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FRED: Charles!
CONNOR: Angel.


CONNOR: What did you think you could do? Poison the whole city with your hate? Your tricks? Now I have no choice but to kill you.

WESLEY: Connor??
CONNOR: Shut up. All your talk about saving the world. Well... now somebody"s gone and done it. Made everything right... and good. And you can"t stand it because you"re all so full of yourselves. Don"t you get it? You"re all alone now. All of you. You"re the ones left out in the cold. You... don"t... belong.

GUNN: If belonging means following some bogus god and killing in her name, then you"re damn right we don"t.

CONNOR: I"m not listening to your lies.
WESLEY: Jasmine"s the lie. You"ve no idea what she is.
CONNOR: Yes, I do. She"s mine.
GUARD: Connor, wait. Bring them to me.

GUARD: Has it become necessary to explain my wishes to you?
CONNOR: No, just??
GUARD: Then be a sweet boy and bring them. Intact. Thank you, Connor.
JASMINE: There"s a long road before us, and there"s still much to do, but we"ve made a wonderful start, thanks to all of you. Your devotion and sacrifice have made a difference. Now if you"ll join the others in the banquet room, I"ll be with you all shortly.

GIRL: Thank you, Jasmine.
BOY: Thank you so much.
JASMINE: So much pain, suffering...must hurt so terribly.
GUNN: Don"t get all gloaty. Not the worst beating we"ve ever taken.

JASMINE: I meant the pain you"ve caused yourselves??letting go of me.
LORNE: Oh, by giving up absolute tranquility and perfect happiness? No loss. Right, guys? Guys?
JASMINE: I only wish it was within my power to take you back.
FRED: Nobody asked.
JASMINE: Where"s Angel?
WESLEY: You"re omniscient. You tell us.

JASMINE: Connor, please. I don"t want to see that.
WESLEY: The creature in the sewer. You recognized it, didn"t you?
WESLEY: Just another one of your zealots?
JASMINE: A sentient, living being wanting what"s best for his own. Is that so wrong? A few millennia ago, his world was not unlike yours. Full of hatred and fear, wars scarring its landscape.

GUNN: Until??let me guess??you came along and made it a paradise.
JASMINE: Well, as much of a paradise as one could with a bunch of insects to work with. I helped them along. Kicked their evolution up a few ticks.
LORNE: And how"d that work out for "em?
JASMINE: It was a trial run, an early experiment to work out the bugs, so to speak. I won"t make that mistake again. I know where Angel is, and I know what he"s looking for. He"s wasting his time.

WESLEY: If you really believed that, you"d have killed us already.
JASMINE: Patience.
PATIENCE: Yes, ma"am?
JASMINE: The news people have started to arrive. Please ask them to set up in the lobby. I"ll be ready to speak with them after I"ve eaten.
WESLEY: So it"s time, is it?
GUNN: Time for what?
WESLEY: Too much trouble conquering a primitive dimension, wasn"t it, Jasmine? Or whatever your name is. Must be nice for you that we have satellites to beam your message to the rest of the world.

JASMINE: You"re not wrong.
FRED: Oh, God. Connor, you can"t let her do this. She"ll enslave everyone.

CONNOR: She"ll bring them together.
FRED: You don"t?? She"s not what she pretends to be! She"s??
GUNN: A monster.
FRED: Yeah. Cordy"s blood that we put in you, it was supposed to break the spell. Show you what she really looks like.

CONNOR: I know what she looks like. She"s beautiful.
JASMINE: Gentlemen, please show our guests to their accommodations.
WESLEY: Save us the euphemisms. We"re bargaining chips to keep Angel quiet.

CONNOR: Quiet about what?
JASMINE: Connor, this address is going to be very draining for me. While I"m feasting to build up my strength, I"m going to be out of touch with you, with everything. You"ll be my eyes and ears. You understand?

JASMINE: I want you to stand guard over them, make sure they don"t escape. If Angel so much as shows his face??
CONNOR: What is he looking for? Angel?
JASMINE: The unattainable.
VOICE: A long way to come, dead thing, only to fail. Don"t worry. The way down will be much, much quicker.

ANGEL: Thanks for the tip. Maybe I can use your body to cushion the blow.

VOICE: I doubt if my form would provide you much protection, but you"re welcome to try.

ANGEL: You. You"re the??
HIGH PRIEST: High priest, guardian of the word, caretaker of her most blessed temple.

ANGEL: Well, blessed temple"s kind of empty, padre. So where are the other true believers? Or are you it?
HIGH PRIEST: Betrayers, blasphemers. Centuries of waiting for her return have caused most to doubt.
ANGEL: But, not you, her faithful P.R. flak.

HIGH PRIEST : She is the light. She is the way.
ANGEL: She is not coming back.
HIGH PRIEST: She will when she"s through with your world.
ANGEL: You know, maybe we"re not talking about the same person here. What"s the name of yours again?
HIGH PRIEST: That"s why you"re here, dead thing. What you"ve come for. The word. The name.
ANGEL: Good. You got that. So I don"t have to ask it again. What is it?

HIGH PRIEST: Fool. You can take away her power, but you"ve already lost... everything.
LORNE: I just gotta know one thing. The reason our little blood ritual didn"t raise any veils for you. You"ve always seen Jasmine"s true appearance, haven"t you?

GUNN: You gotta be kidding me. You know what maggot-face looks like, and you"re still big with the worship?
CONNOR: I grew up in Quor-Toth??a hell dimension full of all sorts of things you can"t even imagine. So, you know, appearance? Not that important to me.
FRED: What is important to you, Connor?
GUNN: Not us, apparently. Or his own father.

FRED: What about Cordelia? She needs help, medical attention. I mean, who knows what that coma"s doing to her?
CONNOR: She"s fine.
FRED: Are you sure? Have you checked on her? Connor, if you don"t care for her, then??
CONNOR: She isn"t??she"s been moved.
GUNN: Moved? What do you mean?

CONNOR: Someplace safe, OK? She"s taken care of, so just quit??
WESLEY: Connor, what does Jasmine eat?
WESLEY: The creature in the sewer. It called her the "devourer." Devourer of what?
CONNOR: I don"t know.
WESLEY: Don"t you? The followers she randomly chooses to come to her room. The ones she sent to meet her in the banquet hall.

LORNE: They"re the banquet.
GUNN: Wait. People? She eats people?
FRED: Oh, no.
GUNN: "To Serve Man." It"s "To Serve Man" all over again.

FRED: And now she"s going global.
GUNN: You don"t think Cordy"s??
WESLEY: I hope not, but we really have no way of knowing, do we?
HIGH PRIEST: I know all about you, dead thing. She who brought us up out of the mud and molded us into what we are has given me sight into the hearts and minds of others. I see you. I know all about?? Aah!
ANGEL: Then you know I"m kind of in a hurry. Give me her name.
ANGEL: That"s it? Caper?
HIGH PRIEST: The true name is known only by the keeper of the name.
ANGEL: Right. That"s you!
HIGH PRIEST: No, I am the guardian of the word!
ANGEL: You said the word is the name.
HIGH PRIEST: Yes, and I guard the keeper of it.
ANGEL: So you"re the keeper"s keeper?
HIGH PRIEST: I am the Guardian of the Word!
ANGEL: Yeah, OK, so where"s this Keeper of the Name? Swell.
HIGH PRIEST: The keeper will not be forthcoming. Only with its last breath will it divulge the true name of the blessed devourer.
ANGEL: Ok, big guy, you got a name I need. So we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. But you"re gonna give me her name or?? Right. The hard way.

JASMINE: I"m so glad you"re here.
NAKED GIRL: Thank you. Thank you so much. Before you came, my life was a mess. I had no job, I was being evicted...

JASMINE: It"s all right, Susan. You"ll never be burdened with those worries again.
NAKED GIRL: The emptiness, the weight I"ve been carrying all my life??it"s gone. All I feel now??
JASMINE: Connor, is everything??
CONNOR: I need to talk to you.
JASMINE: Excuse us a moment.
NAKED GIRL: Of course, Jasmine.
JASMINE: Can we do this later? I really hate to keep these lovely people waiting.

CONNOR: I"m sorry. I was?? I was just wondering. I, uh... I wanted to know??
JASMINE: Cordelia.
CONNOR: Yeah. What did you do with her...exactly?
JASMINE: I told you. She"s exactly where I need her to be, out of harm"s way.

CONNOR: Yeah. I think I should know.
JASMINE: But there"s no reason for you to know. Just take comfort in my words. She"s safe, and... You think I ate her.

CONNOR: What? No! No.
JASMINE: It"s all right, Connor. I"m not offended. But who would put such a ridiculous idea in your head?
CONNOR: No one. I never thought?? So, no, then... about the eating?
JASMINE: I could never hurt Cordelia Chase any more than I could you. You"re my parents, my tether to this world. It was your love that brought me here. I understand. You miss her.

CONNOR: So she"s still here. She"s not in some alternate dimension?
JASMINE: Of course not. I had a few of my faithful move her to a secure location for her protection.
CONNOR: Who? Who took her?
JASMINE: It doesn"t matter. Just know she"s alive and...well, comatose. And under constant guard, much as our guests downstairs are supposed to be. Thank you, Connor. Shut the door on your way out.
HIGH PRIEST: What is it you think you fight for, dead thing? Valor? What you call justice? Your friends are dead... most likely. Or so you believe, so it"s not for them you fight.

ANGEL: I"m trying to save my world.
HIGH PRIEST: Your world?! A world that doesn"t care for you? Doesn"t want you.
ANGEL: It needs me.
HIGH PRIEST: So your Powers That Be tell you, and maybe they"re right, but it"s not why you"re here.
ANGEL: Ok, bugsy, you want to tell me what I"m fighting for?
HIGH PRIEST: The boy. The woman you"ve already lost. The boy is what you"re fighting for. But you"re going to fail. You"re going to lose him, too.
NEWS PRODUCER: How"s the satellite feed coming?
TECHNICIAN: Uh, Moscow"s on-line in 20. Paris and Nairobi little longer.
NEWS PRODUCER: I almost envy "em. First time you see Jasmine??nothing like it.

WOMAN: I just feel so much more alive since I"ve been here, you know what I mean?

CONNOR: Sorry. You kind of smell like, uh...
WOMAN: Cordelia. Yeah, I read this was her favorite perfume.
FEMALE REPORTER: Hi. Tracy Bellows, KTLA. Could I get you to say a few words? This is such a special day, and as Jasmine"s father, you must be so proud??

CONNOR: Bursting.
FEMALE REPORTER: Ok, back to you, Hal.

CONNOR: Hey. Reporter"s looking to interview local followers inside.
FOLLOWERS: Oh, great. Thanks.
MAN 1: The gu??guy in there says the Lakers just disbanded. Evidently, the players needed more time to devote to her. Hi, Mr...

MAN 2: Jasmine"s dad.
CONNOR: Connor.
MAN 1: Connor?
MAN 2: Jasmine for the press conference.

CONNOR: Right, "cause she needs more of that. Listen, you"re the guys who moved Cordelia, right? I kind of need to know where she is.
MAN 1: You must have got your wires crossed. Right, Brent?
MAN 2 / BRENT: We didn"t do anything with the transcendent mother.
CONNOR: Hey, it"s OK. Jasmine told me you two helped move her. I mean, how else would I know, right?
MAN 1: Sorry, Connor. You"re just gonna have to ask Jasmine.
CONNOR: I"m asking you. I can smell her on you. So tell me, and I"ll crush your windpipe.

MAN 1: You mean "or," right? Or you"ll crush my windpipe?
CONNOR: Where"s Cordy?
HIGH PRIEST: So much effort, always struggling, trying to make things right for the boy, for Connor, but it"s never enough. Why do you bother?
ANGEL: I can see you never had kids.

HIGH PRIEST: The boy should not even exist. He was only a device to bring forth the blessed she??
a means to an end.
ANGEL: Yeah, well, people get born for all sorts of reasons.
HIGH PRIEST: He will never love you.
ANGEL: It doesn"t matter.
HIGH PRIEST: Foolish dead th??
ANGEL: Oh. Oh, that"ll work.
FRED: I mean, starting not to look so good for us. Not that I"m giving up or anything.

LORNE: You can stop that anytime now.

GUNN: I will... just as soon as somebody comes up with a better idea... to get us out of here.
LORNE: And then what, Kato? The anti-Jasmine crowd"s about to become a staggering minority on this planet.
GUNN: Yeah, well, first things first. We"ll worry about that when the time comes.

LORNE: Bell"s rung, babe. Time"s come.

FRED: Weird??Connor walking out like that, you know? Leaving us unguarded.
LORNE: Yeah. If he"s not careful, we might move about freely in our impervious 10 by 9 steel cage.

GUNN: Maybe we were getting to him.
LORNE: More than likely, her godliness summoned him for a little tender-lovin"??

WESLEY: Blood.
FRED: Is that some kind of ritual she has him doing? "Cause...ew.
WESLEY: What? Oh, no, I was just thinking. Cordelia"s blood, it had the same power as Jasmine"s to break the thrall she had over us.

FRED: So I figured. Mother and daughter, they share the same blood.
WESLEY: And now she"s been moved??Cordelia. Why?
GUNN: Guess so people like us don"t use Cordy"s blood against Jasmine.
WESLEY: There are no people like us. Not anymore. We"re it. She had us on the run. And if Cordelia"s so dangerous to her, why not kill her and be done with it?
FRED: Because maybe she can"t.

WESLEY: Exactly. I think Jasmine may be dependent on Cordelia. She can"t hurt her, not without hurting herself. But maybe Cordelia can hurt Jasmine.

GUNN: That"s a whole lot of maybes.
WESLEY: Maybe, but if I"m right, Cordelia might be our only hope to stop Jasmine.

LORNE: If we can wake her up.
FRED: Wake her? We have to find her first.

?°God is nowhere. JASMINE ЁC is the way.?+

OFFICER 2: Sorry, but, um, you"re not supposed to be in here.
CONNOR: Really? I had no idea.

OFFICER 1: Yeah, nobody is allowed in. Jasmine"s order.
OFFICER 2: Well, not "order" per se. More like a request really. I mean, it"s not like she actually gives orders. It"s not in her nature. It"s one of the things I love about her. She treats everyone with equal??

CONNOR: I need to get in here.
OFFICER 2: Ok, friend... we"re not communicating. You can"t, so turn around and leave now, or my partner and I are gonna have to get rough.
OFFICER 1: Please.
OFFICER 2: Oh, right. Please.
CONNOR: Found you.
JASMINE: Mmm... there. Time for my close-up.
CONNOR: I wanted to see you again. I had to, to know that you"re still here... with me. I"m sorry I haven"t?? It"s started, Cordy. The new beginning. Just wish you"d wake up and see it. Just what you wanted. I mean... it is what you wanted, right? Why you came to me? You know...what this was all about? Protecting our baby??Jasmine??so she can...be, and make this world the... the kind of place you wanted. And it is better.
Not harsh and cruel??the way that ?ngel likes it so he has a reason to fight.

"Cause you know that"s what he"s about, him and the others.
Finding reasons to fight.
Like that"s what gives their lives any meaning. The only damn thing! I"m not like them. I just... I want to stop. Stop fighting. I just want to rest. God, I want to rest.

But I can"t. It"s not working, Cordy. I tried. I tried to believe. I wanted it. Went along with the... the flow. Jasmine, she"s...she"s bringing peace to everyone, purging all of their hate and anger. But not me. Not me! I know she"s a lie. Jasmine. My whole life"s been built on them. I just... I guess I thought this one was better than the others.

FEMALE REPORTER: I can tell you, Hal, there is a feeling of terrific anticipation in the room as I"m sure there is for our countless brothers and sisters across the globe watching this broadcast.

MALE REPORTER: Many of us have already been touched by her power and her glory. And for those who"ve yet to experience the sublime benevolence of Jasmine, this will easily be the most momentous day in recorded history.

TELEMUNDO REPORTER: La bendita Jasmine entregarЁ? su mensaje en todos los idiomas conocidos. Dependiendo de sus comentarios, esta transmisiЁRn, podrЁ? continuar durante este fin de semana.
(NOTE: Translation: Holy Jasmine will give her message in all known languages. Depending on her comments, this transmission might continue until next weekend.)

PATIENCE: I told you she can"t be disturbed.

MAN 1: But I need to tell her. She has to know??
JASMINE: Know what?
PATIENCE: This young man says he was attacked.
JASMINE: Jeremy? Why would anyone??
MAN 1 / JEREMY: He forced me to tell him where I took her??your mother.
JASMINE: Connor.
PATIENCE: Um, I"m sorry, ma"am, but your press conference.
JASMINE: Yes. Thank you, Patience. FEMALE REPORTER: Oh, I believe that... Yes, she may be... Yes, yes, Jasmine. She"s primed. Isn"t she beautiful.
CROWD: Jasmine...
JASMINE: Please. Please stand. This is a moment to cherish, and I want everyone to share it with me, heads held high. Welcome.

And to all those people of this remarkable world who are meeting me for the first time?- mmwah. I want to thank you for allowing me to speak with you. I come to you not as a leader or divinity, but as your partner in a venture to make this the best of all possible worlds, without borders, without hunger, war, or misery. A world built on love, respect, understanding, and, well, just enjoying one another. Doesn"t that sound nice?

CROWD: Yeah.
FRED: What"s that?
WESLEY: Jasmine"s world debut, I expect.
GUNN: So...we"re alone. It"s just us now.

LORNE: That"s all, folks.
JASMINE: Now I know you have lots of important questions for me??difficult questions??and I want you to know everything, so I"m going to open up the floor. Yes, Tracy?

FEMALE REPORTER: Uh?? uh, you know my name?
JASMINE: That"s right. You have a question?
FEMALE REPORTER: You know my name.
JASMINE: Anyone else?
MALE REPORTER: Uh, excuse me, Jasmine. What can we do to show our love for you?

JASMINE: You don"t have to do anything except love one another. Although a temple would be nice. Something massive and awe-inspiring, yet warm and nurturing, celebrating the gentle pleasures of a peaceful, precious coexistence where violent behav??
Kill him! All of you, kill him now!
ANGEL: I"m sorry.
No! Please. Pay no attention. It"s a lie. See? I??I"m not?? Wait! Please! Don"t leave me!

LORNE: What in the hell is goin" on up there?
FRED: It didn"t sound good. I don"t know what??
GUNN: I"ll tell you what it was. The devourer chowing down, and I bet you we"re dessert.
WESLEY: Gunn, will you stop wasting your??

GUNN: Never give up, never surrender.

WESLEY: Let"s go.
GUNN: That"s it? No thank you?
FRED: Thanks, Charles.
GUNN: I just want my props is all.

WOMAN: Oh! Oh, my God! No!
JASMINE: Don"t be afraid! It"s still me! I"m?? listen to me! Connor...
OFFICER 2: Father, I need you. Help me. Please.
ANGEL: Jasmine, it"s over. You"ve lost.
JASMINE: I"ve lost? Do you have any idea what you"ve done?
ANGEL: What I had to do.
JASMINE: No. No, Angel. There are no absolutes. No right and wrong. Haven"t you learned anything working for the Powers? There are only choices. I offered paradise. You chose this!
ANGEL: Because I could. Because that"s what you took away from us. Choice.
JASMINE: And look what free will has gotten you.
ANGEL: Hey, I didn"t say we were smart. I said it"s our right. It"s what makes us human.

JASMINE: But you"re not human.
ANGEL: Working on it. Where you going?

JASMINE: Leave me alone.
ANGEL: Sorry, but... can"t do that.
JASMINE: What? You"ve taken everything. You"re gonna try to kill me now, as if you could.
ANGEL: Maybe not. But I"ll die before I let you hurt anyone else.

JASMINE: You"re already dead!
ANGEL: You know what I mean. It ends right here.
JASMINE: Why do you hate me so much?

ANGEL: Let"s run down the list, huh? Rain of fire, blotting out the sun, enslaving mankind, and, yeah, oh, yeah, hey, you eat people!

JASMINE: Like you never have?
ANGEL: Thousands of people are dead because of what you"ve done.
JASMINE: And how many will die because of you? I could"ve stopped it, Angel. All of it. War, disease, poverty. How many precious, beautiful lives would"ve been saved in a handful of years? Yes, I murdered thousands to save billions. This world is doomed to drown in its own blood now.

ANGEL: The price was too high, Jasmine. Our fate has to be our own, or we"re nothing.

JASMINE: Like me?
ANGEL: Look, we"ve all done horrible things. All we can do is try and make up for it. So, OK, you know, it"s not the world that you wanted, but maybe you can still help us make it better, even if you have lost your powers.

JASMINE: Not all of them.
JASMINE: Think the price was too high? You haven"t begun to pay!
Maybe you"re right. Maybe I can still make this world a better place. One body at a time. I loved this world. I sacrificed everything I was to be with you.
ANGEL: So you could rule us?
JASMINE: Because I cared. The other Powers don"t. Never really did. You know that"s true in your heart. Shame now I gotta rip it out.
I was forged in the inferno of creation, vampire. Do you really think a little electricity would destroy me?

ANGEL: Worth a shot.
JASMINE: Remember the prophecy, Angel? The one that says in the time of the apocalypse, you"d play a major part? How you never knew whether you"d be on the side of good or evil? Well, now you know. Thanks to you, this frail, little Power That Was has just enough strength in her to wipe out your whole species. And it"s all on your hands.

ANGEL: This isn"t my fault! Go to hell.
JASMINE: You first, baby.
CONNOR: Always the same, dad. I get a girl, you gotta make a play for her.
ANGEL: Connor.
JASMINE: Connor.
WESLEY: Find anyone?
GUNN: We got ourselves a ghost hotel.
FRED: Garden"s empty. This is incredibly creepy.
LORNE: Only in a post-apocalyptic "Night of the Comet" kind of way.
FRED: Do you think they"re all??
LORNE: Dead. Dead air. TV stations going off line. Something big went down.

GUNN: Yeah. And here"s its head.
WESLEY: Angel.
FRED: You sure?
GUNN: Where we goin"?
WESLEY: We have to find him and Cordelia before Jasmine does.
FRED: Oh, my god.
JASMINE: Connor, I still have you. Angel"s ruined everything. But he can"t defeat both of us. You still believe in me, don"t you? You still love me?
ANGEL: Connor... It"s OK. It"s over. Look, I know this is difficult for you. I"m just?? I"m just happy to have you. Connor. Connor? Connor. Connor!
FRED: Angel.
ANGEL: Oh, my God. You"re alive.
WESLEY: Angel.
ANGEL: Jasmine"s dead. I brought back her name and her powers were destroyed. Connor killed her.
FRED: Connor?
WESLEY: Um, there"s something??
ANGEL: I"ve never seen him like this. He wasn"t hurt or angry, he just... killed her. And his face, it??it was just blank, like he had nothing left.

WESLEY: Angel, you really??
ANGEL: I"ve got a bad feeling. He"s just...given up. I think he"s gonna do something. You know, he might??
LILAH: End world peace? Well, you already took care of that. Congratulations.

The end
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