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Man: "We found them."
Holtz: "Go."
Angelus: "Ah, is your mother home there, young lady? Will you take us to her?"
Sarah: "Father said not to let strangers in while he"s away."
Angelus: "But we"re not strangers. You"re Sarah, aren"t you? We know all about you. You"re the apple of your father"s eye."
Darla: "Would strangers know that?"
Angelus: "So, lass. May two friends enter?"

"Is that a yes then?"
Sarah: "Yes."
Angelus: "Ah. Lovely."
Darla: "Such a dear girl. Remind me to give you a special treat."
Man: "They"re trapped inside."
Angelus: "Did you mommy make you that dress Sarah?"
Mom: "What"s all the fuss, love?"
Angelus: "Good evening to you, ma"am."
Mom: "Evening."
Holtz: "Burn it down if you have to."

Angelus: "We can only stay for a moment. We have a message for you husband."

Mom: "You know my Daniel?"
"What is his message?"
Darla: "I"ll give it to Sarah, hmm?"
Holtz: "On my signal."
Darla: "Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."
Angelus: "Tell your husband, Mr. Holtz..."

Mom: "No... no..."
Angelus: "Never mind. I"ll tell him mуself."
Holtz: "Where are they?"
А note: "How do you hope to save others when you can not save your own?"
Holtz: "They"re at my house."
Darla: "Can something be done about that horrible noise?"
Darla: "I think it wants its mother."
Angelus: "Let"s send it to her. Do you wanna do it, or should I?"
Darla: "Are you going to do it or am I?"


Sahjhan: "I know it seems like only a moment to you. But two hundred and twenty seven years have passed since our agreement. Empires have risen and fallen. Mankind has harnessed the power of the sun, walked on the moon, and turned arid desserts into fields of green."
Holtz: "What of England? Has it survived the years and destruction?"
Sahjhan: "Yes. - It went through a rough patch about sixty years ago, but it"s mostly unchanged. Warm beer, boiled meat, bad teeth. That"s why I moved to LA. - Have you followed this part of the history? American Revolution, manifest destiny, westward expansion, the Beach Boys?"

Holtz: "I understand enough. One thing baffles me. These visions, wars, the weapons of destruction - how is it no one has killed Angelus or Darla?"
Sahjhan: "That"s why I brought you here, remember? Because your fate and their fate are entwined."
Holtz: "Then let"s go. Let"s finish this. I want Angelus."
Sahjhan: "I know. I want him, too. But we"re going to do it right. I haven"t waited two and a half centuries to mess it all up."

Holtz: "You have been tracking them this entire time?"
Sahjhan: "Yes. But not in the way you imagine. There are other dimensions, other worlds where time behaves differently. I have an ability to navigate those dimensions."

Holtz: "And is that why you haven"t aged?"
Sahjhan: "That, and I had a little work done. Mostly around the eyes. Now get some rest. You"re going to need it."
Darla: "You figure out a way to do it?"
Angel: "No. I was thinking about the last time you were here."
Darla: "Mmm - that. Kind of hard to forget."

Angel: "I know. I"ve tried."
Darla: "Hey, you"re the one that came in here all "the world is a cold and lonely place.""

Angel: "I had a bad day."
Darla: "So, you threw me through those glass doors, slammed me against the wall, pushed me onto the bed and took what you wanted."

Angel: "It seemed like the thing to do - at the time."
"Come in."
Wes: "Sorry to intrude. We had a bit of a breakthrough with the Nyazian Scroll translation. I thought you should know."

Fred: "It turns out that some of the irregular verbs Wes was using were problematic when converted to Ga-shundi because of the Nyazian trick of converting both nouns and verbs, which he discovered by... - Sorry. I"ll shut up now so he can tell you what he figured out."

Wes: "The Tro-clan isn"t a person or persons. It"s a confluence of events."
Cordy: "Which means it not only involves you, Darla and the child, but other horrible things we don"t know about."
Angel: "That... That"s good. Right? I mean, doesn"t that mean that the kid isn"t this evil, apocalyptic thing that we feared?"

Wes: "Not necessarily. There are a few Nyazian phrases related specifically to the thing being born that I haven"t been able to complete."
Angel: "So it"s important that you do."

Gunn: "Because we need to know what kind of bun is in the oven."
Darla: "I know one thing about it. Something"s protecting it."
Fred: "How do you know that?"
Darla: "Because I can"t get rid of it."

Fred: "Sorry I asked."
Gunn: "So you"re saying, if I shot this into your stomach, it wouldn"t do anything?"
Darla: "Fire away."
Angel: "No one is firing anything."
Wes: "Angel"s right. Clearly something wants this thing to come to term. - We"ll wait for it to be born then we"ll chop its head off."

Fred: "Well, what if it doesn"t have a head?"
Cordy: "We"re gonna need a really big mallet."

Gunn: "If it skitters, we should have a net or something. Maybe a flame thrower."

Angel: "Flame thrower? No, no. There"ll be no throwing of flames. Nobody"s gonna do anything until we know exactly what"s going on. Now, if anybody has a problem with that they should leave - now."

"Not you."
"Come on, guys. How about it?"
Cordy: "You want me to protect the vampire bitch who bit me *and* her evil love child?"

"Okay, I"m in."
Cordy: "Oh, come on, tough girl. You"re a vampire.. A punch in the nose shouldn"t hurt that much."
Fred: "Not ow her nose. She"s having contractions."
Cyril: "Good morning, Miss Morgan."
Lilah: "Morning."
"Would you take this to Pinderhook down in demon resources for me?"
Cyril: "Sure. - Uh... - Miss Morgan, I hate to bother you. But I"ve been admiring you for quite a while and I was wondering..."

Lilah: "Don"t flatter yourself, Cyril. I don"t date guys from the mail room."

Cyril: "Me neither! - I just thought you should know about this."
Lilah: "Wait. You little weasel! If you think you can blackmail your way onto me on *my* desk..."

Cyril: "No! That"s not it! You got it all wrong. I respect you way too much to be attracted to you. It"s - it"s just - down in the mailroom, I see a lot. You know? Different factions in the firm. There comes a time when a guy has to choose a side."

Lilah: "And is that disk your way of telling me you"re choosing *my* side? And who are we allied against, you and I? Who is this common foe?"
Cyril: "I"d rather not..."
Lilah: "If you don"t tell me right now, I"m gonna have your skin peeled off and stapled back on inside out."
Cyril: "Mr. Park."
Lilah: "Gavin."
Cyril: "Remember those exterminators he sent to Angel"s hotel? They don"t kill bugs. They plant them."
Lilah: "Hm."
Angel"s voice: "Good. That"s it. Where is your weight? Balls of your feet? Don't forget to..."

Cordy: "Oops. Oh, god, you said that..."
Gavin: "Keee-yi-ha ow. Someone doing an incantation?"
Transcriber: "No. Angel started training female one in martial arts. I think she got in a lucky punch."
Gavin: "Any tech problem?"

Transcriber: "Just a couple glitches. Don"t sweat it though. I"ve been staying late. That is the transcription of everything up to last week."

Lilah: "How about that? I just asked myself, if I were a cockroach, where would I hide? And voila! - there you are! Did you really think you could blackmail me with this?"

Gavin: "Blackmail? No one cares. From what I"ve hear-, bumping uglies with an old man that body-jumped into a vampire is the closest thing you"ve had to a meaningful relationship in years. This is about something else. - Thank you, Cyril."

Cyril: "You"re welcome - sir."
Lilah: "What was all that crap about choosing sides?"
Gavin: "He did. He"s on mine."
Lilah: "Is this your convoluted pathetic way of asking for my help? Because you sure need it. You"re understaffed, underfunded, and clearly undertalented. So, what have we learned here?"

Gavin: "We? There is no we. I just decided it was time you understood the full scope of what I"ve been doing these past few months."

Lilah: "Who is this "unidentified, pregnant female"?"
Transcriber: "I - I don"t know. We lost audio for a couple of days last week. I can pull the tape."
Lilah: "See? Need me."
Gavin: "Darla? That"s impossible. Vampires can"t give birth!"
Lilah: "Tell me about it. Linwood? It"s Lilah. You"re not gonna believe what I"m looking at."

Angel: "How long since the last contraction?"

Fred: "About twenty minutes. They"re still real irregular."
Darla: "Something"s wrong. The pain..."
Angel: "You like pain."
Darla: "This is different. I want it out - now!"

Wes: "That"s exactly what"s happening, Darla. You"re in the first stage of labor."
Angel: "Labor, that"s - that"s good, right? How long does it usually last?"
Wes: "It varies. On average, the whole thing, maybe eighteen hours."

Darla: "Eighteen hours? That"s too long!"

Angel: "Alright. Easy. Lie down."
"I"ll be right back."
"Guys, we got to figure out what"s inside of her now, before it skitters out."
Gunn: "We should get a demony doctor in here. You know, someone who understands how her vampire girl parts work. You know what I"m saying."
Cordy: "Well, didn"t she already try that whole shaman, voodoo, witch doctor thing?"

Angel: "Yeah. She did."
Fred: "I don"t suppose she ever went to like a normal doctor or a hospital?"

Cordy: "Hey, there"s an idea: hospital. Oh, wait, they don"t admit vampires."
Angel: "Who says we have to admit?"

Wes: "Of course. We don"t need the right doctor, we just need the right equipment."

Linwood: "I don"t care how much it costs. Just find someone who can answer the bloody question. Heads are gonna roll if the Senior Partners hear about this."

Gavin: "They won"t. That"s why we came directly to you."
Linwood: "Darla - pregnant. How"d we miss it?"

Lilah: "I"m sequestering the psychics and the mind readers in the conference room. We will get to the bottom of this."
Linwood: "Man works hard - builds something - waters it - grows rich and powerful. - Leaves his wife for a younger beauty. - These are the reasons we take certain - blood oaths. - And to have it all vanish because..."

Lilah: "Sir, I can"t stress enough. There is no way we could have foreseen this."

Gavin: "She"s right, sir. No one could have known."
Woman"s voice: "Hi, you"ve reached the Tittles. We can"t come to the phone right now. If you wanna leave a message for Christine, press one. For Bentley, press two. Or to speak to or worship Master Tarfall, Underlord of pain, press three."

Cyril: "Master, it"s happened. The thing you have foreseen has come to be. We must tell the others."
Holtz: "Another step and it"ll be your last. If you"ve come for anything other than a fight, you"re in the wrong place."
Male voice: "A fight"s exactly what I"m looking for."
Holtz: "Be a man and who your face."
Sahjhan: "I"m not a man. - What I mean is..."
Holtz: "You"re not human."
Sahjhan: "But clearly masculine. You get that, right?"
Holtz: "You"ll get more than a fight if you don"t leave right now."
Sahjhan: "Fine. My mistake. - I just thought you might want help killing Angelus and Darla."
Holtz: "I don"t need your help. I"ll kill them myself."
Sahjhan: "Not to rain on your parade - but, no, you won"t. You"ll die a bitter old man and never see them again."

Holtz: "You don"t know that."
Sahjhan: "I kinda do. In fact I know that it"ll be another two hundred years before you get another chance to confront either Angelus or Darla."
Holtz: "And is this the part of the tale where the demon offers the broken man the chance to change all that?"
Sahjhan: "I"ll take you to them. Two centuries into the future."
Holtz: "Through black magic and sorcery."

Sahjhan: "No. On a mule cart. Of course through black magic and sorcery. I"m a demon."
Holtz: "And what do you want from me?"
Sahjhan: "Your word. I want your word that when the time comes you will show them no mercy."
"I don"t mean to be pushy, but this is a limited time offer. Say yes, and I"ll take you to them this very hour. Say no - and realize the one chance to avenge what they did to your wife and children has slipped away - forever."

Angel: "How are you feeling?"
Darla: "I haven"t had blood in almost a day, and your devil spawn is trying to rip its way out of my body. How do you think I"m doing?"

Cordy: "Psst. Paging Dr. Angel."
Wes: "I sent Gunn and Fred to find an ultra-sound machine so we can take a look. Inside Darla, that is."
Angel: "What is this? A classroom?"
Wes: "Yes. It"s is a teaching hospital. How are you feeling, Darla?"
"Something wrong?"
Darla: "I think the contractions have stopped."
Angel: "Is that bad?"
Wes: "Do you mind if I..."
Darla: "I won"t bite."
Cordy: "No, but that thing inside might."
Wes: "You may have been experiencing something called Braxton-Hicks contractions. They"re a form of false labor."
Darla: "False?"
Wes: "False as in not ready to come out yet."

Darla: "Well, I"m way past ready. I"d cut it out of me if I could."
Gunn: "Here you go, one ultra-sound machine."
Wes: "Darla, up on the table, please."

Angel: "Don"t you wanna see what"s inside?"

Holtz: "You"ve kept me here long enough. Where are they?"
Sahjhan: "It"s not that simple."
Holtz: "I"m tired of waiting!"
Sahjhan: "Like I said - it"s not that simple. - Do think I"d go to all this trouble of transporting you two and a half centuries if I could walk up to Angelus and stake him myself? Please! There are rules and timetables and forces at work far greater than either of us.

Boy, you vengeful types aren"t real good at playing with others, are you?"

"It"s my street face. Now put that on. I"ve lined up some men to help us."

Man: "Alright then, sir. Are you now or have you ever been a vampire? - Are any of your friends vampires?"
Linwood: "Thank you for coming. And correct me if I"m wrong, but the role of a psychic - is to be psychic. To predict the future, so that Wolfram and Hart doesn"t find itself in this kind of predicament."
Bald psychic: "I can"t apologize enough, sir."

Linwood: "You"re right. You can"t. But I"m not without compassion. I"m gonna give you a chance to save your job - and your skin."

Bald psychic: "No, you"re not. - You"re gonna have me killed."
Linwood: "Now, why couldn"t you have had that kind of foresight when we needed it?"

Mind reader: "They are telling the truth."
Lilah: "Thank you. Intelligence is just coming in. No one seems to know *how* Darla could be pregnant. There is a rumor about a prophecy involving a vampire birth, but the Scroll it"s recorded on seems to be missing."

Linwood: "Do you have any idea how many groups and cults and organizations would kill to get their hands on this baby? We"ve got to get it before anybody finds out."

Lilah: "Yes sir. And we will."
Linwood: "We need to get, dissect it, and find out what it means."
Gavin: "Berlin"s on the phone for you, sir."

Linwood: "Oh, god. If they"ve heard about this in Berlin, Singapore and Muncie can"t be far behind. Now listen, if the Senior Partners are looking to assign blame, the buck stops here, you understand me?"

Lilah: "Not exactly, sir."
Linwood: "If the Partners are looking to place blame, I"m gonna have to step forward."

Lilah: "That"s inspiring, sir."
Linwood: "Yes, I"ll step forward and blame you. Darla was resurrected on your watch. I can think of no better scapegoat."

Lilah: "You think this is over? Watch and learn, rookie."
Guy: "Yes? - I understand."
Wes: "Well, then. Let"s take a look, shall we? Well, I haven"t studied one of these for quite a while."
Angel: "Isn"t that a head?"
Wes: "I think it is. Or is that the head?"
Fred: "Maybe you"re both right. It"s not like I"m suggesting it"s an evil two-headed thing."

Cordy: "I see it."
Darla: "My little parasite."
Wes: "Oh, my..."
Angel: "What is it?"
Wes: "It"s - it"s human."
Gunn: "Human as is in humanoid? As in cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers?"
Wes: "No - human as in - a boy."
Angel: "Boy?"
Wes: "A boy. A boy. You"re carrying a boy."

Darla: "Great."
Angel: "Gonna have a son. I"m gonna have a son."
Fred: "Guys. As fascinating as an ultra-sound image of an unborn child may appear... You should:
Angel: "Me. A father. To a son. You know what that means?"
Fred: "We"re surrounded by vampires?"
Angel: "No, it"s a human bo..."
"Oh. We *are* surrounded by vampires."
Cordy: "Ahem - so, who has a plan?"
Gunn: "Don"t let "em kill us sounds like a good first step."
Vampire: "The miracle child."
"For his time has come. Praise be. Praise be. Praise be."
Sahjhan: "The buildings are taller, machines more powerful - and you can get really great Tai food at two in the morning. - But the thing to understand is that people are the same today as they were in your day. They drink too much. They fight. They work hard. They fall in love."
Holtz: "They have families."
Sahjhan: "Yes, they still have families."
Holtz: "I hope these men you"ve hired are ruthless bastards."
Voice: "Go away!"
Sahjhan: "It"s Sahjhan. This is where we"ll get your men. - Very exclusive."
Holtz: "These aren"t men."
Sahjhan: "Once again: gender - not species. I should have said "minions." Have you seen Grappler demons fight? - Not the sharpest pencils in the box, but merciless in battle. - Okay, guys! Over here! Time to meet the new Jefe. And Flarmar, leave the head in the ring, okay?"

"Ready to command your troops, captain?"
Holtz: "Any other surprises I should know about?"
Cordy: "Hey, I"m all for being idolized, but - what the hell is going on?"

Angel: "What do you want?"
Vampire: "To protect the miracle child."
Angel: "Protect? Ah, that"s good. We"re all here for the same thing."
The guy: "die!"
Vampire: "As it has been prophesied - by our great potentate Ul-thar, we vow our lives to protect this - special child."

Angel: "You hear that? Our kid. Special."

Vampire: "Now let us kill the humans so we may use their blood to nourish the mother - and her miracle child."
Darla: "Guess I"m getting dinner after all."

Gavin: "Commander, this should provide your ops team with a solid tactical base. Plan and elevation drawings of every floor in Angel"s hotel. I also have strategic surveillance capabilities, so we can monitor the engagement from here."

Commander: "Excellent. I"m confident my men will be able to capture and retrieve the target. The larger question revolves around subsequent extraction of the target"s cargo."
Gavin: "Getting the baby from Darla."
Linwood: "Of course. And for *that* we have called in an expert."
Fetanovich: "You flatter me, sir."
Lilah: "Gentlemen, may I introduce Dr. Fetvanovich from our satellite office in the Balkans."
Linwood: "How do you do, doctor?"
Lilah: "Dr. Fetvanovich is the world"s foremost specialist in paranormal obstetrics. We are *very* fortunate he"s consented to help."

Doctor: "It is I who feel fortunate. A vampire birth is, ah - unprecedented. I look forward to dissecting both the mother and the child."

Angel: "Darla, you might wanna join the fight."

Darla: "Sorry, darling. I"m gonna have to be Switzerland and sit this one out. Now, you did say you were just gonna kill the humans, right?"
Vampire: "Yes, just the humans. Then we will nourish you, slice you open, wear your entrails as a belt and consume your eyeballs before we worship the miracle child."

Darla: "Okay. I"m in."
Angel: "Gunn, you and I can hold them off for as long as we can. The rest of you, get Darla to the car."
Darla: "Oh, I"d rather stay and fight. Show these youngsters a thing or two about real carnage."
Angel: "That"s thoughtful, but, you know, you should go."
Fred: "Charles, do you have an extra dagger I could borrow?"
Gunn: "This okay?"
Fred: "Perfect."
Angel: "No my count of three. One, two..."
Fred: "You freaks make one move and I"ll slice the miracle kid into triplets."
Cordy: "It"s always the quiet ones."
Vampire: "Wait!"
Fred: "They don"t know the knife can"t hurt the baby."
Darla: "They do *now.* Vampires have great hearing."
"Here we go."
Wes: "Everybody out!"
Guy into radio: "All clear."
We"re clear, Alpha, move in,
Let"s go, men.
Upstairs. Go!
Alpha Team, move out.
Delta Team, behind me.
Lobby secured, sir.
Doctor: "Lets set up out here. - Oh, and get a hose. I"m afraid there might be some blood. - And you can set baby"s cage next to mama"s."

Gunn: "I think we lost them."
Angel: "Anybody hurt?"
Cordy: "Nothing a couple of band aids and a pint of Heathbar crunch can"t fix."

Wes: "I"m good."
Angel: "Darla? - Darla, everything okay?"
Darla: "Yeah. Fine."
Wes: "You all right?"
Darla: "It"s nothing!"
Angel: "It"s the kid, isn"t it? Seeing him on the monitor."
Darla: "No, I"m just disappointed that the vamp cult didn"t kill all of you guys. - So, where "re we going? I"m famished and we all know how ugly that can get."
Fred: "Where *are* we going?"
Angel: "Somewhere safe."
Cordy: "Where"s safe? The hotel is definitely out."
Gunn: "How about if we go to..."
Angel: "Vegas? Sorry, Gunn, too high profile, but I agree we need to get out of Dodge."

Wes: "Actually..."
Cordy: "God! I hate it when you say that word! "Actually" means that your oversized gi-normous brain thought of something that the rest of us failed to consider, right?"

Wes: "Just, other people seem to know a lot more about this kid"s importance than we do. The only thing that can help us is back at the hotel. We can"t protect your child unless we get the scrolls."

Angel: "Okay then. Quick stop."
Doctor: "Is this man with you?"
Holtz: "Where is Angelus?"
Linwood: "Who is this pirate with a sword, and what is he doing in the middle of my operation?"
Lilah: "I don"t know, sir. But he called Angel by his old name, Angelus."
Linwood: "I need better audio."
Transcriber : "Any second."
Holtz: "Hand over the vampires."
Linwood: "This has gone on long enough. I don"t care who that man is. Take him out. Take him out now. Over."

Commando: "Take him out!"
Gavin: "This should be sweet."
Linwood: "Picture?"
Transcriber: "I"m working on it, sir."
Gavin: "Burke"s never lost."
Lilah: "I"m sure it"ll be over in just a second."

Gavin: "That should do it."
Linwood: "Anybody there? - Over?"
Cordy: "Why "re we stopping here?"
Angel: "It"s only a couple of blocks from the hotel. I"ll go the rest of the way on foot."
Gunn: "Hey, who said you get to be wheel man?"
Cordy: "Who said it had to be a man?"

Angel: "The scrolls?"
Wes: "In the cabinet back in the office."
Angel: "If I"m not back in five minutes, leave without me."
Cordy: "Leave to where?"
Angel: "Anywhere. Somewhere safe."
Darla: "Angel?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Darla: "Just get out of here."
Holtz: "Angelus."
"I"ve been looking for you."
Gunn: "He said five minutes!"
Cordy: "It"s been six and a half."
Darla: "It"s so typical of him."
Fred: "It probably wouldn"t hurt to wait another minute, right? I mean, what"s the worst thing that could happen in another minute?"

"Ask a stupid question..."
Wes: "Her water"s broken. This is for real. There should be a blanket in the trunk."

Cordy: "What are we gonna do? Deliver the kid right here? Shouldn"t we go somewhere?"

Fred: "What"s keeping Angel?"

The end
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