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FRED: He"s been here. Picking up loads of trace signatures.
FRED: Hair follicles, enzymes, and something... blood... but it"s not his, it"s-
Oh, God.
WESLEY: I think God is out at the moment.
GUNN: Why would Greenway do this? It was just a stupid racketeering charge. I told him we"d get him off with probation, so long as he shut down operations.

ANGEL: He"s a Wolfram & Hart client. Our client. Oh, and he"s evil. What are the odds?

FRED: What do we do now?
ANGEL: Now? I find Greenway, and I kill every inch of him.
WESLEY: You won"t. 5 holy women. This wasn"t random. It"s ritual. He"s jumped dimensions.
ANGEL: What?
WESLEY: Also, not shockingly, our client practices black arts. He"s escaped through a pan-dimensional doorway, disappeared into any one of infinite universes.

ANGEL: Fred?
FRED: My equipment"s not calibrated to track anything out of this dimension. Even if such a thing is possible, it would take months or maybe years-
ANGEL: That"s it.
FRED: But probably months, or maybe weeks if I really push-

ANGEL: I can"t do this anymore.
GUNN: Do what?
ANGEL: Any of this. Living with it. Running Wolfram & Hart.
I quit.

Opening credits.

ANGEL: There"s nothing more to discuss. I"m resigning.
LORNE: Gee, it seems like a ripe topic for discussion to me.
WESLEY: What happened last night was tragic. It"s a terrible setback, but-
ANGEL: Setback, Wes? It"s status quo. Evil wins, "cause instead of just wiping it out, we negotiate with it. Or worse...for it.

FRED: Angel, we"re doing the best we can.
ANGEL: It"s not that you guys aren"t doing your jobs. It"s that we shouldn"t be doing these jobs in the first place... or I shouldn"t.

GUNN: I"d say we"ve all had a bellyful. Any thought about what would happen to us if we tried to say bye-bye? The ramifications, I mean. You think the senior partners are just gonna let us breeze on out the front door?

FRED: You"re saying we"re trapped here?
GUNN: I"m saying we knew what we were getting into when we signed up for this gig. Let"s not start pretending that this was some lease with an option to buy.

ANGEL: Gunn, you really think they won"t let us out? Or is it that you just don"t want to leave?
GUNN: OK. Maybe I don"t. It"s "cause I believe in what we"re doing. We made the right call.

ANGEL: And I"m sure that legal brain upgrade they gave you has got nothing to do with-

GUNN: We all got something out of this.
ANGEL: Yeah. It"s Angel.
WESLEY: What is it?
ANGEL: It"s Cordelia.
That chick"s in rough shape.
You"d think they"d give miss one-foot-in-the- grave a private room... which brings me to, hey... couldn"t you stick me someplace that smells a little less like ammonia-soaked death?

ANGEL: Cordy.
CORDELIA: Yeah. It"s me.
WESLEY: It"s extraordinary. You"re- you look... I don"t want to say really hot-

CORDELIA: Oh, yes, you do.
I"m a vision of hotliness, and how weird is that? Mystical comas. You know, if you can stand the horror of a higher power hijacking your mind and body so that it can give birth to itself, I really recommend "em.

ANGEL: You remember?
CORDELIA: Last year? Yeah. I remember everything... pretty much. At least until I slipped into slumberland. Maternal instincts aside, I hope you kicked its ass for me.
Is everybody all right?

ANGEL: Yeah. Uh...great. We"re all-
WESLEY: Yes. Super.
ANGEL: Super. Yes. Super. Hey, why don"t we get you out of here?
CORDELIA: Ooh! I love that plan. I hope you brought me some clothes, "cause...
ANGEL: Oh, well, we-
WESLEY: We could stop and buy some.

CORDELIA: Ooh! Great! Shopping! I love that idea, "cause, you know, I"m not so ready to go back to the hotel yet.
ANGEL: Not a problem.
CORDELIA: I can"t.
See? It"s just an office. Going about its day. Nothing scary popping out at you. Just regular people-
LAWYER: Yeah, I found the scamp hiding in one of the copiers, you know? Living on nothing but toner fluid. Can you beat that? The slave, I mean. I mean, I assume the Archduke"s gonna beat him and all that.

ANGEL: That"s-ha-nothing. Hey, do you wanna see my office?
LORNE: Are you huggable?
CORDELIA: It is so good to see-
Oh, my God. Gunn? You have hair.
GUNN: Oh-ha-yeah. What did you think? I was prematurely bald?
I wasn"t.
CORDELIA: Oh! Hey, Fred.
FRED: Hi, Cordy.
CORDELIA: So, where"s Connor?
GUNN: Who?
CORDELIA: What do you mean, who? Connor. Isn"t he-
Angel, where"s your s-
HARMONY: Aah! Oh, my God!
I can"t believe you"re here!
CORDELIA: Likewise. Especially since the last time I saw you, you tried to kill me.

ANGEL: Um, Harmony, she"s- actually, she... she"s my secretary.
CORDELIA: Oh. Well, things just keep getting better and better.
HARMONY: I know. You and me together again. So, how was the coma?
ANGEL: Uh, Harmony, I think Cordy"s had enough excitement for the day. Why don"t you- Why doesn"t everybody get back to work?
GUNN: Great to see you.
FRED: Bye.
HARMONY: We"ll talk later.
LORNE: Hey, listen, crumbcake, when you"re ready to splash back into that acting pool, just say the word. I"ll have you lunching with Colin Farrell like that.
CORDELIA: Who"s Colin Farrell?
ANGEL: Cordy, I know there"s a lot to take in, a lot of changes, but I promise you... things here are working out.
ANGEL: Well, yeah. With these resources, there"s nothing we can"t do, no one we can"t save.
CORDELIA: Except maybe yourself.
ANGEL: What?
CORDELIA: I had a vision... from the you-know-what that be. That"s what woke me up.
And you know something? When higher powers send you coma visions, you"d better pay attention.

ANGEL: What did you see?
CORDELIA: You. In trouble.
Also, these weird symbols. Glyphs, I guess. On a wall... and on flesh. A tattoo, and-
There"s a woman behind you.
ANGEL: You saw a woman in your vision?

CORDELIA: No, lunkhead, right now.
Behind you.
EVE: You weren"t home upstairs. Didn"t think you"d mind me using your private elevator.

ANGEL: Eve, I mind you breathing. Get out.

EVE: Yeah, sure. Except I"m here to convey the partners concern. A little issue of you letting a client skip out of our dimension. Dead nuns we can deal with, but the firm"s out 10 million in bail costs.
I ask you, is that any way to run a business?
Who"s your friend, Angel?

CORDELIA: I"m Cordelia Chase.
EVE: Oh. My name is-
CORDELIA: I didn"t ask.
EVE: Right. Cordelia Chase. Oh, yeah. Angel talked a lot about you...at first.
ANGEL: I thought I told security not to let you in this building.
EVE: Sweetie, I"m liaison to the senior partners. You honestly think you have any control over my comings and goings?
Well, maybe not my goings, but you did have a way with my comings at the Halloween party.

CORDELIA: So you two are groin buddies?
And I thought Darla was rock bottom.

ANGEL: We"re not.
Just...once. There were special circumstances. Lorne told us to, but mystically.

EVE: We"ll talk business later, big guy. I"ll let you two catch up.

ANGEL: And I"ll let you walk out of here with your head still attached to your body.
Harmony, I want security keeping tabs on eve while she"s in the building.

HARMONY: Got it, bossy.
CORDELIA: That"s the kind of person you do business with now? Angel, do you realize what"s happening? You"ve made a deal with the devil.
ANGEL: Oh, come on, Cordy. You"re being a little overdramatic. It"s not that, uh-
DEVIL: I gotta go. Everything"s in place. They"ll draw up the paperwork.
ANGEL: Good. Great.
DEVIL: Racquetball Thursday?
ANGEL: OK, then.
ANGEL: What did I do?
SPIKE: You made the biggest mistake of your life, and I"m gonna make you pay. Oh, yeah.
Feel my wrath, gorilla throwing barrels.
Bloody hell.
Really should knock on a bloke"s door... especially one that"s got no qualms about killing trespassers.

DOYLE: Come on.
Is that any way to talk to your benefactor? Just a little concerned about you. You haven"t been out in the field lately.

SPIKE: In case you haven"t been keeping up with the sports pages, I got my bloody hands hacked off by that deranged slayer you sent me after.

DOYLE: Yeah, I"m sorry about that, but, hey, your good old buddies at Wolfram & Hart managed to reattach them just fine, huh? You can sit around here and play video games.

SPIKE: Rehab, mate. Working out the digits.
You got no idea how rotten this feels.

DOYLE: Amazingly enough, I do. Yeah. Got my hand cut off a few years back. Line of duty. So believe me when I tell you, I can feel your pain.

SPIKE: Well, half of it, anyway. I"ll give you that.
LINDSEY: Don"t forget you got a job to do.
The powers that be are counting on their champion.
So are all the other helpless people-

SPIKE: I don"t need a pep talk, Doyle. I already plan on going out. You just get one of your visions to tell me when and where.

LINDSEY: That"s what I like-
That"s what I like to hear.
EVE: We"ve got a big problem.
LINDSEY: Can this wait?
EVE: Kinda not. Cordelia Chase is awake.

LINDSEY: Really.
EVE: She"s talking about some vision she had. Steering Angel right toward you.

SPIKE: Come on! You stupid plumber! Bloody pathetic!
LINDSEY: Well, now... I guess this calls for a change of plans.
SPIKE: Hear me? You"re dead!
DOYLE: If you need help, then look no further. Angel investigations is the best. Our rats are low-
DOYLE: It says rats.
"Our rates are low, but our standards are high. When the chips are down, and you"re at the end of your rope, you need someone that you can count on, and that"s what you"ll find here, someone who will go all the way, who"ll protect you no matter what. So don"t lose hope."

CORDELIA: Sorry. I was snooping. I found this.
ANGEL: No, it"s-it"s OK. I just... You couldn"t sleep?
CORDELIA: Oh. No sleep for me. I slept enough for one lifetime.
ANGEL: Been a long while since I"ve seen that.
CORDELIA: The first soldier down.
ANGEL: Yeah.
CORDELIA: Doyle Pissed me off so righteously going out like that, but he knew. He knew what he had to do. Didn"t compromise. Used his last breath to make sure you"d keep fighting. I get that now.

ANGEL: Cordy...there are reasons I agreed to take over Wolfram & Hart, reasons you don"t understand.
CORDELIA: I understand just fine.
They seduced you with all their fancy facilities, manpower. They threw a whole bunch of money at you, plied you with all these expensive toys and penthouses with spectacular views, and-
really spectacular.
What was I saying?
ANGEL: I"ve been seduced.
CORDELIA: That"s right, pal. They dazzled you with shiny objects and beautiful things and- There is no reason you could give me-

ANGEL: Connor.
CORDELIA: Where is Connor? Why did Gunn ask-
ANGEL: They don"t remember him. It"s part of my agreement to take this job. The senior partners altered reality. They gave Connor a life, a real family, and a childhood. Something I could never give him. He"s got no memories of us. And no one remembers him.
Except me and you. And Eve, for some reason.
CORDELIA: So, not only did you strike a deal with your worst enemy to give up your son, you let them rape the memories of your friends who trust you?

ANGEL: He was about to kill you. And himself. He was so torn up. I didn"t have any other way to stop him, any way to help him. Connor"s happy now.
And...we"re doing fine here.
I mean, we"ve done some great work here-

CORDELIA: Don"t give me that, "everything"s fine here" company line. I"m not buying it. Neither are you. And neither are the Powers That Be. Why do you think they woke me up, gave me that vision? They know you slipped the track, and they want me to help put you back on it.

ANGEL: You"re wrong about the Powers. They"re not in my corner anymore.
It looks like Spike is their new champion.
CORDELIA: Spike? Spike who?
ANGEL: Spike. He"s got a soul now. And he saved the world. And he"s out there on the streets. You know, helping the...helpless.
CORDELIA: OK, Spike"s a hero, and you"re C.E.O. of Hell, Incorporated.
What freakin" bizarro world did I wake up in?

ANGEL: I"m sorry.
CORDELIA: I naturally assumed you"d be lost without me, but this?
ANGEL: I am lost without you.
CORDELIA: You just forgot who you are.
ANGEL: Remind me.
CORDELIA: Uh, no. That"s for you to figure out, bubba. I can tell you who you were. A guy who always fought his hardest for what was right, even when he couldn"t remember why. Even when he was miserable, which was, let"s face it, a not small portion of the time. He did right. And that gave him something. A light, a glimmer. And that"s the guy I fell in-
That, um... the guy I knew.
I see him around here, then maybe I"ll start believing.

ANGEL: Let me know if you do.
CORDELIA: Do you ever wonder... Do you ever think about if we"d met up that night and had a chance to-

ANGEL: All the time.
CORDELIA: Guess we missed our moment, huh?
ANGEL: Maybe we were meant to. Or maybe people like us just don"t get to...have that.

CORDELIA: Angel, there are no people like us.
EVE: You"re not worried at all?
LINDSEY: She"s awake. That means the powers that be are getting nervous. Taking an interest. Higher stakes. That likes me fine. Not sitting at the $5 table anymore.

EVE: You know the house always wins.

LINDSEY: So the question becomes whose house are we in? The senior partners gave that eurotrash vampire everything I"ve worked for. I couldn"t let that slide. They didn"t see me coming. Maybe they"re getting too old for this.

EVE: It all comes back to Angel, doesn"t it? He"s still the center of your universe.
LINDSEY: No, baby.
You are.
CORDELIA: Remember how I said, "Let"s not have your department looking for those symbols I saw in my vision. Let"s do this like we used to, you and me cracking the books"?

CORDELIA: Well, that was dumb. What"d you ever listen to me for?
WESLEY: I don"t know. I think I sort of missed this. You and me and the books,
kicking it old school, as they say.
And I never will again.
Last year, when that, um, higher...whatever took over my body, did those things. Nobody"s talking about it.
WESLEY: What"s to say? We all understand it wasn"t you.
WESLEY: You didn"t kill Lilah.
CORDELIA: I know. Still... I"m sorry.
I just wanted to tell you that before-
Hey! That"s them.
Those. The tats. Look.
WESLEY: Protection runes derived from the Enochian alphabet. The ones from your vision are symbols, some kind of concealment spell. "Clouds before the all-seeing eyes."

CORDELIA: Mmm. OK. This part I didn"t miss. Cryptic poetry.
WESLEY: They protect the bearer from being viewed remotely from higher powers, seers, mystics. Or, transposed to today, any means of modern surveillance.

CORDELIA: Somebody really wants to stay hidden.
a door marked "Maintenance: Restricted Access",
CORDELIA: This place is like a rat maze.
Complete with rats.
Well, well. I heard you weren"t evil anymore, which kind of makes the hair silly.
Or nice?
SPIKE: You took me on and lost, remember, old man?
ANGEL: Touch Cordelia again...
get ready for our very last rematch.
SPIKE: She"s evil, you gourmless tit.
CORDELIA: Excuse me? Who bit whom?
ANGEL: Did you call me a tit?
CORDELIA: I thought he had a soul.
SPIKE: I thought she didn"t.
SPIKE: So do I.
CORDELIA: Well, clearly, mine"s better.
SPIKE: Look-
ANGEL: I see fangs, I"m gonna play dentist.

CORDELIA: And you called this guy the big hero?
SPIKE: You called me a hero?
ANGEL: I didn"t know you were eating people.
Ow! God.
SPIKE: Ow! God. It was a taste test, you git. I needed to know if what my source said is true.
And, actually, well, you don"t taste evil. Demons are more...astringent with a sort of oakie, really-

ANGEL: What source?
SPIKE: I"ve got a guy. Has an in with the powers that whatsit. Gets these visions.

ANGEL: Visions?
SPIKE: Yeah. Said Cordelia was taken over by some big bad. Came to destroy you all.

CORDELIA: His vision"s a rerun.
ANGEL: The thing that possessed Cordy"s long dead, Spike.
SPIKE: Well, looks like tattoo boy was wrong this time.
Tattoos? What kind of tattoos?
SPIKE: I don"t know. Symbols. Tribal-like.

ANGEL: This guy with the visions, did he have a name?
SPIKE: Called himself Doyle.
EVE: No, he didn"t kill her. She"s still alive.
Now they"re talking. A lot.
LINDSEY: Hey, it was a long shot. Listen, babe, I"m almost there, all right? So get out of the building. Right now.

ANGEL: Can we have a word with you, Eve?

EVE: Now"s really not a good time.

CORDELIA: Let"s go, Lilah junior.
ANGEL: We"ve got a problem, Eve.
EVE: Damn right, you do. When I tell the partners you assaulted me-

ANGEL: A couple weeks ago, a man approached Spike. Told him that the powers that be have some missions for him. Spike, braintrust that he is, went along with it.

ANGEL: He"s the one who told Spike to save me from the parasite. The parasite you put on me in the first place.
EVE: Not this again.
CORDELIA: Get out of that chair and I will feed you those Manolo Blahniks.
Which are stunning, by the way.
ANGEL: Seems to me like you and this guy are working together.
EVE: Look, I don"t know what you"re talking about. But you can"t keep me here. I have to leave.
ANGEL: But the thing that really, really pisses me off is that this guy seems to be going by the name of Doyle.

EVE: Doesn"t ring a bell.
CORDELIA: It does to me.
It rings a big fricking gong,
and I wanna know who has the nerve to be using that name.
ANGEL: I"m gonna give you one chance to tell me where he is.
EVE: Look, I don"t know what-
HARMONY: Excuse me, boss?
ANGEL: Not now, Harmony.
HARMONY: OK, but do I get the afternoon off, too?
ANGEL: What are you talking about?
HARMONY: Everybody"s gone. The whole building cleared out a few minutes ago.
ANGEL: What"s going on, Eve?
LINDSEY: Wakey, wakey.
GUNN: I checked the server. A message went out. Code 7, right before the building emptied.

ANGEL: What"s a code 7, Eve?
EVE: I don"t know.
CORDELIA: OK, this is getting us nowhere. Angel, torture her.
ANGEL: What?
EVE: What?
CORDELIA: You heard me. Building clearing out means we don"t have a lot of time. Have at it.
ANGEL: I can"t just... torture her.
CORDELIA: Like, wha--
FRED: He"s right, Cordy. If we sink to their level-
ANGEL: Harmony!
HARMONY: Is this OK?
I mean, I am evil, technically. I don"t mind torturing her for the team.

ANGEL: Yeah. OK.
HARMONY: Come on, you hussy! Spill it!
EVE: OK. OK. Stop. It"s a fail-safe. They built a fail-safe-

ANGEL: Harmony, she"s talking.
HARMONY: She is? Already? Well, that sucks.
EVE: Look, the senior partners were never certain they could keep you under their thumb, so they created a fail-safe. Housed it in the sub-levels of the building.

FRED: What kind of fail-safe?
EVE: I don"t know what it is, exactly, but it"s huge and alive... and specifically designed to destroy you.
ANGEL: How can I stop it?
EVE: The only way to shut it down"s in the chamber itself.
FRED: Well, if that"s true, then who activated it in the first place?
GUNN: You were with us when the building cleared out.
WESLEY: Had to be someone else. Someone with the ability to slip past Wolfram & Hart security systems.
LORNE: Like our magically tattooed faux Doyle.
ANGEL: Spike, I don"t wanna go in blind. Anything else you know about this guy?

SPIKE: Not much. Average size. Dressed like an urban cowboy. Got his hand chopped off once.
CORDELIA: His hand?
WESLEY: He"s back.
ANGEL: Lindsey.
FRED: Who?
ANGEL: Lock the building down, make sure he can"t get out. Don"t trust security systems. He won"t show up because of those tattoos of his.

WESLEY: There could be a way to fix that. I"ll need some help.
LORNE: My dance card"s free.

FRED: Who is Lindsey?
CORDELIA: A lawyer. Wolfram & Hart"s former golden boy, till he ran off to go find himself.

ANGEL: Yeah, he should"ve stayed lost. Harmony, guard eve. She moves, eat her.

HARMONY: Really? Thanks.
FRED: Angel, you"re not going down there alone.
ANGEL: The fail-safe"s meant for me. I"m not gonna risk anybody I care about.

SPIKE: I"ll go.
Be ready to evacuate. If this thing gets past me, get the hell out of the building.

CORDELIA: Past us.
ANGEL: No, no. Cordy-
CORDELIA: Yeah, save it, Angel. You can order me around all you want, but I know my rights.
And I wanna see a lawyer.
SPIKE: What the bloody hell is this?
ANGEL: Let"s find out.
Zombies. Oh, swell.
We don"t have time for this.
SPIKE: Go on. I"ll hold them back.
Come on, lads. No need to be gentle. We"re all dead men here.
LINDSEY: Bye-bye, Angel.
ANGEL: Hello, Lindsey.
LINDSEY: And the hero arrives right on schedule. And with a date.
CORDELIA: Yeah. Dinner and a show... and you"re both.
LINDSEY: Is this the part where I get all weak in the knees? Promise I"ll never do it again?

ANGEL: It"s a little late for that, Doyle.
LINDSEY: There"s always time for redemption. Isn"t that your whole thing?
ANGEL: You had your chance. I guess some people, they just never change.
You just gonna lay there and bleed?

ANGEL: Cordy, get out of here.
Hang out.
This won"t take long.
LINDSEY: Oh. Well, it"s not the size that matters, big guy.
It"s how you use it.
ANGEL: Shut it down.
LINDSEY: Say please.
ANGEL: I wasn"t talking to you.
CORDELIA: Oh, right. On it.
ANGEL: So go and get yourself a little mojo? Should never have come back, Lindsey.

LINDSEY: What can I say? I missed you.

CORDELIA: OK, let"s try the blue one.
Ow! OK, not the blue one.
LINDSEY: Little something I picked up in Nepal.
You like it?
ANGEL: They sell that crap at the airport.

LINDSEY: You know, all my carefully laid out plans, my designs, when you get right down to it, that was pretty sweet, too, huh?
Reason enough for me to come back. You, me... fight to the death...
ANGEL: I"ve seen your tough act before, squirt. First time we ever met, you put on a show.
Huffing and puffing, telling me I couldn"t lay a hand on your scumbag client.

LINDSEY: So you kicked him out a window.
ANGEL: Good times.
LINDSEY: It was a defining moment.
Kind of like this one.
CORDELIA: Oh, crap.
WESLEY: Woodbury lichen.
FRED: Check.
WESLEY: Where"s our danbeetle skeleton?
GUNN: Already in the bowl. Man, I should be down there. Got enough Betty Crockers. I should be throwing some hurt.

WESLEY: "Sprinkle ingredients with the arterial blood of an unclean."
A demon.
LORNE: We"re unclean? Like you"re so April fre-
You sure that thing said arterial blood?

WESLEY: Sorry.
LORNE: Why don"t they ever need the urine of an unclean? I"ve got plenty of unclean urine.
Look. Uh... I think I"m making some right now.

ANGEL: That must have stung.
LINDSEY: Worse then when you cut off my hand.
LINDSEY: Who is this? Who is this?
I came to fight the vampire with a soul. Guess you shouldn"t have sold it, huh? Look at you, from champion to pathetic corporate puppet in just a few months. You used to have fire in your heart.
Now all you got in there is that big honkin" sword. How"s that feel, champ?

ANGEL: Could be worse...
if it had been made out of wood, you dumbass.

CORDELIA: Now you are gonna give it up.
Like that was so hard.
ANGEL: All those tattoos, all those new tricks you"ve learned...
just don"t matter.
Doesn"t matter what you try.
Doesn"t matter where I am or how badass you think you"ve become.
"Cause you know what?
I"m Angel.
I beat the bad guys.
ANGEL: I"ve been worse.
LINDSEY: So what now, huh? Think you got it in you to kill me?
ANGEL: I really don"t think I have to.

CORDELIA: Sweetie, your epidermis is showing.
WESLEY: Fabula mundi, sanguis incesti, vincula solve, invisa revela.
I think I can feel it working.

ANGEL: I think the senior partners would like a word.
LINDSEY: You don"t think they"re angry, do you?
CORDELIA: It"s really been a pleasure. Let"s never keep in touch.

ANGEL: It"s a new game, Eve. If I were you, I"d start thinking strategy.

EVE: And here I am thinking revenge.
ANGEL: And what do you imagine the senior partners are thinking?
LORNE: Well, I"m thinking seabreeze, compadres. I gave up a lot of blood for this gig.
HARMONY: And I didn"t get any. I kept begging Eve to run, but...
SPIKE: Well, I"ve been prancing around thinking I had a destiny. Love to drown my embarrassment in a few pints.

FRED: We should all go get a drink. We haven"t done that in...ever.
GUNN: I"m in. Cat and Fiddle?
Unless, of course, you"re busy packing.

ANGEL: A drink sounds good. I"ll go get my coat.
CORDELIA: You guys go ahead. We"ll catch up. Oh, and Wesley? You still work the best mojo in town.
LORNE: I bleed from the neck, he gets the props.
you feel good?
ANGEL: I do. I just...I kind of feel bad about it.

CORDELIA: My God, you are a piece of work.

ANGEL: I just don"t feel like I deserve...
I mean, all I did was beat up a tiny Texan. It"s not like I helped anyone.

CORDELIA: Sure you did.
CORDELIA: Boy, I really do fall for the dumb ones. You know how you"re always trying to save, oh, every single person in the world? Did it ever occur to you you were one of them?

ANGEL: No, it never did.
CORDELIA: Well, you made the list, gorgeous. And you needed some help.
ANGEL: And you were the one that helped me.
CORDELIA: I did my part.
ANGEL: Lindsey wasted a lot of energy trying to make me doubt myself. I know it"s not even close to over, but I do feel like I can do this. Wolfram & Hart, whatever"s coming, I feel like we can beat it.

ANGEL: You do?
CORDELIA: I always did. I... I just needed you to know it, too.
ANGEL: So all that stuff about the deals with the devil...
CORDELIA: Was God"s honest truth.
But you"re bigger than that. You"ll win this in the end.
I, uh... just wish I could be there to see it.

ANGEL: What do you mean? You"re not...
CORDELIA: I can"t stay. This isn"t me anymore. You can say good-bye to the gang for me, explain everything once you understand.
ANGEL: That"s gonna be never.
I need you here.
CORDELIA: Don"t make it hard, Angel. I"m just on a different road... and this is my off-ramp. The Powers That Be owed me one, and I didn"t waste it. I got my guy back on track.

ANGEL: Cordy, there"s just-
CORDELIA: We take what we can get, champ, and we do our best with it. I"ll be seeing you.
Oh, what the hell. One for the road?

ANGEL: You know, um... I don"t...I don"t need to get that.
CORDELIA: That you have to get.
Oh... and you"re welcome.
ANGEL: Hello. Yes, I know. She"s... but that"s impossible. She"s standing right-
I"m sorry. Yeah.
When did she die? Did she, um... she never did wake up? I see.
Thank you.

The end

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