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WESLEY: She"s either... counting oxygen molecules or analyzing the petri dish she just put into her mouth. Or sleeping. I can never quite tell.
ANGEL: You sure this was a good idea?

WESLEY: Oh, we have plenty of petri dishes.
ANGEL: I meant-
WESLEY: I know what you meant.
ANGEL: You don"t have to do this all yourself.

WESLEY: Who else is there? We"re running out of people, Angel. We"re getting no further with Gunn-
ANGEL: I"m not leaving Gunn in a hell dimension. We"ll get him out. In the meantime, I need you to let us help you with her.

WESLEY: She"s my responsibility.
ANGEL: She"s our responsibility. If she"s gonna be here, there are things that we should be doing- Testing her powers, studying her.
She put a whole petri dish in her mouth?

WESLEY: Illyria can be... difficult. Testing her might be hard without getting someone seriously hurt.

ANGEL: We"ll make Spike do it.
She doesn"t understand our world. She needs someone to guide her. She needs-
ANGEL: When was the last time you slept? You"re not her savior. I need you here, working, not off drinking yourself into a coma, chasing ghosts. Fred"s dead, Wes. You"re still alive. Start acting like it.

FATHER: We had nowhere else to go. Our son was... getting the mail.
MOTHER: We could see him from the living room. He was walking across the driveway, and this van-
FATHER: It must have been going 50, 60 miles an hour. It hopped the curb, and it ran right into him. It slammed him right into the side of the garage, and then... backed up and sped off.
WESLEY: And the police think this was intentional? Has homicide found the van?

FATHER: You don"t understand.
MOTHER: Our son"s not dead.
WESLEY: He"s not?
FATHER: No. He"s fine. The van hit him, and he got right up.
MOTHER: He hardly has a scratch on him.

FATHER: Police said it was dumb luck, but if you saw it...

MOTHER: One of the officers called us later, said our son might be different.

FATHER: He mentioned that there was a law firm in Los Angeles that dealt with... things like this.
WESLEY: Harmony, would you ask Angel to come in here, please?
MOTHER: Our son"s downstairs. He thinks that we"re here to set up a trust.
FATHER: We didn"t know what else to tell him.
MOTHER: Please, will you help us?
WESLEY: Of course.
CONNOR: Hey, dad!

Opening credits.

ANGEL: What- What are you-
FATHER: Yeah, it"s OK. Come on over.
CONNOR: You know, they have dried scorpions in the vending machines downstairs.
WESLEY: Angel, good.
This is Laurence and Colleen Reilly, and this is their son-
CONNOR: Connor.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
WESLEY: The Reillys need to talk about some issues regarding Connor here, and I thought we could-
ANGEL: I"m sorry. There must be some mistake. We can"t help you.

WESLEY: A van ran him down. He got up and walked away... unharmed.
ANGEL: How"d they find us?
WESLEY: Police officer mentioned our name, said we might be able to help.

ANGEL: We"re not taking this case.

WESLEY: Why not?
ANGEL: Because with everything going on, we don"t have time to deal with small stuff like this.

WESLEY: Small stuff? This is what we do... or what we"re supposed to do. They need help. And they seem like good people.

ANGEL: All the more reason to get them out of here. We know what this place does to good people.
GUNN: Aah!
Who was it... What am I... I was lookin" for something.
It"s OK. Found it!
ILLYRIA: You break so easily.
Why do you bother getting back up?
SPIKE: Right.
We need to set some ground rules. First off-
no more punching me in the face.
Secondly, when I punch you in the face, you tell me how you feel so I can write that down on my clipboard.
Third-no touching my clipboard.

ILLYRIA: I enjoy hurting you.
SPIKE: Well, we"re gonna have to fix that, "cause-
WESLEY: How goes it?
ILLYRIA: I"ve been hitting the half-breed. He makes noise.
SPIKE: We"re off to a bit of a rough start, but don"t worry. I"ll break her.
WESLEY: She"s not a horse, Spike. You know, this room is equipped with automated training devices, and you don"t have to test her by just... allowing her to pummel you.

SPIKE: We"re working on the basics. But don"t worry- I"m writing it all down.
ILLYRIA: You reek of frustration. Curls off of you like smoke.

SPIKE: Actually, love, we call that scotch. 12-year Lagavulin, if I"m not mistaken. Good choice.

WESLEY: It"s nothing. I"m just, uh... I had a...slight disagreement with Angel.
SPIKE: Oh, old broody-pants got you wound up, eh? Keep in mind, he can"t get laid without maybe going crazy. Makes it funny.

ILLYRIA: In my time, a leader would punish your insolence with death.
WESLEY: We"re not being insolent, Illyria.
SPIKE: I am.
WESLEY: It"s just, uh... I don"t always understand Angel.
ILLYRIA: Yet you follow him willingly. You"re loyal to him.

WESLEY: He"s earned it. I...trust he knows what he"s doing.
ANGEL: What the hell is going on?
HAMILTON: Angel? I"m at your disposal.
ANGEL: My son walks in through my door!
HAMILTON: And you make him walk right out again. I found that interesting.
ANGEL: I want him as far away from here as possible!
HAMILTON: Yes. But it might have been smart to get some information out of him first. It could help us understand what"s happening.

ANGEL: Tell you what. Why don"t you just tell me?
HAMILTON: Let"s be clear about this. Things run differently now. I"m not a little girl. You and I won"t be making love on this couch any time soon.
Now, with that in mind, how can I help you?

ANGEL: The senior partners and I had a deal.

HAMILTON: Yes, you did. They took your son-your raging psychopathic son-gave him a new family, changed his memories, changed everyone"s memories, actually, in order to give him a new life, a normal life.

ANGEL: And I came to work here!
HAMILTON: And we couldn"t be happier. The senior partners honor their deals. And believe me, they have no desire to upset such a...profitable partnership.

ANGEL: So this is just a... an unfortunate coincidence.
HAMILTON: Oh, no, I didn"t say that. I said the senior partners weren"t behind it. This isn"t an accident. Someone out there"s trying to send you a message... and they"re using your son to do it.

MOTHER: Where are we supposed to go now?
FATHER: I"m sure there"s someone else who can... handle our trust.

CONNOR: Um, just so you know, you guys don"t have to keep pretending. I know we were there because of the van thing.

MOTHER: I"m sorry, honey, it"s just it was-

CONNOR: It"s cool. I mean, my parents are liars and I can never trust them again, but it"s cool. Look...I know you guys are worried, but...the whole point is I"m OK. I got hit and I"m OK. That should make you happy, not like, you know... mental patients. I mean, it turned out fine.

FATHER: It"s the "getting hit" part. We thought you were dead.
CONNOR: Hey, have some faith in me.
FATHER: Connor...
CONNOR: All right. Look, you guys... I"m not saying this isn"t weird and all, but we"ll get through it. You don"t have to be scared.

FATHER: Hey! Get off him!
Oh, my God!
ANGEL: Connor, listen to me-
CONNOR: You almost broke that guy in half!
That was awesome!
Seriously, that was the coolest thing I"ve ever seen.
ANGEL: Well, it"s-
It"s not a big deal. I mean, I do stuff like that a lot. There was this one time in France:

MOTHER: Connor!
CONNOR: Dad. Dad!
MOTHER: We need to get him to a hospital.
ANGEL: We got doctors at Wolfram & Hart. We can help.
You and I have some things we should probably talk about.
CONNOR: Yeah. I kinda figured.
ANGEL: Your dad"s gonna be fine. He"s in good hands. Or claws, as the case may be. They"re good doctors.

CONNOR: What were those things that attacked us?
ANGEL: Some kind of demon. I"m looking into it.
CONNOR: Is that what I am?
Some kind of demon?
CONNOR: Then...what am I?
ANGEL: Best we can tell, you"re a healthy, well-adjusted kid, with, uh... enhanced abilities.
CONNOR: And you"re a vampire.
So...demons, vampires, doctors with claws... and I"m some sort of super-hero.
ANGEL: You"re taking this pretty well.
CONNOR: What am I supposed to do, complain? I just don"t know how I"m gonna explain it to my parents. You got family?

CONNOR: Right. Vampire. So, what are you, like 500 years old?
ANGEL: No, I"m about- Do I look 500?

CONNOR: Do you spend all your time making out with other vampires, like in Anne Rice novels?
ANGEL: No. Uh-I used to, but...
CONNOR: You have a girlfriend at least?

ANGEL: Can"t afford to.
CONNOR: Must be lonely.
ANGEL: I keep busy.
CONNOR: Right. So you guys, like, fight crime and save the world here, that sort of stuff?

ANGEL: Well, that"s the idea.
CONNOR: Wow. Is everyone here a superhero? This place must be insane.
ANGEL: It"s mostly paralegals and secretaries. Pretty boring, really.

SPIKE: You filthy harlot!
I"m gonna tear your neck out!
ANGEL: You wanna meet some of my co-workers?
ANGEL: Guys, you wanna come here for a second?
CONNOR: What is she?
ANGEL: She"s a... to be honest, I really don"t know. She"s some sort of ancient demon.

CONNOR: She have any powers?
SPIKE: Glad you asked. So far, I"ve established that she can hit like a Mack truck, selectively alter the flow of time, and, uh...
possibly talk to plants.

ILLYRIA: I"d like to keep Spike as my pet.

ANGEL: Connor, this is Spike and Illyria. Guys, this is Connor.
Um...I like your outfit.
ILLYRIA: Your body warms.
This one is lusting after me.
CONNOR: Oh... no, I-I-
It"s just that-it"s the outfit.
I guess I"ve always had a thing for older women.
ANGEL: They were supposed to fix that.
ANGEL: Nothing. Connor has brought us a case. We"re looking into it, just showing him around.
LORNE: Hey... you kids playing in the training room?
CONNOR: Whoa! Man, this place is way better than college.
LORNE: Yeah, Ange-babe, Wes is requesting your presence upstairs. Has a little demon info for your peepers.

CONNOR: It was nice meeting you.
ANGEL: You"re in college?
ANGEL: Where at?
CONNOR: Stanford.
ANGEL: Really?
That"s them.
WESLEY: Kith"harn demons. In Los Angeles, they"re the known henchmen of a warlock called Cyvus Vail.
ANGEL: What do we know about him?
LORNE: He"s powerful. Heads up a large demon empire, has tendrils stretching throughout L.A.
ANGEL: Tendril-tendrils?
LORNE: Metaphor-tendrils.
CONNOR: What does he want with me?
WESLEY: If he"s using his Kith"harn demons, he"s not trying to remain anonymous.
Where are you going?
ANGEL: Go visit Mr. Vail.
CONNOR: I"ll come with.
ANGEL: No. You"re here.
WESLEY: Angel, we know hardly anything about this man. If he"s trying to bait you-
ANGEL: It"s not up for discussion.
WESLEY: At least take backup-

ANGEL: I said I"d take care of it, Wes. Drop it!

WESLEY: Get me everything you can find on Cyvus Vail.
VAIL: Did you kill all of my guards?
ANGEL: All the ones I could find.
VAIL: Mmm. I should have given them the day off.
I wasn"t trying to kill your son, you know. I simply needed him to understand what he is capable of.
ANGEL: How do you know about Connor?
VAIL: I built him.
HARMONY: These are everything the clerk had on Vail, and this... was down wandering around human resources.
ILLYRIA: Spike is resting.
WESLEY: Thank you, Harmony.
LORNE: Here we go. Vail listings under accounts paid.
WESLEY: Wolfram & Hart did business with him?
LORNE: Yeah. Looks like he was one of their go-to warlocks when it came to the magical mojo. Specialized in memory restructuring, mind control, temporal shifts.
Oh, boy.

WESLEY: What is it?
LORNE: You could buy Bolivia for what we paid him on this one.
WESLEY: Not just him. He supervised some of the most powerful sorcerers on the west coast.
LORNE: Manpower like that, I"m guessing he wasn"t doing card tricks.

WESLEY: Some sort of reality shift, and it- Oh...
LORNE: What?
WESLEY: It happened on the day we took over Wolfram & Hart.
VAIL: Could you help me up? I"d have one of my guards do it, but, well, you know.
Thank you.
When Connor was 5, he got lost in a department store.
He wandered off while his family was shopping. It scared the poor child nearly half to death.
ANGEL: That never happened!
VAIL: Yes... but he remembers it happening.
He remembers screaming in the middle of the store. He remembers his mother rushing towards him. And he remembers his father sweeping him up into his arms.
ANGEL: You built his memories.
VAIL: I did. He is some of my finest work.
ANGEL: What do you want?
VAIL: I need someone dead. A demon... named Sahjahn.
ANGEL: Sahjahn.
VAIL: I believe you tussled with him before. He"s a nasty little cur!

ANGEL: He"s gone. I trapped him in a bottle.
VAIL: An urn...actually.
It"s a morbid thing. Doesn"t really go with my decor.

ANGEL: He"s trapped. Let him rot.
VAIL: Urns tend to break. Long lost enemies tend to return. I need finality to my affairs.
Do you know what an Orlon Window is, Angel?
It"s a fascinating little spell. It allows warlocks such as myself to see the past as it once was. You have to be careful with it, though. If it were to break around someone whose mind had been altered, then all his old memories would come rushing back.
Careful, Angel! I gave Connor his happy life.
Are you certain you can kill me... before I can take it away from him? I... built your son.
I am not the sort of man you want as an enemy.

ANGEL: Fine. I"ll do it. I"ll kill Sahjahn.

VAIL: If it were that simple, I"d do it myself. No, the prophecy is quite clear. There is only one person who can kill Sahjahn.

ANGEL: Connor.
VAIL: So...you see our problem. I turned your son into a healthy boy. And now, I need you... to turn him back into a killer.

CONNOR: He wants me to kill somebody?
ANGEL: A demon named Sahjahn. We"ve fought him before.
CONNOR: Why me? Why do I have to do it?

ANGEL: Because you"re special. There"s a prophecy that says you"re the only one who can kill him.
WESLEY: Why are we even entertaining this?
ANGEL: Vail"s made some convincing threats.

WESLEY: Since when do we give in to threats?
CONNOR: He"s not threatening you. He"s threatening my family.
WESLEY: We can"t trust anything from Vail. Angel, he did a massive spell the day we took over Wolfram & Hart. Until we understand why-

CONNOR: Is he pretty strong, this Sahjahn?

WESLEY: That"s a bit of an understatement. Last time you fought him, Sahjahn nearly killed you.
CONNOR: Is that true?
ANGEL: This is different.
Like I said... you"re special.
CONNOR: We don"t have a choice, do we?
WESLEY: Of course we have a choice. We just need time to figure out what Vail did.

ANGEL: We don"t have time.
CONNOR: If I kill Sahjahn, Vail will leave my family alone?
What are we waiting for?
GUNN: Please...please... I"ll do whatever you say-please!
No! No! No!
HAMILTON: Sorry to interrupt.
I"ll just need a minute.
Do you know what this thing is?
It"s a gibbet. Has he put you in it yet? Well, he"ll get around to it. Eventually, he gets around to everything down here.
Mr. Gunn, I"m Marcus Hamilton, your new liaison to the senior partners, and I have a proposition for you.
GUNN: Oh, yeah?
HAMILTON: Yes. It occurs to us that you might want to get out of here. We can help with that. You know, I"ve been by your offices, seen your friends. Strange, there"s not much activity on the... "rescue Gunn" front. We"re not asking you for much. All we need you to do-

GUNN: Can I have my necklace back?
Come on, sparky. Let"s go.
This heart ain"t gonna cut itself out.
HAMILTON: Thank you for your time.
GUNN: No, no, no, please!
Please! No! No! No!
ANGEL: You"re not alone in this. I"ll be right there with you.
CONNOR: You gonna hold Sahjahn down while I stab him?
ANGEL: Prophecy doesn"t say you can"t have a little help.
CONNOR: Hardly seems fair.
ANGEL: Fair"s not something we worry about.

CONNOR: Maybe you should. I"m not a bully. If I"m gonna do this, you gotta let me do it my way.
Now I just gotta figure out what my way is.

ANGEL: You"ll have your whole life for that.
CONNOR: Might as well start now.

ANGEL: All right. Let me show you a few things.
CONNOR: Well, yeah... I"m all noble and stuff, but I"m not an idiot. I"ve been in one fight in my entire life, and you bailed me out of it.
Should I take one of these with me? An ax, or whatever this thing is.

ANGEL: That"s OK. Probably stay away from the weapons for now.
CONNOR: OK. Sorry.
ANGEL: Look, you"re faster than Sahjahn. Use it! He talks a lot. He"ll try to lull you into slowing down. Don"t listen. Hit him quick. Keep moving.

CONNOR: Do you really think I can do this?

ANGEL: I know you can.
ILLYRIA: You are so concerned with names, dates, times.
WESLEY: Reality"s being changed.
ILLYRIA: Define change. The world is as it is.

WESLEY: Not necessarily.
ILLYRIA: You are a summation of recollections. Each change is simply a point of experience.
WESLEY: We are more than just memories.

ILLYRIA: And yet Fred changed the moment her memory did.
WESLEY: Fred"s memories were changed?

ILLYRIA: In places.
WESLEY: Can you see what they were before?
They"re gone.
Does this change your view of Fred? Is she still the person you thought she was?

WESLEY: No. None of us are.
CONNOR: This place smells like a retirement home.
VAIL: Welcome. I"ve been waiting for you.
CONNOR: Oh, lord. Look at him.
Listen, Vail, we won"t be staying long.

CONNOR: Here"s how it works. I kill this Sahjahn thing, and we walk. You come near my family again, and I"ll slit your throat.
And if that doesn"t kill ya, I"ll chop your whole head off. And if that doesn"t work, I"ll-I"ll just keep... stabbing you till you bleed to death.

VAIL: I do.
CONNOR: Good. So...where is he?
VAIL: Right through there.
See you later.
ANGEL: Listen, he"s gonna talk to you. Don"t let him distract you.
CONNOR: I won"t.
ANGEL: Even if he"s on the ground, do not take your eyes off him.
ANGEL: Whatever you do, do not-
CONNOR: Dude, you"re starting to freak me out.
ANGEL: Right. Sorry.
Sorry. Go get him.
I"ll be right over here.
CONNOR: What am I suppose-
VAIL: He can"t see us anymore.
ANGEL: Why not?
VAIL: I can"t risk Sahjahn getting loose. He has a nasty habit of trying to kill me. But don"t worry. Your boy is very brave. I"m sure he"ll do you proud.

CONNOR: Open sesame. Or whatever.
SAHJAHN: Thank you, mortal, for releasing me from my cursed prison. In gratitude, I grant you 3 wishes.

CONNOR: Really?
SAHJAHN: Nah. I"m just messing with you.
SAHJAHN: I do appreciate it, though.
Ahh... that urn wasn"t exactly a day at the spa. I owe you one.
CONNOR: Right. Well, before you start trying to kiss me, I should probably tell ya... you and I, we"re, uh...supposed to fight.

SAHJAHN: Is that right?
SAHJAHN: Now, why would you want-
Ah... you"re him.
CONNOR: Yeah. I"m me. Hi. You can take a moment, if you want.
There"s some weapons and stuff over here if you think you"ll need them.

SAHJAHN: Thanks.
ANGEL: No, he"s talking to him. Why is he talking to him? I told him not to talk to him.

SAHJAHN: Been a while since we"ve seen each other. How"d Quor-Toth work out for you, anyway?
CONNOR: Uh...worked out great. Thanks for asking.
SAHJAHN: You know, I"ve had a long time to plan for this moment. I figured you"d be a lot more... intimidating.

CONNOR: Yeah. Well... I figured I was going to Tony Roma"s with my folks tonight, but... I"m here. Learn to cope.

SAHJAHN: I"ll work on it.
VAIL: Sorry. Not your fight.
CONNOR: Ow! God, that really hurt!

SAHJAHN: Did it?
SAHJAHN: I"m sorry.
You need to call a time out?
CONNOR: No. I"m all right.
ANGEL: Open the doorway. Right now.
VAIL: Or you"ll what? Relax. Your son has to grow up sooner or later. Sit back and watch his future unfold.
There"s no need to bring back the past if we don"t have to.

SAHJAHN: You know...I went through a lot of trouble to get rid of you. What a colossal waste of time that turned out to be.

ANGEL: Open it now-
WESLEY: You changed the world.
ANGEL: Wes...what are you doing?
WESLEY: You sold us out to Wolfram & Hart.
ANGEL: Be careful.
WESLEY: Is this your 30 pieces of silver?
ANGEL: Wes...give me that.
ILLYRIA: He doesn"t follow you any longer.

SAHJAHN: These prophecies are turning out to be pretty overrated. I gotta tell you, kid, you"re making a good case for the whole concept of free will.

WESLEY: You changed the world.
ANGEL: He"s my son, Wesley. Connor"s my son.
WESLEY: Did you trade her? Did you trade Fred for your son?
ANGEL: What?
WESLEY: Everything that"s happened since we took over Wolfram & Hart, everything that"s happened to- her... Did you know? Was Fred the price?
ANGEL: No. Wes... I can explain. Just put that down.
WESLEY: Why are you so afraid of this? He said it would bring back the past. Will it undo what you"ve done?
ANGEL: No. It won"t bring her back.
WESLEY: Let"s find out.
ANGEL: No! Please. You have to trust me.

WESLEY: I can"t. Not anymore.
ANGEL: Connor-
SAHJAHN: Lucky shot.
ANGEL: Connor?
CONNOR: Whoa! You see that? I went a little hard-core there for a second. That guy made me really cranky.
ANGEL: Are you OK?
CONNOR: Yeah. I guess. I don"t really like people touching my neck, you know?

ANGEL: Connor... uh...
CONNOR: Hey, can we... get outta here? I"d like to go back... see my parents.
This whole fighting thing, I"m not... I"m not really sure it"s for me.

ILLYRIA: You betrayed Angel. You stole his son. He tried to kill you.
ILLYRIA: Are these the memories you needed back? Does this now make you Wesley?

WESLEY: At least I know what happened.

ILLYRIA: Do you? There are 2 sets of memories-those that happened and those that are fabricated. It"s hard to tell which is which.
WESLEY: Try to push reality out of your mind. Focus on the other memories. They were created for a reason.

ILLYRIA: To hide from the truth?
WESLEY: To endure it.
CONNOR: I thought sunlight burned you up.

ANGEL: Special glass.
CONNOR: Cool. You should, like, make a whole suit out of it like the pope has.

ANGEL: How"s your dad?
CONNOR: He"s fine. They"re releasing him now. I should warn you-he"s pretty pissed. I told him that you took me out demon fighting and, uh, almost got me killed. He wants to have a talk with you.

ANGEL: All right. I"ll, uh...
CONNOR: I"m kidding! Man, you gotta lighten up. He thinks we spent the whole night doing tests. I told him I could bench press, like, 1,000 pounds.

ANGEL: What are you gonna tell them about... who you are?
CONNOR: The truth, more or less. I"ll tell them that I"m different. I"ll tell them it"s... actually a good thing. I"ll tell them to stop worrying so much.

ANGEL: Well, they"re parents.
CONNOR: Yeah, I know. They"ll feel a lot better knowing you"re looking out for me.

ANGEL: We still haven"t found Vail, but we will.
CONNOR: I"m not too worried about him. Nothing he can show me I haven"t already seen.
Anyway... I just wanted to say good-bye. I gotta go back to my life now.

ANGEL: Oh...do you really have to leave? I mean, right now?
CONNOR: I kinda think I should. I need to take care of my parents. This isn"t their world. They really don"t feel safe here.
You gotta do what you can to protect your family. I learned that from my father.

The end

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