talk about it later?
Working here.
KID: Look out! Dude"s got Ebola or
GROOSALUGG: This "Ebola" is a weapon? Forged in magic?
LORNE: Forged in monkey poo.
ANGEL: Okay, ser. You wanna just put down this Supersize, or-- Hey. I know you.

GUNN: You do?
ANGEL: This is the guy that came into the
office this morning.
GUNN: Didn"t mention he was a mummy, man.

ANGEL: He"s not. I mean, he wasn"t. He"s--

FRED: "Phillip J. Spivey." From Inglewood. according to his license.
ANGEL: Mr. Spivey? Phil?
Hi. Remember me? We"re just gonna take a walk to my office across the street and see if we can figure out what"s what. Sound
okay with you?

SPIVEY: We"re thirsty!
ANGEL: I"ll take that as a "no."
Okay, people. I'd say we got a case.
Let's get him on the couch.
FRED: My God. Look at his face.
ANGEL: Fred, do we: do we have any water in the fridge?
FRED: A few bottles, I think.
ANGEL: We"re gonna need "em.
LORNE: Some Lip Balm wouldn"t hurt, either,
ANGEL: "We..."
GUNN: Glad you"re having fun with this.
ANGEL: No. He kept saying "we." This
morning is was "we have to go." Now,
"we"re thirsty..."
CORDELIA: Okay, so he"s pretentious. Angel, we have to talk about my vision--
ANGEL: It can wait.
CORDELIA: No. It can"t! You think The Powers beam me pretty pictures purely for my
amusement?! It tells me when
someone"s in danger and this time
that someone"s you!
ANGEL: Oh, gee, I"m in danger. What else is
new? Look, I want to deal with
somebody else"s problems for a
change. I want to deal with Mr.
Phillip Spivey of Inglewood...
Who came to use this morning for help.
He"s the one we need to be concerned
with. Not me. This has nothing to
do with me.
SPIVEY: You! This is all happening because of you! This is all your fault.
ANGEL: My fault?
CORDELIA: That"s what the Sandman said.
ANGEL: How is this my fault? I was trying
to help him. What"d he go and say
that for?
LORNE: He didn"t... That did.
GUNN: Okay, that was a thing.
FRED: Big ugly slug thing. Where"d it go?

GROOSALUGG: It has vanished. Just like the glass eels of the Krag Swamps in UxenBlarg.
Just making an observation.
GUNN: So what the hell was it?
ANGEL: Don"t look at me. I don"t know what
it is. Or what it has to do with me.

CORDELIA: Um, Angel...
LORNE: Not really the hunter-type. Couldn"t
I just come along and cheerlead?

CORDELIA: Hotel"s shut tight.
ANGEL: Good. Don"t want anyone else getting
GROOSALUGG: This weapon will serve me better.
ANGEL: Too big for our purposes, isn"t it?

GROOSALUGG: I have had no complaints.
ANGEL: Uh huh. Great. Оkay, Cordy, you and the Groo start with a the third floor make a sweep and word your way down.
LORNE: Uh... Exactly how do we know slicing
and dicing will do the trick on Mr.
ANGEL: We don't, that"s why Fred"s gonna hit the books. See if she can find out what
we"re dealing with.

FRED: I am:Angel... I- I don"t even know where to begin to look...
ANGEL: Start with thaumogenesis...
FRED: Thaumo--?
ANGEL: Creatures manifested as a by-product
of using dark magic.

FRED: Ohh.
GUNN: I"ll stay with her. Keep watch.
ANGEL: Watch close. This thing"s hard to
CORDELIA: This thing drank every speck of
moisture out of a man"s body.
I"m just saying... Shouldn"t we wait
to see what Fred finds out before we
go chasing around after it?
ANGEL: Longer we wait, the sooner that thing
finds a way out of here. And into the world.
And I"m not gonna let that happen. Let's go.
I don"t want to hear it.
LORNE: I didn"t say anything.
ANGEL: Let"s keep it that way.
LORNE: Well, was I wrong?
ANGEL: Lorne... It"s my mess. I"m cleaning
it up. What more--?
LORNE: I warned you, Angel-face. You mess
with powers of darkness--
ANGEL: There"s a price to pay. I know.
There"s always a price. Question
is... Is it one worth paying?
LORNE: So... Was this?
ANGEL: That spell I did was for nothing. I
didn"t find my son. Now he"s gone
forever. So, you ask me, was it
worth it? Would I do it again?
In a heartbeat. Because he was my
LORNE: Angel? What are you--?
Well, go team.
That wasn"t so--
FRED: God... I hate this...
GUNN: I"m with you... That creepy crawler
was seriously messed up. With those
feelers or whatever sticking out of
its face... slithering around like a
worm with its slimy--
FRED: N-no, Charles... I meant... I hate
going through these books.
GUNN: Oh. Oh, yeah. Books. That"s...rough.
FRED: Everything on "Thaumogenesis" is...
is so cryptic. And full of words I
never heard of, like "amulatives"
and... and I have to keep cross-
referencing "Chaldean" with "Accadian
Are you listening to me?
GUNN: Yeah. "Accordion music." Go on...

FRED: I mean, ask me to research stuff on
wave-particle dualities or the
Schrodinger Equation and I"m a
hellcat. But this...
Angel"s just go to realize that I"m
just not as qualified for this as...
Some people.
GUNN: Yeah, well, "some people" aren"t
around anymore. So, you"re just gonna have to learn to get good at it...
FRED: Well, but, what if I fail? What if
I can"t find anything to help us?

GUNN: We"ll manage. Not sayin" I don"t
prefer something I can punch...
...that doesn"t make that squishy
noise when you kill it.
But I think we can handle once little
slug from hell.
LILAH: "Bio-plasmic infection"?
- Speaking of.
GAVIN: You get the e-mail?
LILAH: The confidential one? The one
I have to use a magic bug to open?

The one that you shouldn"t
even know about?
GAVIN: Must"ve been a glitch in the server.
So psychics say it looks like Angel"s
hotel has some uninvited guests.
LILAH: Interesting. Why do I care again?

GAVIN: One word: thaumogenesis.
LILAH: The spell.
GAVIN: The one you helped him perform.

LILAH: Everything has repercussions, Gavin.
Angel knew that going in.
GAVIN: I"m glad you see it that way.
Repercussions. Poetic justice.

LILAH: You have a point, or are you waxing
my desk with your ass for fun?
GAVIN: Well, I was just thinking whatever these things are... ...they can't be too cuddly considering Angel barricaded himself inside...
...to prevent unleashing them
on the innocent populace.

LILAH: So yay. Let him reap what he"s sown.
Maybe I"ll get lucky
and they"ll rip him to....
GAVIN: Think the senior partners
might be upset if Angel died...
...as a result of a spell you helped him cast?

LILAH: You gotta be kidding me.

GAVIN: And with Linwood on vacation, unreachable. This is a dilemma.
Well, bye.
LILAH: Wait. So, what, I"m supposed
to go in there and save Angel?

GAVIN: I"m sorry. I don"t know what you"re talking about.
CORDELIA: Poor Angel. It"s eating away at him.
GROOSALUGG: You are having another vision, Princess?
CORDELIA: What? No. I meant... Knowing it was the spell he performed, trying to
find Connor, that made this...
whatever it is we"re hunting.
Knowing that it caused a man"s death.

GROOSALUGG: He is your priority.
GROOSALUGG: You said... earlier. Angel"s
feelings were your only concern. He
is all that matters.
CORDELIA: Oh. Oh, no, Grooey... I-- I meant,
work priority. Work. You see? You.
You"re my... other... stuff priority.
You get that, right?
Groo? Honey? We can talk about
GROOSALUGG: Do not move.
CORDELIA: Get it! Going down! Come on--
GROOSALUGG: I instructed you not to move.
CORDELIA: Well, gee, forgive me for saving my own life.
GROOSALUGG: I would not have let harm come to you.
CORDELIA: That"s not the--
ANGEL: We saw it!
CORDELIA: We saw it!
ANGEL: You saw it?
CORDELIA: You saw it?
GUNN: There"s more than one?
ANGEL: Two, at least. Should probably
assume there are more.
LORNE: Do we have to?
ANGEL: But at least we have one advantage.

CORDELIA: What, they glow in the dark? How"s that supposed to help us, unless we
shut off all the lights in the holy
crap you"re not serious.
ANGEL: These things are hard enough to kill
as it is. I speared one and it was
still strong enough to attack us and
escape. If this makes them easier to
find, I say we take the chance.
FRED: All the lights?
ANGEL: Here. Take this and lock yourself up
in the office. We still need answers, Fred.
FRED: Right.
GUNN: Boy, this just keeps gettin" funner
and funner.
ANGEL: Glad to hear you"re enjoying this,
"cause somebody"s got to go down to
the basement and shut off the power.

GUNN: Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh...
CORDELIA: Everything okay down there?
GUNN: Oh, yeah! It"s a party!
And here"s the icing on the cake.
LORNE: Where are we?
ANGEL: South wing. Haven"t found a use for
it yet so we keep it closed up.

CORDELIA: Do you hear something?
LORNE: Sorry, cupcake. All I"m picking up"s
the loud, erratic thumping of the
heart in my mouth.
CORDELIA: Listen... It sounds like... It almost sounds like...
ANGEL: Birds.
CORDELIA: Do we even have keys for this?
GUNN: Fred. It"s me. Open up.
Sorry it took me so long to get back.
Did a quick look around to see if any
slimeys were lurking. We"re good.
How you holding up? You okay?
FRED: Scared. Very... scared.
GUNN: I know. It"s gonna be okay. Just
have to keep it together. Watch each
other"s backs.
Y"know, when this is over, I think
you and me should go away someplace.
Like Cordy and Groo got to do. Maybe
Baja. A little sun, sand. Think we deserve--
FRED: We have to get out of here.
GUNN: That"s... what I"m sayin". And we
will. Soon as we kill these creatures, I"ll talk to Angel. Maybe--
Aw, no...
FRED: We"re thirsty.
CORDELIA: Ugh. Where is that sound coming from?
ANGEL: Definitely in this room. Somewhere.
LORNE: Y"know, this space is one part hum,
two parts dinger.
Ever think of turning it into a
Hey. Missing the life. Sue me.

GUNN: We got a serious problem.
CORDELIA: Oh, no. Fred...
GUNN: We have to get her help. And we
gotta get it fast.
ANGEL: Fred?
Fred, can you hear me?
GUNN: It"s no good. That thing"s jammin"
her brain. You can"t reach her.
FRED: Angel...
ANGEL: Fred?
FRED: I... feel it. Its needs. Its...
thirst. Oh, god, I"m so thirsty!

GUNN: Hang on, baby. We"re getting you to
a hospital.
FRED: No!!! Charles! We... No... It wants
that... To escape. Spread.
You can"t let it... let us... It...
It.. will... kill...

Oh, it really doesn"t like you.
ANGEL: Feeling"s mutual.
GUNN: That"s it. C"mon.
ANGEL: What are you doing?
GUNN: Getting her out of here.
ANGEL: After what she said...
GUNN: I don"t give a damn what she said!
For all I know, it"s that thing
inside her calling the shots.
ANGEL: Hey, you can't do this--
GUNN: Get outta my way, Angel.
ANGEL: Think about this. How"s she gonna
feel if taking her out of here causes
more people to die?

GUNN: She? Or you?
GUNN: All this is happening "cause of you.
What you did. This is your fault.
Messing with scary ass mojo no sane
person should be messing with.

ANGEL: I did what I had to do--

GUNN: You do what you want to get what you
want! The hell with the
ANGEL: My son--
GUNN: Is dead! Fred"s not.
CORDELIA: Hey! We have to stick together.
GUNN: Yeah? Where"s it say that?
The sounds. They come from under.
CORDELIA: Oh my God!
We have a pool?!
CORDELIA: They"re all over.
FRED: No more running. Too hot. Too hot.

ANGEL: turn on the ovens!
LORNE: We"re gonna cook "em?
ANGEL: We"re gonna cook the air. Dry it
Make it so uncomfortable for them,
they won"t want in--
LORNE: Now, that"s what I call uncomfortable.

FRED: Charles! Where"s Charles?!
FRED: - He"s gone!
LILAH: Meet with the shaman exterminator
in 15. The S.W.A.T. team in place?
Good. The cleanup crew will join you in every minute. Now I want everybody waiting
for my go. I"m heading out now.

GAVIN: What"s the activity?
LILAH: Cleaning out Angel"s hotel.
I wanna stop this before Linwood finds out.

GAVIN: A little late, but okay. Have fun.

LILAH: What did you say?
GAVIN: "Have fun"?
LILAH: Get out.
I thought you said Linwood was unreachable.
GAVIN: He is.
Except for the emergency cell number.
He did give it to you, right?
LILAH: Fine, play your little games.
I"ve gotta save my immortal enemy.

What? What--?
GAVIN: Neither I don"t question your loyalty, Lilah, but are
you sure that"s what Linwood really wants?
I'm just saying - Angel kidnapped and tortured him. It's only naturаl that
Linwood would have unresolved feelings to the guy who nearly stuck a spike through his eyes..
LILAH: What did he say, Gavin?
GAVIN: "Let them die. Let them all die."

LILAH: Maybe the old man has guts after all.

GAVIN: There was the part about you
overstepping your bounds...
...and paying for the unauthorized
ops out of your salary.
Of course, how he can"t
trust you anymore and--
Right, that he"d deal
with you when he got back.
I don"t know what he meant by that.
But I"m not ahead of the game.
GUNN: Need your help.
GROOSALUGG: Angel. There are too many to fight our way out.
ANGEL: I know.
FRED: No! Water...
LORNE: Whoa! Easy!
ANGEL: I wanna talk to that thing inside of
you. Now! I wanna know what you are.

FRED: We... We are... thirsty...
ANGEL: Work with me, Fred. Make it answer
me. What do you want here?
FRED: To live... To live... To drink... And be merry.
It hurts. Us. We have to get out.
CORDELIA: Sounds more like they want in.

FRED: Have to flee. It brings pain...
Such pain...
LORNE: "It?" What happened to "we?" What"s
with the pronoun switcheroo?
ANGEL: What are you fleeing from?
FRED: The bringer of torment... agony...
death... The Destroyer.
CORDELIA: Oh, that"s a name you just don"t want to hear.
ANGEL: Why is this "Destroyer" after you?

FRED: It"s not...
It"s coming after you... Angel.
GUNN: Look, I don"t have time to get into
it with you. I don"t even wanna be
The hotel"s infested with something.
Some kinda... slug, jellyfish thing.
We don"t know what they are or how to
kill them.
WESLEY: Well, now, that is a problem.
GUNN: These things... there"s hundreds of
"em. They get inside you. And...
and soak up all the moisture in your
body. They drink you alive.
WESLEY: Why come to me? I expect Angel"ll
find a way to kill them eventually.

GUNN: That"s not what I"m looking for. I
need to know how to get these slugs
out of someone once they"re infected.
Force it out somehow...
WESLEY: Sorry.
GUNN: Don"t give me that! If you saw what
these things do...
WESLEY: I wish I could help you.

GUNN: Wes--
WESLEY: Sorry you wasted your time--
GUNN: It"s Fred!
What, we"re gonna have a drink now?
Did you hear what I said? She"s dying!
WESLEY: I was dying. I knew it laying in
that dirty field, life pouring out of
my throat. Do you know why I fought
to stay alive?
GUNN: Wes, I don"t have time--!
WESLEY: I needed to live to see my friends
again. To explain to the people I loved... and trusted... my side of
what happened.
GUNN: We know what--
WESLEY: You don"t know anything. I"ll help because it"s Fred. But don"t come here again. Any of you.
FRED: No! We need more!
ANGEL: I need more. Tell me where you came
FRED: You"re gonna die so horribly.
Oh, God. Help me...
ANGEL: Lorn, take her. Gru, turn off the stoves. Cordy, the ovens.
CORDELIA: Angel, why--
ANGEL: Hurry.
Cordy, you and the others get Fred to
a hospital.
CORDELIA: Didn"t we talk about that? Infecting the world and all.
ANGEL: We don"t have a choice. They can
keep her hydrated there, hopefully
long enough until you come up with a cure.

GROOSALUGG: We are surrounded. How are we to get past?
ANGEL: I"ll keep "em occupied. Slow "em
CORDELIA: How do you expect to do that?
ANGEL: By giving "em what they want.
Groo. Damsel in distress. You know
the drill.
ANGEL: Go. Save Fred. Please.
Cordу! I told you to get out of
GUNN: Put my girl down.
LORNE: Gunn! Where did--
GUNN: News updates later. Just lay her
GROOSALUGG: She requires a healer.
GUNN: No. She requires this.
Hold her down.
Do it!
Drink. Come here, baby, come here, come here. Drink, drink, drink, drink.
CORDELIA: Incoming. Four o"clock.
GUNN: Come on baby. Drink.
CORDELIA: Angel: what's: happening: to: me?
LORNE: Okay, unless anyone else has
something, let me be the first to say

ANGEL: Cordelia.
That... was Cordelia.
GROOSALUGG: You are truly a goddess.
CORDELIA: Well, demonness, anyway. Sure beats horns and a tail.
LORNE: Hey. I"m standing right here.
ANGEL: She okay?
GUNN: Yeah. I, uh... got this idea...
Alcohol. Dehydrates the body. Gets
the slug out.
Okay, so I took off when those things
started coming outta the floor. I
mean, it"s not like I was running out
on you. I was...
Look, somebody I care about was dying
and I just couldn"t sit around and
debate strategy. I saw an
opportunity to... to... get some
kinda help...
Hey, I did what I had to do. And if
you don"t get that--
Guess you do.
ANGEL: So... We good?
LORNE: Good? We"re not good. Everybody
forgetting a little unexpected
company on the way. Goes by the
initials of "The Destroyer?"
FRED: The Destroyer! I remember... The
Destroyer"s coming...
CORDELIA: Right. We got that. Any idea when?
FRED: Um... I think...
CONNOR: Hi. Dad.


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