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Wesley: "Cordelia?"
Gunn: "No way!"
Angel: "You"re - safe."
Cordy: "Little bit. They made me their ruler."

Wesley: "But this is fantastic!"
Cordy: "Well, it"s not like my throne couldn"t use a few extra cushions, but I"m really not gonna complain because - well: throne?"

Wesley: "You could order them to release us!"

Cordy: "Yes. I really could."
Narwek: "Shall we gut the cows now that you might dine on their ignoble flesh, oh most high?"
Cordy: "You"re most high if you think that"s gonna happen. Besides, shouldn"t there be some extended groveling first?"

Angel: "Cordelia?"
Cordy: "Okay. - Off with their heads!"
"Just kidding."


Narwek: "Your Majesty, I must protest. To allow dangerous criminals to roam free in your presence?"

Cordy: "You"re gonna make me use my "important voice" aren"t you?
Leave us!"
Wes: "Oh, thank god!"
Gunn: "Yes! Food!"
Lorne: "I thought we"d never see food again!"

Angel: "What happened?"
Cordy: "What"s it look like? They jabbed me with hot pokers for a while and then made me a princess."
Wesley: "It doesn"t make sense, does it? I mean, in a world where humans are slaves and chattel - why would they elevate one to monarch?"
Lorne: "You had a vision, didn"t you, pudding?"
Cordy: "Uhm, yeah. And can I just say - visions? Not getting any easier. I mean, I"m still kind of vibrating - though *that* could be from the hot pokers."

Lorne: "See there? She had a vision. That explains it."
Gunn: "It does?"
Lorne: "Well, see there is this prophecy."

Angel: "A prophecy? Great. Because those always go well."
Lorne: "Well the priests that have been running this mess for the last several millennia, the Covenant of Trombli - humorless bunch. Anyway, they teach of a coming messiah."
"The cursed one. A being with the pure sight, who one day will claim the throne and restore the monarchy."
Wesley: "When you say "pure sight"..."

Lorne: "I mean a direct link to the powers that be. I mean her!"

Gunn: "She"s the messiah?"
Cordy: "It could happen."
Wesley: "It *has* happened. At least that"s what these Trombli believe. And so long as they do, we might actually stand a chance of surviving this place long enough to find our way out."

Cordy: "How did you get in?"
Gunn: "The same way you did: opened a portal with the book."
Wesley: "We, ah, seem to have misplaced it though."
Cordy: "The portal or the book?"
Gunn: "Both."
Cordy: "I don"t know about portals, but they"ve got books here. Those trombonal guys? They used some when they swore me in."

Wesley: "I"ve got to see those."
Cordy: "In kind of in a hurry to get back to the "Cordelia is not a princess" dimension, aren"t you?"
Gunn: "Okay, but say we *do* find the instructions, don"t we still need one of those inter dimensional hotspots?"

Wesley: "Yes, that"s true. - Angel."
Cordy: "He"s reflecting!"
Wesley: "Yes the metaphysical laws which govern our world don"t seem to apply here."

Gunn: "He can walk in the sun, too."
Angel: "Okay - this is because of going through the portal, right?"
Cordy: "No. It always looks like that."
Wesley: "Angel, while we search for the proper incantation, it might save time if you go with the host. Hit the streets, see if you can document any - portal activity."

Angel: "I don"t get it."
Wesley: "Well, the host knows this world, we need to ascertain if..."
Angel: "No, I mean why didn"t anybody tell me about this? Look it"s..."
Cordy: "Uh. You look good."
Angel: "You"re not just saying that, are you?"

Wesley: "Angel, please! Go with the host. Track down his cousin Landok. Speak to his family and find out..."
Lorne: "Whoa, whoa, back up, back up. You want me to talk to my family? On purpose?!!"

Wesley: "Well, it"s that - or face the possibility of *never* returning to our own dimension again."
Lorne: "Come on, gorgeous, you can stare at yourself in my grandmother"s glass eye. Oh, and while we"re here it"s just Lorne, okay? To the people of Pylea a host is just one more thing to lay your eggs in."

Angel: "Yeah, yeah, fine. Hey, can we get my coat?"
Wesley: "The books Cordelia, can you get us access?"
Cordy: "Am I not the princess?"
Barshon: "To allow her to wear the crown is a sacrilege!"
Silas: "She is cursed. She has the sight. We all agree."
Barshon: "Not all. - Why would the powers choose as their vessel this craven beast?"

Silas: "It doesn"t matter why. She is our sovereign now and no harm must come to her. At least not until after the Com-shuk. If the princess survives the Com-shuk, *then* you may have her head, Barshon. But not before."

Lorne: "Boy. I"d give my left horn to not have to do this."
"Guess who"s back."
Bearded demon: "Krevlorneswath? - Can it be true? I"ve often prayed that I might look again upon your face."

Lorne: "Well, you"re in luck then."
Bearded demon: "You have shamed our clan and betrayed your kind."
Lorne: "Thanks, mom."
Angel: "mom?"
Mom: "Each morning before I feed I go out into the hills where the ground is thorny and parched, beat my breast and curse the loins that gave birth to such a cretinous boy-child!"

Lorne: "My mother."
Mom: "Your father was right. We ate the wrong son."
Lorne: "Well, enough of this sentimental reminiscing. Just a couple of quick questions, then I"ll skedaddle. You remember back around five years ago when I first disappeared - did you notice anything - odd?"

Mom: "We noticed feasting and celebrations. Your brother Numfar did the dance of joy for three moons. Numfar! Do the dance of joy."

Lorne: "Actually what I meant was more along the lines of a strange flashing, kind of a weird pulsating... You remember when I said we didn"t have music in my world? Wish I could say the same about the dancing. lights. Really you couldn"t have missed it. Big, bendy, swirly..."

Mom: "No longer do the dance of joy, Numfar!"
Lorne: "Nothing like that at all then."
Mom: "Now take your cow and get off my lawn!"
Landok: "That is no cow."
"My friend! It is good to see you again. I would have perished in your strange world were it not for your bravery."
Mom: "You know Krevlorneswath"s cow?"
Landok: "He"s Angel! The brave and noble drokken killer."
Angel: "Just Angel is really..."

Landok: "He is as valiant and courageous a warrior as I have ever known."
Mom: "Then he shall be welcome in our home and we shall will him. Numfar! Do the dance of honor."
Lorne: "Landok, hi. Say, the drokken killer and I have a few itty-bitty portal queries and then we"ll..."

Angel: Guys:
Landok: "We shall adorn my gallant friend in raiments befitting a warrior, that our neighbors may know of his valor."

Angel: "Uh, guys - no wire hanger because that"s leather!"

Oh. Guys, hey, - all this isn"t really... Nice! He-hey!"
Landok: "Come! You will be our guest of honor at the village feast. There you will tell the tale of your bravery and courage against the vicious drokken."

Angel: "Hey, now, about the hair - do you think that..."
Lorne: "Why, it"s the homecoming I always dreamed of."
Gunn: "You actually read this stuff?"

Wesley: "Hmm. It resembles certain demonic languages with which I"m - familiar, but - whole passages appear to be missing."
"Fascinating. A hart."
Cordy: "It"s not a heart, it"s a bambi. And we expect him to read this teeny tiny print?"

Wesley: "No not h-e-a-r-t, h-a-r-t. A male red deer or staggard. Often associated with rural mysticism."
Gunn: "Yeah, they all got animals on them. Probably just a bunch of demon bedtime stories."
Wesley: "Of course! The holy books are written in Trionic."
Cordy: "What?"
Wesley: "No one volume is complete without the other two. - Uhm. I-It"s really one book broken up into three pieces."
Cordy: "Like a trilogy."
Wesley: "No. No. Much more complex than that. See this passage here, it continues in this volume here then concludes in this one. The rhythm of the sentence structure - lets one know when to jump from book, to book, to book."

Gunn: "Anything about the portals?"
Wesley: "Impossible to say. It will take me some time to decipher them I"m afraid."

Cordy: "Starting to bore the princess."
Wesley: "Though I do seem to be finding references to the cursed one."
Cordy: "Really? There is stuff about messiah me?"
Wesley: "Com-shuk."
Cordy: "Huh?"
Wesley: "Contextually a - a verb."
Cordy: "Something I"m going to do?"
Wesley: "With a "groosalug""
Cordy: "What does that mean?"
Wesley: "I have no idea."
Gunn: "Sounds dirty if you ask me."

Cordy: "Nobody did."
Gunn: "Look. Why don"t we just get somebody who knows this stuff to tell us what it means?"

Cordy: "Like who?"
Gunn: "Like one of them priests the host was talking about. These books belong to them, right?"

Cordy: "Well, yeah."
Gunn: "Look, you"re the one going on and on about how you"re the princess. Can"t you just make them translate "em for us?"

Cordy: "I guess I could. Yeah. Why not? Princess, not really taking a vote, is she?"
Cordy: "I"ll make a decree."
Gunn: "Wolf - ram..."
Wesley: "And hart. - I"m not sure the priests can be trusted."

Angel: "...and the scroll is just tipping from his fingertips, and his eyes lighting with fierce determination, and then whack! I chopped off the evil lawyer-beast"s hand and he screamed and he screamed and then I left."
Lorne: "Well, you"re just a regular Hans Christian Tarantino, aren"t you?"
"We should probably be getting back to the palace."
Angel: "I really hate to disappoint the kids. They seem to be enjoying this."

Lorne: "Nice to be seen as a hero without all the pesky moral ambiguities you get back home, isn"t it?"

Angel: "Yeah. - Maybe it is a little."
Lorne: "They see you a certain way. You start to see yourself that way. You become that image. I get it. I do. Because I know how they see me! Can we go?"

Landok: "Angel. You must again tell the tale of the sorcerer who could remove his limbs and reassemble at will!"

Lorne: "Right! Right. Because that"s a good one."
Landok: "Ah! It is time for the Bach-nal. Angel, you shall swing the Crebbil!"
Angel: "Yeah? Okay."
Lorne: "The Crebbil? The creb... Angel, Angel!"
Wesley: "Cordelia, you must listen to me!"
Cordy: "No, Wesley, I think I"ve heard enough. You want me to go back to where we"d be slaves? Sorry, don"t see the upside to that."

Wesley: "Cordelia, there are forces at work here. You don"t know who these priests are. Or what it is they serve!"
Cordy: "Look, you wanna go, go! But I have to stay here and - be a princess."

Wesley: "And com-shuk with a groosalug?"
Cordy: "Better than shoveling demon horse poo!"
Silas: "Majesty. - Is everything alright?"
Cordy: yes
Wesley: no.
Gunn: "Yo, priesty, what"s the four-one-one on this groosalug? What"s that about?"
Silas: "Have you had a vision, Majesty?"

Wesley: "Yes. - Yes, she has had a vision. So... you may as well be candid with her. Or she"ll know."
Gunn: "No lying to the messiah now!"
Silas: "Clearly her majesty has seen the groosalug because it has been summoned from the scum pits of Ur..."
Cordy: "Scum pits?"
Silas: "...and will arrive before night fall."
Cordy: "So that"s the really close scum pits then."
Silas: "Everyone is very anxious for her majesty to com-shuk with the groosalug."
Cordy: "Of course! Why wouldn"t they be? Now these two? They didn"t even know what the com-shuk was. - You tell them!"

Silas: "The com-shuk is a mating ritual."
Gunn: "I told you it was dirty."
Cordy: "Yes. Exactly. The mating ritual - which is - great? It"s been a really long times since I"ve had - a good com-shuk.
So, uhm, I"m just gonna run out for a minute - because I wanted to - ah, get it a gift! And you know, groosalugs, hard to buy for. So, ah, - I should hurry."

Silas: "I"m must insist you do not leave the palace, majesty. The rebels are about. There are rumblings."
Cordy : "Rebel rumblings."
Silas: "We doubled the palace guard."
Cordy: "Doubled, huh? Uh-huh. - But you will tell me when the groosalug gets here?"
Silas: "Yes of course, your majesty."
Cordy: "Okay then. Well. Uh, you can go now."
Silas: "Thank you, your majesty."
Cordy: "Let"s get the hell out of here."
shouts: "bring the crebbil!"
Lorne: "Angel! Angel."
Landok: "Strike quickly and true, Angel, then we can eat."
Angel: "You expect me to..."
Mom: "Sever the cow"s head from its body!"
Fred: "Make it quick. Make it quick."

Landok: "It is a great honor to swing the crebbil at the bach-nal."
Voice: "What is he doing?"
Angel: "You want me to kill her?"
Mom: "The cow is a runaway. A scavenger, that sneaks down from the hills and plunders our food stores."
Angel: "She was probably hungry."
Landok: "Will you not swing the crebbil?"
Angel: "Only if you force me to."
Lorne: "Here we go."
Angel: "Okay. We"re gonna back up nice and slow and these nice folk are..."

Mom: "Stop them!"
Angel: "...are gonna kill us!"
Lorne: "Stop!"
...in the name of love - before you break my heart..."
Landok: "What strange sorcery is this?"
Mom: "It burns! It burns!"
Angel: "Come on!"
Lorne: "...think it o... Shi..!"
Wesley: "Hurry up."
Cordy: "If you ever find a way to get us out of here, I want you to find me a dimension where some demons *doesn"t* want to impregnate me with its spawn!
Is that just too much to ask? What is it about me anyway?
Do I put out some kind of come "shuk" me vibe? I mean, you"d tell me, right?"

"Okay. Smells like I"ll be mating with the groosalug."
Wesley: "You can do this, Cordelia. The sewage empties out beyond the castle. It"s our only sure bet. Just - hold your breath."

Cordy: "Why can"t we use the front door?"

Gunn: "You really think you"d be able to get your booty out the front door?"

Cordy: "Hey!"
Gunn: "That booty."
Cordy: "Oh. I just wanted a little something to remember my reign by.
Is that so wrong?"
Gunn: "Ooh - god."
Wesley: "Come on."
Cordy: "You first."
Silas: "We"ve been looking for you, your majesty."
"Someone must speak to the servants about leaving that door open."

Cordy: "Uh. Yeah. It"s kind of whiffy in there. Oh. Ah. I just thought I would have this stuff - appraised!"
Silas: "Your majesty, the groosalug approaches."
Cordy: "Oh. - Good."
Wesley: "She didn"t make it."
Gunn: "Now what?"
Wesley: "We find Angel."
Angel: "I don"t think they followed us. We should probably stay on foot. In case they try to track us down. Come on."

"You okay?"
Fred: "Handsome man - saved me from the monsters."
Angel: "Hey. Wait a minute."
"Hey, great place."
"You don"t have to be afraid of me. Really. I-I"d never..."
:hurt you?"
"So, ah... So, you don"t wanna talk to me?"

Fred: "I can"t, huh?"
Angel: "Why won"t you?"
Fred: "Because - you"re not real. - Or I"m not real. *Somebody* here isn"t real and I suspect it"s you. So if you"re not real, that means that my head came off back there and that I"m dead now. Dead. And with me being dead and you not being real I can hardly be expected to have some big conversation with you at the moment, because it"s just a little too much pressure, alright?!"

Angel: "Okay. Okay."
"What"s that you"re doing?"
Fred: "Uhm, I think I saw it in a dream."
Angel: "You"ve been here a long time."
Fred: "Always. - Not always."
Fred: "I had a dream. I had a name."
Angel: "Winifred."
"You"re the girl from Cordy"s vision!"
Fred: "What?"
Angel: "They called you Fred. You were studying to be a physicist."
Fred: "That"s my dream."
Angel: "You disappeared from a library in Los Angeles five years ago."
Fred: "Stop it."
Angel: "It"s not a dream, Fred."
Fred: "It"s not?"
Angel: "No."
Fred: "And my head"s still on?"
Angel: "Yeah."
Fred: "You"re real?"
"No. No, I don"t want you to be real."

Angel: "Why?"
Fred: "Because! You"re nice, and you saved me. And bad things will happen to you here. Bad things always happen here."

Angel: "No, no, no. Nothing bad"s gonna happen. I-It"s gonna be okay. We-we can take you out of here."
Fred: "We?"
Angel: "Yeah. Me and my friends. We-we"re working on a way to get out of here. We can take you back."
Fred: "Can"t get back. There is no back."

Angel: "No, there is. If we can open the portal...."
Fred: "The portal! She fell through the portal!"

Angel: "Who did?"
Fred: "That other girl. I couldn"t save her. I was arrested. They got her. She"s a slave. She"ll die!"
Angel: "Oh. Cordy. No, she"s fine. They made her a princess."
Fred: "They... Really? - Oh. When I got here they... They didn"t do that. - Well. That"s nice for her."
Cordy: "You"re sure this is a good first date look? I don"t want to seem too easy. I was thinking something more in a nice tailored suit - of armor. - So, so I figured we"d start slow.
A few dinners, some light conversation, nothing too heavy and *then* in three or four years, if we still feel like we"re hitting it off okay, we"ll ah..."

Silas: "Your majesty."
Cordy: "Yeah."
Silas: "The groosalug."
Cordy: "Say, don"t you think it would add an air of feminine mystery if I were to, you know, not be here?"

"Kill me now."
Groo: "Just put those anywhere."
Cordy: "Oh."
Fred: "I"ve never been to the palace before. I"ve seen it up there, on that hill, watching me."

Angel: "We just gotta find my friends."

"Get down."
Angel: "Look, you may see something that might frighten you, but I"m your friend, okay?"

Fred: "Bad things always happen here."

Groo: "An animal. A-a beast! To my people I was nothing more than this."
Cordy: "Why?"
Groo: "Can you not see why?"
Cordy: "Not exactly. You seem pretty good to me."
Groo: "You are truly beneficent. Such - compassion - to ignore the flaws of my - polluted birth."

Cordy: "Well... huh?"
Groo: "Why the odd curve of my mouth: the odd - bulging of my limbs: the heart beating in the wrong place."
"As I matured these - defects became more apparent. The Covenant soon determined there could be no mistake. There was *cow"s* blood in my veins."
Cordy: "So? Heck, I"m all cow! Err, human."

Groo: "No, no! You - you are *beyond* cow or good. You - you are the transcendent one."
Cordy: "I am?"
Groo: "You"ve been cursed by the powers."
Cordy: "Tell me about it!"
Groo: "For my people to be part cow is to be less than whole. There was nothing I could do to prove my worth.
I was - incapable even of performing husbandly duties with any of the females of my tribe."

Cordy: "You mean you are..."
Groo: "Anatomically equipped to mate only with a human."
Cordy: "Good to know."
Groo: "I was cast from my village. Cut off from my liver givers. Forced to make my way on my own."
Cordy: "My parents were busted for tax fraud and my trust fund dried up over night."

Groo: "I - sought to end my suffering."

Cordy: "Get out!"
"Ah, no. Wait!"
"He can stay."
"Go on. You sought to end your suffering."

Groo: "I-I *foolishly* entered every contest of skill and daring that I could in an attempt to snuff out my pathetic life. - But even at *this* - I failed."
Cordy: "You did?"
Groo: "I *won* - every match. I - *vanquished* every flame beast. I *defeated* every drokken. It seemed nothing could stop me.
The Covenant had no choice but to bestow upon me the name groosalug. The brave - undefeated."

Cordy: "Wow."
Narwek: "Majesty."
Cordy: "What?"
Narwek: "There has been a disruption at the bach-nal. The prisoner is ready for your swift and cruel punishment."
Cordy: "Handle it, will you? I"m in the middle of something."
Narwek: "Execute the prisoner."
Cordy: "Wait! -Hang on!"
"Pardon him. I-I pardon him. Pardon him. Ah, release him. Now! Oh, baby, are you okay?"

Lorne: "Not as good as you obviously. - Should I call them back? You could borrow the cuffs."
Cordy: "Listen, I"ll get right back with you. You"re pardoned, absolved, shoo!"
Lorne: "Uh, what about... Where is Wesley and Gunn?"
Cordy: "Oh, I"m sure they"re fine."

Gunn: "We"re lost."
Wesley: "Nonsense. I"ve been following the sun. We"re headed due west, back toward the village."
Gunn: "Which one?"
Wesley: "Which village?"
Gunn: "Which sun? There"re two of them. Alternate dimension? We"re lost."

Gunn: "You"re having a Blair witch moment?"

Wesley: "Something"s hunting us."
Gunn: "Palace guards?"
Wesley: "I don"t know."
Gunn: "What the hell is it?"
"Come on! Come on!"
Wesley: "It"s Angel!"
"Angel! Can you hear me? Angel! Angel?"
"Oh, you"re hurt."
Gunn: "What the hell just happened?"
Wesley: "That strange wild girl saved us - from Angel."
Gunn: "Something very freaky is going on here."
Wesley: "I have a suspicion I may know what. Angel"s vampire-self - has been sublimated somehow - by this dimension."

"It"s okay."
"Only his human side as surfaced since we"ve been here..."
Gunn: "You mean being able to walk around in the sun - seeing his reflection, like that?"
Wesley: "Yes. And now, for whatever reason he"s accessed his demon, but he can"t find the balance he normally would in our world. His demon-self has totally overcome his human side."

Gunn: "So that"s what the thing inside of him really looks like?"
Wesley: "In its purest form."
Gunn: "That"s nasty."
Wesley: "Can you walk?"
Gunn: "Yeah."
Wesley: "We"ve got to help him."
"You alright?"
Gunn: "Yeah."
"Oh, good. More fun."
Groo: "And that, my princess, is my story in full. When the Covenant summoned me I was vanquishing the Mogfan beast that bedevils the scum pits of Ur."
Cordy: "Uh, that"s a great story. And you are a great groosalug. But - I"m not your princess. - The truth is, I"m not anybody"s princess."

Groo: "Have you not the curse?"
Cordy: "The visions? Oh, yeah, I"ve got visions coming out of my ears, sometimes a little blood, too, but - that doesn"t make me a princess. That just makes me - kind of weird."

Groo: "I do not understand."
Cordy: "Where I come from, who I really am - is so far from being a princess, you have no idea. I"m an actress."

Groo: "I do not know this word."
Cordy: "Actress? It means - when I"m finally lucky enough to get the gig, other people tell me what to do, where to stand, how to move, what to say..."

Groo: "You are the concubine of your village."
Cordy: "Felt like one sometimes. Last job I had you should have seen the horrible thing they made me wear! It was this tiny, skimpy, exploitative... Uh, nothing like this!"

Groo: "Have they no eyes in this village?"

Cordy: "What do you mean?"
Groo: "Can they not just look upon you and *see* that you are a princess?"
Cordy: "I"m not."
Groo: "No. Pardon my impudence, majesty, but you are wrong. The Covenant has declared it so."
Cordy: "It doesn"t matter what they say."
Groo: "Then *you* declare it so. You declare it with your bearing and your beauty - and the mercy that I have seen you bestow upon one of your subjects this very day."

Cordy: "He was a friend of mine."
Groo: "Then if you treat all of your subjects this way, you will do much good."

Cordy: "It"s a beautiful dream. Really it is. But - it"s not real."
Groo: "Why not?"
Silas: "Parchment! She"s asked for parchment."
Priest: "Some strange cow mating ritual?"

Silas: "No. She wants to make proclamations."
Priest: "Proclamations?"
Silas: "She"s decided she can do some good."

Priest: "Then the com-shuk has not yet taken place."
Silas: "I think it"s time to send our princess a message."
Rebel: "I know how we send a message to the princess. - We storm the palace."

Leader: "That"d be suicide. Our entire number would be wiped out in minutes."
Rebel: "Yeah, but it"d be a message."
Wesley: "Excuse me. I couldn"t help overhearing."
Gunn: "Wesley!"
Wesley: "It"s all right Gunn, I believe we can help these brave men."
Leader: "Shut up, reconnaissance-cow-scum."
Wesley: "Now see here, I"ve told you already. We"re *not* reconnaissance cows."
Rebel: "We tracked you coming from the palace. Don"t lie."
Wesley: "I"m not lying. And if it"s a message you want sent to the princess, then I *know* we can help."
Gunn: "Shut up, Wesley."
Leader: "How?"
Wesley: "Well, we just happen to be close personal friends with the princess."
Rebel: "They know the princess."
Leader: "Close personal friends, huh?"
Wesley: "I can prove it. In my wallet... uh, ah, the leather holder in the back of my leg coverings."
"That"s it."
Leader: "It"s true. They know the princess."
Wesley: "Now, if your organization would just draw up some sort of list of demands we would be more than happy to present it directly to her majesty."
Leader: "Lets do it. Have Sasha write up a list of demands."
Wesley: "There, you see?"
Leader: "Shove the list in their mouths, put their severed heads on sticks and display them outside the princess" window."
Gunn: "Have I mentioned just how glad I am I decided to leave my people behind in LA so I could come here to die?"
Fred: "Are you feeling any better?"
"It"s okay. You don"t have to talk. I"m used to it."
Angel: "They, they saw it. They, they looked right at it. They saw it..."
Fred: "Saw what?"
Angel: "The monster... They-they saw what I really am. - I can"t go back. Not now. I can never go back. No..."
Fred: "It"s okay. You - you could stay here."

Cordy: "And this one will free the slaves and outlaw polyester. I know it hasn"t actually been invented here yet, but I"m a forward thinking monarch."
"We didn"t order anything."
Silas: "Get out cow."
Cordy: "Hey. You can"t call him that. He is groosalug, the brave and undefeated."

Silas: "He is that only because I say he is."

Cordy: "Groo! Where are you... Huh, he just left."
Silas: "He understands the way of things."
Cordy: "Yeah? Well, the way of things is going to change around here."
Silas: "Is that right?"
Cordy: "Way!"
"I"ve got - proclamations!"
Silas: "Foolish girl."
Cordy: "Hey! Who"s wearing the tiara around here, pal?!"
Silas: "The Powers have seen fit to place their gift in you."
Cordy: "You got that right."
Silas: "But let us be clear. You have no authority here."
Cordy: "But I am the princess."
Silas: "The princess, like the groosalug, is a tool of the Covenant, nothing more. - You will do what we tell you to do. If we tell you to mate, then you shall mate."

Cordy: "You can"t force us to..."
Silas: "And if we tell you "silent" you shut your cow mouth!"
Cordy: "Pardon me?"
Silas: "Pardon - your majesty? Don"t you feel you have done enough - pardoning..."

"...for one day?"

the end

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