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Angel: "Oh god."
Darla: "Don"t fight it my love."
"Just let it happen. It"ll only hurt for a minute."


Angel: "Oh god. Oh god."
Darla: "Yes. Yes, I know. It was the same for me. The soul is gone but it leaves a bitterness. It"ll pass."
"What you need is a fresh kill. Hot human blood will wash away the foul memory of it. I promise."
"What? - What is it?"
Angel: "You saved me."
Darla: "Yes. - But I *was* going to kill you tonight. Take you out of this world the same way I brought you into it. But I didn"t have to. You gave yourself over so completely, Angelus. I felt you surrender."

Angel: "I gave you everything I had left."

Darla: "Yes."
Angel: "I am - so sorry."
Darla: "You don"t have to be."
Angel: "But I am. I am sorry."
Darla: "What?"
Angel: "I am sorry, Darla."
Darla: "No..."
Angel: "You saved me. Sorry I couldn"t do the same for you."
Darla: "Let go of me! You still have a soul."
But we..."
Angel: "Yeah."
Darla: "And you..."
Angel: "I know."
Darla: "Then I..."
Angel: "Three times."
Darla: "You"re not evil. I-I don"t understand. - Was I... Was it... not good?
Well, I don"t accept that. You can not tell me that wasn"t perfect. Not only have I been around for four hundred years, but I used to do this professionally. And *that* was perfect. We"ll go again."

Angel: "No. No. We can"t. You know we can"t. - We"re finished."
Darla: "Finished? Why? What, because you suddenly decide? You know an hour ago you wanted this. You weren"t tricked into anything. I didn"t seduce you. You *wanted* it!"

Angel: "Yeah. And it *was* perfect, Darla. - It was perfect despair."
"And you were the reason. You"ve always been the reason. You were the thing that made me what I am, and - I thought - if I could save you, I"d somehow - save myself, but - but I was wrong. And when I failed..."

Darla: "Stop it!"
Angel: "When I *failed*, you saved me. And I have to thank you for that. There is nothing I can do for you now, Darla. I can"t even hate you."

Darla: "You knew this would happen, didn"t you? You made me trust you! - You made me believe!"
Kate"s voice: "You made me trust you. You made me believe."
Angel: "We"re done. Let yourself out."
Darla: "Where are you going?"
Angel: "You did me a favor tonight. Now I"m gonna do one for you. Get dressed and get out. Because the next time I see you I will have to kill you."

"Kate. Kate! Kate, open the door! Kate!"
"All right. Cough. All right. That"s it. Come on."
Kate: "Thanks. - Now get out."
Lindsey: "Darla... I"ve been calling here all night. Why haven"t you answered?"
"Get away from the window. It"s not safe."
"They called an emergency meeting tonight - after what happened. - The official order on you is to stake on sight."

"You should have told me what you had planned. I would have talked you out of it - helped you. I don"t know."
"Things are getting complicated for us now."
Darla: "Yes. Yes, I believe they are."
Lindsey: "We should probably clear your stuff out of here. Move in my bedroom. I just think it"d be best for us..."
"Darla, what"s wrong? What is this? Where did you get this?"
Darla: "What"s the difference? Doesn"t work anyway."
Lindsey: "No, of course it doesn"t work, because after Angel stole it there was a disenchanting ceremony. It took half the meeting. How did you get this?"

Darla: "It was my payment."
Lindsey: "Your payment? What are you talking about?"
Darla: "What do you *think* I"m talking about, Lindsey?"
Lindsey: "I don"t know!"
"What happened?"
Darla: "Nothing. - Nothing happened. - My god, nothing at all."
Lindsey: " Darla, tell me. I have to know."
Darla: "You want details, Lindsey? Is that what you want?"
Lindsey: "Yes. I want details. - I need to know everything. All of it. - What did he do to you?"

Host: "Alright, alright. - Alright, already!"
"I"m not deaf, you know? Jeez, keep your pants on!"
"Well, I see we"re a little late with *that* advice."
Angel: "I probably should have killed her."
Host: "Eh, kill her, give her cab fare, whatever. The point is, you"ve turned a corner. Well, yay you. Zuzu"s petals. It"s about time. And between you and me, if it had taken you much longer to hit your bottom, I was gonna kick it."

Angel: "I"m still not sure I understand what happened."
Host: "What"s to understand? You think you"re the first guy who ever rolled over, saw what was lying next to him and went "Guyeah!" And you"re not.
Believe me. - It"s called a moment of clarity, my lamb. And you"ve just had one. Sort of appalling, ain"t it? To see just exactly where you"ve gotten yourself?"
Angel: "I don"t know how to get back."
Host: "Well, that"s just the thing. You don"t. You go on to the new place. Whatever that is."
Angel: "I don"t know if I can. - I-I"ve done - things. - Questionable things."
Host: "Yes, you have. But-but you didn"t kill those lawyers, Angel. That was slated to happen with or without you. The Powers were just trying to work it so it"d be without you, that"s all. You weren"t much help in that department were you, Sparky?" Angel: "I wasn"t much help? If they wanted me to stay away, why didn"t they just tell me?"

Host: "Would you have listened? - Besides, what makes you think they didn"t? Over and over and, as for example, over?"

Angel: "Well, they could"ve been a little bit more specific!"
Host: "Isn"t this just the sort of 'tude that got you where you are now?
I think I"m speaking for everyone when I say if all you"re gonna do is switch back to brood mode, we"d rather have you evil. Then at least - leather pants."

Angel: "What now?"
Host: "What do you mean?"
Angel: "Well, how do I fix this. I mean, what do the Powers want me to do?"
Host: "Does it *look* like I"m hearing voices? Because I"m not. I"m not your link with the Powers, Angel. I never was. You got rid of that when you fired your crew. - Yeah, that"s gonna be the hardest part of all of this, you know."
Angel: "Yeah."
Host: "And there is a chance, a *good* chance you won"t be able to put this back together. It just... well, it depends, really."
Angel: "Yeah, whether they"ll even talk to me."

Host: "No, actually it depends on whether they live through the night. And I got to tell you, at the moment, the odds? Not good."

Cordy: "Hello? Mrs. Sharp? Anybody home? Cordelia Chase here. - Uhm, I hope you haven"t gone to bed already. - Took me a little longer to get here than I expected. - Hope that doesn"t mean you changed your mind about paying your bill, which I - I just happened to bring along with me. - Hello?"

"That was helpful!"
Skilosh: "Human."
"Destroyer of our Spawn."
Cordy: "Destroyer of your... Have we met?"

Skilosh: "The others. You will make them come to us."
Cordy: "Huh? What others?"
Skilosh: "Three are responsible. Three must pay."
Cordy: "Look, I think you must have me confused with someone else. I haven"t destroyed anyone"s spawn. Promise."
Hey! You"ve got a third eye in the back of your head just like that little girl did -before - we - destroyed your spawn."
Skilosh: "We"ve located the wheel-ed one. Where is the other?"
Cordy: "Wheel-ed one?"
Wesley: "Angel!"
Angel: "Invite me in! I"ve never been here before, Wesley, you have to invite me in!"

Wesley: "Well, perhaps if you"d shown a bit of interest..."
Angel: "Wesley..."
Wesley: "Yes. No. Absolutely. I invite you in. *In* I invite you!"
Angel: "Do you know what these things are?"
Wesley: "I believe the third eye indicates adult Skilosh, though this is the first time I"ve had occasion to..."
Angel: "How do I kill them?"
Wesley: "Well, uhm, there are a number of ways..."
Angel: "Wesley!"
Wesley: "Yeah, right, yes, uh, ah, hack it to pieces!"
Wesley: "I think I got it."
"I can only pray Mrs. Starns isn"t at home."

Wesley: "What are you doing here."
"She"s not picking up."
Angel: "She wasn"t at home before either. I-I stopped by there - before I went to your place."
Wesley: "Oh. Did you. Just keep going straight."
Angel: "So, ah, I guess you"re probably wondering why I"m, you know, back?"

Wesley: "It hadn"t really occurred to me. You"re gonna want to take a right turn shortly."

Angel: "I know how to get to your offices, Wesley."
Wesley: "Oh yeah, of course. You did pop by. - Stole a book."
Angel: "I"ll try to avoid the bumps."
Wesley: "I appreciate that."
Angel: "Actually, it"s kind of funny. I-I recently got a - a gut wound myself. Not - not a gunshot wound like you got there. But, uh, it"s kind of a - antique - sword is what it was. Went deep. - Yes, it did. - Hey, guess who stabbed me?"
Wesley: "Darla?"
Angel: "Yeah. - Actually kind of a funny story. The whole reason I had - this epiphany... Alright, so why don"t you just tell me about these Skilosh demons."

Wesley: "Very well. We at Angel Investigations were recently contracted by a family to investigate the sudden appearance of a mysterious third eye on the back of their young daughter"s head."
Angel: "Oh, really? You kept the name."

Wesley: "Pardon?"
Angel: "You kept the name: Angel Investigations."
Wesley: "We"re gonna change it."
Angel"s: "Go on."
Wesley: "In any event, I diagnosed the girl"s condition as infection by a Skilosh."

Angel: "With your books."
Wesley: "Yes."
Angel: "Yeah, you were always so good with your books. Made it looks so easy. When it isn"t."
Wesley: "Skilosh, a notoriously violent, asexual, self-replicating species of demon, has the distasteful habit of injecting its demon spawn into the cranium of a human host. One of the key diagnostic symptoms being the tell-tale third eye on the back of the host"s head. If this condition is not arrested in time a newborn Skilosh will erupt, fully grown, from the skull of its human host."

Angel: "But you guys, you saved the little girl."

Wesley: "Yes, we did."
Angel: "You did a good thing."
Wesley: "Thank you."
Angel: "Welcome."
Cordy: "I"m guessing "hey! Look behind you!" is really not gonna work, is it?"

Skilosh: "Two more have been destroyed."
Cordy: "What? Oh, no! Wesley, Gunn, you - you killed them? - You horrible, ugly, three-eyed..."
Skilosh: "Three must pay."
Cordy: "Oh! Two of *you* have been destroyed. Okay... Oh. That"s bad... I"m sorry?"
Skilosh: "More must rise."
Cordy: "Oh. Oh, no. Hey! Hey, hey. Wait a second. Guys!"
Skilosh: "More must rise!"
Cordy: "No, no. No more must rise. Honest. Listen, I"ve been impregnated by demon spawn before. Let"s just say, didn"t really work out."

Oh, god. Please don"t do this. Please, no. Ah!"
Cordy: "No! Let go! Please. Ah! No. Let go!"
Angel: "She"s not here."
Wesley: "That doesn"t bode well."
"That"s the third time that truck"s passed by."

Angel: "Well, maybe she"s just out on a date or with her friends or something."
Wesley: "That"s unlikely."
Angel: "It"s Friday night, Wesley."
Wesley: "So?"
Angel: "So, we are talking about the same Cordelia Chase, right?"
Wesley: "That"s correct."
Angel: "Knowing her..."
Wesley: "But you don"t. You don"t know her at all. For months now you haven"t cared to. Otherwise you might have realized that our Cordelia has become a very solitary girl.

She"s not the vain, carefree creature she once was... Well, certainly not carefree. - It"s the visions, you see. The visions that were meant to guide you. You could turn away from them. She doesn"t have that luxury. She knows and experiences the pain in this city, and because of who she is, she feels compelled to do something about it.
It"s left her little time for anything else. - You"d have known that - if you hadn"t had you head firmly up your... place that isn"t on top of your neck."

Angel: "We have to find her."
Wesley: "Yes, we agree on that. She could be in grave danger."
Angel: "And even if she"s not..."
"Something"s coming."
Wesley: "Turn off the lights. The Skilosh may have followed us here."
"Gunn! - What are you doing here?"
Gunn: "I was passing by. Saw the lights was on. Besides, I work here."
Wesley: "But - I thought you"d gone."
Gunn: "Gone? Well, yeah, gone, but that don"t mean I wasn"t coming back! What, you didn"t think I was gonna abandon you like this guy, did you?"
Wesley: "No. Certainly not."
Gunn: "Come on, English! You know you my man!"
Angel: "So, ah, I see you guys have bonded."

Gunn: "Happens when you fight shoulder to shoulder."
Wesley: "Or rather hip to shoulder these days."
Gunn: "This man took a bullet for me!"

Wesley: "Ah, it was nothing!"
Gunn: "So, what"s he doing here?"
Angel: "Went and saw the host of Caritas. He said my friends were in danger."
Gunn: "So, what"s he doing here?"
Wesley: "He had an epiphany."
Gunn: "Aaah. Well, I saw you turn off the lights and hiding. What"s up with that?"

Wesley: "There was a demon attack, at my home."
Angel: "I saved him."
Wesley: "We thought perhaps we"d been followed."
Gunn: "Demon attack?"
Wesley: "Skilosh, I"m afraid."
Gunn: "As in the back-of-the-head type demon? I thought we got rid of that."
Wesley: "We did. Which is why I believe we are being targeted for retribution by the tribe."

Gunn: "Where"s Cordy?"
Wesley: "We don"t know. Not here."
Gunn: "You checked her pad?"
Angel: "I stopped by there earlier."
Gunn: "You enjoying your visit to nineteen seventy three? I meant her message pad.

Angel: "Oh, right. That"s a good idea. Oh, here, use this. You can make a rubbing of the impressions she left. See what the last thing was that she wrote."

Gunn: "Or we could just read the carbon."
Angel: "Or you can do that."
Gunn: "Directions."
Wesley: "Let me see."
"Yes, I know that address. It"s the Sharps. The family, whose daughter we treated."
Gunn: "Looks like she wrote that down tonight. You think she went there?"
Wesley: "Why else would she take the original?"
Gunn: "What do you think they"d do?"
Wesley: "While I hate to imagine, we better be prepared. The de-oculation powder is in my desk. Get it."

Gunn: "Alright."
Angel: "Guys - guys, d-does it make sense that sh-she would go there in the middle of the night without calling either one of you?"
Gunn and Wesley: "They owe us money."
Angel: "Lets go."
Cordy: "Oh god. You"re still here. You"re not leaving, are you? And no one"s coming for me. No one"s expecting me any place. No-no one"s gonna miss me! - And how come I can see you? Oh. Oh, no!
"Oh, no."
Wesley: "What is it?"
Angel: "I don"t know. Nothing I guess."
Gunn: "So, you had an *epiphany*, did you?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Gunn: "So, what you just wake up and bang?"
Angel: "Well, it was sort of the other way around."
Gunn: "Well, that"s good, you know. That"s real good that you can have one of those. Ain"t that good, Wes? "cause you know, epiphanies, they handy. - When do you think you might be having another one?"

Wesley: "Gunn..."
Gunn: "No. No. I"m interested. You know, "cause they could strike at any time. Could be the next time you see one of them lawyers, you get all epiphanied off right back at "em."

Angel: "No."
Gunn: "No? You don"t think so? - Well I hope you don"t go having another one before we get to Cordelia, because if something happens to her... I mean, something bad, I just might have *me* and epiphany."

"You okay?"
Wesley: "Yes."
"Angel? We should probably go."
Gunn: "Yo, Angel!"
Angel: "You guys go ahead."
Wesley: "What?"
Angel: "Just go! I"ll handle this. If we don"t take them out they"ll flank us once we get to the house."
"And then I"ll meet you there. I"ll *be* there. Just get to Cordelia. That"s all that matters.

Wesley: "Thank you. What do you see?"
Gunn: "She"s in there."
Wesley: "Is she..."
Gunn: "Yeah, she"s alive."
Wesley: "Are you sure?"
Gunn: "Yeah. Her eyes are open. All three of them."
Wesley: "Oh dear."
Gunn: "Wait a minute, three more!"
Wesley: "Eyes?"
Gunn: "Demons."
Wesley: "Oh. The tribe"s gathering. The gestation maybe nearly complete. We haven"t much time. Where is he?"
Gunn: "Man, that"s gotta hurt."
Wesley: "Well, it"s gonna hurt a lot more when the thing that"s gestating inside of her hatches, I can assure you."
Gunn: "Try not to say the word "gestating" anymore. And how long are we gonna wait for Angel?"
Wesley: "We"re not."
Gunn: "Good."
Wesley: "Well, why should we?"
Gunn: "We shouldn"t."
Wesley: "We"ve been doing fine without him, haven"t we?"
Gunn: "I"d say so."
Wesley: "Right. So he suddenly reappears, orders us to sit and wait and we just do it?"

Gunn: "Hell, no!"
Wesley: "No. For all we know he had another change of heart."
Gunn: "That"s true."
Wesley: "We"re not going to sit idly by, we"re going in there and we"re - saving our friend."

Gunn: "I say lets do this."
Wesley: "One more thing."
Gunn: "What"s that?"
Wesley: "I"m toppling over."
Lindsey: "You"re gonna tell me everything."
"Everything you do with her."
"All of it."
"You"re gonna tell me."
Angel: "Why?"
Lindsey: "Because I wanna hear it from you."

"Tell me!"
"Tell me! - Tell me!"
Angel: "No."
"I"m sorry Lindsey."
"I really am."
"I"m sorry she"ll never love you."

"I"m sorry you"re gonna have to live with that."
"I"m sorry I didn"t try harder to help you when you came to me."
"I"m sorry you made the wrong choice."

"Could have been the other one. Just be glad I had an epiphany."
"Mind if I borrow your truck?"

Cordy: "Gunn!"
Wesley: "We came to rescue you."
Cordy: "I knew you would!"
Gunn: "But then they caught us coming in the back door."
Wesley: "Thank you."
Skilosh: "More must rise."
Gunn: "This gonna hurt?"
Cordy: "A lot."
"Angel... Hi."
Angel: "Hi. - You okay?"
Cordy: "No."
Angel"s: "You"re not?"
Cordy: "No. - You really hurt my feelings."

Lindsey: "Darla?"
Kate: "I feel like such an idiot."
Angel: "A lot of that going around."

Kate: "I just couldn"t... - My whole life has been about being a cop. If I"m not part of the force it"s like nothing I do means anything."
Angel: "It doesn"t."
Kate: "Doesn"t what?"
Angel: "Mean anything. In the greater scheme or the big picture, nothing we do matters. There"s no grand plan, no big win."

Kate: "You seem kind of chipper about that."

Angel: "Well, I guess I kinda - worked it out. If there is no great glorious end to all this, if - nothing we do matters, - then all that matters is what we do. "cause that"s all there is. What we do, now, today.

I fought for so long. For redemption, for a reward - finally just to beat the other guy, but... I never got it."

Kate: "And now you do?"
Angel: "Not all of it. All I wanna do is help. I wanna help because - I don"t think people should suffer, as they do.
Because, if there is no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness - is the greatest thing in the world."

Kate: "Yikes. It sounds like you had an epiphany."
Angel: "I keep saying that. But nobody"s listening."
Kate: "Well, I"m pretty much convinced, since I"m alive to be convinced."
Angel: "You know you don"t have to be a cop to be..."
Kate: "I"m okay. - Anyway, I"m *not* headed towards another pillathon. - I"m very grateful. - I never thought you"d come for me, but... I got cut a huge break and I believe...

I don"t know what I believe, but I - have - faith. - I think maybe we"re not alone in this."

Angel: "Why?"
Kate: "Because I never invited you in."

Cordy: "Angel Investigations. We help the helpless. How can we..."
"...help you? - Check is in the mail."

Angel: "I"m sorry."
Wesley: "Before you say any more I think I should tell you, we"ve all discussed this, and none of us are ready just yet..."

Angel: "It"s okay, Wesley. I don"t want you to come back and work for me."
Wesley: "Oh. I see."
Angel: "I wanna work for you."
Gunn: "You wanna work for us?"
Angel: "Yeah. I do."
Wesley: "Why?"
Angel: "Because I think I can help."

Cordy: "How do we know we can trust you?"

Angel: "I guess I"ll just have to earn that."

Cordy: "No."
"No. No. No! Ahh."
"The usual big scary rising up in a housing project in Topanga, and - why is it that I am not on the floor this time?"
Angel: "I got you."
Cordy: "Maybe *he* should drive?"

Wesley: "Let"s go."

The end
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