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Angel: "It"s strange."
Lorne: "Hmm."
Angel: "I remember him being taller."
Lorne: "A trick of the light. They don"t actually get smaller until they"re very, very old."

Angel: "I didn"t mean the baby."
Lorne: "I know you didn"t."
Angel: "I meant the Groosalug."
Lorne: "I know you did."
Angel: "Did he seem, ah, - I don"t know - short?"
Lorne: "Oh, absolutely. Clearly the guy shrank - all over, probably. Why, he"s nothing but a muscley midget. I"m sure once Cordelia gets him home, she"ll just pop him into a smallish drawer, and that will be that."

Angel: "She took him home. Well - well, that"s good. At least we won"t have to put him up here. The place was starting to turn into a hotel."
Lorne: "So - so you don"t have a problem with that then?"
Angel: "Of course not. Why would I?"

Lorne: "Oh, I don"t know. Maybe because I don"t remember you wearing this perfume when you left this evening?"
Angel: "Okay. There may have been some magic."
Lorne: "There. You see?"
Angel: "Actual *magic,* Lorne. Whatever happened, it was a spell. It"s worn off now. There"s nothing between Cordelia and me."

Lorne: "Sure there is. And it got arms like steel cables and a deeply ironic sense of timing."

Angel: "You know, it"s good that the Groosalug showed up when he did. You were right. Cordelia deserves a champion, and now she"s got one."
Lorne: "Well, what about you?"
Angel: "I"m fine. I"ve been a solo-act most of my two hundred fourty plus years. And when I wasn"t? Never turned out well. I like being alone."

Lorne: "Fine, Ms. Garbo. Have it your way. Be alone."
Cordy: "So, ahem, you got deposed, huh?"
Groo: "Yes."
Cordy: "Huh. That sucks."
Groo: "The people turned against me."
Cordy: "Yeah, well, they"ll do that."
Groo: "Endless committees were formed. Committees splintered into factions, the factions into coalitions, the coalitions turned into subcommittees, until finally the more radical element, spurred by a charismatic leader, did the dance of revolution."

Cordy: "And here you are."
Groo: "Yes."
Cordy: "So - you don"t miss it? You know, the power, castle, concubines, and the royal chippies."
Groo: "There was never anyone else."
Cordy: "Oh."
Groo: "I welcomed the overthrow. The tedium of government was too much to bear after a life on the battlefield."
Cordy: "Your heart wasn"t really in it."

Groo: "No. That left when you did."

Groo"s voice: "Princess?"
"Is something wrong?"


Angel: "Hey."
Wes: "Morning."
Angel: "You, ah, you"re the only one here?"
Wes: "So far. - How"s young Connor today?"

Angel: "He"s good. Cordelia, she"s - usually in by now, isn"t she?"

Wes: "It"s early. I imagine she and Groosalug were up late. They have a lot of catching up to do."
Angel: "Right. Ah. "They.""
Wes: "Actually, I was hoping you and I could talk before the others got here."

Angel: "Sure. What is it?"
Wes: "Well - it"s the fact of him. I know his sudden arrival was something we all needed a moment to digest. - Still, there are questions."

Angel: "You"re suspicious."
Wes: ""Cautious" might be a better word."

Angel: "You think he"s evil."
Wes: "Evil?"
Angel: "Okay, maybe not evil, but - he"s definitely hiding something. Does he seem shorter to you?"
Wes: "We are both talking about Connor, aren"t we?"
Angel: "What about Connor."
Wes: "He shouldn"t exist."
Angel: "His birth was foretold. How many people can say that?"
Wes: "He has a role to play, that"s true, but we still don"t know what that role is. - Angel, we can"t be afraid to ask the questions, because your enemies, *his* enemies, certainly won"t be."
Angel: "You"re right. We should be prepared."
Wes: "I"m glad you agree. However, with the loss of the Nyazian Prophecies, we"ll probably have to look elsewhere for our answers."

Angel: "Well, we both know where those prophecies went. Maybe it"s time to make another assault on Wolfram and Hart."

Wes: "That might not be necessary. Not yet, anyway. There should be other sources. Ancient works accumulate scholarship, commentary over the years."
Angel: "Huh. You think somebody else has already done the work for us."
Wes: "That"s my hope. I"ve been looking into it. I just... I felt you should know."
Angel: "I wanna be involved, completely."

Cordy: "Involved with who?"
Angel: "You"re here. And ... so is he."
Groo: "Angel. Your weapons are most impressive."
Angel: "Thanks. Thank you. Can you, uh, ask him not to handle my weapons?"
Cordy: "Oh, relax. If there"s one thing Groo knows, it"s how to handle a weapon. - Poor guy. Looks like that"s about all he"s gonna be handling."
Angel: "You mean, ah, you two didn"t..."
Cordy: "I got him home last night and we started... you know. - But then - I couldn"t go through with it."
Angel: "You couldn"t?"
Cordy: "No. Not after seeing that disgusting, spiny thing!"
Angel: "Spiny?"
Cordy: "Right up in my face! That"s what the visions are like now. No pain, less artsy, sometimes floaty, though not lately, and very often stinky."
Wes: "You had a vision?"
Cordy: "Yeah. Big as life: last night, while Groo and I were getting reacquainted. Kind of a mood killer, I got to say."

Wes: "You should have called one of us."

Cordy: "Oh, please! Like I"m gonna bother you guys in the middle of the night because I want sex and can"t have it."

Wes: "Actually, I meant the vision."
Cordy: "Oh. That. Well, it"s not rising up until sometime later today."
Wes: "Oh. Why can"t you have sex?"
Cordy: "I could lose my "visionity.""

Wes: "If you wanna play it that way."
Cordy: "*Vision*-ity! The visions. When that one hit my last night, it hit me. In Pylea the visions were supposed to pass to Groo if we ever did the royal com-shuck. How do I know that won"t happen here?"

Angel: "Good point. You really don"t."

Wes: "But your recent transformation could have changed all that. It might be possible to..."
Angel: "Still, you know, better safe than sorry. You"re doing the right thing."

Cordy: "I know. I know. I can"t risk it. It"s just - I"m so... And he"s such a... Rrrr.. Don't you think?"
Angel: "Yeah, sure."
Wes: "Certainly."
Cordy: "I mean, there"s gotta be other things we can do to relieve the tension!"

Angel: "Jogging could be the thing."
Wes: "Perhaps some form of paranormal prophylactic..."
Angel: "Because, you know, jogging..."
Cordy: "I guess we could probably "com" without actually "shucking.""
Angel: "Well, I don"t know. That could be a slippery slope that once you"re on, that you could - slide."
Cordy: "At least I won"t be upsetting the average around here. Nobody in *this* office is ever gonna get any."
Gunn: "It"s funny."
Fred: "The way I chew?"
Gunn: "No. Until that kiss last night, I would have thought you and Wesley had a thing for each other."
Fred: "Wesley?"
Gunn: "Yeah."
Fred: "No, we"re just good friends."
Gunn: "You want another order of those?"
Fred: "Yes, please."
"Oh. No. No, I"m not hungry."
Gunn: "You sure? I love watching you eat."

Fred: "Wow. We should probably go. People might start to talk."
Gunn: "Why would they?"
Fred: "Well, you know, us."
Gunn: ""Us" has been doing breakfast for weeks now. Everyone knows that."
Fred: "I know, but now that we"ve kissed, things are different. - I mean, they are, right?"

Gunn: "Oh yeah."
Fred: "So - so you don"t think they can tell?"

Gunn: "From here?"
Fred: "I"m sorry. I"m being ridiculous, I know. It"s just - I don"t have a lot of experience in this area. I spent the last five years in a cave."

Gunn: "Yeah, I know what that"s like."
Fred: "How could you?"
Gunn: "Because now everything"s so bright my eyes hurt."
Waitress: "Here you go."
Fred: "Thank you."
Gunn: "Thanks."
Fred: "How are we gonna work this?"
Gunn: "Like we always do. We split it."
Fred: "But you hardly ordered anything. I"d be getting so much more value."
Gunn: "I think I"m making out okay."
Both: "Wesley."
Wes: "We"ve identified the demon from Cordelia"s vision as a Senih"d. We believe it will rise in the mid-city area sometime before nightfall."
Wes: "The Senih"d manifests in its physical form for one purpose only - to feed."

Cordy: "Seen it."
Wes: "Immediately upon rising it will go to ground to search for a victim. We"ve got to make sure it doesn"t find one."
Wes: "Angel will take the sewer tunnels. The rest of us will go by car to Sorensen Park. We"ll enter the underground from the water treatment plant there, double back. Hopefully by the time we meet up again..."
Groo: "I know this creature. It resembles the Bleaucha, which nest in the scum pits of Ur. I"ve slain many."
Wes: "Really?"
Groo: "Tracking it will be simple. Killing it, more difficult."
Angel: "Well, yeah."
Wes: "Alright then. Groo, you go with Angel. Lets move out."
Angel: "I don"t think that"s such a good idea, me and him. You know, I"m more of a loner. Plus, he"s so - bulky. He could really slow me down!"
Wes: "He"s an experienced warrior. He should be a great asset."
Cordy: "Here"s a nice one."
Angel: "That"s my favorite broadsword!"
Wes: "You"ll be fine, Angel."
Cordy: "Are you sure you"re gonna be warm enough? The sewers are pretty damp."
Groo: "I shall be fine."
Cordy: "Okay. Here."
Angel: "Lets go."
Groo: "I shall present this beast"s head to my princess as a token."
Angel: "Right. "cause she"ll love that."

"You sense anything?"
Groo: "A deep sadness."
My princess. She is unhappy. I fear I am the cause."
Angel: "No. No, she"s not unhappy you"re here, Groo. She"s - thrilled."
Groo: "Then what keeps her from me? There is a distance - as if her heart is not free."

Angel: "I-I think, that maybe she"s afraid to get too close. - She"s, ah, scared if she does, she"ll, ah, lose something."

Groo: "But I would give myself to her."
"It is wounded. It bleeds."
Angel: "It"s better than bread crumbs. Lets go."

Groo: "Come."
Wes: "Well, done."
"I must say, excellent work."
"Well done."
Ms. Frakes voice: "You think you know someone. You think your place is secure and that there"s a future there."
"And then something happens. No, strike that. Some *one* happens! They insinuate themselves, pushing you out, taking your place."
Angel: "And what makes you think this other woman is a witch, Ms - Frakes?"
Ms. Frakes: "Why else would Jerry cheat on me? We"ve been engaged for eight years! She had to have put some kind of a spell on him."

Wes: "I"m looking for the original Greek if it"s at all possible."
"You do? Excellent. Ah, can I get a quote on that?"
Angel: "Well, if you give me the woman"s name I"ll have someone check her out. See if we can find out if she"s a - witch."

Ms Frakes: "HotBlonde37159 I got these off the e-mails that I took from Jerry"s computer."

Angel: "It"s, ah, gonna... uh, it"s gonna be pretty difficult to find her based solely on this."

Ms Frakes: "Well, just follow Jerry! I"m sure he"ll lead you right to her."

Angel: "Ms Frakes here wants us to stake out her fiancее. I was trying to explain to her that..."
Wes: "I think we can spare someone to keep an eye on Ms Frakes" fiancее. Gunn! If witchcraft is involved we should probably look into it."

Gunn: "What"s up?"
Wes: "Ah, Gunn, Ms Frakes here needs some surveillance work. I thought, if you were free..."

Gunn: "Yeah, not a problem."
Wes: "Good. She"ll give you the details. I"ll leave it in your hands."
Gunn: "Sure thing."
Fred: "We won"t let you down."
Angel: "I don"t know. Maybe they should just do it, you know? Get it over with."

Wes: "I"m sorry?"
Angel: "Cordy and Groo. She"s being all noble for the good of the team. She should just make it with the com-shuck. That"s what she wants."

Wes: "Oh."
Proprietor: "May I help you?"
Wes: "Yes. I phoned earlier about Grammaticus Third Century Greek Commentaries."
Proprietor: "Of course. The G.T.C.G.C. I"ll be just one moment."
Wes: "Thank you."
Angel: "I mean, why not? You know, life is short. Okay, not mine, but, you know, most people"s. And if Groo does it for her, she should go for it. Make him happy. Make her happy. Make everybody happy."

Wes: "But still - office romance - complicates things. What if they should have a row, or break up?"
Angel: "All of us fight with each other at some point. It"s not like anybody else is having a romance. I don"t see it changing things much."

Wes: "Well - she said it herself. It could risk the visions."
Angel: "Okay. So the visions pass to Groo. He gets them instead of her. So what?"

Wes: "Are you suggesting Groosalug could replace Cordelia?"
Angel: "Maybe not Cordelia."
Wes: "I see. - You think he could replace you."

Angel: "I don"t know. Seems to me, here is a guy who can do everything I can - and a few things I can"t."
Wes: "That"s not true."
Angel: "You saw what happened this afternoon. If Groo hadn"t been there..."
Wes: "Then the rest of us would have. - Angel, - you"re the reason we"ve all come together. It"s your mission which animates us. We each contribute, it"s true, but you - you"re unique. You"re like one of these rare volumes. One of a kind."

Proprietor: "I"ve got three of them."
Cordy: "Are you sure?"
Groo: "I"m sure."
Cordy: "Good. Don"t worry. I practiced plenty on Cousin Timmy when we were kids."

Cordy: "Oh, wait. It"s not like your strength is in your hair, or anything like that, right?"
Groo: "No. I - believe it is in my muscles."
Cordy: "Okay. So, we lose the "Battlefield Earth" hair, and get you out of these animal skins, and it"ll be a whole new you!"

Groo: "And will this "new me" be one that you can allow yourself to love?"
Cordy: "What?"
Groo: "Will the "new me" please you in ways that the "old me" could not?"
Cordy: "Groo, it"s a haircut. It"s not gonna make me like you any better."
Groo: "Oh. - I understand."
Cordy: "You didn"t give up your throne and come all this way for a make-over, did you? You came for something I can"t give you - me. - It"s not that I don"t want to. I do. I"ve never met anyone like you, Groo. You"re so open, and sweet, and there is a definite thing here. It"s just..."

Groo: "You are afraid that with me, you will be less than what you were."
Gunn: "Looks like this is it. Better get the camera."
Fred: "Do you really think he"s possessed or under some kind of spell?"
Gunn: "Well, it"s hard to say. There"s all different kinds of magic. You"ve got demony love spells, mojo sex chants, voodoo bootie rituals..."
Fred: "Voodoo bootie rituals?"
"You made that up."
Gunn: "Then there is the all-powerful, big, brown, soulful eyes kind of magic."

Fred: "Kind of familiar with that one myself."
"Hmm. We should..."
Gunn: "Right. Because we"re all about the work."
Fred: "Maybe it"s not so much magical but chemical when two people are attracted. Maybe it"s like the DNA knows what it needs and when it finds it, nothing can get in its way. It just takes it."

Gunn: "It does?"
Fred: "Charles..."
Gunn: "Yeah?"
Fred: "We"re not supposed to be the ones having the rendezvous."
Gunn: "We"re not?"
Fred: "No. He is."
Gunn: "But he"s cheating on someone. You and me, we got a right."
Fred: "I know. But we"re supposed to be working."
Gunn: "You"re right."
Wes: "I"ll get started translating this material right away."
Angel: "Well, ah, Wesley - thanks - for what you said before. You put things into perspective for me."
Wes: "Glad I could. While I do believe having another warrior for good may be an asset in the coming days, Truth is, you and the Groosalug are two totally different - people..."

Groo: "Ah, hello."
Wes: "...who look exactly alike."

Angel: "He"s wearing my clothes."
Wes: "Good fit."
Angel: "Where"s Cordelia?"
Cordy: "Oh, good. You"re back."
Angel: "He"s wearing my clothes."
Cordy: "What? Oh, yeah. I-I didn"t think you"d mind. Turns out you guys are about the same size. I think he"s a little taller. Looks great though, doesn"t he? Angel, I need your help."

Angel: "What happened? - You had a vision?"

Cordy: "What? Oh, no. No, it"s nothing like that. Uhm. This is - personal."
Angel: "What is it?"
Cordy: "I wouldn"t ask, except, ah, there"s really no one else I can trust with this. It"s something only you can do?"

Angel: "Tell me."
Cordy: "You"ve done so much for me already and... Well, this is just one more thing for the list, I guess."
Angel: "There is no list. You know that. Just - just tell me what I can do."

Cordy: "I need you to help me have sex - with Groo."
"I realized something today. - It"s not the threat of losing the visions that"s been keeping me from being close. - It"s me. The Visions are just an excuse. I mean - there"s always *some* excuse."
Angel: "Right."
Cordy: "I"m *tired* of being lonely."
Angel: "Yeah."
Cordy: "So I worked it out."
Angel: "You did?"
Cordy: "Yes! It was something Wesley said - a paranormal prophylactic. And that got me thinking. I couldn"t be the only woman on earth that had some supernatural gift that could be lost through physical intimacy."

Angel: "Stands to reason."
Cordy: "So I started researching and anyway, I"m right. There is a potion, a protective potion. I take it and bang! I can."

Angel: "Hmm. A potion."
Cordy: "Yeah. Anyway, this woman"s name is Anita, and she"s kind of in the business. Makes love potions, elixirs, things like that. She says she"s got just the thing at this address."

Angel: "You want me to - get this for you."

Cordy: "I went to my ATM, got cash. Nearly cleaned me out, but I think it"s worth it."

Angel: "So you and Groo can..."
Cordy: "...com-shuck like bunnies. You betcha."
Angel: "Why don"t you just send him?"

Cordy: "I *am* sending him. He kind of insists on it, but that"s why I need you."

Angel: "Huh?"
Cordy: "He doesn"t know this world. I can"t send him into a demon brothel all by himself! I mean, I trust him, but I"m not crazy."

Angel: "Brothel."
Cordy: "*You"d* be safe there. No woman"s gonna tempt you, right?"

Angel: "R-right."
Groo: "Are we ready?"
Cordy: "I think so."
Groo: "We"re most grateful for your help, Angel. You"ve been a true friend to us both."
Angel: "Yeah."
Fred: "There is nothing."
Gunn: "More like a whole lot of nothing. How are we gonna explain this? "Sorry, Wes. We lost the dude because we were macking on the job.""
Fred: "We didn"t lose him so much as... Okay. We lost him. But his car"s still here. So he"s got to be close, right?"

"I"m sure there is an explanation."
Gunn: "The camera."
Fred: "Yeah, the camera. Maybe he saw the camera."
Gunn: "No, I mean, whatever happened, we got it on tape."
Fred: "Right."
"There he is."
Gunn: "Push play."
Fred: "Well, that can"t be good."
Man: You have a pretty smile.
Anita: "Oh, I love your outfits."
Angel: "Well, I really wouldn"t call them "outfits.""
Anita: "But you are together."
Groo: "Yes! Two champions here together."
Angel: "Not "together" together. Just "get the potion" together."
Groo: "So I may com-shuck my princess."
Angel: "Just to reiterate, *not* the princess..."

Anita: "The room is enchanted. Everything that happens in there, every touch, every emotion, every desire is extended for maximum pleasure. I can check the schedule if there is someone special you would like to bring."

"Just right in here."
Man: "Oh, hello."
Groo: "Fear not, friend. We are here to save you!"
Man: "Hey! Get off!"
Angel: "Groo! Groo, I think he"s happy there."

Groo: "As a slave?"
Man: "Don"t judge me."
Angel: "Come on. Sorry. If you"ll just give us the potion, we"ll be..."
Anita: "You brought cash?"
"Make sure to tell your princess to drink it all at once."
"I know why your earnest friend is here, but why are you? What"s in it for you?"
Groo: "Angel, your coat is singing."
Angel: "Hello. - What? Gunn? I can barely hear you."
Gunn: "Yeah, reception"s not so great, is it?"
Angel: "Where are you?"
Gunn: "Under Plummer park."
Angel: "Under it?"
Gunn: "Pretty much. We were tailing that woman"s fiancее..."
Fred: "Jerry."
Gunn: "...and we kind of lost him."
Fred: "But then we found him - sort of."
Gunn: "Him *and* his date. Some root-crazy, tree-like demony thing."

Fred: "With what looks like a DSL connection. We"re pretty sure he chats up lonely hearts online, and then sucks them down here for food. Or maybe it gets its power that way."

Gunn: "Monster"s got a big, old, leathery joint jammed up into guy. I think it"s sucking the life out of him."
Angel: "What... have you called Wesley yet?"
Gunn: "We were kind of hoping we wouldn"t have to."
Angel: "I don"t understand."
Fred: "We just didn"t want to bother him with this."
Angel: "Bother him?"
Gunn: "Look. Nothing against Wes, but I"m not sure he can help us out at the moment. What we really need..."

Angel: "Oh. Ah-huh. Uhm. It"s for you."
Groo: "I am honored they requested the Groosalug to save them."
Angel: "I wouldn"t say requested, more like included. Hang on. Here. Here. Did you feel it?"
Groo: "Something Evil."
Angel: "Whoa, easy. Slow down, Champ! We have to be very careful here."
Groo: "You"re right. Will you keep this safe?"

Angel: "Fine. But we just got to be, you know, a little bit more..."
Fred: "It"s Groo!"
Gunn: "Over here!"
Fred: "What are we gonna do now?"

Angel: "That"s my shirt!"
"This thing is not actually made out of wood, is it?"
Fred: "No, it"s flesh."
Angel: "Good. Flesh I can deal with. Flesh I can kill."
Fred: "But I don"t think hacking it is going to do any good. It doesn"t seem to have any vital organs. It uses people as batteries. It draws its power from its victims."

Gunn: "And it"s been getting stronger since it tapped into Groo."
Angel: "Really. Stronger. Come on! He can"t be that great."
Fred: "He is the Groosalug."
Angel: "What do you think? - Honestly. Does he seem really "better" than other men?"

Demon: "He"s magnificent."
Angel: "Really? - I"d say more like magnificently stupid. Because him with the beer tap in his chest and me with the, you know, just walking around And I"m really getting tired of the "Groosa-worship" thing. Nothing personal, champ. Oh! Everyone makes such a big deal about the Groosalug. He"s such a champion. He"s so rugged. He"s so emotionally available. Look at him in the daylight. But you know what? I"m smarter, and I"m stronger, and I pick out my own clothes!"

"Okay. Oh, jeez. Well, it"s okay. You know, no one is using my heart at the moment anyway."

Demon: "Kill you."
Angel: "Sorry. Already dead."
Demon: "Vampire!"
Angel: "Yeah. Did I mention that?"
Demon: "Cold. - Cold."
Angel: "Oh, yeah. It"s kinda cold in there. But, hey, don"t let that stop you."
Demon: "So cold."
Gunn: "So dead!"
Angel: "How is he?"
Fred: "Pretty beat up. Still alive - thanks to you."
Wes: "Yes, Ms Frakes. We are, too. - You"re welcome. - Good bye. Well, Ms Frakes is very happy. You saved her fiancее"s life."

Fred: "So he"s gonna be okay?"
Wes: "Yes."
Gunn: "That"s good."
Wes: "Yes."
"Well, good work. You should probably get cleaned up, then."
Fred: "Yeah. Good idea."
Wes: "Ah, Charles, a word?"
Fred: "Well, good night."
Gunn: "Good night. What is it?"
Wes: "When you knew this was more than just a tryst you should have told me."

Gunn: "It happened so fast. The thing just grabbed the guy and he was gone."
Wes: "That"s... - That"s not what I meant."
Gunn: "Oh. - You mean... - Well... - I"m not so sure that"s any of your business."
Wes: "No. You"re probably right. - Still... She could get hurt. - I trust that won"t happen?"

Gunn: "What are you, her brother?"
Wes: "Apparently."
Gunn: "Wesley, I..."
Wes: "She chose. - It"s just important to me that she"s taken care of."
Gunn: "She will be."
Wes: "Good."
Cordy: "Sorry."
Angel: "It"s, ah - it"s okay. It, ah, was already ruined."
Cordy: "Well, if it"s any consolation, I planned to rip it off him later anyway. You did get the potion, didn"t you?"

Angel: "Yeah. We - we got it."
Cordy: "Well. This isn"t so bad. You heal almost as fast as he does."

Groo: "Princess, I - I have a confession to make."
Angel: "Groo."
Cordy: "A confession? What - what confession? Did something happen at the brothel? You were supposed to look after him!"

Angel: "Nothing happened! Except your - boyfriend here was - very brave, and - saved the day."
Cordy: "You did? You big hero!"
Groo: "No. I was reckless! I put everyone in grave peril. - *Angel* is the true champion. He saved us all."
Cordy: "Did you hear that?"
Angel: "Yeah, but..."
Cordy: "How many guys would just give away the credit like that? That is just *so* noble. The potion."
"Let"s get our of here! See ya!"
Angel: "Cordelia."
Cordy: "What?"
"What is it?"
"What"s this?"
Angel: "Just some money I saved up."

Cordy: "Why? What for?"
Angel: "I did something for you tonight. Now I want you to do something for me. - Don"t come in tomorrow. In fact, don"t come in for a couple of weeks. Take Groo some place - nice. Somewhere where there is - sun. - He"d like that."

Cordy: "Angel..."
Angel: "Promise me."
Cordy: "Okay."
"You sure you don"t need some patching up yourself?"
Angel: "No, I - I"m good. Didn"t hurt a bit."

Lorne: "Alright now. You get some rest, big boy. Yes. You go to sleep. Get you nice and tucked in... yes."
Angel: "Thanks for looking after him."
Lorne: "Yeah. Sure. You okay?"
Angel: "Yeah."
"Working late?"
Wes: "Yes. - You startled me."
Angel: "Oh, we didn"t mean to."
Wes: "I thought I was alone."
Angel: "Yeah. So did I."

The note: The Father will kill the son.


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