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SHAMAN: Must acquire better guards.
WESLEY: Angel"s soul has been stolen.
SHAMAN: I have no need for the vampire"s soul.
CONNOR: Then where is it?
SHAMAN: That... I cannot discern, but it is still viable within the Muo-Ping.

CONNOR: Muo-what?
WESLEY: It"s still safe within the container.

CORDELIA: Angel"s soul has been misplaced. I bet this sort of thing happens all the time. What do you have as a backup plan to re-ensoul somebody?

SHAMAN: There is no other way known to me. Without the Muo-Ping... you"re screwed.
CONNOR: And what happens if the Muo-container thing breaks or gets opened?
SHAMAN: Then, like all things, the soul can be returned... or destroyed.
ANGELUS: Awfully quiet up there. I"ve had time to think, and I"ve realized something important. Being evil is wrong. I want to be good. I want to be Angel again. You hear me? I"m ready!
GUNN: I"m ready too, fang boy.
FRED: He knows, doesn"t he? That his soul"s missing.
GUNN: Probably knew before we did.

FRED: I hope that shaman can help us.

GUNN: That shaman should never have been brought here. Now, instead of just worrying about the big bad Rocky, we got Darth Vampire living in the basement.

FRED: Bringing Angelus was our best chance.

GUNN: That you talking, or Wes?
FRED: You were pushing for it too, Charles.
GUNN: Then maybe I did the wrong thing.

ANGELUS: Like smacking your girl around? I betcha Wes would never hit her. He"s all proper and English. And that accent-Oh, chicks just love a good accent. Makes "em all buttery in their nether regions. Isn"t that right, Fred? You know, I had a bit of an Irish brogue back in the day. If you"d like, I could use it on you when I rape you to death... or-

GUNN: Son of a bitch.
FRED: He"s just- It"s just words.
GUNN: Yeah.
FRED: And that"s the only way he can hurt us. He knows he"s never getting out.


LILAH: The great Angelus.
ANGELUS: Oh, come on. You can do better than that. Try playing up the awe and the reverence a bit. "The great Angelus."

LILAH: Great-being locked in a cage.
ANGELUS: Yet managing to display better grooming habits than you. Look at yourself, Lilah. All these years wanting to meet me. Couldn"t run a comb through your hair, maybe slap on a little lipstick. Evil doesn"t have to mean sloppy.

LILAH: Stop it.
ANGELUS: Ooh. Feeling touchy, are we?
LILAH: The Beast. I want you to stop it.

ANGELUS: Oh. Not sure I really want to. Don"t get me wrong, I"m not a big fan of the horn job, although he did bring on permanent midnight. Gotta give him props for that.

LILAH: Can you do it, or not?
ANGELUS: Mmm, why is your thong in such a bunch, counselor. You"re a professional.

LILAH: Working the sewers. Beast took everything. Killed them all.

ANGELUS: It"s all the damage. He does have a flair for it.
LILAH: Not just at the office. Everybody. Field ops. Liaisons. People out sick that day. But not me. Not yet. Why is he picking on us? We"re the bad guys!

ANGELUS: Apparently, not bad enough. But there is a bright side-you have a devoted boyfriend who loves and cares-oh, wait. You don"t. Your life really is crap.

LILAH: And yet, I"m not the monkey in the box. I want that thing destroyed. You"re the only one who can do it.

ANGELUS: Maybe... we can work something out.
GUNN: What Angelus said about me-I didn"t mean to hurt you. I would never do that.

FRED: I know. I just can"t help but think if you didn"t attack-

GUNN: Attack? That"s how you see it? I attacked him! What do you call what he was doing in the office before I walked in?
FRED: I don"t know what-
GUNN: He was kissing you! Don"t lie to me. It"s the one thing you"re not good at.

FRED: It just happened.
GUNN: Because you let it. I"ve never felt so much for anyone. I would do anything for you, but it"s not enough, is it?

FRED: Charles, I"m-
GUNN: I can"t do this anymore, Fred. I"m tired of you looking everywhere but at me. Like that.

WESLEY: What is it?
FRED: I just can"t make heads or tails out of this banishing text. You guys have any luck?

CONNOR: Yeah, but it was all bad. Shaman didn"t have the soul. Doesn"t know who took it. Doesn"t know how to find it.
CORDELIA: Other than that, everything"s peachy. Any word from Lorne and his contacts?
GUNN: Dammit!
Lilah-ran off into the sewers. Connor, wait. You should wait here, make sure it isn"t a setup. Might be others.
Check the locks.
What kind of brain fart made that witch try and let Angelus out?
CORDELIA: I want to know how she even knew he was here.
CONNOR: Maybe she took Angel"s soul.

GUNN: She"s a muckety-muck at Wolfram and Hart. It"s her job to know.
FRED: I thought the Beast killed everyone at Wolfram and Hart.
GUNN: Maybe she cut some kind of deal with it.
CONNOR: You really think she has a connection to the Beast?
LILAH: You"re a son of a bitch, you know that!
WESLEY: When I said "go underground," I didn"t think you"d- Is that where the Beast-?
LILAH: I can"t make it stop.
WESLEY: I could take a look at it.
LILAH: Uh, I"m fine.
WESLEY: How did you know we had Angelus?
LILAH: Big magic, taking a champion"s soul. Makes ripples. I still know some people that like ripples. That was your idea-to bring him? Great minds...

WESLEY: Aren"t foolish enough to release him.
LILAH: I wasn"t.
WESLEY: So the crowbar...?
LILAH: I had to make him believe I was desperate.
WESLEY: Not much of a stretch, really, is it? And you always wanted Angelus.
LILAH: No, Wolfram and Hart did, but it doesn"t matter anymore. I just-I just want my life back. All my pretty things. I"m selfish that way. That"s why we wouldn"t have worked out.

WESLEY: There are many reasons we wouldn"t have worked out, Lilah. Rhinehardt"s Compendium.
LILAH: I need to find a way to make it pay.

WESLEY: I already checked. There"s nothing in here that even remotely... describes... him. It"s identical to my copy except for this passage. How is that possible?
LILAH: It"s not a local copy. Pulled some favors, got it on the pan-dimensional black market.

WESLEY: But still-should be the exact same text. Unless...
LILAH: Unless, what?
WESLEY: Well, we"d have to check more books from other dimensions, but what if there were other references to the Beast at one time that had somehow been removed. What would something that powerful need to hide?
GUNN: Lilah or not, something is doing the Beast"s dirty work.
CORDELIA: It would explain how giant lava boy could tiptoe past us to take out Manny.

CONNOR: And butcher that family, those priestesses.
FRED: Even though Lilah"s evil, I don"t see her hacking up all those people.

GUNN: OK, maybe it"s not just her. Maybe...maybe the big bad Beast had minions doing his dirty work.

ANGELUS: Morons. The big rock doesn"t have minions. It is the minion.
FRED: No, it"s not. We"ve seen what it can do.

ANGELUS: You"ve just seen the warm-up act.
CORDELIA: What are you saying?
ANGELUS: I"m saying there"s something bigger. Something worse. The Beast has a boss.
GUNN: Worse than the Beast?
CORDELIA: That"s-that"s not possible.
ANGELUS: How did you survive this long being so retarded?
GUNN: Cut the fu-manchu. What do you know?
ANGELUS: Quite a bit, bright boy. Maybe I"ll fill in the blanks sometime.
CONNOR: How do you know there"s something worse than the Beast?
ANGELUS: "Cause I have a brain, son. The Beast I knew was big into smash and slaughter. Had the brawn to be really good at it too, but the big picture-not his strong point. But whoa! Flash forward. Now he"s all rain of fire, destroying the Ra-Tet, blotting out the sun. Big moves for a guy whose head is made out of rock.

CORDELIA: Maybe he got smarter.
ANGELUS: And maybe I"ll sprout some wings and flutter away. There"s something else out there-more powerful, more vicious-pulling all the strings. Ooh, don"t know about you, but I"m just dying to find out what it is.

LILAH: What, no cake?
FRED: Where is it?
LILAH: Where is what?
CORDELIA: Angel"s soul.
LILAH: Oh, that what.
WESLEY: She didn"t take it.
CONNOR: How do you know?
WESLEY: Because she told me.
GUNN: And you believe her? Lying"s her job.
LILAH: He"s got a point. You wanna search me?
CORDELIA: What happened?
WESLEY: She was injured in the attack on Wolfram and Hart.
GUNN: The place was a slaughterhouse. How"d she make it out?
LILAH: Got lucky.
CORDELIA: Ah, maybe it was more than that. What were you doing downstairs with Angelus?
WESLEY: She was gathering intel.
GUNN: With a crowbar? She"s the only one to make it out of Wolfram and Hart alive, then she shows up right after Angel"s soul goes missing.
WESLEY: I"ve already told you, she didn"t have anything to do with that.
CONNOR: Maybe she knows who did.
FRED: Or who"s controlling the Beast.
LILAH: Controlling?
GUNN: Angelus thinks rock-boy"s just the muscle. Not that I trust him any more than you.

CORDELIA: Everything that"s happened-it"s part of a bigger plan with something even worse than the Beast sketching the blueprints.

WESLEY: That"s what he"s been trying to hide. There might be something in the text we-
WESLEY: Lilah found a passage in Rhinehardt"s Compendium.
FRED: But we searched that already. There"s nothing in there.
WESLEY: Because all references to the Beast have been erased in this dimension.
LILAH: I got my copy of Rhinehardt"s... way out of town. I"m surprised you didn"t think of that.
GUNN: That"s why Angel didn"t remember the Beast.
WESLEY: His memory"s been wiped clean, just like the book"s.
CONNOR: Why does Angelus remember?
FRED: Because his mind wasn"t here when the spell or whatever was cast, right?

WESLEY: We should compare this passage with the information Wolfram and Hart extracted from Lorne. There might be-
GUNN: Yeah, have fun with that.
FRED: Charles...
GUNN: Somebody needs to be downstairs, make sure nobody else tries to intel our boy.

CORDELIA: Let him go. I know this is hard. I know we"re all tired and hurting, but we have to stay focused. We need to figure out what"s coming, and how to get Angel back before it does, because if this is as bad as I think it is, we"ll need him more than ever.

ANGELUS: You know what I like about you? You play to your strengths. You know what they are, and you stick to "em. You don"t find that much these days. Everybody always trying to expand their horizons, actuate their potential, and all that other touchy-feely crap.

But not you. You don"t try to change... because you know your place.
That"ll go a long way towards keeping you alive.
Well, a lot longer than the others.
Man, you guys really are on a streak.
You let L.A. nearly burn to the ground, lost the sun, let the creepy crawlies practically take over the city.
But you know that"s OK. At least you"ve got the love of a good woman. "Til she dumps you for a guy with a bigger horizon.

GUNN: It"s her life.
ANGELUS: Oh, wait-did I miss it? Did she already let you down easy? Cheer up, buddy. Not like we didn"t see it coming. Especially after what happened to her old professor. Come on, even Angel"s not that stupid. The way things changed between you two... the furtive looks, all that guilt. Mm. There"s nothing like your first murder. Don"t worry, I won"t tell what our little girl did.

GUNN: She didn"t-
ANGELUS: Yeah! So, it was you-stepping up and being the man!
GUNN: I did what I had to do.
ANGELUS: I guess Fred didn"t quite see it that way, huh? Wow. You do a chick a favor, you think she"d be grateful, but no. Mm-mm.
She still goes for the broody smart guy, all mysterious and tortured.
I guess, when you think about it, for the first time in your life, you just weren"t dark enough. Maybe there"s hope for you after all, Chuck.

FRED: This is hopeless. The Orb of Thesulah is the only way I can find to restore Angel"s soul, but that only works if it"s moved on to an afterlife or something, not floating in a jar somewhere.

WESLEY: We"ll find a way to bring Angel back.
FRED: How?
WESLEY: The way we always do: skill, perseverance, luck.
FRED: Not a lot of that going around.
WESLEY: We"ll be all right.
FRED: As long as we stick together.

WESLEY: Fred. What happened between me and Gunn- I didn"t mean- That"s not what I wanted. Could you tell him that?
FRED: I don"t think he"ll listen. We"re not- We"re not together anymore.
WESLEY: Oh. Not because of what I did?
FRED: Things just haven"t been right. Not for a while.
WESLEY: I think this is the part where I"m supposed to say I"m sorry, and I"m really trying to be, but-
LILAH: Any progress?
FRED: Not really.
LILAH: Pity.
WESLEY: I made some headway cross-referencing, but there"s no telling how long it"ll take to get anything definitive.

CORDELIA: But you have made some progress?
LILAH: Sure looks like he"s trying.

WESLEY: I"ll relieve Gunn, see if I can get anything else out of Angelus.
LILAH: So, what now? Ouija board?
FRED: Lorne.
Did you find out anything?
LORNE: Zip. Zilch. And what in the hell is succu-bitch doing here?
CORDELIA: Still trying to figure that out. So, nothing?
LORNE: I"ve talked to every contact that hasn"t beat it for higher ground. Nobody"s heard bo-peep about Angel"s soul.

LILAH: Forget about the goody-goody. You want to kill the Beast and give his boss a run for his evil? The answer is downstairs in a cage-sick Angelus on him.
CORDELIA: Do you know what Angelus would do if we let him out?
LILAH: Kill you all in a bloody shower of violence, but hey- greater good.
CORDELIA: We"ll find another way. I"m sure if we just all-
LILAH: What? Hold hands and sing a hymn? That might be a little hard when the Beast is ripping your guts out.
CORDELIA: Lilah, I know things look grim right now.
LILAH: Don"t go watchtower on me Saint Cordelia. I don"t think I could stomach it.

CORDELIA: Man, I"d love to punch your face in.
LILAH: Are you trying to turn me on?
CORDELIA: What"s sad about people like you, Lilah-it all comes down to fear.
LILAH: Fascinating. Now that we"ve got that settled.
CORDELIA: You"re too scared to believe in anything because you"re too scared to hope. You won"t even open your eyes to the possibility.
LILAH: You don"t get it, do you, twinkie? I"m what I believe in. And you think I got this far by sticking my head in the sand?
The Beast that eviscerated me has a boss, and that boss is going to end life as we know it, and nobody is coming to save us! Not Angel, not the Powers that Be, and not the forty-damn-second cavalry! So if anybody has scales on their eyes - it"s you.

CORDELIA: I can bring him back. I know how to re-ensoul Angel.
ANGELUS: Hey, we were just talking about you. At least I was, anyway.
WESLEY: What is it?
FRED: Cordelia had a vision. She knows how to put his soul back.
ANGELUS: I guess the Powers saw how bad you guys suck.
FRED: Doing better than you!
WESLEY: Fred...
ANGELUS: Ooh, she really has put on spunk, hasn"t she, Wes. Not the same, shy, bitchcow we pulled out of Pylea.

FRED: There"s only one bitch here, and I"m looking at him.
ANGELUS: Oh, come on, we all know it"s for the best. Now you can go for the real prize. Mm. Man, I"m telling ya... man, if I swung that way... Look at him- all rugged and handsome and brains... man, he"s damn-near perfect.

WESLEY: Thank you.
ANGELUS: Except the part about banging Lilah for the past six months. That kinda takes the shine off him.
WESLEY: Fred...
FRED: No, it-it"s none of my business. I should...
CONNOR: Are you sure this is the right spot?

GUNN: Well, the landmarks look like what Cordy described in her vision.
CONNOR: Never fought a soul-eater before.

GUNN: Hmph. And I"m not planning to. Cordy says this thing was buried by the Chumash a couple hundred years ago. Don"t expect it to put up too much of a fight.
CONNOR: So, what if we can"t find it?
GUNN: Then we"re screwed. The skull of the soul-eater is the main piece of the spell Cordy saw. Without that- Clear it off. Ooh, thank you, Powers that Be! About damn time.

CONNOR: Want me to do that?
GUNN: Uh, I got it. Oh!
GUNN: Oh, I so don"t need that kind of crap. Let"s just chop its head off and get- OK, this thing is really starting to piss me off.

GUNN: Yeah, sometimes you just gotta keep whacking.
CONNOR: You think it"ll work?
GUNN: It better. If there"s really something badder than the Beast, we"ve got to get Angel back before it comes.
BEAST: I am honored you"ve come. Fire, death, and darkness have I bestowed in your name. Now, this humble token I offer, forged of my unworthy bones. A tribute to your power.

CORDELIA: Seven talismans built to spec.

FRED: Sometimes I hate this life.
CORDELIA: Dumpster diving for week-old buffalo wings, definitely not in the job description.

FRED: Try declawing scavenged road kill for three sacred talons.

CORDELIA: Never do I have the happy, frolicking puppy visions. Always bones and death and...
CONNOR: We got the skull of the soul-eater. CORDELIA: I"m just saying...
WESLEY: It looks rather fresh.
GUNN: Yeah, we moved up its expiration date.
WESLEY: Cordy?
CORDELIA: I just see the skull. It doesn"t have any...you know...parts.
WESLEY: Right. Take it to the kitchen. Remove the flesh and the soft tissue.
LILAH: It"s just like being at work, except suits by Liberace.
LORNE: Wesley, would you please warn this walking infection that I haven"t forgotten how she poked my head open like a Capri-Sun.

And while my love for humanity allows me to tolerate her presence, if need be I will smack her down! Be a doll. Thanks.

WESLEY: With all the excitement, I thought you would have escaped by now.
LILAH: Well, I would have, but, um, it"s Thursday, which means that everyone who should be in the weekly briefing is, um, dead.

WESLEY: So you have nowhere else to go?
LILAH: Just waiting to prove that your Powers That Be are all hat and no cattle.
And if they do pull it through, well then braid my hair, and call me Pollyanna.

The upside of being in it for yourself, Wes-you always end up on the winning team.

FRED: Wesley... Cordy had a question.
ANGELUS: Have you all lost your mind? You"re going to use black magic to restore my soul? People, this never goes well. Am I the only one paying attention?

LILAH: Ten-to-one, the entire hotel gets sucked into a hell dimension.
GUNN: You, two-with the shutting up.
ANGELUS: Talk about eleventh-hour desperation. Face it, you"re grasping. No jar, no soul.

CONNOR: You sound pretty desperate yourself.
CORDELIA: Do you have the vial?
ANGELUS: Let"s be realistic. Even if your precious champion makes another guest appearance, you can"t stop the apocalypse. Bottom line is you"re going to lose. The last thing you smell will be each other"s blood.

FRED: That"s you"re opinion.
LILAH: You tell him, honey.
FRED: You, shut your fat mouth.
ANGELUS: Look at you-heroes. So tangled up in your own crap, you can"t even find the world to save it.

CORDELIA: Does everyone have their talismans?
ANGELUS: Hell, even Angel knew you never stood a chance. You want to know why he really let me out? Because he finally gave up. He knew you were all too weak and selfish to stop what"s coming. He gave up his soul because he gave up on you.

CORDELIA: You"re right. Buh-bye.
WESLEY: In degera...
ANGELUS: Don"t kid yourselves...
WESLEY: Fortis murus...
ANGELUS: I"ll still be around long after your corpses rot.
WESLEY: Kesta sartuum... Mundi ethericon...
ANGELUS: I promise you. This isn"t...
WESLEY: Chimera nihilo.
ANGELUS: The end.
ANGEL: I"m so sorry.
LORNE: It worked.
CONNOR: Did it?
ANGEL: Fred.
FRED: What?
ANGEL: You came down the stairs. You had blood, and I grabbed you.
FRED: I"m fine.
CORDELIA: The spell, it worked. I feel it.

WESLEY: We have to be sure.
GUNN: Get Lorne to read him.
WESLEY: Angel, are you aware of what"s happened?
ANGEL: I"m back. There"s, uh, something else. Something worse-worse than the-
WESLEY: The Beast, yes. And we need your help to fight it, but first you have to sing for Lorne-
ANGEL: I, uh...
WESLEY: To prove it"s really you.

ANGEL: Oh, right. Raindrops keep falling on my head...do do do do... Just...
LORNE: Oh yes. Yes! Sweet fancy B.J. Thomas, it"s him. It"s Angel.
GUNN: You sure?
LORNE: Yes, yes! The aura has totally changed, and the vibe screams soul! Ha ha! Oh, bless you and your beautiful land line to the PTB, honey! Mwa!

CONNOR: He"s back.
FRED: Then we can let him out.
ANGEL: No. I"m staying in here. I"m doing what"s best for the group.
CORDELIA: Since when is locking up the leader what"s best for the group?
ANGEL: Since when does your vision come with a guarantee? For all we know, this spell is only temporary, and God forbid... I can give orders from down in here. And the new ones are: no more back-biting, fist-fighting, fraternizing, or vengeance. From now on, you focus on one thing: making it out alive. "Cause I"m only going to say this once: what Angelus told you was a lie. I haven"t and will never give up on you. We"ll get through this thing. Together.

LILAH: I can"t believe we didn"t crush you people years ago.
ANGEL: Wes, you and Fred get back to Lilah"s books. We need any new information we can on this new player. Lilah, make some coffee. Earn your keep around here.

Lorne, I want you out working low-pro real estate. If this thing is bigger than the Beast, it"s gonna be laying down roots. And it"ll need square footage.

LORNE: Good to have you back, boss. ANGEL: In the mean time, Connor, Gunn, work damage control. Sweep the surrounding blocks for civilians. Save who you can. Connor, it"s me.
CONNOR: I know.
ANGEL: Cordy...
ANGEL: I didn"t say anything.
CORDELIA: True, but I thought I should tell you upfront that I don"t take orders from guys too scared to step out of their cages.

ANGEL: I made the right call. This way, everybody stays safe.
CORDELIA: And you don"t have to look anyone in the eyes. Bonus.
ANGEL: I hate that you saw me like that.

CORDELIA: Guess it"s only fair. Angelus said you saw me at one of my not-most-shining moments. Besides, you"re not him. You think we don"t get that, but we do.

ANGEL: What if- Wh-what if the spell doesn"t last?
CORDELIA: The Powers need a champion, Angel. And obviously they need one pretty bad the way things are going. Who knows, you might even be their only hope, Obi-Wan.

ANGEL: So, how do I go up there?
CORDELIA: Easy. Leave him and what you did inside the cage. You"re not Angelus.
ANGELUS: Guess again!
Stay down!
Sorry if I scared you.
FRED: Angel... I thought-
ANGELUS: Cordy let me out. Actually, I-I asked her to be let out. You know what? Never mind.
FRED: No, wait. I"m the one who"s sorry. After everything you"ve been through, I...

ANGELUS: It has been a little rough.
FRED: On all of us. The stress is-
ANGELUS: I know I could use a drink. Now, you see? That"s what I was afraid of. For the rest of your life, you"ll only see this evil thing.

FRED: You"re my friend, Angel. Past is past, and done is done.
ANGELUS: Thanks, Fred. Can I get a hug?

LILAH: It"s my inner megalomaniac. I, uh, rebel at serving coffee.
WESLEY: Angel, I thought you were confined-
ANGELUS: Change in plans. Cordy actually talked me out of staying down there. Now, I"ve got my own mission.

CONNOR: Which is...?
ANGELUS: Too dangerous, son. I"m afraid you can"t go with me. I have to go save the world.

FRED: So, has anyone seen Cordy?
GUNN: Connor"s on point. Three party follow-up. Me, Wes, and Fred in the truck. Cordy?
CORDELIA: I don"t understand how the spell didn"t work.
LILAH: Dead ex machina. There"s a surprise.

GUNN: Cordy.
CORDELIA.: We"ll be fine. Go. He"ll want to feed-a lot.
WESLEY: Our only advantage is Angelus might think we want to capture him. I think we"re all agreed that"s not an option anymore.

GUNN: Angelus is on the loose "cause we brought him in this world. It"s our job to take him out of it.
WESLEY: Take the shot, any shot you can get.
LILAH: Now you"re playing my song.
FRED: I don"t know if I-
GUNN: You will.
CONNOR: Let"s go, while his trail"s still hot.

ANGELUS: Like shooting fish in a barrel. Where"s the fun in that?
What happened to pedestrians? Human pedestrians! Is there no fast food left in Los Angeles?
CORDELIA: He let me think I was talking him into it.
LILAH: Those evil geniuses... they get you every time.
CORDELIA: The Beast, and then Angelus, and now there"s something worse. I thought the spell was-
LILAH: Divine intervention? Trust me, you have more chances of winning the lottery six times in a row. I had the numbers done.

CORDELIA: Just makes me question-

ANGELUS: What"s it all for, huh? I would too, if I were about to die.
This time, you stay down! As for you, you luscious thing. I mean, you were going to let me out of that cage, so, let"s see-I"ll give you, what, a ten second start. Ten, nine...
Now, there"s a girl who takes advantage of her opportunities- Don"t be jealous, kitten. She"s just the warm-up. I"ll save the good stuff for you. Eight, seven...

CONNOR: Doesn"t make sense.
WESLEY: What doesn"t?
CONNOR: Angelus would want to feed, but his scent ends here, and it"s not a highly populated area.
GUNN: It ends here? Somebody pick him up?

CONNOR: He would go to the place where he could wreak the most damage.
WESLEY: Which doesn"t necessarily mean highly populated.
FRED: He doubled back.
ANGELUS: Lilah... Oh, Lilah...
Boo! Oh, and Lilah, I had such high hopes for us. Your devious mind, my killer instincts. What a team we would have made.

LILAH: Could still make.
ANGELUS: Always were a closer. Unfortunately, with the new big scary in town, you"re just not looking so tough anymore. And I"m a winning team kind of a guy. Couple that with the recent people shortage-you know, you"re lucky I"m letting you yak this long.

LILAH: He"s gonna kill us.
CORDELIA: I know. Why do you think I let him out? You stupid bitch.

The end
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