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Angel: "Wait!"
Connor: "Interesting."


Angel: "My god. - It"s you. - Connor."
Cordy: "Angel!"
Angel: "Will you just stop for..."
"Can"t we just talk about this?"
"Okay. Everybody just calm down."
Gunn: "Angel, if Peter Pan here doesn"t stop..."
Angel: "No!"
Gunn: "You"re gonna fry out here, man! Come on."
"We"ll go."
Angel: "Okay, anyone get the number of that bus?"
Gunn: "Seventeen. I"ll call, see where it ends up."
Fred: "Let me check online. It"ll be faster."

Cordy: "That was it. That was it, Angel."
Angel: "No. No, it isn"t. I"m gonna go find him."

Cordy: "I mean the fight you just had. That was the vision I warned you about yesterday."

Angel: "You never mentioned Connor!"
Cordy: "Because I only saw you."
Gunn: "Angel? I hate to bring that up, but are we sure this was Connor? Just "cause he said "hi, dad"?"
Angel: "That was him."
Gunn: "Couple of weeks ago he was wearing diapers. Now he"s a teenager?"
Cordy: "Tell me we don"t live in a soap opera."

Lorne: "Yeah, well, personally I"m less worried about the "how he grew up" than the "why he came back.""
Angel: "He came back because he could. He found a way to escape that place."
Lorne: "Yeah, well, that"s a possibility. Here is another: you sure he said "hi, dad" and not "you"re dead"?"
Angel: "He"s angry and afraid. As soon as I get a chance to talk to him... Fred?"

Fred: "Seventeen goes all the way downtown. Ends up at Union Station."
Angel: "Okay. Look, I"m going underground. Somebody hit the surface streets."

Gunn: "We got it, man."
Groo: "We will not fail - man."
Cordy: "Let"s split up. You guys start at the end of the line work your way backward..."
"Okay. That can"t be good."
Fred: "I"m guessing the dimensional rift from Quor-toth must still be open?"

Lorne: "Yeah. So, what-what"s say we close it up before anything else slithers, skitters or slides out of there."

Gunn: "Amen to that."
Groo: "Princess, perhaps your newfound powers can seal it shut."

Cordy: "Can"t hurt to try."
"I command you: Close!"
"Okay. I got nothing."
Fred: "Actually - we do know somebody who might be able to..."
Gunn: "No. I already went to Wes"s. Can"t - do that again."
Lorne: "Well - I-I might know a guy, who knows another guy."
Groo: "Is it dangerous? Gunn and I can protect you."
Lorne: "Well, no. It"s not dangerous, it"s just awkward. This guy is all hands. I mean, *all* hands, like fifty of them. Anybody fluid in sign language?"

Cordy: "You know, we can"t all walk out of here when we have a cosmic crack hanging over us."
Groo: "Then I will stay and guard the hotel."

Cordy: "I"m with him. You two hit the streets. Lorne..."
Lorne: "Already gone."
Fred: "You went to Wesley for me. He"s the one who told you how to save me."
Gunn: "Yeah. He made it clear. That"s a door none of us is ever going to be knocking on again."
Lilah: "I would have called, but I figured you"d only tell me to go to hell, so, I thought I"d just take a shot and drop by. - Aren"t you going to invite me in?"

Wes: "No."
Lilah: "Okay."
Lilah: "Huh. Not what I expected. You know, bunch of flowers and "get well" cards, maybe a couple of those balloons with the smiley faces on them?"

"Wow. I guess when she slit your throat she nicked your sense of humor."

Wes: "Not at all. I find you being here extremely funny."
Lilah: "And how is that?"
Wes: "Because you"re going to offer me a job."

Lilah: "It"s a shame, really, what happened. You dedicate your life to a cause, and the very people you try to help turn their backs on you."

Wes: "Yes. Tragic. Now get the hell out."

Lilah: "Man of your talents, scholar, man of intellect..."
Wes: "Deep inside knowledge of Angel Investigations."
Lilah: "Did I mention that Wolfram and Hart has the finest library of mystical, occult, and supernatural reference material in the world? Full medical, dental, 401(k) package."

Wes: "Not interested."
Lilah: "Hey, it was worth a shot. - Anyway, here is something to help pass the time in the unemployment line."
Wes: "Dante"s Divine Comedy."
Lilah: "Actually it"s just part one, the inferno. It"s not a first edition, more like the fifteen hundreds, but it"s in the original Tuscan. Have you read it?"

Wes: "Several times."
Lilah: "Then you know it"s a guided tour of the underworld, the nine levels of hell."

Wes: "Yes. Descending, concentric rings based on severity of the sin."
Lilah: "You know, I always forget - the very bottom of hell, in the ninth circle, the devil is frozen in ice, right? He got three heads, three mouths and those mouths are reserved for the worst sinners. Now, I can"t remember - who is in the center mouth? Wh-what was his name? The one person in all of human history deemed the greatest sinner? Who is it?"

Wes: "Judas Iscariot."
Lilah: "Right. The worst spot in hell is reserved for those who betray."
"So, don"t pretend you"re too good to work for us."
Angel: "Did you find him?"
Gunn: "No. Looks like we just missed him though. He"s leaving a trail."
Angel: "What? Did he hurt somebody?"
Gunn: "No, nothing like that. I mean gawkers. Folk"s not used to seeing a kid in animal skins riding on top of a bus - not south of St. Monica Boulevard, anyway."

Fred: "Two more Robin Hood reports."
Gunn: "You hear that? He"s still headed downtown."
Angel: "Where are you?"
Gunn: "Ah, just east of Union."
Angel: "He won"t head all the way into town."

Gunn: "You don"t think?"
Angel: "Too many people. He"ll jump off, head for some place less populated."

Gunn: "Well, you want us to turn around, come and get you?"
Angel: "No. Still a few more hours till sunset. Just keep following the trail. The minute it goes cold, let me know."
Gunn: "And if it doesn"t go cold? I mean, if we find him first."
Angel: "He"s my son. He"s my son, and he"s alive. He"s gonna stay alive."
Gunn: "Right. Anything else we can do for you?"
Angel: "Yeah. Make the sun go down."
Sunny: " Come on, Tyke, look. Look. This stuff is good. It"s worth something. Come on."

"Hey, why are you being such a jerk? I need - I need it now. Tyke, come on!"

"Brand new, never opened. They got to be worth half a gram, huh?"

Tyke: "They suck."
Sunny: "They rock! Look! It"s like every hit in the eighties! Plus - plus, this girl is hot."

Tyke: "Get out of here, Sunny. You"re embarrassing yourself."
Sunny: "Hey, they"re worth at least a quarter. Please!"
Tyke: "Alright. Okay."
"Bye! Bye! Bye."
Sunny: "You jerk!"
Tyke: "You know what? *That* you get to work off!"
Sunny: "Let go! Don"t."
Tyke: "Walk away!"
"An entire suit made of Chamois. That"s different. "What are you wearing to the Oscars?" "My Chamois suit." - What"s all this?"

Connor: "Things I killed."
Tyke: "Uh, aren"t you all scary. Chamois and teeth! Wanna know what else is scary?"
"Just get rid of him."
Sunny: "No!"
"Don"t! Are you crazy? The police are probably on their way. Come on. We got to go."
Connor: "So he won"t forget me."
Cordy: "Isn"t your neck stiff? You"ve been standing exactly like that all day."
Groo: "Pylean warriors are trained for such endurance. I once happened upon a herd of Bur-beasts and as you know, engorged Bur-beasts will couple with anything that moves. I was forced to stand perfectly still for eleven days and nights."

Cordy: "So, you were never..."
Groo: "No. That honor was yours, princess."

Cordy: "I don"t know. Angel does all that "ninja statue, don"t move a muscle or you"re dead" stuff, too. Me, I wouldn"t last ten minutes. Of course, heels? Not helping."

Groo: "Yes. I"m sure Angel has regaled you with his many exploits."
Cordy: "Oh, he"s tried alright. But I get so bored with all that "days of yore" crap. Ah - I mean - they"re nothing like your thrilling tales of adventure! Not that you need adventurous tales to impress me. I"m impressed by you just being you."

Groo: "But the way you constantly speak of Angel."
Cordy: "Is because these last weeks have been so hard for him. He needs me. And you do, too."
Groo: "Princess, I should be watching for creatures from the other dimension."
Cordy: "You"re the only creature from another dimension I"m interested in."

Goo: "I was worried that your affection for the Groosalug had waned."
Fred: "A couple of shopkeepers saw Conner jump off the bus right up the road from here."

Angel: "He was here. I can smell him."
Gunn: "Cops say it was a drug thing gone wrong. Some guy got killed. It wasn"t our boy. They caught one of the badies. I.d.ed a local as the shooter."

Fred: "So, he was here but not part of..."

Gunn: "Oh, he was part of it, lot of mayhem. Including the guy"s ear sliced off as a trophy."

Fred: "Uh!"
Angel: "He was raised in a hell dimension, okay?"
Gunn: "So, how do you wanna play this?"

Angel: "Well, it"ll be dark soon. You two head back to the hotel."
Fred: "Shouldn"t we all keep looking?"

Angel: "I have a better chance finding him by myself. I don"t wanna scare him. He"s all alone in a strange world."
Sunny: "So, that was really cool today. So, where did you learn to fight all bad-ass like that?"
Connor: "In Quor-toth."
Sunny: "Quor-toth? That"s in Mexico, right?"
"Oh. Sorry."
"Lots of folks squat here. Most are cool, but... If a fat guy, wearing furry slippers asks you to play "teddy bear in the hole" just tell him to get lost. - So, ah - what did you do for kicks in Quor-toth?"

Connor: "Kicks?"
Sunny: "You know, like fun. Parties, movies, the mall? How do you spend your time?"

Connor: "I hunt."
Sunny: "Big surprise."
"Home, sweet home."
Connor: "This is - this is home."
Sunny: "Tonight it is. - You"re welcome to crash here, too."
"Hmm, I don"t think it"s your size. People squat here and they leave stuff. So, uhm, how do you feel about losing the whole - "dead animal" thing?"

"I mean, not that I"m against eating a cheeseburger."
"We have all food groups. Meat and chocolate. So, you really were going to kill Tyke."

Connor: "He was hurting you."
Sunny: "Well, it"s good you didn"t."
Connor: "Why?"
Sunny: "Ahem, because it"s wrong?"
"I mean - I know Tyke"s a bastard, but the cops are even worse. God, I love these. Have you ever had one?"
"Well, then get on down here, cowboy."
"Isn"t it the best?"
Connor: "I know this. A tool for eating."
Sunny: "Ah, uhm, no. Uhm - that isn"t for - food."
"It"s for this. I get it from Tyke. - It"s - medicine."
Connor: "You"re sick?"
Sunny: "No. It"s - it"s not that kind of medicine. - It helps me sometimes when I"m - sad."
Connor: "You"re sad?"
Sunny: "No. Hm-mm."
Fred: "Connor is new to this world, alone, probably scared."
Gunn: "Yeah, he looked scared, kicking my ass."
Fred: "You"re right, we should have gone with Angel."
Gunn: "Yeah, especially now that we know what Connor is capable - of..."
Sunny: "Hmm, food, cash, a place to crash. I"ve had worse days. How about you? So, what"s your deal? Why did you come to LA?"

Connor: "To find my father."
Sunny: "Really? Heh. I came here to get away from mine. - Parents should have to take like a test or something, before they can have kids. And if they"re - drunks, or idiots, or evil - they should be sterilized."

Connor: "If they"re evil they should be killed."

Sunny: "You don"t say much but - I like what you say."
"Ah, I - ah, I"ll be right back."
Connor: "Sunny?"
Angel: "Connor."
"She didn"t shoot any of this crap in you, did she?"
Connor: "No."
Angel: "Okay. I"m sorry. I just... We"ll take care of this, okay? Together."
Connor: "Too late. - Too late."
Angel: "Connor. - I"m sorry about... - Was she you"re friend? Connor. Just talk to me."

"Well, you know, I figure you have to be feeling like you traded in one hell dimension for another right about now, but if you just let me... What are you doing? What is that?"

Connor: "Give that back!"
Angel: "Why? Who"re you tracking?"
"Right. I get it. You"re going after the guy that gave her the junk."
Connor: "His medicine killed her."
Angel: "And you"re going to do what about it?"

Connor: "Punish."
Angel: "You mean, kill."
"Slow down."
"Listen to me!"
Connor: "No!"
Angel: "You *will* listen."
"I"m not gonna let you walk out that door and get into any more trouble. - Hear me?"

Connor: "Fine."
Angel: "I"m sorry. You just don"t understand how this world works."
Connor: "I understand. Sunny was nice. Now she"s dead."
Angel: "Connor..."
Connor: "Stop calling me that! My name is Steven."
Gunn: "And then what?"
Cordy: "And then what nothing. Standing, talking, boom - knocked on our butts."
Gunn: "You think something else came out of there?"
Cordy: "Hello? Face down. Knocked out?"
Fred: "I found a picture of that beast Connor killed. And uhm, it says that these things usually have a mate."
Cordy: "Where is Lorne? He should have been back with that expert hours ago."

Gunn: "Well, he said it was complicated."
Fred: "There is that other expert."
Cordy: "You know someone else who can... - Oh. I don"t think Angel"s gonna go for that."
Groo: "Yes. We must always consider Angel. Angel is our leader. We must obey his wishes."
Fred: "So - We"re just supposed to sit here with a fissure from a hell dimension in the middle of the lobby when we know someone who can help us?"
"I don"t think so. I"m calling him."
Gunn: "Fred. No, you"re not."
Cordy: "Lorne!"
Lorne: "Uh, sorry it took so long, kids. Mistress Meerna is a *very* difficult woman to find."

"There, you see what I mean? It"s been like that all day! One of the nasty side effects of specializing in dimensional magic. What I wouldn"t do for a lasso and some crazy glue."

Angel: "Steven."
"Okay. - Steven. - It"s a good name. - Not Irish, but... - Look - I know we haven"t gotten off to a great start here, but if we can just - take a minute. - That"d be good. - Please, just..."

"Don"t run away from me, alright? I lost you once already. - There"s just - there"s just so much I wanna know, so much I need to know. - Okay?"
"You been okay? I mean - what was it like there? - Did you have any friends? - Okay, I mean, not friends. It"s not like you were at summer camp. I mean, you were stuck in a - hell dimension. - Connor - I"m so sorry. I tried to get you back. I did. I tried to come after you. I would have done anything. I just... I just... I couldn"t find a way in."

Connor: "I found a way out."
Angel: "Yeah. - You did. - You sure did. - I should"ve - I should"ve tried harder. I - I shouldn"t "ve quit.
But you"re back. And-and - and that"s what"s important, you know? You-you came back to me. I wanna know everything, son. I wanna know everything. Everything about you, you know, what your life"s been like? You - must have a million questions."
Connor: "No."
Angel: "No?"
Connor: "My father told me everything."
Angel: "Your father. - Holtz isn"t your father. He"s..."
Connor: "You don"t get to say that name! You don"t even get to think it!"
"I know - everything. He told me all about you. That you"re a - a *thing* that kills and drinks blood. You"re a vampire."
Angel: "What do you know about vampires?"
Connor: "Decapitation, stake in the heart, daylight, fire - did I forget anything? - You have a second face. A face for killing. - Show it to me. I wanna see it."

"Come on, show me! Show me the face you used to kill my father"s family. Show me! Come on! Show me!"
Angel: "Looks like this, son."
Connor: "That"s what you are."
Angel: "It"s part of what I am. A part I hope you will be able to accept one day."

Connor: "You"d have to kill me first."

Tyke: "Well, that"s a plan."
"But I"ve got a better one."
"Chamois man."
Angel: "No, no, no. Don"t."
Tyke: "Where"s Sunny?"
Angel: "Would that be the dead girl in the bathroom?"
Tyke: "Who are you?"
Angel: "I"m his father."
Connor: "No, you"re not."
Angel: "Let me handle this? Let"s find a way to work this out. Talk through it. Which is a thing we do here. There"s no need for violence."

Tyke: "I"m sorry. Did you say "no need for violence?" You may wanna speak up, you see I don"t hear so good any more!"

Goon: "Sunny"s dead in the can. O.D."
Tyke: "You know, I begged her to get help. Oh, well. One down, one to go."

Angel: "We can make this right."
Tyke: "You can give me a new ear?"
Angel: "Well - maybe you can wear a hat."

Tyke: "Maybe I can blow your head off. That"s my coat and I want it back. And whatever"s not in Sunny"s body better be in those pockets."

Angel: "Son, give him the coat."
Connor: "You killed her."
Goon: "Tyke, cops, man, they"re looking for you. They"re everywhere."
Meerna: "I hope this pentagram wasn"t some dark attempt to close the fissure."

Gunn: "Ah, no, that was a dark attempt to open one. Different one. - Long story."

Fred: "So, you think you can close it, then?"

Meerna: "Oh, I"m sure. That"s not the worry."

Fred: "You have worry?"
Meerna: "How did it open in the first place? There are no portals to Quor-toth, and for good reason. It"s not a place anyone should ever go."
Fred: "I... If there aren"t any portal"s, what is it?"
Meerna: "A tear in reality. Big cosmic no-no."
"Something punched its way through. Something I really don"t wanna meet."

"Excuse me"
Lorne: "Here you go. Just the way you asked."
"Should we leave, or get behind something?"
Meerna: "Nah. It"s pretty routine. Just sometimes I get a little "schmutz" in my eye."
"Forras. A ka ul do. In tempor lyta."
"It"s closed."
Cordy: "Can you tell if anything else came through it?"
Meerna: "Not sure. And I"m not sticking around to find out. Bye."
Angel: "Dead body in the river. Another one in the bathroom. This just doesn"t bode well for you, does it? Well, you see, son, violence just always ends up bad..."
Connor: "Hey!"
Angel: "Connor, we got to get out..."
Tyke: "*I* got to get out of here."
Angel: "Don"t. Use me. I"m bigger. I"ll make a better shield."
Cops: L.A.P.D. ! Drop your weapons!
"Out that window! Go! Out the window!"
"Stay down! Stay down!"
Connor: "Do you need to stop?"
Angel: "I"m okay."
Get behind here.
"Maybe I do need a second."
Connor: "What you did..."
Angel: "Are you hurt?"
"You know, if you want, you can come back to the hotel."
"No pressure or anything."
Connor: "No, uh..."
Angel: "But if you, you know, if you need a place to stay."
Connor: "I have to go."
Angel: "You"re not alone. - You know that, right?"
Connor: "Yeah. I know."
Holtz: "Hello, son."
Connor: "Hi, dad."

The end.
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