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LORNE: Hey, uh, who wants some mu shu? I got beaucoup mu shu here.
FRED: I"ll take some, thanks. Angel, this little picnic was such a good idea.

GUNN: Yeah, man. Why haven"t we done this before?
LORNE: Well, you know, you"ve all been working so hard... Has anyone seen the plum sauce?
FRED: We"re clean. Nobody"s listening.
ANGEL: You were late.
WESLEY: Thought I was being followed.
GUNN: I get that we have to be careful, but feels weird hiding from the company we"re supposed to be running.

ANGEL: We"re not hiding, we"re being safe. There are factions at Wolfram & Hart, people who want to see us destroyed.

FRED: But still, it"s not like everyone there"s evil. I mean, we work with these people. Some of "em I see more than I see you guys, at least lately, anyway.

WESLEY: And you think you can trust him?
FRED: What?
WESLEY: These...people, the ones you"re spending so much time with lately. Knox, for example.
FRED: Uh, we"re, you know, heh heh, friendly, but he"s under me- or I"m on top of him. Professionally. All I"m saying is, he-he"s not evil.
ANGEL: I think we"re all agreed that the senior partners are. They put us in charge for a reason. What we need to know is...why?

GUNN: We"ve only been there a month.
FRED: Turns out running a company doesn"t leave a lot of time for, you know, covert ops.

LORNE: Yeah, I"m up to my horns in schmoozin" starlets and boozin" hipsters, Angel.
WESLEY: What about Gunn?
GUNN: What about Gunn?
FRED: It"s...well, what they put in your head. All that law knowledge and whatever. Maybe you know something, more than the rest of us.

WESLEY: The alteration to your mental capacity-
GUNN: My capacity"s the same as it"s always been. The good doctor just revved up some idlin" brain cells, set "em in motion.

ANGEL: It"s a legitimate concern. You gave them access to-
GUNN: I made a deal. We all did. Seems like I"m the only one who"s willing to accept that. Everybody here got something out of this.

ANGEL: Fear, mistrust, a great motor pool.

LORNE: I got the Nancy Sinatra collection. Original 45s.
WESLEY: I did get a rather nice pen.
Has my name on it. Which is not the point at all.
GUNN: No, the point is what, that I"m some spy for the senior partners?
ANGEL: Nobody"s saying that.
GUNN: Just thinking it.
FRED: No. Charles...
ANGEL: The point is, the senior partners have a plan for us, and if we"re not prepared-

FRED: Angel, it"s not like we don"t want to be ready. We just have, you know, plates...big, heaping, full plates.

WESLEY: Between running our departments, handling clients, dealing with Spike-

ANGEL: Spike is a distraction. As soon as he"s released from his ties from Wolfram & Hart-

WESLEY: That could take years.
FRED: Using the amulet to destroy the hellmouth, it turned Spike into-

LORNE: A spook?

FRED: Well, he"s more than a ghost. He"s something unique.
WESLEY: Regardless, whatever binds him-

ANGEL: Can I borrow your pen?
WESLEY: Uhh, sure.


ANGEL: Damn it.
She was bitten. I smelled her blood on him.

GUNN: Tonight"s the second night of the full moon, which means 2 more nights for her to go all dog-girl.
ANGEL: 12 hours till moonrise, and then- If she hurts anyone-
GUNN: She won"t. We"ll find her.
ANGEL: We better. She won"t even know what"s happening to her.
GUNN: Well, she"ll figure it out soon enough. McManus did. The guy you...

ANGEL: :killed.
GUNN: I pulled his credit card records, cross-checked "em with police reports.
He left his wife and kids a couple years ago, kept moving, staying in the middle of nowhere most of the time. First year or so, a few mangled bodies showed up here and there, but the last 6 months, guy was leaving corpses like bread crumbs.

ANGEL: Probably tried to control it for a while and just gave up.
Thought he had to fight it alone, ended up with nothing worth fighting for. But this girl, she"s not alone. She"s got us.

SPIKE: Well, aren"t we the busy little beaver.

FRED: Hi, Spike.
SPIKE: I don"t suppose all this bugaboo"s about yours ghostly.
FRED: What? No, not you. It"s-
SPIKE: Werewolf girl. Right. Heard about that. Bloody shame about the poor little miss, but-

FRED: Spike, I"m sorry, but I"m kind of busy right now with the situation.
SPIKE: Hey, I"m a situation, remember? I"m a bloody phantom. And you and your serious girl spectacles were gonna help me with my bloody little problem.
FRED: I know, and I bloody will. I had some ideas.
SPIKE: Really? What? What ideas?
FRED: They"re gonna have to wait till-
SPIKE: Later? There may not be a later, luv. It"s getting worse.
FRED: Worse? You mean your-
SPIKE: My winking out of existence? Yeah.
And I"m not talking about quick pops to the netherworld. They"re lasting longer now.

FRED: How long?
SPIKE: Feels like forever.
Look, something"s trying to hold onto me... on the other side. If you don"t do something soon, one of these times... I may not come back.

FRED: Wesley might be able-
FRED: He knows more about the mystical than-
SPIKE: I can"t.
We got a history, him and me.

FRED: What?
SPIKE: It was a long time ago. He was a young watcher, fresh out of the academy, when we crossed paths. It was a, what-you-call, battle of wills...and blood was spilled. Vendettas were sworn. It was a whole-

FRED: My God...
you"re so full of crap.
SPIKE: Yeah. OK. Truth is I just don"t want anyone else to know about my condition, right? Last thing I need is this getting back to Angel.

FRED: Spike, I appreciate your condition, but right now we have a more pressing priority. Like finding and helping this girl.

SPIKE: And me, I"m just left to fade into nothingness.
FRED: There"s no need to be dramatic. Look, just try not to disappear, and we"ll figure it out eventually. This place? We have access to everything.
ANGEL: We"re useless. Is that what you"re trying to tell me? All this resources-
WESLEY: We"re doing everything we can.
ANGEL: 2 years of history on a dead guy and we can"t get one lead on a living, breathing girl.
FRED: Fingerprints-have his, don"t have hers.
ANGEL: There must be something at the attack scene.
WESLEY: So far, not even an earring.
SPIKE: Bloody shame, letting the girl run off like that. Somebody"s slipping.
ANGEL: I want people on the street with this in 15 minutes. You find anybody who"s seen her, you let me know.
Tire prints?
FRED: I"m working on it. It takes time, Angel.

WESLEY: Psychics are working on traces of the girl"s blood. They picked up images, imprints.
ANGEL: Must be her bedroom. Can they make it clearer? Maybe they could-

WESLEY: It"s not like a photograph.
DR. ROYCE: Pretty rare breed you"ve got here.
WESLEY: Dr. Royce is the cryptozoologist on my staff. I brought him in to tell us what we"ll be dealing with when we find the girl.

ROYCE: Lycanthropus exterus. Undocumented in North America... until now, obviously.
FRED: How is it different from a standard werewolf?
ROYCE: Oh, biped, for one thing. Walks upright. Canines are a bit longer than normal. Arm span is-
ANGEL: I don"t care about that. All I care about is the girl.
SPIKE: That"s rough. "Cause here on out, she"s in the kill-or-be-killed club.

ANGEL: Here on out, she"s under my protection.
SPIKE: If you find her before she turns. Catch her after she goes all growly, won"t be easy taking her out. I had a wee spat with a werewolf myself once. Fought for over an hour. Brutal, vicious.
Almost lost my-

FRED: Angel killed him with a pen.
WOMAN: Careful with the knife.
GIRL: It"s not even sharp.
WOMAN: It"s sharp enough.
Hey, look who"s up.
YOUNG WOMAN: How long was I out for?
WOMAN: All day. I figured you must be sick.
Zach called. He said he missed you in life drawing.

YOUNG WOMAN: That"s nice.
GIRL: Why is your neck purple?
YOUNG WOMAN: I don"t know.
WOMAN: Is there something you want to tell me?
YOUNG WOMAN: No. I...I must"ve tripped on my run.
Don"t overcook the meat.
GIRL: Ooh, can I flip?
WOMAN: Ask Auntie Nina to help.
Hey, are you sure you"re up for watching Amanda tonight? I could try to change shifts.

YOUNG WOMAN / NINA: No, I... I just needed to...
GIRL / AMANDA: Aunt Nina?
Are you OK?
NINA: I"m fine. I"m fine.
FRED: Those fine lines? Bad for the car, good for us. Apparently, they mean old tires, at least 5 years.

GUNN: Nice sketch. Somebody saw your girl last night- East Hollywood.

ANGEL: All right. We"re looking for a mid-size sedan, at least 5 years old, somewhere in the Hollywood area.
SPIKE: Tick-tock, tick-tock. The moon"s a-risin", ladies and gents.
WESLEY: I"m in the DMV database, but there are thousands of possible matches.

LORNE: Color me clever. Sister gets slammed around by a werewolf, she"s putting pedal to metal. I mean, red light, green light, same diff.

GUNN: Traffic cameras. We networked?

GUNN: I"m looking at the cameras. You get set to run with it if I find a match. "Course I might leak the info to the senior partners, "cause we"re tight.

WESLEY: Just do it.
ANGEL: Is the van ready?
FRED: Yep. I triple checked.
ANGEL: Good, "cause we got less than an hour.
SPIKE: A lot of fuss over one girl. Other things to do around here-important things.

ANGEL: You know that whoosh thing that you do when you"re suddenly not there anymore? I love that.
GUNN: 10:19 last night, 1992 Honda Civic ran a red light at Western and Franklin. Blond woman.

ANGEL: That"s her.
GUNN: License number: 2ABM-543.
WESLEY: Address: 2315 Harvard.
Name: Nina Ash.
NINA: How"s that? Does this look better?
AMANDA: Yeah, do that.
NINA: Nah, you want something nice.

AMANDA: What"s wrong?
NINA: I"m gonna...lie down.
AMANDA: Aunt Nina?
Aunt Nina?
Aunt Nina? Can I come in? Can I come in?
Aunt Nina? Are you OK?
ANGEL: Hey, doggy.
Come and get it.
Nice shot.
NINA: Oh, God.
What-who are you?
ANGEL: It"s OK. My name"s Angel. You"re safe now.
NINA: Safe? Oh. Well...great. That"s...
Get off me! Let go of me! Help me, somebody!

ANGEL: What I"m trying to do, Nina, is help you.
NINA: Said the psycho rapist. How do you know my name? What do you want with me?

ANGEL: I just want you to see something.

NINA: I don"t- What am I supposed to be looking- God, what is that?
ANGEL: You don"t remember?
NINA: Remember?
ANGEL: 2 nights ago... You were attacked... in the woods. You were jogging.
NINA: Jogging. Wait. Yeah. I remember that I... that thing attacked me.
ANGEL: Not exactly. I was in the area, I heard screams, but by the time I got there...

NINA: That was you. Yeah, I remember you... You saved me.
ANGEL: I was too late.
NINA: Oh, my God.
ANGEL: It was a werewolf, Nina, and you were bitten.
NINA: No. This is... insane.
ANGEL: The bite already started a process. You may have already started to feel the effects: Distorted vision, heightened senses.

NINA: Blood. Jill, my sister, she was cooking meat. Oh, my God. I...I smelled the blood. It was making me...Oh, God, Amanda, my niece.

ANGEL: She"s OK, and so"s your sister.
NINA: No, you don"t get it.
ANGEL: Nina, it"s OK.
NINA: No, it"s not!
ANGEL: You didn"t-
NINA: I wanted to rip her throat out!
ANGEL: It wasn"t you. It was that thing inside.

NINA: Oh, like there"s a difference?
ANGEL: There is, a big one. I know this is a lot to take-
NINA: Don"t tell me what you know. You didn"t wake up and find out you"re а...monster. You don"t know anything.
ANGEL: I"m not a werewolf like you, but I-I know what it"s like. I"m a monster, too.
NINA: So...what? You"re like a Frankenstein?

ANGEL: What? No!
I"m-I"m a vampire.
NINA: Vampire.
ANGEL: But I have a soul. I"m-I"m not evil, and neither are you.
NINA: But vampires kill people, and they-
ANGEL: Can control themselves if they want to. I do it every day, and so can you. I"ll help.

NINA: Can you...cure me?
ANGEL: No. But I can keep you safe.

FRED: How is she doing?
ANGEL: Oh, agreed to stay in the holding cell tonight, but she"s pretty scared. So, what do we do now?
SPIKE: We wait for the show. Should be a good one. Everyone on pins and needles, dreading the moonrise, then pop goes the werewolf.
ANGEL: I can"t stop what"s gonna happen, but I can keep her from getting hurt.

ROYCE: These first few transformations are the worst. Werewolf"s strength combined with the disorientation and fear...

FRED: You mean, she could hurt herself?

ROYCE: Oh, I"ve seen "em bang their heads against walls, claw at their own skin.

ANGEL: We"ll just have to tranq her, let her sleep through it.

ROYCE: Well, that could work for tonight, but, uh, over the long haul, bad idea.

FRED: Well, there has to be something.
ROYCE: They like familiar scents, images. Maybe if you took her home, let her get a few things, could have a calming effect.

SPIKE: Fetching her blanky"s not gonna make a bloody bit of difference.
FRED: Spike, really not helping.

SPIKE: I"m just saying, the girl"s a killer. Maybe not tonight or tomorrow, but she will get out of that cage.
ANGEL: Not if she doesn"t want to.
ROYCE: Oh, she"ll want to. It"s unfortunate, but...
SPIKE: And when it"s not that time of month? She"ll be wracked by the guilties. What with a soul and all.
ANGEL: Didn"t seem to bother you.
SPIKE: Oh, it"s been nothing but a pain in my...
ANGEL: Finally. I"ll take Nina by her house.

FRED: Angel, it"s the middle of the day. Unless you plan on waiting in the car...
ANGEL: Take security. In case she changes her mind.
NINA: So, the entourage. All this for me?
FRED: Um, no... yeah, kind of. I mean, it"s just in case you, you know.

NINA: Run away.
FRED: It"s not like you"re a prisoner. You"re totally not. It"s just... really important that you stay with us tonight.

NINA: This is just so... I should be in ceramic"s class right now. We"re learning raku. Seems like somebody else"s life.

FRED: Nina, it"s just 3 nights a month, not even days. Your life doesn"t have to change...much.
NINA: How would you-you"re not a monster, too, are you?
FRED: Nope. Standard-issue science nerd. I did spend 5 years in a demon dimension... "til Angel saved me.
NINA: Guess he saves a lot of girls, huh?

FRED: Girls, guys...puppies. He"s pretty much an equal-opportunity saver.
NINA: So, you two are like a couple?
FRED: Uh, me and Angel? Oh, God, no. He-he was seeing someone, sort of... but she... Angel doesn"t date much-at all. "Cause of his circumstances.
NINA: "Cause he"s a vampire.
FRED: Kind of. But that doesn"t mean-his situation"s just complicated.
NINA: Must be lonely.
FRED: Sometimes, maybe. But it"s not like he doesn"t have anyone. We all... we try to be there for each other.
NINA: Like a family.
FRED: Yeah. A demon-hunting, helpless-helping, dysfunctional family.

GUNN: You sign this, we"re all set to turn McManus" body over to his family. They"ve made arrangements to transport his body back to... the North Pole. Turns out he had a close personal relationship with Santa. Angel?

ANGEL: What? Uh, I"m with you. Turning over the... Santa?
GUNN: Angel, you saved that girl"s life.
If you hadn"t gotten there when you did-
ANGEL: The werewolf would"ve killed her. I know. Doesn"t change what she"s gonna have to go through.
GUNN: Well, that part sucks, no doubt, but... you did everything you could.
ANGEL: You know what, Gunn? Don"t need a pep talk right now. Just do your job.

GUNN: Right. I"ll just go do that... someplace else.
LORNE: Whoa! Watch it there! Just passing by and got splashed with a heap of grouchy. Got to tell you, Angelkins, that extra weight is not looking so good on you.
I"m talking about psychic pounds, pumpkin. Why don"t you consider me the Jenny Craig for the soul, huh? So let"s hear it.

ANGEL: I"m not gonna sing.
LORNE: Couldn"t bear it if you did. No, it"s talking you need... or maybe a shoulder to-

ANGEL: I"m not gonna cry either.
LORNE: I was going to a leaning place. OK, Atlas, how about a shrug? Look, so you got the weight of the world. It"s a burden, sure, but breaking news it ain"t.

ANGEL: Listen, Lorne, this isn"t a good time.

LORNE: No...No, it never is. Spike showing up your first day in the Wolfram & Hart saddle? Тook the jolly right out of the rancher. We"ve been feeling it ever since, Angelcakes.

ANGEL: OK, so it"s no secret. I don"t like the guy.
LORNE: Like him, don"t like him-that"s up to you. You"re fighting so many enemies around you, Angel, your punches are getting sloppy, and we"ve got the bruises to prove it. We"re operating in unfriendly territory, champ. I don"t want you to forget about the people covering your back.

NINA: I changed my mind.
FRED: Um, I could go in first, explain-
NINA: No, let"s just-
FRED: Hey, I know you"re scared, but running away is not gonna help.
NINA: What about fleeing? Can I flee?

FRED: Maybe they"re not even here.
WOMAN / JILL: What the hell happened to you? I"ve been worried- Who are you?
FRED: I"m Fred. It"s nice-
JILL: I come home and you"re just gone. Amanda was terrified.
NINA: Jill, I"m sorry.
JILL: Who leaves the house without their purse or keys? What"d you do, jump out the window?
NINA: I thought Amanda heard me say I was leaving.
JILL: Oh, that"s great. Blame it on a 9-year-old.

FRED: It"s my fault. I called Nina like totally suicidal "cause this guy in our ceramics class dumped me. And then my car got towed. And she wanted to call, but my cell phone battery-

JILL: Do you mind, whoever you are? This has nothing to do with you.
NINA: Leave her alone.
JILL: Oh, like you left Mandy alone-in the house at night? Do you know she didn"t want to go to school today. I had to lie, tell her I heard from you.

NINA: Shut up! Just shut up!
JILL: I called the police! I thought-
You sleep all day. You"ve got bruises you don"t remember getting. Just tell me. What"s going on?

NINA: I"m sorry about last night, but you can"t count on me all the time.

JILL: Since when?
NINA: Just... find another babysitter.
FRED: I"ll just...
if that"s OK. And maybe...
she"s... she"ll be OK.
So she was yelling and furious, but that"s good. It means, you know, she cares.
NINA: If something happened to Amanda...

FRED: But it didn"t, and it"s not going to.
NINA: You don"t know that.
FRED: Angel will-
That"s weird.
And really not good.
MASKED MAN: We got the package.
MAN: Bring it around back. I just had the floors done.
NINA: No! Let me go! Ohh! No, don"t! What are you doing? Let me go! You have to let me go! Uhh! Please.
ROYCE: And she"s loving him with that body, I just know it
And he"s holding her in his arms, late, late at night
You know, I wish that I had Jessie"s girl
Oh, I want Jessie"s girl
Oh, oh, oh, Jessie"s girl
WESLEY: Lorne"s read the entire security team already, and the lab staff, as well as half of my department.
ANGEL: If the kidnappers have someone inside Wolfram & Hart, Lorne"ll know.
WESLEY: What if she was detected somehow before we found her?
GUNN: Yeah, but by who?
FRED: The scariest thing was how organized they were, almost military.
WESLEY: An underground monster-hunting military organization. It"s happened before.

FRED: It"s all my fault. I"m stupid.
ANGEL: Anything happens to Nina, it"s on me.

FRED: That"s weird. Why don"t I just approach the mysteriously ajar door?

GUNN: Stop with the mocking. Get enough of that from blondie bear.
FRED: Spike. Has anyone seen him since-

ANGEL: Since he went poof? No.
FRED: Uh, but it"s been hours. Angel-
ANGEL: What do you got?
ROYCE: Usual suspects. There"s the sacrificers, wackos who want to rid the world of abominations, and werewolf packs looking for new recruits. Then there"s the paranormal sporting groups.

FRED: I"ll be...
ROYCE: Vampire hunting in Eastern Europe. That kind of thing.
FRED: Spike. Spike, wait! Spike!
Spike, stop! Spike?
Spike, wait!
Spike, wait!
Ohh! Oh, damn. Like he can"t hear me. Just whoot! Right through the-
ROYCE: Were you looking for me?
FRED: Oh, is this your office? I"m so sorry. I was following Spike, and I-I kind of made a mess. He just went right through the wall.
It"s so annoying when he does that, "cause there"s nothing you can do to... stop him.

WESLEY: You"re right. It"s Calendula. He must"ve known we"d have him sing for Lorne.

FRED: So he came prepared to block the reading. It"s like taking a valium to pass a polygraph test. I knew as soon as I saw the vial in the trash can.

GUNN: How"d you end up going through Royce"s trash anyway?
FRED: It was... well, Spike. He led me in here.

GUNN: Yo! Here we go! We got ourselves a secret panel.
ANGEL: Where is she?
ROYCE: I don"t know what you"re-
ANGEL: Wrong answer!
ROYCE: But it"s a secret! If I tell you, this man, he"s not like you. You"re a good guy, but he"s a... well, no offense, but he"s scarier than you.

ANGEL: Wanna bet?
FRED: Are they...? Eww!
We"ll just- yeah, burning. Burning would be good for these.
WESLEY: Not exactly an autopsy knife.
GUNN: You"re not gonna believe this.
FRED: Oh, God.
ANGEL: I know where she is.
FRED: Angel, we found...
It"s what they plan to do to her.
ANGEL: It"s a menu.
MAITRE D": Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming together on such short notice. We have a very rare and special treat for you tonight. Moonrise is in 15 minutes. Shortly thereafter...dinner will be served.

When I dined on werewolf in Seville, the cocinera used an understated mole sauce to bring out the meat"s tanginess. I"ve never forgotten that exquisite burst of taste. But Chef Renaud swears serving it en neige with a light drizzle of white truffle oil will be quitely surprising.

GUNN: I"m all up in the law now, but damn it feels good to get my violence on.

ROYCE: Crane"s not gonna like this.
GUNN: If I were you, I"d just be hoping the girl"s alive.
WESLEY: She has to be, at least through dinner. Once a werewolf dies, it reverts to its human state.

GUNN: You mean, to eat werewolf, they got to eat her alive?
MAITRE D" / CRANE: Evan, you"ve brought guests.
ANGEL: We"re just here to pick up a friend.
Jesus, they garnished you?

NINA: No, get away! Just let them choke on me.
ANGEL: Listen to me. Tomorrow you"re gonna be home.
NINA: This is what I am. I can"t go back there, ever. This is better.
ANGEL: Nothing better about ending up in a doggy bag.

GUNN: What, no leprechaun souffle?
CRANE: There"s no such thing as leprechauns.
WESLEY: We"ve hit a snag.
ANGEL: We"re not leaving without the girl.
CRANE: I"m willing to let my men die. Can you say the same?

GUNN: I go, you"re going with me.

CRANE: It"s a risk. What can I say?
ANGEL: Probably should"ve told me to drop this.
This is the part where we take our friend and go.
CRANE: I"m afraid not. Tonight may not be salvageable, but my guests have paid a high price...some higher than others. And I promised them a werewolf.

ANGEL: And a month from now, you"ll have one.
ROYCE: No. No. Mr. Crane, please. Oh, no! No, please don"t do this to me, Mr. Crane! I"m sorry!
Mr. Crane, I"m sorry.
No. Oh.! Oh! Mr. Crane, I"m begging you. No.
Mr. Crane, please, no!
FRED: Spike. I"ve been looking for you. You were there again. Where you go when you"re not...here.
SPIKE: There. Nowhere.
I didn"t think I was coming back.
FRED: But you did.
Mostly. And you led me to Dr. Royce"s office, which was... completely not on purpose, was it? But still...you"re here.
SPIKE: Last gasp before eternal fire and brimstone. Let"s party.
FRED: We have to tell Angel.
FRED: But he could do something, talk to the senior partners.
SPIKE: I said no.
FRED: OK, then I"m going to help you. Well, I-I don"t know exactly, but I am going to find a way to bring you back, really bring you back. I promise.

SPIKE: Well, all right, then. No need to get dramatic.
ANGEL: This is it.
NINA: She"s a really good artist.

ANGEL: Oh. My refrigerator"s always available if she"s looking to show.

NINA: How do you live with it? Knowing that you"ve...killed people?
ANGEL: Nina, they were going to eat you for dinner.
NINA: I just wanna wake up. You know?
ANGEL: At some point you"ll be at the grocery store or with Amanda, and the whole werewolf thing, it"ll just be a part of who you are.

NINA: Next you"re gonna tell me you actually like being a vampire.

ANGEL: Well, being nearly indestructible is cool.
NINA: I can"t tell them.
ANGEL: Maybe, maybe not. That part"s not covered in the manual. They"re waiting for you.
NINA: You don"t ever think about letting go, disappearing somewhere?
ANGEL: Heh. Look, if you separate yourself from the ones you love, the monster wins.
NINA: You make it sound simple.

ANGEL: Well, it"s not.
NINA: See you next month.
LORNE: Mm, talk about a room with a view.
FRED: Wow, is that the hotel?
WESLEY: Where? No I think that"s the Center for Scientology.
FRED: Oh, right. They look nothing alike at all.
GUNN: I was starting to think we were never gonna see the inside of this place.
ANGEL: I"m sorry. I probably should"ve had you guys over sooner, but I"m still trying to get used to the place myself.

LORNE: Look at this. I"m home! Hey, cosmos all around?
FRED: Sounds good.
WESLEY: Quite luxurious.
ANGEL: Yeah, it"s not bad.
GUNN: Don"t mean to talk shop, but Crane"s Bistro of the Bizarre...?
ANGEL: Out of business. Permanently.
WESLEY: What if I have a craving for Sasquatch Soup?
GUNN: Is that something you English eat with your beans on toast?
FRED: Mmm, you guys are making me hungry.
Who wants Chinese?
GUNN: Long as nothing comes tar-tar, I"m in.

WESLEY: No, I"m too tired to make any decisions.
LORNE: Just order the usual, Fredikins.

ANGEL: I"m buying.
LORNE: Ladies and gentlemen, hell just froze over.
GUNN: So...werewolf girl. Think you got a shot?
ANGEL: She gave me a look.
WESLEY: Really? A look?
FRED: We moved, actually, to a law firm. Uh-huh. Different. No, nice. OK, um... one mu shu chicken, two beef and broccolis, one cashew shrimp ... umm maybe some lettuce wraps...

The end
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