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Wesley: "This won"t be easy for any of us, Angel. You"re going to have to change your behavior. Engage your co-workers from time to time."
"Be sensitive to their feelings, their opinions, especially before you take some action one might construe as - oh, let"s just call it insane.

It goes a long way to show you - appreciate and respect them."
"This is torture for you, isn"t it."
Angel: "Yes."
Wesley: "Good. - I think that"s all for now."

Angel: "Okay. Well, you know, I think I"ll - I"ll just, you know, sit and absorb it all."
"Somewhere else. Not here. I mean, this is - your office - now. Yeah, I just, uhm, I"ll get out of your hair."
Wesley: "You"re sure about this."
Angel: "Absolutely. You know what? I work for you. I just need to find a place for me to..."

Wesley: "I took the liberty of providing you with a new working space."
Angel: "Great."
Wesley: "And I"d love a cup of coffee."
Angel: "That"s, that"s very funny."
Cordy: "Two sugars in mine."
Gunn: "Mocha cappuccino here."
Angel: "Man. Atonement"s a bitch."


Angel: "Uh..."
Cordy: "Don"t."
Angel: "Don"t?"
Cordy: "You"re gonna start trying to make small talk, get all stammery. Don"t. You might strain yourself."
Angel: "I just wanted to know how you were. Are. I mean, we really haven"t had a chance..."
"Here let me get that for you."
Cordy: "It"s okay."
Angel: "Nah, I"d be glad to."
Cordy: "I"ve got it."
"You wanna know how I am? Tired mostly - with sweaty running a close second. I"m also jazzed. Can"t wait to get our business up and sputtering again - ready to help those helpless. - But, just so we understand each other - you and I? - We"re not friends."

Angel: "Wesley."
Cordy: "Okay, she"s screaming. They"re pulling her from a car. Guys in robes. Blue robes."
"They"re taking - people and, and, whoa, big bird."
Gunn: "Big bird?"
Cordy: "Not the muppet, you dumb ass."
Wesley: "Where"s the car, Cordelia?"
Cordy: "Ah... Lafayette Park, near the fountain."
Wesley: "Right. Let"s move."
Angel: "Are you, uh..."
Cordy: "Fine."
Angel: "You should, ah, take off. I mean, ah, for the rest of the night. Go home."

Angel: "Order - order Chinese."
Cordy: "Hello? Hello?"
Harmony: "That"s the way you greet an old friend?"
Cordy: "Harmony?"
"Harmony! I don"t believe it!"
Harmony: "Yup. It"s me."
Cordy: "Wow. I haven"t seen you since..."
Harmony: "Our high school blew up."

Cordy: "Right. Right. Seems like a lifetime ago."
Harmony: "Oh! For me, too, totally."
Cordy: "Wow. Look at you. You look - different."
Harmony: "Hey, I"m not the same person I was back at Sunnydale High. - And you - you - you cut your hair!"
Cordy: "Yeah."
Harmony: "Well, I think it looks adorable off your neck."
Cordy: "Thanks. I - was just, you know, looking for a change."
Harmony: "Sure. Change. Change is good - sometimes. So, this is where you do - whatever it is you do?"

Cordy: "Detective Agency."
Harmony: "Right. But - you"re not a detective..."
Cordy: "Uh, well, not me - technically, I"m... - Mostly, I manage things. The office."
Harmony: "Huh. Sounds - rewarding."
Cordy: "So, what are you doing here in town? Business?"
Harmony: "No. No business. Play, play, play. - Uhm, I just broke up with someone. Real smothering relationship. You know, the kind where they just can"t live without you?"

Cordy: "Oh, sure. That one. - Hate that."

Harmony: "I thought it would be a good time to come check out the L.A. nightlife, look up certain old friends."

Cordy: "You got a place to stay?"

Harmony: "You offering?"
Cordy: "Do I have to say it?"
Harmony: "Yeah."
Cordy: "Okay, you"re coming home with me. I hope you don"t mind the couch."

Gunn: "Now what?"
Wesley: "We fan out. Gunn, search the area near the fountain. I"ll take this path towards the picnic area. Angel, you..."
Angel: "Follow the screaming woman?"
Gunn: "Now see? What you want to go hiding such a pretty face for?"
Wesley: "It"s alright. It"s over now. You"ll be safe here."
Gunn: "Cordelia said "blue robes" didn"t she?"

Wesley: "It was dark. Perhaps she was mistaken."
Angel: "Hey, I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt before just condemning her like that, don"t - you?"
Gunn: "I"ll do another quick sweep. See if those blue boys are still around."

Wesley: "Religious sect?"
Angel: "I don"t know."
Wesley: "I"ll put Cordelia on to it."
Angel: "Uhm, - I-I gave her the night off."
Wesley: "Did you?"
Angel: "Well, I though, you know, she looked so tired and - I mean, the vision took a lot out of her. Do-do you think, maybe, that I should - send her something? Some flowers maybe?"

Wesley: "Flowers."
Angel: "Yeah, uh, to say, you know, "thanks." Uhm. "Sorry about the migraines." Uhm, you know, "I appreciate you?""
Wesley: "Yes, by all means. And uh, while you"re at it pick me up one of those "sorry you were shot in the gut" bouquets."

Angel: "Right. Sorry."
Wesley: "You can"t buy back her trust, Angel, - or her affections."
Angel: "She said, uh - she said we"re not friends."
Wesley: "I know. - There is only one thing you can give her, Angel. And that"s time. Cordelia has a lot of pain to work through."

Harmony: "The cackle."
Cordy: "Remember in ninth grade remedial Spanish - Donnie something."
Harmony: "Oh! Donnie Ray, yes."
Cordy: "That"s him. He followed me everywhere."
Harmony: "Oh, oh, and he wrote that love song to you. How did it go?"
Cordy: "Oh, Cordeeelia, how I long to feel ya!"

Harmony: "Oh, god. We totally ruled."
Cordy: "Yup, that we did."
Harmony: "We were powerful, rich, popular."

Cordy: "None of that"s changed for me - apart from the powerful, rich and popular. - But I tell you one thing: I am happier now than I was then."
Harmony: "Get out."
Cordy: "It"s hard to explain. I"m telling you. It"s like - I don"t know. I had these air pockets inside of me, and the work I"m doing, uh, we"re doing, it"s-it"s like the pockets keep getting filled and I"m becoming me and...
me has had *way* too much to drink and me shut up. You now. You barely told me anything."

Harmony: "Uhm, well, uh, what can I say? Things are faboo. I"m having a ball and a half. I mean, I did just get out of that *really* unhealthy relationship.
And just, you know, feeling really good about me in general."

Cordy: "Well, good for you - in general. Well, you must be doing something right, because you look - crampy. Are you okay?"

Harmony: "Yeah. Just hungry - I guess."
Cordy: "Got the cure for that. - Pizza!"
"I know just the place to call. It"s my favorite. Thin crust, heavy on the sauce. Do you like pineapple and Tandori Chicken?"

Harmony: "Oh, yeah. It"s all good."
"I didn"t do that."
Cordy: "Harmony? I have a ghost. - What - What are you doing in my..."
Harmony: "Nothing!"
Cordy: "Harmony."
Harmony: "I"m sorry. - I thought I could control myself. I thought I could control these urges."

Cordy: "Urges?"
Harmony: "You have *no* idea how hard it is to stay away from you. I mean, seeing you there looking so - so luscious."
Cordy: "Oh. - Oh! You"re a..."
Harmony: "I should have told you. I was - scared. Scared that if you found out what I was - you"d kill me."
Cordy: "Oh. No, Harmony - god, you really think I"m *that* narrow-minded? - I don"t care about that!"

Harmony: "You don"t?"
Cordy: "No! Not as long as you"re happy."
Harmony: "Happy. What"s that? The last time I remember being truly happy was being back in school with you. Now here I am taking advantage of you?"
Cordy: "No. It"s - it"s just... It"s just that I had no idea - that you, you know - thought of me *that* way."
Harmony: "I don"t! I swear. It"s just, - well, I haven"t had any for a while and... Oh, forget it. This is stupid. I"ll just go back to the couch. I"m *really* sorry."
Cordy: "Don"t be. If you wanna stay and talk..."
Harmony: "No, I"d better... You know, I"d appreciate it if you didn"t - mention this to anyone."
Cordy: "It"s our secret."
"How come you guys didn"t tell me about Harmony. Sunnydale is that far away you couldn"t afford a little phone call?"

Willow: "Harmony? Wha-what about Harmony?"
Cordy: "She"s here - in L.A."
Willow: "Yikes. Big yikes. Uh. What happened? Did she come after you?"
Cordy: "Yeah! She practically attacked me in my bedroom last night."
Willow: "Your bedroom. How did she..."
Cordy: "Came in while I was sleeping. Good thing I woke up, too. She was ready to jump me right there! But I think she got the message that I don't" go for that sort of stuff when I shot her down."

Willow: "You wounded her?"
Cordy: "She"ll get over it. I never should have invited her to stay with me."

Willow: "Say what?"
Cordy: "Yeah, I know. Awkward much?"

Willow: "Cordelia! Okay. We"re all clear on the fact that Harmony is a vampire, right?"

Cordy: "Oh. Harmony is a vampire? - That"s why she - oh, my god, I"m so embarrassed!
All this time I thought she was a great big lesbo! - Oh, yeah? Really? - Well, that"s great! Good for you."
Willow: "Thanks for the affirmation. Cordelia, Harmony is *very* dangerous. You have to get out of there!"
Cordy: "Okay. Yeah. I"ll call you when I get somewhere safe."
Harmony: "Where are you going?"
Angel: "There is a label on here. Maybe I can locate the manufacturer."
Wesley: "Already looked into it. The name"s a fake. No listing anywhere."
Angel: "Okay. I should go out, see if I can pick up any information on the street."

Wesley: "You mean the street bathed in morning sunlight? - Relax. I already got Gunn contacting his sources."

Angel: "Any suggestions on what I can do?"

Wesley: "You can answer that."
Angel: "Angel Investig... Willow? Willow. What"s... - Slow down. What"s - hold on."

Wesley: "Get away from her foot!"
Cordy: "What do you think you"re doing?"
Angel: "We"re... Willow called. She said that you were in trouble."
Wesley: "You"re friend Harmony here is a..."
Cordy: "Vampire. Yeah, I know."
Wesley: "An *evil* vampire."
Harmony: "Yeah, we covered that, too."
Angel: "So..."
Cordy: "So you thought you just bust into my house and kill my friend without giving her a chance to explain herself."

Wesley: "Yeah."
Angel: "Pretty much."
Wesley: "That was our plan."
Cordy: "Well, holster your guns, boys. She came to me for help. - That"s what we do, right? Help?"
Wesley: "That is not your friend. That thing may have your friend"s memories and her appearance, but it"s just a filthy demon, an unholy monster. Uh, no offence."
Harmony: "About what?"
Angel: "Wes, you can"t. If Cordelia here feels that her friend doesn"t pose a threat then I think that we should respect her wishes."

"I"m just saying..."
Wesley: "Cordelia, we need you at the office."
Cordy: "Let me get my coat."
Wesley: "So, uhm, you"re just going to leave her here? - A vampire, alone in your home, risking your neighbors lives."
Cordy: "Hey, I told you, Harmony is my friend and I trust her completely."
"Harmony can stay here."
Harmony: "I don"t wanna stay alone here with the ghost."
Wesley: "The triangle evokes pyramidal imagery but there is nothing with both the serpent and the pyramid as a symbol."
"Doesn"t appear to be either hieroglyphic or... Do you mind?"
Harmony: "Well, I"m kinda bored, but - go ahead."
Angel: "Yeah, well, look, the red bird you saw in your vision, was it, ah, you know, an eagle, a hawk, a falcon?"
Cordy: "What am I? The bird lady of Alcatraz? It had wings and a beak. For all I know it was a duck. A big - red duck."

Wesley: "Perhaps it"s an idol or a totem the cult uses in its rituals, or..."
Harmony: "Duck worshippers?"
Angel: "It could also be a landmark of some kind, telling us their hiding place."
Wesley: "Well, I"m unaware of any red bird statuary in downtown Los Angeles, so unless you are I suggest.. *someone* put a *stake* through that woman"s heart if she persists in popping her bloody chewing gum!"

Cordy: "Harmony, do me a favor, lose the gum."
Harmony: "Okay, okay! Sorry. I thought it would help with the cravings."
"I mean, you"d think I"d get a thank you for not biting any of you."

Wesley: "*What* are you doing!?! This book is twelve centuries old!"
Harmony: "Okay. So it"s not like I messed up a new one."
Cordy: "Wes, it"s not like she did it on purpose."
Harmony: "That"s right. And I could have. Because, you know, I *am* evil."
Cordy: "Wesley! Wesley!"
Angel: "Harmony, there is blood in the refrigerator. Why don"t we get you some and let everyone get back to work?"
"Here we go. That"s it. Drink up."
Harmony: "Eww! Yech! It tastes funky."
Angel: "It"s pig"s blood."
Harmony: "Ugh, well, that"s gonna go straight to my hips. How do you stand this?"
Angel: "You get used to it."
Harmony: "I mean how do you stand everything? Being what you are, how can you deprive yourself of the taste? The sensation of rich, warm, human blood - flowing into your mouth - bathing your tongue - caressing your throat with its sweet, sticky..."

Gunn: "I"m back!"
Angel: "Me too."
Gunn: "Oh, I see we have company."
Cordy: "That is Harmony. She"s visiting for a couple of days."
Wesley: "It"s alright to speak freely in front of her. She"s a vampire."
Gunn: "Don"t we kill "em any more?"
Angel: "What did you find out?"
Gunn: "Alright. Robed vampires been grabbing people off the street for a while now, almost a month."
Cordy: "A month? How come we didn"t know about it?"
Angel: "Well, we"ve all been a little distracted lately."
Gunn: "Yeah. Or maybe we haven"t heard because not a lot of bodies been turning up."
Angel: "They"re not feeding. They"re turning them."
Cordy: "Into vampires?"
Wesley: "Someone"s recruiting, building an army."
Gunn: "Question is, for what?"
Doug: "The time is here. The time is now."
"The question is: are you ready?"
"Are you ready!?!"
"Because it"s time. Everybody, take a seat. It"s time to actualize your potential. Time to maximize your personal input and get the most out of your afterlife.
To those in here for the first time I just want to say - hi. Hi. You"re special. You each have it in you to be the best vampire.
Not just any vampire, but a master!
How? I"ll show you. Through my personally devised, multi-level, exponential flow cooperative.

Yeah, I know what some of you are saying. "Hey, Doug, speak English, man!" Okay, don"t stake me, guys, alright? This is how it works."

Doug: "One vampire turns two humans into vampires. they each turn to more humans into vampires and they turn to more into vampiresand so on and so on.
And all it takes for each new vampire to buy their way into our co-op is one, you heard me, *one* human - to be deposited here in our very own food bank."

Doug: "How about that, huh? You turn two into vampires, and you bring one for the food bank. You turn two, and the rest is food. Let me hear it. Turn two, the rest is food."
"Turn two, the rest is food."

Wesley: "Next?"
Gunn: "Two USC students grabbed in a parking garage. Fourth and Figueroa."

Wesley: "Got it. Next."
Gunn: "Guy was snatched to blocks over on sixth."
Wesley: "Really? When was this?"
Gunn: "Last night. Heard about it from one of my guys."
Cordy: "What?"
Harmony: "Nothing. It"s just - I can"t believe this is what you do now. We always said we were going to do something cool with our lives. Now look at us. You"re an office manager and I"m dead."

Cordy: "Yeah, well, life takes some funny turns sometimes. - Maybe I"m not where I though I would be, but it"s still... Ho! Hey! Hello! Guys? Found something."
Cordy: "And there is nothing mystical about this. Department of Justice website. It"s a logo for a defunct pyramid scheme."
Gunn: "Vamps running money scams now? That"s low."
Cordy: "This particular one was run by a motivational speaker and - ugh, lord help me - self-described "life-coach" named Doug Sanders. Held meetings all over the city until the feds caught up with him."

Angel: "He was arrested?"
Cordy: "According to this he disappeared. Still at large."
Wesley: "Sounds like he has the makings of a cult leader."
Cordy: "Oh, hold on. Here is something: a list of his known meeting sites - and a picture!"

Gunn: "Now we"re talking!"
Harmony: "Oh, let me see!"
"Okay, that was my fault."
Wesley: "Get her out of here. Now."
Cordy: "Come on, Harm."
Wesley: "Such a fitting nickname."
"Oh, bloody hell."
Harmony: "This was a mistake. I should never have come here. I"m just getting in the way. Messing up, like always."
Cordy: "Don"t talk like that."
Harmony: "Easy for you to say. You"ve got friends. - I don"t have anyone who understands what I"m going through."
Cordy: "I know someone who understands a little something about pain. We"re going out!"
Harmony: "Memories may be beautiful and yet, what"s to painful to remember we choose to forget..."
Cordy: "So, ah, - what do you think?"
Host: "I think your friend should reconsider the name Harmony."
Harmony: "...the way we were. The way we were."
"That was so - fun! I can"t believe I did that!"

Host: "Well, color us incredulous."
Cordy: "Harmony is looking for a little guidance."
Host: "Yeah, I picking up on the "betwixed and between, got to find my corner of the sky" vibe loud and clear, kitten."
Harmony: "So you can help me."
Host: "No. But I *can* treat you to a complimentary carafe of plasma. The AB-negative here is superb - or so I"m told."

Cordy: "Wait a minute. That"s it?"
Harmony: "Yeah. You"re supposed to do some mind mojo, show me my path."
Host: "You"re already on it my little cacophony. Only I"m not your travel agent for this trip. Brown eyes here is. Stick with her and let your pal be your guide."

Harmony: "Cacophony. That"s pretty. What"s it mean?"
Wesley: "Cordy."
"I realize you have, ah, other concerns at the moment, but we need you."
Cordy: "Why?"
Gunn: "Most of the attacks been taking place within a ten blocks radius. Now we figure the cult"s headquarters must be somewhere near the center."
Angel: "And look, we want to drive around the area. Maybe you can pick up some - vibe from you vision or see something?"

Cordy: "Like a red bird."
Angel: "For instance."
Cordy: "Okay. Harmony. I have to go. Work stuff. Uh, you"re okay here?"
Harmony: "You kidding? Free blood, potato skins. Hey, I"m thinking about doing another number. Now what do you think: Candle in the Wind or the Princess Diana Candle in the Wind?"
Cordy: "Go nuts. Do "em both."
Harmony: "Ooo. Yeah. Okay. Like the green guy said: you're my guide."
Gunn: "Hey, hold up. Just so we"re on the same page. When we find this vampire cult, we are gonna kill "em, right?"

Wesley: "Let"s do it."
Cordy: "Harmony?"
Harmony: "I just got it. He said, stick with you. I understand now where my place is."

Cordy: "Where?"
Harmony: "With you! I"m one of the good guys now."
"Who-hoo! This is gonna be great! I am an evil fighter! That"s why I suck at being evil. I was meant to fight evil! It"s so clear to me now. Is this what it feels like to have a purpose?
I mean, wow! Look at us. We"re working together. I"ve never had a job before. We can meet at the water cooler and gossip."

Cordy: "Harm, I"m trying to concentrate."
Harmony: "Oh. Sorry. So. How long have you been fighting evil? I mean, I just started but, you know, I"ve got some moves."

Wesley: "Angel!"
Angel: "It"s your place to tell her."
Wesley: "She won"t listen to me."
Angel: "Welcome to *my* world."
Harmony: "That would be *so* funny. Oh - do we get paid vacations?"
Cordy: "Stop! Stop the car. Pull over here."

Angel: "Is that..?"
Cordy: "I don"t... I"m not sure."
Wesley: "The bird you saw was red."

Cordy: "It is. I mean, it was."
Gunn: "Looks more like a puke green."
Harmony: "And nothing like a duck."
Cordy: "There"s just - something familiar."
Gunn: "Well, we passed this place before. Maybe that"s all it is."
Wesley: "Cordelia?"
Cordy: "No. No, I guess it isn"t it."
Wesley: "Right. Back in the car. We"ll keep... Where"s Angel?"
Angel: "Electronics store forgot to turn on its lights."
Cordy: "Ha, I told you this was it!"
Wesley: "Right. Angel, Cordelia, cover the front. Gunn and I will go around the building, see if there"s another way in."
Harmony: "What about me? What"s my job?"
Wesley: "Uhm... Guard the car."
Harmony: "You got it, boss! Anyone comes near this car, I will rips his throat out."

Wesley: "No. No killing."
Harmony: "Oh. Okay, maiming only."
Wes and Cordy: "No!"
Gunn: "Hey. Can we yell a little louder? I"m not sure the crazed cult of vampires heard us sneaking up on them."

Cordy: "Just go. I"ll talk to her."
"Hey! Touching! With the hands."
Angel: "You know, I"ve tried not to say anything. Tried to take a step back and just let things sort themselves out, but - Harmony can not work with us."
Cordy: "I know. It"s just temporary. I mean, look at her. She"s really loving this. Giving her a reason to go on."

Angel: "I don"t want her to go on. Neither should you. - She"s the enemy."
Cordy: "Now you sound like Wesley."
Angel: "Because he"s right. - Harmony will turn on you."
Cordy: "Why? Because *you* did?"
Angel: "Because it"s her nature. She"s a vampire."
Cordy: "So are you."
Angel: "She doesn"t have a soul."
Cordy: "Oh. That"s it, is it? You"re better than her because you have a soul?"
Angel: "Well, yeah."
Cordy: "I noticed yours didn"t get in the way of betraying the people who worked with you, who cared about you."

Angel: "I never..."
Cordy: "*And* you know, you didn"t just betray me, Angel. You didn"t just hurt me. You gave away my clothes."
Angel: "To the needy."
Cordy: "I *am* the needy! - Do you know how scared I was you were on you"re way to becoming Angelus *again*? Imagine what could have happened if you"d gone nuts and slept with Darla."

Angel: "You know I would never do that..."

Gunn: "Building"s shut tight. No way to see what"s inside."
Wesley: "Or how many."
Angel: "Okay, You know what, I"ll go in, uh, pretend like I want to join, get a head count, lay of the land."

Gunn: "Come on, man. You"d get made ten feet from the door. Too many night crawlers in this town know what you look like."

Wesley: "Some can sense your soul."

Angel: "Right."
Cordy: "Harmony!"
Harmony: "Yeah?"
Cordy: "She doesn"t have a soul and nobody knows her here. She could be our inside spy. Tell us what"s the what."
Harmony: "Me?"
Wesley: "Out of the question."
Gunn: "I got a bad feeling about this."

Cordy: "Come on. I know she can do this. You can do this, right?"

Harmony: "Well,- I kind of thought I"d start out with some light typing, car guarding, something low pressure?"
Cordy: "This is the chance you needed. To find a purpose."
Harmony: "But I thought I had purpose guarding the... Yeah. Okay. I wanna do this."
Wesley: "Alright Harmony. You"re on."
Harmony: "Watch out Evil here comes Harmony."
Cordy: "Hey. We"ll meet you out back!"
Doug: "I can hear you saying "but I"m not like you, Doug. I don"t have what it takes."
That"s just the voice of your inner human spreading the ghostly remnants of neurosis from your past life.

Instead say: "I"m in control of my unlife.""

"Let"s have a nice big hand for Tibor, graduating to the yellow level."

"Now. With each level ascension, there are rewards."
"Grab yourself a nice juicy one, Tibor. You"ve earned it!"
Wesley: "She should have been back by now."
Angel: "Maybe she ran into trouble."
Cordy: "Give her a few more minutes."
Wesley: "I knew this was a bad idea."
Angel: "Look, if she"s in trouble we"ll rescue her."
Gunn: "Now we saving a vampire from vampires? I got two words for that: nuh and ah."
Cordy: "That is so... Harmony! Are you okay?"
Harmony: "Fine. There is maybe a hundred of them in there, give or take. There"s a cage holding about a dozen people."
Cordy: "You did it. You so rule!"
Harmony: "I know! Oh. And I left the door in back open. Come on."
"You know, Cor, I really got to thank you again for giving me this opportunity. You guys have all been so great. I mean, you could have totally staked me in Cordelia"s apartment."

"And hay, who could have blamed you? I mean, one more incredibly sexy vampire turned to dust. But you guys helped my find my destiny and you know, I really appreciate that. I never felt like I belonged anywhere before."

Wesley: "Yes, yes, uh, you"re welcome. - Uh, the vampires, where are they?"
Harmony: "Oh. Right behind you."
"I belong with them."
Doug: "Now that is what I call and impressive display of potential actualization. Look. A member of our organization for less than twenty minutes and look at what she"s delivered two to turn and one for food. And as a bonus the infamous Angel. - I think someone just made the ascension to blue robe status."
Harmony: "Oh, goody!"
Doug: "Congratulations, Harmony."
Harmony: "Just taking the first steps to mastering my destiny, Doug, like you said."

Cordy: "Well, Harmony, aren"t you just about the most weak-willed, soft-brained..."

Harmony: "Huh-uh. Doug says those kind of comments are self-growth inhibitors. I tune out mental roadblocks."

Doug: "Oh, I"m sorry. You can all put your weapons down now. Really Angel, you don"t want all your friends to die horribly now, do you?"
Angel: "No I don"t. - Wesley?"
Wesley: "Kill "em all!"
Angel: "Are you okay?"
Wesley: "Yeah."
Angel: "Get to the cage. Get those people out."
Wesley: "I"ll get you out of here."
Doug: "Why are you working with these humans, Angel? You should be maximizing you inner potential, empowering your vampire self."
Cordy: "What"s so funny?"
Harmony: "Your crossbow. You got it aimed at my *throat*. You can be so stupid. *That* won"t kill me."
Cordy: "No, that"ll just hurt like hell."
"This one will kill you."
Harmony: "Okay. You"re angry. And I don"t blame you. I just, you know... and it"s nothing personal. I"m evil. We"re still friends, right?"

"We"re still friends, right?"
Cordy: "No, Harmony. We"re not friends. Just get out of here."
Harmony: "Really?"
Cordy: "Not just here. I want you out of my city. You"re gonna wanna be as far away from me as possible."

Harmony: "But I left a few things at your: Bye."
Cordy: "Don"t say anything. Not a word."
Angel: "You wanted to see me?"
Wesley: "Yes. Please, come in. Oh, close the door."
"I just... I just thought we should touch base, ah, before Cordelia arrived this morning. I know things have been, uh... strained between the two of you, and working in such close quarters it"s..."

Angel: "It"s- it"s okay, Wesley, really. I mean, Cordelia has every right to feel the way that she does and I"m willing to give her the room that she needs."

Wesley: "Good. - Good. I think that"s just the right attitude. Time and space. Those are really the only things one can give in a situation like this. As long as we both understand that, the healing process can..."

Cordy: "Oh, my god. These are gorgeous! You have the most amazing taste! You have, like - a gay man"s taste, and that"s saying something."
"I love them *so* much!"
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You"re the best!"
"I have to go try these on. "
, "la, la, la, la, la, new clothes! I have new clothes!"
"New clothes, I have new clothes!"
Angel: "I got her clothes."

The end
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