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NEWSCASTER: A series of earthquakes and what authorities are now calling "meteor showers" have ravaged the southland tonight, igniting fires and explosions throughout the L.A. basin. As fire and rescue teams assess the ongoing threat, government officials are asking people to stay in their homes and off the streets.

FRED: This is Fred. No, that"s right. Yes ma"am. Angel Inves- I know, it is scary, but- But if she"s only an hour late- I"m just saying maybe it"s a bit early to panic. A little fire falling from the sky doesn"t necessarily mean the end- Oh, my God!

Oh! I thought you were dead. I got back here, and it was empty and I panicked and the radio and the fires-
GUNN: I know, baby. I know. Me too. It was like the end of the world out there, and all I wanted was you.
FRED: You"re safe now, all of you.
WESLEY: Yes, all safe.
FRED: What about Angel? Where"s Angel?
GUNN: We got separated. I"m sure he"ll be here soon. What about you? You OK?

FRED: I"m fine. I just needed some air. I didn"t know I"d be gone so long. Looks like there"s some other things I didn"t know either.

GUNN: Yeah. Plenty of time for updates later. Right now we need to regroup, think about getting back out there and mixing it up with that demony thing.

WESLEY: That"s not what Angel would do.
GUNN: Thanks for your opinion, and I don"t remember asking.
FRED: Uh, what demony thing?
LORNE: Oh, I believe he"s referring to the big bad, possibly invincible, demony thing that nearly killed us all before he ring-mastered tonight"s Cirque du Flambe.

FRED: Is that the pain and suffering and despair thing you saw when you read Cordelia?
LORNE: "Fraid so, peanut. And if there was ever truth in advertising...
FRED: Charles, if he"s really that big and bad, maybe we should wait for Angel. I-I mean, if he couldn"t stop him-

GUNN: So we just wait "cause we don"t know what Angel would or wouldn"t do?

ANGEL: Would I do what?
FRED: Angel, you"re hurt.
ANGEL: I"ll be- Let"s talk about it in the morning.
FRED: What about Cordelia and Connor? Has anyone checked in on "em? Angel?
ANGEL: They"re fine.
LORNE: You saw them? The man looks like he was hit by a tank.
GUNN: I don"t remember seeing him that down after a fight.
WESLEY: Can"t blame him. No one likes to lose, whatever the circumstance.

CONNOR: Mornin". Did the world end?

CORDELIA: Not exactly.
CONNOR: That"s a good thing.
CORDELIA: Don"t do that.
CONNOR: Do what?
CORDELIA: That. The look. The happy puppy look. Makes it harder.
CONNOR: Makes what harder?
CORDELIA: You"re very special, Connor. Last night will always be special, and something we both needed, but it happened because of unusual circumstances. You understand what I"m saying?
CONNOR: Yeah, that it was special.
CORDELIA: That it can"t happen again.
CORDELIA: You"re Angel"s son. It rained fire last night-never a good sign. And a giant demony beast crawled out from the earth where you were born.

CONNOR: You think it"s my fault?
CORDELIA: No. I told you last night I didn"t. I said-
CONNOR: Yeah, you said a lot of things last night. You said it didn"t matter anymore, that we were real-

CORDELIA: And I meant them.
CONNOR: Yeah, then. Today it"s all my fault. You know, the fire demon-all of it!

CORDELIA: Don"t be- Look, all I said was-

CONNOR: That I can"t be with you. CORDELIA: Connor...
LILAH: OK. I was just checking.
WESLEY: I"m alive.
LILAH: Not by much from the looks of it. I left you a couple hundred messages last night. Don"t feel obligated to return any of them.

WESLEY: Then you"re all right.
LILAH: Fine. Slept at Wolfram and Hart. FYI, safest place to be in case of an apocalypse. You on the other hand- Hmm. I bet I could make you feel better. You know, it"s weird. Rain of fire, whole city burning-why do I feel a chill?

WESLEY: I can"t do this anymore.
LILAH: Yeah, yeah, I"ve heard that a million times, cowboy. We both know how this song ends. You, me, broken furniture...

WESLEY: It"s over, Lilah.
LILAH: You"re serious.
WESLEY: After what I saw last night, I believe a day of reckoning has arrived.
LILAH: And you just reckon you"ll toss in with the good guys?
WESLEY: I"m choosing a side.
LILAH: And the girl of your dreams just happens to be on it. Hmm. What are the odds?

WESLEY: This isn"t about Fred. Or anyone else, for that matter. It"s about right and wrong.

LILAH: And you have such a clear grip on those concepts.
WESLEY: I"ve made mistakes.
LILAH: You"re making a big one now. I could wear the glasses again.
WESLEY: Don"t embarrass yourself. There is a line, Lilah. Black and white, good and evil.
LILAH: Funny thing about black and white- you mix it together and you get gray. And it doesn"t matter how much white you try and put back in, you"re never gonna get anything but gray. And I don"t see your Texas-gal-pal wearing that color. Come to think of it, she prefers black.

FRED: I don"t get it. I"ve run its stats through every possible database, cross-checked against prophecies, and still come up with squat. How can a creature with that much firepower not leave behind some kind of parchment trail?
GUNN: There is a trail. The problem is the trail guide was drawn by a crack-head. Hey, Cordelia, you guys survive the night all right?
CORDELIA: Yeah, you know, it was, uh-
FRED: Scary, nasty and nervous making?
CORDELIA: The sky should not be made of fire. Angel around?
FRED: Hibernating in his cave.
CORDELIA: You have a minute? I was hoping we could...talk. About, uh, well, about Connor.

ANGEL: I already know.
CORDELIA: You do? Really. Well then you"re handling it a lot better than me.
ANGEL: Can we not do this right now?

CORDELIA: Listen up, daddy dearest. The fact that this hell beast you"re all looking for crawled up out of the ground in the exact spot where your son was born seems precisely what we should be talking about right now.

ANGEL: Same spot? Really?

CORDELIA: You said you already knew.
ANGEL: Of course I knew. Doesn"t mean anything. Could just be a, you know-

CORDELIA: Coincidence.
ANGEL: Strange things happen.
CORDELIA: Like a vampire giving birth? Oh wait, that thing happened in the exact same spot too.

ANGEL: What are you- You think Connor"s connected to this evil thing?
CORDELIA: Me? God, no. He"s a sweetie pie.

ANGEL: Then why"re you telling me?

CORDELIA: Because your son stormed out this morning, and he really does believe it.

LILAH: Listen, Frank, I don"t care if you have to lojack the damn thing-

GAVIN: Sugar?
LILAH: Find that beast, or I swear to God, I will-
GAVIN: Boil you alive.
LILAH: Shut up! Boil you alive. How hard can it be to find a giant horned thing. Or a decent cup of coffee. Why are you still here?

GAVIN: Intel confirms that it was the creature that triggered the pyrotechnics last night. They"re just not sure why he did it.

LILAH: I"ll tell you why. Because he can. It"s the 800 pound gorilla-it can do whatever the hell it wants. I get that. But other than charbroiling everything in sight, I don"t think it has an agenda. And that makes our job tricky.

GAVIN: What job?
LILAH: The senior partners want us to try and cut a deal with it.
GAVIN: You can"t be serious.
LILAH: Why? It wants the same things we do. An apocalypse, end of the world, yadda yadda yadda. Partners feel it might speed things along and save a few bucks.
GAVIN: But what if it"s not interested?
LILAH: I"ll change it"s mind. I"m not losing this one.
CONNOR: I have questions.
LILAH: Connor. Huh. If the last few hours haven"t brought enough surprises. You really threw us for a loop here, kiddo, sneaking in the building. You really are like your old man, aren"t you?

CONNOR: It"s time to find out.
LILAH: Are you saying what I think you"re saying?
CONNOR: I want to know why I"m here, what I am.
LILAH: Timeless question, and one we"re more than happy to help answer. We have an in-house lab. We"ll do a few easy work-ups: psychological, physiological, neurological. And focus on exactly who or what you are.
And we"ll slice you open and start poking around.

CONNOR: I have a different idea.
LILAH: I"m open to any suggestions.
CONNOR: That demon you"re seeking, I think I"m connected to it. I wanna find out how.

LILAH: Sure, no problem. Gavin, why don"t you get our young friend a copy of your report, and we"ll sit down and have a nice, non-violent conversation.
CONNOR: It"s here.
It"s here. The beast.
LILAH: It"s probably just an after-shock. They sometimes make the power go out. Try a walkie.
GAVIN: This is Gavin Park to the front desk. Over. Come in front desk.
GUARD: Ah, this is the front desk Mr. Park, we"re kinda- Oh, no! Oh, my God!
LILAH: Tell him to stop whining and make a report.
GUARD: Send backup! Oh, God! Somebody please-No!
CONNOR: Told you.
LILAH: Go downstairs, and check it out. Gavin, ask yourself this question: what are you more afraid of, a giant murderous demon or me?

GAVIN: Be right back.
LILAH: Have any idea what this thing wants?

CONNOR: Everybody dead.
LILAH: What exactly is this thing?
CONNOR: I don"t know, but I think it"s following me around.
LILAH: And you"re gonna kill it?
CONNOR: Gonna try.
LILAH: And we"re heading towards it right now... Best of luck.
GAVIN: Uh...hi.
BEAST: Oh....
LILAH: I could help you. Anything you need.

BEAST: Connor...
LILAH: Uh, oh, I don"t understand.
WESLEY: Stay with me, Lilah.
LILAH: Why are you here?
WESLEY: I have a man on the inside. What"s that?
LILAH: Oh, it"s the fat lady singing.
WESLEY: Lilah.
LILAH: The building automatically shuts down under full scale attack.

WESLEY: When you say "shuts down..."
LILAH: Windows, doors, air vents. Nobody gets in or out. Oh...
WESLEY: Stay with me. Come on, Lilah, there must be a way out for someone like you. Think. A back door, something.

LILAH: Around the corner, a supply closet. Why are you stopping for? You gotta be kidding me. Will it kill him?
WESLEY: No, it might distract him for a moment.
LILAH: Gavin. Poor bastard.
WESLEY: Lilah?
LILAH: It"s in here. Come on, where is it?
WESLEY: Are you sure this is the right closet?
LILAH: Yes. Third floor and lobby. OK, here it is. Now what?
WESLEY: Now you disappear. You get patched up and leave town.
LILAH: Turn tail and run?
WESLEY: That thing won"t quit "til everyone at Wolfram and Hart is dead. Go underground, change your name. Don"t make its job easy.

LILAH: Wesley...
Connor"s trapped up inside.
LILAH: I don"t know if he"s alive. He"s in the third floor conference room. Not that there"s a way back in, I just thought you should know.

FRED: Can you not do that?
GUNN: Oh, sorry, it helps me think.
FRED: I didn"t mean to snap.
CORDELIA: I"m ready to crackle-pop myself. The last 24 haven"t exactly been normal. We"re all tired.
ANGEL: Wonder why.
LORNE: Huh? Oh. Mmm. Just, uh, meditating on the problem. Yeah. Asking the inner Lorne for a little backup. Heh.
GUNN: We"re assuming it"s a big connect-the-dot that Connor and the devily guy have this alley in common, but isn"t this alley right behind Caritas, or at least what"s left of it?

LORNE: Yeah, that whole block is a big fat inter-dimensional happenin" hot spot.

CORDELIA: Except this thing didn"t emerge from a portal so much as a pothole.

GUNN: Oh, good. More bad news.

FRED: Can you just try to get along? He was your friend.
GUNN: Heavy on the "was."
ANGEL: You know where it is. The Beast.
WESLEY: Inside Wolfram and Hart. And so is-
GUNN: Well, that answers a lot of questions. They"re probably having a big sit-down, breaking bread.
WESLEY: It"s killing everything that moves in there.
GUNN: I"ve heard worse news.
WESLEY: Your son is trapped inside.
ANGEL: What?
CORDELIA: Oh my God! Connor? Why would he be in there? I don"t understand.
ANGEL: Lots of things I don"t understand. We"re going in after him.
WESLEY: Won"t be easy. The building"s locked tight. There"s no way out.
ANGEL: But I bet there"s a way in.
FRED: I mean, I know you run your own shop, but inside data on Wolfram and Hart-pretty amazing.

WESLEY: Yes, well, uh, part of the job.
LORNE: Flashlight?
FRED: Yes, please.
CORDELIA: It"s gonna be fine, you know. Connor"s a champion, like you. He"s special.
ANGEL: Right. Like me. Special. Somebody should stay here and mind the store.

LORNE: Me! Me me me. Sargeant Stay-At-Home, volunteering for duty, sir.
ANGEL: Gunn, Let"s go.
GUNN: Angel, uh, assuming we can even get inside the evil empire, same big beastie"s in there who spanked our asses six ways to Sunday. What"s gonna be different this time?

ANGEL: What"s different is we"re not going for the monster, we"re going for Connor.
GUNN: So, you phoned ahead so the big bad understand that?
ANGEL: Look, I don"t know the answers. Don"t even know most of the questions. But what I do know is that I have to go into Wolfram and Hart and find my son. Now as far as us versus the big bad"s concerned, there"s only one smart way to play it: You see it, you run like hell.

CORDELIA: Works for me. Excuse me.
ANGEL: Stay here with Lorne.
CORDELIA: Uh-uh. Connor"s in danger, and I-
ANGEL: Cordelia, I don"t want you there. It"s too dangerous. Way too dangerous. I can"t risk it. Fred, get a move on.
LORNE: Happy hunting! We"ll, uh, stay here and keep the home fires burning. Bake some nice healing muffins, hm?

WESLEY: This is it. I believe there"s a door about 30 meters up.
GUNN: You believe or you know? "Cause every time you show up believing something seems somebody gets their head drilled or falls into a portal.

FRED: Charles-
GUNN: I"m just saying.
WESLEY: Yes, well I"m doing-
ANGEL: Will you guys shut up? I don"t give a rat"s ass about what"s going on between you two. Put it away. We"re here for Connor.

GUNN: I still don"t see how you plan on getting us up there. Show off.
FRED: Oh my God... I know they all worked for an evil company, but this is- What?
GUNN: Heard something.
ANGEL: Power"s down. We"ll have to take the stairs.
GUNN: Just so I"m clear on the plan-
ANGEL: Third floor-get Connor, get out.

FRED: Sorry. Feeling a little goosey.
WESLEY: For good reason.
ANGEL: Be quick, be quiet. As far as we know, that thing"s still around.

GUNN: I don"t get it. Wolfram and Hart is evil, the big bad is evil... why go all Terminator on your own team?

ANGEL: Maybe all it wants... is to eliminate the competition.
FRED: Doesn"t give us much to look forward to, does it?
WESLEY: Wasn"t Gavin...?
ANGEL: Over here!
FRED: He"s not in here.
WESLEY: Let"s be certain.
ANGEL: No, she"s right. He"s not. That"s good, means he"s still alive.
GUNN: Or that Sherlock got his facts wrong again.
ANGEL: No, I can smell him. Connor was here. We should split up. You three, take one stairwell. Sweep each floor, we"ll meet up top.

ANGEL: Connor. Jesus. Thank God you"re alive.
CONNOR: Hey, how"d you know where to find me?
ANGEL: It"s a long story. We got to get you out of here first.
CONNOR: Wait, first I have to kill that thing. This is my fault.
ANGEL: We can"t kill it, and no it"s not. We"ve thrown everything we can at it-it"s not enough. We need to go.

Gavin-how did-?
CONNOR: He looks dead.
ANGEL: He is dead. Technically, "s undead. It"s a zombie.
CONNOR: What"s a zombie?
ANGEL: It"s an undead thing.
CONNOR: Like you?
ANGEL: No, zombies are slow-moving, dimwitted things that crave human flesh.

CONNOR: Like you.
ANGEL: No! It"s different. Trust me.
Come on.
CONNOR: Why are they doing this? Why are they zombies?
ANGEL: I don"t know, but we need to find the others.
WESLEY: That"s odd.
FRED: What is?
GUNN: Shouldn"t Angel be swooping in any minute now?
FRED: Charles!
GUNN: Wesley, come on!
What the hell was that?
WESLEY: Zombies.
GUNN: Yeah, thanks for the newsflash, Captain Obvious. It"s locked.
FRED: Charles, you"re bleeding.
GUNN: Zombie broad tried to snack on me.

WESLEY: She bit you?
GUNN: You worried I"m gonna turn into one of those mindless meatbags?

WESLEY: No, I don"t think it works that way here.
GUNN: Good to know, but if it is, don"t let me be one for long.

WESLEY: You"ll do the same for me?
GUNN: Oh yeah.
FRED: Dammit!
Got it! Come on!
WESLEY: Gunn...?
GUNN: Get her out of here!
FRED: Charles!
ANGEL: The only way to kill a zombie is to stop its brain activity. Cut off it"s head, smash it"s skull... luckily, they"re slow and stupid so we have a decent chance of beating them.. Unless, of course, there"s hundreds of "em.

FRED: We gotta go back for Charles!
WESLEY: Not an option. We need to get you to safety.
FRED: Now what?
WESLEY: We wait, then we fight.
FRED: Why are they doing this?
WESLEY: I don"t know. Perhaps its some building lockdown protocol. Or some security voodoo.
FRED: You don"t think it"s something the big beast can do, do you? Reanimate the dead?

WESLEY: Anything"s possible. All I know for sure is that he wants us dead.

FRED: Aah!
GUNN: Fred?
FRED: Charles.
GUNN: Zombies my ass.
FRED: Connor.
ANGEL: We got what we came for. Let"s go. Wes?
WESLEY: Only two exits I know of. Third floor and lobby.
FRED: That"s too far.
CONNOR: We can make it.
ANGEL; Not all of us. Too many dead men walking. All right, look, there is one other way. The white room. It"s an inter-dimensional space here in Wolfram and Hart.

GUNN; Sounds kinda portaly.
ANGEL: Not exactly. More like a gateway. And there"s a little girl there. Or something old and evil that likes to pretend she"s a little girl.

CONNOR: You"ve seen her?
ANGEL: I met her once when I was trying to find you. She might be able to help us.

GUNN: So, fight seven floors of evil lawyer zombies or sweet talk a nasty little girl? You know where my heart"s at.

FRED: Yeah, I gotta disagree. I vote for the white room. How do we get there?

ANGEL: Gonna need your help.
Do what you can.
FRED: Working on it! Come on, Fred, think. Bypass switch for a shutdown command.
ANGEL: Come on, Fred.
FRED: Angel!
ANGEL: Guys, let"s go.
WESLEY: You remember the code?
ANGEL: Hello, photographic memory.
CONNOR: Maybe you forgot.
ANGEL: I didn"t forget. Lemme try again.

GUNN: That"s Gavin. I know that guy. Hold up. I hate seeing someone I know like that, even someone I know I hate.

WESLEY: No time like the present, Angel.
ANGEL: Here"s hoping she"s in a good mood. FRED: Oh no!
GUNN: It was waitin" for us all along.
ANGEL: No, I don"t think so. He wanted this. The girl-whatever she is-it came for her.

WESLEY: Is there a way out of here?
LITTLE GIRL: The answer is among you.
ANGEL: Home. She sent us. Oh.
CORDELIA: You"re safe.
FRED: Does it hurt?
GUNN: It"s OK.
LORNE: Well, hail the conquering heroes, and how the hell did you just do that?
FRED: That was awful what it did to that little girl.
LORNE: Oh, i-it killed a girl?
WESLEY: Not really a girl. Something ancient and evil dressed like a girl.
GUNN: So, what"s it say about the Big Bad Wolf if he can just stride right in and suck the energy out of Evil Red Riding Hood?

WESLEY: I don"t know, other than it"s gonna take a force far smarter and stronger than us to defeat it.

LORNE: Oh, like there"s a lot of that just lying around.
CORDELIA: Hey. I was...really worried.

ANGEL: I bet.
CORDELIA: The folks out there are feeling pretty discouraged.
CORDELIA: I"m just glad that everyone"s safe and together again.
ANGEL: Me too. Now, take your new boyfriend, and get the hell out of here. CORDELIA: Oh, God!

The end
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