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ANGELUS: What... did you do?
You got to do better than that, Wes.
Come on, I"ll give you one more.
Strike three.
You-you sp- You spiked...
WESLEY: You all right?
FAITH: Kicked his ass.


GUNN: Connor!
FRED: Oh, my God! Angelus.
GUNN: Pick up your tranq gun. I don"t know how much time we have. Connor!

FRED: What happened?
GUNN: Wes called, I went.
FRED: Where is he? Where"s Faith?
LORNE: Well, what is all the--Aah! Angelus! He"s in the hotel.
GUNN: Gimme steel shackles.
LORNE: Oh, uh, but maybe we"re already aware of that.
GUNN: All I had was rope in the truck.

CONNOR: What"s going on?
GUNN: Get down here now. Leg irons too.

CONNOR: She found him.
LORNE: Wesley and Faith. Where are they?
WESLEY: Get him downstairs.
CONNOR: What happened to Faith?
WESLEY: She captured Angelus.
FRED: God, what did he do to her?
GUNN: We got it.
LORNE: She looks not well.
CONNOR: She gonna be-
GUNN: Wake up, kid. I need you here.
WESLEY: Help me with her.
CONNOR: He fed from her. There"s blood on his breath.
ANGELUS: Kill you....kill....you...
FAITH: Scratch you out....
FRED: She"s not making any sense.
LORNE: And speaking of sense, have you gone on permanent sabbatical from yours? Tell me you did not shoot that girl full of junk, and then feed her to Angelus.
WESLEY: It was her choice. Faith knew the risks.
LORNE: Aw, she couldn"t! Wesley, I know what that drug does to people. Especially when they super-size the doses to make sure they really get the job done. And you damn well know it too.

CONNOR: Yeah, that"s what it looked like when Wesley brought her in.
CORDELIA: Like she hasn"t pulled that one before.
CONNOR: I don"t think she was faking.
CORDELIA: So the slayer snagged Angelus? He"s in the hotel? Is he locked up tight in the cage?
CONNOR: Don"t worry, Cordy. I"ll always protect you. And our family.
CORDELIA: That"s sweet. Is he guarded?
CONNOR: Faith really did a number on him.
CORDELIA: What the hell is it with you and Faith! As if I didn"t see the way you looked at her. She cracked her whip, and you liked it. You were practically in her leather-clad lap!

CONNOR: No, I wasn"t! And how"d you do that, anyway? What about the anti-demon spell?
CORDELIA: I told you, Connor, we"re different. Me and your baby. But I guess you can"t even be loyal to our bed, let alone our little family. I thought you were gonna be a better father than Angel was to you.

CONNOR: I will be. I would do anything for us. For you.
CORDELIA: Wow. Are my hormones out of whack, or what? Hello, crazy pregnant lady, out of line! Whoo! Why don"t you go see how Faith is doing? Go on. I"m concerned. I want to know-
CONNOR: What"s going to happen to her?
FRED: Actually, I"d like to start with exactly was it, Wesley?
LORNE: Orpheus.
CONNOR: Orpheus?
FRED: Some kind of opiate?
LORNE: Mystical variety. Humans inject it. Vampires feed off the humans. Folks tried to deal it at Caritas-only folks I ever banned from my club.

FAITH: The "vention.
FRED: So, if ordinary humans do this junk, slayers are all super, right?

LORNE: That"s what makes it so dangerous. Orpheus isn"t entirely physical. It"s an enchanted drug.

CONNOR: Magic. This is what it gets you.

LORNE: That, plus the biting, makes for some serious psychic psychedelia. And the more you take, the deeper you sink.

WESLEY: It leads you down to hell.
And leaves you there.

A sign reads: "United States Immigration, Ellis Island, N.Y."

TITLE: New York, 1902

ANGELUS: Hey! What is that about?
FAITH: You tell me. It"s your flashback. You know what the definition of insanity is, baby? Performing the same task over and over and expecting different results. Learned that in murder rehab.

ANGELUS: All right, Miss Blow-It-All. This is my flashback. Why are you in it?
FAITH: Don"t know. Must be the magic side-effects of my incredibly simple ruse.

ANGELUS: All right. So, what is this, huh? Puff-the-Magic-Dragon City? Fairyland?

FAITH: You"d think? Me, I"m guessing it"s more like "Angelus, this is your life," because lack-of-hygiene world sure ain"t mine. Seriously, man, did you miss the invention of the bath?

ANGELUS: The whole way over here, he crouched in the filth of animals just to avoid human temptation. This isn"t my life-it"s his!

FAITH: Angel"s?
ANGELUS: It annoyed the crap out of me the first time around. This sucks. Why do you get to be Marley"s ghost?

FAITH: "Cause I"m dying, dumbass.
ANGELUS: Not soon enough.
FAITH: Way I figure, I"ve got one last job: baby-sit the psycho "til they shove a soul up your-
ANGELUS: Not gonna happen.
FAITH: Then, I"m whatever... dust in the wind. Candle in the wind. There"ll be a general wind theme.
ANGELUS: Thought those suicidal tendencies got squashed in the big enlightenment.
FAITH: I rolled the dice. Paid even odds.

MAN: Whistle while you"re walking, boys.
You"re trolling a graveyard.
Throw the bones.
FAITH: Trippy.
ANGELUS: Early 20"s by the cars. What is this-Chicago? Oh, no. I remember this. I remember this place. I gotta get out of here.

FAITH: Why? You freaking out?
ANGELUS: It"s coming. Again.
FAITH: What"s coming?
ANGELUS: I can"t do it again. I won"t!

FAITH: Angel, get out of the road.
FAITH: Dude, you just rescued a puppy.
WOMAN: Oh, my stars! You saved her, Mister.

ANGELUS: I"m in hell. This is hell, and I"m in it.
WOMAN: Oh, gee, big fella. How can I thank you?
ANGELUS: We haven"t fed on a human in decades. She"s begging for it, you moron!

ANGEL: Get lost.
WOMAN: Beg pardon?
ANGEL: Take a hike, Betty. Scram.
WOMAN: Well, pound snow, you mook!
FAITH: We"re reliving Angel"s good deeds-you are in hell! Wicked!
WESLEY: There"s only one thing we can do for Faith, now-
Finish what she started.
FRED: You mean, re-ensoul Angel?

CONNOR: Impossible. We"ve been over this: no jar, no soul. No soul, no Angel.

FRED: It"s not that simple, Connor. I"ve been doing some research-
CONNOR: It is simple. Angelus is all that"s left. First he slaughtered Lilah, now he"s killed Faith.
WESLEY: She"s not dead yet.
CONNOR: You"re lying to yourselves. You all think that I"m taking this personally so that you don"t have to, but inside you know I"m right. We need to put Angelus down.

WILLOW: I don"t think so. I think you need a witch.
Did I come at a bad time?
WESLEY: Willow.
CONNOR: She"s a witch?
WILLOW: Yes. Hi. You must be Angel"s handsome, yet androgynous, son.

CONNOR: It"s Connor.
WILLOW: And the sneer"s genetic. Who knew?
FRED: Hi Willow.
WILLOW: Hey Fred. It"s good to see you. Oh, and it"s the Marlboro Man. Or at least his extra stubbly, mentally unstable, insomniac, first cousin of-for the love of Hecate, somebody stop me.

FRED: It"s OK. I"m a yammerer from way back.

WESLEY: Are there forces gathering? Did the call of magic draw you here?
WILLOW: Oh, no. More like the call of Fred.

WESLEY: Of course. Bring in the only living person to ever re-ensoul Angel.

FRED: She has a fresh brain. I thought she might see some things we missed.

WILLOW: Oh, hearing the thoroughness of your research methodology, I don"t think that"s possible.
FRED: Aw. Go on.
WILLOW: We should probably start the debriefing. Where"s Cordy?
CONNOR: Unfortunately, the guy you"re all trying to magically re-ensoul shot her with a crossbow. She"s not up for visitors.

WESLEY: I think she"ll want to see Willow. After all, she"s traveled a long way, and they have a history together.

WILLOW: Hi there.
CORDELIA: Long time, no see. It"s OK, Connor. I"m fine.
WILLOW: How"ve you been?
CORDELIA: Higher power. You?
WILLOW: Ultimate evil. But I got better.

CORDELIA: You heard about Faith?
WILLOW: Coma again.
CORDELIA: What about Angelus? Did you go down to see him yet?
WILLOW: I"m way avoidy. Too many memories. I"m just glad I don"t have to be in the same room with him when I re-ensoul him.

CORDELIA: Oh, you really think you can pull it off?
WILLOW: Putting his soul back? It"s the first spell I ever learned. I"m not gonna forget that.

CORDELIA: What about the Muo-Ping?
WILLOW: The jar holding Angel"s soul? Therein lies our boneage.
CORDELIA: Stolen right from our safe. And if we can"t get the soul out of the jar, we can"t put it back in Angel.

WILLOW: Yeah, question is: how do we get the soul out if we don"t know where the jar is?
CORDELIA: And apparently, the thing"s impervious to magic.
WILLOW: Yeah, I know already tried a standard locator spell, but zero joy.
CORDELIA: Right. Plus, Wesley"s shaman says there"s no way to extract the soul from a distance.
WILLOW: Soul trapped in a glass jar, impervious to magic. It is complicated.
CORDELIA: Tough nut to crack.
WILLOW: Are you thinking what I"m thinking?
CORDELIA: I doubt it.
WILLOW: We just break the jar.
CORDELIA: Can you hand me that drink?

WILLOW: That way we don"t have to magic the soul out. We just break the glass around it!

CORDELIA: Great idea. I"m really thirsty.

WILLOW: And then Angel"s soul is still released into the ether, and-and there"s something called Delothrian"s Arrow. We don"t even need to know where the target is. Cordy, this is fantastic! We"re gonna get him back.

LORNE: Don"t you worry, princess. It"ll all be over soon. I-I"ve seen lots of girls go through just what you"re going through now. There"ll be another song for me, and I will sing it. Oh, there"ll be another dream for me, someone will bring it.
ANGELUS: Bring on the pain!
FAITH: Mandy, huh? Must kill you he"s got a jones for the power-ballads.

ANGELUS: Worse were the concerts. You know what that"s like? Every time he gets close, I feel it. Wanting to tear their flesh apart. The hunger. It"s like a blade in my gut.

FAITH: Only, it"s not your gut, princess. Angel"s the one that belongs on the outside, not you.
ANGELUS: You think it"s that cut and dry, don"t you? That if Angel gets his soul back-

FAITH: When he gets it.
ANGELUS: You"ll just hang up your spurs and ride off into the sunset knowing you put the monster back in his cage. But, I"m always here, Faithy. Deep in.
CASHIER: Hi. Can I help you?
ROBBER: Gimme your money. Gimme the cash in the drawer.
ROBBER: Open it!
CASHIER: Oh, all right. I, uh-
ROBBER: Come on!
CASHIER: I, uh, I just need to...
ANGEL: It"s gonna be OK. I"ll get you to a hospital. You"re-you"re gonna be OK. All right? It"s-everything"s gonna be-
CASHIER: It hurts.
ANGEL: Yeah, I know.
ANGELUS: Doc, I think we"re losing him. God, I love this episode! What is that buzzing?

CORDELIA: Hear me, Angelus. Heed my warning. Awaken at once. Return from the darkness. Or just lay there and let that red-headed meddler put your soul back. Whichever!
WILLOW: Look, it"s working.
WESLEY: I thought Delothrian"s Arrow was used to protect good magicks.

WILLOW: It is.
WESLEY: So, how can you use it to break the jar? The Muo-Ping is a sacred object. It"s holy.

WILLOW: It"s glass, therefore crunchable. The sacred"s what"s inside. "All life a container..."

WESLEY: "...For the heart of all life." You"ve studied the Daharim.
WILLOW: It had to be something specific. There"s lots of jars in the world-can"t shatter them all. I mean, you could, but good things come in jars. Peanut butter, jelly, those two-headed fetal pigs at the natural history museum. Come on, everybody loves fetal pigs.

WESLEY: Sorry. I think my sense of humor"s trapped in a jar somewhere.
WILLOW: Does seem like you"ve given in to the grumpy side of the force.
WESLEY: A lot"s happened. Not just Angelus. I"ve been-I"ve changed. I"ve seen a darkness in myself. I"m not sure you"d even begin to understand-
WILLOW: I flayed a guy alive and tried to destroy the world.
WESLEY: Oh. So...
WILLOW: Darkness. Been there.
WESLEY: Yeah. Well, I never flayed... I had a woman chained in a closet.
WESLEY: That doesn"t compare.
WILLOW: No, dark. That"s dark. You"ve been to a place.
WESLEY: You seem exactly the same as when I left. No other major changes I"m not up on?
WILLOW: Just little things. So, uh, Fred. What"s her story?
ANGEL: God, I"m sorry. I"m so sorry.
ANGELUS: So, who"s your big hero now?

FAITH: Wasn"t even his fault. God, does the guy gotta pay for everything?

ANGELUS: Choices, little girl. The ones you make with your heart of hearts. Uh-oh. What"s gonna happen?
FAITH: He won"t.
ANGELUS: I"m deep in, Faith. Soul or no soul.

FAITH: Angel! Ugh. He was gonna save him.
ANGELUS: Or did he choose to be a little slow on the draw? Whoops! Dinner by armed robbery. Look at him, Faith. You"re a murderer. You know just how good that blurry line tastes. You didn"t think my hell was private, did ya?

LORNE: She"s in the barrens now. They cry for a while. Quiet mostly. Like they"re letting go of everything that meant something.

CONNOR: How long..."til...?
LORNE: Not long. You can hold her hand.

CONNOR: Wesley, you did the right thing. She was brave, and she died in battle.
WESLEY: It"s time.
WILLOW: You"re good. Good bells. OK, now all I gotta do is contact the spirit world, harness the Delothrian ebb, and focus it through my little marble of doom here. And we"ll restore the Muo-Ping"s entropic equilibrium.

GUNN: The jar goes smash?
WILLOW: Smash-o-crash.
GUNN: All I need to know. I"ll be downstairs in case the Prince of Darkness wakes up.

WESLEY: You ready?
WILLOW: Should be a snap.
BEASTMASTER: Stay your hand, witch! You will not interfere with what must come to pass.
WILLOW: Invadoria disparu!
BEASTMASTER: You think to banish me?
WILLOW: There"s somebody in my head.
CORDELIA: As long as the soul is under my protection, it will never be freed.
WILLOW: Vetsche invadoria disparu!
CORDELIA: I"th bid my tongue.

(Маленькое пояснение для англоманов. Корди произносит шепеляво 'I"th bid my tongue', что является игрой слов. Правильно было бы I"ve bit my tongue'. Вот.)

WESLEY: He"s enormously powerful. It"s the dead Beast"s master. He contacted Angelus the same way.
FRED: He wants to stop us from getting the soul.
WILLOW: Open the window. Fill this stone. Inside, outside. Two made one.
CORDELIA: You wanna go, Glinda? We"ll go.

CONNOR: Are you sure she can handle it?

WILLOW: Alesh ashtoreth!
WESLEY: I think she can hold her own.
LORNE: It"s OK, Faith. It"s OK. You just wait. They"ll get Angel back, and... it"ll all be worth it. It"ll all-
ANGELUS: It"ll all be worth it. Is that what you try to tell yourself, Faithy? Is that the nastly little lie that kept those thighs nice and warm in your prison bunk?

FAITH: You kiss your mama with that mouth?

ANGELUS: No, but I ate her with it. And now for a poem. "Faith goes gently into that good night." You"re fading fast, baby. I can feel it.

FAITH: All the same, I hear this holler in the distance.
WILLOW: Semsa nahl eresh a"lahm!
FAITH: Tells me you"re about to get what"s coming to you.
ANGELUS: Or not. I"ve got friends in high places. Him, not being one of "em.
FAITH: Ugh. When is this?
ANGELUS: When isn"t it? Twenty years after that stupid donut shop, and his fingers never smelled of anything but rat! "I"m so sorry. I give up. I"m gonna live in a sewer!"

FAITH: He"s paying for what he did.
ANGELUS: He"s hiding from what he is-which may be a big Psych 101 revelation for you, cupcake, but I already know this crap, so why do I have to go through it again?

ANGEL: Maybe "cause it"s not about you, jackass.
WESLEY: Do you feel that?
CONNOR: There"s something evil rising in the hotel.
CORDELIA: Seiza jai n"hast engai... Seiza jai n"hast engai...
CONNOR: What the hell is that?
WILLOW: Ignore it. Find your target. Leave my side.
CORDELIA: OK, then. Huge floaty head not enough to scare you? Then why don"t we try- And now she is on my last nerve!

WILLOW: Geth na haroth castellum tol.
CORDELIA: If only this were a few weeks later.
WILLOW: Break the glass
FRED: Where"s Connor?
WILLOW: Let loose the soul!
CONNOR: Cordy! Are you OK?
CORDELIA: Ah! Oh sh-
ANGELUS: I don"t believe this! You"re the one behind this whole true-Hollywood sob-story?

FAITH: Angel, it"s good to see you. Hate the hair.
ANGEL: Faith, why are you still here?
FAITH: Just waiting to see this pervert get stuffed back into the deep, crazy ground he came from.
ANGEL; Then what? After that, what happens?
ANGELUS: Probably something like that. I had a feeling the rules have changed.
ANGEL: She"s not who you"re after.
ANGELUS: No kidding, rat boy. The slayer will just be gravy once I finish you off.

BOTH (ANGEL & ANGELUS): I"ve been waiting a long time for this.
ANGEL: Faith, get up! Are you listening?
FAITH: Angel, I"m dying.
ANGEL: Yeah. It"s a lot easier than redemption, huh?
ANGELUS: Always so concerned with the human condition. It"s no big mystery, man. They suffer, they die. That"s what they"re there for.
ANGEL: I"m not perfect, Faith. Even with a soul, I"ve done things I wished a thousand times I could take back.
ANGELUS: Yeah, like those Manilow concerts. Son of a bitch!
CONNOR: Cordy! I"m coming in.
CORDELIA: Oh, Connor, I"m so sorry. I thought it came back. That horrible floaty head.
CONNOR: Did it hurt you? Is the baby...?
CORDELIA: We nearly got killed.
CONNOR: Willow"s spell must"ve opened a gateway to something.
CORDELIA: Evil. If she keeps at it, there"s no telling what will happen. She"s already let hell itself into this hotel.

CONNOR: I know. I"ve seen it. It"s not safe for you here. I"m gonna make her stop.

CORDELIA: Connor, you can"t! She"s too powerful. But you can stop it. The reason for all of this. You have to kill Angelus.

FRED: So... now Angel"s soul is just floating around out there?
WILLOW: Yeah, until I can channel it into the Orb of Thessulah.
FRED: Connor shouldn"t have run off like that.

WESLEY: I"m sure he"s just worried about Cordelia.
FRED: Do you ever think their relationship is maybe a little bit...icky?

CORDELIA: You have to kill your father. You have to. Now, before anything else goes wrong.
WILLOW: Ready when you are.
FRED: Quod perditum est invenietur...
WILLOW: Nisi mort. Nisi al finitei. Te invoc, spirit al trecerii...
CORDELIA: You know I have fought harder than anyone to save Angel"s life, but there comes a time when you have to weigh risk versus reward. And as much as I love Angel...as a friend... killing Angelus now is the only way to guarantee our family"s safety.
I know it in my heart now. You"re not just protecting me. You"re protecting the world.
Sometimes one death can spare infinite pain.

ANGEL: Faith, wake up!
FAITH: I"ve rolled the bones. You for me.

ANGEL: I used to think that. That there"d be a point when I"d paid my dues.
ANGELUS: Anybody notice a battle with your alter-ego going on here?
CONNOR: What will I tell the others?
CORDELIA: They can"t stop you if they don"t know.
CONNOR: What about the sanctuary spell?
CORDELIA: I can fix it. We"re special, Connor.

WILLOW: Te implor doamne. Nu ignora accasta rugaminte lasa orbita sa fie vasul care-i va transporta sufletul la el.

CORDELIA: Special.
ANGEL: Faith, listen to me. You saw me drink. It doesn"t get much lower than that. And I thought I could make up for it by disappearing.
FAITH: I did my time.
ANGEL: Our time is never up, Faith. We pay for everything.
FAITH: It hurts.
ANGEL: I know. I know.
WILLOW: Este scris aceasta putere este dreptul poporuil meu de a conduce.
CONNOR: Hey, Gunn, you should know... they haven"t finished the spell yet.
ANGEL: Get up! You have to get up now. Faith, you have to fight. I need you to fight. Do you understand what I"m saying?

ANGELUS: What won"t I miss? The moralizing. Soul"s already in the ether, boyo. I can smell it. How "bout I send it off to that big puppy rescue in the sky.

FAITH: Arf arf, psycho.
ANGELUS: Faith. Getting back into the game.
FAITH: I guess I am.
WILLOW: Asa sa fie, acum.
ANGEL: I need you to fight.
CONNOR: I"m pretty clear about what you need.
FAITH: Break me off a switch, son. There"s about to be a whoppin".
LORNE: She"s alive. It"s a miracle!
ANGEL: Connor, it"s over. It"s me. Really.

ANGEL: How"re you feeling?
FAITH: Like I did mushrooms and got eaten by a bear.
ANGEL: That about sums it up.
ANGEL: And now you"re going to Sunnydale.
FAITH: I think I prefer the bear, but the way Willow talks it up, that"s where I"m needed.

ANGEL: Never stop fighting?

FAITH: Hey, I was gonna, but someone got all pep-talky on me.
ANGEL: Yeah. I"m sorry I didn"t get to see you. Our little brain tour notwithstanding.
FAITH: Another time.
ANGEL: I have a lot to thank you for.

FAITH: Well, that vice is plenty versa. I even start, it"s only gonna lead to hugging, and... ANGEL: Right. We can"t have that.
CONNOR: All right. I get it. I messed up.
FAITH: Hey, cheer up, punk. That just makes you one of us.
GUNN: You headed out?
FAITH: Yeah, no tears, big guy.
GUNN: Nah, I"m good. I just wish I could"ve seen you kicking the crap out of junior, here.

FAITH: It was pretty funny. Wes.
WESLEY: Faith.
FAITH: See. Brits know how to say goodbye. Angel here wanted a hug.

ANGEL: No, I didn"t.
FAITH: Been a good show.
GUNN: Yeah, sit back and let the girl do all the heavy lifting.
WESLEY: That"s pretty much it.
FRED: I think that volume"s outdated. You"d know better than me, but there"s some interesting stuff about hellmouth. Might help.

WILLOW: This is great.
FRED: I have to say, someday I"d love to bend your ear about the Pergamum Codex. I-I think some of the really obscure passages are actually Latin translated from a demonic tongue, and they"re kind of a hoot. All this stuff about Bacchanals and spells and-actually, I think it"s probably funnier in Latin. You know how that is sometimes.

WILLOW: I"m seeing someone.
FAITH: Time goes by, Will.
WILLOW: OK. Good. Wagons west. See you guys.
ANGEL: Willow...
FAITH: He"s going to tell you how much he owes you.
WILLOW: Aw, don"t mention it. I got a slayer out of the deal, so we"re even-steven. I"ll tell Buffy you said hi.
ANGEL: Good. Thanks.
WILLOW: Oh, um, next time you guys resurrect Angelus, call me first, OK?

ANGEL: So, we"re back.
WESLEY: It would seem.
ANGEL: Look, I know things have been-
CORDELIA: Sorry, Angel. But if this is the speech about how the worst is behind us, you may want to save it for later.

The end

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