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Guy: "Hello."
Wesley: "Didn"t hear you come in. Uh, how can I help you?"
Guy: "Where is he?"
Wesley: "Angel? He"s rather - out at the moment. Is there something I can do for you? I"m his associate."
Guy: "Yeah. You could tell me where the boss is. It"s kinda urgent."
Wesley: "Oh, we specialize in urgent. Life and death, is it?"
Guy: "It could get rough. I need someone with his special abilities."
Wesley: "I understand perfectly. Why don"t you fill me in and as soon as we find..."

Guy: "What about you? You got any special abilities?"
Wesley: "A few, I dare say."
Guy: "Are you a creature of the night?"
Wesley: "No. But I was a rogue demon hunter so - I know how to handle myself when things get rough."
Guy: "Yeah. You"re scary."
Wesley: "I"m sure he"ll be back soon."
Guy: "Might want to tell the boss, he wants to run a business he shouldn"t be foisting clients off on his secretary."

Wesley: "That"s associate."
Cordy: "What are you doing?"
Wesley: "Ah. Knocking things over, driving away business - you know, the usual."
Cordy: "Well, I found him and we have to stop him before it"s too late we have to change our: Do you have any clothes a man would wear?"

Angel: "Don"t make eye contact. Keep going."
"What are you two doing in here?"
Cordelia: "Um, I"m thinking risking our lives to save yours..."
Gunn: "How"d you get in?"
Wesley: "We used the door."
Gunn: "And they just let you in?"
Cordelia: "Hello. Lawyer! You"re not going up there."
Angel: "No, no. I need to do this. I have to find her... where they have her..."
Cordelia: "Still with the Darla of it?"
Wesley: "Did you encourage this?"
Gunn: "I"m just going along for the ride."
Cordelia: "Gonna be a pretty short ride. They have vampire detectors!"
Gunn: "We know. It"s cool. He"s got a plan."

Wesley: "A plan?"
Angel: "Yeah. I get to the offices before they stop me."
Gunn: "See? What? *That"s* the plan? Walking real quick was the "plan"?"

Cordelia: "Angel, this is crazy. Listen to yourself. You"re all insane and angry and insane! You need help!"
Angel: "I"m not insane and I"m not angry"
Wesley: "Euugh!"
Gunn: "Man, that"s nasty."
Angel: "Maybe I"m a little angry."
Cordy: "Maybe?"


Gunn: "Okay, what I want to know is how"d I live in L.A. all my life and not notice weird-ass stuff was going on?"

Cordelia: "Oh, the ass is even weirder than you think."
Wesley: "The Host, the fellow talking to Angel over there? He helps demons, reads their souls, senses their futures..."

Cordelia: "Yes, but he can only do it when they sing Karaoke."
Host: "I thought maybe I"d seen you walk away for the last time. You doing okay?"

Angel: "Yeah, yeah."
Host: "Once more with less feeling."
Angel: "I guess I"m a little, ah, uhm - rocky."

Host: You"re Rocky and Rocky II and half of the one with Mister T. Tell me about it."
Angel: "I just... I-I feel this... like - I have to do something - and if I don"t let it out I"ll explode, and then - when I do something - it feels, ah - I-I think, maybe - this - this is it. I... I"ll sing if I have to."

Gunn: "Wait. Are you saying... Is he gonna sing? Oh God, is Angel gonna sing?"
Host: "You don"t have to sing. A break for you, a break for me, and a break for Mr. Manilow."

Angel: "Okay. Uh. If you"re sure."
Host: "Poor Angelito. Here."
Angel: "What"s this?"
Host: "An address in Ojai. A friend of mine, even though, does he ever call? Does he ever write? Good guy, though.
You ever hear of the T"ish Magev?"
"Thank you, Ramone. I was just thinking I"d rather be drinking. He"s a treasure."

Angel: "The T"ish Magev... he"s like... a swami, sort of, right? Very powerful... This is his address."
Host: "I"m sending you to him. You need more than I can do for you. This guy... he"ll shock your chakras, fillet your soul... whatever you need. Go to him."

"Lovely! That was Cher-riffic, boys!"

Angel: "We"re going. I don"t have to sing."
Cordelia: "Oh thank God! I - I mean for your sake, "cause you don"t like to do that."

Angel: Aha.
Cordelia: "I figure he"ll be back pretty quick. This swami guy sounds kinda magic, he"ll probably just do a spell and zap this obsession out of Angel"s head."

Wesley: "Intriguing notion. Psychiatry through magic. Instant cures for phobias, compulsions, identity crises."

Cordy: "Hey, look at me. I"m Angel!"
Wesley: "He doesn"t generally spin that much."
Cordy: "Right. Right. This is Angel.
Oh, no. I can"t do anything fun tonight. I have to count my past sins, then alphabetize them. Oh, by the way, I"m thinking of snapping on Friday. - You know, I love Angel and everything, but right now, I"m so glad he"s headed the other way."

Magev: "Yeah."
Angel: "I"m looking for the T"ish Magev?"
Magev: "Well, you found him."
Angel: "Really. - You"re the swami?"
Magev: "You"re the - vampire with a soul?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Magev: "Well, in or out? You"re letting in the bugs."
Benny: "Where is Angel?"
Cordy: "He"s not here."
Benny: "You"re lying. Give me Angel."
Cordy: "I-I can"t. Let go! It"s about time you..."
Benny: "My boss needs your boss. So I can not leave here without him. So you are gonna get him for me now, or I"m gonna blow your head off."
Cordy: "No! I-I - I-I can"t..."
"...I-I-I don"t know where he is. I swear."
Benny: "Too bad."
Cordy: "Wait! Wait! Listen, I-I...
Wesley: "I"m Angel. You looking for me?"
Magev: "Nice ride."
Angel: "Sorry?"
Magev: "The car. Very slick."
Angel: "Thanks."
Magev: "What kind of mileage do you get with that thing?"
Angel: "I don"t know. 12 in the city, maybe."

Magev: "Gas hog. Still, probably a chick magnet, right?"

Angel: "What? No."
Magev: "If you say so."
Angel: "I though we were gonna talk about my problems."
Magev: "That car is your problem, pal. Says everything about you."
Angel: "The car?"
Magev: "Yes, the car. You live in L.A. It"s all about the car you drive."
Angel: "I really don"t think..."
Magev: "Vampire, living in a city known for its sun - driving a convertible. - Why do you hate yourself?"

Angel: "I don"t. I mean, I got a deal."

Magev: "You got a deal. - Why not a personalized license plate that says "irony"?"

Angel: "Top goes up."
Magev: "Appearances. Very important to you."
Angel: "That"s not true."
Magev: "Sure it is. So important that you"re willing to put your eternal life at risk every time you hop into that thing. Top up or not."

Angel: "It"s just a car."
Magev: "Oh. So why you wear all the layers, all the black? You know it"s been about 80 degrees in the shade lately."

Angel: "No reason. I-I don"t have a body temperature so..."
Magev: "So it"s for the look."
Angel: "No. - It"s just this way I don"t have to worry about matching. - I don"t have a reflection so..."

Magev: "Sure you do."
Angel: "I do?"
Magev: "You"re reflected in the people around you. The way *they* see you. - What do you think they see?"
Wesley: "That - that - that won"t kill me."
Benny: "Fine. Let"s go. Follow me."
Wesley: "You just expect me to follow you.
I don"t see why I should. Ah, you know the gun won"t kill me."

Benny: "Oh yeah? What"s it gonna do to her? Come on."
Wesley: "Yes. Alright. but, ah, I shan"t be cooperative."
Benny: "I invite you in."
Wesley: "Thank you. Considerate."
Bryce: "Sounds like you"re saying it was my intention."
Paul: "I"m not saying it was on purpose. It"s just obviously some gives your drivers their instructions."
Bryce: "And your drivers? One little overreaction - you never know what *that"s* gonna lead to."
Paul: "Hmm, it"s good then that you and I got together, you and I. Cleared it all up. No misunderstandings."
Bryce: "I think you understand me perfectly, Paul."
Benny: "This is Angel."
Bryce: "Angel. Sorry to make you wait - business thing. Come on in. I"m pleased to meet you, Angel. My name is Magnus Bryce. Benny, get him a drink."
Wesley: "Mr. Bryce, I know who you are. I read the business pages. I don"t know why you want me here, but this is not the way to get my cooperation. Your man abducted me tonight!"

Bryce: "I understand you"re frustrated. But I"m a desperate man. You help people. I need help - protection for someone very dear to me. Now, relax, let me explain."

Benny: "Cheers."
Wesley: "Blood. I don"t usually - drink in front of humans."
Bryce: "Don"t insult me. Go on. It"s fresh."

Wesley: "Dear god! That"s - nummy."
Bryce: "You"ve heard about the software, the cable network, - that"s all a front. The money comes from wizardry. My great-grandfather created our first spell in his garage, a simple - tallness illusion. Now it"s all custom designed work for people with the right money."

Wesley: "Really?"
Bryce: "You see someone in this town with looks and talent..."
"...chances are - we provided one of them. It"s like they say: the goddess Yeska does not give with both hands. It"s not a nice business. I have a lot of enemies - industry rivals."

Wesley: "Like the man in the hall?"
Bryce: "Paul Lanier? His firm"s in wish-granting. Scary little euro-creep. And there are others."
Wesley: "Lanier is threatening you?"
Bryce: "Someone - is threatening my daughter. My only family. Maybe it"s Lanier, maybe it"s Briggs over at consolidated curses. There are letters and calls. Twice we have caught intruders inside the house."

Wesley: "But you"re a powerful wizard. Certainly you must know dozens of protection spells."
Bryce: "Hundreds. Used them all. These guys are in the business, they know all the tricks."
Wesley: "You want me to say I"ll act as her bodyguard."
Bryce: "No. You don"t really get to say anything. I"m gonna pay you a lot of money to protect her. You"ll do it - and get paid - and we"ll both be very happy."

Magev: "There are *two* yous."
Angel: "To mes."
Magev: "The image you work so hard to create and the real you."
Angel: "Well, maybe my persona *is* a little - affected."
Magev: "A little affected? Come on. How many warriors slated for the coming apocalypse do you think are gonna be using that hair gel? Don"t get me wrong - you"re out there fighting the ultimate evil you"re gonna want something with hold. - But how do you expect to triumph over the soldiers of darkness when you"re still fighting yourself?"

Angel: "You think I"m fighting myself?"

Magev: "Let"s find out."
Bryce: "Honey, we have a guest."
Virginia: "Oh, look. The vampire"s here."

Wesley: "Uh, yes. Hello."
Virginia: "Well, daddy knows how to send out for just about anything."
Bryce: "Virginia, play nice. Angel"s gone out of his way to help us."
Virginia: "No he hasn"t. You probably brought him here at gun point."
Bryce: "What? What"s wrong?"
Wesley: "Cover that mirror!"
Virginia: "Why? We know you"re a vampire."

Wesley: "Do it!"
"I"m terribly sorry. It"s just strategy. If the attack - were to happen here... If I were to fight here I - wouldn"t want my opponents to know too soon - what I really am."

Bryce: "Good man."
Virginia: "Yeah, great! He"s already anticipating letting kidnappers into my room."

Wesley: "Mr. Bryce, may I speak to Virginia alone?"
Bryce: "I"ll be right outside."
Wesley: "You were right. I didn"t want to be here."
Virginia: "I knew it. He thinks he owns everyone."
Wesley: "But there are threats. It"s dangerous. You need to be protected. You have a lot of books. You must spend some time in here."
Virginia: "Well, there have been threats for a long time. Every time there is a new one - I buy a book shelf."
Wesley: "Virginia, we"re both stuck here. So it seems to me - I might as well do what he wants me to do - and do my best to protect you."
Virginia: "You think you"re the vampire for the job?"
Wesley: "Well, I wanna try. - You gonna fight me?"
Virginia: "Let"s go shopping."
Wesley: "What? Now? It"s the middle of the night! Wouldn"t you rather wait till morning - when I can"t reasonably leave the house. Yes, as your bodyguard I insist we go at once."
"We"re going shopping."

Gunn: "At gun point?"
Cordy: "Yes! The point of a gun. He just walked Wesley right out of here. And this whole "I"m Angel" thing is a very, very bad idea. I mean, if I thought *that* would work, *I* could"ve been Angel, because, guess what, pretty much a girly name."
Gunn: "Were"d they go?"
Cordy: "I don"t know. I tried to follow them, but I lost them."
Gunn: "So what"s the plan?"
Cordy: "The plan is, you go get Angel from the Swami place, I track down Wesley. This guy that took him, pretty distinctive, maybe I can find a criminal record, known associates - uh! Mug shots!"

Gunn: "I better get started. It"s gonna take me a long time to find this place."
Cordy: "Gunn - this thug-guy is bad news. I really hate to think where Wesley may be right now."
Wesley: " I say, this place is extraordinary. Wizard supplies. - It"s a little exposed, though isn"t it? I mean - are you really safe here?"

Virginia: "You tell me."
Wesley: "Oh, yes. My job exactly. To make it safe. Well, I shall certainly do my best."

Virginia: "We all do our best for Daddy. Makes shopping for him a real pain."

Wesley: "Ah, we"re looking for a *gift* are we?"
Virginia: "For his birthday.
Number fifty.
That"s why he"s so twitchy lately. Big party makes security dodgy, plus I think there"s a whole mid-life thing going on."

Wesley: "You"re looking at talismans?"
Virginia: "Images of the goddess Yeska, his favorite creepy deity. - What do you think of the gold one?"
Wesley: " Attractive, but it isn"t real gold -it couldn"t be, one good spell would melt it. I"d go with the iron one."

Virginia: "You sound like dad. - He really gets into all this stuff. He loves it all, the rituals - magic..."

Wesley: "You don"t love it."
Virginia: "I used to - when I was little. It"s been just him and me for a long time. He used to sit me next to him at his desk and teach me about runic incantations or enchanted armor."

Wesley: "But not any more?"
Virginia: "No. I mean, *he* still loves this stuff. Guy"s gotta love something."

Wesley: " Your father obviously loves you, too. He"s gone to some trouble to protect you."

Virginia: "He has his car insured, too. Doesn"t that hurt?"
Wesley: "Ow, hot, hot. cold! Cold."
1. Guy: "Virginia, we"re gonna go now."
2. Guy: "Say good bye to the pretty guy."

Wesley: "Wait!"
Virginia: "Angel!"
1. guy: "You"re Angel? The vampire?"
Wesley: "Yes - I am. I"m - Angel the vampire with a soul - fighting for my redemption with - with - with killing evil demons. That"s right. Scourge of the demon world. don"t worry, boys, I don"t kill humans - unless I"m angry!"

1. Guy: "We"re just doing what he told us."

Wesley: "Who - Lanier? Fine. You"re going to leave now. Then you"re gonna to tell Lanier - forget about the girl. Now go!"
"We better get you back home. It"s not safe here. - I think if we give them a next time, it could get a lot rougher."
Magev: "You"re holding back. What are you afraid off?"
Angel: "Nothing."
Magev: "You"re whimping. This isn"t River Dance. Fight!"
Angel: "I am fighting!"
Magev: "Yourself. You"re fighting yourself. Fight me! Why are you holding back? Why can"t you let go?"

Angel: "Because."
Magev: "Why?"
Angel: "If I let it, it"ll kill you."
Magev: "It?"
Angel: "The demon."
Magev: "Ha! But the demon is you!"
Angel: "No."
Magev: "Yes! That"s the thing you spend so much energy trying to conceal!"

Angel: "No, I just - I can"t let
it control me."
Magev: "Ah. I see. You *don"t* think it controls you?"
"I don"t know how long I can keep up this Yoda gag. Son-of-a-bitch is strong. Plus something we didn"t think about - you know the guy can smell blood."
Lanier: "What are you talking about?"
Magev: "He"s a vampire! It"s only a matter of time before he sniffs out where I stashed the real Magev"s body. I know you want me to keep him up here for the whole weekend, but..."
Lanier: "Stop, stop, stop. Angel"s there?"
Magev: " Yeah he"s here. He"s right outside. He"s brooding. He came up here right after he spoke to the Host, just like Ramone said he would. Why?"
Lanier: "The vampire is with you? - Then who the hell is the English guy?"
Cordy: "Celeb photos - celeb photos page 46."
"It"s him!"
Wesley: "I hope you weren"t too frightened."
Virginia: "No, more angry, you know?"

Wesley: "Well, they were trying to intimidate you."
Virginia: "Not at them. At the whole thing, at the fact that I have to live like this."
Wesley: "It"s a bad situation."
Virginia: "It"s a bad situation? It"s a waste of a life! I keep waiting for my life to start and it never does.
There is just - more locks, and surveillance cameras and guards?!
Okay, what is this now - bedroom guards? You go back and you tell my dad..."

Wesley: "Stop it!"
Guard: "Let your flesh be weakened..."

Wesley: "Pipe that down..."
"...I"ve had it with your.."
Virginia: "You were amazing."
Wesley: "I was a bit."
Virginia: "Your face - you don"t go all like a regular vampire."
Wesley: "Ah. I suppose I"m not like a regular vampire."
Angel: "Not a vampire at all, really. I mean, not any more. They brought her back as a human."
Magev: "This Darla girl - why"d they do that?"

Angel: "I don"t know. But seeing her again... it"s just..."
Magev: "It started the inner struggle."
Angel: "Yeah."
Magev: "She"s not even the one that did this to you."
Angel: "No. It-it"s still her, it"s still Darla. It"s - kinda hard to explain."
Magev: "What hard? You"re obsessed."
Angel: "I guess I am, a little, yeah."
Magev: "You blame her."
Angel: "I suppose I do."
Magev: "You want to punish her."
Angel: "A bit..."
Magev: "At the same time you want to thank her."
Angel: "Thank her?"
Magev: "For the gift she"s given you."
Angel: "Gift?"
Magev: "You"re deeply ambivalent."
Angel: "Yeah, well, I am and I"m not."
Magev: "You need to get over her. - Okay, what does she look like?"
Angel: "She"s beautiful. - Small, blonde..."

Magev: "Right. So here"s what you do. You go out and find yourself some small, blonde thing. You bed her, you love her, you treat her like crap, you break her heart. You and your inner demon will thank me, I promise."

Angel: "Uhm..."
Wesley: "Are you alright? I mean, two close calls like that..."

Virginia: "I guess so. I don"t know. Are we safe now?"
Wesley: "I don"t know."
Virginia: "Sometimes I think about running away. Isn"t that ridiculous, a 24 year old runaway?"
Wesley: "We all want to escape our lives sometimes."
Virginia: "I think about - getting my own place - a little apartment. A job, something - silly like - uhm, a perfume sprayer - or working at a tire store."

Wesley: "A tire store?"
Virginia: "I told you it was ridiculous."
Wesley: "No, no. It sounds wonderful! Rotating tires and inflating - things... Your father would not allow it I"d imagine."
Virginia: "Oh, no. It"s too dangerous. He says they would grab me in a second and use me to get to him. - If you think about it, he"s saying that if I moved out - it would kill him. - I"d be responsible."

Wesley: "That"s a huge burden to put on you."
Virginia: "I just -I just want out."
Wesley: "Virginia..."
Virginia: "I"m sorry - I know we can"t."

Wesley: "Yeah. - Why?"
Virginia: "Well, you"re a pretty famous guy, Angel. I hear the guards talk sometimes. I know."
Wesley: "Know?"
Virginia: "About the curse."
Wesley: "Ah. - The curse."
Magev: "Curse?"
Angel: "Yeah. I thought you knew."
Magev: "Well, they don"t tell me everything. So you really can"t - at all?"

Angel: "Well, that"s part of what makes me special, right?"
Magev: "Right. No, that"s real special. - So, it"s a sex thing this curse?"

Angel: "Well, no, not specifically."
Magev: "Well, then, what specifically?"
Wesley: "Perfect happiness. Yes, of course. Mustn"t... Mustn"t - mustn"t let oneself let oneself forget diabolical consequences - I should... You know this whole curse thing has been *widely* misinterpreted."

Virginia: "Really?"
Wesley: "Oh, yes! Yes, it"s less of a curse and more of a hex, actually Barely that recommendation..."
Virginia: "Are you - sure you"re telling the truth?"
Wesley: "Virginia, I wanna be honest with you. I wanna tell you everything. I"m not actually...

Gunn: "Yo, yo! Anybody home?"
Magev: "Morning traveler. Do you seek enlightenment?"
Gunn: "I seek Angel. He with you?"
Magev: "Well, he was until the sun came up, then... You see that pile of dust over there? I"m just joking! He"s inside. Come on."

Gunn: "Joking. Great. We got ourselves a funny zen master."
Angel: "Which lesson was that exactly?"
Magev: "He was not your friend. I sensed danger..."
Angel: "Where is the real T"ish Magev? Did you kill him? Did you put him in the lake?"
Magev: "Something like that. But you know what? Somehow I"m not that worried about you right now, seeing as you can"t get any closer. Ah, wonderful sunshine! Wish you were here."

Magev: "Ouch! Ow! What are you doing?"
Angel: "Getting in touch with my inner demon."
Cordy: "There you are! I found you!"
Wesley: "Cordelia. How did you get in here?"
Cordy: "Well, I told them that I worked for Angel and they sent me right in. You got everybody scared around here, I"ll tell you that. It"s like they don"t even know you"re a chimp. Oh. Hey, you"re Virginia Bryce!"
Virginia: "Who are you?"
Wesley: "This is Cordelia Chase. She works for me. Virginia, I left my coat..."
Virginia: "I"ll get it."
Cordy: "Good move. Now let"s scuttle our butts out of here."
Wesley: "Cordelia, I"m not going with you."
Cordy: "What? I"m rescuing you! Key ingredient? We leave!"
Wesley: "I understand, but I have to stay. I have a job to do."
Cordy: "What is wrong with you? You"ve got like delusions of Angel! You"re not him. You can"t do stuff on your own.
Oh, crud. Oh, hey, Mr. Bryce, I"ve seen your picture, and I remember you from the armed abduction."
Wesley: "I had Ms. Chase testing your defensive perimeter and I must say.... Did you know your guards just let her in?"

Bryce: "Because I told them to. I wanted my daughter to hear someone call you by your real name."
Wesley: "Wait."
Virginia: "What"s going on? What real name?"

Bryce: "I got a call, from an anonymous friend with some information. This guy - isn"t Angel."

Wesley: "I am so Angel!"
Cordy: "Yeah, yeah!"
Wesley: "Oh, no, no, not the sun! For I am a vampire. Oh, oh oh! It burns! Oh."
Virginia: "You"re not Angel."
Wesley: "My name is Wesley Wyndham-Price."
Virginia: "I talked to you. I trusted you. - You lied to me. Come to think of it, you actually put my life in danger. I was walking around thinking I had vampire protection. -
Here"s the funny part: I finally thought I had a friend."

Cordy: "Well - you kind of screwed her over, huh?"
Bryce: "You"re gonna get out of my house now, loser. Take the piece with you."
Cordy: "The Piece? Was that supposed to be me? Get off me!"
Benny: "You should have let me kill them. You"re just gonna let them go?"
Bryce: "Never tell me what to do. Never! You brought me the wrong guy. You risked the whole sacrifice, you understand? -

But I"m not gonna kill you. Because I need you now, Benny. It"s only a few hours until the sacrifice.
You understand the need for security in this? This is the party of my life obviously Virginia"s too."

Cordy: "Well, that was pretty humiliating, huh?"
"Angel, Gunn, what happened?"
Angel: "He got hit."
Cordy: "By who? The swami? Swamies don"t hit. Swamies swam."

Angel: "Why is Wesley wearing my coat?"
Gunn: "That was a whole lot of swami."
Wesley: "The T"ish Magev hit him?"
Angel: "He was a fake. Someone must have found out that I was going up there. They hired this guy to get me out of the way. He took out the real Magev. Set up the whole thing."

Wesley: "Did you find out who hired him?"
Angel: "He wouldn"t say. That is my coat, right?"
Wesley: "It has to be Paul Lanier. He thought that would keep Virginia unprotected. Then when his men couldn"t take me out, he tipped off Bryce that I wasn"t Angel. He hoped Bryce would get me out of the way."

Angel: "What"s going on? - Where you in Virginia?"
Wesley: "That"s beside the point."
Cordy: "He was posing as you. Protecting a girl named Virginia. This guy Lanier is trying to kill her, or abduct her, or something."

Wesley: "She"s probably in danger right now. She"s at the big party."
Gunn: "What party?"
Wesley: "Her father"s birthday. Big wizard event, cake, ice cream, tributes to the goddess Yeska."
Angel: "Yeska? Wait a minute, I know Yeska. She"s no goddess."
Cordy: "What do you mean?"
Angel: "She"s a Davric demon."
Wesley: "Davric? They don"t serve humans - well, unless the humans make a sacrifice."

Gunn: "Sacrifice?"
Wesley: "Davric demons eat live sacrifices, generally girls. They grant huge power to the person that offers a sacrifice on their 50 - oh, dear lord, on their 50"s birthday. - Bryce is gonna sacrifice his own daughter."

Cordy: "So why was Lanier trying to abduct her?"
Angel: "Bryce is going to get a lot of power off that sacrifice."
Wesley: "We have to go. Angel you take Gunn, go to the front of the house. Cordelia, we"ll to to the back."
Angel: Wesley:
Wes: "Alright. I am sorry. You know this sort of thing best. How should we proceed?"

Angel: "Uhm, well, Gunn and I could - take the back?"
Wesley: "Very good. Lets go."
Angel: "Uh, Wesley, can I get my coat back?"
Virginia: "What is this horrible thing? - I hope a girl isn"t gonna jump out of it or something."

Benny: "Not really."
Bryce: "Thank you. I wanna thank all of you for being here on this special occasion. My feelings my feelings run almost too deep for words. But I"ll try to do this, and do it right."

Virginia: "What is he talking about?"
Bryce: "Yeska, of the razor eyes and stone heart, take this offering. I cast my most precious emerald into the ocean on the moment of my birth plus 50 years."

Virginia: "Daddy, what are you doing? Daddy? Hey! Hey. Daddy stop them!"
Bryce: "Take this gift..."
Virginia: "Stop - stop now!"

Bryce: "Let her death return tenfold onto me my power."
Virginia: "Make them stop!"
Bryce: "Be a good girl now. This is hard enough already."
Benny: "He"s really torn about it."
Virginia: "Help! Somebody help me!" "Daddy?"
Wesley: "Release her or die."
Angel: "Don"t I say that?"
Bryce: "Guards!"
Wesley: "I"ll get you out of here."
Bryce: "The hour approaches Yeska. Do not be blind to my plea. Yeska I beseech thee. Appear!"
Yeska: "The Sacrifice is impure!"
Gunn: "What"s going on?"
Wesley: "Let"s go."
Virginia: "Why did you come back?"
Wesley: "I said I"d protect you."
Bryce: "She"s impure? - She-she"s not a virgin? You...."
Gunn: "Woah! That"s what impure meant?"
Cordy: "She slept with him?"
Bryce: "You were supposed to be Angel. This wouldn"t have happened. That"s why I hired him. He"s a eunuch."
Cordy: "You slept with her."
Angel: "Eunuch?"
Wesley: "Things happen. Two young people, danger..."
Virginia: "What are you talking about?"
Bryce: "She was a virgin before you got here."

Virginia: "I was *not* a virgin!"
Bryce: "What?"
Wesley: "Oh, thank goodness."
Gunn: "I could have told you she was no virgin."
Angel: "I"m not a eunuch."
Cordy: "One day as Angel, one day! - and he"s getting some."
Bryce: "What? How could you. I kept you away from all men!"
Angel: "I mean, the curse isn"t even all that clear.
Virginia: "Daddy, you remember that chauffeur from when I was 16? And the one at 18? I haven"t been a virgin for a *very* long time. - I even dated Rick."
Bryce: "Ginny, don"t do this! Don"t make me angry!"
Virginia: "Right. Because then you might do something bad. - *You* were going to *kill* me! You are not my father anymore."
Angel: "I"m not a eunuch."
Cordy: "Look!"
Angel: "Virginia Bryce squired by Mr. Wesley Wyndham-Price, private detective and bodyguard to the stars. -Hah. Squired - who says squired?"

Cordy: "Look at him all over her!"

Angel: "Cordelia, you"re just jealous that he"s getting some attention."
Cordy: "Damned skippy! He"s getting famous off this! Reflected glory - that"s my thing!"

Angel: "Get a little perspective. "Bodyguard to the stars." Yeah, right!
There is no Wyndham-Price Agency."

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