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1.Man: "What"s next?"
2.Man: "Make sure all troughs are securely fastened and sacrifices tilted as shown in diagram F-12 to ensure full drainage into sacred offering bowl."

1.Man: "Yes, yes, and?"
2.Man: "Using a clean, diagonal motion slit throat of sacrifice with the pre-blessed ceremonial dagger provided. - I didn"t see that in the box."

1.Man: "Look under the packing. Hurry up!"

2.Man: "It"s not in here."
1.Man: "Just-just gimme-gimme this..."

Angel: "You know... I"ve well, I really couldn"t help but notice the goats. - Yeah - a lot of goats. Goats - many. Those are goats, guys!"

2.Man: "Hey, that"s our pre-blessed... ceremonial dagger?"
Angel: "So sue me. Or better yet, have your bosses do it. This building is owned by Wolfram and Hart, right?"

1.Man: "What, what do you want?"
Angel: "I want to know what they"re having you worship."
1.Man: "That"s none of your business. Who are you?"
Angel : "Me?"
"Well, I"m just the type of guy who hates to see good blood go to waste."

1.Man: "Look, man, we just get paid to do the slaughtering and say the prayer."

Angel: "What are you praying to?"
2.Man: "We don"t know!"
Angel: "How can you not know?"
1.Man: "The ritual - it"s, it"s all in Latin. They said - we should just - sort of, you know, sound it out."
Angel: "They?"
1.Man: "Like you said, Wolfram and Hart."

2.Man: "All we know is that the sacrifice got to be done by midnight or something out there will be real pissed off!"

Angel: "Good."


Gunn: "I don"t see anything."
Wesley: "Not a trace."
Cordy: "When she goes back to school the other kids will never even notice that there was a third eye growing back there. And this should come back in before you know it."
Francine: "What?"
Cordy: "The hair? The... I meant the hair - that was in- in the back - there... Not the third eye! Because that won"t come back. Right?"
Wesley: "No reason it should. The curative charm seems to have worked - like a charm, really."
Francine: "We can"t thank you."
Wesley: "Oh, don"t give it another thought."
Gunn: "It"s what we do."
Cordy: "Kind of a mission."
Francine: "No, I mean, we *can"t* thank you - and we can"t pay you either. This bill is ridiculous."
Cordy: "What do you mean? We didn"t even charge you for the mandrake."
Francine: "My husband says it"s outrageous."

Wesley: "Does he? And just what would your husband consider to be a fair price for the removal of the third eye from the back of your child"s head, Mrs. Sharp?"
Francine: "Well - nothing. - Steve says that since it"s impossible to be bitten by a demon and have a - third eye grow in the back of one"s head, that obviously you people are running some sort of scam, and you won"t squeeze one red cent out of us. Come on, Stephanie."
Cordy: "Scam? The back of your kid"s head was blinking!"
Wesley: "No, let her go. Clearly it"s easier for the Sharps to cast us as con artists rather than to accept the grim reality that Skilosh spawn nearly hatched full grown out of their child"s skull."
Gunn: "Gee, wonder why?"
Cordy: "Great. So while they"re indulging their denial, we have bills to pay!"

Gunn: "You know she"s right."
Wesley: "Perhaps, given time, the Sharps will come "round."
Gunn: "Right! Because that"s what people do. The come round."
Cordy: "Where are you going?"
Gunn: "I think I"ll see what"s happening in the neighborhood. Got a feeling I do more good *there* than sitting around here with you two."

Wesley: "Things"ll pick up. They"re bound to."

Cordy: "Yeah. It"s LA. The evil"s probably just tied up in traffic or something."
Gunn: "Well, you let me know when it get here, right?"
Lilah: "Lindsey, I"ve been looking everywhere for you. Where"re you going?"
Lindsey: "Lunch."
Lilah: "Lunch? You really think now"s the time for lunch?"
Lindsey: "You mean lunch time?"

Lilah: "The review is in two days."
Lindsey: "I"m aware of that."
Lilah: "So is everyone else. Look at them. It"s like they"ve had the fear of... well, "god" would probably be the wrong word."

Lindsey: "They"re just running scared."
Lilah: "They should be. I dug up everything I could find on the last seventy-five year review.

It"s all in there. Makes the Christmas purge of sixty-eight look like fun old times. Nearly half of mid-management was sacked. And Lindsey, they use actual sacks."

Lindsey: "I"ll read it, Lilah."
Lilah: "You better, because it"s not just your ass on the line. It"s mine, too. We"re supposed to be running this division together, remember?"
Lindsey: "Right."
Lilah: "I"ve included some suggestions on how we could plump up our portfolio before Friday."

Lindsey: "Look, either we pass the review, or we won"t. You really think that a few last minute dark rites and rituals are gonna make a difference now?"

Lilah: "Everybody else seems to think so. I heard Henderson actually pulled her firstborn out of company daycare to offer it up to... Brown noser. My mother was right. I should have had children."

Lindsey: "We"ll stand on our records. It"s the only thing we"ve got."

Lilah: "Then we"re dead! Do I have to remind you of our collective screw-ups?! Two of which are still out there somewhere. - You haven"t heard anything, have you? You would tell me if they contacted you."

Lindsey: "He set them on fire, Lilah. Even vampires as strong as Darla and Drusilla need time to recover from something like that."

Lilah: "Well, it would be just like them to pop up now!"
Lindsey: "I wouldn"t worry."
Lilah: "Someone"s got to! We don"t get a second shot at this, Lindsey. Nothing can happen between now and Friday to screw this up."
Angel: "Blood sacrifices, black masses, totems... I don"t know what it means, but it"s happening all over town. I mean, it could be a raising, but, you know... I - I really don"t know. I mean the prayers, the rituals, I think they"re too generic for that, you know, boilerplate. They could be preparing the way for something."

Kate: "Maybe they"re just trying to make it rain. Why is this *so* important to you?"

Angel: "Because it"s important to them."
Kate: "Oh right! And therefore it *must* be stopped."
Angel: "Kate, look, I need your help. I don"t have the resources..."
Kate: "My help? You need *my* help?"

Angel: "Yeah. - - At the very least they"re butchering animals without a permit. You can get them on that."
Kate: "No, I can"t. I can"t get them on anything, Angel. I"m on desk duty pending a hearing on Friday."

Angel: "Hearing?"
Kate: "You remember Atkinson? The captain at the two-three? He"s blaming me for granting access to some lunatic who broke into his office and beat the ever holy crap out of him. He"s filed a formal complaint."

Angel: "He was raising zombie cops and setting them loose on the streets."
Kate: "And I"m sure once I explain that to Internal Affairs this will all just go away. - And they"ve just been *looking* for an excuse... And you know what they say about *me*. I am a cop. That is all I"ve ever... I can"t take a suspension... I would just..."
Angel: "I"m sorry."
Kate: "Are you? Because they might just want to know about this, too."
Angel: "You had nothing to do with that."

Kate: "Didn"t I?"
Angel: "No."
Kate: "Hmm, so it"s funny how these dead people were threatened by an intruder at their offices. An intruder *I* picked up and released on the street three hours before the complainants were found massacred."

Angel: "You know who"s responsible for that."

Kate: "Yeah. But I can"t figure out though is why forensics is now telling me that it looks like the suspect or suspects *didn"t* break in. - They had to brake out. - The victims were locked in that wine cellar with their attackers and I think I am *done* helping you now."

Lindsey: "Sorry I"m late. I would have come home for lunch but - everything"s crazy at the office with the review coming up."

And I would have called, but I didn"t want you to have to get up to answer the phone. How do you feel?"
Darla: "Stronger today, I guess."
Lindsey: "Good. You"re getting stronger everyday."
Darla: "Only because you saved me. - I"d still be in that sewer if you hadn"t found me. - I don"t know how you did."

Lindsey: "Drusilla. - She came to me. Remember I told you?"
Darla: "She"s gone."
Lindsey: "Yeah, she"ll be back."
Darla: "No. - You"re the only one who hasn"t abandoned me."
Lindsey: "And I never will."
Lindsey: "Here."
Darla: "It"s cold."
Lindsey: "Yeah. It"s the only way to keep it fresh."
Darla: "Not the only way. Hmm, at least it"s human."
Lindsey: "I"m gonna take a shower."
Darla: "You always take a shower when you come back from that place. Don"t know why. You"re never dirty."
Lindsey: "I"m always dirty."
Host: "Substitute it with something. I don"t care. Be creative. I know you can. Can you believe this? Not even ten o"clock and we"ve already run out of yak"s bile."

Angel: "We need to talk."
Host: "And you should have booked in advance. I don"t think we can get you on stage tonight."
Angel: "I"m not here to sing."
Host: "Oh, is that what we"re calling it now?"
Angel: "Something"s coming."
Host: "Really? I thought it was just the complimentary nachos bringing in the morally ambiguous crowd."

Angel: "Lawyers."
Host: "Easy, big fella. I know what you"re thinking. And the throwing yourself across six tables and twisting their necks off part? Not a good idea."
Angel: "You"ve read them. You"ve seen it. You know what"s coming."
Host: "Now, Angel-cakes, you wouldn"t appreciate it if I were to blab your personal stuff to every Tom, Dick and vampire that walked in the door, would you?"

Angel: "Is it bad?"
Host: "Oy. - But I really can"t divulge to you what I read in another being. - But I can tell you what I overheard in the men"s restroom. It"s coming Friday. And it"s got all their legal briefs in a twist about it."

Angel: "What?"
Host: "Well, every seventy-five years your friends over at Wolfram and Hart have this review. I think the general angst isn"t so much about the review, but more about the reviewer. And let"s just say it ain"t Rex Reed."

Angel: "What is it?"
Host: "It"s evil. - It"s dark. - It"s merciless. - Actually, now that I say it out loud it sounds an awful lot like Rex, doesn"t it?"
Angel: "Maybe you could just tell me in one word what it is."
Host: "Not likely. But I *can* tell you in two. Senior - Partner."
Angel: "I need more."
Host: "Well, we all need more, darlin"."

Angel: "More information."
Host: "What you need more of is tether. Because you"re about at the end of yours."

Angel: "Look, I get how this works. I"m not asking you to rat out their destinies. I don"t care about that. But getting to the Senior Partners, that"s *my* destiny."
Host: "Is it? Because I haven"t actually featured a destiny with you in it lately. It"s all kind of murky.
Look, all these messy rites and rituals you"ve been crashing all over town? They don"t *mean* anything. Nervous children. Trying to score as many brownie points as they can before daddy gets home. I got news. Daddy? Not impressed. Anyhow, stopping them won"t prevent "it" from passing into our world on Friday."

Angel: "What is "it" and how do I stop it?"

Host: "I don"t know and you don"t."
Angel: "Can it be killed?"
Host: "Most anything that can manifest in order to move in this dimension can be killed. Kinda the down side of being here. That and the so-called "musicals" of Andrew Lloyd Webber."

"The band of Blacknil. Don"t ask me what it means. I don"t know. I shouldn"t even be giving you that much."
Angel: "Thanks."
Host: "Sure."
"Hey, Home office. I picked it up from half a dozen of them tonight."
Angel: "What does it mean?"
Host: "Could be the source. Who knows. Now stop pestering me."
"Oh, and I am picking up one other thing. They"d *really* like to see you dead."
Wesley: "Good Lord."
Cordy: "Angel."
Wesley: "May we - help you?"
"Excuse me, that - that area is for employees only!"
Angel: "Yeah. You took all the books."
Cordy: "Yeah, well, you got the waffle iron."

"Hey! No! You can"t take this, I-I-I"m in the middle of it. Here, take this one."

Angel: "Don"t make me move you."
Wesley: "Give him the book, Cordelia."
"Just give him the damn thing! Let him get the hell out."
Cordy: "Here. I don"t even know what you are anymore."
Angel: "I"m a vampire. Look it up."

Cordy: "What a jerk."
Wesley: "Cordelia..."
Cordy: "I mean if it was anybody else I would just say "get laid already!""

Wesley: "Cordelia..."
Cordy: "But - no, not him. One decent boff and he switches to evil psycho vamp. Which, in a way, would be better for everyone. Better for him because he"d get some, and better for us because then we could stake him afterwards."

Wesley: "Cordelia, ambulance?"
Cordy: "Oh my god."
Man: "If you have anything to offer in your defense, Detective Lockley, anything at all, now would be the time."
Lieu: "For god"s sakes, Kate, say something."
Kate: "What am I supposed to say, Lieu? They"ve dredged out every ugly detail of the last eight months. Spill it out on the table as if nothing had a context and I"m supposed to explain? - I was doing my job."

Man: "Actually what it appears you"ve been doing, detective, is isolating yourself. You"ve withdrawn from the stabilizing influence of your fellow officers, developed this morbid fascination for cases of a bizarre and macabre nature, and even you can"t seem to give an explanation to why. - Now your father, he was a respected veteran of this department. And you were the one that discovered his body after he was murdered, is that right?"

Kate: "Yes."
Man: "And the case was never solved?"
Kate: "No arrests have ever been made."
Woman: "That must be very frustrating for you."
Kate: "I dealt with it."
Woman: "Did you? You took no personal time off after his death. You went right back on the job."
Kate: "That is none of your business."
Man: "It becomes our business when it affects performance."
Woman: "It is *very* important when you suffer a loss of this nature to take the proper time to grieve. So, we understand. We want you to know, we"re not judging you."

Kate: "No, you"re only firing me."
Man: "You stopped being a part of the force a long time ago."
Kate: "What am I supposed to do?"
Woman: "We will of course make available to you psychological counseling at the city"s expense as part of your severance."
Kate: "You people have no idea what"s going on in this city."
Man: "Is this the part where you start to talk about monsters? We"ll need your gun and your badge."
Lieu: "I"m just glad your father"s not around to see this."
Angel: "You Denver?"
Denver: "I don"t believe it."
"You know you changed my life that day. I mean, a vampire comes into my place looking to kill a demon to save human beings? I figured if something like *that* could happen there really must be good in the world."

Angel: "Right. So you never heard of that term before "home office?""

Denver: "Hey, how"d that go anyway? It was a Thesulac, paranoia demon, if I recall."

Angel: "Yeah. I don"t know. I think he killed everyone."
Denver: "Oh. - Well, point is, you tried."
Angel: "Actually, I pretty much walked out and let the demon have the place and everyone in it. So we can"t be sure where this home office is, but you think this Senior Partner is a Kleynach demon?"

Denver: "Right. Kleynach. A lot of dark entities use the form of a Kleynach to manifest because the Kleynach doesn"t have to rely on being conjured or brought forth. They can come and go as they please with that ring."

Angel: "Tell me about the ring."
Denver: Here. "The band of Blacknil. Simple thing, plain. You wouldn"t give it a second glance in a pawnshop, but it"s the source of its power to move between the dimensions, and that"s what it"ll use to get here... and get back."

Angel: "Get back?"
Denver: "Well, sure."
Angel: "Well, can anyone use this ring?"

Denver: "How do you mean?"
Angel: "Will it get me back to the home office or where ever it came from?"
Denver: "Might... if you"re insane! - You realize what this home office probably is?"

Angel: "I think I have a pretty good idea."

Denver: "Hell! Why the heck do you wanna go to hell? You"re gonna try and go down there and destroy the whole lot of them, aren"t you?
Well, that"d certainly make up for the time that... Still, not a terrific idea. It"s suicide, really."

Angel: "Look, will the ring get me there or not?"
Denver: "Well, you got to get it first. And to get the ring you"ve got to kill the Kleynach."

Angel: "How?"
Denver: "You happen to be looking at the one guy who can tell you how."

Angel: "How?!"
Denver: "To kill the Kleynach and get the ring you need the glove."
Angel: "Okay, now you"re making this up."

Denver: "Legend says that the Kleynach rose up from their demon world, raped and pillaged the villages of man and all who fought against them were incinerated, whether they struck with fist or sword. But one brave and worthy knight - he had a glove.
Fashioned and blessed by all the powers of light. And whoever wore this glove could kill the Kleynach just by grabbing it at the throat."

"Picked up in seventy-five in a yard sale in Covina. Been using it as an oven mitt. Now, I give it to you. No charge. "cause the truth is you did change my life. And I got a feeling this time things are gonna go..."

Darla: "That"s right, Angelus, go towards the bleeding mortal, because that"s smart."

"The ring"s not about vengeance, Angelus, it"s about power. We"ll get to the vengeance part soon."
Wesley: "And I stood up at him, that"s the important thing."
Virginia: "But you couldn"t have done it metaphorically? You know, in with a stern word? You had to do it in the actual I"m-standing-up-now-and-popping-six-stitches way?"
"I guess - before all this happened I never really considered just how dangerous your work was."

Wesley: "Well, of course what I do is dangerous. You forgetting how we met? You were strapped to a sacrificial altar while the goddess Yeska was called forth from the nether regions to consume you."

Virginia: "But I grew up with all that sort of stuff. Creepy crawlies and scary monsters I can handle. - But guns? Kind of makes it all a little too real, you know?"

Wesley: "The gun was fired by a zombie, if it makes you feel any better."
Virginia: "You know, strangely, it doesn"t."
Does it always seem like it"s a battle worth fighting?"
Wesley: "Some less than others."
Virginia: "Collectively I mean. Most people, they don"t even acknowledge the evil, let alone try to fight it. And they don"t have to wrap themselves in bandages to keep their insides from falling out."

Wesley: "That"s true."
Virginia: "I don"t suppose you"d ever consider - maybe giving it up - for something else?"

Wesley: "Could you be with someone who would?"
Virginia: "I don"t know. - But sometimes I feel like I should be wrapped in bandages - to keep *my* insides from falling out."

Wesley: "This is difficult for you, isn"t it?"
Virginia: "I just don"t like to see you hurt."

Wesley: "No. - I mean - I mean breaking up with me."
Lilah: "You two stick close."
"Crap! I knew you guys were a waste of money."
Angel: "I noticed you"re not parking in the underground lot anymore Lilah."
Lilah: "It"s not safe. What do you want?"
Angel: "I want the same thing from you that I took from Lindsey."
Voice: "Good evening Miss Morgan. What floor please?"
Lilah: "Fifteen. - You know of course you"ll lead security where ever you go the moment you step inside."
Angel: "I"m counting on it."
Cordy: "Good evening. Angphlel Investigations, we help the helpless, how can we help you?"
Wesley: "What in god"s name is Angphlel?"
Cordy: "Oh, there are just some names I"m not saying at the moment. Well, what is it, Wesley?"
Wesley: "It"s just... I"m not really feeling that great."
Cordy: "Oh, well, your guts opened up."
Wesley: "Uh, I"m thinking maybe I"m not coming in tomorrow."
Cordy: "No big deal. It"s not like they"re beating down the door. No, you should stay home, spend time with Virginia."

Wesley: "Yes. - Uh, and you. You should get out yourself. You"re young, single. It"s a Friday night in the city of... Angphleles? There must be someone you can call."
Cordy: "Ah, no, because then I"d actually have to have some friends. I don"t."
Wesley: "That"s not true."
Cordy: "You don"t count."
Wesley: "Thank you."
Cordy: "You know what I mean."
Wesley: "Things are gonna get better Cordelia... for all of us. You"ll see."
Cordy: "I"ll call you tomorrow. See how you"re feeling."
Wesley: "That"d be nice."
Cordy: "Good night, Wesley."
Wesley: "Night."
Cordy: "Oh, geez, Wesley. Zippity duh-dah, alright?"
Francine: "Ms. Chase?"
Cordy: "Oh. Mrs. Sharp!"
Francine: "We were hoping you were still in the office."
Cordy: "The back of your daughter"s head is still okay, right? Because, it"s not like we offer a money back guarantee. But then, you never paid us, did you? - You do? Right now? - No, that"s great! Uhm, you"re on my way home, give or take - thirty miles. - Personal check, uhh... normally not, but-but but fine. Uhm, will you give me the address again?"
"Uh-huh - okay. Great, I"ll see you soon."

Francine: "Uhm, one of them - is on their way here now."
Reed: "I don"t see your co-vice-president here, Lindsey. It doesn"t look good."
Lindsey: "Yes, sir."
Reed: "Well, find it. Deal with it!"
Lindsey: "Is there a problem?"
Reed: "Someone just let a vampire onto this floor."
Lindsey: "There!"
Reed: "Security."
Angel: "Vampire!"
Lilah: "Stake the bitch!"
Angel: "Okay. Home office. Let"s finish this."

Holland: "Congratulations. Great victory."

Angel: "You"re..."
Holland: "Holland Manners."
Angel: "...not alive."
Holland: "Oh, no. I"m quite dead. Unfortunately my contract with Wolfram and Hart extends well beyond that. Hop on in. You certainly earned it."
Holland: "No. Not a ghost here. No, it"s just me. Dead me. See? - Home office, wasn"t it? I should mention the trip is one way."

"Well, if there are no objections, I suggest we get going. It is rather a long ride."

"Well, this is exciting, isn"t it? Going straight to the source. - So, what"s the big plan, Angel? Destroy the Senior Partners, smash Wolfram and Hart once and for all?"

Angel: "Something like that."
Holland: "Hm-mm, now tell me just what do you think that would accomplish? In the end, I mean."
Angel: "It"ll be - the end."
Holland: "Well, the end of you, certainly. But I meant in the larger sense."
Angel: "In the larger sense I really don"t give a crap."
Holland: "Now I don"t think that"s true. - Be honest. You got the tiniest bit of "give a crap" left.
Otherwise you wouldn"t be going on this Kamikaze mission. Now let me see, there was something - in a sacred prophecy, some oblique reference to you. Something you"re supposed to prevent. Now what was that?"

Angel: "The apocalypse."
Holland: "Yes, the apocalypse, of course. - Another one of those. Well, it"s true. We do have one scheduled. And I imagine if you were to prevent it you would save a great many people. Well, you should do that then. Absolutely. I wasn"t thinking. - Of course all those people you save from that apocalypse would then have the next one to look forward to, but, hey, it"s always something, isn"t it?"

Angel: "You"re not gonna win."
Holland: "Well - *no*. Of course we aren"t. We have no intention of doing anything so prosaic as "winning.""
Angel: "Then why?"
Holland: "Hmm? I"m sorry? Why what?"
Angel: "Why fight?"
Holland: "That"s really the question you should be asking yourself, isn"t it? See, for us, there is no fight. Which is why winning doesn"t enter into it. We - go on - no matter what. Our firm has always been here. In one form or another. The Inquisition. The Khmer Rouge. We were there when the very first cave man clubbed his neighbor. See, we"re in the hearts and minds of every single living being. And *that* - friend - is what"s making things so difficult for you. - See, the world doesn"t work in spite of evil, Angel. - It works with us. - It works because of us."
"Welcome to the home office."

Angel: "This isn"t..."
Holland: "Well, you know it is. - You know *that* better than anyone. Things you"ve seen. Things you"ve, well - done. You see, if there wasn"t evil in every single one of them out there.. well, they wouldn"t be people. - They"d all be angels."
"Have a nice day."
Cordy"s voice: "Hi, you"ve reached Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless. Leave a message and we"ll get right back to you.

Kate"s voice: "You did it, didn"t you? You bastard..." "You made me trust you. - You made me believe. - No, it wasn"t you. It was me, right? I couldn"t take the hit..."

"That"s what they"re gonna say. Then you"re gonna feel all bad - or you won"t care. But then, then I won"t care either. I won"t feel a thing."
Angel: "What do you want, Darla? You want this?"
"Or maybe what you really want is this!
That may be - what you really want, isn"t it?"

Darla: "Don"t play games with me."
Angel: "I"m not playing. I just wanna feel something besides the cold."
"Why"re you laughing?"
"Don"t you feel the cold?"
Darla: "What"re you doing?"
Angel: "It doesn"t matter. None of it matters."

The end
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