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CAPTAIN: Come on, come on! Let"s go! Let"s go! Move it!
HODGE: I repeat, we need immediate assistance!
CAPTAIN: Get out, as fast as you can! Come on, let"s go! Lawson, get those men forward!

LAWSON: All right, you heard the Captain. Clear the compartment.
CAPTAIN: Lock it down out there. Dog the hatches! Get the men...
LAWSON: Captain?!
Somebody help me! Get in here!
Oh, God. Help me!
GUNN: Tactical swept her hangouts, and our locators ran through their usual voodoo. Each came back with the same result: Eve has vanished.
ANGEL: Well, I can"t say I"m particularly depressed by that news.
WESLEY: She did leave swearing vengeance. That doesn"t usually go well for us.
GUNN: Oh, and the senior partners don"t take betrayal lightly.
LORNE: Yeah, well, gotta figure they whisked her up shortly after they nabbed the scheming prince.
ANGEL: Speaking of which...
GUNN: Uh, no news, but goin" off of company precedent, right about now Lindsey should be boiling in his own filth.

ANGEL: "Should be" "s not gonna cut it. Let"s find out for sure.
GUNN: Well, the white room"s empty. Our liaison to the senior partners has vanished. It"s hard getting information anymore. We may be able to establish a new liaison through a-
uh through a protocol....
Uh, sorry. Must be tired. Um... we"ve got options. I"ll get on it.

ANGEL: It can wait till morning. Eve"s vanished. Let"s end on a high note.

LORNE: Oh, calling the patient before midnight on a Friday? Careful, gang. We might get to have social lives.

WESLEY: Speak for yourself. I"ve got 5 or 6 hours of spell detailing to do.

GUNN: Yeah. I got a mess of briefings to go through.
FRED: And I have to redo the entire Trask experiment. Knox really dropped the ball on that one.
WESLEY: Yes, he is unreliable. Good point.

FRED: So much for social lives.

ANGEL: Well, should we at least meet back here in a few hours and talk about some work some more?
WESLEY: Sounds lovely.
FRED: What did we do with our lives before we got these jobs?
WESLEY: I seem to recall lots and lots of Jenga.
LORNE: Well, I"m out of here. If we"re working, there"s a client party down at Skybar with my name all over it.

FRED: That counts as work?
LORNE: You been to Skybar lately? It"s all frat boys and television executives.

GUNN: Hey, if you"re detailing spells, maybe we should go over the portal incantations from last Monday"s Mithroc retreat.

WESLEY: Oh, God, Gunn, don"t even start. We have enough work for one night. Let"s not worry about yesterday.

Opening credits.

FRED: Excuse me?
LAWSON: Oh. Hi. I"m sorry. I-I was just trying to understand some of your equations here. I used to have a bit of a head for numbers. It"s funny how you lose part of your mind when you stop using it.

FRED: Is there something I can help you with?
LAWSON: Oh, don"t be alarmed, Ms. Burkle. I just came to talk.
FRED: How do you know my name?
LAWSON: Do you like working here?
FRED: What?
LAWSON: You know, do you enjoy what you do? Do you find yourself waking up in the morning, eager to start your day?

FRED: Uh... I don"t know. I-I mean, I guess I had my doubts at first, but lately I"ve been feeling like we"re-

LAWSON: Please don"t try and run, Ms. Burkle. I"d have to stop you.

FRED: What do you want?
LAWSON: Actually, I came to see your boss. Angel and I are... old acquaintances. I was friends with him back in the day, back when he was in his patriotic phase.

the New York Journal, reads "Allies Strike Back."

TITLE: New York City, 1943

MILITARY MAN: All right, calm down! Calm down!
Now, when I say "calm down," I"m talkin" to you, of course. These guys I want wound good and tight, case you don"t feel like listenin". Sit down, son. We need to talk.
You ever considered joinin" the war effort?

MILITARY MAN: Well, that"s a shame. Times like these, we can use all the able-bodied men we can get.

ANGEL: I"m not a man. I guess you already knew that.
MILITARY MAN: Everybody"s gotta do his part. That"s all I"m sayin". Doenitz has been kickin" the holy hell out of us in the Atlantic. Allies are losin" up to 100 ships a month to his u-boats. Their damn submarines are faster, stronger, and more powerful than anything we"ve got in the water. Say what you will about the Krauts, them sons-of-bitches know how to build a boat. Up till now, we haven"t had much luck figuring out what makes "em tick, but 2 days ago our boys managed to capture what appears to be a T-class German-prototype submarine.

ANGEL: That"s... great news.
MILITARY MAN: Yes, it is. Unfortunately, when they were bringin" it back here, something went wrong. Late last night, we received fragments of a distress call. Something was on that ship. Have you ever heard dying men screaming for their lives, Angel?
MAN IN BLACK: Course he has.
MILITARY MAN: That sub"s stuck in hostile territory, but we need it if we"re gonna win this war. It"s down too deep to send divers. Pressure, cold"d kill a man...

MAN IN BLACK: But... those aren"t problems for you... are they?
You"ve been on our radar for some time now, Angelus.
ANGEL: Name"s Angel.
Right. You have a soul now. I represent a relatively new agency, Demon Research Initiative. And we think that you might be the solution to our little problem.

ANGEL: Well... I"m not interested.
MAN IN BLACK: We don"t particularly care. We figure we strap enough weight to you, you will sink, regardless of your interests.

MILITARY MAN: We need that sub, and we need you to deal with... what"s on it.

MAN IN BLACK: We had our intelligence investigate the submarine"s cargo manifest.
MILITARY MAN: We think we know what attacked our boys.
LAWSON: How you holdin" up, Hodge?
HODGE: Tiptop, sir.
LAWSON: We gotta keep it steady, sailor. If we"re gonna get out of this, we need you sharp.
SPINELLI: We"re tryin" to figure our next move.

TYLER: We got no means of controlling the ship from up here. Now, these bulkheads hold, we got maybe 2 days of air left.

SPINELLI: That"s assuming that they don"t figure out how to get through that hatch.
TYLER: What the hell were those things, Lawson?
SPINELLI: I bet you our friend Fritz here knows.
Huh? Huh?
What the hell were you sick bastards carryin"?
GERMAN: Wie bitte? Ich verstehe nicht.

SPINELLI: What did you-
TYLER: Shh! Shut up, Spinelli!
Screaming: Help! Aah!
HODGE: That"s Lewis.
TYLER: Christ, he"s still alive back there.
Screaming: Help me.! Help.
SPINELLI: Hey, you, what do you think you"re doin"?
LAWSON: Get out of my way, Spinelli.
SPINELLI: They"re dead! Nothin" we can do to help them now.

LAWSON: Stay here. I"ll go alone.

HODGE: Guys!
SPINELLI: You open that hatch, we all die.

LAWSON: You get that gun out of my face. Right now. Right now.
TYLER: What was that?
SPINELLI: Movin" on the hull.
LAWSON: Torpedo room. Bring the German.

O"SHEA: It"s in the tubes.
SPINELLI: What the hell is it?
HODGE: Could be another one of them.
SPINELLI: I say we flush the tubes-

That"s S.O.S.
Open tube number one.
You wanna tell me how a man gets 400 feet down without so much as a dive suit?

ANGEL: Which one of you is Captain Franklin?
LAWSON: Captain"s dead.
ANGEL: Who"s in charge?
LAWSON: Suppose that"d be me.
ANGEL: Under naval op 4-zero-7, I"m supposed to issue you your order: Charlie Baker Oboe Victor.

LAWSON: Verification.
ANGEL: Nautilus.
LAWSON: Yes, sir. All right.
ANGEL: Somebody wanna get these things off me?
HODGE: I"m telling you, he"s some sort of super soldier, l-like Steve Rogers or Captain America.
SPINELLI: Steve Rogers is Captain America, you eightball.
HODGE: What?
LAWSON: We"re all that"s left. An ensign, a helmsman, handful of petty officers. Afraid we"re not much, not against them.

ANGEL: What"s your name, ensign?
LAWSON: Lawson, sir. Sam Lawson.
ANGEL: OK, Lawson. Keep everyone in this room. Lock it up tight.
LAWSON: Yes, sir. Sir...
I"ve seen what those things can do to a man. I wouldn"t go in there unarmed, not by yourself.

ANGEL: Keep it. You may need it.
It"s OK, Lawson. I know what I"m up against. Don"t open up this door for anything other than me.
LAWSON: Yes, sir.
SPIKE: Angelus. They"ll let anyone in here.
Of all the bloody faces I expected to see down here.
ANGEL: You"re a Nazi.
SPIKE: What?
Oh. No. I just ate one. So... they got you, too, eh? Phew. Mmm. Nabbed me in Madrid. Sneaky bastards, the S.S. Don"t ever go to a "free virgin blood" party. Turns out it"s probably a trap.

ANGEL: You were captured at a "free virgin blood" party?
SPIKE: I know.
Who"d have thought? One minute, I"m asking a fella why all the virgins look like Goebbels. Next minute, I"m stuck in a box on this cursed ship.
I feel better knowing they got you, too, though I can"t say I"m surprised.
From our company, it looks like they"re rounding up the baddest of the bad.

ANGEL: Ah. You"re gonna have to introduce me.
SPIKE: Of course, but I gotta warn you, uh, they"re a little bit stiff.
Oh. Angelus... this is Nostroyev and the Prince of Lies. Nostroyev, Prince of Lies, this is Angelus.
The Angelus.
NOSTROYEV: Angelus. Used to be quite the terror back in the day. Haven"t heard much of you lately, though.
ANGEL: Haven"t heard much of you, ever.

NOSTROYEV: Nostroyev! Scourge of Siberia and Butcher of Alexander Palace.
ANGEL: Sorry.
NOSTROYEV: I was Rasputin"s lover!
SPIKE: Uh, look, I broke these 2 out just shortly after I got free. Didn"t know you were back there. Would"ve come for you as well. Suppose we had our hands full with the sailors, didn"t we?
ANGEL: Anybody still alive back here?
SPIKE: Nah. We just finished off the last of them. What about back there? Save us anything?
ANGEL: Couple men left in the torpedo room.

SPIKE: Well, what are we waiting for?
SPIKE: What?
ANGEL: We"re not killing any more humans. Well, not right now.
SPIKE: Why the hell not?
ANGEL: Because in case you haven"t noticed, Spike, we"re trapped at the bottom of the ocean.
SPIKE: Yeah. So?
PRINCE OF LIES: We"re underwater?
ANGEL: So, unless you know how to operate one of these things, we"re gonna need their help.
SPIKE: Oh, come on! How hard can it be?
Forward, back, up, down.

NOSTROYEV: Tell you what...
we"ll leave one alive to work the boat...
and eat the rest.
ANGEL: Nope.
SPIKE: Uh, yeah, probably should warn you. He likes to pretend he"s the boss.

NOSTROYEV: You may have made a name for yourself muscling around weaker vampires...
SPIKE: Hang on!
NOSTROYEV: But I am Nostroyev. I will tear you open and play "Coachman, Spare Your Horses" on the lute of your entrails. Get out of my way.
ANGEL: We don"t kill the humans "til we reach land. Is that clear?
SPIKE: Heil Hitler.
LAWSON: Hiya, chief. Aw, come on. Don"t tell me you don"t recognize me. Spend time in the tube, should know your crew like the back of your hand.
ANGEL: Lawson.
LAWSON: You see there?
I"m touched. Aren"t you gonna ask me how I got in here?
You"d be amazed how many people break into this building on a regular basis.

LAWSON: But I had a whole bit planned, about how I was always good with technology and you of all people should know that.

ANGEL: Yeah. Sorry. This place might as well be a bus station.
LAWSON: Seems like you"re doing pretty well for yourself. It"s a far cry from all those years you spent in the gutters, eating rats.

ANGEL: You"ve been following my life. I"m touched.
LAWSON: I just check in every decade or so. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Mr. Vermin-eater himself was suddenly fighting evil and running Wolfram & Hart.
Mind explaining that one to me? Those 2 don"t exactly go hand in hand.

ANGEL: It"s complicated.
LAWSON: Find that"s true about most things these days. I don"t mean to sound like an old man, but... We used to live in simpler times, didn"t we? Never thought I"d miss being on that sub. Things made a kind of sense. "Keep your head down..."

LAWSON & ANGEL: Watch each other"s backs, and stay alert.
ANGEL: Follow our lead. We"ll get out of this. All right?
Lawson, Spike. The Prince of Lies. Put "em to work if you need "em.
LAWSON: Spinelli, take Heinrich up to the galley. Then do a full systems check. You got 5 minutes. Start with the batteries. I want juice as soon as possible.
O"Shea... you"re at the helm. Tyler? You"re gonna have to handle bow and stern for now.
O"SHEA: If we have to surface, we can"t outmaneuver the Jerry's on batteries alone.

LAWSON: I"ll work on the engines once we"re under way. Right now I just wanna get moving.

SPIKE: And where does the captain sit?
LAWSON: Uh, right there.
SPIKE: Oh. Right.
And now, uh, who brings the captain his drink?

LAWSON: Hodge, you"re on communications.
PRINCE OF LIES: And what should I do?
ANGEL: Sit down over here, Prince of Lies.
PRINCE OF LIES: This bathysphere is perplexing.
ANGEL: Let"s get these bodies out of here.
LAWSON: May I speak freely, sir?
I recognize there"s a lot going on here that I don"t understand... but those monsters butchered my crew... and apparently they"re in the S.S.
ANGEL: Spike"s not in the S.S. He just likes wearing the jacket.
LAWSON: Yeah, that doesn"t help me understand why we"re working with him or keeping him alive, for that matter.
ANGEL: I got him under control.
LAWSON: That"s not the point.
He killed my captain, sir.
ANGEL: We may be able to use them. We don"t have much of a crew left.
LAWSON: I don"t think we"ll need "em.
ANGEL: They"re extra hands.
LAWSON: They"re monsters. And I don"t know why we-
ANGEL: You don"t need to know why. We gotta bring this sub in. Those are our orders. Isn"t that the point? Following orders?

LAWSON: There"s a difference between orders... and purpose, sir.
I didn"t sign on "cause I needed directions. Hell, growin" up, I used to make fun of the military boys. Always figured they wouldn"t know how to tie their shoes if someone didn"t give "em the go-ahead. Then I saw pictures of what the Krauts were doing.
Evil"s spreading, sir... and it"s not just over there. It was on my ship, it killed my crew, and we gotta stop it!
And I"ve been scared out of my mind since I signed on for this duty, but I can keep it together, I can even handle dying, if I know it"s for a greater purpose.

ANGEL: We got a job to do. That job is gonna help us win the war. I don"t need you to understand every detail, but just know we"re fightin" on the same side. I need you to trust that I"m gonna get us all through this... safe and sound.
LAWSON: Safe and sound. Guess now"s not the time to argue semantics, is it? Did you care about any of it- The ship? The mission? The men? Or were you just in it to save your own ass?

ANGEL: What do you want, Lawson?
LAWSON: Same thing I"ve always wanted: to understand.
ANGEL: Understand...what exactly?
LAWSON: Why we do what we do, how you manage to always-
You sure you want to do that, chief?

ANGEL: Fairly certain I said I"d kill you if I ever saw you again.
LAWSON: Oh, I never doubted you. But you gotta ask yourself... would I really come in here unarmed, knowing that, without an ace in the hole? Wouldn"t make much sense, would it?

ANGEL: What did you do?
LAWSON: Now, I don"t need you to understand... every detail.
But I do need you to trust that I"m gonna get us all through this, safe and sound.

Easy now. That"s double-ought wire wrapped around your crew"s necks. Take a fella"s head clean off with just a little tug. Best not go roughhousing. Something might get knocked over.
ANGEL: Whatever you want from me... this isn"t the way to get it.
LAWSON: Already getting it.
The worry in your eyes, fear of what might happen next, which is right on the mark, "cause
I got a funny feeling there"s gonna be some blood spilled tonight.
For old times" sake.
Is that any better?
O"SHEA: Little bit. Stern planes are still dragging.
LAWSON: Well, let"s hope we don"t have to control down in a hurry. Need any help with the bow plane?

O"SHEA: Chris has got it.
LAWSON: Well, keep an eye on him, all right? Just in case.
Any signs of life? Nothing, huh? I suppose the quieter, the better.
SPIKE: Come on. When am I gonna get a turn?
ANGEL: In about never.
SPIKE: I"m playing nice with the anchovies, like you asked.
At least let me have a go at the wheel.

ANGEL: Pipe down. I"m trying to work.
SPIKE: Oh, "pipe down." That official sailor talk, is it? Well, ahoy, matey. You can just swab my deck.
ANGEL: Spike-
SPIKE: Captain.
ANGEL: What?
SPIKE: I want to be called captain.
I mean, hell, I did eat him.

ANGEL: Check the torpedoes before I stuff you in a tube and send you for a swim, Captain.
LAWSON: We gonna have a situation, sir?

ANGEL: He"ll do what I tell him.

LAWSON: "Cause you know each other. From before this, right?
ANGEL: Something on your mind, son?
LAWSON: I just want to make sure this boat gets to where it"s going. That and my crew are all that matters.

ANGEL: How they holding up?
LAWSON: They knew capturing a Jerry sub could be a one-way ticket, but they"re good men. They"ll keep it together, and they"ll follow orders. Or they"ll have me to answer to.

ANGEL: Good. Everybody keeps their cool, we might just make it out of this.
Damn it!
What the hell are you doing?
PRINCE OF LIES: You think I don"t know?! I am as ancient as the darkness itself.
ANGEL: Yeah, you"re real old. We know. Just calm down.
PRINCE OF LIES: They dare conceive such violations upon my temple!
The Prince of Lies is not a slab of meat to be set upon by insignificant maggots.
ANGEL: Put a sock in it.
GERMAN: Nein! Bitte! Ich flehe dich an-

PRINCE OF LIES: I will suck the brain from your skull and digest your thoughts like a sour pudding.
GERMAN: Danke. Er haette mich sonst umgebracht.

ANGEL: You all right?
LAWSON: Nothing a year of shore leave won"t fix.
HODGE: He exploded! He stabbed him, and he just exploded.
LAWSON: Get back to your stations. Now!
HODGE: How does a guy just explode like that?
LAWSON: Man"s asking a good question.
ANGEL: You really need an answer?
LAWSON: Might help if I heard it for sure.

ANGEL: Vampire.
LAWSON: Yeah, I take it back. Doesn"t help. So what do you think set him off?

SPIKE: I"m guessing these had something to do with it.
Anybody read Nazi?
Right. Let"s have it.
ANGEL: Don"t have time for this, Spike.
SPIKE: Better hurry it up, then...
before I get peckish.
GERMAN: Dein Kleingeist wuerde unsere Arbeit echt nicht verstehen.

SPIKE: How"s that again, mate?
LAWSON: He says you"re an idiot.
ANGEL: You speak German.
LAWSON: Enough to get by.
SPIKE: Well, gravy. I"ll menace. You talk.

LAWSON: Was sind das fuer Papiere? Ich werde ihn nicht aufhalten koennen. Was sind das fuer Papiere?

GERMAN: Nachforschungen.
LAWSON: He says it"s research.

SPIKE: What kind?
LAWSON: Was fuer Nachforschungen?

GERMAN: Intra-Gehirn Anregung und Macht ueber Sub-Damonen. Genauer: Vampire.

SPIKE: What about vampires?
LAWSON: I don"t know. It"s technical.
Something about stimulation and... control. They"ve been experimenting on them... and cutting into their brains.
SPIKE: That what got the Prince"s coronet in a twist, isn"t it? Found out you were gonna pop our tops and melon-ball us.

LAWSON: They"re trying to create an army... out of things like you.
SPIKE: That explains why they nicked us. Cream of the crop. Wanna build an army of vampire slaves, you start at the top-with the generals.
LAWSON: It"s not enough what you"re already doing in the world, is it? Only you and your fuehrer could come up with something this sick.
GERMAN: Da sind wir nicht die Einzigen, mein Junge... nicht wahr?

ANGEL: Genug!
SPIKE: I am the only one don"t speak Krauts?!

LAWSON: You knew about this?
SPIKE: He did?
ANGEL: It was part of the mission.
SPIKE: What mission? Oh. I get it. You"re playing both sides against each other.

ANGEL: Spike-
SPIKE: No, I respect that. But if the Yanks are after this stuff, too, I"m eatin" the lot of them.

ANGEL: No, you aren"t.
SPIKE: Try and stop me.
ANGEL: Spike! We need them, OK? I"m not getting trapped at the bottom of the sea.

SPIKE: And I"m not getting experimented on by his government.
LAWSON: We wouldn"t do that. You don"t win a war by doing whatever it takes. You win by doing what"s right.
SPIKE: Yeah? Let me know how that works out for you, Popeye.
ANGEL: None of this matters. Your people are getting this ship and their men onboard that are still alive. That"s all!
Spike... torch it.
SPIKE: Oh, damn skippy.
GERMAN: Nein! Nein!
SPIKE: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
God save the King! Send him victorious, happy and glorious-
LAWSON: What was that?
SPIKE: Oh, bloody hell!
Bloody hell!
LAWSON: Depth charges.
Talk to me, Hodge.
HODGE: Contact maneuvering, sir. Multiple cavitations.
LAWSON: How many? Hodge!
HODGE: I"m picking up at least 3-no, 4 destroyers.
TYLER: 4?! We couldn"t take on one in this condition.
HODGE: Splashes!
LAWSON: 60 meters! Fast dive!
O"SHEA: 60 meters! Fast dive! Aye, sir!

LAWSON: Spinelli, bow plane!
SPINELLI: Bow plane, aye, sir!
LAWSON: Hold steady, 6 degree down bubble.
O"SHEA: 6 degrees, mark!
ANGEL: What can I do?
LAWSON: Hang on.
SPIKE: Krauts are shooting blanks.
LAWSON: Hang on, men!
TYLER: Propulsion motor"s down. We"re dead in the water.
ANGEL: Go! Get it back up.
LAWSON: I don"t-I"m not sure if I can.
ANGEL: Get sure, fast.
LAWSON: All right.
SPINELLI: We"re taking on water! Somebody secure the other compartment. Now!

ANGEL: We"re on it!
SPIKE: We? What do you mean, we?
O"SHEA: Unh! It"s no good. Damn thing"s stripped.
ANGEL: Never... liked... the ocean.
SPIKE: Hey, where"s Fritz?
LAWSON: Unh! Come on, Sally. Give it up-augh!
Ah, screwdriver.
Where the hell"s the screwdriver?
Funny what goes through a man"s mind when his life"s hanging in the balance. Boys talked about that a lot back on the boat. Always figured it"d be the special moments you freeze in time.
Your mom singing you to sleep at night.
Sneaking into the movies with your best friend.
The way your girl"s hair shimmers in the sun.
But the truth is... the only thing that really goes through your head is... "wow... this really sucks." And then you"re gone.

ANGEL: Lawson...
LAWSON: I"m all right.
ANGEL: Easy, easy.
LAWSON: I"m all right.
ANGEL: Try not to move!
LAWSON: We"re dead without propulsion.
ANGEL: Tell me what to do.
LAWSON: I"m the only one... I"m the only one...
I"m not gonna let any more die. I can fix it.
I can fix it.

ANGEL: I know you can.
SPIKE: Air"s about gone. Your new boy better get the engines running before the fish start flopping.

ANGEL: He"ll get it done.
SPIKE: Hope it"s in time.
That one on the end looks like he"s done for. Be a blessing to put him out of his misery.

ANGEL: Get "em on their feet. We need to surface.
SPIKE: Your lucky day, isn"t it?
ANGEL: You did it.
LAWSON: Told ya I could.
ANGEL: Good work.
LAWSON: Thanks...chief. You, too.
We"re surfacing.
ANGEL: Yeah.
LAWSON: Is that a sharp maneuver, with the Jerrys still trolling for us?

ANGEL: We"re out of air. Crew"s not gonna make it if we don"t vent.
LAWSON: They swore to give their lives for their country... just like me. Besides, I"m hungry.
ANGEL: They"re still your men.
LAWSON: But they"re not the mission... are they?
ANGEL: You"re new at this. I"m not. Let"s take a walk.
LAWSON: They look smaller.
ANGEL: 8 hours to sunrise. 20 miles from land.
LAWSON: I just might make it.
ANGEL: Hey. I"m sorry for what happened. But if I ever see you again... I"m gonna have to kill ya.
LAWSON: Aye, aye, chief.
Take good care of her. She"s a good boat.

SPIKE: Bloody brilliant. Turn the poor sod to save the ship. Then make him dash for dry land before Mr. Sunshine scorches him a new one.
You"re still a dick.
ANGEL: Yeah. I am.
SPIKE: Bollocks.
LAWSON: Did they at least torture you? Please tell me they did.

ANGEL: Never gave them a chance. Jumped ship... off the coast of Maine. Went underground till the war was over.

LAWSON: Like any other coward.
ANGELl Wars are won and lost by men.

LAWSON: You mean...like me? No, wait, that doesn"t apply anymore, does it?

ANGEL: I never wanted to do this to you.

LAWSON: Oh, put your hanky away. I know how important the technology they pulled from the sub was to helping us stop the Germans. Sounded like a fair shake. One person damned to make the world safe for future generations.
Except these guys.

ANGEL: Killing them"s not going to change the past.
LAWSON: But it"ll hurt you. Maybe that"s enough.
ANGEL: Never is.
LAWSON: Then maybe I found my mission again after all these years.
ANGEL: Being an evil son of a bitch not keeping you busy?
LAWSON: We all need a reason to live, even if we"re already dead. Mom, apple pie, the stars and stripes- That was good enough for me till I met you. Then I had this whole creature-of-the-night thing going for me-the joy of destruction and death-and I embraced it.

I did all the terrible things a monster does-murdered women and children, tortured fathers and husbands just to hear "em scream-and through it all... I felt nothing.
60 years of blood drying in my throat like ashes. So what do you think? Is it me, chief? Or does everyone you sired feel this way?

ANGEL: You"re the only one I ever did this to...after I got a soul.
LAWSON: Do I have one, too?
ANGEL: I don"t think it works that way, son.

LAWSON: Didn"t think so.
You gave me just enough, didn"t you? Enough of your soul to keep me trapped between who I was and who I should be. I"m nothin"... because of you.

ANGEL: You really want it to end like this?

LAWSON: Sounds like a plan.
Come on, chief. Give me a mission.
SPIKE: Really ought to do something about security. They"ll let anybody in here, won"t they?
Fred gave me the Cliff Notes. So sailor boy finally came back for a yo-ho-ho, did he?

ANGEL: Finally came back.
SPIKE: Took him long enough. Know revenge is best served cold and all, but his must"ve been frozen solid.

ANGEL: I don"t think that"s what he was after.
SPIKE: No? Then what was he looking for?
ANGEL: A reason.

The end
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