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ANGEL: Connor, you have to listen to us.
CONNOR: Listen to you? You"re the ones who lie. You"re the ones who hate.
FRED: No, Connor-
ANGEL: Jasmine"s controlling you, controlling your feelings.
CONNOR: You"re wrong, dad. About me, about her, everything. It doesn"t matter anymore what you say. We"re gonna tear you apart.
ANGEL: Run! Get the car! Get out of here. I"ll hold him off. Someone who knows the truth has to live through this. Go!
WESLEY: Come on.
CONNOR: I"m finally part of something! I belong! I won"t let anyone ruin that! Ow!

ANGEL: I know, son.
FRED: This is all wrong. There has to be a way we could-
GUNN: We could cut the power, create a diversion.
WESLEY: No, she has hundreds of followers in there all acting with a single, focused will. We can"t risk going against that. Not now. Someone-

ANGEL: Drive.
GUNN: Angel-
FRED: We can"t just leave him, he"s your-

ANGEL: I know what he is. Wes, drive.


FEMALE RADIO ANNOUNCER: And in an impromptu speech today, the mayor-I really love that guy, don"t you?- The mayor declared Los Angeles the first "Citadel of Jasmine," a cradle of civilization which will usher in a new age for all of humanity. In related news, the L.A. Archdiocese has stated to the press that it will remove all false idols from its churches, replacing them with images of she who walks among us. Way to go, Catholic Church.

LORNE: Well, talk about media bias. Well, not that I wanna talk about media bias. It seems rather moot right now. Speakin" of moot, what about us? Anyone else feel like the last feisty wife in Stepford?

FRED: What are we gonna do? What can we do?
WESLEY: There has to be an answer.
ANGEL: There has to be a way. We just need time.
GUNN: To hell with that. We need a damn break. But the universe don"t seem to be handing breaks out to the underdog lately. No leads, no database, no weapons, no shelter.

WESLEY: And very little gas.
FRED: We should"ve taken Connor with us. He looked so- What if he doesn"t wake up?

ANGEL: What if we took him and he did?

JASMINE: Thank you. Now, please come to me.
Connor, you"re awake.
CONNOR: You"re... indescribable.
JASMINE: I know.
CONNOR: They tried to turn me against you. They cut me... and rubbed blood into the wound.
JASMINE: The hateful always have one or two wretched tricks to play. You must rest now. We have nothing to fear from them. They are alone, we are many.
CONNOR: But Gunn and-and Wesley and Lorne... They"ve all been turned. We have to stop whatever they"re-
JASMINE: We will. Connor...there"s nothing they can do. Every moment that passes I grow closer to my followers. I feel what they feel, I see what they see. We"re fusing together like the cells of a single body. They"re my eyes, my skin, my limbs, and, if need be, my fists.

LORNE: Oh, I don"t know, kids. That"s a whole lot of pod people.
ANGEL: Well, it"s better than the last three places. We won"t make it out of the city without any gas.
GUNN: So that"s our big plan? Just keep runnin"?
LORNE: I hear good things about Belize. WESLEY: If we could get out of the sphere of Jasmine"s influence, we might be able to warn people, prepare some form of resistance.

FRED: Look at "em. They"re all so happy.

GUNN: Yeah, they"ll be happier when they"re gouging out our eyes and stompin" us "til their shoes get sticky.

ANGEL: That"s why we have to do this fast.

GUNN: Fast works for me.
ANGEL: Gunn, they"re just under her spell. All right? But if it does come down to a choice between us or them-
GUNN: Believe me, I"m there.
Sorry, bro. It"s for your own good. That"s right. It"s the big, bad free will gang, gassin" up!

ANGEL: All right, stay back. We don"t wanna hurt anybody.
YOUNG ASIAN MAN: But you are hurting them, Angel, just by being.
ANGEL: Ok. That"s new.
YOUNG ASIAN MAN: You"re a disease in the body Jasmine, and you"ll be purged.
LORNE: Soccer mom, 12 o"clock!

CAMOFLAGUE MAN: You can"t outrun my love. It has wings made of radio-
SUV GIRL: My love sings over the wires that bind this world.
GUNN: Ok, gettin" a little creepy.

JASMINE: The city is mine, vampire. All the tools are mine.
ANGEL: Yeah, we"re workin" on that. Ok. Pit stop"s over. Let"s go.
LORNE: No snacks? I thought snacks...
GUNN: Man, never seen so many cruisers.

WESLEY: Technically, we"re the only criminals left.
ANGEL: There"s no way we"re drivin" out of this. It"s time we disappeared.

LORNE: Yeah, I"m movin", Angel cakes. Might not look like it, but inside, where it counts, I"m runnin". Full speed ahead, believe me.

ANGEL: It won"t take them long to figure out- One minute.
FRED: I doubt anyone under her control knows these tunnels better than you.

ANGEL: Yeah, it should buy us some time.

GUNN: Time to do what? Get all stanky and starve to death? I mean, what are we doin"?

ANGEL: You know what? I don"t know what we"re gonna do, Gunn. I don"t have a plan. Now, I guess this whole Jasmine world order thing kind of took me by surprise.

GUNN: Well, I ain"t eatin" no rats.
ANGEL: Good. Neither am I.
GUNN: All right, then, plan"s comin" together.

ANGEL: Glad to see you"re on board.
FRED: Oh, god. All-all the chasing and the chaos-
WESLEY: Cordelia.
FRED: I can"t believe I almost forgot about her.

ANGEL: Do it. Forget about her. We all have to now. We don"t have a choice. Minute"s up.

JASMINE: Connor.
JASMINE: I know. I saw it through you.
CONNOR: It was them, wasn"t it?
JASMINE: It horrifies me to see what they"re capable of. How far they"ve let their hate take them. They cut into her while she lay sleeping. Her precious blood stolen for their black, deceitful, cowardly magic.

CONNOR: They"re always using magic.
JASMINE: Leave me. I want to be alone with my mother.
LORNE: You look a little down, sugarplum. Is it Cordy?

FRED: I can"t. I don"t care what he says.

LORNE: I know, kitten. It"s strange, but under that blood-feeding creature of the night facade, he seems a bit heartless lately.

ANGEL: Hearts get in the way.

LORNE: Hearing as good as ever, though, boss!
ANGEL: If we don"t gut ourselves and burn out everything inside that gave her power over us, then we"re lost.
LORNE: I hate to say it, Dr. Pep, but I"ve been lost for, like, 2 hours.

WESLEY: Still, I miss her. I miss the warmth and the knowing what"s right and that you"re doing it just by loving her.

GUNN: Tough drug to kick cold turkey.

FRED: I remember the first time she took me aside at that fight at the bowling alley. Me, pale, frail Winfred Burkle, sitting with a goddess, and she was asking me what her name should be.

WESLEY: Seems strange now. A being of her immeasurable age. You think she"d already have a name.

LORNE: Well, maybe it was embarrassing, like Hester or Peanut.

FRED: Angel!
GUNN: I got you.
WESLEY: I"m all right.
YOUNG MAN: No. You"re not all right till I say you"re all right. Holly, you good?

YOUNG MAN: Trip. That ugly-ass beastie so much as breathes wrong, you stick him.

LORNE: Ugly ass-hey!
ANGEL: You know, I kind of have a thing about people pointing sharp wooden- gimme that.
Enough! Enough. You ok?
ANGEL: It"s ok. They"re not under her power.

YOUNG MAN: Her who?
GUNN: We"ll ask the questions.
WESLEY: Angel, are you sure?
ANGEL: Well, they"re not exactly fighting like a well-oiled, mind-controlled army of love, are they?
GUNN: Hell, no. More like a bunch of little punks.
ANGEL: Gunn, let him go.
YOUNG MAN: Gunn? Charles Gunn.
GUNN: I say you could use my name?

YOUNG MAN: I say you could use my ride without payin" the piper?
GUNN: What? Payin" the- Tommy Golden"s little brother? Randall? Little ass Randall Golden, man. This punk stole my car when he was 12 years old.
YOUNG MAN / GOLDEN: What are you doin" down here, man?
GUNN: Like I said, son, we"ll ask the questions. Startin" with what the hell was that?

YOUNG BOY: It"s back.
CONNOR: I"m sorry. I just couldn"t be- Cordy.
JASMINE: Connor, Cordelia"s blood is a danger to us. If she falls into hateful hands, the hate can spread.

CONNOR: But where is she?
JASMINE: She"s where I want her to be. And so are you. Now come. Connor...

GUNN: Wow. Really like what you"ve done with the place.
LORNE: Yes, this is homey.
ANGEL: So, it"s secure?
GOLDEN: It"s held so far.
ANGEL: Uh-huh.
FRED: Held against what?
GOLDEN: Don"t know exactly. Never have gotten a clean shot. But it"s not like anything I"ve ever seen.
GUNN: Golden"s brother used to soldier in my crew back in the old days. Then he broke off, went solo.
GOLDEN: Yeah, Tommy was running our unit when the sun went out. Stayed topside as long as we could, tried to hold some ground, but there were too many of "em. We go out every day and check the traps, but I don"t think we"ve caught anything today...

YOUNG BOY: They"re your crew, aren"t they? You"re the leader. I"m Matthew.
GUNN: You guys really know how to live.

YOUNG BOY / MATTHEW: It"s ok. All the other ways in are grated off. We checked.
ANGEL: Well, now I"m checkin".
FRED: He"s so young.
GOLDEN: We found him in a pile-up on La Brea. Vamps laid tire traps on the road, havin" themselves a car-wreck picnic. He watched them murder his parents. They were comin" after him when we showed up.

ANGEL: Matthew, you got any water in this place?
MATTHEW: Yep. We tapped a clean water pipe right over here.
HOLLY: Anyway, I knew about this place. I used to crash up here nights when the missions were full.
GOLDEN: So we hit a supermarket that hadn"t burnt down yet and got some supplies and went under. Been down here ever since. About 2 weeks and some change.

LORNE: No offense, but, uh, 2 weeks down here and I"d be ready to move back in with my mother.
GOLDEN: Yeah, well, we were holdin" our own. Occasional baddie lookin" for a place to sleep, nothin" we couldn"t handle. Till that thing out there moved into our territory. It"s been pickin" us off ever since.

HOLLY: Got Tommy almost a week ago. He was out resetting the traps.
MATTHEW: Whose blood is that?
ANGEL: Somebody I knew. Somebody who tried to do bad stuff to my friends.

FRED: I can"t believe you stayed down here.

HOLLY: Worse up there, ain"t it? The world is ending. What does it matter where we go?
GOLDEN: Besides, whatever that evil son-of-a-bitch is, it killed our people, killed my brother. We"re gonna kill him right back.
FRED: It"s weird, really, us running into you like this. I mean, we-we"re professional monster killers. Or we were.

ANGEL: Are, Fred. We are.
GOLDEN: Hey, that belonged to Tommy.
ANGEL: Well, now it belongs to me. Let"s go get professional on this evil son-of-a-bitch"s ass.
GUNN: Heard that.
JASMINE: Yes. Of course. Drop by any time. And thank you for calling.
CONNOR: The police lost them hours ago. Let me go out. I"ll bring them down, I promise.

JASMINE: Soon. Soon you"ll go out with all of my strength behind you... but first we have to celebrate. That was the Governor on the phone. Very agreeable. He"s dissolving his administration tonight. The time of the politician is over. This state now answers to me. Ohh! It"s happening. Don"t you feel it?

This world is about to kneel before me and shed all its avarice, all its woe.

I will free them from the loneliness, from the empty horror of their lives. They won"t know what hit them.
CONNOR: I"m sure of that.
JASMINE: And you"ll be there, at my side. We will live in a palace built by the love of billions. It will make the pyramids of Giza look like the headstones in a pauper"s graveyard. We"ll be a family, Connor. Together, as one, forever. It"s going to be beautiful.

JASMINE: Then why aren"t you smiling?
CONNOR: I don"t know.
JASMINE: I think I do. To belong, to truly be a part of something, you have to surrender to it-completely. Cordelia has done that, but you...

CONNOR: I want to, really.
JASMINE: There"s a part of you that you"ve kept from me-your pain.
CONNOR: I don"t understand.
JASMINE: Pain has been the only constant in your life, the one thing that has never abandoned you. You think that pain is yours to keep and bear alone. But it"s not. I want it. I want everything you are. Connor, father, let it go. Let me have it.

FRED: They"re just kids.
ANGEL: Strength in numbers.
FRED: Angel-
ANGEL: They just wanna strike back, Fred, at something, anything. I know how they feel.

LORNE: I ever tell you I suck at sports?

MATTHEW: This is where Tommy got taken.
FRED: What"s that smell?
ANGEL: It"s ammonia.
HOLLY: Golden!
ANGEL: Matthew, it"s ok!
BOY: Matt!
ANGEL: Matthew!
FRED: Aah! Aah!
HOLLY: Golden? Sweetie...
ANGEL: If Matthew reaches the surface...

GUNN: We"ll get him.
ANGEL: Right.
GUNN: Come on!
FRED: Matthew!
ANGEL: That thing is really pissin" me off. Lorne, Wes...
LORNE: Jawohl.
ANGEL: Where"s Wes?
DEMON: We loved her first!
LORNE: It got Wes?
ANGEL: Yeah. It must"ve looped around behind us. It knows these tunnels better than me. And it"s fast. Look, I"ll track it down. Lorne, take the others back to the fort. Wait for Gunn and Fred.
LORNE: Ohh! If you insist.
GOLDEN: Uh-uh, Dracula. Not ok.
WESLEY: All right, f-fine. You loved her first.

DEMON: Before your kind was, my kind loved her. Stood stone on stone, built the temple. Always making ready. Ohh... But she came here.
WESLEY: She? Jasmine?
WESLEY: Jasmine. That"s what we call her. The... superior being that-that you loved first.
DEMON: Pfah! You name her. Filthy little mice! She is the devourer... the song... the peace... the whole... and you try to name her. Work to do. We loved her first!

WESLEY: And how does your kind define "love"?
DEMON: Same as all bodies. Same as everywheres. Love is sacrifice.
GUNN: Matthew? Matthew!
FRED: Matthew! You sure he went this way?

GUNN: Definitely heard splashin". It"s gotta be him.
FRED: Unless it was another one of those skittering creatures.
GUNN: Yeah, well, it better skitter its hindquarters outta my way, "cause I ain"t in the mood.
FRED: Or it could just be rats.
GUNN: Now what did you have to go and say that for? Damn!
FRED: Sorry, I wasn"t- I"m sure if it"s not Matthew then it"s probably some horrible monster, but definitely not-
GUNN: Look at us. Where we are. I mean, yesterday we were happy. Happier than I ever thought possible. Now we"re trudging through sewage, huntin" some 13-year-old kid to drag his ass back down here so he doesn"t find out it"s Shangri-la-la land up there.

FRED: He"s scared, Charles. Think how he feels.
GUNN: You heard Angel. Feelings don"t enter into it anymore.
FRED: That the world we"re fighting for? The right to be heartless, an uncaring shell? To be dead inside?

GUNN: We"re gonna be dead, period, if Jasmine gets a hold of that kid. We"re fightin" for our survival.
FRED: That"s not enough, Charles, not for me. May-maybe you can turn off your feelings like Angel can, leave the people we care about behind.

GUNN: Yeah, well, you had no trouble turnin" off your emotion chip when-

FRED: When what?
GUNN: Nothin".
FRED: What were you gonna say?
GUNN: Forget it.
FRED: No, when did I ever-
GUNN: When you and I killed a man. I mean, when I did.
FRED: We did.
GUNN: Whatever. Point is, when the circumstances called for it, you did what you thought you had to. Didn"t matter what anybody else thought.

FRED: You"re right about all of it except for one thing. What we did, I felt it. Every bit of it. And, you know, sometimes when I allow myself to think about it, it eats me up inside.

GUNN: Yeah, me, too.
FRED: Well, I don"t know about you, but... I"d take that over being a shell any day.

GUNN: Come on. There"s a scared kid out there we gotta find.
GOLDEN: You think I didn"t see that back there? You"re one of "em.
ANGEL: Uh, Golden, it"s not like that.
LORNE: Yeah, he"s telling the truth.
GOLDEN: Excuse me. Not talkin" to horned demon, talkin" to vampire. Thank you.

ANGEL: All right, what you saw, yes, I can"t deny that, but-
LORNE: But he only drinks pig"s blood!
ANGEL: Lorne...
LORNE: Well, it"s true! You gotta give an undead fella points for that, right, huh? I mean, unless you"re into the whole kosher thing, but, I mean, you"re not- well, you don"t look- OK, horned demon shutting up.

ANGEL: Look, I don"t blame you for feelin" this way, but I"m not gonna justify my existence to you. I wouldn"t be able to. But what I can do is take that spear away from you and snap it into kindling and break your neck in half the time it would take for you to give it a good push. Or you can step aside and let me go help my friend.

WESLEY: That door is open.
WESLEY: Aren"t you worried I"ll just run away?

DEMON: Hm. Not worried. Good at catching furries.
WESLEY: Yes... clearly. So... not from around here, are you?
DEMON: No. Other world. Older world. You go. Go on. Use my key. Visit. What we breathing there burn out little mouse lungs before you can make a peep.

WESLEY: Fair enough.
DEMON: Fair enough. Fair enough-enough.

WESLEY: Are you preparing a spell?
DEMON: Mmm, this blood magic. Flesh magic. Older than words. More much power. This magic she will hear. She will hear and remember her true ones.
WESLEY: So no incantations, then?
DEMON: No words. She gives no care about words. Word magic.
WESLEY: Really.
DEMON: There is only one word she-

WESLEY: One word?
WESLEY: What word... does she give care about?
DEMON: You is talky meat. Don"t make me come down there.
VICTIM: Aah! My god! What is it with you, man? This is disgusting.
VICTIM: Just drop the cliche serial killer crap and stake me already! Please!

DEMON: I tear your guts all inside out. I stitch your guts every all over. Why don"t you go dead?

VICTIM: Why don"t you go f- aah! Aah!
DEMON: Pssh! More talky meat.
WESLEY: You can"t kill him, not that way. He"s already dead. He"s a vampire.
DEMON: Hmm, vampire. Like the one with the angry steel?
WESLEY: Angry steel?
DEMON: The one that hurt me in the tunnels back there.
WESLEY: Angel.
WESLEY: That"s his name, the one who attacked you.
DEMON: You creatures! Throwing your names all over all the time! That"s why you"re so weak. Too many are knowing your names, takes your power away.
WESLEY: It doesn"t work that way here. With us- So that"s the word, isn"t it? The word she gives care about?
DEMON: Shut.
WESLEY: It"s her name.
DEMON: Shut! Shut! Shut! Shut! Shut! Shut! Shut!
FRED: Matthew! It"s ok. We don"t want to hurt you. We just want to talk, but it"s not safe here.

MATTHEW: You didn"t tell me the sun came back out.
GUNN: Oh, yeah, forgot to tell you. Sun came back out.
MATTHEW: Angel, he"s a vampire like the ones who-
FRED: Matthew, we can"t explain it all up here, but we"re the good guys, I swear, and we need you to come with us.

MATTHEW: No. No, I won"t go!
GUNN: Sorry, son, but we ain"t asking.
MATTHEW: Help! Help!
GUNN: Fred...Fred!
FRED: What?
GUNN: Get his feet.
WESLEY: She has a name, and it has power over her! That"s why she keeps it a secret!

DEMON: La-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la! I"m not listening!
WESLEY: And somehow her true name prevents her from choosing a false one? So one of us had to do it.
DEMON: What it matters, eh? Eh, talky meat? I don"t keep the name. High priest keep the name! And you about to go dead, about to be a smear on my flesh spell. I just messenger from the ones who love truly.

ANGEL: Well, then... I guess it"s time to shoot the messenger. Or, you know, chop the messenger into little bitty pieces. Whatever.

LORNE: And that"s why when we use words like "ugly-ass" and "beastie," we can sometimes do more damage than we intend to. It ain"t all about sticks and stones, my young friends. That"s all. A little life lesson- One to grow on. Knowing... knowing is half the-

GOLDEN: Man, shut up!
HOLLY: Matthew?
GOLDEN: Gunn, what the hell happened, man?
GUNN: He"ll be ok.
FRED: I"m sorry. We had no other-
GUNN: Fred!
GOLDEN: What is she talking about?
GUNN: Nothing.
GOLDEN: Gunn, I"m not liking what I"m not hearing. What did you do to my boy?
GUNN: Son, there"s a whole new world of bad going on upstairs, and your boy was walking into it blind. Now, we did what we had to, and frankly, I ain"t interested in your opinion on the subject!
HOLLY: Matty? Honey?
FRED: Oh, no.
MATTHEW: I see you! Holly, look what they did to Matthew. They hit him again and again until he lost all consciousness. He just wanted to see the sun.
GUNN: Fred, Lorne, time to go.
MATTHEW: Golden, my love, don"t you want to hit them? Don"t you want to kill them?

GOLDEN: You know... that just might make my whole damn day.
CONNOR: Hello again, children. I believe you"ve met my father.
DEMON: Little mice. They always soft inside. Wretched little- Time to go dead, mouse. Wait your turn, talky!

ANGEL: Little soft yourself in there.
DEMON: Devourer...this meat...I give...unto thee.
WESLEY: Angel, that creature, it came from a world that"s worshipped jasmine for millennia, a world that we can reach through this.

ANGEL: What?
WESLEY: I think the universe just handed us our first break.
LORNE: I really hate today.
GUNN: More worried about tomorrow myself. Come on!
WESLEY: No inscriptions, no markings of any kind, no moving parts, far as I can tell.

ANGEL: So this high priest holds the true name?
WESLEY: Exactly.
ANGEL: What else do we know about him?
WESLEY: I"m just guessing that he"s bigger and meaner than our big, mean friend over there.
ANGEL: Wouldn"t surprise me. What about- Wes, something"s going down.
WESLEY: Something?
ANGEL: Something bad. Connor.
CONNOR: Angel.
FRED: Angel!
LORNE: Oh, god, are we dead yet?
ANGEL: Guys!
WESLEY: No words. No word magic.
FRED: Angel, it"s Connor. He"s here.
ANGEL: I know.
LORNE: And, uh, the National Guard, I think.

FRED: Aah! No!
WESLEY: No word magic-powerless. Much more power in... blood magic?
Angel, I got it!
ANGEL: Ok, I"ll hold this. You guys get going!

WESLEY: No. No! We can"t go! Only you!

ANGEL: What are you talking about?
WESLEY: That thing"s world, the atmosphere will kill us. We can"t help there.
WESLEY: Someone who knows the truth has to live through this. Angel, that"s you.
ANGEL: I can"t.
FRED: Hearts get in the way, right?
WESLEY: Angel, wait!
We can"t hold it.
GUNN: Time for the big fight scene.
CONNOR: Move aside.
GUNN: Count of 3- 1, 2-
ANGEL: Oh, hell.

The end

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