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Wesley: "What I wouldn"t give for a roving band of Prekian demons right now."
Without the ritualistic slayings of course."
Cordy: "Of course."
Wesley: "Something to fight. Good to be done. A little action."
Cordy: "Maybe we could by one of those star maps, find out where Steven Segal lives. You"re telling me he got to be a movie star without a little demonic assistance?"

Gunn: "Look, I say if things are quiet, let them be quiet."
Wesley: "Quiet maybe good for mankind - but bad for business. We need to make a name for ourselves."
Gunn: "We can"t even agree on a new name yet. Unless, of course you guys have come around to the idea of..."
Wesley: "I don"t think so."
Cordy: "Give it up already."
Wesley: "New name or not we need to be on the streets, plying our trade. Generating a little word of mouth. We can"t expect evil to just walk through the door."
Cordy: "Can we help you?"
Francine: "I"m, ah, looking for Wesley Wyndham Price."
Wesley: "I"m Wesley."
Francine: "Ah. I"m Francine Sharp, my daughter Stephanie. I"m a friend of Virginia"s from the club."
Wesley: "Oh, right, the country club."
Cordy: "One of Virginia"s *rich* friends? You certainly came to the right place, ha, ha."

Francine: "Virginia said you specialize in, uh, strange phenomenon?"

Cordy: "The stranger the better as far as we"re concerned. Please, have а seat. - Tell us what the problem is. Trust me, we specialize in strange. There is nothing we haven"t see... There"s an eye in the back of her head!"

Francine: "Something grabbed her on the way home from swim practice and bit her. When she woke up this morning that was there."

Wesley: "Did you see who or what did this to you?"
Francine: "It was dark. She doesn"t remember much. She"s been in a state of shock since it happened. - I"ll pay you whatever it takes. Can you make it go away?"

Wesley: "Yes, absolutely. Consider us already on the job."
Cordy: "I knew you came to the right place."

Francine: "Who would do this?"
Wesley: "We"re going to find out, but it - it"ll take a little time. You"d be surprised how many nasty things are on the streets these days.

Boy: "He"s right behind us."
Girl: "Oh god."
Boy: "We got to move. Now."
Anne: "Here you go. Pass these out first. And then get Eva to go to the storage room. I bought a bunch of new sleeping bags last week, just in case we got crowded."

Boy: "Open up! Please, open up. Anne, look, I know it"s past curfew, but we got to come in."

Anne: "Sorry, Kenny. Ten o"clock. You know the rules."
Kenny: "I know, I know, but - you can"t leave us out here, okay? There"s something - we gotta come in."
Anne: "We"re already packed to the ceiling! There is no room, even if I did let you in. No more beds."
Girl: "Please. We"ll sleep on the floor."

Kenny: "Anne, don"t make us go back out there."


Angel: "Hey, Merl."
Merl: "Jesus, man! I mean, can"t you, you know, knock?"
Angel: "You don"t make that funny expression when I knock, or if you do I don"t see it. - What are you doing?"

Merl: "Packing."
Angel: "You"re not going anywhere."
Merl: "Oh, yes I am, as in far, as in now."

Angel: "Who"s gonna tell me all the fun facts about my friends?"
Merl: "Big meeting tomorrow night, some top-level Wolfram and Hart brass. I think it"s a new demon account. 9:30, Diaghilev, that concludes my career as a professional informant. All right? Consider it a - a freebie. Just like every other bit of information I"ve ever given you."

Angel: "Nine thirty."
Merl: "Tomorrow night. Best of luck. Hope you bust that evil law firm wide open."
Angel: "Well, why the rush to relocate?"

Merl: "Well, lets see, there is, uhm, *you* and then there is every other crook and monstro in this town that thinks they can just waltz in here and pound me until they get information, without paying for it either.
I mean at least that British guy understood what a working relationship was, had some respect. *You* don"t care about anyone but yourself."

Angel: "I really don"t think that you"re in a position to judge..."
Merl: "How is old Wesley, huh? - Or the other two you fired? They doing alright? Oh, gee, let me guess. You never even bothered to check."

Angel: "This had better pan out."
Merl: "Nine thirty at Diaghilev. Pleasure doing business with you."
Anne: "And make sure you get full names, no tags, no nicknames.
I"ve seen at least a dozen new faces, and I don"t want anyone slipping through the cracks. Kenny. Can I talk to you for a sec? How "ve you been? We haven"t seen you in a while."

Kenny: "Fine. Crashing different places. You know me and shelters, man. Too many rules. I"ve got to have my freedom."

Anne: "Hm-mm. So why"d you come in last night?"
Kenny: "I don"t know. It was cold out there. I was getting frostbit."
Anne: "It was sixty five degrees outside."

Kenny: "So? I"m from Florida. Sixty five degrees is like the Arctic Circle."

Anne: "Kenny - why"d you come in?"
Kenny: "Cops."
Anne: "What?"
Kenny: "Cops. They"ve been hassling everybody lately. Which, hey, what else is new, right? But these guys... Last night me and Les where hanging down on thirty ninth."

Anne: "Panhandling?"
Kenny: "No. Washing my Mercedes. All of a sudden this cop comes up out of nowhere and just wham! Hit me so hard I thought my teeth were coming out."
Anne: "He hit you? What were you doing?"
Kenny: "Nothing, I swear to god. And then after he punched me he threw Les against the wall, about near broke her arm. Next thing I know he"s reaching for his nightstick, so I just grabbed Les and booked."

Anne: "You mean he wasn"t trying to arrest you..."
Kenny: "I"m telling you. He just walked up, said "no loitering," slugged me in the mouth, and then chased us for a couple blocks before we made it here."

Anne: "We got a big problem."
Kenny: "Yeah. Good luck solving it. I mean, who you"re gonna call? The cops?"

Anne: "I think I know someone who might help."
Gunn: "Annie! What"s up, girl? I haven"t seen you in a minute. Come here! So, what brings you to this neck of the woods?"
Anne: "Well, I just thought I"d see how the other half lives and strangely enough, it"s not that different."

Cordy: "We like to think of it as early American dilapidation. Hi. I"m Cordelia."

Anne: "Anne."
Wesley: "Wesley Wyndham-Price. Nice to meet you."
Gunn: "Anne here runs a teen shelter over on Crenshaw, not too far from my hood."

Anne: "Oh Gunn, all this time and you still remember!"
Gunn: "Alright, alright, I get it. But I"ve been busy. I"ve been working."
Anne: "Well, if you"re not too busy, mind if I run something by you?"

"Kenny is not the only one. I"ve talked to some of the others and they *all* say the same thing. No provocation, no reason, the police are just terrorizing them."
Gunn: "Renegade cops. Not exactly my usual."
Anne: "Oh, that"s right. You used to hunt..."
Gunn: "Oh, it"s cool. It"s cool. They know what"s what."
Cordy: "What?"
Gunn: "I still hunt vampires, but if this job has taught me anything, it"s that there"s things a lot worse out there than a set of teeth. "

Anne: "Like a bunch of overzealous cops beating on my kids. - Speaking of which... I should really get back.
The shelter"s been getting jammed after sunset, and somebody"s got to keep them reined in."
Gunn: "I"ll go with you. I don"t think it"s safe for you being out there by yourself. I"m gonna head over to the teen center. See if I can figure this thing out."
Cordy: "Oh, gee, and miss out on this exciting case we"re working on? One of Wesley"s wealthy acquaintances got bit by a demon."

Anne: "Are they okay?"
Wesley: "Uh, for the most part."
Cordy: "Except for where she grew another eye in the back of her head."
Anne: "Oh, that sounds... handy. What kind of demon does that?"
Wesley: "That"s what we"re trying to figure out. Once we know we should be able to deoculate her. I mean, just the one in back."

Cordy: "Oh, yes, Angel Investigations, home of the wicked high creep factor."

Anne: "Angel?"
Gunn: "Oh, our company. It"s named after our former boss. We"re planning, uh, on changing it to the Gunn Agency..."
Cordy and Wes: "No, we"re not."
Gunn: "As soon as these two narcissists come to their senses."
Anne: "But Angel, that... this isn"t the guy in the long, black trench coat, is it?"
Gunn: "You know him?"
Anne: "Yeah. He tried to help me out a few weeks ago."
Cordy: "He did?"
Wesley: "Really?"
Anne: "But it turned out it was just a scam to screw this law firm."
Cordy: "Well, he hasn"t changed a bit."
Gunn: "Come on."
So, tell me more about this situation."

Anne: "Thanks for coming by, Gunn."
Gunn: "You know I"ve got your back. I haven"t seen this place in forever."
Anne: "Yeah, it"s been a while."
Ray: "Look, the cops are tripping, G."
Gunn: "Define tripping for me."

Girl: "Out for blood. Les got her arm busted up."
Ray: "The cops stopped me the other night. He went for his gun, looking to put a cap in my ass, man!"

Anne: "It"s outrageous. These cops are gonna kill someone. We have to do something about this."
Gunn: "Anne, you think you could give us a minute?"
Anne: "Yeah. I have some paperwork I could do."
Gunn: "You guys try to play her?"
Girl: "What?"
Ray: "No way, G."
Gunn: "Anne"s no fool, but she"s got a blind spot. She wants to trust you all. Now, if I find out you"re taking advantage of that..."

Ray: "This ain"t no scam, G. We"re the victims, man!"
Gunn: "Victims. Right. So what was you doing when this cop pulled his piece on you?"

Ray: "Absolutely nothing."
Gunn: "Oh, so I haven"t seen you on Normandy and Fifth dealing? You telling me that wasn"t you I seen?"

Ray: "That"s ancient history, man. I gave that up."
Gunn: "Well, do the cops know that? "cause maybe they didn"t get your e-mail."
Girl: "Hey, we"re not talking about some street sweep the PD does every six months to shut up the moms. Okay, this is war, and everyone"s a target."

Ray: "She speaks true, G. A hundred percent true."
Cop: "Keep your hands where I can see them."
Angel: "I"m sorry, officer, have I done something wrong?"
Cop: "Turn around. Face the fence. Place your hands on your head."
Angel: "This is a mistake."
Cop: "You"re under arrest."
Angel: "Believe me, you don"t wanna do this."

Cop: "You have the right to remain silent."
Anything you say can..."
...and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney."
Should you be unable to afford an attorney one will be appointed to you."
Do you understand your rights as I have..."
George: "Well, if it isn"t Charles Gunn, brother at large."
Gunn: "Anne, meet Rondell and George."

Anne: "Hi."
George: "Greetings. Brought the camcorder. What do you need?"
Gunn: "Alright, I"ve got this little neighborhood problem I promised Anne we"d look into."

Rondell: "This got something to do with the police cracking skulls?"
Gunn: "You know about that?"
George: "Who doesn"t?"
Gunn: "I didn"t till today. Somebody could have filled me in."
Rondell: "You ain"t been around to tell nothing to."
George: "You"ve been moving on up, dog, - playing demon detective with your new family."

Rondell: "Deluxe apartment in the sky."
George: "When I got the call I figured it must be Christmas or something."

Gunn: "Maybe I shouldn"t have called at all. In fact, you know what? You"re all free to go."

George: "We already made the trip, might as well go all the way."
Gunn: "Don"t do me no favors."
George: "I"m not. The favor"s for these kids. - Now you got a plan or don"t you?"

Gunn: "All right, look, the plan is simple. I want you to roll the camcorder and wait for the cops to hassle us."

Anne: "How do you know they will?"
Gunn: ""cause we"ll be the ones walking while black. Come on."
Kate: "Haven"t seen you in a while."
Angel: "I"ve been busy."
Kate: "Yeah, me too."
A couple of open cases I"ve been working. Two women killed in a clothing store. Thirteen lawyers from Wolfram and Hart slaughtered in a wine cellar."

Angel: "Real tragedy."
Kate: "Yeah, you seem real broken up by the loss. Anyway, we"re still looking into this one."

Angel: "Good luck with that."
Kate: "I guess you never caught up with your vampire friends in time."
Angel: "I did track them down later and set them on fire."
Kate: "Sounds like you enjoyed it. But then again - the whole murder and mayhem thing"s always been right up your alley."

Angel: "If that"s how you feel, I guess this isn"t the best time to tell you - I just killed a cop."

Kate: "I wouldn"t make a joke about that in this building, no matter how immortal you think you are."
Angel: "Of course, this is the kind of cop that keeps talking even after he"s been decapitated. Bet they don"t teach you that at the academy. Want to tell me who that badge belongs to?"

That"s him."
Kate: "Officer Peter Harkes."
Angel: "You know him?"
Kate: "Well enough to be at his funeral six months ago."
Angel: "You want to take a ride?"
Cordy: "Of course we can handle this eye thing without you. That"s not the point. - Just that maybe we should back you up on this. - Because I don"t want you to get hurt. - Of course I do, *but*... Hello? Okay, Gunn"s about to do a really stupid thing."

Wesley: "What did he say?"
Cordy: "Just that in order to find out if the police have been brutalizing and killing people in Anne"s neighborhood, he"s going to videotape the cops trying to brutalize and kill him."
Wesley: "You can"t be serious."
Cordy: "Nothing says "Aha, I"m onto you" like being on the receiving end of a vicious police beating."

Wesley: "You couldn"t stop him?"
Cordy: "Hello! Gunn, stubborn, synonyms."

Wesley: "That can"t be his plan, can it? I mean, it"s - really a dumb plan."

Cordy: "Hey, Gunn graduated with a major in dumb planning from Angel University. He sat at the feet of the master and learned well how to plan dumbly."
Wesley: "We"ll just gonna have to let him do this."
Cordy: "Oh. I"m sure he"ll be fine."

Wesley: "He wants our help, he knows where to call us."
Cordy: "We"ll work our gig, Gunn can work his."
Wesley: "Right. Lets get down there and save him from himself."
Cordy: "It"s not like that third eye is really going anywhere."
Kate: "That one. Never saw the guy who shot him."
Angel: "Catch the killer?"
Kate: "Oh, yeah. Not exactly a criminal genius. He"s up for the death penalty."
Angel: "You said his funeral was six months ago."
Kate: "Around then. Why?"
Angel: "This ground"s been disturbed in the past few weeks. Someone"s done some digging."
Kate: "How do you know?"
Angel: "A lot of cops buried here?"

Kate: "Yeah."
Angel: "How about him?"
Kate: "Kevin worked vice. What is going on here?"
Angel: "I think someone is unearthing dead cops and putting them back on the streets."
Kate: "What? How is that?"
Angel: "Zombies. - Magically reanimated corpses. They walk they talk, but somebody else is pulling their strings."
Kate: "Is it... my dad, is he..."
Angel: "No. His ground"s undisturbed."
Kate: "Are you sure?"
Angel: "I"m sure."
"You okay?"
Kate: "Who"s doing this?"
Anne: "Could you give Emma a hand in the kitchen?"
"Sorry, no more... Hi, what..."
Cordy: "Is Gunn still here?"
Anne: "No, he left with his friends a little while ago. Why?"
Wesley: "Did he say where he was going?"
Anne: "Forty fifth street, I think."
Wesley: "I"ll start there. I"m on my cell phone if you hear from him."
Cordy: "Check in with me."
Wesley: "Right."
Cordy: Huh, looks like you could use some help."
Anne: "All of my regular staffers are too scared to come in tonight."
Cordy: "Where do you want me to start?"
Anne: "How are your laundry folding skills?"

Cordy: "I"m an actress. I can - fake it."
"Hey! That"s my... Sorry. - I have a shirt just like that. The crook at the store said it was one of a kind! Big fibber!"

Anne: "I"m sorry, I"m all out of beds."
Jackson: "Oh, come on now, sweet thing. You know it"s not save for man or beast out here."

Anne: "I"m very sorry, but I really don"t have any free beds."
Jackson: "Oh, you don"t have to worry about me. I"m sure I can find someone willing to share. Oh, yes. Plenty of candidates."

Anne: "I really think it would be best if you left."

Cordy: "You should probably go."
Jackson: "This is a shelter, right? Well, it just so happens - I"m in need of a little shelter tonight."
Cordy: "Hey! Hey."
Anne: "Let him go. I don"t want any trouble."

Ray: "Oh, watch out man... Jackson."
Jackson: "Lookee here. You been ducking me lately, Ray? Hmm?"
Ray: "No."
Jackson: "No?"
Ray: "No."
Jackson: "You don"t still think I"m pissed at you, do you?"
Ray: "I don"t know."
Jackson: "Why you"re shaking, Ray? What you got to be nervous about? - You don"t think I"m gonna kill you or something, do you? - Huh?"

Ray: "No."
Jackson: "I"d never kill you here, Ray. Not in front of all the pretty ladies. You know I"d never kill you
*here*, hmm?"
George: "All right, look, all I"m saying is you got to let me set up so they don"t see me with this. Cops see me with this, ain"t no way we can Rodney King them."

Gunn: "Yeah, that"s if we ever find any. I never had to look so hard to find trouble before."

George: "Hey, check it. Forty fifth street, man."

Gunn: "So?"
Rondell: " You"re kidding me. This is gang ground. They catch us rolling up in here they"ll take us out."
George: "That"s why we ain"t seen no cops. They don"t even come around here."
Gunn: "I said you was free to go."
George: "Hey, man, I say I"m gonna do something, I"m gonna do it."
Gunn: "Damn. Someone having an apocalypse and forget to invite us?"
Cop: "What are you doing?"
Gunn: "Doing? Nothing, man, just taking a walk."
Cop: "Put your hands on the wall, step back and spread your feet apart."
Gunn: "You arresting us?"
Cop: "Do as you"re instructed."
Gunn: "Officer, I"d just like to know if we"re being arrested."
Officer: "Turn around and face the wall. Now."

Gunn: "Hey, I"m not trying to argue with you, but - I"d like to know what we did wrong. You know, what law we broke? Because if we broke one, I think we should know what it was so we don"t make the same mistake twice."

Cop: "I"m not gonna say it again."
Wesley: "Wait! Officer, wait! This man is a friend of mine, a very good friend. I"m sure he hasn"t committed any..."

Gunn: "Wesley!"
George: "He"s got another gun!"
Rondell: "Oh man! Oh man!"
George: "Lets get the hell out of here."
Gunn: "Help me get Wesley."
Wesley: "Is anyone else cold?"
Gunn: "It"s okay now. We"re gonna take you some place warm. Help me pick him up! Come on! Come on!"

Rondell: "I shot him! I shot a cop!"

Gunn: "Not a lot of choice."
George: "We got to move."
Rondell: "I killed a police officer. Look at him. He"s dead!"
Gunn: "Don"t look *that* dead."
George: "Lets go!"
Cop: "We have a situation."
Radio: "Are there any loose ends?"
Cop: "We have witnesses. I need back up."

Gunn: "Hold up. Hold up. I got to try and stop this bleeding."
"Around here. - Put him down. Easy! Take it easy!."
Wesley: "Nine one one. You"ve got to call 911."
Rondell: "Screw the cops! They"re the ones that did this to you!"
Gunn: "An ambulance."
Rondell: "Oh."
Gunn: "Alright. Go down and keep watch."
George: "Tell them no siren."

Phone: "911 What is your emergency?"

Kate: "It"s pretty quiet in here."
Officer: "Can I help you folks?"
Kate: "Yeah. I"m investigating some complaints about the way some officers are handling things in this precinct."
Officer: "Isn"t that more a job for internal affairs?"
Kate: "Well, I"m taking a personal interest."
Where is everyone?"
Officer: "Oh, only a few of us riding the desk tonight."
Angel: "Not a lot going on?"

Officer: "Crime is way down in this precinct. We"re doing things right."
Angel: "Who takes credit for that?"
Officer: "It"s a team effort. But, the captain"s the one who really got the ball rolling."

Angel: "Can we talk to him?"
Officer: "He"s not here. But you"re free to try again later though."
Kate: "This captain of yours, he"s running things by the book?"
Officer: "I don"t have to tell you who used to rule these streets, detective. The scumbags did. Hell, I-I was afraid to drive to work myself."

Kate: "Oh, really?"
Officer: "We got a tougher policy now."
Rondell: "Ambulance ain"t gonna come down here."
George: "Shut up before they hear you."

Wesley: "I don"t think I"m doing very well."

Gunn: "Hey, you"re gonna be fine, man, alright? Getting shot like this... Yeah, I"ve seen a lot of people been shot worse than this never even slowed them down."

Rondell: "It"s here!"
Gunn: "Come on, hurry, move!"
"Meet me back at the shelter, all right? Watch your backs!"
Gunn: "Hey, hey! I"m with him."
"It"s alright, Wesley, hang on. We"re almost there, okay?"
Driver: "Something is going on up here. I"ll go see what it is."
"Hey you guys, you got to let us through. We got..."
Gunn: "No! Don"t!"
Driver: "...a wounded man in the back. We got to get him..."
Gunn: "Hang on!"
Black paramedic: "We"re stopping? What are you doing?"
Gunn: "Trying to survive. Help me get him inside. Come on, Wes. Come on, man."
Paramedic: "Here take this."
Gunn: "Come on, man. I got you."
"Annie! Open up. It"s G. Open up! Hurry!"

Anne: "Oh my god! What happened?"
Gunn: "They shot him."
Anne: "Who did?"
Gunn: "The cops. They"re not human."
Cop: "All passengers are on board, sir."
"We have full containment."
Captain: "Wait for back up. Secure the entire section. - Clean house."
Wesley: "He had no right."
Gunn: "I know man, shh."
Cordy: "Wesley, I... What can I do?"
The paramedic: "Apply pressure to the wound."
Cordy: "Okay. I got it. Hang in there. It"s okay."
Anne: "Are we safe here?"
Gunn: "Safer than out there. But we need to lock all the doors, alright? And keep everyone away from the windows!"
Anne: "You heard him! Lets go! Come on!"
Jackson: "Oh! - Damn. Now that looks nasty."

Gunn: "Jackson? What the hell are you doing here?"
Anne: "How are we gonna keep the cops out?"
Jackson: "I say let "em come, bro. I know how to handle cops."
Gunn: "That life style working out for you?"
Jackson: "Don"t get all high and mighty with me, player. I know where you come from."

Gunn: "Where I come from you don"t bring down a community. You try and make it better."
Jackson: "I"m just doing my thing, man. Why - why don"t you go on and get out of my face."

Gunn: "Your thing hurts everybody! Why do you think nobody cares they"re clamping down on this neighborhood?"
Jackson: ""cause they"re a bunch of racist pigs."
Gunn: "There is that. And there"s people like you - tch! A thug with a gun, keeping the cycle going."
Jackson: "Not my problem."
Gunn: "No! See, it"s my problem, all right? "cause they shot my friend over there."

Jackson: "Oh. - Yeah. White man dying. Not exactly losing sleep on it."
Anne: "Hey. We can"t afford this. Not now."

Cop on radio: "All units are in place."
Captain: "Go. And keep it quiet. No gunfire."

Paramedic: "He"s going south."
Cordy: "No. Come on."
Gunn: "What?"
Paramedic: "I think there"s internal bleeding, but we can"t help him here. We"ve got to get him to St. John"s, fast."

Gunn: "Look we can"t go back out there, all right? You saw what they did to him."

Cordy: "He"s going to die. We"re taking him to a hospital, now. I don"t care who"s out there!"

Gunn: "Alright. Get the door."
"Come on."
Wesley: "Where are we going?"
Gunn: "To the hospital."
Wesley: "That sounds sensible to me."
Cordy: "They"re here."
Gunn: "Take this bat. I want you to use it, all right? - Come on. Everything against the windows! Move! Move. Do this quick."

Anne: "Okay. Nail this shut. Check the kitchen door."
Captain: "Can I help you?"
"Excuse me, what are you doing?"
Angel: "Looking around."
Captain: "Who are you?"
Angel: "Angel."
Captain: "Well, Angel, if you need something I"m sure someone downstairs would be willing to help you."
Angel: "Actually I need to talk to you."

Captain: "About what?"
Angel: "About some of your more - dead cops?"
Captain: "Maybe we should talk about you instead."
Angel: "How do I stop them?"
"I"ll repeat the question."
Gunn: "Move, people, move."
Telephone voice: "All circuits are busy. Please hang up and try your call again."
Cordy: "This is no time for circuits busy! So, don"t tell me circuits are busy. If the circuits are busy - get some new circuits now!"

Gunn: "Come on, push them up there."
Angel: "How do I stop them?"
Captain: "These are good cops. They pout their lives on the line. They died on the streets."
Angel: "You should have left them that way."

Captain: "I won"t betray them!"
Gunn: "Alright. Get the kids in the back."
Anne: "Get them upstairs."
Cordy: "Gunn! Gunn! Help."
Captain: Get out.
Angel: "How are you controlling them, hmm? The entrails?"
Kids: The door! Oh my God!
Angel: "Here we go. It"s the idol of Granath. The Zombie god."
Captain: No!!!
Anne: "The kids."
Cordy: "Wesley!"
Gunn: "Get the ambulance ready. Help me pick him up."
Jackson: "Hm-mm. Sorry. Looks like the streets just got a lot safer for me. - Time to go to work."
Cordy: "Lets go."
"Come on, sweetie."
Gunn: "Here we go."
Cordy: "Okay."
Angel: "Hi. - I thought you might want to know I took care of our little cop problem."

Kate: "Crime reports from that precinct. - Up until three months ago there was a murder every two weeks, a rape every two days, a robbery every hour and a half. And that"s what we just gave back to the people of that community."
Angel: "I can live with that."
Kate: "You learn to live with a lot of things, don"t you?"
"This job is making me crazy."
Angel: "I know the feeling."
A woman: "For you, detective."
Kate: "Thanks. Wyndham-Price, isn"t that the guy that works for you?"
Gunn: "Hey."
Wesley: "Hey."
Gunn: "How"re you doing?"
Wesley: "Oh, I feel I should be in a great deal of pain."
Gunn: "Getting gut-shot will do that to you."

Wesley: "And yet... Is this morphine? Well, it"s bloody lovely!"
Cordy: "What are you doing here?"
Angel: "I heard about Wesley."
Cordy: "Well, that"s great. Too bad it takes a gunshot wound to make you give a crap. - Wesley doesn"t need you right now. *We* don"t need you. - You walked away. Do us a favor and just stay away."

The end

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