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FRED: Ah! Ah! Whoo-hoo! Oh!
GUNN: Aw, that"s my girl! Ah! All right. Hand this thing over. Let me check it out.
FRED: Page 19. I-it"s not a big article. Not like it"s featured, or anything.

GUNN: Got it. "Supersymmetry-"
FRED: -"and P-Dimensional Subspace" by Winifred Burkle. You don"t have to read it.

GUNN: Of course I"m gonna read it. Right now. "In multi-dimensional superstring theory, uh, distance scales inverted by T-duality apply to heter- heterotic theories..." The pictures are... nice.

LORNE: Oh, give it to me, sweetness. Right there.
ANGEL: Here you go. How"s your head?
LORNE: Smashing. Listen, I know I"ve been a wee bit jumpy the last couple of days, but did I hear a scream?
ANGEL: Oh, it"s just Fred. I think it"s a Texas thing.
LORNE: Hmm. Mmm. Well it"s all too much sturm und drang for my appetite: Cordelia shacking up with your hell-spawn-no offense. And the hole between my horns-

ANGEL: And you"re probably a little on edge because of the whole "Slouching Toward Bethlehem" thing...
ANGEL: No? That"s good because uh...
LORNE: Sorry. I jumped ahead. That "no" was the one that comes after you asking me to read Cordy again.
ANGEL: I wasn"t- gonna ask you that immediately. I was gonna build up to it subtly.

LORNE: I appreciate that, sugar pie, really. But the answer"s no. I"m not a champion. I"m just a regular old karaoke-singing empath demon.
ANGEL: You saw something. If we knew what it was-
LORNE: Then Wolfram and Hart would come after me again. And maybe they wouldn"t stop with a little gray matter.

ANGEL: I"m listening.
LORNE: Hey, death just doesn"t look good on me. I wish I could tell you what was coming and when, but- When you say "listening", you don"t mean to me. You heard something, didn"t you?
ANGEL: It"s probably just Fred.
LORNE: I got your back.
ANGEL: Oh. Hi. Sorry.
CONNOR: I"m used to it.
ANGEL: The front door"s always open, Connor. You don"t have to sneak in.
CONNOR: Cordy wanted some of her stuff.
ANGEL: How"s she doing, Cordy. Anything coming back to her?
CONNOR: Nothing about you.
ANGEL: Is she alone right now, "cause-
CONNOR: She"s safe. I can take care of Cordelia. Can I go?
ANGEL: Sure. Sorry. Wait. You should take her fuzzy slippers. Her feet get cold.

CONNOR: I know. She"s always stealing the covers.


GUNN: You don"t wanna go in there. Girl kept me up all night. She is un-stoppable.

ANGEL: More than I need to know.

FRED: Did Charles tell you?
ANGEL: He-he didn"t describe it...
FRED: I"ve been asked to present my article at the Physics Institute. P-Dimensional Subspace has always been a fascinating area, but I had no idea there would be so much interest. Can I practice my speech for you? I think Lorne"s a little conked.

LORNE: Oh, yay, we"re back.
GUNN: That. All night. Well, mostly that.

ANGEL: I didn"t know Fred was getting back into physics.
GUNN: Yeah, I don"t think she wanted anyone to know. I think she was afraid she lost the knack.
ANGEL: Huh. She seems over that.
FRED: It"s nothing big, really, just a little breakthrough in quantum particles. Emphasis on little. Probably be disproven in no time. It"s just I used to dream I"d discover some revolutionary concept and- Oh, it"s silly.

ANGEL: Doesn"t sound silly.
FRED: I-I guess I just wanted all those people I looked up to- I wanted "em to see me too. And then I got sucked into Pylea and, well, when you"re a cow-slave, you don"t want anyone to see you at all.

GUNN: Everybody"ll be watching you now.
FRED: I got to practice. Y-you"ll be there?

GUNN: Cheering you on! Right?
LORNE: Well, the little nipper dropped in for a midnight visit last night.
FRED: Connor was here?
GUNN: I hope he doesn"t want to kiss and make up, "cause that-
ANGEL: He picked up some of Cordelia"s things.
FRED: She"s just trying to put the pieces back together. It"ll work out, and it"ll all be for the best. It will. Five years of unendurable torture and mental anguish aside, if I hadn"t been sucked through that portal, I never would have figured out my string compactification theory.

GUNN: Exactly. "Cause, you know, strings need... to compactify.
LILAH: Surprise!
WESLEY: Well, look, a bribe. How thoughtful. No, it can"t be a bribe. Must be a setup.

LILAH: Can"t it just be... a gift? Open it.
We seem to be butting heads lately. Now you"ll have the advantage.

WESLEY: This must have cost a fortune.

LILAH: Yes. It"ll take you hours to thank me properly. Fortunately, I"ve taken the afternoon off.

WESLEY: I have to leave actually. But, thank you, Lilah, for the gift.
CORDELIA: There. Almost done. Connor?
CORDELIA: How come there"s no picture of Angel?
CONNOR: Uh, didn"t see any.
CORDELIA: Oh. Well, it"s OK. You got all the other important stuff. Apparently, I"m a nester, "cause this place is starting to look not entirely un-homey.

CORDELIA: Nothing. Except... Well, I- I thought I"d feel different. I mean, I have my pictures and slippers and super-luscious peau de soie blouse, but why does it still feel like something"s missing?

CONNOR: How does that feel?
CORDELIA: Uh, woodsy.
CONNOR: Maybe you miss the action. The thrill of the kill. You know, you used to be a demon hunter. It"s true; you"re just out of practice. It"ll come back fast, though. I can train you.

CORDELIA: What should I wear?
FRED: Thank you. At least I remembered the uniform.
GUNN: All these people here to see you?

FRED: I"m just a minor speaker. Oh, God! I"m between Ed Witten and Brian Greene? Think Nomar Garciaparra and Sammy Sosa.

ANGEL: Fred skipped the minors and went straight to the show.
FRED: This can"t be right. Somebody must"ve made a mistake.
GUNN: Listen up, all that stuff about particles and... stuff- It"s gonna blow "em away. Nothing to worry about.
FRED: Well, what if my theory"s wrong? Professor Seidel!
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Winifred. Laurie, I"ll meet you back at the lab. There you are. It"s been, what, two years, or so.
FRED: Yeah, heavy on the "or so." Wow. It is great to see you. Are you-gonna be in there?

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: I"m introducing you. I had to arm-wrestle the chair of the department for the honor.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Winifred, you have done some great work. You don"t have anything to worry about.
FRED: Oh, these are my friends. Charles and Angel.
GUNN: Hey.
ANGEL: Hello.
FRED: I was gonna be a history major, and then I took Professor Seidel"s physics class, and, well...
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Winifred"s a natural. By the end of the semester, she was taking on W.I.M.P.s.
GUNN: You should see her now: killer left hook.
FRED: W.I.M.P.s are Weakly Interactive Massive Particles.
GUNN: Oh, yeah, uh... Just kidding.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Do you remember that Higgs Scalars tutorial? I still remember your take on spontaneous symmetry breaking.
ANGEL: You know, it"s, uh, filling up. I"m gonna go, um, save some seats.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Why don"t you stop by my office. I"d love to talk about your article.

FRED: Is tomorrow too soon?
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Tomorrow"s perfect. I have some questions about how Kaluza-Klein models fit with your theory.

FRED: Oh, OK, because string regularization is kinda vital to what I"m proposing...

THWACK GUY: Oh, sorry about that.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Oh, Dr. Shepherd. I want you to meet one of my best students, Winifred Burkle.
DR. SHEPHERD: Of course. I read your article. It was intriguing. Nice to meet you.

GUNN: Listen, man, I"m gonna need simultaneous translating on this thing. You know, like the President with the Russians. But just gimme the highlights.
ANGEL: No problem. Of course, I have no idea what she"s talking about.
GUNN: Will you tell Fred that? If she thinks we"re both stupid, I won"t stand out as much.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: There have been many recent insights into string theory, but few have so elegantly tied together the disparate threads as the one you will hear tonight. As a student, Winifred Burkle showed outstanding intellectual rigor.

Her work continues to exemplify the highest standard of academic excellence. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce Winifred Burkle.

FRED: Thank you, Professor. This one just says, "Open with joke," but I forgot to think of one. Of course, it"s possible my theory"ll take care of that. There are, um... There are several competing dimensional theories.
And, while each provide insights, physicists have long searched for a unifying theory-one that can account for both the behavior of the smallest sub-atomic particles and the largest forces of nature.

If space-time can undergo massive rearrangement of its structure, which I believe it can, tearing and reconnecting according to a pre-determined disposition, then T-duality would allow for the compactification of extra space dimensions.

Consider the non-perturbitive properties of superstring theory.

In D-Branes, especially as applied to Dirichlet boundary conditions with dual open strings that are T-transformed... This, in turn, leads to the conclusion that strings can only end in P-dimensional dynamical-

GUNN: Fred! No!
FRED: Ah! Ahhh!
GUNN: Hang on, baby. I got you.
Hang on.
ANGEL: Yeah, vampire, strangling... not gonna happen.
GUNN: It"s over, baby. You"re fine.

ANGEL: That"s cool. The top just comes right off.
LILAH: Hey, if this is about the jolly green demon- I could"ve had him killed, but do I hear a "thank you"?
ANGEL: Before we get to that, how "bout you tell me why a portal happened to open up over Fred"s head right after you slithered out of the auditorium.

LILAH: Tragedy struck Gidget? Really? Did she go to that place in the big Texas sky?

ANGEL: Gunn and I took care of it. Of course, if we hadn"t"ve been there, I"m sure your good friend Wesley would"ve stepped right in.

LILAH: Come on. If I were gonna kill the twig, would I do it in a room full of people and then make a conspicuous getaway so I looked extra suspicious?

ANGEL: Add videotape, sounds like vintage Wolfram and Hart. Except this time somebody else deserves the credit.

LILAH: You"re quick.
ANGEL: About Lorne, there"s gonna be a conversation.
LILAH: You know, Angel, coming from you, idle threats are so.... well, idle.
ANGEL: You remember when I ripped your car in half?
LILAH: Yeah, yeah, hulk smash...
GUNN: Fred?
FRED: P versus NP, where NP is nondeterministic polynomial time. This is NP. Lost time. Time spent.

GUNN: Never liked the paint in here. Yeah, let"s-let"s redo the place, really make it ours.

FRED: I-I was just... I couldn"t sleep.

GUNN: Fred, demons, portals- that happens. Doesn"t mean you"re going back to Pylea.

FRED: Every time I close my eyes, I see it. Like it"s happening all over again.

GUNN: I know, baby.
FRED: Five years of hiding in caves and scrounging for food, wearing that collar- You don"t know. You couldn"t.
GUNN: You"re never going back to that place. You"re safe now.
FRED: I was safe in the library "til I opened that book and read those words and then-wham! I was hurling through dimensions.

GUNN: Come back to bed. All right? It"ll all look different in the morning.
FRED: Morning? As in tomorrow, which as of now is today, which means-
GUNN: You"re gonna talk to your professor friend just like you planned "cause nothing has changed.
FRED: It has. He was there. He saw the- He probably thinks-
GUNN: That you"re incredibly brilliant, just like I do.
FRED: He can"t see me. Not like this.
GUNN: There"s nothing wrong with you, like this or any other way.
FRED: Yeah, to you, maybe.

GUNN: Look, go, OK? Forget about this and talk about strings and W.I.M.P.s and whatever. Angel and I will take care of all the demony portal stuff. No problem.

Great. My girl"s not the only one redecorating.

ANGEL: You were there.
GUNN: OK. What are we doing? Playing musical chairs?
ANGEL: Nerdy guy. Older nerdy guy. Girl in black there.
GUNN: OK. Catching on, sorta. How come you never pulled out this parlor trick before?

ANGEL: It"s not an automatic reflex. It just kicked in when I saw Lilah.

GUNN: Hold up- Lilah was there? Not a huge leap thinking she opened the portal.

ANGEL: She was just stalking Wesley.
GUNN: Wesley? He came to see-
ANGEL: He was waiting.
GUNN: Wesley?!
ANGEL: Guy in the second row, center seat. The guy wearing a tan t-shirt that said "Thwack" He had a camera.
GUNN: I think I know where to find him.
ANGEL: Whoa oh oh oh oh. Hang on. Daylight. I need a coat.
GUNN: Well, get on it, "cause when my girl"s not happy-
-I"m not happy!
THWACK CLERK: Jeez! He gonna hurt me?

GUNN: Think Daredevil 181. I"m Bullseye, you"re Electra. One wins, one dies. Get what I"m saying?
THWACK CLERK: Yeah, but we"re kinda crushing the dark horses.
GUNN: You were taking pictures of my girlfriend. Why?!
THWACK CLERK: "Cause the ceiling was, like, ripping apart.
ANGEL: Why were you there? You always hang with the physics crowd?
THWACK CLERK: I wanted to see if it was true-if she was really one of "em. You know, one of the students who disappeared.

GUNN: One of?
FRED: Pylea was a hell dimension, actually. Not as bad as Quor-Toth, but if Angel and Gunn and the rest of "em hadn"t rescued me, I"d probably be dead by now.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Winifred, I"m a theoretical physicist, completely open to the idea of other dimensions, but- you"re naming them.
FRED: I know. It-it took me a while to believe it, too. And I was there.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: You know Laurie Drummond, don"t you?
FRED: You were the T.A. for high-energy physics.
LAURIE: I still am. Not all of us are geniuses.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: I"d be lost without Laurie.
LAURIE: Welcome back.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: I"ve been holding onto something for you.
FRED: The last test I took before- A-minus?

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Well, I would have given another student an A+, but with you, I had to use a different standard.
FRED: Huh. Now he tells me.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: I"d love another crack at it-teaching you. You have a gift. It shouldn"t be wasted.
FRED: It"s been so long. I-I mean, writing the article was great, but... I have another life now.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Sounds like a life you"ve stumbled into, not one you chose.

FRED: I guess it kinda chose me.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: You know, I don"t know what I saw yesterday. There are studies about subconscious suggestion, mass hysteria-but I know what I see right now.

FRED: You do?
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: A very talented young woman who deserves to live in the world she was meant for.
THWACK CLERK: You guys know how it is: you hear things, like from a friend of a friend"s roommate. You don"t know if they really happened.

GUNN: Like the story about the girl, the cat and peanut butter.
ANGEL: That one"s true. Long story.

THWACK CLERK: Like, yeah, you"re Angel, right? There are whole forums on you in chat rooms, man! Who knew you actually, like, existed?!
GUNN: The disappearances?
THWACK CLERK: Uh, supposedly there were three before your girlfriend and one since.
ANGEL: What do you know?
THWACK CLERK: Just rumors. They were all science types, and, like, these weren"t your everyday kidnappings. Hey, maybe I could help you guys, be your intern!

GUNN: We"re full up on interns, but the decoder ring"s in the mail.
ANGEL: They talk about me in the chatty rooms?
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: You really should read Quantum Cryptography.
LAURIE: Professor Seidel, the oscillator"s tweaked again.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: I"ll have a look. Would you write down your numbers for me? I don"t want to lose track of you for another six years. You laugh. I do have a system.

FRED: Plasma and Fluid Turbulence in with neutrino books? That"s just wrong.
GUNN: I don"t like this, man. I got a bad feeling. What?
ANGEL: Here. The thing all those students have in common.
GUNN: Oliver Seidel. As in the guy she"s with right now. Fred, thank God. Look, there"s something we gotta tell you. The portal-

FRED: It was Professor Seidel.
GUNN: Yeah.
FRED: And he"s done it before.
ANGEL: That"s right. There were others.
FRED: No. To me. He"s the son of a bitch that sent me to Pylea.
GUNN: What?
ANGEL: We"re gonna get this guy.
GUNN: Count on it. He"s gonna pay.
FRED: No. He"s gonna die.
GUNN: What do you mean, die?
FRED: I don"t know yet. But it"s gonna be about pain. The halberd could work. Acting like I"m all addle-brained talking about other dimensions. Pylea? Never heard of it. Right. How "bout a flail-whipping? Would that take a nice long time?

ANGEL: Hours, if you do it right. Not that you should do it at all. Ever.

FRED: He"s a killer, and he"s just sitting there smiling, telling me I"m so gifted and how he wants to teach me. Oh, there"s gonna be a lesson all right.
GUNN: All right, Fred, let"s calm down.
FRED: I idolized him, and he sent me to hell. Me and God knows how many others who didn"t make it back. So-so sure! I"ll calm down when he"s dead!

GUNN: Fred, a few years ago, I would"ve done in the guy myself. But this-it isn"t what we do.

FRED: We kill monsters every day.
GUNN: We help people. Fred, if you do this, the demons you"ll be living with won"t be the horned, fangy kind. They"ll be the kind you can"t get rid of.

FRED: You"re wrong.
ANGEL: He"s right. Whatever you do now it"s nothing compared to how it"ll be afterward.

GUNN: What you"re talking about goes against everything you believe in. Everything we believe in. Fred, you idolized him. But don"t let him be defining what you are now. Can I have the axe?

FRED: I"m sorry, Charles. I guess I kinda lost it.
GUNN: You want a drink? I could make you some cocoa.
FRED: No. Thanks. I"m just gonna go lie down. For a few days.
GUNN: So what are we gonna do to this guy?

ANGEL: No idea, but let"s do it fast.

GUNN: We gotta get to him before Fred changes her mind. "Cause vengeance-it can get ugly.
WESLEY: Vengeance. Sounds good.
FRED: Angel and Gunn want me to be all sweetness and light. Cute little Fred. She"ll turn the other cheek like a good girl. I mean, they saw what Professor Seidel is capable of. He opened that portal right in front of "em.

WESLEY: They dealt with it handily enough.

FRED: You were there?
WESLEY: I read your article. Saw you"d be speaking. It was an excellent piece. Although I"m not sure I understand how Pauli repulsion is so readily reversed. Layman"s opinion.

FRED: You"ve been keeping track of me?
WESLEY: Yes. Well, about this Professor Seidel, what did you have in mind?
FRED: Beyond pain, I"m not really sure. That"s why I came to you.
WESLEY: Fred, you do know that everything Angel and Gunn have told you is true. Vengeance will have a price. And once you"ve acted, you can"t go back. You have to live with your actions forever.

FRED: He"s a serial killer.
WESLEY: All right, then. I"m sure we"ll find an appropriate solution.
Oh, here"s something interesting. Once practiced in ancient Egypt.
FRED: Is that his tongue?
CONNOR: Anytime.
CORDELIA: Can I help?
I did it. I did it.
GUNN: And I"m asking her if she wants cocoa. Stupid!
ANGEL: She"s gonna kill him.
GUNN: If he doesn"t kill her first. You know where she went.
ANGEL: Look, I"m faster on my own.

GUNN: Go. I"ll meet you there.
ANGEL: She"ll be OK.
WESLEY: You remember everything we went over?
FRED: I do. And I"m gonna give him exactly what he deserves, thanks to you. What?

WESLEY: I was just thinking, um-not that I don"t get his point-but I"m surprised Gunn"s not here, no matter what the consequences.

FRED: Charles doesn"t have it in him. It"s part of what I love about him.
WESLEY: You can still back out, if you think Gunn"s right.
FRED: It"s not about what"s right. Pull over there.
WESLEY: I"d ask to tag along-
FRED: But you know what the answer would be.
ANGEL: Going somewhere?
ANGEL: I hear Pelican Bay is nice this time of year. And I"m sure the inmates"ll just love your lectures.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Get out of here.
ANGEL: See, I can"t do that. Fred"s a friend of mine. And that little sabbatical you had planned for her-not nice.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: You don"t have any evidence on me. You can"t.
ANGEL: Oh, but I can. And when I"m done, I"m guessing there"s gonna be a full confession-
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Barathrum copeo lacero. Increpito immanis barathrum copeo lacero.
ANGEL: Great.
FRED: You know what they say about payback? Well, I"m the bitch.
CONNOR: How "bout some more training? Then tomorrow we can-

CORDELIA: Uh, Connor, we need to talk.
CORDELIA: OK. Sit down. About what happened... earlier. The non-CPR mouth-to-mouth-
CONNOR: When you kissed me.
CORDELIA: Right. I shouldn"t have.
CORDELIA: Connor, I don"t know who I am, much less where I belong, or who with. And there"s a picture over there when you were a baby-it"s only eight months old. There"s a lot I need to figure out. I"m sorry. So, I"m gonna-

CONNOR: You"re going back to him, aren"t you?
CORDELIA: I just need some time to think, OK?
ANGEL: Oh, man.
What the:?
FRED: Stay right there.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Winifred. Fred. Please. Let"s talk about this.
FRED: Talk? Sure, let"s talk, "cause you gave me the chance to- Oh, wait, no you didn"t. Oh well. No talking.

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Fred, I know you. You"re not capable of hurting anyone.
FRED: You don"t know me. Not anymore. Five years of pain and suffering in a hell dimension"ll make a girl capable of a lot of things.
ANGEL: Come on. I"m holding your head.
FRED: It"s kind of funny, thinking how threatened you were by me back when I was a grad student. That"s why you sent me and the others away, isn"t it? You couldn"t handle the competition.
FRED: That"s why Laurie"s still around. She"s not smart enough to overshadow you, is she? Not like me. I"m special. Special on a Pylean platter with aside of you make me sick!

PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Why don"t you just let me-
FRED: Go? Well, since you asked so nicely, sure. I"ve even practiced a goodbye speech.
Klyv mat chyvma, klvma chyt.

GUNN: Fred, no!
FRED: Go away, Charles! You asked me not to kill him, and I"m not. Not exactly.
GUNN: Sure you are. No way he could survive that. Fred, don"t let him do this to you.

FRED: How dare you! You don"t know- You don"t know what it was like!
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Please, help me!
GUNN: I promise we"ll stop him. We"ll find some other way.
PROFESSOR SEIDEL: Fred! Winifred! Please! Help me!
FRED: Don"t you see? He"ll never stop! He"ll do it again!
GUNN: If you kill him, I"m gonna lose you.
FRED: Charles, no!
ANGEL: What happened to the professor?
GUNN: It"s taken care of.
ANGEL: Sucked into his own portal. Wish I could have seen his face.

GUNN: Yeah. I"m gonna...
FRED: Good night.
ANGEL: Good night.
ANGEL: Cordelia.
CORDELIA: Can we...
You should have somebody look at that.
ANGEL: It"ll be OK. Run-in with a Voynok demon. Turns out they have nine lives.

CORDELIA: Like a cat?
ANGEL: Only less stand-offish.

CORDELIA: We were friends. I know that. Not just from the pictures, but... And I know that"s why you lied before-to protect me. Well, I-I staked a vamp today-

ANGEL: Connor took you-?
CORDELIA: And what I realized is whoever I was before, I"m still her. She didn"t need protecting, and neither do I. So no more lies.

ANGEL: No more lies.
CORDELIA: OK. Because there"s something I need to know. Were we in love?

The end

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