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Cordy: "No. Oh, no. - God, please forgive me. This is all my fault. Because I pardoned you - and they - they wanted to teach me a lesson. - You didn"t do anything wrong."

"You didn"t do anything. - I don"t like it here anymore. - I just wanna go home."
Lorne: "Oh, honey, I"m right there with you."


Lorne: "I realize this is a bit of a shock, but I can explain. Take it easy. Okay, get it out of your system. That"s good. You have to breathe sometime. - Good lord, shut up, woman!"
"It"s not like I have hands to cover my ears here, you know?"
Cordy: "Y-y-you-you"re... I-it"s..."
Lorne: "So, please just listen? My people, the fun-loving Deathwok clan, you cut off our heads we just keep on ticking until you mutilate our bodies. Obviously they haven"t gotten to my body yet. Probably a backlog in the mutilation chamber. So if we move quickly and quietly..."

Markallo: "Oh sacred princess, are you troubled? We heard a fearful shrieking."
Cordy: "Oh, the shrieking. It"s ah - the royal meditation that I do to help me - focus on the great affairs of state that I must manage."

Markallo: "Kaldar, remove the traitor"s filthy head from our lady"s august presence."

Cordy: "No, no, no, no! I - like the filthy head. That is, ah, I want to defile it more! I just keep it - to spit upon, and-and-and when I grow tired of that, I-I-I will make it into ah, a planter. A traitor planter - for *all* to see. - - Or maybe a candy dish. You may leave me."

Markallo: "As you wish noble mistress."

Cordy: "I"m sorry about the spittle. I just had to think fast. - This is just pretty unsettling for me."
Lorne: "Oh, I"m sure it must be. And after all, I only lost my head! Technically my body."

Cordy: "Okay, I realize this is a trying experience but I really don"t see how *yelling* at me - can help matters."

Lorne: "Just put me in a bag and take me to the mutilation chamber."
Cordy: "I have no idea where the - mutilation chamber might be! I..."
Lorne: "So, I guess I"ll just sit here and die then. Find someone who knows!"
Silas: "In what temper did you find her?"
Markallo: "She appeared grievously distressed, master."
Silas: "Good. We will add more heads to her collection that she might never forget who is the master here and who is the servant."
"Her two friends that escaped through the waste canal, send a hunting party south into the woods after them."
Captain: "Yes, lord."
Silas: "As to the one they call Angel - you know what he is?"
Captain: "He is the animal who took apart two of my soldiers."
Priest: "He is a Van-tal, a drinker of blood. He can only be killed by fire, decapitation or a wooden spear through the heart."

Silas: "Perhaps all three, just to be thorough. Hunt him down."
Captain: "It shall be done, my lord. I will personally bury my spear in his rump."
Silas: "Captain! His heart is where a cow"s is here."
Captain: "Disgusting."
Priest: "This Angel-beast has saved a runaway slave her rightful beheading. He ignores our laws and profanes our holy culture."
Silas: "He does worse than that. He brings hope to the cows, for if one can be free hope arises that *all* can be free. - Isn"t that right, Markallo?"
Markallo: "My lord, as it was ordained in the beginning our lives belong to you."

Silas: "They do. Yet we live in a time where runaways become rebels - where portals open to worlds where the holy clergy has not decreed them. Even slaves supposedly loyal to me - give the enemy drawings to our sacred devices."

Markallo: "I-it is not true, master."
Silas: "Don"t be alarmed, Markallo. You did me a favor. The cows need to know what we can do to them - any time we chose."

"Please clean that up."
"And if one of thy slaves offend thee, thou shalt smite him down."
"And if all of thy slaves offend thee, thou shalt smite them down, too, even upon the very last one in the land."
Leader: "For the crime of collaboration you are sentenced to death."
Wesley: "No! We"re *not* collaborators, we"re not even from around here!"
Sasha: "On my count of three."
Wesley: "Forgive me, Gunn. I should never have opened my mouth."
Gunn: "I"ve got a plan."
Wesley: "Oh thank god! What is it?"
Sasha: "One."
Gunn: "We die horribly and painfully, *you* go to hell and I spend eternity in the arms of baby Jesus."
Wesley: "Oh."
Sasha: "Two."
Leader: "Imperial guards!"
Wesley: "This is our chance to escape!"
Guard: "There they are! Kill the otherworlders!"
Gunn: "I really had about enough of this world."
Fred: "I found Kalla berries! They sweeten the oatmeal. Well - I call it oatmeal. It"s actually crug-grain and thistles, but with enough Kalla berries..."

"I hope the skins are comfortable. I seem to remember when there were beds you could sleep in for hours at a time!"
Angel: "Oh, yeah, I-I slept. It-it was fine."

Fred: "Hmm."
Angel: "What? Did I snore?"
Fred: "Hmm... I don"t remember any snoring."
Angel: "Good."
Fred: "I remember caterwauling..."
Angel: "Sorry."
Fred: "I don"t mind. - Sometimes it just burbles up inside you and you have to - bellow a little. Do it all the time. No one"s around to hear."

"You"ll get better with a little rest and care."

Angel: "I don"t think so."
Fred: "Why wouldn"t ya?"
Angel: "You saw what I turn into. - Back in LA it"s bad. But here it"s..."
Fred: "We all got our demons."
"Okay, so - maybe you got a beast in you. But I know what it"s like to be squirrelly and a freak with no one to... Does it taste like oatmeal?"

"I-I forget what things are supposed to taste like."
Angel: "Tastes good."
Fred: "Tacos!".
"Sorry. I didn"t mean to holler at you. I love tacos. Do they still have them? You know, back..."
Angel: "...home? Yeah, they didn"t outlaw tacos."
Fred: "Oh, of course not. I"ve been trying to make an enchilada out of tree bark."
Angel: "Bark enchiladas. Huh. - How"s that going?"
Fred: "There is work to be done."
Cordy: "Come in!"
Marelda: "What may thy lowly serving wench do you, my lady."
Cordy: "You"re not lowly. Please get up, get up. You"re just like me."
Marelda: "Like you? The light that shines in the darkness upon the land?"
Cordy: "Sure. - Is - is-is that what they really call me? Anyway. You have served me well and loyally these last - two and a half - days. I"m very fond of you Lamara."

Marelda: "Marelda."
Cordy: "I knew that."
Marelda: "Of course you did, exalted one. You know all. You must cut my tongue from my worthless skull!"
Cordy: "No! No cutting. What is it with you people and mutilation?"
Marelda: "We don"t have a lot of - entertainment, mum."
Cordy: "Can you keep a secret, Geraldo?"

"I want you to take me to the mutilation chamber."
Marelda: "This can not be done, majesty."

Cordy: "Why not?"
Marelda: "If anyone were to see you, you would bring shame to the kingdom! You can not defile your holy self by entering such a place."
Cordy: "Huh."
"Okay. - Take off your clothes."
Angel: "Can"t do this in LA."
Fred: "Why not?"
Angel: "Oh, I"ll burst into flames. - Part of the beast thing."
Fred: "So it"s better for you here."
Angel: "Well - there is the sun but also the thing inside that wants to rip my friends apart."

"Krv... drplgr.. I know these words. These are the words we used to open up the portals."
Fred: "They"re not words. They"re consonant representations of a mathematical transfiguration formula."
Angel: "Well, obviously."
Fred: "I used to think that if you said them out loud and in the right order the quaking and quivering would..."
Angel: "Oh, you mean open a portal. - Well, that"s how we got here and that"s how we"ll get back."
Fred: "No. I tried. For years and years - until my tongue was swollen and my head was all kaplooey. It doesn"t work on this side."

Angel: "Oh, but it does. A drokken and one of those green warriors got to LA from this end. Somebody must have opened up the portals for them. Maybe you did and you just don"t know where."
Fred: "Me? I don"t think so. The priests have all the power here."
Angel: "Can"t change. Won"t change."
Captain: "Missed the heart, did I?"
Fred: "Please don"t die. Please don"t die."

Sasha: "They did not come for us. They came for you. Why?"
Wesley: "Because they know we will try to rescue the princess."
Sasha: "Rescue her from what?"
Wesley: "From mating with the groosalug."
Bartok: "Which will fulfill their prophecies and consolidate their power."
Gunn: "We don"t want that to happen any more than you do."
Sasha: "You"re fight. We are on the same side. Release them."
"Though their hands were tied and their necks were bared they fought with us. I"m ashamed. We nearly cut your heads off."
Wesley: "You were just doing your job."

Sasha: "You"re free to go."
"Five cheers for the otherworlders!"
Rebels: "Brave warriors! Brave warriors!..."
Wesley: "Oh, in this world you get five!"
Gunn: "So, our first job is to find Angel."

Wesley: "Yes."
Gunn: "Last time we saw him he had a funny look on his face. A "rip out your guts now, ask questions later" kind of look."

Wesley: "What do you suggest?"
Gunn: "I"m thinking these guys have a cause worth fighting for. Isn"t that what we do?"

Wesley: "What about Cordelia?"
Gunn: "If we"re gonna be getting her out of that castle we"re gonna need a lot of muscle."

Wesley: "Muscle which could come in handy if we have to incapacitate Angel."

Gunn: "Yeah. Also look at them. They won a skirmish today, but they"re no match for the covenant. I don"t wanna leave them to get themselves killed. - I do that enough."

Fred: "Oh. There you are. Good."
Angel: "Hi."
Fred: "You heal fast."
Angel: "One of the pluses of being a beast."
Fred: "But you"re not. When you were fighting this time, you didn"t change."
Angel: "I was afraid."
Fred: "Of what?"
Angel: "That if I did, I"d never get back."

Fred: "You"re not a beast."
Captain: "We"ll write that on your bones once he tears you to pieces."
Fred: "I"ll just roll him over the cliff into the drokken gully like I did the others."

Angel: "Wait. I need to talk to him."

"What can you tell me about the princess, huh?"
Captain: "The filthy cow bitch that brought you into our world?"
Angel: "Call her that again - I"ll remove your face - slowly."
Captain: "Once the groosalug mates with her - she"ll be put to death. Like we already did with that traitor, Krevlorneswath."

Angel: "You killed Lorne?"
Captain: "We cut his head off and mutilated his body."
Angel: "I have to go."
Fred: "It"s too dangerous. They"ll kill you."

Angel: "My friends are in trouble. One of them is already dead."
Fred: "But it"s safe here. Out there it"s..."

"It"s safe here with me."
Angel: "I"m sorry."
Fred: "They"ll kill you and you"ll turn into that beast - maybe not exactly in that order."

Angel: "My friends are in trouble."
Fred: "But the beast. I know you don"t want them to see you that way. I"m not afraid of it like everyone else."
Angel: "Alright. You"ll be alright."

Cordy: "It"s pretty dark in here. - Let me just get used to it."
"Oh, yuck!"
Lorne: "Ouch! Hey!"
Cordy: "Sorry. Sorry."
"These people are crazy! - Anything look familiar?"
Lorne: "Get me closer."
"Oh, god. Oh no!"
Cordy: "What? - Boy, that looks like your suit."

Lorne: "It *is* my suit! You think they have French Viscose in this hellhole? Why am I still alive? Once they chop me up it"s over! I"m looking at pieces of myself! Oh, it"s over!
Wait a second. Since when do I have five toes?"

Cordy: "Shh! Somebody"s coming."
"Do you mind if I hit him over the head with you?"
Lorne: "Yes!"
Groo: "Your Highness?"
Cordy: "Groo, it"s you!"
Groo: "I have done something terrible. I have betrayed my vows. But he was your friend. I could not stand to see you suffer."
Cordy: "What terrible thing?"
Groo: "I stole his body and put his strange garments on these parts - to fool them."
Cordy: "You did all this for me? - That"s not terrible, that"s wonderful!"
Lorne: "Ouff! - Feels like somebody works out."
"Hi. And thank you from the bottom of my neck on down. - So, ah, where"s the rest of me?"
Groo: "I had your body smuggled to your mother"s farm. Your cousin Landok shall meet us at the eastern watchtower. He will transport you home."
Cordy: "This is great! The man"s an honest to god hero!"
Lorne: "Ouch! - Watch the head!"
Bartok: "You still want to storm the castle gates."
Sasha: "Yes! We have to show them!"
Bartok: "We can"t defeat them! They have the power, they have the wealth, we have no plan!"
Sasha: "I say we storm the gates!"

Wesley: "If you do they"ll cut you down. You can not wage a frontal attack against a stronger opponent. - This kind of battle can only be won through guerilla warfare. By being sneaky! You create a diversion then you strike at several different points at once. While they are looking ahead, you come from behind."

Sasha: "And kill their leader."
Wesley: "Yes."
Bartok: "Silas, their head priest."
Sasha: "It"s a good plan."
Bartok: "I agree."
Sasha: "You shall lead us!"
Wesley: "Wha... Me? No, no, no, I was just suggesting that..."
Bartok: "No, no, you fought well. The Covenant hates you. And you know the princess."
Sasha: "And you have a *plan*."
Bartok: "Besides, our leader is dead."
Sasha: "Hail to our new leader!"
Rebels: "Hail!"
Wesley: "Why do people keep putting me in charge of things?"
Gunn: "I have no idea."
Rebels: "Hail!"
Angel: "How"s it feel?"
Fred: "Alright."
Angel: "Ah, it"s best if you don"t move it for a while. Well, I better..."
Fred: "Help your friends. - I know. - You"re a good man."
Angel: "I - don"t actually know how to get there."
Fred: "Oh. I can show you."
Groo: "I disobeyed the Covenant. I shall spend eternity burning in Tarkna for my sin."

Cordy: "Oh, who believes a literal Tarkna nowadays."
Groo: "It was worth it for one moment of your intimate touch."
Cordy: "That was an accident. I-it was kind of dark and - oh - you mean the hug. When I hugged you. That was nice. Where were we? Oh, yeah, the nut-cake clergy guys. They *need* someone to disobey them. They"re evil and they run an evil regime."

Groo: "It"s not my duty to question authority."

Cordy: "Hold on there. You"re groosalug, the brave and undefeated champion, if it"s not your duty to fight evil than I don"t know what is."
Groo: "I fight who I"m told. - I"m not a real champion!"
Cordy: "Then it is time you stopped working for Monk-boy and became one. What you did for me and my friend that was pure champ - all the way."

Groo: "I am unworthy of lifting your burden, highness."
Cordy: "Nonsense, you"re way worthy. - What burden is that again?"
Groo: "When you receive me - on the night we are wed."
Cordy: "Receive? - Oh! - Receive. When I and you - on our wedding night... I imagine there"ll be some burden lifting on both sides. Not that I have a lot of experience or anything!"

Groo: "It is foretold in the ancient prophecies that one will come who is cursed with the visions. She will mate with the groosalug whose demon blood shall absorb them."

Cordy: "Absorb them?"
Groo: "Your visions shall pass to me."
Cordy: "Ugh! I *knew* there was a catch! - You can"t take my visions! I need them! I-I use them to help my friends fight evil back home!"

Groo: "And I will use them here to fight evil, just as you have done."
Cordy: "Groo - I can"t give up my visions. - I *like* them. Okay, I don"t like the searing pain and agony that is steadily getting worse."

Groo: "You are pure human. - You are not meant to carry such a burden."
Cordy: "Maybe not. - But I"m not ready to give them up either. - They"re a part of who I am now. They"re an honor. And you know - the visions, they only last for like a..."
"No. No."
Wesley: "The groosalug is our most formidable opponent. We *have* to get him out of the castle. If challenged to fight he has to accept?"
Sasha: "Yes. A champion of the realm he can not refuse, but no man can defeat the groosalug."
Wesley: "We"ll worry about defeating him later. Our first step is to get him out of there. Once he"s out we"ll create diversions here, here and here. Then a few of us will scale their back wall here where their defenses are weakest."

Gunn: "I wouldn"t split my crew up this much if I was leading this charge."
Wesley: "I"m leading this charge. Tell me about the killing device."
Sasha: "It send a signal to the collar on every slave in the land."
Gunn: "What kind of signal?"
Bartok: "Blows their heads off."
Wesley: "If Silas thinks he"s losing he"ll use it. We have to get to him before he does."

Sasha: "The castle is well guarded."
Angel: "Unlike this place."
Wesley: "It"s alright. It"s alright. He"s a friend."
Sasha: "Glad we were keeping watch."
Gunn: "He"s Angel. He does that. How she do that?"
Angel: "She"s Fred. She does that, too."
Wesley: "Fred. Winifred? The girl from Cordy"s vision?"
Sasha: "Check the perimeter - the east groves!"
Angel: "These are my friends - Wesley - Gunn."
Fred smiles: "Hi-ya."
Wesley: "These, ah those were the rebels. We"ve joined forces."
Gunn: "They made Wes their general."
Wesley: "But you"re here now. Ah if you want to... I mean - you"re much better at..."

Angel: "No, Wes, I-I can"t... - You know what happens to me. I-I"m sorry......ashamed of what I did to you."
Gunn: "It"s kind of a crazy place here. - The sooner we all get out of here the better."

Angel: "Fred here might be able to help us with that. She knows a lot about portals."
Fred: "Not a lot. The trionic speechcraft formulation/modification has to alter the dynamic reality sphere... - Lutzbalm predicted it at Zurig in "89 -- laughed him off the stage -although this slavery and degradation"s no laughing matter...... it"s no Crug-grain and Kalla berry breakfast all right."

Angel: "She"s been here a while. - Guys, ah, I have some bad news about Lorne."

Rebel: "Ah, we captured this warrior of the Deathwok clan."
Angel: "Landok."
Landok: "Angel, the drokken killer. I *will* not battle you for saving the slave girl"s neck."

Angel: "Good."
Landok: "It is forbidden to do battle while performing a sacred duty. I was transporting my kinsman home - when these fools tried to stop me."
Angel: "I was trying to tell you. They cut off the host"s head."
Wesley: "What?"
Gunn: "No."
Landok: "Yes. I have it right here."
Angel: "He was..."
Gunn: "Yeah."
Wesley: "Hmm."
Lorne"s: "That"s it?"
"Where is the praising and extolling of my virtues? Where"s the love?"
Gunn: "I"m only gonna say this once. The guys you send to create those diversions are gonna die."
Wesley: "Yes they are. You try not to get anybody killed you wind up getting everybody killed. Get ready to move out."

Angel: "What do you want me to do?"
Wesley: "Go to the village. Call out the groosalug - and kill him."
Angel: "Kill their undefeated champion. - I can"t do that without turning into the beast."

Wesley: "I know."
Angel: "Look, when I fired you guys the reason I... Darkness was coming out in me. I didn"t want you near it. - The thing that comes out here is ten times worse. - Wes. - I do this - you know I won"t come back from it."

Wesley: "Yes, you will. I know you. We know you. We know you"re a man with a demon inside - not the other way around. *We* know you have the strength to do what needs to be done, and you will come back to us."

Fred: "I could go with you. I know how to prepare the challenge torch."
Wesley: "You"ll come back."
Gunn: "You really think he"ll come back?"

Wesley: "I need *him* to think it."
Groo: "What can I get you princess?"
Cordy: "Nothing. - Just don"t leave! - And whatever you do, don"t fight a big, ugly, pointy demon with green skin - I saw what he"ll do to you."
Silas: "Good. I see we"re progressing towards mating.
Let"s get on with it."
Cordy: "Huh? What about the wedding?"
Silas: "I tire of waiting. Do it!"
Cordy: "With you guys standing around? I don"t think so!"
Silas: "Then I"ll encourage you."
Another priest: "My lord! There is something in the village you will want to see."
Angel: "I challenge the groosalug to mortal combat."
"Come out and face me you spineless coward!"
Fred: "Uh! Why"d you add that coward thing? That"s really gonna piss him off."
Cordy: "What is going on? Who"s yelling."
Silas: "You have been challenged. You must fight."
Cordy: "What? No! No fighting. I had a vision, he can"t fight!"
Silas: "The honor of the kingdom is at stake."
Cordy: "Will you listen to me?!"
Silas: "Silence!"
Cordy: "No! Don"t do it, please. Don"t do it! Groo, no! No! No!"
Groo: "Who calls me out?"
Silas: "Do you love your princess?"
Groo: "More than I thought possible."

Silas: "If this *filth* should win - he will ravage - and he will defile her. - He will use her for his pleasure again - and again. - And when she has no more screaming in her - he will *kill* her."
Groo: "He will *not*! He will die!"
A voice: "The groosalug has been challenged. He will fight the challenger in the village square!"
Voices: "Rebels at the south gate!"
"Rebels at the north wall!"
Bartok: "Death to the state! - Death to the state!"
Angel: "This guy - he doesn"t feel pain?"
Fred: "Oh, he-he feels it, but - he"s the groosalug. He overcomes all things. - Good luck."
Groo: "You will die, barbarian!"
Fred: "You can"t hold back! You"ll die!"

Angel: "Not holding back - holding on."
Priest: "My lord, rebels have breached the castle!"
Wesley: "It"s Silas. Stop him."
Guard: "There they are!"
Cordy: "Oh, there you are. Please, I had a vision. The beast is gonna kill him. You have to stop it!"
Silas: "This is all your fault! You think you can *destroy* our way of life? Think again! I will kill every cow in the world before I allow that to happen. Everyone of you."

Groo: "You would defile her! You animal!"
Silas: "You"re a little late."
Wesley: "Stand down. You don"t have to do this."
Silas: "I don"t have to - but I"m going to. And you and your filthy cow-princess can go straight..."
Cordy: "Your cow-princess is tired of hearing you yak, padre."
Gunn: "Nice going."
Cordy: "These guys *stay* dead without a head?"
Sasha: "Oh yeah."
Cordy: "Good. We need to get back to the village now! The groosalug is facing a terrible beast, I saw it."
Wesley: "Actually the beast he"s facing is Angel."
Angel: "We"re not gonna do this. We"re gonna find another way."
"I"m not an animal."
Cordy: "Stop!"
"Stop the fight! Stop!"
Angel: "Alright. What part of me being all noble here - didn"t get through?"

Cordy: "Stop. Stop the fight. Don"t hurt him. Stop. I love him. I love him."

Angel: "You love me?"
Cordy: "Not you, dumb ass. Him! I love him!"

Angel: "Oh."
Cordy: "Lay down your weapons! Silas is dead. All priests have been defeated. Any guard who harms a human from this day forth shall have to answer to me!"

Angel: "She loves me, too, right?"
Cordy: "Are you okay? - Did he hurt you?"
Angel: "As a friend and co-worker."
Cordy: "Can I get some medical attention around here, people?"
Angel: "Maybe love is too strong a term."

Lorne: "Good as new - though I seem to have put on about a hundred and fifty eight pounds."

Angel: "You look great. Love the trousers."

Lorne: "Yeah. It"s been a thrill, mom. See you in a millenium or three."
Angel: "Hey. Isn"t there something you wanna say to your mother?"
Lorne: "Hmm, may you burn in Tarkna?"
Angel: "Come on. She"s not that bad. I mean, she didn"t store your body on top of the maggot pile like you thought she would, now did she?"
Lorne: "Bye mom. Thanks for storing my body on the lice pile instead of the maggot heap."
Mom: "I thought you were lost to us forever. But you came back. You came back. The runt of my loins came back after raining such *misery* upon our lives and managed to shame up even further!"
Angel: "Alright then. We"ll just be..."
Mom: "Who"s supposed to do our labor now that your cow-friend has freed the slaves? You know what they call me - at the hall of Drink and Chance? - Mother of the vile excrement!"
Angel: "Be sure to keep in touch."

Mom: "Go on, misfit! Back to your world where no one knows his place!"
"May you rot in Tarkna!"
Angel: "Every family"s got its problems."
Mom: "Numfar, do the dance of shame."
Angel: "Yours more than most."
Lorne: "My psychic friend told me I had to come back here. I didn"t believe her. Then I realized I *did* have to come back here, because - I really always thought I had to come back here, deep down inside, you know? I had to come back here to find out I *didn"t* have to come back here.
I don"t belong here. I hate it here.
You know where I belong?

LA. You know why? *Nobody* belongs there. It"s the perfect place for guys like us."

Angel: "That"s kind of beautiful."
Lorne: "Ain"t it? I"m very moved, if I do say so myself."
Angel: "Please do."
Lorne: "You know, I feel a song coming on."

Angel: "Yeah, I thought you might."
Lorne: "Somewhere over the rainbow..."
"...way up high..."
Cordy: "I have a vision. Actually I have two visions, and in one of them you get to keep your head."
Priest: "How may I be of service your majesty?"
Cordy: "Take a memo. As it is now written - all citizens are created equal. Slavery and religious persecution are outlawed."

Wesley: "I think we did it."
Fred: "I-I was opening portals but I couldn"t tell where. You-you need the priests" formulas to figure that out on this side."

Cordy: "So we can go home!"
Gunn: "All we have to do is take these to Angel"s car and have her say the words."

Priest: "Those are sacred books! Which *you* should have - as a small memento."

Cordy: "You"re in charge now. You got a long road ahead. Slavery has ended but - reconstruction has just begun."

Groo: "What is this - recon-struction?"
Cordy: "Gunn, you wanna field this?"
Gunn: " It means - sayin" people are free don"t make "em free.
You got - races that hate each other, you got some folks gettin" work they don"t want, - others losin" the little they had.

You"re lookin" at social confusion, economic depression and probably - some riots. - Good luck."
Cordy: "You"ll do fine."
Groo: "It worries me - but - not as much as.... Do you have to go, majesty?"

Cordy: "I don"t want to. I"m *really* gonna miss your eyes - and the majesty thing - but-but I have a job to do back home. - It was really fun being your princess."

Groo: "God speed, princess."
Cordy: "Bye Groo."
Wesley: "Should people be bowing in a free society?"
Cordy: "These things take time."

Lorne: "You know I"ve been thinking about remodeling the bar. - Who"s up for a nightcap?"
Fred: "Are-are you sure about that?"
Cordy: "Trust me. Tacos everywhere - and - soap!"
Gunn: "Yo, that portal jumping is a fun ride. We sell it to a theme park we could get paid!

Angel: "Okay. Can I say it? I wanna say it."

Wesley: "Say what?"
Angel: "There"s no place like..."
Angel: "Willow?"
Cordy: "What"s..?"
Angel: "It"s Buffy."

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