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Wesley: "The Hyperion Hotel. It appears to be abandoned."
Angel: "68 rooms, 68 vacancies."
Wesley: "California Spanish, deco influence - I"d say built in the late 1920"s"

Angel: "That"d be my guess. It"s just west of here in what used to be the heart of Hollywood. No telling how long it"s been empty."
Wesley: "From the look of it - years."
Angel: "Hmm."
Cordy: "English breakfast tea. Coffee. O-pos."

Wesley: "Do we suspect it"s current condition is due to more than just the tourist trade drying up?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Cordy: "Something the matter?"
Angel: "I - uhm, I-I think its gone bad. It"s starting to coagulate."
Cordy: "Huh? No. That"s cinnamon. What, I can"t try something?"
Wesley: "Uh, what"s the interest?"
Angel: "I need you two to look into the history of it. Find out who owns it now and why they are letting it stay empty like that."

Wesley: "Who"s the client."
Angel: "There is no client. I"ll check back with you later to see what you found out."
Cordy: "Cryptic much?"
Wesley: "Angel, this is more than just a sudden interest in real estate."

Angel: "You"ll have to access police files. Focus on cold cases, homicides, unsolved missing persons. Start at the beginning, take it up to the present day."

Wesley: "You believe whatever made this place its home did so for some time."

Angel: "Probably right up to the end."
Manager: "Returned mail from 315. Mr. Ferris really must stop writing to his mother postage-due. Mrs. Miggin"s breakfast from Val"s liquors. Make sure she makes this one last. They"ve cut off her credit... And the weekly bill for 217."

Bellhop: "W-w-why me? I did it the last time! Guy gives me the heebie-jeebies. - How about instead of this bill I deliver an eviction notice?"

Manager: "We can not evict residents on the grounds of the heebie-jeebies. Now, if we did - we"d have to shut down, wouldn"t we?"

Bellhop: "Ever look into his eyes? - There"s nothing there."
Hello. Bellman. Anybody home?
Okay, I guess you"ve gone out, so... I"ll just leave this, you know, outside your door, and you can pick it up when its, what you call, more convenient."

"Come on, come on, come on."


Voice: " ...that I have to teach this committee the basic principles of Americanism..."

Аnother voice: "That"s not the question! That"s not the question. The question is: are you know or have you ever been a member of the communist party?"
First voice: "I"m framing my answer in the only way that an American citizen can frame his answer to this question..."

Interrogator: "Then you don"t deny..."
First: "...which is completely invasive..."

Guy: "Ah, come on, honey! How do you think Lana Turner got started?"
Bellhop: "Uh, no messages for 217."
Manager: With a great respect. 515. Thanks.
Yes, I understand what the sign says, but it"s wrong. We really have no vacancies at the moment."
Father: "You"re kidding. The sign is wrong. Sure it is. Come on"
Actor: "Oh, wait, wait. There we go. You look awesome Larry. Good night."

Salesman: "Yes. - Yes. - Yes. - I understand. - Of course. I am."
Judy: "I"ll be finished here in just two shakes, sir."
Angel: "You"re not the maid."
Judy: "I-I don"t know what you mean."
Angel: "You"re not a maid in this hotel. There is no cleaning trolley outside the door. Those sheets are dirty. and you"re the wrong color."
Judy: "I"m sorry. - Uhm, the door was open, and I was just... I-I didn"t mean..."
Angel: "I"ve got nothing here to steal."
Judy: "No. I wasn"t trying to steal from you. Honest. I can explain."
Angel: "Not interested. Just go."
Judy: "Uhm - I can"t."
Angel: "I"ll help you."
Judy: "Uhm - uhm - my-my boyfriend, he"s kind of the jealous type..."
Angel: "Maybe you shouldn"t go wandering into other men"s rooms."
Judy: "Wait, please! He can"t find me."

PI gets up: "Where is she? Look pal, this really isn"t something you want to get involved in."
Angel: "That"s true. Which is why you"re gonna turn around and go away."
PI: "Sorry, I can"t do that, partner. Because I know you"re hiding her in there."

Angel: "I"m not hiding anybody."
PI: "No? - Then why don"t you send her on out here. That way I don"t have to come in there and get her."
Angel: "You"re not coming in here."
PI: "You won"t mind if I just come in and take a look around then."
Angel: "Gee, I guess I do mind,"
"He"s going down."
Judy: "Gosh. I mean that was - Gosh. Listen. I know we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Judy."

Wesley: "The hotel officially closed its doors on December 16th 1979. On that morning the concierge, Roland Meeks, made his morning wake-up calls with a twelve gauge shotgun, room to room. It"s been empty ever since."
Cordy: "According to city records it was declared a protect historical landmark. The Property Management Company that owns it has been trying to unload it for ten years - no buyers."

Wesley: "Mmm, no wonder. Even a cursory inspection of these records indicates a storied legacy of murder of mayhem dating back to the hotel"s construction in "28, when a roofer leapt to his death taking two coworkers with him."

Cordy: Wow. Yeah that"s all really interesting. What are we doing?"
Wesley: "Doing?"
Cordy: "Yes! You did notice that Angel neglected to tell us the, for instance, point of all this."
Wesley: "Ah- well - I mean, clearly he has us compiling incidents - ah, arranging data, organizing information in such a way that yes, I-I did notice that, the no point thing. Frankly I haven"t the slightest idea what to do with all this. We could make a collage - or a mobile."

Cordy: "Wesley! Look who was staying here in "52."
Wesley: "Well. Now we know one thing for certain."
Cordy: "Yup. It"s not that vampires don"t photograph, it"s just that they don"t photograph *well*."
Wesley: "I mean - that Angel had a personal connection to this place."
Cordy: "So, why didn"t he just tell us?"

Wesley: "Perhaps he was ashamed to."
Singer: "Whoop-de-do, whoop-de-do, I hear a polka and my troubles are through..."
"Whoop-de-do, whoop-de-do, this kind of music is like heaven to me, whoop-de-do, whoop-de-do, it"s got me higher than a kite..."
Hand me down my soup and fish, I am gonna to get my wish..."
Salesman: "Yes? Yes, I did. - Yes, I do."
Singer: "...lead me to the floor and hear me yell for more, because I"m a whoop-de-doin" kind of guy..."
Chorus: "Whoop-de-do, whoop-de-do, I hear a polka and my troubles are through..."
Bellhop: "She just started cleaning the rooms on this floor when she found him."
Manager: "Did she touch anything?"

Bellhop: "Consuela? Does she ever?"

Manager: "Oh my goodness. This is the third one in as many months. Why can"t they ever do it in their own homes, for god"s sake?"

Bellhop: "I should have seen it coming. The guy did seem pretty depressed."
Manager: "Oh, really? How could you tell?"

Bellhop: "Kind of cheap, though. The death-wishers usually tip better. Like they know they"re not gonna take it with them anyway? See, if you look at the way this body is laid down - you can tell a lot about..."

Demonic voice: "Three in three months. They"ll shut you down."
Manager: "Yes. They will."
Bellhop: "So, who do you want me to call first - carpet cleaners or the cops?"

Manger: "What?"
Bellhop: "Who do you want me to call first - carpet cleaners or the cops?"

Manager: "Don"t be mad. No one is calling anyone. They"ll shut us down."
Bellhop: "What about him?"
Manager: "What about him? He"s dead."

Bellhop: "Well, we can"t just leave him here."

Manager: "No, of course not. We"ll - ah, - we"ll store him in the meat locker."

Bellhop: "Store him? We"re gonna store him?"

Scriptwriter: "The candle salesman in 215 - shot himself."
Actor: "Really. Suicide?"
Actress: "Right here in this hotel. And I hear they"re not even going to report it."

Actor: "That"s terrible!"
Writer: "What"s so terrible? The guy punched his own ticket, why get outside parties involved?"
Actor: "Are all screenwriters this crass?"

Writer: "Are all actors this naive? - Do you want the cops nosing around here asking questions, or the press?"

Actor: "Well, nothing wrong with discretion, I suppose."
Actress: "That"s always been my moto."
Demonic voice: "Maybe this wasn"t a suicide. Are you sure you"re safe here?"

Judy: "World ends in ten minutes. I saw you over here. I hope you don"t mind. I thought I"d say hello. Hello.
Have you seen the show?
You should. It makes whatever - problems we have seem insignificant in comparison. - I mean, the entire universe explodes."

Angel: Sounds exciting.
Judy: "Well, it"s air-conditioned - and it"s cheaper than going to the pictures. I had to get out of the hotel, after what happened."

Angel: "He come back?"
Judy: "Come back?"
Angel: "Your boyfriend."
Judy: "Oh - no. I-I mean the guy in 215. - You know he killed himself."
Angel: "Yeah, I guess he did."
Judy: "Can you imagine that wallpaper being the *last* thing you see before you go?"

Angel: "Maybe it was the wallpaper that drove him to it."
Judy: "Yeah. I sort of hate it there. - Well, - I-I guess it"s nicer than - some places."

Angel: "It"s a place."
Judy: "Listen, - uh - I know you didn"t want to before, but - you helped me. You did. And - I-I needed to thank you for that."

Angel: "You"re gonna miss the end of the world."
Judy: "Right. I"ll see you around."
Angel: "Yeah."

Wesley's newspaper clipping: "Bellhop arrested for murder."

Wesley: "Frank Gillnitz. He worked as a Bellman the year that Angel was in residence, we put him in "52."
Cordy: "But he wasn"t executed until "54. Shouldn"t we put him there?"
Wesley: "He wasn"t executed until "54, *but* the crime that he committed, the murder of the salesman and the storing of the body in the hotel meat locker *that* occurred in "52."

Cordy: "It"s kind of like a puzzle. The "who died horribly because Angel screwed up 50 years ago" game?"

Guy from the sofa: "So, we"re sitting there having a drink, and the guy says to me "do they serve peanuts at this bar.""
Actor: "So?"
Actress: "So, the guy is supposedly suicidal and he"s thinking about peanuts?"
Actor: "Maybe he"s craving something salty."

Writer: "This wasn"t a suicide."
Actor: "I thought they found him with the gun still in his hand and the door locked."

Writer: "Exactly!"
Actress: "It"s *too* perfect."
Writer: "Locked door mystery. I"ve written it a hundred times."
Judy: "Hey. Can you come in here for a second? Did you hear?"
Angel: "Hear what?"
Judy: "The guy in 215 - it wasn"t a suicide. He was murdered."
Angel: "I don"t think so."
Judy: "No, it"s true. Which means there is going to be *police* - and-and questions, and-and I thought that you"d want to know, in case, maybe: I"m not implying that *you"ve* got something to hide but..."
Angel: "Everyone here"s got something to hide."
Judy: "Yeah. I just figured that I owed you a heads up, on account of what you did for me before. So..."
Angel: "Thanks."
Judy: "I guess if we left now it would look, I don"t know, bad, huh?"

Angel: "That all depends. This have anything to do with that *PI* I tossed out of here?"

Judy: "You knew he wasn"t my boyfriend."
Angel: "I had a hunch."
Judy: "I"m pretty sure he works for my former employers, the City Trust Bank of Salina, Kansas. I was a teller there. I think maybe they want this back."

I haven"t spent any of it. Not a dime. I-I can"t even bring myself to touch it."

Angel: "Why take it?"
Judy: "I don"t know. I was angry - and I-I guess I panicked. I mean, things were going so well! I-I loved this job, and I loved this guy. - We were going to get married, and they found out about me at the bank, and so they fired me.
And then Peter found out why and he broke it off and I just couldn"t go back to where I came from. I just couldn"t. So I took this and I-I just ran. Aren"t gonna ask me why they fired me?"

Angel: "Why"d they fire you?"
Judy: "Because I"m not what I say I am. I"ve been passing since I was 15 years old."
Angel: "Passing?"
Judy: "For white. My mother was colored, my father - I didn"t even know him! My blood isn"t pure. - It"s tainted."
Angel: "It"s just blood - Judy. - It-it"s all just blood."
Judy: "Nobody believes that! Not even my *mother"s family*. I"m not one thing or the other. I"m nothing."
Angel: "I know what that"s like."
Judy: "Yes. Yes, I am. - I *am* something. I"m a thief! I"ve never stolen anything before in my life. I swear it. It"s just - god, the things that they called me."
Angel: "Fear makes people do stupid things."

Judy: "It was stupid. And I wish I"d never done it."
Angel: "I didn"t mean you. I meant your former employers. They were afraid. That"s why they fired you."
Judy: "What am I going to do? I"m trapped!"
Angel: "You"re not trapped."
Judy: "I am! Look, if I leave now it"ll look too suspicious, but if I stay here and the cops find this..."

Angel: "They"re not gonna find it. Cause I"m gonna help you."
Cordy: "So where do we put her?"
Wesley: "When did she die?"
Cordy: "Uhm, it doesn"t say. Just that she was being tracked by federal authorities for bank robbery, she checked into the Hyperion in "52 and was never heard form again."

Wesley: ""52?"
Cordy: ""52."
news clipping: "Search Called Off - Fugitive Woman Believed Dead"
Judy: "I guess I"ll be okay down here. It"s only for a few days.
Just until the cops are gone."
Angel: "Judy, there are no cops."
Judy: "Well, not yet. Oh god, - I can"t go to prison. It"s just - I can"t.
Just the thought of being confined, trapped. It would be like death. No. No. It would be something worse than death. It"d be it"d be - like - like being buried alive!"

Angel: "I want you to go back to your room and stay there. There is something in this hotel - something that"s making people crazy."

Judy: "Hey, do you think that if -if somehow - the money ended up on the banks doorstep, and they saw that I didn"t spend any of it, you think they"d call off that detective? Maybe I could be free of this whole thing."

Angel: "Maybe."
Judy: "I mean, there is such a thing as forgiveness, right?"
Wesley: "I can sense it. There is a pattern here. - Some force was residing at the Hyperion over the last decades, affecting staff and residents. - I just fear there is no real way to..."

Cordy: "A Thesulac paranoia demon. Whispers to its victims, feeds on their innate insecurities. Angel wants to talk to you."

Wesley: "Hello?"
Angel: "A Thesulac demon claimed this place even before they started building it.
I thought if I had you trace the events we could track it and find out where it went, but it"s still here. Alright, I want you and Cordy down here asap. And page Gunn, we"re gonna need all the muscle we can get when we raise this thing."

Wesley: "Raise it?"
Angel: "We have to force it to become corporeal in order to kill it."
Wesley: "Right. Thesulac. You"ll want me to research the raising ritual."

Angel: "Already done it."
Denver: "They keep calling her a zany redhead. Could be a brunette for all *I* can tell. I guess I"ll just have to take their word for it."

Angel: "You Denver?"
Denver: "No other cat but me. What can I do you for?"
Angel: "I need information on demons."
Denver: "Do you now, daddy?"
Angel: "Everything you got on possessing entities, demonic suggestions, exorcisms, cleansing rituals."
Denver: "Try this one."
That"s right. Run coward of the night! And tell your buddies I"m thinking very seriously about putting down my bedroll right here, so you bastards can"t just walk in here uninvited! You got any idea who you"re dealing with?"

Angel: "I know you got a reputation, that"s why I"m here.
Now, it's been a long time since I"ve opened a vein, but I"ll do it you pull any more of this van Helsing jr. crap with me. Are we clear? I want the books in the back."

Manager: "What took you so long?"
Bellhop: "He wouldn"t fit."
Manager: "What?! What did you do with him?"
Bellhop: "Well, he"s in there. I just had to sorta, what you call, make him fit. No chance I"d get in trouble for that, is there?"

Manager: "Don"t be paranoid."
Writer: "You had more reason to murder him than anyone else here."
Actor: "What? I didn"t even know the man!"
Writer: "That"s what you say, but maybe he saw you with one of your little trysts! Maybe he threatened to tell the studio. Expose perhaps your little peccadilloes to the press?"

Actor: "Don"t you dare use alliteration with me, you hack! You"re just mad because the studio won"t take your phone call, comrade!"

Writer: "Pansy!"
Actor: "Red!"
Manager: "What seems to be the trouble?"
Actress: "There is a murderer in this hotel."
Old guy: "And we"re gonna find out who."

Demonic voice: "They know about you. They"ll turn you in. You"ll go to prison. How long do you think someone like you would last in prison?"
Denver: "So you were what, about my age when you where made?"
Angel: "I don"t know. How old are you?"
Denver: "Just north of thirty."
Angel: "No! - This Thesulac demon, how do I kill it?"
Denver: "You don"t. You run away from it."
Angel: "There"s got to be a way to kill it."
Denver: "Well, - first you got to make it fat - corporeal. But that only happens after it"s had a nice big feed - or if you raise it, but *that"s* tricky and dangerous."

Angel: "How?"
Denver: "The incantation"s there in the book, but you"re gonna need an orb of Ramjarin. Now I have one I can let you have for cheap."

Angel: "For free."
Denver: "For free. Uh, you"ll also need sacred herbs - divining powder and - something really big to hit it with."

Angel: "And that"ll kill it?"
Denver: "Well, it might. Wouldn"t hurt to have a lightning strike, you know, finger of heaven kind of thing. But short of that I"d go with something big and heavy."
Angel: Pack it up."
Denver: "A vampire wanting to slay a demon in order to help some grubby humans? I just don"t get it."
Angel: "To be honest, I"m not sure I do either."

Manager: "Right! You once asked me where you could purchase a gun."

Actress: "That was for protection."
Actor: "Protection perhaps from a salesman who was ready to turn you in for solicitation?"
Bellhop: "He shot himself, remember?"
Manager: "Did he? Where you there?"

Bellhop: "It was Consuela! She"s the one that found him!"
Old man: "Yeah, she could have found him and then shot him."
Voice: "Hey!"
PI: "The name"s C. Mulvihill, P.I."

Writer: "He looks suspicious."
PI: "I"m looking for this woman."
Angel: "Lets do this."
Wesley: "We call thee forth, Thesulac of the netherworld, we command you, leave our minds and join us on this, the physical plane."

Orb of Ramjerin."
Gunn: "Orb of Ramjerin please, makes it happen."
Wesley: "Please! And do be careful. Ancient conjuring orbs are notoriously fragile."

Wesley: "Angel!"
Angel: "Guys, don"t listen to it, alright? What ever it"s whispering to you, just ignore it."

Cordy: "They were like this - all the way over here in the car."
Angel: "Oh."
Wesley: "We invoke the by the power of the orb of priests of Ramjerin. What was once in our thoughts, be now in our midst."
Old man: "What gives you the right to hide out up here?"
Judy "Please stop it, you"re hurting me."

Actress: "We"re gonna do more than that if you don"t start telling us everything."
Actor: "We know about you, missy."
Manager: "The name you registered under is a fake! We have proof!"

Actress: "Who knows what else she"s lied about, the little slut!"
Judy: "I didn"t mean anything, please, I"m sorry!"
Old man: "Now you"re sorry! I thought you didn"t have anything to be sorry for!"
Actress: "Stop lying!"
Manager: "Come on!"
Judy: "It wasn"t me! It wasn"t me! It was him! Look in his room! Go ahead, look! He"s got blood! He"s a monster!"

PI: "What kind of maniac are you?"
Manager: "Get him over there!"
Bellhop: "Ha-ha, we got you now! Come on! String him up! String him up!"

Good. Push him. Come on! Push him out! Push him out!"
"Yeah! Swing, you freak! Yea, that"s right, you had that coming, ha ha ha!"
Manager: "Oh, my lord. What have we done?"
Bellhop: "What? What"s wrong?! - I don"t get it. Come on! Where is everybody going? Come on! It"s just a - what do you call...

Thesulac: Well, I don"t know about you but I"m stuffed! God I love people! - Don't" you? they feed me their worst and I kind of serve it right back to them, and the fear and prejudice turns to certainty and hate, and I take another bite and mmm-mmm-mmm!
What a beautiful, beautiful dance! Oh, you got your feelings hurt, didn"t you? See now what happens when you stick your neck out for them? They throw a rope around it!

And you thought you"d made a friend. News flash! You *had*! That"s what made her the *yummiest* morsel of all. You reached her, buddy!
Restored her faith in people. Without you she would have been just another appetizer. But you plumped her up good! Now, she"s a meal that"s gonna last me a lifetime!
Hey, you know what? There is an entire hotel here just full of tortured souls that could really use your help. - What do you say?"

Angel: "Take them all."
"Watch his tentacles."
Cordy: "Excuse me?"
Wesley: "Tentacles!"
Cordy: "Oh."
Thesulac : "I don"t remember ordering take-out, but I like what you brung me.
Not as delectable as the last one perhaps but full of tasty paranoia just the same. especially *that* one!"

Wesley: "What did he mean by that?"
Angel: "You had your last meal here a long time ago. You should have gotten out when you had the chance."
Thesulac: "Got out? Now, why would I wanna do that? When the room service in this hotel is *still* excellent. Has been for 50 years. Paranoia here - is like fine wine."
Angel: "It gets better with age. You"re still feeding. Gunn!"
The kitchen is closed."
Wesley: "What did he mean, especially *that* one?"
Angel: "Judy."
Judy: "I don"t hear them anymore. - Are they gone?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Judy: "It"s you."
Angel: "Yeah, Judy. It"s me."
Judy: "You look the same."
Angel: "I"m not."
Judy: "They killed you - because of *me*. I killed you."
Angel: "No. No. No."
Judy: "He kept them from the door. He told me I"d be safe. - Am I safe?"

Angel: "You"re safe."
Judy: "Can I go out now?"
Angel: "Yeah. You can go out."
Angel: "Let me help you."
Judy: "I just - I need to take a little rest first. Just a little rest."

Angel: "Easy."
Judy: "I"m so sorry I killed you. Can you forgive me?"
Angel: "Of course."
Judy: "I"m just going to rest. Just for a minute - and then - I"m going to go out."
Wesley: "I"ve been accused of a great many things in my time, but *paranoid* has never been one of them."
"Unless people been saying it behind my back."
Gunn: "You all right, man?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Cordy: "We finished?"
Angel: "I think so."
Cordy: Good. Because I for one will be *glad* to see the last of this place. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.
Gunn: "No lie. Plus it kind of got an odor to it. You notice that?"
Cordy: "70 years of violence, mayhem and paranoia - bad vibes."
Angel: "We"re moving in."
Cordy: "I mean, a few throw pillows what"s not to love?"

Wesley: "Angel, surely you more than anyone must appreciate, how for the better part of the last century this place has been host not only to a malevolent demonic presence, but the very worst faces of humanity! - This is a house of evil."

Angel: "Not anymore."
Wesley: "Angel - you don"t - find me - especially paranoid, do you?"
Angel: "Not especially."
Wesley: "Oh, thank god! - I was worried."

The end
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