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ANGEL: All this time it was you, wasn"t it?

CORDELIA: Took you long enough to figure it out but nice turn with the Lorne bait. You know, there was a time I would"ve seen that one coming eons before it ever crossed your tiny little mind.

ANGEL: Because you"re so clever.
CORDELIA: On the scale of you to me, pretty damn.
ANGEL: Until now.
CORDELIA: All good things. So, what finally tipped off the great detective?
ANGEL: Tongue, slip of.
CORDELIA: This, my sweet baby.
ANGEL: "My sweet." Same phrase the Beastmaster kept using when he was whispering in Angelus"s head. Thought it was a bit femme for the booming macho act.

CORDELIA: That"s it? I get away with bringing the world down around you and two eensy words tingle your spider sense?
WESLEY: What we already knew. What he found out as Angelus. All the circumstantial led to you.
ANGEL: Just needed to be sure.
CORDELIA: Little late to the table, but I might have a few scraps left.

FRED: Why are you doing this, Cordy.
ANGEL: This thing isn"t Cordelia.
CORDELIA: Is that what you think, hero?

ANGEL: She would never hurt her friends like this.
CORDELIA: Or maybe you just don"t know me very well.
ANGEL: I don"t want to know you.
Where"s Cordelia?
Connor, wait! Cordy"s not what you think.

CONNOR: Come on!
ANGEL: What... are... you?
"Magic 8 Ball" - "Ask Again Later."


GUNN: Sorry, just got your message. Being close to Electric Gwen can really screw your equipment. What... the hell happened to you?

FRED: Cordy"s evil. Nice suit.
ANGEL: It"s not Cordy.
WESLEY: We don"t know that for certain.
GUNN: Whoa. Back it up for the new guy. You saying popping mama threw you a beating?

LORNE: Kid Vicious did the heavy lifting. Cordy just mwa-ha-ha"d at us.
GUNN: Why?
ANGEL: Beastmaster.
GUNN: You think she"s working for him?

FRED: She is the Master.
GUNN: Guy steps out for a few hours, half the place goes super-villain.

ANGEL: Conner"s not a part of this.
LORNE: Evidence upside my head to the contrary.
ANGEL: He"s just... confused... again.
FRED: Now we know what she"s been doing with him all this time. She was grooming him...

WESLEY: ...as her champion.
GUNN: She"s the evil genius that"s been two-stepping all over us. How? And when? Give me a sip of that.
FRED: Has she been like this since she got back from that higher wherever?
GUNN: What about that amnesia thing? Was that a fake-out?
WESLEY: Or a side effect. Descending to a lower dimension was probably disorienting.

ANGEL: Or maybe this thing was curled deep inside for the trip on some kind of, you know, autopilot. Look, all we know for sure is that the real damage didn"t start until after Lorne"s spell.

FRED: Oh, my God. We woke it up.
LORNE: That"s what I read. That"s what Wolfram and Hart sucked out of my noodle. It wasn"t Cordelia"s future. It was the smackel-jack surprise.
GUNN: Damn thing"s been playing us right from the start.
ANGEL: From the inside... where it could do the most damage. Everything the Beast couldn"t have done, it was this thing.
Spiked my blood at Gwen"s. Snuck into the vault, killed Manny.
GUNN: Wait a minute. When Gwen and I came in, faux Cordy didn"t have any blood on its clothes. How"d it abracadabra that?
WESLEY: Lizzie Borden. It wasn"t wearing any.
ANGEL: Stripped down, then gave Manny forty whacks.
GUNN: Quick sponge down in the sink, and-

LORNE: Voila. Shower-fresh murder.
ANGEL: Taking out the Svear priestess was a lot easier. Slip out while the heroes are chasing their tails...
...and slaughter the only hope of banishing her pet Beast.
While everyone was reeling from that failure, it was making sure my soul was off the market.

FRED: And the vision of the spell to re-ensoul you?
ANGEL: Misdirection.
Getting everyone to look over here while the real action was happening over there.
LORNE: That explains why my mojo"s been gunked up. Queen Bee-atch put the whammy on me.
ANGEL: And it let the monster out of the box.
More misdirection, more blood, all designed to keep us off balance.

WESLEY: It was Cordelia. She murdered Lilah.
ANGEL: We don"t know if it"s really Cordy.

FRED: Or what she"s got baking in her oven.
GUNN: Evil and pregnant? I"m guessing it ain"t cookies.
CORDELIA: Are you sure Angel won"t be able to follow us?
CONNOR: I was careful.
CORDELIA: How careful?
CONNOR: Why were they trying to hurt you?

CORDELIA: You know why. They"re afraid of you, of me, what our love has created. They were gonna kill it and me if you hadn"t come.

CONNOR: I didn"t know where you were. I thought something bad might"ve happened. Followed your scent. But, I never thought... How could he do that?
CORDELIA: Because he hates you. I didn"t wanna believe it, but he does. He hates you for being with me. He can"t stand the fact that he lost, that he"ll never know the feel of my touch or the warmth of my lips. You were right about Angel. He"s an animal, and he"s turned everyone against us.

CONNOR: I"ll kill them all before I let them hurt you.
CORDELIA: My sweet, sweet boy.
WESLEY: Any luck?
ANGEL: I swept the area "til daybreak, checked the sewer tunnels in case they went underground, picked up their scent half a dozen times but...
WESLEY: If Connor doesn"t want to be found, he won"t. Wasting your time.

ANGEL: I"m getting good at that, huh? It was all there right in front of me. I couldn"t see it. Thought of losing her to Connor-

WESLEY: Did exactly what it was supposed to. Play on your emotions to cloud your judgment. Draw your attention away so this thing could continue to murder anyone it... Least you had a reason for letting it happen.

ANGEL: Wes, Lilah and I weren"t exactly friends-
WESLEY: You were mortal enemies. Why should you care what happened to her?

ANGEL: Because you did.
WESLEY: There"s nothing here. If this thing could obliterate all references to the Beast, it"s very unlikely it would leave its own bio laying about.
ANGEL: What about pan-dimensional texts like the one Lilah-
WESLEY: I have Lorne reaching out to the black markets but it"ll take time.
ANGEL: Great, another thing we don"t have.

WESLEY: Then let"s go to the source. Whatever happened to Cordelia, it took place after her ascension to the higher planes. Maybe the Powers might be able to-
ANGEL: Last couple of times I"ve asked the Powers That Be for help they made it pretty damn clear they weren"t in the business.

WESLEY: But at least one of those was to save Darla"s life. A mass-murdering ex-vampire dying of syphilis? A strong "no" is hardly a shock.

ANGEL: You think the Powers couldn"t see this thing was masquerading as Cordy? What it was doing to us? They didn"t stop it because they didn"t want to get their hands dirty. What we need is somebody who does. Somebody right in the middle of all this.

CORDELIA: More hooks? Great.
CONNOR: We could try to find someplace else.
CORDELIA: No. This"ll do for now. Hey, it"s okay. We"re going to be all right.
CONNOR: I know. I just-I can"t believe he tried to kill you.
Maybe it wasn"t really Angel.
CONNOR: Angelus could"ve tricked us again. And-
CORDELIA: It was Angel. You know it was.
CONNOR: Everything he said about how I could help make the world a better place, about being a champion.
CORDELIA: Lies... meant to keep you in your place where he can watch you, control you.

CONNOR: But Fred, Gunn, Wesley, even Lorne-I thought they were... good.
CORDELIA: What does that mean, really? Being good? Doing the right thing? By who"s judgment? Good, evil-they"re just words, Connor. Concepts of morality they forced around your neck to yank you wherever they please. You"re with me now. You don"t have to live by their rules. You remember why?

CONNOR: "Cause we"re special.
CORDELIA: That"s right. We"re special, and our baby is going to be extraordinary.
FRED: Scented candles, couple of broken pieces of the Muo-Ping, and some toiletries that smell way too pretty to be evil.
Not much to go on. As insidious lairs go, it kept Cordy"s room nice and tidy. I think it even vacuumed.
ANGEL: Keep working on a way to locate this thing. If I"m not back in a couple of hours-

GUNN: You"re dead, we"re screwed, end of the world.
FRED: Or, you could stay here with us. Here"s nice.
ANGEL: I"ve done this before. Don"t worry. Walk in the park.
I really hate the park.
SKIP: Oh! Angel, geez. Don"t they knock in your dimension?
ANGEL: Sorry. Wasn"t sure it was you.
SKIP: Powerful demon Skip at your service. Hey, I-I got some more buffalo wings and, uh, the game"s on at five if you want to just...

ANGEL: I"m a little pressed right now. When was the last time you saw Cordelia?
SKIP: Who?
ANGEL: She told me you were her guide when she decided to become half-demon.

SKIP: She did, huh? Okay, look, I wanted to give you the heads up but you know how the Powers are-always making with the big hush hush.
ANGEL: What do you know?
SKIP: This is going to be really hard for you to accept but Cordelia has ascended to a higher plane.
ANGEL: Oh, I know. She"s back.
SKIP: Back?
ANGEL: Or at least something that looks like her.
SKIP: Well, wait. Nobody comes back from paradise. Okay, a Slayer once, but that-

ANGEL: So you haven"t heard anything.
SKIP: Uh, not since her ascension. Oh, it was beautiful. Should"ve been there.
ANGEL: You were a part of that?
SKIP: It"s in the job description. As Cordelia"s guide I"m there for all the important events.

ANGEL: Except her welcome back party. So why didn"t the Powers invite you to that one?

SKIP: Mysterious ways. They can really drive a guy nuts.
ANGEL: Or maybe if you had known something you might"ve warned us. No, about the only one not keen on that slipping out is the one pulling her strings.

SKIP: Not following you there, champ.

ANGEL: You said it yourself, you were there. Guiding Cordelia to her ascension, seeing her off to a higher plane which is exactly where this thing needed her to be to make its move. So, I"m thinking either you"ve been played for a dupe like the rest of us or you"ve been in on this from the start, Skippy.

SKIP: Angel, buddy, whatever"s going on, I"m telling you true... Not a dupe.
Not like last time, is it, monkey boy?
You know, the worst part about signing on for this gig was having to take a dive when you rescued that runt Billy from his box of fire. I mean, come on! You really think a guy built like this would be so easy to drop? This time we do it for real, champion. This time... you lose.

CORDELIA: He won"t give up. You know that, right? He won"t stop until he finds us.

CONNOR: Let him come. I can take him.

CORDELIA: Come over here. I want you to know what you"re fighting for.
CONNOR: It moved.
CORDELIA: Of course it did. That"s what babies do when they"re happy.
I can"t tell you how thankful I am that I found someone like you. I just wish they could let us be happy.

CONNOR: I"ll make them.
CORDELIA: You can"t. They"re too afraid. But maybe when they see how beautiful our baby is...
CONNOR: You think that would change how they feel?
CORDELIA: Our baby"s going to change everything, Connor.
CONNOR: How soon... before we can show them?
CORDELIA: A week? Maybe two? But he"ll find us before that. I know he will. He"ll find us and he"ll-
CONNOR: I won"t let him. I promise.
CORDELIA: I don"t want you killing each other. That"s never what I wanted. Maybe there"s another way. A way to bring our baby into the world now-before anyone else can hurt us.

CORDELIA: I"ll need some very special things. Do you think you can get them for me?

SKIP: Well, now, this is just embarrassing.
ANGEL: Tell me... what happened to Cordelia.

SKIP: Or, what? You"ll bleed on me some more?
You know, I"ve always wondered. How many chunks you gotta hack off a vampire before he goes all dust bunny?
ANGEL: Tell me what happened...
SKIP: Yeah. Heard that part.
What are you, Tarzan? See, this is the nefarious meat of it, pal. You die never knowing what really happened to the woman you love. Gotta respect the classics.
You really think that"s gonna-

ANGEL: Yeah, I do.
FRED: Hey, here"s something. Maybe I can-
-have an embolism!
WESLEY: What happened?
ANGEL: We had words.
LORNE: Between the pummeling?
ANGEL: Whatever"s happened to Cordy, he"s a part of it. We need to bind him to this dimension. Before he wakes up would be nice.

VAMPIRE: Mmm... I really love virgins.

CONNOR: You all right?
VIRGIN: He tried to kill-
CONNOR: I know. Did he hurt you?
VIRGIN: No. No, you stopped him. Th-thank you. Thank you, oh-oh God, thank you so much. Th-thank-
CORDELIA: She"s perfect. Did you get everything else?
CORDELIA: I know what your heart is telling you, Connor, but it will lie to you if you let it. You have to trust me.
Be sad, mourn for her, but never forget the truth. She"s one of them. One of the average, normal people that fill this world.
But what we"re doing will elevate her life beyond that and give her death meaning. Her blood for our baby. That"s more than fair, isn"t it?

SKIP: Sand of the Red Palm. A child"s trick.
GUNN: Then why don"t you come out and play.
SKIP: In time.
ANGEL: You"ll have a lot of that after we make your accommodations a little bit more permanent. Fred?
FRED: Sphere of the Infinite Agonies. Every second a lifetime. Should be able to whip one up in, um... twenty minutes.
ANGEL: Everything you know or she starts whipping.
SKIP: Hey. Whoa. I"m just a merc. I go where the deal is and not getting stuck in one of those? Bargain. Anybody got a cig?

ANGEL: Cordelia. Where is she?
SKIP: I don"t know. This is your dimension, man, you tell me.
ANGEL: The real Cordelia. Not this thing that"s been posing as her.
SKIP: How"d I ever get spanked by such a chump nut. That thing which has turned your life into a burning ring of fire? She is the real Cordelia. Or at least she"s in there somewhere. This whole thing...

GUNN: Is it Cordy or not?
SKIP: Oh, it"s her. She just ain"t driving.

ANGEL: Something took control of her on the higher plane?
SKIP: Drill a little deeper, Hoss. How you think she got there in the first place?

WESLEY: You"re saying her ascension was all part of this thing"s plan?
SKIP: No, Cordelia was chosen to become a higher being because she"s such a pure, radiant saint. Puh-lease.

CORDELIA: Vanu"esh. Katahn darh"im. Vajra"ha"esh.
Vanu"esh. Katahn darh"im. Vajra"ha"esh.
Vanu"esh. Katahn darh"im. Vajra"ha"esh.
Vanu"esh. Katahn darh"im. Vajra"ha"esh.
Vanu"esh. Katahn darh"im. Vajra"ha"esh.
CONNOR: It"s okay. I"m not gonna hurt you.
VIRGIN: Please...
CONNOR: Brought you some water.
VIRGIN: I gotta get home. My mom"s gonna be so mad.
CONNOR: I"m sorry.
VIRGIN: I won"t tell anyone, I promise. Please, just let me go.
CONNOR: Somebody there?
WOMAN"S VOICE: I"ve always been here... close to your heart. After all...
DARLA: ...isn"t that where a mother belongs?
The Powers have sent me to give you a message.
CONNOR: You can"t be my mother.
DARLA: I have her memories, her feelings. Isn"t that what makes a person who they are?

VIRGIN: Let me go, please...
DARLA: I know that sound, the look in her eyes, the smell of fear. I"ve nurtured it a thousand times in all the people that I"ve murdered.
CONNOR: My mother"s dead.
DARLA: And I"ll always be a part of you. You shared your soul with me once when you were growing inside of me when I"d lost my own. You brought light to my shadow, filled my heart with joy and love. I"d never felt so close to any living thing as I did to my beautiful boy.

CONNOR: Why"d you leave me? Did you hate me that much?
DARLA: Baby, no. I wanted to be with you more than anything.
CONNOR: You killed yourself. I wasn"t even born yet. And you-
DARLA: -did what I had to. My life for yours. I did so many terrible things, Connor, so much destruction, so much pain.
You were the one good thing I ever did. The only good thing. I"d die every day for the rest of eternity for you. And this... is how you repay me?

CONNOR: You don"t understand. We need her for our baby to keep it safe.

DARLA: By anointing it in the blood of an innocent? You really think that safety can be plucked from the arms of an evil deed?
CONNOR: Good, evil. They"re just words.
DARLA: Don"t let this happen, Connor. Don"t let my death mean nothing.
SKIP: You really think it matters? I mean, nothing I tell you is gonna change what"s gonna happen.

ANGEL: Cut the gloom and doom. What"s taken over Cordy?
SKIP: Something beyond your comprehension. To give it voice would rend your feeble brain into a quivering mass of-
ANGEL: Fred, infinite agony.
SKIP: OK, you got me. It doesn"t even have a name.
GUNN: Then what do you call it?
SKIP: Oh, Master or "Hey."
LORNE: Unspeakable horror for real this time.

ANGEL: Ah, it doesn"t make sense. Cordy was made a higher being because she proved herself to the Powers by bearing their visions. This thing couldn"t have-

WESLEY: Unless it maneuvered her to inherit the visions in the first place.

SKIP: Uh, oh. Better step on it. The rubes are catching up.
ANGEL: It wasn"t just her ascension. Everything that"s happened to Cordy in the past few years-all of it-was planned.

SKIP: You really think it stops with her, amigo? You have any concept of how many lines have to intersect in order for a thing like this to play out? How many events have to be nudged in just the right direction? Leaving Pylea. Your sister.

Opening the wrong book. Sleeping with the enemy. Gosh, I love a story with scope.

GUNN: No way. We make our own choices.

SKIP: Yeah, sure. Cheese sandwich here, uh, when to floss. But the big stuff, like two vampires squeezing out a kid?

ANGEL: Connor.
WESLEY: An impossible birth to make one possible.
SKIP: That"s what the kid was designed for.
LORNE: To sleep with mother love?
ANGEL: To create a vessel.
SKIP: Look out. The monkey"s thinking again.
ANGEL: Being inside a human makes it vulnerable, doesn"t it? That"s why it had to stay hidden. Why it needed to create something stronger to pour itself into.

GUNN: Wait. So the big nasty inside of Cordy is going to give birth... to itself?

SKIP: Circle of life. It"s a beautiful thing.
ANGEL: How do we stop it?
SKIP: That"s the easy part, slick. All you gotta do is find Cordelia and chop her head off.

ANGEL: Has to be another way.
SKIP: Sure. Stab her in the heart, kidney, couple pokes in the lung-
ANGEL: A way that won"t kill Cordy in the process.
SKIP: Takes a whole lot of cramming to get that much sweetness into a human. It"s in every hair, every cell, every molecule of Cordelia"s body and it ain"t letting go "til it got a brand new bag.

FRED: What happens to Cordy then?
SKIP: Drained of her life force during labor. Those contractions are a real bitch.
ANGEL: It"ll kill her?
SKIP: Or she"ll end up a head of cabbage.
WESLEY: What do you wanna do?
SKIP: The only thing you can do. Kill the woman he loves to save the world. Times like this? Really gotta suck being you.

ANGEL: How do I find her? How?
SKIP: Well, I"d go with the Bu"shundi ritual but, uh, you"re gonna need a sacred Hutamin paw for that-
LORNE: Got it.
SKIP: What?
LORNE: Cordy-the real Cordy-kept one in her desk drawer.
SKIP: Probably a knock-off. It"s not some trinket you"d throw in a desk drawer-

LORNE: She thought it was a back scratcher.

ANGEL: Get started.
SKIP: Wait, wait. Uh, did I say "Bu"shundi "? I meant "Ru"shundi ". It"s-it-whole different- Crap.
CONNOR: They hate us... because we"re special.
VIRGIN: I don"t hate you. Please.
DARLA: They"re scared because of what you"ve done not because of what you are.
CONNOR: They wanted to kill me when I was still inside of you.
DARLA: But that changed when they saw you, held you in their arms, felt the warmth of your skin, the goodness in your heart.

CONNOR: And it will happen again when they hold my child. It"s the only way.

DARLA: You have a choice, Connor. That is something more precious then you"ll ever know.
CONNOR: What choice? They"re hunting us like animals!
DARLA: Because you"re acting like one. As a vampire I killed without mercy or remorse because I didn"t have a soul. What"s your excuse?

CONNOR: You think I wanna do this?

DARLA: Then don"t.
CONNOR: I have to.
DARLA: Why? Because she told you? There are things happening, Connor, things that I can"t- It has to be your choice. You can stop this.
CONNOR: Her blood for our baby"s. It"s fair, isn"t it?
VIRGIN: Please, I wanna go home.
CONNOR: Shut up!
DARLA: This isn"t you, Connor.
CONNOR: You"ve been gone a long time, Mom. How would you know?
DARLA: Because we shared a soul. I feel the pain, the anger, the hurt, like it were my own. But most of all, I feel the good in you and no matter how much you"re beaten or twisted or lied to, it"s still there in your heart. I know it, and deep down, you know it, too.

FRED: What do you think he"ll do?
GUNN: What he has to, like he always does.
FRED: Will it make a difference? We really are just pieces being moved around a board.

GUNN: Then we"ll kick it over and start a new game. Look, monochrome can yap all he wants about no-name"s cosmic plan, but here"s a little something I picked up rubbing mojos these past couple of years. The final score can"t be rigged.
I don"t care how many players you grease, that last shot always comes up a question mark.

But here"s the thing-you never know when you"re taking it. It could be when you"re duking it out with the Legion of Doom, or just crossing the street deciding where to have brunch. So you just treat it all like it was up to you-the world in the balance-"cause you never know when it is.

FRED: You been practicing that?
GUNN: Little bit.
LORNE: Hug your neighbor, kiddies, we got it.

SKIP: You"re all puppets.
WESLEY: Shut up.
FRED: Where is she?
LORNE: Well, according to the scorch marks, downtown, meat packing district.

ANGEL: Good work.
GUNN: Lets load up.
ANGEL: No, you"re not coming, any of you. Whatever"s taken over Cordy, it"s still her inside. She"s still our friend. She"s still the woman I... I won"t let you carry that. I can"t.

SKIP: Anybody got a hanky?
FRED: He"s really gonna do it. He"s gonna kill Cordelia.
WESLEY: He doesn"t have a choice.
FRED: Angel, wait!
SKIP: Yup, that"ll go well.
CONNOR: Shhhhh. Shhh. It"s okay.
DARLA: You"re all right now. Everything"s going to be all right.
CORDELIA: What are you doing?
CONNOR: Nothing. I, uh-
CORDELIA: It"s time. Take her in the other room.
DARLA: Listen to your heart.
CONNOR: She didn"t do anything. We should let her go.
CORDELIA: No we shouldn"t. We need her, Connor. Our baby-
CONNOR: Shouldn"t be anointed with innocent blood.
CORDELIA: Anointed? Who"s been filling your head with big, confusing words.
CONNOR: Just been thinking about it.
CORDELIA: Or, maybe... a little birdie"s been pecking at you behind my back.
DARLA: She"ll lie to you.
CORDELIA: You know how much they love to use the magic, Connor. A spell for this, a spell for that.
DARLA: Close her out, baby.
CORDELIA: Whatever you"re hearing, whatever you think you"re seeing-it"s a trick.
DARLA: Don"t let her in.
CORDELIA: It"s Angel.
CORDELIA: Trying to turn you against me with a cheap vision of- Darla.
CONNOR: You can see her?
CORDELIA: I see the lies.
DARLA: Connor, listen to me.
CORDELIA: It"s not her.
DARLA: You have to let her go.
CORDELIA: It"s your father. This is how much he hates you.
DARLA: I love you. Please.
CORDELIA: Torturing you with this sad imitation of your dead mother.
DARLA: Don"t let her do this.
CORDELIA: Are you going to let them do this to us? Are you going to let them kill our baby?

DARLA: Connor, listen to me...
CONNOR: You are not my mother!
DARLA: Please, don"t do this Connor. Don"t-

CORDELIA: There. That wasn"t so hard, was it?
Connor, we have to do this while it"s fresh.

Vanu"esh. Katahn darh"im. Vajra"ha"esh.
Vanu"esh. Katahn darh"im. Vajra"ha"esh. ...darh"im...
Do it, Connor. Do it now. Do it now.

GUNN: Fred!
FRED: What"s happening?
SKIP: End of the world, cupcake- for you.
CONNOR: Cordy! Something"s wrong. We have to stop it.
CORDELIA: No, it"s coming. It"s coming. The beginning of a new world.
ANGEL: Or not.
SKIP: What a bunch of pantywaists.
If you can"t stop little old Skipper, you really think you got a chance against that?

ANGEL: She lied to you, Connor.
CORDELIA: Don"t listen!
ANGEL: To all of us. That"s not Cordelia.
CONNOR: Leave us alone!
CORDELIA: Kill him! Kill him, Connor!
SKIP: What was that you were saying before? Something about infinite agony? Hmm?
You mind? I"m trying to work here.
Do those things ever work? I mean, really. Well, that ain"t right.

ANGEL: You think I wanna do this? I don"t have a choice!
I"m so sorry.
Oh, my God. You"re beautiful.
WOMAN: Angel.

The end

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