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Lorn: "First I was afraid. I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side. But then I spent so many nights thinking how you done me wrong, and I grew strong. And I learned how to get along."

Lorn: "Oh, you know what I"m talking about. In this city you better learn to get along. Because LA"s got it all: The glamour and the grit, the big breaks and the heartaches, the sweet young lovers and the nasty, ugly, hairy fiends that suck out your brain through your face. It"s all part of the big wacky variety show we call - Los Angeles. You never know what"s coming next. And lets admit it folks: Isn"t that why we love it?

I"ll survive. I will survive! Hey, hey!"

Cordy: "But why, Johnny? Why?"
Johnny: "Because it"s over."
Cordy: "No I love you! I gave you everything. Didn"t I?"
Johnny: "Yea, and now it"s time to move on."

Cordy: "No. You can"t. You"re everything to me. I"m nothing without you baby. - Nothing."
Johnny: "Ow. Hey - ow - she hit me!"
Cordy: "I threw that in myself. She seems so spineless. Begging this creep not to dump her."
Acting coach: "That was just amazing! You were Eleanor - body and soul."
Johnny: "Hey, where does it say that she hits me?"
Coach: "You"re on fire, Cordelia. This is exciting work. Lets take it again. And put the focus on how conflicted you... Cordelia..."

Cordy: "Sorry. Duty calls."

Wesley: "Sorry lads. I"ll give you a rematch but it"ll have to be another time."
Man off screen: "Ow!"
Attendant: "Can I help you?"
"I"m sorry this club is for members and their guests only."
Angel: "Yeah, well, I"m thinking of joining."
Attendant: "Excuse me! But you can"t come in here without a membership or a guest pass!"
Cordy: "Are you sure we"re in the right place?"

Wesley: "This is a tad public for a Praetorian sacrifice."

Angel: "The quadrants match. It"s a Carnyss demon and they love muscles and mirrors."

Attendant: "Hey, listen! I"m not fooling around. I will call the pol..."
Angel: "Huh. No reflection. I"ll fix that."

"Stop that."
Attendant: "That guy has horns."
Angel: "Steroids. Not good for you."


Wesley: "I"m beginning to think it was the sloth demon."
Cordy: "Sloth demons don"t sacrifice adolescents, Wesley. It was a Carnyss. You I.D. it."
Wesley: "No, I don"t mean the demon we killed last night. I mean the one we..."

Angel: "That was a nice gym."
Wesley: "...incinerated a month ago. I think that"s what Wolfram and Hart raised in that box when Angel was fighting Vocah."

Angel: "The thing about a gym is that you"re not alone. You"ve got people around. That encourages you to work out."
Cordy: "You don"t have to work out. You"re eternal."
Angel: "I may not always be."
Cordy: "It was the Vartite monster. It took two days to kill that thing! It"s got Wolfram and Hart written all over it."

Angel: "You got your steam. You got your sauna. You got fresh towels. I mean, how bad could it be?"
Cordy: "You shower with a lot of men."

Angel: "I"ll always be a loner."
Angel and Wesley: "Vision."
Cordy: "Just a sneeze."
Angel and Wesley: "Oh."
Cordy: "Oh?!"
Angel: "I mean, bless you. Sorry about this."

Cordy: "Why can"t we work out of Wes"s?"

Angel: "We"re getting a new office. I just haven"t..."
Cordy: "Sneeze. - Followed by vision."
Angel: "Are you alright?"
Cordy: "I"ll survive."
Wesley: "What have we got?"
Cordy: "A nasty looking demon. Didn"t recognize it."
Wesley: "N. D. U. O." "Nasty Demon, Unknown Origin."
Angel: "There"s an awful lot of that in this town. I"m sure he"ll feel right at home here."

Lilah: "You have every right to review the contract. I encourage it. We"ll talk on Monday. - Of course if you don"t sign we"ll sue your ass off and kill your children. - Just kidding, Donald. No one wants a law suit."

"Wow. It"s nice and gloomy in here. You"re not handicapped - you"re handi-capable."
Lindsey: "She likes Chopin and Brahms. She"s not too fond of the Russians."
Lilah: "Hello, Darla. How are you doing today? Feeling any better? It"s a beautiful day outside."
Lindsey: "Lilah, shut up. She"s not a child. She"s 400 years old."
Darla: "Hmm, the prelude."
Lindsey: "In C-minor. The preludes and the nocturnes."
Darla: "So much better than the waltzes. - He had consumption."
Lindsey: "And died way too soon. A lot of that going around."
Darla: "Hm. He"s here."
Lilah: "Chopin?"
Lindsey: "Angel. He"s here in town. You can feel him."
Darla: "Always could."
Lindsey: "He hasn"t been much of a help to us."
Darla: "He killed me. I remember now - with a soul in his heart."
Lindsey: "He"s taken from both of us - so when you feel ready - we"ll start thinking about giving a little back."

Darla: "Angel - it"s been a long time. - I"d love to see that boy."
Cordy: "The eyes are a little further apart. They look right through you. I-I don"t think this guy is afraid of much."

Angel: "Wes, I"m thinking northern Pakistan, Hindu Kush..."
Wesley: "Right. Or maybe the Tien Shenin in Kazakhstan. Which means I need Suleman"s Compendium."
Cordy: "Don"t yell like that! You"ll scare him."
Wesley: "Scare *him*?"
Cordy: "Dennis is very sensitive. He"s just trying to help! He"s more a person than a g-h-o-s-t."
Wesley: "We have to get an office."
Cordy: "There! There!"
Wesley: "Prio Motu demon. It"s a killer."
Angel: "Ancient Ofga-beast, bred to maim and massacre."
Cordy: "Oh, goody. A pit bull."
Angel: "Okay. Now we know what we"re dealing with."
Wesley: "Prio Motu."
Angel: "Now we need to find it. Right now we got to narrow it down to somewhere."

Wesley: "I may be able to help us with that. I"ve been broadening our contact base. Reaching out to the underlife. I may have someone who can help."
Angel: "Who?"
Wesley: "A parasite demon named Merl."
Cordy: "Maybe it"s time we pay your stoolie a little visit. Make with the chin-music until he canaries. I"ve been watching a little noir festival on Bravo."

Wes: "There is a place he hangs out. A safe haven for demons. I"ve been meaning to take you there. I think it may be of use to us - but..."
Angel: "But what?"
Wes: "It"s a little outside the box."
Demon: "I"m so excited. And I just can"t hide it. I"m about to lose control and I think I like it. I like it. Tonight"s the night we"re gonna make it happen. "
The security guard: Open your jacket.
All right, step back through.
Demon: "Tonight we put all other things aside. Give in this time and show me some affection. We"re going for those pleasures in the night. I want to love you, feel you, wrap myself around you. I want to squeeze you, please you. I just can"t get enough and if you move real slow, I"ll let it go! I"m so excited..."

Cordy: "Your stool pigeon feels safe in a Karaoke bar?"
Wes: "In this one he does. It"s a sanctuary."
Host: Oh, yeah I"m so excited I know I know I know I know I want you, I want you
Move over, Pointer Sisters! That was cooking! I"m about to lose control and I think I like it. Well, I"m gonna have a word with Liz here. Don"t go anywhere! Coming right up, Mordar the Bentback will be callin" the tune with a personal favorite of mine. Make him feel welcome!"
"Well, I can see someone is feeling pretty zippy. Liz, I know it"s hatching time and you"re looking forward to that. But there is more to life than eating your young! Now let me tell you what I see in your aura..."

Wes: "Hello, Merl."
Cordy: "Cat got your tongue, Merl?"

Merl: "I don"t have a tongue."
Cordy: "Oh."
Merl: "And, uh, keep the bloodsucker away from me."
Wes: "He can"t hurt you in here."
Merl: "I know his rep, okay? He eats his own kind. Beating on demons wherever he finds "em."
Angel: "Especially when they waste my time."

Wes: "We"re looking for the Prio Motu."
Merl: "Woah, woah, woah! You"ve obviously never seen one up close. I mean Prios are stone cold killers. They"ve got these teeth that"ll, uhm... You gotta sweeten this - a whole lot. And keep my name..."
"This Prio you"re looking for, he don"t like it above ground. So he"ll be traveling in one of those sub-tunnels of the Rodondo line. Prios are nasty. Not some big mosquito like you, turns to dust whenever you stake it. Best of luck, though."

Host: "Love the coat. It"s all about the coat. Welcome to Caritas. You know what that means?"
Angel: "It"s Latin for mercy."
Host: "Smart and cute. How about gracing us with a number?"
Angel: "I don"t sing."
Host: "Neither does Mordar the Bentback! That cat"s a foghorn on two legs."
Cordy: "Who is this guy?"
Wes: "He"s, uh, anagogic."
Cordy: "Really? He looks like he"s eating enough."
Wes: "Psychic. He"s connected to the mystic. When you sing you bare you soul. He sees into it."

Host: "This isn"t about your pipes, bro. It"s about your spirit. I can"t read you unless you sing!"
Angel: "I don"t sing."
Cordy: "Come on, Angel. I wanna hear you sing."
Angel: "No."
Wes: "It would be for a good cause. We might learn something."
Angel: "Who"s the boss here?"
Host: "I know you"re feeling smooth, in the groove. Isn"t that the thing that comes before a fall?"
Angel: "There are three things I don"t do: Tan, date - and sing in public!"

Host: "See you around. - How fabulous would I look in that coat?"
Angel: "Hey. It"s okay. I won"t hurt you. Are you alright?"
"Look out!"
"It"s all right. He"s dead."
Woman: "What did you do? Oh my God! What have you done?"
Angel: "I didn"t... I thought he was gonna hurt you!"
Woman: "He was my protector! Stay away from me!"
Angel: "I"m sorry. I was sent here to... I"m not exactly sure, but..."
Woman: "You were sent here?"
Angel: "By the Powers That - it"s a long story. - I help people."
Woman: "You"re joking, right? God, I hate this town!"
Angel: "I"m really... What was he protecting you from?"
Woman: "Things you couldn"t handle!"

Angel: "Like what?"
Woman: "Like the Tribunal. - Look. I don"t know who you are - or what your deal is. And I don"t care! He was my protector. I had one friend in this world and you killed him! Now, you stay the hell away from me."

Wesley: "He was good?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Cordy: "And you:."
Angel: "Yeah."
Cordy: "Ooh. Well. That"s bad. Which of course you already... Right."
Angel: Look, he was a demon. I just assumed..."
Wesley: "Well, why wouldn"t you? Cordelia said he was a nasty demon."

Cordy: "Well, he *looked* nasty! I didn"t say he was a killer, you did!"
Wesley: "That"s what Prio Motus are! They hunt. They kill. What, we"re supposed to think a creature like that can suddenly change its modus operandi overnight? Turn into some noble protector and... defender of... Oh, God."

Cordy: "I didn"t feel any fear when I saw him. Angel was probably supposed to help him not... Thanks for the obscure visions! We"re doing great with that."

Angel: "I killed an innocent being. He was a soldier like me. Whatever his mission is it"s mine now."
Cordy: "Well, that"s a start! You said he was protecting a pregnant woman."
Angel: "From something called the Tribunal. I want you two to find out what that is."

Wes: "We will. Angel! You didn"t know."
Angel: "I"m thinking somebody did."
"You"re not on protected ground tonight, Merl."

Merl: "What do you want?"
Angel: "The truth."
Merl: "I told you where to find him!
Angel: "Not a whole lot of time tonight! Why"d you lie about the Prio?"

Merl: "There is a price on the woman."
Angel: "The woman or the baby?"
Merl: "Yeah, the kid. A daughter. She"s supposed to be some powerful, benevolent... I don"t know! The dark ones they want her out of the picture. So it"s two for one with the mom! The local brokers, they"re offering hard cash. But no one can get close enough with that Prio around. You know, now that he is out of the picture you and I could..."

Angel: "Where is she?"
Merl: "Look, if I knew, would I be hanging around here, getting strangled by you?"
Angel: "Put the word out. No one touches the woman."
Merl: "It"s a too little late for that. You know how many beast are out there after her by now?"
Angel: "Where did the Prio live?"
Merl: "I don"t know. I don"t know exactly. Boyle Heights. Somewhere underground, near the water and power. Kind of an iffy part of town, if you know what I"m saying?"

Man: "Just take the car!"
Leader: "Hey, look out!"
Gunn: "You should probably go home now."
"Ah, you"re welcome?"
Angel: "People now a days. Would it kill him to say thank you?"
Gunn: "Angel."
Angel: "Been a while. You well?"
Gunn: "Picture of health and harmony. - Look at you, dog! You haven"t aged a bit!"

Angel: "I got a situation."
Gunn: "So much for the small talk. Sweep Olympic up to Broadway and I"ll hook up with y"all back at the crib."
Angel: "Where is home nowadays?"
Gunn: "Friendly landlord off Еighth. We keep the block safe for democracy, he hooks us up with the rent. What"s up?

Angel: "You ever hear of a Prio Motu?"

Gunn: "Is that like a "62 Chevy with the big cam? Alright. I could have just said no."

Angel: "It"s a warrior demon. He was living down here."
Gunn: "Well, isn"t that nice? I thought all we had to dodge was roaches and vampires! What is this demon up to?"

Angel: "Not much. He"s dead. But I wanna find out where he was living. It"d be underground somewhere near the D.W.P."

Gunn: "Well, I know all the pockets. And I"m getting the sense that you wanna do this now."

Angel: "It"s kind of urgent."
"How deep are these?"
Gunn: "Pretty deep, bro. We cleaned a vampire nest out of here last year.
We"ve been patrolling it on occasion ever since. This Prio Motu guy, what was he up to?"

Angel: "He was protecting a young pregnant woman."
Gunn: "He was on our side?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Gunn: "Well, did you find the scumbag that killed him?"
Angel: "I"m the scumbag that killed him."
Gunn: "Oh. Oh, look. Hold on. That wasn"t there before."
You feel any air coming out of this vent? - I don"t feel no air."

The guy kept a neat house."
Angel: "Kamal."
Gunn: "What"s that?"
Angel: "That was his name. Gunn..."
Gunn: "We supposed to be looking for something? Like that?"
Angel: "I hate to ask, but..."
Gunn: "Night"s still young. What you need?"

Angel: "I work with a couple people at this address. The one on the back. I need them to see this right away. Tell them it might have something to do with the Tribunal."
Gunn: "The Tribunal. Got it. - What, you"re gonna hang here and soak up the guilt?"
Angel: "Something like that."
"You"re safe. That"s good."
Woman: "You shouldn"t be here. You don"t have the right."
Angel: "Oh, I know. It"s - not really my choice, either. Kamal"s mission is mine now."

Woman: "You sound just like him! You guys with your missions, and ancient laws, and medieval codes of honor! Well, I"m not interested. I"m just trying to protect my baby."

Angel: "I understand."
Woman: "How could you? I don"t even understand it! - I mean, six months ago I"m working the register at Costco. I did my time as a stock-girl and I was moving up. I was gonna be able to provide for my baby. Now all I wanna do is make sure she gets born."

Angel: "Well, I want that too."
Woman: "Right. Right. Because she is some seer, or leader or Joan of Arc. Well, you know what she is to me? - My daughter. Not someone"s holy mission."
Angel: Oh, no. It"s not exactly that - it"s - sort of my job."
Woman: "Your job?"
Angel: "Yeah. Look! I got cards - and an office. Well, the office kind of blew up, but we"re working out of this other apartment in Silverlake, temporarily. - Let me help you. - Let me help your daughter."

Woman: "We need to find the coat of arms. Kamal said I needed to present it to the Tribunal and maybe if I do they call this whole thing...
Angel: "It wouldn"t be a round bronze talisman. Oh, say, about this big?"

Woman: "Yes."
Angel: "Heh. I already found it."
Woman: "Yeah? Where is it? What?"
Angel: "Well, I don"t exactly have it right here on my person. I thought it was best to: I know where it is. I-I can take you there. The address on the back of the card..."
Woman: "Do me a favor? - Stop helping!"

Angel: "Get back! - I can kill this thing, right?"

Woman: "Yes!"
Angel: "You"re sure? You don"t - think - he might - be good?"
Woman: "Kill it!"
Angel: "I think we should - run."
Cordy gets up: "Who is it?"
Gunn: "Gunn."
Wesley: "What was that?"
Cordy: "Something about a gun. What if it"s a demon with a gun?"
Wesley: "Listen up, whoever you are, we are well armed and we know how to do battle, so if you know what"s good for you..."
Gunn: "My name is Gunn. Angel sent me."

Cordy: "Well, this is a little embarrassing. Please, come in. Come in. Wesley, you"ve heard Angel talk about Gunn. He"s a great guy with a really fly street tag."

Wes: "What"s he fly?"
Cordy: "It"s how they know you on the street, dorko. Gun. It really lets them know you mean business."
Gunn: "It"s my name. Charles Gunn. Two "n.""
Cordy: "Oh, lord, will no one shut me up?"

Wesley: "Uh, I"m Wesley Wyndam Price and this is Cordelia Chase."
Cordy: "It"s nice to finally meet."

Gunn: "I"ve seen you before."
Cordy: "Really? The Tan"n"screen commercials!"
Gunn: " I saw you in bed."
Cordy: "What?"
Wesley: "Ah, I-I can see this is none of my business..."
Gunn: "You, too."
Wesley: "Now, just a moment!"
Gunn: "In the hospital - after Angel"s building blew? He sent me there to keep an eye on you two."
Cordy: "Right."
Gunn: "I"m just messing with y"all. I was hoping for some demon fighting tonight, but I wound up with a delivery job instead. Angel said it might have something to do with the tribunal."
Wesley: "Well, this could be an emblem, or - some sort of protective amulet."
Gunn: "These all the cases y"all got going? Isn"t this the well oiled machine."

Cordy: "We set them up, we knock them down. Or we did, until Angel knocked down the wrong... I"m sure he is getting on top of it now."
Woman: "What?"
Angel: "This way."
Woman: "Where are we?"
Angel: "Come on."
Woman: "You"ve been here before. - Uh! It feels creepy."
Angel: "Yeah. What"s the Tribunal?"
Woman: "Some kind of otherworldly court. Supposedly they can save me and my daughter. You - you go before them, you got to have that charm...
I don"t know how it works. Kamal said that he was gonna be my champion. - You know what? Screw this! I"m getting out of town!"

Angel: "No!"
Woman: "Try and stop me."
Angel: "They"ll find you wherever you go. You have to stay with me."
Woman: "You? You can"t protect me!"

Angel: "Yes, I can. We"re gonna go to my friend"s house. We"re gonna get that charm and I"m gonna make this right, I promise. There is a gate in the back... go to the address I gave you. Go!"
Cordy: "Angel! Are you all right? What happened?"
Angel: "Is she here?"
Cordy: "The pregnant woman? No. - Gunn, brought us the talisman, but..."
Wesley: "Working on it."
Angel: "I told her to come here. - She doesn"t trust me. - Why should she?"

Cordy: "You can"t see everything. You"re just a vampire like everyone else... That didn"t come out right."
Angel: "I thought I was out of the tunnel."

Cordy: "Sure you did... because the tunnel is - you know, it"s something we all... Are we talking real tunnel or symbolic? Just give me that much."

Angel: "I-I saw the light at the end of the tunnel - that some day I might become human. - - That light was so bright, I thought I was already out."
Cordy: "Yeah. We all got a little cocky, didn"t we? - It"s gonna be a long while - until you work your way out - but I know you well enough to know you *will*. - And I"ll be with you until you do."

Angel: "What about your inevitable stardom?"

Cordy: "I"m not saying I won"t have a day job."

Wesley: "I think we got something. It"s medieval. A small badge or coat of arms, to be presented when going before the Cahair Binse. Roughly translated that"s chair of judgement."
Angel: "The Tribunal."
Wes: "Right. An ancient court to settle grievances."
Cordy: "You mean- with like lawyers and stuff."
Wes: "This is a little more primitive. It"s a fight to the death."
Angel: "That"s why she needed a champion. Where would this Tribunal take place?"
Wes: "There is no way to tell. They"re mystical events, they could rise up in our reality whenever they please."
Angel: "Look, we got to find her right away - whatever it takes. - There"s only one way."

Angel: "Oh, Mandy. Well you came and you gave without taking, but I sent you away, oh Mandy.

Cordy: "That man will do anything to save a life."

Angel: Well, you kissed me and stopped me from shaking. and I need you today, oh Mandy. Well, you came and you gave.."

Host: "Hey, how "bout that. A performer. Why don"t we just call him Angel, the vampire with soul. I"m gonna have a chat with Mr. Tall Dark and Rockin" and meanwhile, Durthock, the child-eater, is gonna open up to y"all.
He"s searching for the gorrishyn mage that stole his power and he"s feeling just a little bit country. So, lets give him a hand."

"Well. You"re just the hot ticket. One night only, two seats left, partially obstructed view."

Angel: "What can you tell me?"
Host: "I can tell you"re all business."

Angel: "She"s in danger."
Host: "And you"re feeling pretty guilty about that. Hey, you made an honest mistake. You killed her protector. A lot of guys would have done the same. Of course now she"s gonna have to face the judgement with no champion and that"s looking grim for her and the baby."

Angel: "Tell me where they are."
Host: "Well. Who"s a little curt? Who"s a little curt Jurgens in "The Enemy Below?"
The Tribunal will be wherever she is. She can"t escape it."
Angel: "Where is she?"
Host: "My question first. And answer true, because you know I"ll know. Why Mandy?"

Angel: "Well, I-I know the words - I kind of think it"s pretty."
Host: "And it is, you great, big sap! There is not a destroyer of worlds that can argue with Manilow and good for you for fessin" up. She"ll be at Forth and Spring. The trial will be there."

Angel: "Trial? How does it work?"
Host: "I can only tell you what I tell you. The rest is up to you."
Angel: "Can I save her?"
Host: "Try - and find out."
Judge: "Where is your champion?"
Woman: "He"s-he"s dead."
Judge: "You have no coat of arms and no champion?"
Woman: "I ask for asylum."
Judge: "Asylum is not ours to give. Two are chosen to meet in combat. One can save your life. One can take it. This is the ancient law. Your life is forfeit.
You have no champion."
Angel: "Yes, she does."
Judge: "The trial by combat will begin."
Woman: "I really appreciate you coming through for us like this. But you know how you"re not really good at anything? You sure you can do this?"

Angel: "I grew up around horses."
Woman: "How long has it been since you"ve ridden one?"
Angel: "It"s been a while. Don"t worry. It"s not something you forget. I can do this."
Angel: "Nice horse. Try not to make me look stupid out there, okay? - Alright."
"I guess that means go."
Judge: "The champion is defeated. She and all her issue are yours."
Angel: "I move to appeal that ruling."
"She"s safe now, right?"

Judge: "You have won. She is under our protection, as is her daughter until she comes of age."
The woman: "You okay?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Woman: "You sure seem to bleed a lot."

Angel: "It"s part of the job."
Wesley: "Good idea. Start over with a fresh slate."
Angel: "Actually, we"re starting over with no slate."
Wesley: "Of course. We shouldn"t be keeping score. We"re not running a race - we"re doing a job - one soul at a time."

Angel: "You guys hold the fort. I"ve somewhere to be."
Voice: Close off the yard,
Cellblocks A to C:
Angel: "Hey."
Faith: "Hey."
Angel: "How you doing?"
Faith: "Pretty good, I guess. I did sign up for this."
Angel: "Regretting the choice?"
Faith: "Bad day. One of the girls in the yard tried to build a rep by throwing down with me. She had low self esteem, and a home-made knife, so.."
Angel: "Oh. - Is she - you know - alive?"
Faith: "She lives to tell the tale. Took the knife away - and I can"t say much for the wrist it came in."
Angel: "So you didn"t kill her."
Faith: "I really wanted to. - Took a big beating from the guards, too."

Angel: "Sorry."
Faith: "Earned worse. Guys like us kind of got it coming."
Angel: "I had to sing Barry Manilow."

Faith: "You"re kidding."
Angel: "In front of people."
Faith: "And here I am talking about my petty little problems."
Angel: "Just wanted to give you a little perspective."
Faith: "Copa cabana?"
Angel: "Mandy. I don"t wanna dwell on it."

Faith: "The road to redemption is a rocky path."
Angel: "That it is."
Faith: "You think we might make it?"
Angel: "We might. - - Food getting any better?"
Faith: "You know, it"s not that different from what I grew up on. It"s a little one note. Eating the same thing every day."

Angel: "I wonder what that"s like."
Faith: "Right.."

Song which goes along with titles:

Angel: I remember all my life
How you kissed me
And stopped me from shaking
Mandy, um....
look in their eyes
I see them in--
How you kissed me
And stopped me It"s shaking.
Freaks in the house, up front.
Oh, Mandy
What are they doing in my living room?
Oh, Mandy

Thank you, thank you very much.

The end
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